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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 14  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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his facing demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule turkey has renewed its call for an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalists. its foreign minister says russia type bedouin has given the order for the case to be carried to an international level jamal khashoggi was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october the trial for some of the suspects has begun in saudi arabia russia's president vladimir putin and turkish typewriter one have met to coordinate their next move in syria putin has welcomed president donald trump's announcement of u.s. troop withdrawal and says his country will deal with any groups that may feel the void created by the u.s. departure in syria you're up to date with headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's a story to stay with us each year child and sport an estimated fifteen million. ameri before the age of eighteen.
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young girls compelled to marry after the war in syria share their stories and talk to him just zero. i am having ok i'm really good here in the stream can day involve ways present ever similar following in the authoritarian footsteps of his predecessor robert mugabe in two weeks after security forces began a crackdown on anti-government protests we explore where the country is headed as it navigates an economic crisis but first have a look at this report by al-jazeera correspondent. last week demonstrated against a fuel price hike which had more than doubled overnight the government responded with force more than six hundred people were arrested. zimbabwe's human rights commission says more people died in last week's protests and during all this
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post-election violence president. robert mugabe just over a year ago he promised to promote democracy and freedom of speech some zimbabweans are disillusioned the president has cut short a foreign trip and promised to investigate the crackdown by security forces zimbabweans are watching him after last week's violence some said it is speaking out against the government that could come after them. with us now to discuss what's going on in zimbabwe we have tended to freelance journalist she joins us from by the way out zimbabwe in harare macomber. she is a human rights activist who participated in the protests. in the u.k. . is the chairman of the u.k. europe youth league and in johannesburg south africa pearce picu is senior consultant for southern africa at the crisis group that's an ngo focused on conflict resolution it's good to have your in the street and we're going to start with a community and we're i mean what is striking about this show is the amount of people
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online who are saying they have been affected and affected by the rising fuel costs so many people sharing their stories so i want to share just three. this is shami on twitter who says i used to pay two dollars to and from work and i now have to pay five dollars we used to buy two leaders of cooking oil for two to three dollars and now it's ranging from ten to fifteen dollars what pains me the most is that the salary remains the same someone else echoing her sentiments this is andre who says public transportation prices went up one hundred fifty percent increase my salary remains the same taxes are out of reach especially for those of us who work after hours and thieves have become a menace so those are just in addition to one person who sent us a video comment the talent is in how and this is what he says. it's barbaric it's led to increases in the cost. pressures of course wanted to preserve our way over one hundred fifty percent from the lengthy two to more than
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three through the last three tracks this also should use of this equipment is in the shops it is always so transports we break the commuter part of transit freight praises by over one hundred percent. but it was taught he talks about price hikes and general shortages can you relate to those three stories you heard today. yeah. the reality on the crowded public but what is certain that it's more of an underclass if we tried. it when seventeen when the current crop of leadership came into pole dancing things. they promised in order for systematic systematic and systemic reform economic from economic reforms political reforms constitutional reforms but of all those filled the first one the president but. he supported the current crop is.
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because they cannot develop the economy. played in part to. ensure that the stability or cross-court at all that totally failed in iraq is shocking if the people are not making the on the book in the shop window that they sent to then they are not. sponsoring gun free trial if the government goes by with free trial if you plot war on the people of zimbabwe and it's shocking that all of that is up and. you think that is for them sort of a pulse and if you noticed it in the languishing in places we have around three hundred fifty but the numbers of those that have been injured which is up to six hundred considering that's. essentially rating was because those sources become unsafe for victims to get to that was. being raided we have.
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numbers now on fifteen in this state we deserve a better life won the battle to the bitter comment from mr better when he took off a power but to tell us. the stuff that we are seeing knowles ok so so far i wrote what i. was talking about it was the reaction to what the president announced. over a week ago he says when we. so i now have measures to stabilize nations crucial fuel supply i was aware that these matches may not be popular and this was not a decision we took lightly but it was the right thing to do why was it the right thing to do bearing in mind these tiles that we so often those feel hikes and how. i do not see the whole of and i'm going to thank you for having. a father greetings to my country. i don't think that any government.
