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why door as a legitimate interim president of back country so a lot of pressure now is mounting on the president as well as the opposition indeed an ongoing moving parts as well that we have to keep monitoring with you from the border thanks lissa now the united nations special rapporteur on me and more and healy is calling on bangladesh to allow the un to make an assessment before writing the refugees a move to a remote island this week leave visited a mass and char a low lying island in the bay of bengal that is five hundred kilometers from cox's bazar about one hundred thousand rangar to be moved that live in new delhi built barracks human rights groups have criticized the plan saying living there will be like living in a prison in gaza will say that nobody looking even be contemplating until the caption very much for any refugees who do relocate is agreed upon the government has told me that anywhere he used to live on belgian child will eventually have basic access to the same basic rate as those who live in kansas as
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we also criticize me i'm all for failing to turn around its poor human rights record she says the government has only added to what the military regime did in previous years it is clear to me that under the two thousand and eight constitution . we are marking not because it bars and then till the constitution is real reform that transition just as well not be achieved. and greatly concerned in the doing repressive environment in is discouraging people from speaking out really about human rights violations and injustices. the little hundred fifteen million dollar donation for gaza to the u.n. after the palestinian group hamas rejected the funding the announcement comes two days after israel approved the donation of the guards or but i must says it won't accept the money because of conditions imposed by israel describing it as blackmail the money were set to fund the civil service and support the garzon people. not be
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harder to come us after we were informed by the leadership of hamas that they would not accept the ground as an attempt to alleviate pressures on them it was decided to channel the money to other humanitarian projects in cooperation with the un and their systems to poor families or the improvement of electricity and sewage facilities trial struck for joins me now from gaza let's just begin with this money and this controversy is the issue of blackmail what are the what is how much talking about. what is talking about is the fact that there is an election in israel scheduled for april the ninth so has the cutter embroil ahmadi that describing it as being political brought by by the israelis we understand that the netanyahu government has been under a lot of pressure regarding this money that was being donated by full gaza the main sticking issue is the fact that
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a lot of that money. was was focused on the employees civil servants within hamas and of course there are numerous parties right wing groups in israel the see hamas as a terrorist organization and accuse netanyahu basically filling houses pockets with this money i think what's interesting though is certainly in the last couple of days we've heard reports that all the main security services in israel agreed that it was necessary to get this money to cause. through hamas as well they understand that this money was certainly being seen as a means of possibly calming the situation down his specifically looking at these friday protests. now it saves that as you say how nice a start to their guns they say they are not going to accept the conditions by which this money was to be transferred here it's reported that one of the conditions was
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house would agree to calming the situation down it even stopping these protests so now this money is going to go via the u.n. be called nature to aid organizations to get vital aid into gaza or and meanwhile hamas say that with or without the money these protests these weekly protests that are now in their forty fourth week will continue until israel list lifts it's more than ten years siege on gaza and of course you are at the gaza israel border you have been for the last few weeks and it's the same scenario as we've seen every friday since last march. yeah i mean there are there are thousands of people here this week because they were last week i think it's important to point out that you can see a lot of tear gas being fired by the israeli army what we have seen in the last couple of weeks is none of those large fires that the burning tires that protesters use to give themselves cover against israeli sniper fire and we haven't seen any of
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those incendiary devices launched on kites either it's understood that hamas saw or trying to control the situation here i mean i spoke to a hamas official yesterday who said the. older main factions here. are all committee to try to maintain this informal cease fire agreement with israel that was started last november so although we are seeing these protests out here again you can probably hear what sounds like live rounds being fired in the distance that the situation in relation to how it's been in recent months has been relatively calm the latest figures we're hearing from the ministry of health here in gaza as of about half an hour ago the least full people injured by live rounds and we've certainly seen a lot of people being taken away in ambulances we believe suffering from a gas inhalation who will even that child's trying to tell me gaza is rubble to
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thank you. still ahead here on al-jazeera bills bills bills how the partial u.s. government shutdown is hurting hundreds of thousands of people. ally winter in most of china settle down again not much cloud in the sky dropping down to about five degrees is a day max in shanghai trying to turn hong kong with that cold doesn't last so apart from morning mist and fog which is hard to push out of the way you should have couple of dry enjoyable sunshine above type days interesting is an interruption to that sort of weather in india see these little streaks of cloudiness significant showers now they produce a lot of rain and stuff in the far north and downs for nepal the showers and cells that are showing as far south as the dish even under pradesh over the next couple
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of days you don't expect very much rain if any places at this time of the year but that is the current condition in the arabian peninsula for the next two days despite the cloud the weather is fairly settled the winds turned around to a southerly which means temperatures are rising throughout saudi bahrain and qatar twenty seven in die hard it is quite murky hazy is full of fine dust north of this is not quite so banal yes the picture looks fine on saturday but look what's brewing in the eastern med that's producing yet more heavy rain for turkey which will sweep across with another winter storm throughout the levant sitting there in iraq for both rain and snow on sunday. on line. to the answer for them not to join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue talking about
