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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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tools does if. they're also taken away. was human rights commission a government appointed human rights a key security forces of systematic torture noise and activists say a dozen people have been killed scores more were read and every smidgen of opposition leader say people are still being targeted by security forces they also say others are in hiding fearing for their lives right now on the streets people are not in happiness people are not in peace there is a lot of turnout displacement of persons people are being dragged out of their homes being people being beaten brutalized terrorized terror and fear all over and citizens are not in peace again having ammunition live ammunition against ordinary citizens that is unacceptable and that goes against the tenets of democracy. the president has promised to investigate the crackdown by security forces but civilians have also been warned when and where you have had cases of lawlessness
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necessarily you will have the guilty ones will try and keep it away from the reach of the law except it doesn't quite serve them i think it is in their interest to make sure that they present themselves to the law enforcement agency defend themselves and in the fullness of time establish whether or not they have a case to answer and this is precisely how we agree if you have done something wrong certainly you do have something to worry about we will not tell him that we saw if last we can happen in this country never again the crisis has raised fears that the barber is reverting to the authoritarian style rule of robert mccartney who was forced from power by the ministry more than a year ago and that's making business honest and investors nervous. but. coming up on al-jazeera. remembering the life and music of zimbabwean musician and activist are written to her has died aged sixty six. and we have the latest on the search. missing premier league football at
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a million or so out of. the heat continues to build across southeastern parts of australia we've had some rather cool some whites and some windy weather down towards the southwest and ahead of this system we've been dragging in those mostly winds adelaide could well get up into the mid forty's as we go through with day record is forty five point seven celsius and we approaching that temperatures to go into the heat of the day further east while thirty six celsius the full melbourne fire risk continues across the southeastern corner of australia and even down into tasmania where we have a thirty five system to about being away as we go on into friday we'll see temperatures picking up in melbourne to around forty celsius very uncomfortable then for the tennis players but you can see the cold us started to push in behind
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adelaide around twenty nine degrees little more clouds coming through but the cloud further north it's going to see a developing tropical system coming through here as we go what is the next couple of days a caper non-survivor weather coast far more of australia a little bit of what weather may while making its way across new zealand this area cloud just see some outbreaks of rain for a time seventeen celsius there for christchurch twenty three in all clean will see that what's the weather just not doing a little further more because as we go through friday highs then the twenty. as takes a tougher line on migrants organized crime is making vast profits from their misery . people and power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. the
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mafia and the migrants on. one of the top stories here now to zero in israel as opposition leader one dog has sworn him self in as interim president following another day of nationwide protests for and against because that nicolas maduro u.s. president donald trump says his government will recognize bordeaux as venezuela's new leader. but turkish and russian presidents are wrapped up talks in moscow on the situation in syria that amir putin welcomed the u.s. troop withdrawal and richard says his country will deal with any groups that may
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fill the void created when american troops leave. and opposition leaders in zimbabwe say anti-government protesters are still being victimized by security forces this despite a pledge by president emerson and i got to take action against those responsible. sudan says it will accept assistance including fuel and wheat from the u.a.e. russia and turkey as antigovernment protests continue across the country in us mint was made as president omar bashir met cattles emir shaikh to me in had a funny in doha the miss and he supports saddam's unity and stability order there is demolish out of this report from the office of kut as a mia in doha. this is the first foreign trip to be made by president obama bashir since those protests that have erupted in his country escalated over the past few weeks the fact that he chose to visit qatar is telling and what to him have
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a strong history between them. sponsored and host of the darfur peace talks for example it's invested or made billions of dollars worth of investments over the years and often there has been an alignment between qatar his vision for the region when it comes to significant issues like for example palestine and that's of sudan as well speaking charges here of the sudanese foreign minister that this was or he described the meeting between president bashir and sure i mean been from a as a brotherly meeting he said that they would discuss regional issues and that the protests in sudan were too small the topic to be the focus of these bilateral discussions having said that however they are significance protests they are the longest protests that have taken place since she came to power roughly thirty years ago we are talking about more than forty people killed widespread condemnation from around the world as to how the security services and the sudanese governments have
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treated those protesters but information as far as a mother but she was concerned he wants to show that he is still very much a statesman still very much in control and he has no issue leaving the country to visit other world leaders assured he believes to come back with still in power so a significant trip in the sense that there is a lot to discuss between these two governments but tightlipped both sides have been with regards to revealing as to what's they've agreed on if there's been any deals and how to move forward. thailand's king is issued a royal decree endorsing the first general election since a twenty fourteen military coup voting has been delayed several times by the military which is clamp down on dissent and free speech it's quite hard to reports from bangkok. protests on the streets of bangkok calling for elections picked up over the last several months as frustration mounted. after repeated