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has the intention of creating havoc and trauma during its. during a period in which it has strategized. travelling to the biggest market in the world eurasia being the biggest market in the world. our recent attend you global g.d.p. rate and so on and not to mention balance no government has got to be checked however. this particular project had been pre-planned. the introduction to increment was merely a pricing adjust to match regional consistency as we have become. well in particular motivated by the i mean obviously image has really created within our own. powerful structure of our market where other countries or
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other countries. would come in and consume and so all they needed to be a price adjustment we can then have the discussion about the pricing points and these would be created by virtue of trying to get the credit crisis which is parliamentary based through opposition front to try i'll take the example for a minute because can die is looking quite consent and i go ahead. yes what i wanted to say was you know you're talking about trying to match retail prices right now with a few the most expensive one of the most expensive. right now because of the fuel price hike for example where there are actually. some foreign service like it actually is true that zimbabwe you guys considering the current right there to reconstruct whether we have the olympics in the broom and what do you mean i think. we don't carry structure thanks to for any part comply
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and tend to find out i'm just thinking i'm watching this and over a week ago i could buy petrol gas a certain amount and then a day later it's twice as much that's what i care about for why what do you actually referring to so what i'm referring to here is the pricing you just try to . get with the part of the market that a consequence of. government continues strategy towards and then the. which is going to be the archies which is where that's the problem with the but if you convert if you convert to local codes the pricing has gone up to about one one thirty eight with. just one just government is a demand that's the one most one would like to face. and i think the budget that argument and the one in the middle so for i am not going to just hold high from
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mine because when you talk over each of icon he has i'm just going to summarize you for writing on it so i'm going to summarize it because you dislike that the prices around zimbabwe are high so the government's trying to even them out but from a consumer's point of view that seems to be a huge huge hike how tight for a moment in my case your point i had a point and. to economics one hundred one and continue. share the streets on who might agree with you there her eyes thomas here says that in my point of view the fuel price increase is justifiable considering that we as the bob winds are not an oil producing country so besides the pain we feel right now this was the right thing to do but that aside it is actually my life is actually the only two we got like that but i want to share that with you i want to move on just a little bit here because there is so much to talk about this is one of you this is where you build zimbabwe and they say what the question should be and we should be discussing is how did we get here and was it responsible to announce as
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a president who was flying out and knowing that he was staying away to announce these these hikes how does the economy get in such a bad shape someone else takes up on that ashley says the whole leader returns to his country so i think he wants to restore peace issues a statement on social media but to this day is still yet to talk to and address the people he leads tendai walk us through that the view of president one and god go right now. yes i think the you particularly this last tweet thank you just read out reflects the views of many people because even before the price increase last year was announced and there are people who are wondering what is the president saying and why not saying anything about the. economy you know and then suddenly you know there was this announcement that was expected over the weekend and instead of it being something that would cushion the people because this is the kind of you know that the government has been trying to reach with civil servants to go on strike
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because of laws and they raise you know you know it's they don't announcing that they would you know some kind of questioning for the people that use it all or some kind of call for people to understand the situation at the present moment this simply you know an announcement that your prices will now be adjusted you know and because they just print is so huge and there are so many implications on. basic commodities on the price of other basic might. you know it just made a lot of people very angry you know and so even now that you know we've gone through this period of protests and a brutal crackdown right now state people are still wondering what is the president going to say is he going to officially address the nation all it's going to communicate with the nation by social media. i want him on pay as i'll type for i want to bring in pace into the conversation but i want to play you something festival that this was a little interview that al-jazeera did with
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a gentleman called choto his son who was killed during the protest he was shot outside of a police station this is what genius told al jazeera have a look in zimbabwe humanity is a most value. your life he's being safe. it is being wasted. he's listening. because in this environment that it's a new dispensation dispensation we're going to do lip licking whatever they put them used was. thrown in the dustbin. they are now using bush tactics. pistorius describes what's going on politically in zimbabwe right now as bush tactics how would you describe it. well you know what we've seen in the last week or so is really the latest iteration of a long history of misgovernance by the ruling party and this is
