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tv   Rainmakers Of The Outback  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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likely the election would take place on february twenty fourth but then the government said that had to be postponed because they need to prepare the government need to prepare for the coronation of the king in may there is a bit back and forth we saw a little bit of protesting on the streets here over the weekend the last couple of weeks but again today wednesday confirmed march twenty fourth will be the election day now over the last couple of weeks bans have been lifted on political parties for organizing and fundraising so they've started the wheels moving toward this election day but now since we know what the date is going to be those political parties are going to start to move forward with campaigning and also we know that those who are going to be running for members of parliament positions they will register themselves over the next couple of weeks and now the data sets and the mechanisms will start to move for thailand have its first elections since the coup back in two thousand and fourteen the election announcement came as two bodies on to government activists were found in the mico river they were among dozens of dissidents who fled the country after the coup when he reports. mutilated bound and
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wrapped the bodies were found on the banks of the mekong river in northeastern thailand police confirmed their identities. as for the d.n.a. results we have received a formal result from the friend department the police hospital they were empty monarchy and anti-government activists known as and cuss along after a two thousand and fourteen coup in thailand they fled to neighboring laos where they disappeared from their homes in december along with the man they worked for. dan. sera try regularly posted online videos and comments critical of the military government and monarchy at least two other critics have gone missing from laos in recent years leading to the accusation from dissidents that this is the work of the military whose stated aim is to defend the monarchy retire fishel say they weren't involved in the disappearances the discovery of the bodies comes as thailand prepares for the coronation of the king in may criticizing or defaming the monarchy
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carries a jail term of up to fifteen years for each count hundreds of people have left thailand before being arrested and the now living as fugitives. fled more than eight years ago. they. are really going to. so. i know. many many. thora he say they'll work with they allow counterparts to investigate the murders but given who they were and the nature of their disappearance and death the families may be waiting a long time for justice wayne hey al jazeera bangkok. still ahead here on al-jazeera mexico's president is looking for ways to stop fuel theft after a pipeline explosion killed nearly one hundred people.
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whether in central southern china at the moment proper winter weather really unfortunately that does sometimes been persistent fog or even small good the biggest cities thirteen or certain shanghai in around about twenty one twenty three mark in hong kong again is where it should be at the moment now we have seen some pretty good winter action from the point of view of rain and snow up in the north of india's running down through him a show pradesh at the moment and in the pole the cloud shows it now is see a day probably not much falling because that cold air has come down is meeting what is still quite warm stuff further south the development of significant showers seems likely in this part of india and then turning on the west in the poll and this is doing friday was showers and as well but maybe as a result of that it's gone quiet with the wind change in the arabian peninsula
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which means for those in qatar bahrain the temperatures on the way up which is rather pleasant change it's also true in reality about twenty eight but that's actually approaching record readies this time of year you may be surprised to hear that. there is quite a weather was to the north of that we have got nothing in the caucasus on thursday but i'm afraid coming through from the eastern med once more the spell of wintry weather for northern syria and northern iraq for friday. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on saying there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase and a legal protest i'll start to police to use force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice vote for lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the
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global conversation on how does iraq. welcome back here what charges are with me said robin a reminder of all top stories a car bomb has exploded in the northern syrian city of a freen it happened near a base for a rebel group that's backed by turkey this latest attack in syria comes as turkish president reza per the one is in moscow for talks with his russian counterpart. cattles amir shaikh to mean how middle carney says he supports sudan's unity and stability as he met sudan's president omar al bashir in doha bush's visit comes during the longest antigovernment protests of his time in office and thailand's
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king has issued a royal degree endorsing the first general election since twenty fourteen military coup elections will be held on march the twenty fourth voting has been delayed several times by the military which has clamped down on dissent and free speach. to asia where police in india have arrested sixty one ringer this week for illegal entry in an apparent crackdown on the muslim minority and estimated forty thousand have taken refuge in india they were among the more than seven hundred thousand to five in twenty seventeen the un has described the violence there as ethnic cleansing but india's nationalist hindu government says rangar have no right to demand refugee status since december it's deported at least thirteen hundred to bangladesh going to as more from cox's bazar in southern bangladesh for one hundred twelve dollars a head smuggler in india promised a way out of the fear that had begun to suffocate cham she died and her family when