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postponements the date for thailand's general election was finally announced march twenty fourth that is the date. and should be. to everyone concerned that is the main reason why we needed that day was five times dates were set and then postponed by the military government this is spending the last five years. in the years after the two thousand and fourteen military coup overthrowing the democratically elected government that. the military leaders have imposed strict laws over political gatherings and muzzle the sent the government also rewrote the constitution so a military backed assembly will have the power to appoint the upper house regardless of the outcome of the election it is highly likely that the next prime minister will be the current prime minister mispriced china china and so there won't actually be a change in regime but there will be opposition voices in parliament which will be
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a step in the right direction. the process for the election began months before the date was set new and existing parties have registered. there's a new party supporting the government. that former army chief and prime minister since the coup. has hinted at a run to keep his job but has yet to confirm but the party of the political dynasty has won every democratic election in thailand since two thousand and one it's widely supported in rural areas and is expected to continue with its winning history. and another new party running is future forward it's comprised of some of the seven million youth voters in thailand many of whom will be voting for the first time in march so with the last steps taken the royal decree and the official date set the political parties will start to wrap up their campaigning and register their candidates it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. afghanistan's intelligence service says the taliban commander responsible for
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a deadly attack on one of its bases has been killed on monday taliban fighters killed dozens of afghan security personnel when they stormed a training base in wardak province national directorate of security says the taliban commander who led the attack died in an ass try on tuesday the taliban denies he was killed iran is demanding the release of a prominent journalist detained in the us press t.v. anchor. man has appeared in court twice but has not been charged with a crime samus ravi has more from tehran. at the united nations headquarters in teheran iranian journalists protest the detention of a colleague. earlier this month while on vacation. was taken into police custody at lambert international airport in st louis missouri she was handed over to the f.b.i. which says she's being held as a material witness in a case they cannot talk about with very few details most here see her detention as politically motivated for her work as a presenter for press t.v.
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iran's english language state. every time she would go to the united states or the state that she would. not be able to combat this. we never thought that this would actually happen her friends and family are demanding answers and if she's committed no crime her immediate release we don't want to jump to conclusions we don't have. information she's being held in detention. that we've been given is that she's being held as a material witness in an. investigation for years governments and rights groups have criticized iran for being no less aggressive about imprisoning dual citizens activists and even visitors deemed a threat but now iranians are demanding the release of an american citizen in american jailed someone who they've adopted as one of their own at
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a panel discussion comparisons to cases inside iran were tuned out and local experts warned that hashmi case could be the start of a new front line in soft war with the u.s. targeting journalists for political leverage that we have detained. american. in the past. we have had the. past history. but. hatred. for. continuous intimidation of sanctions for no reason basically. this is in line with that. as most things involving america and iran the story is complicated and politically charged arrest came a week after news of the arrest of an american navy veteran in the iranian city of musharraf reportedly there visiting his girlfriend iran has lodged a formal complaint and foreign minister zarif characterized the arrest as
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a violation of the civil rights of an african american and president hassan rouhani as chief of staff said only crime was being black and muslim she's while reasons for her detention remain unclear for better or for worse iran's leaders have tied her chemise fate to bigger political battles with the united states the same bus route the old zero to herat. taxi drivers have been back on the streets of madrid protesting against services like. riot police were deployed after the taxi drivers blocked roads with their cars and set up burning barricades they say rival drivers from sac taxi apps have an unfair advantage because they don't face the same regulations and costs ontarians anti traffic aid agency says it has found up to forty five thousand missing girls and women in southern mali many have been sold as sex slaves in gold mining camps and
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us this update. the national agency for the prohibition of trafficking against persons snapped it is saying that this followed months of investigations and visits to areas why they thought nigerians are being held against their wish they found out the thousands of ghost or been trafficked to what part of mali servicing the mining industry there some of them are being forced to work as sex slaves and there are also thousands of others who are being forced to walk against their will now the international office for migration office in nigeria is talking about sending another team to mali to verify these numbers and probably look at other areas where they could possibly be more nigerians who are being held against that which in mali the nigerian president has ordered the naacp to to go ahead and start the process of bringing back some of these nigerians who have been stranded in mali already officials are talking about two hundred seventy five people young people
