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tv   Independence The Iraqi Kurds  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2019 3:00pm-3:58pm +03

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really everything that happened with the fuel theft was very sad how could so many people die over some gasoline i think if gas prices were lower people wouldn't steal that gas prices are just too high. in the town of a combine the black market for stolen fuel has grown over the last two years. says the last time a local pipeline was tapped hundreds of people jumped at the chance to make some extra money well as of. the fuel began to spread into the canal this whole canal was full of gasoline people began to call locals to come because there's free gas there was some broadcasting it on facebook live ask you more people to come because of the fuel leak. this footage shows how many people answered the calls on social media to collect free fuel from a local line that had just been tapped we're at a section of pipe line that has become popular among fuel thieves we're told that it was tapped again just over
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a week ago and even now we can still smell the strong gasoline fumes in the air police and military personnel are keeping a constant presence. since december of last year some thirty two thousand military personnel have been charged with guarding vulnerable sections of pipeline the mexican government estimates that as much as seven point four billion dollars in revenue have been lost over the last three years to theft for public safety and the sake of fuel prices it's clear the problem is in desperate need of a solution but. i can buy mexico now the nominations are out for this year's academy awards one film up for the top prize could test whether hollywood is ready to accept streaming services like netflix long criticized by the industry for encouraging people to skip the theater. details. the impact of netflix on the film industry has been debated for years but two thousand and nineteen could be a watershed moment for the online streaming giant as it receives its first ever
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best picture oscar nomination for roma. the story of director alfonzo quiet on his childhood in mexico city which is also earned him a nomination for best director but perhaps most remarkably among its ten nominations is won for best actress for its star. a first time actress of indigenous descent who intended to become a preschool teacher before being chosen for the lead role. also getting ten nominations including best picture is a british period drama the favorite bringing some mainstream recognition for its ivan garde director your ghost left the most after much critical acclaim for his previous films let me tell you it's star a libya coleman also gets a nod for best actress for those who think hollywood is a hotbed for liberalism are likely to be further persuaded by the eight award
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nomination for vice i believe. we can make this work. the heavily critical biographical comedy drama about the former us vice president dick cheney out of the people. after years of being criticized for his lack of diversity at the academy continue to address that this year with the best picture nomination for black klansman why are you acting like you got skin in the game gets better and director spike lee who's been a strong critic of the awards in the past is also on the short list for best director if those choices reflect the academy's trend in recent years of focusing on more art house movies this time the blockbusters also featured heavily. by. a star is born received eight nominations including best actor and best actress for bradley cooper and lady gaga. box office smash hit of
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two thousand and eighteen black panther made history by gaining a first best picture nomination for a superhero movie. and the rock biographical romp bohemian rhapsody about the life of queens freddie mercury is also in the running for the top prize it's positive news for some of the most popular movies of the year and perhaps an attempt to address a rating slump which last year fell to its lowest level for an oscar ceremony ever gabriels on to. such a quick check of the headlines here this hour sudan's president has arrived in qatar in the middle of the longest and to government protests of his time in office i'm a al bashir was in doha the two days of talks he's due to meet the qatari michel i mean been hammered out fanny in the coming hours back in sudan but she is facing
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daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year long rule rights groups accuse the government of cracking down on demonstrators they say at least forty people have been killed since the protests began well the movement has more now from the capital khartoum people say they will continue to protest and till president almost bashir actually steps down like they want him to now this has been going on for more than four weeks the biggest challenge to his presidency since he came to power maybe thirty years ago people seem very determined and they have been criticism against the sudanese government for using out what some governments called excessive brutal force that people say they're protesting peacefully that they're on armed and that all they want is to try to voice their frustration with the with the weight the president bashir has been governing the country but instead they've been met with tear gas and live ammunition. the wife of an activist arrested in sudan is pleading for the government to release a husband sudanese american would one diode was detained by security agents a week ago in khartoum his wife told al-jazeera he was in parents take part in
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demonstrations the next day. u.s. senate leader who votes on thursday on bills to end the month long partial government shutdown is the longest in the u.s. history with hundreds of thousands of federal workers going without a paycheck the political deadlock began of a funding for proposed wall along the border with mexico thousands of venezuela protesting for a second day against president nicolas maduro the u.s. vice president mike pence says his government supports the demonstrators and responds madeira or the red vision of diplomatic ties with the us taxi drivers are back on the streets of madrid protesting against services like they say rival drive us and ride compete unfairly because they do not face the same regulations and costs protest as a block to main roads in spain's capital and in barcelona with their cars well those were the headlines continue on al-jazeera after the street battle.