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one of his dish the dynamite in her hangers i hated and abused in india they were among forty thousand rohingya refugees in india human rights groups say in recent years the government's welcoming policy has shifted to a hostile one in october india deported seven rohingya men back to me and mar a country the un is accused of committing genocide against the persecuted muslim minority since december the refugee relief and repatriation commission says india has deported at least thirteen hundred rohingya refugees to bangladesh. in the beginning we weren't harassed but at a later stage were constantly being monitored so we got scared that they might send us back to me and mar since we didn't want to go there we decided to cross the border. rohingya refugees describe a campaign of fear mongering harassment and intimidation that's terrifying people
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enough to abandon their lives in india and sneak into bangladesh that has been a campaign against wearing gas by these hindu him. to create an impression that they are terrorists and therefore there have been attacks on the. as india's ruling party says the rowing does have no right to demand refugee status and india is not a signatory to the one nine hundred fifty one refugee convention there is a security aspect old school with regard to their linkages with dangerous terrorist groups that are in the middle to india unfoldment and by all based out of pakistan and the last part is that end of the day that these citizens are also leading to problems with the local community it's been three months and become and her family are adjusting to home inside this sprawling refugee camp hush study argue we
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thought that over there as well as here we are facing many difficulties despite the hardships of refugee life she and other recent arrivals from india say they're experiencing something new the comfort of being surrounded by other growing does and a peace that comes with living in a muslim country natasha going to name al-jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh knowledge areas and to trafficking agency says that it's found thousands of missing girls and women in southern bali many have been sold the sex slaves and gold mining comes the agency says there are between twenty to forty five thousand kidnapped women in bali and it originally raised the problem ten years ago it says plans and i want a way to return the women to nigeria. this girls where exploited by virtue of their pony we believe from me we were all communities in various parts of nigeria six different states to be precise and tricked into going into mali
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giving the impression that doing to be getting jobs in the hotels and the usual story some of them are actually we're actually up doctored they are right there in your school uniforms on their way to school or back from school us not just by the kidnappers or the traffickers well conflict between farmers and herders is worsening nigeria's rising levels of poverty and the violence is forcing millions of people mostly poor farmers from their lands and we did this reports now from sokoto and northwestern nigeria was. for seven months mohammad ali who says he walked these narrow dusty streets begging for food he and hundreds of others escaped attackers who laid siege to dozens of villages in nigeria's northwest effectively stopping farming and economic activities. comfortable living off our farms the series of attacks in the attackers took away
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everything as you can see the conditions here are not so much different you know. nigeria's north is one of the country's poorest regions despite producing its share of fish livestock and grains years a poor agricultural practices and repacked of climate change people's livelihoods. an estimated forty eight percent of nigeria's one hundred eighty million people live in extreme poverty the highest rates are in areas with low levels of skills and education many here feel that lack of investment in the last thirty years means that millions of people will continue to suffer. nigeria has one of the fastest growing populations in the world and also the largest concentration of the extreme . and development partners say successive governments continue to adopt the wrong approach in tackling poverty so it is destructive actions that we have seen. i think there is. an acceptable believe in the power of market to
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transform the lives of the people but this is not corresponding with any in the country or in any part of the ward despite nigeria's vast oil wealth half its population lives on less than two dollars a day and with conflict forcing more and more poor people from their homes and lands many doubt if the government will be in a position to improve the lives of millions across the country. comedy grease al-jazeera northwest nigeria now the united nations special envoy to yemen martin griffiths has left the country and is on his way to saudi arabia further talks to end the four year war martin griffiths. with retired dutch general patrick comair who's heading the u.n. mission charged with monitoring the ceasefire griffis is jew in riyadh where he's expected to meet members of the yemeni government. the international committee of
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the red cross says it's ready to help with a prisoner swap though you're listening might be also be safe we will ensure that each prisoner of war is willing to leave and we'll also supply fuel to the planes involved in the process and we need to siri rehabilitation if it's will be extended to the prisoners relatives with the red cross our representatives will also hold one on one interviews with the prisoners before they leave in order to ensure they are willing and ready if any of them is not willing to be swapped we will inform the relevant authorities and recommend his choice be respected no it's the second day of the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos german chancellor angela merkel and japanese prime minister shinzo they are expected to speak on wednesday they're likely to discuss concerns over trade war and a slowing global economy but leaders including donald trump and trees may not attending the forum taxi drivers are back on the streets of madrid protesting
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against services like they say rival drivers from ride hailing apps compete unfairly since they do not face the same regulations and costs protesters have blocked main roads in the capital and in barcelona with their parked cars teachers in los angeles will return to work on wednesday after walking off the job more than a week ago more than thirty thousand striking teachers reached a deal with the second largest school district in the u.s. on tuesday the agreement will see staff receive an immediate six percent pay rise and significant class size reductions it was the first time l.a. teachers have taken strike action in thirty years and ten thousand migrant children who were separated from their parents are part of a class action lawsuit against the trumpet ministration the southern poverty law center says the children were held in detention centers away from their parents lawyers say the separation of families was a deliberate tactic to deter people who were undocumented from entering the country . the u.s. senate is likely to vote this week on bills that if passed could end the month long