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who have been trapped in mali have been brought back home over the last two months or so now the big operation of bringing thousands and thousands of nigeria stranded in mali will come is probably in the next few weeks or so according to officials here in nigeria the head of a rescue team that's been looking for the missing premier league footballer him ianto sala and his pilot says now no hope of finding rely a single engine plane disappeared over the english channel on monday night as it headed from france it's just silvers has more. one plane against the ocean the english channel is one of the busiest waterways on the planet but the airborne search still has a vast area to cover three planes and one helicopter from the u.k. and france scouring the cities around the channel island of albany where the light plane carrying him really are no seller and his pilot david epperson disappeared off the very dark on monday night south of two hundred kilometers north of his
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intended destination tributes around the cardiff city stadium where someone had hoped to start a new career following his transfer from france left by supporters who may never get the chance to see their new signing play. similar scenes are taking place in france with his former club no want as the whole football world watches and whites . i want to send all the love and all the strength to his family and friends we can all lose the hope we have to believe until the end of two more precision he's a man who is appreciated by everyone i hope even if the chance is a slim that we do find him a life argentine media released a recording purportedly sent by seller to friends from the flight saying he was scared and concerned for his safety. the search will continue for a third day but with january temperatures in the channel dipping to almost freezing rescuers are made hopes of finding the two men alive are barring
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a miracle now over silver's al-jazeera. legendary zimbabwe musician and human rights activist. has died in hospital after falling ill in december. as he was affectionately known produced sixty six albums in his sixty six years winning fans across africa and beyond reports. a true legend of african music all of them to could see was a self-taught musician known around the world for his hit song narea. singing in zimbabwe's dominant shona language and english he blended musical traditions developing a distinctive style known to fans as. music that carried messages of hope a message zimbabweans clung to during hard times. into could also help to
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promote human rights across the continent. and set up a music academy hoping to encourage more children to follow in his footsteps we have different. we will teach you. but we don't say that you've come let's learn from you. as tribute to pour in some fans say he made them proud to be zimbabwean others according to him to receive national hero status one way to thank you for the music charlie angela algis there. are mine in our top stories here now jazeera venezuela's opposition leader who door has swung himself in as interim president following another day of nationwide protests for and against nicolas maduro or door took the oath as president in
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caracas shortly after u.s. president donald trump said in a statement that his government would recognize grado as venezuela's new leader trump said he would use the full weight of u.s. economic and diplomatic power to push for democracy in the south american country president maduro was quick to respond saying that he was breaking relations with the united states he also appears to have the backing of the armed forces after the defense minister tweeted they disavowed any self-proclaimed president or not so there are many more than. we come from the streets from all over society and we have been here in the presidency for twenty years and that's down to the votes of the people and in this presidential palace we have gotten here and we will stay here with the votes of the people which is the only way to elect the constitutional president of venezuela only the people can elect their leaders and only the people can remove them from power opposition leaders in zimbabwe say anti-government
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protesters are still being victimized by security forces this despite a pledge by a president emerson and gaga to take action against those responsible for the country has seen ten days of violent protests over fuel hikes. the turkish and russian presidents have wrapped up talks in moscow on the situation in syria that i'm approaching welcomed the u.s. troop withdrawal and said he's ready to host a turkish iranian summit on syria however richard once said that his country will deal with any groups that may fill the void created by the withdrawal of american forces so don't says it will accept assistance including fuel and wheat from the u.a.e. russia and turkey as anti-government protests continue across the country in osment was made as sudan's president omar bashir met katter's emir shaikh to me been one of them out of funny in doha there's
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a top stories here now desire of people in power is up next more news after that thanks for watching by fire. al-jazeera states sweat and. hundreds of thousands of migrants have arrived in italy over the past four years gaining sanctuary from violence and poverty prompting an increasingly truck response from the state others of being more welcoming those seeking to profit from the migrants misfortune we've been to investigate i would say the system of privately run reception center is as full and wide open to exploitation corruption
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and organized crime. more than six hundred thousand migrants have arrived by boat in southern italy over the past four years seeking century or more persecution and extreme poverty. most of them have been funneled straight into a network a privately run emergency reception center as these a funded by italy and the european union and operate on the contracts issued by prefixes the regional offices of the ministry of interior. but as this
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investigation will show the sheer number of arriving migrants in recent years in the united quite monitoring of the way the centers are run of with a system wide open to exploitation corruption and abuse. it's grown into a hugely profitable business for both ruthless entrepreneurs and old guys crying sometimes with deadly consequences. in the near mom that i see you know i thought it was. ok but i don't know the live . i don't know. the dead to be sort of. people say i'm going to go. through you know god is evil god like a monk. like the article.
