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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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we got some mild weather pushing it to the eastern side of the u.s. following on from it's a leak hold and wintry weather we've seen over the past few days this area clout pumping up the moisture from the gulf of mexico into that cold air that's why we have the very heavy snow now in the process of easing the little further east was but you can see how with the winds coming in from the south temperatures getting up to around twelve thirteen cells just for new york and also for d.c. we had negative teens for members eventually of the early part of the week so that really is something of an improvement more than flank still seeing some snow on that and will make its way through as we go on into friday prices guys come back in to have it really freshening up once again just about getting about freezing so really will notice that change but at least it will be dry by this day's drive to central pass and over towards the west full of ice part one of two well winter
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flowers still a possibility up towards the pacific northwest further south where we have got some cold it cold enough air into dallas temperatures at nine celsius betty getting up to around five degrees there for atlanta a twenty one for miami cloud unranked living through that cloud and right will affect more than parts of cuba to the south of that looks good across the caribbean lovely topical sunshine thanks to twenty nine. where there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the sea in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days the training. and and orders against all odds an ageing population is possibly on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a jersey the. right
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. path. and one of the top stories. that is right is opposition leader one why don't post for himself in as interim president following another day of nationwide protests
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for and against the. us president donald trump says his government will recognize as venezuela's new leader. the turkish and russian presidents have wrapped up talks in moscow on the situation in syria that amid putin welcomed the u.s. troop withdrawal and. says his country will deal with any groups that may fill the void created when american troops leave. and opposition leaders as zimbabwe's santy government protesters are still being victimized by security forces this despite a pledge by president amisom and i've got to take action against those responsible . so don says it will accept assistance including fuel and wheat from the u.s. russia and turkey as anti-government protests continue across the country in outspent was made as president omar bashir met him in shape to me funny in doha they miss said he supports sudan's unity and stability. said this report from the
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office of kut as amir in doha. this is the first foreign trip to be made by president obama bashir since those protests that have erupted in his country escalated over the past few weeks the fact that he chose to visit qatar is telling and heart to have a strong history between them. sponsored and a host of the darfur peace talks for example is invested or made billions of dollars worth of investments over the years and often there has been an alignment between qatar his vision for the region when it comes to significant issues like for example palestine and that's of sudan as well speaking charges here of the sudanese foreign minister this was or he described the meeting between president bashir and sure i mean been hammered as a brotherly meeting he said that they would discuss regional issues and that the protests in sudan were too small of a topic to be the focus of these bilateral discussions having said that however
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they are significance protests they are the longest protests that have taken place since she came to power roughly thirty years ago we are talking about more than forty people killed widespread condemnation from around the world as to how the security services and the sudanese government have treated those protesters but information as far as a mother but she was concerned he wants to show that he is still very much a statesman still very much in control and he has no issue leaving the country to visit other world leaders assured he believes to come back with still in power so a significant trip in the sense that there is a lot to discuss between these two governments but tightlipped both sides have been with regards to revealing as to what's they've agreed on if there's been any deals and how to move forward. yemen is facing a severe water shortage with some estimates suggesting the capital sana'a could run
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dry in less than a decade all the nineteen million people have no access to clean water has more. these children in yemen should be in school but they are here instead of getting water for their families this is what they do every day. eleven year old martyrs used to be in the fourth grade but he was forced to drop out to do this i learned that i am a good though my water comes and goes in the morning hours sometimes and i used to be in school so now i come here to get water for my family instead of concentrating on my schooling and my god i want to continue my education i'm tired of this work this water collection point is helping many families in the capital sanaa but there is another problem here the threat of cholera. and all these people here have been infected. cholera is a waterborne disease that is transmitted through contaminated water and food
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symptoms include acute diarrhea and vomiting if left untreated death can occur within hours. of the outbreak of color ice attributed to contaminated water unprotected walls outdoor food vendors are another factor we have vice people to use clean sanitized water. clean water is hard to come by since the war began in two thousand and fifty the u.n. says two thirds of the population does not have access to safe drinking water. we have been using water from a well for a long time and we were doing fine then all of a sudden i suffered severe diarrhea and vomiting i was later told i had to call there are because of dirty water. while this conflict goes on international aid agencies are asking for more help as well as a long term political solution for millions of struggling yemeni. d'orsel jabari al jazeera. afghanistan's intelligence service says the taliban commander responsible