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partial shutdown of the government the competing proposals by republicans and democrats would see several federal agencies reopen is the longest government shutdown in u.s. history with hundreds of thousands of federal workers going without a paycheck the political deadlock began over funding for president drums proposed all along the border with mexico. thousands are expected to protest to venezuela for a second day against president nicolas maduro u.s. vice president mike pence says his government supports the demonstrators in response but are ordered a revision of diplomatic relations with the u.s. . staying in the country think death toll from a fuel pipe explosion in mexico has time to ninety six with dozens injured the president has begun a tour of several towns where that has become common and he's promising to bring an end to the problem is there is one repeller reports from a comeback in mexico. it's the deadliest blast mexico has seen in decades
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the images of people running away engulfed in flames are haunting. the incident which left more than ninety people dead and dozens injured has elevated an already contentious debate over fuel shortages and combat in gasoline theft here in the wake of the blast mexican president and the us manuel lopez obrador launched a tour of several mexican towns were fuel theft has become a chronic problem. since the people have been abandoned home is poverty in need and people don't have options or alternatives the practice of fuel theft began as a way for people to make an income well we don't want this to continue because just like what happened in it dal go this is a great risk to the people. despite massive support for the president many still feel it'll take more than a policy change to rein in the widespread looting a few. really everything that happened with the fuel theft was very sad how could
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so many people die over some gasoline and i think if gas prices were lower people wouldn't steal that gas prices are just too high. in the town of a combine the black market for stolen fuel has grown over the last two years. says the last time a local pipeline was tapped hundreds of people jumped at the chance to make some extra money well as of. the fuel began to spread into the canal this whole canal was full of gasoline people began to call locals to come because those free gas there was some broadcasting it on facebook live ask the more people to come because of the fuel leak. this footage shows how many people answered the calls on social media to collect free fuel from a local line that had just been tapped we're at a section of pipeline that has become popular among fuel thieves we're told that it was tapped again just over
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a week ago and even now we can still smell those strong gasoline fumes in the air police and military personnel are keeping a constant presence. since december of last year some thirty two thousand military personnel have been charged with guarding vulnerable sections of pipeline the mexican government estimates that as much as seven point four billion dollars in revenue have been lost over the last three years to theft for public safety and the sake of fuel prices it's clear the problem is in desperate need of a solution. come by mexico. bush fires are raging across the australian state of tasmania where a heat wave has brought record temperatures firefighters have called in air support to help control at least twenty seven fires burning across a seven hundred twenty kilometer long stretch of land.
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as their arms a whole roman a reminder of our top stories a car bomb has exploded in the northern syrian city of a free it happened near a base for a rebel group that's backed by turkey now this latest attack in syria comes as turkish president rest of the birds one is in moscow for talks with his russian counterpart. intelligence service says the taliban commander who masterminded a deadly attack on one of its bases has been killed on monday taliban fighters killed dozens of afghan security personnel when they stormed a training base in mud and so here in word that province the national directorate of security says the taliban commander who led the attack identified only as command and moment was killed on tuesday night in an airstrike qatar's amir sheikh to mean bin how middleton he says he supports sudan's unity and stability as he met sudan's president omar al bashir in doha bush's visit comes during the longest anti-government protests of his time in office sudan's foreign minister says the protests were the focus of discussion for omar al bashir and sheikh to mean.
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it's important to point out that the visit by president bashir to qatar comes in a much wider and complex context than passing crises personally i've been a party in the organization of this visit from an early stage way before this crisis well and regardless of this i can tell anyone who is wondering about the timing of this visit and it is not extraordinary for one to seek a dialogue with friends and brothers only when there is a crisis or economic pressures to find solutions to these crises. thailand's king has issued a royal degree endorsing the first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup the elections will be held on march the twenty fourth voting has been delayed several times by the military which has clamped down on dissent and free speech now is the second day of the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos german chancellor angela merkel and japanese prime minister shinzo all they have spoken at the event however other leaders including donald trump and trees the
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mayor missing from the discussions issue back home trying to sort out domestic issues. you can follow all of those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com come all santa maria will be here in half an hour with the news great you've been watching al-jazeera news program next it's the street.