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in the fourteenth two thousand and seventeen in the outskirts of glitching yanagida best in naples one thousand year old gumby an asylum seeker. was shot by the owner of a mike and reception center where launched. bob agreed to be interviewed for this film but for security reasons we can see in his face. the problem of the. could really be introduced. to the mood through the neutral orderly going to war with tony jones this. when they called. them both to. sure. the girl good. papa traveled from the gambia to italy to libya where he say's he was badly
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tortured. we'll show you more on. the brutal brutal for eating good if we're going to go. kill. once in italy and still in great pain bob was sent to the christianity center by call such privately owned facilities it was applied to provide medical care for its residents but bob says his pleas for help were ignored. because of my interest with really couldn't believe that michael could do what. who are the ones who knew three months. according to another resident that wasn't the only problem with center was desperately overcrowded. the committee said tuesday when it appeared that one person on. the welcomed as any more.
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yet it was our what. i did there's a law about what would be a book in protest bob set fire to the mattress on his bed that's when the owner of the center showed up and shot him. liberal new position if we didn't go to the court who polluted and to move it through with duke knew that. the center is only shot of a large ga with an illegal weapon was local businessman part of me well i gotta that back onto the mani one after so when i start my main is where i think the more remote tory got than take it believe that defeat or berlusconi to get a shia card i mean they're going to get his interest. i previously ranged from construction to chicken farms till he decided to house migrants inside some of his properties. we went to delhi got his mansion and rich in ya know we want to ask how
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his previous experience of qualified to provide assistance to asylum seekers i don't usually audience it will fight a bit thick with a pop bottle at it when most. of the center where bob was shot since been closed by the authorities and calum in a delegate has been forced to step down from the business he's now awaiting trial for attempted murder. but to many of the operators of italy's privately owned reception centers he'd been found wanting. if i she were not there misty so no subject you cannot be talking momentum it. gets you in it or tear up or that it. or if you so much you mean that the. saints are we are in a limbo. that put it like that. but it isn't just inexperienced and greedy who spotted a chance to make money from migrants across southern italy where most of the
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centers are based few business opportunities escape the scrutiny of more organized criminals. and if i'm in that. system where the. team were sort of well again i would say the phenomena called. queer due to illness or biases and what about your list instead of a lot of mafia all of it as a shell of. good and evil people a drug. policy is a member of the italian parliament and a former member of a parliamentary commission that looked into the management of italian migrant deception system it's a business with over four billion euros per year which every migrant is valued at roughly thirty five euros per day for most of whether they did in the where world jordan or whatever as companies you will miss it we to the assistance of the koreans and. cheap boy poked at molly boy. in the duty to treat
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the seasons as. in media to linguistic assistance of. course in dealing with. the west on again it part of the problem he told us why is not haphazard way contracts for the privately run emergency reception centers one hundred out by local prefixes. it but up until a bit of a. system was. the system where they are all live. this is they were. editing for fish and. not good on you get them on the. phone not go mom so coming to you to. day is an asylum seeker from the ivory coast who is housed in a privately owned emergency reception center in a small town called the naples another party with. momo.
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who can't he go. on there it is not sure what i was yanking at the unique victim of. the center into which my son was placed is managed by a company called two point zero. the protest the company filed a report against the aca to cusick him of violating eternal rules told him you have to leave. it's a good long while but you're watching the on the finances this week to see where this is the money that was leaking would want i want to move to the one when the sun. after being ousted from the center. sort of assistance from yes it's a group of activists based in this form a psychiatric hospital in naples. mia is one of the group's volunteers.
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working with. dell focuses attention. on the conditions inside letting the center invalid repairs know. about more according to all that they see when you answer that i got see if you want inquests all to the game let me dad normally been careful of what to do. when it was sunday the city council. with. a lot of well off. the center is one of the biggest in the area housing up to two hundred eighty eight migrants sperry deep in the countryside at least and i was ripped from the nearest
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bus stop. bell and offered to take his there to see it to find out whether anything had changed. according to the report was sent to lax many of the basic services that the owners a contract she applies to provide. these claims across her a to buy videos the migrants shot themselves with the. make it isn't used. in that but in medicine is not so good looking at the missing want to give in to his little. sister mediator to. us he starts a sunny. day the sand dollar song will. go out of their. mind yet. i don't want to say i want to go.
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looking this huge complete. failure think your wife didn't step on that you. actually not only. was in one diminished. but you can do nineteen on the road. is that the right side on the other that i've been i bought myself when i was a solid well working. escape with them on the body of a sort of mark signify for example an instinct who doesn't want a kidney you know but it would be. if he. said these are going to be the magic that's not on our way to the science and it's all the game and so on so it's nice in the end function mentees we're going to give you a lesson if you do that usually strictly those are not usually written. as we were talking to the residents on.


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