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saturday was never been a real easy sell for an investment of the reserves ground rules are they understand . they own those shares your company for the people. anti-government protests in sudan enter their second month as cries for president omar al bashir to resign grow louder ok. the situation has gotten much worse since our last show just two weeks ago hundreds of protesters have been arrested and now human rights groups are demanding authorities immediately were to charge those detained as part of the demonstrations rights groups including amnesty international say more than forty people have been killed while participating in the protests which were sparked by an economic crisis the official death toll
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stands at twenty six joining us to discuss this in cartoon we're hoping to be joined by al-jazeera reporter hey morgan she'll be hopefully joining us via phone she's been covering this story for al-jazeera also in khartoum dr ahmed he's a spokesman for the alliance the sudanese revolution doctors madani. and activists who participated in the protests we also invited rabbi. obaid he's a senior member with the ruling national congress party we'll see him back onto the show but he dropped out just a few minutes ago he said that he's working appropriately and he didn't want to join us on the phone so. what is it like being in sudan right now how are the protests impacting everyday life. i have a process now it's becoming a way of clients. it's talk to one month ago on the economic crisis it was pretty good that this is done but now that people are
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demanding for the government and the ruling party activists down. are marching peacefully but how about the government are you being forced again with lies i mean issues. rubber bullets tear gas not hundreds of people have me paying for should go the lot seeing some lasting disabilities so far more than fifty people have been killed being actual different from here i would like to extend my heart still come down and pull out the dogs and that many of our few who are paid the highest prize for our freedom but they will also the underdog i meant to call to use the i fear justice and freedom people so it's like
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i will actually be mounted on. a way of living and i think that is echoed here in this tweet from had them had some and then he says there are nine demonstrations and several neighborhoods of the capital hard to me and a complete absence of media coverage in the local media due to the ban on media organizations several and among those are some of our colleagues at the al-jazeera arabic now does and i'm a bash and but i wanted to give this tweet t.-u. dr ahmed because they talk about night demonstrations and several neighborhoods in the capital are demonstrations still ongoing do you see those nightly. the longer. since their independence also than i think it is six in the second last right now so the government was facing peaceful protesters why gads even. when they are not even a step in for them but a lie on your nation by arresting and beating and even breaking into houses and
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hospitals like when they broke into the houses of the people who really area in the seventies or you know really. when they eat shot ongar matt hospital was mad if you gad even inside the e.r. and a lot of patients were souring right at that moment so all the government he is intending to be in plays know a lot now what what it will cost to do so and now sudan is getting more more and. sort of the five and easy. now on these out with this year game to suit their game into this rule by military schools or no one elected out this year. and. in this case legs who don't for more than thirty years their ears when one of the biggest
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graphically and three around africa and middle east and then out this year all it says and we walk right in that moment in south sudan that was operational south sudan then in two thousand and nine two thousand you know out on the international criminal car as larry you know arrest warrant one for you know scott has done it and anybody who's following that the current affair as a sedan will be well up to date with all of that information i'm really concerned about what's happening right now let me bring in here here at tell me the seventh was when we first started talking about these protests on the stream i'm looking back here at the episode sadam protests what change will antigovernment protests bring i remember he saying that these particular protests they go away for a little bit they bubble up again they go away that bubble up again what's been
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happening. well it's been very much the same they do go for a day or two but let's be very honest compared to when it started there would be a day a two three day pause and now it's almost every single day especially after the seventeenth of january when people protested in buri and police and security forces responded using tear gas and live ammunition killing two people at the time but then yesterday one of them also passed away one of the people who were injured by the security forces people have been gathering to pay their condolences to people who died in the protests but they've also been using that opportunity to try to express their anger and say that because the government has been responding using excessive force against peaceful arms protesters people seem to be coming out more in force and it seems to be picking up momentum now this is a movement it has been gathering also opposition support so since we spoke last night on the seventh of january this movement seems to be gathering more and more support from around the country. i'm just thinking about what made you.