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anti-government protests in sudan enter their second month as cries for president omar al bashir to resign grow louder ok. the situation has gotten much worse since our last show just two weeks ago hundreds of protesters have been arrested and now human rights groups are demanding authorities immediately were to charge those detained as part of the demonstrations rights groups including amnesty international say more than forty people have been killed while participating in the protests which were sparked by an economic crisis the official death toll stands at twenty six joining us to discuss this in cartoon we're hoping to be joined by al-jazeera reporter hey morgan she'll be hopefully joining us via phone she's been covering this story for al-jazeera also in khartoum dr ahmed he's a spokesman for the alliance the sudanese revolution doctors madani. and activists who participated in the protests we also invited to. be obeyed he's
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a senior member with the ruling national congress party we all seem back home to the show but he dropped out just a few minutes ago he said that he's working appropriately and he didn't want to join us on the phone so. what is it like being in sudan right now how are the protests impacting everyday life. i have a process now it's becoming a way of clients. it's talk to one month ago on the economic crisis it was pretty good that this is done but now that people are demanding for the government and the ruling party activists down. are marching peacefully but how about the government are you being forced again with lies i mean issues. rubber bullets tear gas not hundreds of people have me paying for should go the lot thing some lasting disabilities
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so far more than fifty people have been killed being actual different from here i would like to extend my heart still come down and pull out the dogs and how many of our few who pay the highest prize for our freedom but they will also the underdog i meant to call to use the i fear justice and freedom people so it's like i will actually be mounted on. a way of living and i think that is echoed here in this tweet from has them had some and then he says there are nine demonstrations and several neighborhoods of the capital khartoum and a complete absence of media coverage in the local media due to the ban on media organizations several and among those are some of our colleagues at the al-jazeera arabic now disarm abashment but i wanted to give this tweet t.-u.
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dr ahmed because they talk about night demonstrations and several neighborhoods in the capital are demonstrations still ongoing do you see those nightly. the longer. protests since their independence also that night to six in the second last right now so the government was facing peaceful protesters why gads even. when they are not even a stone for them but a lie ammunition by arresting and beating and even breaking into houses and hospitals like when they broke into the houses of the people who really area in the seventy's of you know really and when they eat shot on her mat hospital was managed to gather even inside the e.r. and a lot of patients were souring right at that moment so that government he is intending
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to be in plays not a lot how what what will cost so now so danny's getting more and more. sort of the five and easy. now on these out with this year game to suit their game into this rule by military schools or no one elected out this year for its base and. in this case legs who don't for more than thirty years their ears when one of the biggest graphically and three around africa and middle east and then out this year all it says and we walk right in that moment in south sudan that was the ration of south sudan then in two thousand and nine two thousand you know out on the international criminal car as larry you know arrest warrant one for you know scott has done it and anybody who's
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following that the current affairs of saddam will be well up to date with all of that information i'm really concerned about what's happening right now let me bring in here he can be the seventh was when we first started talking about these protests and the stream i'm looking back here at the episode sadam protests what change will antigovernment protests bring i remember he saying that these particular protests they go away for a little bit they bubble up again they go away that bubble up again what's been happening. well it's been very much the same they do go for a day or two but let's be very honest compared to when it started there would be a day a two three day pause and now it's almost every single day especially after the seventeenth of january when people protested in buri and police and security forces responded using tear gas and live ammunition killing two people at the time but then yesterday one of them also passed away one of the people who were injured by the security forces people have been gathering to pay their condolences to people
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who died in the protests but they've also been using that opportunity to try to express their anger and say that because the government has been responding using excessive force against peaceful arms protesters people seem to be coming out more in force and it seems to be thinking of momentum now this is a movement it has been gathering also opposition support so since we spoke last night on the seventh of january this movement seems to be gathering more and more support from around the country i'm just thinking about what made you. go out to protest on day one what was it that made you say ok i am not ok with the status quo. present all we need to check on the flag lads who have been fighting this aging since when all those images have been read up why this is i understand this eugene came to power by
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a military coup so the people who have have been protesting against the government in day one but of course you do oppression we lost many line many widows. so it's up why that's pocket joining my team in mind for me. was. the trigger point. because the government you supported again it's peaceful protest in the design of or for me it was enough was enough they could only cross it was. out if nation wait reached the high according to a professional they said that it was up two hundred and twenty two percent they did being needs would not hurt the will could the people of sudan i'm not if you would like to talk about freedom of speech. it's something that we hear about if you know