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for a deadly attack on one of its bases has been killed on monday taliban fighters killed dozens of afghan security personnel when they stormed a training base in wardak province the national directorate of security says the taliban commander who led the attack died in an airstrike on tuesday the taliban denies he was killed us president all trump says he'll hold an alternative state of the union address after democratic leader nancy pelosi barred him from speaking until a partial government shutdown ends well that's now in its thirty third day that's thirty three days without pay for many federal workers at some of the most staged a major protest in congress she had pretends he has more. was this was a cool by the unions to occupy congress and demand a senate majority leader mitch mcconnell hold a meaningful vote to end the shutdown that's left some eight hundred thousand workers without pay even as half still go to work no other employers and this
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country can do that is open up the government members of the union that represents government contract as we head to unlike federal employees they will not get back pay once this is over have a noun as a security guard at the national air and space museum in washington i just pray and just as. those in it. to make some clay show owns a president. this in a mish mark on it to us because it's not our far i want to work i always want. i want to go back to work several union leaders have now peeled off and say we're going to confront mitch mcconnell at his office the summit majority leader like john was sitting here this is a party that is beyond helping their members get by financially the unions have filed several lawsuits citing laws that require the government to pay its workers for their work and they are likely to win but because the bill also says only
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congress can appropriate money for government wages the courts are unlikely to force him egypt payment of salaries but at least one more seats invokes the thirteenth amendment of the constitution which abolished slavery after the civil war the workers say that the government has forced them into involuntary servitude by making them work without pay in the post the courts have been reluctant to create a precedent where workers not facing physical coercion can accuse employers of slavery but with more and more reports of work is defying the government and not going into work until they're paid experts say there may be a chance of legal success was. for example if the government stop. coercing customs and border protection workers to go to work without pay what happens if we get one to three weeks down the road or longer and workers are threatened with being fired for not showing up to work with that constitute legal coercion no court
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has answered that i think that's an open question. the phrase that keeps being used around d.c. as the shutdown lingers day off today is uncharted territory and that's an apt description for the future of federal labor in america she turns the old washington . thailand's king has issued a rule decreed dossing the first general election since a twenty fourteen minute trick to elections will be held on march twenty fourth but it has been delayed several times by the military which is clamp down on dissent and free speech it's quite hard to reports from bangkok. was. protests on the streets of bangkok calling for elections picked up over the last several months as frustration mounted. after repeated postponements the date for thailand's general election was finally announced march twenty fourth that is the date. and should be. who everyone can. that is the main reason why.
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that day was five times dates were set and then postponed by the military government this is spanning the last five years. in the years after the two thousand and fourteen military coup overthrowing the democratically elected government of. the military leaders have imposed strict laws over political gatherings and muzzle dissent the government also rewrote the constitution so a military backed assembly will have the power to appoint the upper house regardless of the outcome of the election it is highly likely that the next prime minister will be the current prime minister mispriced. and so there won't actually be a change in regime but there will be opposition voices in parliament which will be a step in the right direction the process for the election began months before the date was set new and existing parties have registered there's a new party supporting the government. former army chief and prime minister since
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the coup. has hinted at a run to keep his job but has yet to confirm but the party of the show up political dynasty has won every democratic election in thailand since two thousand and one it's widely supported in rural areas and is expected to continue with its winning history. and another new party running is future forward it's comprised of some of the seven million youth voters in thailand many of whom will be voting for the first time in march so with the last steps taken the royal decree and the official date set the political parties will start to wrap up their campaigning and register their candidates it's got to either al-jazeera bangkok. and estimated forty thousand have taken refuge in india but india's nationalist hindu government says the muslim minority have no right to demand refugee status since december india has deported at least one thousand three hundred to bangladesh from the southern city
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of cox's bazaar reports for one hundred twelve dollars a head smuggler in india promised a way out of the fear that had begun to suffocate shame she and her family. stood in london for hangers i hated and abused in india they were among forty thousand rohingya refugees in india human rights groups say in recent years the government's welcoming policy has shifted to a hostile one in october india deported seven rohingya men back to me and mar a country b. un is accused of committing genocide against the persecuted muslim minority since december the refugee release and repatriation commission says india has deported at least thirteen hundred rohingya refugees to bangladesh. in the beginning we weren't harassed but at
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a later stage we were constantly being monitored so we got scared that they might send us back to me and mar since we didn't want to go there we decided to cross the border. rohingya refugees describe a campaign of fear mongering harassment and intimidation that's terrifying people enough to abandon their lives in india and sneak into bangladesh that has been a campaign against were india's by the of him google groups to create an impression that they are terrorists and therefore there have been attacks on. india's ruling party says the rowing does have no right to demand refugee status and india is not a signatory to the one nine hundred fifty one refugee convention there is a security aspect old school with regard to their linkages with binutils to his groups that are in the middle to india unfoldment and by all based out of pakistan and the last part is that in the end of the day that these citizens are also