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go out to protest on day one what was it that made you say ok i am not ok with the status quo. present all we need to check on the flag lads who have been fighting this aging since when all those images have been read up why this is i understand this eugene came to power by military coup so the people who have have been protesting against the government in day one but of course the oppression we lost many lives many widows. so it's up by that's pocket join my team in mind for me. was. the trigger point. because the government supported again it's peaceful protest in the design of or for me it was enough was enough they could only cross it was.
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out if nation wait reached the high according to proportional they said that it was up two hundred twenty two percent. being needs would not hurt the will could the people of sudan i'm not if you would like to talk about freedom of speech. it's something that we hear about if you know we don't have it. for all this season i decided to join my equal of the band to join the problem for at peace. and justice to the mom to step down because i think. destroying our country if. this can't be the country up to them has been divided into two countries they did try our economic system our political system a lot of their culture would bring us and the least developed countries in the
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entire wall they killed hundreds of pounds of people thousands of them that's for obama's mentor miles no it's because of along. that way i was tired and enjoying the process. yes when i all along. i just want to have a festival. it's not just the people who are protesting and saying they're frustrated we hear it we're hearing that from opposition parties as well people seem to be fed up not just on the ground again these are two people with the pattern that we have all animate but they both are right most of the people who are protesting on the streets are you they have not known any other president any other point of government said the government of machine but we've seen people who are political will form a political allies step back and say this is not how we want the government the country to be governed whether it's from within the government or the national coalition we have some parties like the popular congress party which is part of the government coalition same what is happening on the streets is not fair the. people
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who work this thing and being met with live i mean. is not fair and they're demanding accountability and people are being arrested and that freedom of speech is not allowed it's not something that they want to see in the government going forward of course some of them are still part of the government but you've been reporting that that we see a division not just people demanding change from outside with people inside the government as well demanding change and that it's something very heavy i was hoping for five something for us because you're talking about opposition versus members of the ruling party which is the national congress party so before air time our producer talked to. the obey to of course was on our show two weeks ago and dropped out of our lineup minutes before air time but he told our producers that today things are going accordingly in a courtroom in the capital there are no protests like this back to normal i want to juxtapose that with this tweet we got from ahmed ahmed says the situation in sudan is catastrophic almost all the oil stations are empty big reserve out of wheat
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flour and an availability of cash money in the sudanese banks and a.t.m.'s is affecting people there to break this down for us what is the reality. well the reality is just like ahmed tweeted a lot of petrol stations do not have fuel so people would line up for hours to try to fill their tanks and a lot of a.t.m.'s don't have cash or that's been an issue for the past few months it's not something the fatah with the crisis but it's been going on back way back for a few months now and yes there are protests today earlier this morning there were protests in the what in university here and what dorms and police once again used tear gas to try to disperse the protesters and this evening as we're talking right now there are protests in the city or in the towns on by them hundreds on sorry on but then on demand and in the city over in the town of the jews haven't heard of them so process are ongoing it's not something that i've stopped at like i said since the seventeen thousand january when people went out in beirut to protest and now we're magically gas and eleven unishe people have been protesting almost every
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single day since then it's for me who's been covering sudan i think seventeenth of january when people protested and will read and were met with live ammunition and tear gas yes that's been happening in the past the seventeenth of january sort of a turning point for civil it came close to months of marking the protests when it started but people seem to have gained more determination to make sure that they will not stop protesting especially of those losing their children especially if they're losing their brothers and sisters their neighbors they say they are going to continue to process and till bashir steps down ever what you make is the official sake of the number of people killed being twenty. that's the government twenty six a government is saying they're saying is yes the government is saying it's twenty six hour but activists have been recording the number of people have been killed because let's remember it's not just in the protests that people were killed some of them are sustained injuries and later died as a result of and some of them have been reporting that their family members have been arrested because they participate in the protests and then they would receive
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a dead body in the middle of the night so activists have been keeping track of that and they say the number is at least fifty right now a month on from the protests so it's very hard to tell because doctors also seem to have a hard time admitting how many people have been killed they don't want to get in trouble with the government but they have been targeted as well so some of them would leak information so it's like i said it's very hard to keep track of what activists are saying we're talking about use fifty showing right now are used video showing the people all the people or even militia breaking into someone's house and hitting him while wife. and child was lying inside and it's all you also showing heating of the child's their ears you know it's all kind of been arrested and beaten by about five on men are human and they took him away and even people they don't know where they are rest and their people stop right there seriously right now arrived to alleviate.