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a movie we don't have it. for all this season i decided to join my people of the band to join the problem for at peace. and justice to the mom to step down because i think. of destroying our country. this can't be the country of the band has been divided into two countries they did try a lot economic system our political system a lot of the culture would bring us and the least developed countries in the entire wall they killed hundreds of pounds of people thousands of them that's for a mountain to mile you know if it goes up along. that way i will tell you and enjoying the process. yes when you know you want to talk to me. i just want to have a festival. it's not just the people who are protesting and saying they're frustrated we hear that we're hearing that from opposition parties as well people
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seem to be fed up not just on the ground again these are the two people with the pattern that we have all animate but they both are right most of the people who are protesting on the streets are you they have not known any other president any other form of government said the government of machine but we've seen people who are political will form a political out of step with step back and say this is not how we want the government the country to be governed whether it's from within the government or the national coalition we have some parties like the popular congress party which is part of the government coalition thing what is happening on the streets is not fair the. people who work this thing and being met with life i mean. is not fair and they are demanding accountability and people are being arrested and that freedom of speech is not allowed is not something that they want to see in the government going forward of course some of them are still part of the government but you've been reporting that that we see a division not just people demanding change from outside with people inside the government as well demanding change and that is something very heavy i was hoping for five something for us because you're talking about opposition versus members of
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the ruling party which is the national congress party so before air time our producer talked to. the obey to of course was on our show two weeks ago and dropped out of our lineup minutes before air time but he told our producers that today things are going accordingly in a courtroom in the capital there are no protests like this back to normal i want to juxtapose that with this week we got from ahmed ahmed says the situation in sudan is catastrophic almost all the oil stations are empty big theories are out of wheat flour and an availability of cash money in the sudanese banks and a.t.m.'s is affecting people there to break this down for us what is the reality. well the reality is just like i tweeted a lot of petrol stations do not have fuel so people would line up for hours to try to fill their tanks and a lot of a.t.m.'s don't have cash and that's been an issue for the past few months it's not something to follow with the crisis but it's been going on back way back
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for a few months now and yes there are protests today earlier this morning there were protests and now what a new university here in hot zones and police once again used tear gas that to try to disperse the protesters and this evening as we're talking right now there are protests in the city or in the towns on by them hundreds on sorry on but then on demand and in the city over in the town of produce haven't gotten so processed are ongoing it's not something that i've stopped at like i said since the seventeen thousand january when people went out in beirut to protest and now we're magically gas and eleven unishe people have been protesting almost every single day since then and it's a first for me who's been covering sudan i think seventeenth of january when people protested in will reach and were met with live ammunition interior guess yes that's been happening in the past the seventeenth of january sort of a turning point for civil it came close to a month old marking the protest when it started but people seem to have gained more determination to make sure that they will not stop protesting especially of those losing their children especially if they're losing their brothers and sisters their neighbors they say they are going to continue to process and till bashir steps down
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ever what you make is the official sake of the number of people killed being twenty . that super bowl the government twenty six a government is saying they're saying is yes the government is saying it's twenty six hour but activists have been recording the number of people have been killed because let's remember it's not just in the protests that people were killed some of them are sustained injuries and later died as a result of that some of them have been reporting that their family members have been arrested because they participate in the protests and then they would receive a dead body in the middle of the night so activists have been keeping track of that and they say the number is at least fifty right now a month on from the protests so it's very hard to tell because doctors also seem to have a hard time admitting how many people have been killed they don't want to get in trouble with the government but they have been targeted as well so some of them would leak information so it's like i said it's very hard to keep track of what activists are saying we're trying to better use fifty showing right now this video showing the people all the on people all in militia breaking into someone's
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house and hitting him while wife. and child was crying inside and it's all you also showing in of the child's there is you know it's all kind of been arrested and beaten by about five on men are human and they took him away and even people they don't know where they are arrest and they're people stop right there seriously right now arrived to alleviate. everyone being kiddo's everyone. will go out more and more he will be in the streets no lot of the lot later so you're saying that the more people are going to be out protesting let me just yank them just bring in this thought here because present a mob of shared he does have his supporters so early on this month he held a rally at the going square in khartoum and you're looking at it there and he told