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carried on notwithstanding the promises of reform. by the modern gore administration an attempt to distance itself from the misgovernance of america. the repression and the impunity that is systemic within them but when politics. has a long history and it's very well documented so a number of people have seen the violence the fall of the elections and the violence that we've seen last week from the state side see this as the latest iteration a continuation and actually a deterioration because previously where a lot of the violence was done covertly we now see that the violence is over from the state the use of live ammunition in them but with this for last year there was no history of use and the use of the military on the streets for security purposes
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this development is deeply problematic and a reflection of the growing influence of the military in the governance and. the reason that these protests took place and of course we've seen the government narrative on this which is that it is being a organized protest funded by international regime changes and so i've even been accused on social media by senior members that zanu p.f. of being behind this and profiting from these things this default position appointing thinkers and also has a very long history. so i think what we're dealing with here is a fundamentally dishonest reflection of what has happened having said that the issue of the violence that we have seen on the string. first of all it's important to record but the majority of us. adhere to the stairway and indeed were involved in protests or not violence but there's been
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a criminalization in the narrative and we see this through the posturing of people like. george three minutes. so who want to use a cover up. in order really i think. really a narrative a channel. already we see we see members of the members of the military are now being prosecuted as well have been arrested this is a very complex situation so pleased to be probably always before we actually start seeing these kind of general attitude. about the election piers you mention a lot of interesting things there and one of the things that i think it's resonating most immediately with our community is the comparison in contrast between the administrations of the government of mugabe and the current government of modern ganga this is crazy by here who writes on twitter under mugabe i never
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rode a bus with a soldier but in a case twenty seven there were few queues here and there but never accused being controlled by soldiers bread was cheap so one contrast there another person sent us a video comment on that distinction then the day is invalid and this is what he told the stream there is a myth and then say that he wishes he was still in power when he misses but then he got me thinking that this moment has been so brutalised to the extent that they're now thinking about my god i've talked to a number of young men and women who are complaining about put it to put it in the western suburbs some of this is a sword in hand sewn in faces sewn in the lead and all because i've been brutalized by soldiers who go around hoses night beating them up and i think this is not this in love with the smoke and looking for this sort of life all the time but i'm glad
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i did since late season getting wet. so people thought life would be better now as that video comet was playing i was looking at our gas faces and for i was was really shaking his head there for i was going through your head. well i think you know the way to criticism we as a government any government and also the. one that we use you naturally have to sympathize with the good two dynamics at play here there's one konami can which is that you have a new government that has inherited. an economy that has two fundamental issues with it one predominantly the fact that there is rampant corruption too you have an international embargo that graves the reasons of embargoes don't match our margin range are just great if i can finally
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let you know that china are better off with i mean that issue but if you can offer open. i don't know to be good for any good economy i think what is it. that we might this particular property along the embalming system and if i'm to be anything like what where my company that i am i healthy sank for i well i see the end of the show i'm a film point in a sentence please so we can be. ok great i got that we had was not the case here but nonetheless i'll try to make my quick and i mean and in that sense and they let the cultural political culture at its height you tolerate and as a consequence we cannot rationalize what a number of the mix to warm to that is step charged reality so the narrative that we didn't get when it comes to national discourse such as a platform of this sort is didn't fully contextualized so i don't have programmatic issues that whereby we don't have we cannot have a discussion of the gratian that is based on actual research and facts and what we
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didn't have is a very highly partisan driven narrative what we need to have a big article is a better go into play because then i think they have a good chance we have to say hi and that damage there may be some want to. all. right. all right let's talk. this is what you know this is what we're talking about and this is what i want to get to become but i dissent very very clearly as does our audience for what you're trying to get i believe is this idea about how do we sit down and have a dialogue how do we actually talk to each other in a civilized way earlier on today on al-jazeera we spoke to the president of the movement for democratic change this is what he told us on how. we are willing to compromise in the interest of the country but we can't compromise on the fundamentals we can't compromise on the fuck sure issues we have to compromise on