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everyone being kills everyone. people will go out more and more he will be in the streets so a lot of the law they turn as you're saying that the more people are going to be out protesting let me just yank them just bring in this thought here because present a mob of shared he does have his supporters so early on this month he held a rally at the going square in khartoum and looking at it there and he told the crowd that he would not give in to pressure he also blamed for an agency rebels in the doll for province for the dems. while you're laughing why you're laughing. because you know the demonstration on the green yard. you know they they forced some people to go to. the station i also want to. talk about immigration on their way to that meeting. if you didn't know
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where they are going know it all went like that you know that i've been i have page . anyway and. so he went to i did you just gathering you know he hijacked and you just. don't do at that if you have to act out the quarters why oh why did you get gatherings so i think. the reason i know that it will act or that's why i would like dr are i hear you trying to get in there but i want to bring up something else that has said he's president he says the sudanese people decide who rules that this decision is made through the ballot boxes twenty twenty is not that far so a couple of takes from our community on that comment their national and says the ballot box that was supposed to voice the wishes of citizens has become the african dictators weapon of choice and abusing power for control the biggest paradox of the
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century but on the flip side of that there is someone who might agree with some of the she had her dad says he said wait for twenty twenty and i think eleven months is a very small period of time compared to what's going on in other places what capacities and institutions are in place to ensure there is no mayhem and anarchy is an after bashir goes away and steps down dr ahmed what's your thought on that. first of all commenting on this year's knocking about the pulp boxes of a ship can buy a military cool and this and since then he is electing himself in a very fake elections the constitution of sudan saying the bishop cannot go into another election apostol but he's trying to change even that cost situation to it will read our i'll tell you for example you know last election was in two thousand and fifteen the european union state lot of current usage in my room and all upcoming election and that was on that i went in with average norway united states
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united kingdom issue an issue that you don't mind statement saying that the sudanese go and fail to create a free fair and can use a collection environment and the outcome of this election can not equal to or as a credible expression olson and his people i don't know what's out there she is talking about it's even again as a constitution to go on another election i wish she didn't want to run for ever commenting on that we all know that we have seen syria and libya these candidates people who are up protesting against element they are armed sudanese people are hundred percent committed to peaceful protesting we will be peaceful to that end even if they kill each one of us we will be peaceful we will not fight we will not pick weapons our on leave where one is to go in a peaceful protesting we will strike doctors have organize that can't really
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live. right from hospitals especially from last night are related or on by military all these our national intelligence and security services. for example this review is showing here at our that callie's armed when we do our. people who are taking out all the off one of. the sers into is great and they when they act people and all these men they run away and are. so that our way are they not anyone out of all these let's talk about my let's let's move on let me let's move on i've got an additional i want to move on a little bit because i am i can hear your grievances very clearly i'm not hearing when it goes haitians are going to take you back to weeks to when you're on the
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stream and then this little exchange happened and they've become government is going to keep solve the problem because the problems on the field the. economy in a very short bit of according to. plan. and i think that has taken out place the effect the positive effect of this plan is now very obvious and this is it solve the problem this problem is normally not a political problem but the problem if you do. the thing mr abbey are the other i argue with you that the prices in bread and the shortage of fuel is the reason but the main reason is that people realised why there is a high prices for bread i did shorten if you want the people realize that there is an if this government so that was mr abdel atty abate he's a senior member of the national congress party he talked about a plan. but also talked about this issue is economic and he's dealing with it the