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the crowd that he would not give in to pressure he also blamed for an agency rebels in the dollar for province for the dems. well you're laughing why you're laughing. because you know about the demonstration on the green yard. you know they they forced some people to go to. the station i also want to. talk about immigration on the way that maybe you are as. if you didn't know where they are going no it's always like that you know that i've been i have page. anyway and. so he went to i did you just gathering you know he hijacked and you just. don't do at that if you have to act out some supporters why oh why did you get gatherings so i think. the reason i know that it
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will act supporting him that's why i was like dr r. i hear you trying to get in there but i want to bring up something else that she has said when he was president he says the sudanese people decide who rules that this decision is made through the ballot boxes twenty twenty is not that far so a couple of takes from our community on that comment their national and says the ballot box that was supposed to voice the wishes of citizens has become the african dictators weapon of choice and abusing power for control the biggest paradox of the century but on the flip side of that there is someone who might agree with some of the she and her dad says he said wait for twenty twenty and i think eleven months is a very small period of time compared to what's going on in other places what capacities and institutions are in place to ensure there is no mayhem and anarchy is an after bashir goes away and steps down dr ahmed what's your thought on that. first of all commenting on this year's talking about the pulp boxes of the ship campbell i am
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a literary group and there is and since then he is electing himself in a very fake elections the constitution of sudan saying the bishop cannot go into another election atmos or at least trying to change even that cause situation to it will wrap up i'll tell you for example you know last election was in two thousand and fifteen the european union state lot of going to use it in my room and all upcoming election and that was on that i went with average norway united states united kingdom issue an issue that you're going statement saying that this was not his go and failed to create a free fair and can't use a collection environment and the outcome of this election cannot consider as a credible expression olson and his people i don't know was aware she was talking about it's even again as a constitution to go on another election i wish she didn't want to run for ever
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commenting on that we are that we have seen syria and libya these candidates people who are are protesting against an element they are armed sudanese people are hundred percent committed to peaceful protesting we will be peaceful to that end even if they kill each one of us we will be peaceful we will not fight we will not pick weapons our on leave where one is to go in a peaceful protesting we will strike doctors have organize that can't really live. stright from hospitals especially from last night are related or on by military all these our national intelligence and security services. for example this review is showing here at our that callie's armed when we do our. people who are taking out all the old one out of the
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stores into great and they went back people and all these men they ran away and left the car. so that our way are they not anyone out of all these let's talk about let's let's move on let me let's move on i've got an additional i want to move on a little bit because i i can hear your grievances very clearly i'm not hearing when it goes haitians are going to take you back to weeks to when you're on the stream and then this little exchange happened and they've become government is going to keep solve the problem because the problems on the field the. economy in a very short bit of according to. as they can now play is the effect the positive effect of probably are but i think i argue with you though that the prices in bread and the shortage of fuel is that reason but the
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main reason is that people realize why there is high prices for bread i did shorten if you want the people realize that there is an is this government so that was mr abdel atty abate he's a senior member of the national congress party he talked about a plan. but also talked about this issue is economic and he's dealing with it the government is dealing with it it's not political. and this is what this is for him because i just as i know what you think i'm just really interested in what behavior has to say go ahead have. well i mean the thing is it started off as a comic and we're not going to deny that because what triggered this was but you know i mean. unfortunately can we come in here i'm going to move on just a little bit i'm going to move on to the gentleman. let me just move on just a little bit dr because i've got
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a little bit left of that as the show to to go so i lost your audio there for a moment also in that it was ahmed mamet's he's a very well known government add to this we just spotted this in the last few days where he and his wife has been taken and detained since january the seventeenth and haven't been seen or heard of since i'm just wondering. are you concerned about your own personal safety when you hear stories like this every day where people have just disappeared our for me personally i don't want the consequences of what we are doing now but that we can pay upwards of you know our country. alliance well i mean i know that i can actually i want to go because i organized. my whole hour so they didn't tell me and they you know i had two options either to find and and and nick and now that i want. any future although the
11:43 pm
constitution and you me the right are you know peaceful demonstration or i will go i've used this time i want you know i was on everything happened and you know. now everything is possible but we are going to get to pay the price and here is the challenge for the government are they willing to provide the people of. the freedom of speech so that our question government. so remember that the government largely things that go ahead are pro problem it's economic they don't think that the issue is political but like i said earlier as i was speaking earlier when you lost me the issue it started out as economic that people are now protesting big government itself they've been saying that the fact that they have to live with this government for fifty years and see the economy in a downward spiral and the fact that there has been no change we hear this every day
11:44 pm
