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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 15  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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will ask people about their hopes for change under the new congolese president felix. and with all the day's sports world number one know their joke of each seventh korea will strain the an open final with an easy straight six semifinal win the aloof up we get more later in the program. welcome to the news the u.s. president's a close ally roger stone has been arrested as part of special counsel robert miller's investigation into possible russian collusion in the twenty sixteen election stone was arrested at his home in the state of florida following a grand jury indictment he's been charged with obstructing official proceedings making false statements and witness tampering stone is due to appear in court later on friday so who is roger stone while a self described dirty tricks the sixty six year old began his career as
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a campaign aide for the former president richard nixon he worked as an informal advisor to donald trump and was a driving force in his presidential campaign before quitting in twenty fifteen questions have been raised about stones communications with the russian hacker and his alleged contacts with wiki leaks but stone has long maintained that he's had no connection to russia's attempts to meddle in the twenty sixteen presidential election. a white house correspondent joins me now from washington d.c. is quite early in the morning where you are when this arrest actually happened what more do we know about stone and when will he appear in court. right this was roger stone has for a long time been a target of investigators he has been anticipating this could occur so much so that on fridays when these indictments are often laid out we're told that he even
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started to adapt his calendar expecting that the f.b.i. agents could knock on his door but from the video that has surfaced of the f.b.i. arriving it doesn't appear he was prepared very early in the morning six am local time fort lauderdale florida what we know is that he is due to appear in court in fort lauderdale at eleven am local time that is in about three hours or so that he is expected to appear in court where there is no question that the media will be lined up to catch that appearance what we can tell you about this is that this is yet another one of donald trump's longtime campaign associates that has been indicted by the federal grand jury and been a focus of the probe of robert mueller specifically with regard to roger stone why is he important well he's certainly been important because vested interest have long been very curious about what he knew about the. e-mails hacked e-mails
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by the democratic national committee back in twenty sixteen and his association with wiki leaks that expose those e-mails and of course we know damage considerably the presidential bid of hillary clinton and of course complete i mean the little private cell phone she says investigates inclusion but looking at these charges they appear to be related more to sort of stone's conduct with investigators from the probe itself is not a correct way of looking at it. absolutely you're right the russia probe is about looking into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election but you're absolutely right these charges do not speak to roger stone or allegations that he was complicit in any sort of collusion what they speak to is his efforts to help or that investigation specifically he is alleged to have misled the house
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intelligence committee that was looking into whether or not there was russian collusion and apparently also lying about his efforts allegedly to communicate with wiki leaks in order to influence the election even allegations that he was attempting to intimidate witnesses but it does not accuse roger stone of courtin a thing with the russian government having said that even though these are the first set of charges this could be the opening chapter there could still be more to come which is the what happens for the moment kimberly thank you the united nations special rapporteur on me and more young he is calling on bangladesh to allow the u.n. to make an assessment before regular fiji's all move to a remote island this week the visit is a bus and a low lying on the bay of bengal nearly five hundred kilometers from cox's bazar about one hundred thousand ring go to be moved that to live in newly built barracks human rights groups have criticized the plan saying living. will be like living in
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a prison. to date there have been no discussions with the humanitarian community on the protection plane marg and it goes without saying that nobody looking and should even be contemplated until the caption very much for any refugees who do relocate is agreed upon the government has told me that any event used to live on belgian child will eventually have basic access to the same basic rights as those who live in classes as our children will have will be able to have primary level education there will be health facilities livelihood opportunities including fishing environment and brilliant not movement on the island i was told that refugees will be allowed in is a valley in france in causes that are camps but they will not be able to travel to other parts of and with ash they also criticize me for failing to turn around its
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for human rights record she says the government has only consolidated what the military regime did in previous years it is clear to me that under the two thousand and eight constitution. we are marking not because bars and until the constitution is real reform the transition to justice or not be achieved. and greatly concerned that the enduring repressive environment than is discouraging people from speaking out freely about human rights violations and injustices let's bring in our correspondent who joins me now from the bangladeshi capital dhaka and the touch of the u.n. report talks really voicing deep concern about what's going on. definitely the bottom line is that he says that this is a fast growing regional problem that has global rapper questions she cited saudi arabia and india these sporting rohingya refugees back to me and mar in clear
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violation of international law she also asked the bangladeshi government understanding quote the burden that it ceasing posting almost now a million rohingya refugees to be patient and come to terms with the fact that they will be continuing to host these refugees for the foreseeable future thing that received three asian to me in marja spite whatever agreement the bangladeshi government and me and mark government have come to is simply not feasible and the culture doesn't seem that impressed with the plans for this offshore island camps full of those running of refugees either. quite honestly no she did think quote that she appreciates the tremendous efforts that have. been put forth by the bangladeshi government there are rows and rows of red roofs they sort of look like barracks on this uninhabited island apparently some