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government is dealing with it it's not political. they are and this is this is for him because i protest as i know you think i'm just really interested in what has to say go ahead have. well i mean the thing is it started off as a comic and we're not going to deny that because what triggered this was but you know i need to point out. i'm forty we can we can here i'm going to move on just a little bit i'm going to move on to the gentleman. let me just move on just a little bit dr ahmed because i've got a little bit left of that as the show to to go so i lost your audio there for a moment also in that it was ahmed mamet's he's a very well known government activists we just spotted this in the last few days where he and his wife has been taken and detained since january the seventeenth and haven't been seen or heard of since i'm just wondering. are you concerned about
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your own personal safety when you hear stories like this every day where people have just disappeared our whole me personally i don't the consequences of what we are doing now but that we can't pay upwards of you know are going to equal the lions well me i know that i can actually i want to go because i organize. my whole hour so they didn't tell me and they you know i had two options either to find and and and nic and now that i want. any future although the constitution and you me the right are you know peaceful demonstration or i will go i've used this time i want you know i was on everything happened how do you know. so everything is possible but we are willing
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to go to pay the price and here is the challenge for the government i am very willing to prove by the people of. the freedom of speech so that our question government. so remember that the government largely things that go ahead are pro problem it's economic they don't think that the issue is political but like i said earlier as i was speaking earlier when you lost me the issue it started out as economic that people are now protesting the government itself they've been saying that the fact that they have to live with this government for fifty years and see the economy in a downward spiral and the fact that there has been no change we hear this every day when they go out to protest they demand to freedoms peace and justice and they see that their own arms so obviously their demands are not a better economy anymore their demands are freedom peace and justice so they feel like it's more of a political thing and for the government to say that we believe that if we solve the economy we will solve the problem might live help but again like i said people
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are not talking about the economy anymore they're talking about. how about the ways that country's government we've seen people who are protesting the doctor who was killed for example he comes from a lot and really people who have been in this photo they're not just low income people they're people who come from. families and as well as middle income families this protest has taken a different shape to the previous protests in sudan it seems to have brought people from nearly every every part of the country every. every layer of the country every society of the country so it's taken a bigger bigger picture than what the government has in mind and putting it in a box of just the economy and speaking of that bigger picture i want to bring in this about international support in that the survival of the share so far is where the reaction of the international media to the events especially if you compare this to other big events like the arab spring and support received from heads of state such as qatar turkey and the united arab emirates have helped his case we
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know that i want to share recently arrived in qatar just today actually and we don't know what that meeting is about but we know he is there so when it comes to international support and when it comes to the support of the day asked dr ahmed what's your take what do you want to see. i think i mean more international and we aren't people we need more international so on your national organization human rights organization and i think nations well what we mean. immediate cessation of liar on your nation and an extreme force is also that it's all there right to our. right side well that's a really goes i'm going to leave that to leave the listener you know it's a very simple straightforward request thank you don a lot. and thank you while for the pain part of our program of a c this conversation is not over yet you can find many cats and myself always online at
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a stream on twitter scenics. the e the i am. in september twenty seventh team the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from baghdad. but joy was short lived as the iraqi government reacted forcefully against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of appeal to investigate independence of the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera by a major to every week news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's janel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but is not what that
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phrase because he joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassed a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. in an ordinary week dr even atar at the heart a surgeon are the only functioning hospital in town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award she won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the
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infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost always including mother couples bottles of stewart living there for the person who.


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