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a legal front you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the first and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice. here twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation amount is iraq. you're watching al-jazeera with me cell raman a reminder of our top stories the u.s. president's close ally roger stone has been arrested as part of special counsel robert miller's investigation into possible russian collusion in the twenty sixteen election he's been charged with obstructing official proceedings making false statements and witness tampering. also the united nations special rapporteur on
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yankee leaders calling on bangladesh to allow the un to make an assessment before reading the refugees are moved to a remote island about one hundred thousand rangar hard to be due to bus and in the bay of bengal. greece's parliament has ratified a landmark agreement with neighboring macedonia the bolton state will now be called the republic of north macedonia chester's against a deal must braving the rain outside parliament just hours after they were dispersed by police that's more the story from our correspondent john psaropoulos who's in athens so now the decision to call the neighbor to the north north macedonia seems to have been what finalized does this mean greece can now move forward with north macedonia in terms of the way it relates itself economically diplomatically. yes
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and that is very much the government position and that's what the prime minister and the the form of foreign minister who negotiated this deal have been keen to stress in the legislature that no relations can now be fully normalized. that they're all some trade issues that remain to be worked out. the two countries have to form a committee that will talk about proprietary claims on the word macedonia on products and services but other than that it now means that there is at least in theory a different climate between the two countries with north macedonia and sharing data with greece pushing forward to help it and to the european union that is still some years away perhaps and also of course there is the sense that then there might be a closer cooperation on other masses perhaps military perhaps cultural especially
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once cultural differences between the two peoples have been smoothed out there have also been congratulations flowing in. the prime minister of north macedonia has said congratulations my friend see put us together our peoples have reached historic victory long live the agreements for eternal peace and progress of the balkans in europe and there have also been congratulations from the european council president donald tusk who has said that the two leaders had the imagination they took on the risk they did not hesitate to sacrifice their own immediate interests for the common good alexy zoran well done you have achieved the impossible of course there's a very different note coming from greeks from greece's conservative opposition party new democracy the leader of that party could you have christmas with ickes who has differentiated himself from the european. popular party to which his party belongs all the rest of the european conservative support of this agreement he
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did not he says that i retain the right i reserve the right as prime minister in future to bar the entry of north macedonia in the european union and he also says that i am preparing now how ways in which i'm going to mitigate the problems that will arise from this agreement and they certainly will arise. what the conservatives are concerned about is that they may face a situation in which people of north macedonia try to claim. ethnic identity within greece and proclaim themselves as a minority within greece that is an issue that the greeks have tried to avoid of them will even that in athens thank you. the u.s. senate has again failed to end the partial government shutdown the republican and
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democratic parties tried to pass competing bills but neither hot enough face president told trump is refusing to fund the government departments until he gets billions of dollars for a wall along the mexican border about eight hundred thousand government workers on this thing that second monthly paycheck because of the shutdown and many say they're drowning in bills ambulance and i spoke to one such lady in kansas city for defeating hansen the bills just keep piling up that's because she was sent home without pay a month ago from a customer service job at the u.s. tax agency field office in kansas city the longer the shutdown lasts the more pressure she feels like leo is two hundred thousand dollars a month. so it's to pay half the light b.-o. and half my heating b.-o. because it's cold. to buy food or to buy partial medicine chiquita goldsby has worked for the taxi chintzy for twenty five years and without pay since
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december even before the shutdown but he was tight now even paying for the basics is a challenge is hard. it is i'm just like everybody else you know paycheck to paycheck and i have to figure out where my gas water's going to come from figure out where my next meal's going to come from and rent rates do every month but it's worse chiquita has severe asthma and can't afford the sixty dollars for her prescription it says i have forty six. inhalations lives that will only last till the end of the month i ask her what will happen when it's gone then i'm out i'm out. just here in kansas city there are seven different federal government agencies that
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have offices here including the department of commerce the internal revenue service and the environmental protection agency just to name a few and just here in this city there are nine thousand federal government employees that are currently not receiving a paycheck for what you say about the parlow employees as the two women try to map out a strategy to financially survive the shutdown the challenges mount as defeated thinks about the deadlock over the funding for donald trump's border wall she's increasingly fed up they're supposed to hear our voices into things like nobody's listening and some a message to washington. and i've said this before we are now that we should not be used as your collateral damage in a political game in washington with workers in america losing out gabriel's dando al-jazeera kansas city problem going congressman in brazil has stepped down and fled the country saying he's getting too many death threats gene willis has been an
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outspoken critic of president. who has a history of making homophobic comments willis one another term but told the media that he has no plans to return to brazil he said to be replaced by another openly gay politician who's currently serving on rio de janeiro's city council. indonesia in indonesia the number of people killed by floods and landslides has now risen to fifty nine many villages living near an overflowing dam in the south sulawesi province had to be evacuated thousands more were forced to leave home since tuesday's torrential rain triggered severe flooding across the region earlier this month another landslide in java killed thirty two people and soaring temperatures in australia have sparked more than fifty bushfires across the southern island state of turns media hundreds of firefighters are being brought.


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