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infrastructure has the gun to be built but she says first and foremost she needs to hear from the bangladeshi government that the security of these refugees would be assured right now he doesn't have an answer and she also stressed that none of these refugees can be forcibly transferred to the island that it would have to be voluntary for the thing that actually governments parts they say that it is very congested inside the mega camps in cox's bazaar the conditions there they say would not be are not as good as they would be on this island and there has been the significant environmental impacts impacts of these are as a result of seven hundred thousand refugees coming since august of two thousand and seventeen the camp sits on an elephant migration route and the jungle has been heavily deforested but the bottom line is that according to the un special rapporteur are despite not getting any cooperation from the me and our government
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she says that things are being very dangerous for the people still living in five b.n. marci says they're facing ongoing violence displacement violation of their rights and are being intimidated into continuing to flee over the border into bangladesh and of course you know you just touched on a little while ago about the deportation of writing go from saudi arabia and india and what you just said then it doesn't seem in any better for the writing here that are actually in me and so when one does what she's been saying about sort of the creation plans being organized between the government of the bangladeshi government . so if you for putin hated it she said it's simply not in this moment for anyone who's running a refugee to be going back to myanmar she noted the spike in violence there the ongoing division of ethnic and religious groups the ongoing intimidation and she says that no matter what remember that there was
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a plan in place in november to repatriate twenty two hundred rohingya refugees from bangladesh to myanmar based on an agreement that neither government ever disclosed there was a huge outcry then and protest that that issue was tabled but last week the commissioner of the refugee relief and repatriation. commission here in benghazi just of that the government was eager to resume that respect relation plan but that it would have to be voluntary for about the u.s.'s reporter says voluntary or not it should not happen for the moment natasha will even continue to follow what's going on with the ring in the coming days thank you. let's return to heart breaking news the arrest of longtime trump ally roger stone in the u.s. now the miller investigation is trying to get as close to the president's inner circle as possible more than thirty people have been indicted on pleaded guilty so far to over one hundred charges here are some of the most significant developments
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trump's former lawyer michael cohn pleaded guilty to several charges including tax evasion campaign finance violations and lying to congress he'll begin a three year prison sentence in march the former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about conversations with a russian ambassador trumps former campaign chairman paul mother thought was convicted of financial fraud and pleaded guilty to conspiring against the united states and charges have been leveled against a russian intelligence officers and other groups of russians for social media campaigns designed to influence the election and the hacking of e-mails a lot to get through and hopefully joe watkins is a republican political strategist and has worked as a white house aide for george h.w. bush will be helped out to help us out your life for us in philadelphia good to have you with us on al-jazeera let's just begin with how significant the arrest is
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considering what. he's being arrested for is about his conduct with investigators rather than specific issues over the russia investigation plus he is a very close confidant of the incumbent president. that's corrected so this is very very significant because roger stone has been for a long time a close confidant of president trumps and one of his close is the most trusted advisers and unlike. some of his other past associates like michael cohen roger stone has said that he will never under any circumstances testify against the president because he would as he has said there's nothing to testify against and president trump has praised roger stone in the past for this stance michael cohen as we know of course has said that he has much to tell about the president and his also insisted that the president caused him to to mislead.
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investigators and so that being said this is a very very big breaking story course five of these indictments the indictment the indictments against roger stone one sealed yesterday he was arrested this morning by the f.b.i. took everybody by surprise that he was arrested by the f.b.i. just how surprised said this about his has an advisement against him including so he mr watkins just come back on to the issues of focus more on really how the how the government and how the president will rant how will it will the white house be that he's been arrested considering what he's being charged with is basically lying and being deceitful. i think the white house is going to be very concerned about this obviously brings the attention right back to the to the moller investigation for the last several weeks the country has been focused on the government shutdown and on talks to get the government running again and also on
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the building the border wall which there's the president's signature issue and now the attention of the nation is going to be great very quickly turned back to them up. we seem to have lost mr watkins there on that satellite lead to philadelphia but the general gist of certainly the republican point of view as we wonder how the white house will react to that news as they wake up to it of the. rest of roger stone still ahead here on the al-jazeera news these social issues being pushed aside in britain leaders are consumed by break sit and cattles players aiming to make history in the asian cup quarter finals against south korea peter we'll bring you the very latest.
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as well as president has had his opponents at home and abroad with backing from the military and world powers like russia and china but the u.s. and its latin american allies are demanding that nicolas maduro be replaced by opposition leader one way though who's declared himself the interim president and germany is warning that it may also recognize quote i was president of venezuela fails to hold proper elections when the moment will speak to a latin america to tell e.c. and newman who is in computer on the colombia venezuela border but first this report from. one after the other venezuelan regional military commanders took to the airwaves today clearly l.t. to president nicolas maduro saying that the opposition efforts to replace him with the transitional government were an attempted coup. a position reiterated by the country's defense minister bloody by the no. i learned the people of venezuela that a coup is being carried out against our institutions against our democracy against
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our constitution against our president nicolas maduro the legitimate president of the bully varian republic of venezuela it was a show of unity and strength for the embattled government of unequal asma doodle and it came the day after the largest anti-government demonstrations in the country since two thousand and seventeen in after the younger position lead their way door proclaim themselves illegitimate interim president. outside venice well a number of countries including the united states have backed claim to legitimacy and in tears the u.s. state secretary mike. time was up the time for debate to start. the regime of former president nicolas maduro just illegitimate his regime is morally bankrupt specs.


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