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things that move the country forward of course that is the subject of the substance of the of the dialogue but delegates important we need to make sure we transition from there all the system to a new system. has failed to be that new system and we need or zimbabweans inclusive dialogue for us to be able to move forward so of course the voice of the opposition will put forward an opposition perspective but. those stations are you seeing since the president came back earlier on this week. so the president came back you know yet announced that he would like to have. all the churches and groups to come together and have to match but wait for it but this is you know simply a call that he made you know it's not been an official announcement that you've made and you know even the opposition of nelson chamisa this question without you know how sincere president it's you know because of the actions that we're seeing
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on the ground with the army continues to. harass to harass what mary said even though you know people are protesting people are not. doing anything of that nature you know the harassment continues so people then begin to christian is the president's what words or what all you know does you even i can say it so i want to bring up this perspective here taking into account what you're saying there but also that comment from the us and show me t. says there is a lack of responsibility from both the current ruling leadership. and the opposition doesn't show me some person particularly in dealing with violence our problems have now gone beyond politicking the whole country needs a reset and they also want to bring up this live comment we got in that same vein and but it i'll give it to you this person says that the problem is not one and the problem is our constitution which was drafted by zanu p.f. and is not investor friendly full stop zanu p.f.
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is as a whole needs to be toppled and we need a proper democracy so come back at a what will it take for you do you think to in the protests and really solve an economic crisis. yeah you up two will let's put just number one it's we need since harry was. sober person but we mustn't is in cincy you can't sit with one thing and another man for example east region of jello but is this a distinct region and it's is it is is this that is doing it's him so he does is to google biffing for negotiations will be most members in this in four of a national gallery is which added people should go first is least alone in the question it does that is getting so what you need to sincerely to number one and then about two international community what does it take in it for them to intervene in this situation people are dating people that's now as i'm speaking
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open mono but i've been booted go to go look in the human error i mean i see it i think it's only going to spend if i'm down on the ground as a protester and we just go here to present zimbabwe very active on twitter he says violence and misconduct by security forces an unacceptable and a betrayal of the new zimbabwe chaos and so what it is what i do not be tolerated misconduct will be investigated if required heads will roll for i have less than a minute left i just want to give you this last word where to next for the zimbabwe ministration. so we're going to so much to do it again now i think that we. would use what we need to form not only of course based on government. but also from people from human rights organizations civil society genset the international narratives if you want to talk to a country it's randy is also critical right the fact that they've done it over the
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years in the manner in the nature of it that a beauty of redbox has not a national quality in its port except for i hate when you know you know it's sort of here you can go right in the end of the show and i don't want to four of the actors out there saying thank you very much i feel perspectives for i were at the end of the show thank you so much appreciate your your your perspective tendai amoco and also appears as well thank you very much for taking part in this discussion milly kept one end on you tube ariel says people have lost trust in the government so it's hard for the country to move forward politically and economically when the government of the people are north and south so much more to talk about you should see fries face he has so much more to talk about me all day we will be online at a.j. stream on twitter see that thanks for watching everybody.
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fly ways and experience the world like never this will. catch on in place going places together. where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess and they took us to a small wet spot in the sea in the desert and this was this is a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days with training. and. against all odds an aging population is possibly on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a. and under put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the
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syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. venezuela's opposition leader one. president with us and some regional support make a mass murderer say it is not going any way. no this is al jazeera live from doha for the bad people also on the program. i think that's a great blog. all day.


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