when they go out to protest they demand to freedoms peace and justice and they see that their own arms so obviously their demands are not a better economy anymore those demands are freedom peace and justice so they feel like it's more of a political thing and for the government to say that we believe that if we solve the economy we would solve the problem might live help but again like i said people are not talking about the economy anymore they're talking about about the ways that countries government we've seen people who are protesting the doctor who was killed for example he comes from a lot and really people who have been in this for says they're not just low income people they are people who come from. families and as well as middle income families those protests have taken a different shape to the previous protests in sudan it seems to have brought people from nearly every every part of the country every. every layer of the country every society of the country so it's taken a bigger bigger picture than what the government has in mind and putting it in a box of just the economy and speaking of that bigger picture i want to bring in
11:45 pm
this about international support in the survival of the sheer so far is are the reaction of the international media to the events especially if you compare this to other big events like the arab spring and support received from heads of state such as qatar turkey and the united arab emirates have helped his case we know that i want to share recently arrived in qatar just today actually and we don't know what that meeting is about but we know he is there so when it comes to international support and when it comes to the support of the day asked for dr ahmed what's your take what do you want to see. i don't think i mean or international we aren't i mean we need more international so on national organization human rights organizations and i think nations well what we mean. maybe it's a station. lie on you need an extreme force also that it's all there right to out
11:46 pm
right well that's a really goes i'm going to leave that to leave that up to say that you know it's a very simple straightforward request thank you doctor i made up thank you and thank you for the pain part of our program obviously this conversation is not over yet you can find myself always online at a stream on twitter see you next. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islam of the period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his chemical procedures of those which may still be used to burn. all. science in
11:47 pm
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this is al jazeera live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the new scripts of the two biggest players in syria meet in moscow and there are warning of a deteriorating situation situation in the north of the war torn country it is the
11:49 pm
russian and turkish presidents they share some common interests but they have plenty of differences too will be looking at what the prospects might be for at least some progress also on the great sudan's president omar al bashir leaves behind the rest of his homeland for a state visit to qatar but the movement to unseat him is losing none of its strength. government protests. and in venezuela the. just go on as well these are rival protests in caracas remind that there is support for president maduro despite the economic ruin but the opposition has the united states on its side as regional pressure builds on the gulf. and while people take to the streets of venezuela many are also protesting online and ahead of the hundreds trying to stay in the show using the hash tag aging is great. news going to live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in it al-jazeera dot com and if there is
11:50 pm
a way to definitively end syria's war then the presidents of turkey and russia who are meeting right now in moscow will have a big say over how it happens reject type or when and lot of mia putin they are looking for common ground despite backing opposing sides in this syrian conflict russia's support of bashar al assad's government has allowed for his forces to retake large parts of the country and syria of course is opposed to turkey's goal of creating a safe zone on the two countries shared border that move would mean more turkish troops in northern syria and while they talk in moscow there is this an explosion in the northern syrian city of a freenet happens near the base of a rebel group called. kiya which is backed by turkey at least three fighters from that group were killed in this explosion. in turkey are the most important players in syria probably arguably more so than the syrian government itself why
11:51 pm
well a quick look at the who controls what map from al jazeera dot com should tell us why and i think it's going to connect i've got a little bit of a problem with that just at the moment i'll try once more just a reminder that it's live television maybe we've got another source that we can show you that map from. apologies for this says you know who controls what maps at al-jazeera dot com which we regularly update which show you exactly who is in charge of which parts of the country particularly in those areas in the north and here it comes lower our producer in the control room is found for me there it is right scroll down for me laura we're going to make this work so if we come down we see the maps and we're looking at that top corner where you can see blue yellow and red red is all the government areas so let's go down a little bit further again and we'll come into that area zoom in on it a bit more going for me. goodness no it's not we're not here it
11:52 pm
comes here it comes there we go ok so look at that you're looking at blue areas which are controlled yellow kurdish red is government areas which of course means syria but it's all in syria and means russia as well but it's those other little dots that you see there you're looking at turkish observation posts russian observation posts as they patrol if you like that. buffer zone around it there are so many competing interests in that area and it is very difficult obviously for all sides to find some sort of way through ok laura thank you for that let's talk to reach alan's here he is in moscow for us i read so i understand the two men are talking now and they've talked a lot in the past about the sort of things and you could argue nothing's really been solved we've had buffer zones we've had agreements when it is there any idea of what we're actually looking for this time to move things forward. well i mean both these men have their interests of course and we're going to wait
11:53 pm