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leading to problems with the local community it's been three months and become and her family are adjusting to home inside this sprawling refugee camp her study agony of we stuff it over there as well as here we are facing many difficulties despite the hardships of refugee life she and other recent arrivals from india say they're experiencing something new the comfort of being surrounded by other growing does and a peace that comes with living in a muslim country natasha going to name al-jazeera cox's bizarre bangladesh emergency bushfire warnings have been issued across the australian state of tasmania with lives and properties at risk firefighters have called an ass support to help control at least fifty five burning cross the seven hundred twenty kilometer stretch of land one property has been destroyed so far and weather conditions are expected to worsen in the coming days as many parts of australia
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experienced a record heat wave. legendary zimbabwean musician and human rights activist all of a. has died in hospital after falling ill in december took over as he was affectionately known produced sixty six albums in his sixty six years when he found across africa and beyond charley and report. a true legend of african music could see was a self-taught musician known around the world for his hit song narea. singing in zimbabwe's dominant shona language and english he blended musical traditions developing a distinctive style known to fans as to. music that carried messages of hope a message zimbabweans clung to during hard times. come to could also help to promote human rights across the continent. and set up
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a music academy hoping to encourage more children to follow in his footsteps we have different. we will teach you. can learn from you. as tribute in some fans say he made them proud to be. others according to him to receive national. one way to thank him for the music charlie angela al-jazeera. the commander you can catch up on in time on our website www dot com. and i'm now the top stories here on al-jazeera right as rain is off to one guy joe has swung himself in as interim president following another day of nationwide protests for and against nicolas maduro ordo took the oath as president
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a few hours ago in caracas shortly after u.s. president donald trump said in a statement that his government would recognize as venezuela's new leader trump said he would use the full weight of us economic and diplomatic power to push for democracy in the south american country president maduro was quick to respond saying he was breaking relations with the united states he also appears to have the backing of the armed forces after the defense minister tweeted they disavowed any self-proclaimed president not so there are many more than half of the planet performed we come from the streets from all over society and we have been here in the presidency for twenty years and that's down to the votes of the people and in this presidential palace we have gotten here and we will stay here with the votes of the people which is the only way to elect the constitutional president of venezuela only the people can elect their leaders and only the people can remove them from power. opposition leaders in zimbabwe say anti-government protesters
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still being victimized by security forces with reports of more violence in harare and bulawayo on tuesday night or this despite a pledge by a president a muslim and i'm going to take action against those responsible for. the turkish and russian presence wrapped up talks in moscow on the situation in syria that timea putin welcomed the u.s. troop withdrawal and said he's ready to host a turkish iranian summit on syria however rich a type one said that his country will deal with any groups that may fill the void created by the withdrawal of american forces sudan says it will accept assistance including fuel and wheat from the u.a.e. russia and turkey as anti-government protests continue across the country in us mint has made a sudan's president omar bashir but qatar's emir shaikh to me funny in doha the emir said he supports she dons unity and stability throws the top stories a.j.
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selects is up next ifa.
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made one. more bite. if i may well. when. i heard this. it come from eritrea sudan and other subsaharan countries it was an economic hardship. but the israeli government caused the fifty thousand migrants who crossed into the country through egypt freighters the foreigners may not be legally deported the government refuses to grant them refugee status. meanwhile the new
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generation of migrant children is growing up and being educated in israel their hopes to be granted a secure place in a country built by refugees. we feel that as long these children are in santa they are being taken care of we know what's going on with them we see them twenty four seven we know where they go when they come back we take care of all their needs once they are eighteen and to go outside. to the real world we say it's a jungle for them. when they first came here you start to ask about the army can they go to army when they finish and we explain and it's not possible because you know it's complicated in israel and we scared of someone who's defending us but after a year i stopped here and there you know asking for it.
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you know how is it going and when is it going to they don't know anything and how can you build a life if you don't know. a little. bit. over. to eat. you just don't want. to.
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give. them the right now to be able to govern without. a little trouble by doing. so because the level doesn't end up good but not by the doctor not that i'm dumb or so photo shows and so it is with the zoom know what i would like to call second guy casings who has no life look at anything without. that hotel a lot of those folks are. cylinders was some of that some of. it could be. more significant is that i'm still a. government that follows a love of the hordes of business of the hordes of. even the most of the lame before i did most of the ideas to before with some of. the silly student.
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but there were those who solution. to. the muslims on. america's most wanted to get the even less than they actually begin. counterpart the end of the case there. i mean say this is. the. time that. the fellow this been in. the midst of it.
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had said. to me. on the phone with. us a list of the. fifty .
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