and see what comes out of this meeting before we can definitively call it maybe we won't even be able to definitively call it them because this is work in progress of course but we can get an idea about what russia is making of things at the moment because of some lines that have been coming from the foreign ministry this afternoon now the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry in maria's a quarter of a as put out two bits of commentary on syria the saying that the situation in a live according to the russians is deteriorating over the last few weeks. the grouping of rebel fighting force is that is previously was allied to al qaida and used to be known as eyewitness for a front well that has taken over most of it now and this is something that the russian government is saying they are very concerned about the russian government
11:54 pm
is also commented on the recent attacks inside syria from the israeli military and saying that israeli attacks like this should stop the arbitrary attacks as they put it should stop that and maria's the core of the went on to say something that might have some members of our audience spitting into the sea which is that we should never allow syria which has suffered years of armed conflict to be turned into an arena where geo political schools settles considering that russia and turkey are at the moment sitting down and arguing about syria. that we might be able to take that comment with a pinch of salt as far as ok thank you or we were hoping to hear from the two leaders at the top of the sixteen hundred hours g.m.t. that will be live on al-jazeera and more with rory when that happens in the meantime asama binge of aid in gaziantep near that turkey syria border to tell us more about specifically what has happened there enough rain today but also those wind warning if you like about this deteriorating situation in libya if it could
11:55 pm
deteriorate any further. well come on a glib remains the focal point of all that we've seen in the past year and we've been talking about syria since twenty in lebanon and the conflict has morphed into this very complicated leg off proxy wars and competing interests of these two leaders as they meet about the what is on the table is that syria russians are considering that they would probably want more control of adlib a joint patrol by a shop for help possibly russian forces and in exchange turkey would get access of no resistance are backing from russia and iran backed forces and syrian government forces in northern syria dot is what is the prize for the turks here and in that part on the eastern bank of the euphrates river there captured much of that territory all the way up to it and in that area there is a city called
11:56 pm
a freend which they captured from kurdish fighters which is now controlled by a predominantly arab fighters called the free syrian army and that comprises of various brigades one of them as i thought it showed up here their base was attacked according to some of i.p.g. sources there have been a number of casualties there's the the crowd and short of tear sources have told us that three of their fighters were killed and this fits into the wider picture of what we've seen in the past couple of weeks inside syria president donald trump announcing that he'll be pulling our troops as he unanimously leave it he declared almost on by himself that he is going to be pulling out and isis has been defeated in northern syria which was not the case according to his own advisors and people in his own government turkey obviously wants this area claire off not just isis but also could this fight as who it sees as terrorists or allies of the united states
11:57 pm
who are going to words the city and government as the world's back. by russia and that is going to be what these two leaders to be discussing the attacks in particular have happened in not just northern syria but also in government controlled areas as well so it is all sides on edge and a situation that is completely not over and by any means any time soon definitely ok. thank you i got my i pad working apparently wasn't connected to the internet so that's always going to be a problem but i do want to show you that map quickly again a little bit more perspective as we said so it's this part of the country we're talking about this is where it all happens this where it all into six and when you see here these are the mine the spots i was mentioning chief i just sort of met little green crosses on all of these first of all russian observation posts so they are surrounding that entire buffer zone which is loosely through here but then you've also got just changed the pentagon and look at these blue and
11:58 pm
turkish observation obviously closer to their own border this is why both countries have such an interest turkey trying to protect its borders around here it's got the kurdish regions in there as well and russia defending the syrian borders as it has done for the duration of this war. is a senior political analyst in london to talk well let's go big picture with this first of all the fact that i'm talking about the presidents of turkey and russia and i'm talking about turkish observation posts and russian observation posts in this area it's not syria's war is it it is these two men who will decide what happens. absolutely despite the fact that your map is incredibly wonderful. i think unfortunately this will be changing in the end this year because the russians are not happy with what happened with those very understanding of the where the turks committed to
11:59 pm
demilitarizing. and much of that you've just shown in the map while on the other hand of course are that they're not very happy with the way washington have supported a number of turkish groups that turkey consider terrorist organizations that are also on the turkish border so i think moving forward in two thousand and nineteen we're going to see a program different kind of barter so here you have the situation put in and add the one need each other but that doesn't mean that they agree on everything bilaterally they have had good relations extending to building nuclear reactor and in turkey buying russian the different defense missile systems agreeing to not just the americans out and allowing the israelis to bomb the iranians at least in the southern part of syria so there is a a large degree of complicity between the turkish and the russian presidents but
12:00 am
that doesn't mean that they see one hundred percent eye to eye on those issues and i think these kinds of meetings like that six other or seven other. person or two way meeting between them the last year are meant to. be an eight that division of labor that they need to do in syria between them when one of our viewers on facebook live elizabeth has asked what is bashar al assad's position on all of this . is it just that bashar al assad's position is the position of russia is that just work is simply is that. well look i mean you know for the last year or two or three since the russians intervened in two thousand and fifteen we saw the syrian opposition.


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