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tv   Gold At Any Cost  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2019 10:33pm-11:01pm +03

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solutions in terms of labor reforms and we're very proud of where we're at but again there's a lot more work to be done for australia captain craig foster is calling off fifa to punish the football associations of both talent and by her rain if they fail a to help free hakim a lot a.b. the behind any player who's a refugee in australia has been an bangkok prison for almost two months after being arrested while on his honeymoon at the request of the brain a larry b. faces if that isn't to his home country where he could be toted and possibly killed if every effort is not mine and if the life of hockey malory be in the eyes of the football governance officials and the football community is not equally as valuable as by the lives of the officials as more lawyers feel or yours or of the billions of dollars of influence that is brought to bear in this particular case then the
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soul of football is dead. well of course you can track this whole case on craigslist as a twitter feed very present a question from one of his followers so when he says my son is live in australia my son is a refugee and a soccer player he wants to play professionally but is it safe for him to travel if he fell won't act to help protect players at risk of extradition to torture and execution great question the film's out while it has tags for that campaign is actually save how came you can tweet us here at news good as well be teyla be back with more at eighteen g.m.t. but for now back to that in some i thank you for that update in one of the stories we are keeping an eye on venezuela the crisis there and right now these are live pictures from caracas a crowd has gathered there waiting for the opposition leader of quantified oh who has declared himself the president of the country he is expected to speak soon we'll bring you more on that and what he had to say what he has to say that is at
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the top of be our dogs coming up for the time being we thank you for watching the news good will see you back here same time same studio on saturday bye bye. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of
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northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. on counting the cost plenty of no shows in dabbles but lots of talk from leaders there about an economic slowdown what the chinese president said about gray rhinos and black swans possibly the cost of holding the u.s. budget to ransom. counting the cost on a visitor. rewind returns or care bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in. the global. and the other student rewinds continues with me going into
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a war zone he said the first thing to look for is the exit it's not how to get it it's all to get out the pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera. staff shortages because of the u.s. shutdown caused widespread delays at several major airports. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program longtime trump associate raja stone is arrested in florida on seven charges brought by special counsel robert muller. despite backing president maduro russia
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office to mediate between venezuela's government and the opposition. this fall. and the greek parliament ratifies the agreement renaming macedonia ending a long dispute was fuelling anger on the streets. we begin with some news coming in from the united states that at least three of the nation's largest airports have been hit by major delays as a direct result of the u.s. government shutdown the federal aviation administration. departures from new york la guardia philadelphia and newark are all being delayed it is day forty five of the shutdown with still no end in sight after the u.s. senate rejected two rival proposals to end it on thursday opposition democrats objected donald trump's demands for five point seven billion dollars for affordable
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hundreds of thousands of u.s. government workers on our missing that second monthly pay day let's get more from alan fischer who's following developments in washington of course we've been speaking about one hundred of thousands of government workers who've been going without their paychecks now for a second month and on top of that we have delays at several major airports. exactly there was a ground stop placed on all flights into la guardia in the last ninety minutes or so that growing stop has now been lifted what does that mean and means if you're sitting on a plane anywhere else in the united states and you think you're flying to laguardia airport essentially your plane was told you're not leaving until we see you absolutely can and it's safe so know that grown stock has been lifted we're looking at delays of somewhere between an hour to ninety minutes for flights going into la guardia but all around la guardia that area is controlled by the air traffic controllers for that corridor therefore that has
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a knock on effect at airports such as newark and also philadelphia no if you just talk about the guardia alone you're talking about the airport which handle somewhere in the region of thirty million passengers a year so you could understand how this is going to impact thousands of people even a short groan stop now what happened well traffic controllers they are paid by the federal government they're simply not getting their pay checks at the moment it is illegal for them to coordinate any sort of industrial action that's a throwback to the ronald reagan era and so the idea that there is some sort of mass sicko would be immediately disputed by the union they point out we are in the middle of cold and flu season so it is not unreasonable that there be a large number of people calling in sick we've also got to know that the people that are currently not being paid for what king as air traffic controllers well they were told recently that if they took sick days off they would get that credited back to them so they wouldn't lose that so there's no real danger of
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people losing any time or money because they're not game paid if they take a sicko at the moment that we also have the issue too that all of these flights will be not torn in the air traffic controller said just in the last forty eight hours or so that look you've got to come up with a solution to this government shutdown because quite simply. if you're playing with air traffic control then you are playing with people's lives and there could be a big problem in a partly that's a point that has been made to donald trump in the white house over the last couple of days look if there is a big accident you will on this because you on the shutdown and so all of this just adds pressure on both sides of the house and the senate and also the president to come up with some sort of solution to end this shutdown because if traffic control it's all just one of the things that impact you know interestingly
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enough for the f.a.a. to find out exactly what was happening there was no one in the office who could take my call because they're at home because of the government shutdown all right thank you alan fischer in washington. well they've been all the major developments in the u.s. as well roger stone a longtime ally of u.s. president donald trump has been arrested as part of his investigation into possible russian collusion in the twenty sixteen election stone has been charged with obstruction witness tampering and making false statements it was one of trump's advisors in the twenty sixteen election campaign is jews who appear in a florida court any time now well in a ray of trump's associates have now been arrested and charged as part of miller's investigation trumps lawyer and fix and michael cohen was sentenced to three years in jail for fraud and lying to congress he's admitted paying hush money to two of trump's former lovers during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign in violation of campaign finance laws full mana for run trumps election campaign for
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a while he's been found guilty of bank on tax fraud while he was an unregistered lobbyist in ukraine he's also admitted to conspiracy to obstruct justice and conspiracy against the united states and trump's first national security advisor mike flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his conversations with russia's former ambassador to washington but the list doesn't just end there three are they u.s. citizens are under indictment or have pleaded guilty to offenses that surfaced during monday's investigation patty cohen is following developments on this story for us and joins us now tell us more about the charges against roger stone and what he is alleged to have done. well i want to let you know that this is incredibly significant although we have seen people close to the president be indicted before michael cohen comes to mind he's known him for a while roger stone has worked and known the president for decades so basically
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what the allegations are is that stone was basically the intermediary between wiki leaks which as we know dumped a bunch of d.n.c. the democratic e-mails including the clinton campaign manager e-mails that he was coordinating between the trump campaign and wiki leaks specifically julian assange the indictment basically describes him as holed up in the embassy in london and then he was directing basically ok tell me what's coming next to go see him find out what he has so then he was brought before the house select committee in intelligence and he basically said i didn't do i had no contact with anyone at wiki leaks and it was this other guy who told me all about it so now they're saying he obstructed the investigation by not telling the truth five charges five counts of lying to congress which is a crime and then the other count is witness tampering because the guy who tried to blame he says they have text messages of stone threatening to kill this guy and his dog if you know anything about roger stone it's not it wouldn't make you actually
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blink an eye to think that he would actually use those tactics it's pretty much what he's known for. roger stone is a man who really likes the camera it is better to be infamous they'll never be famous at all that is from a netflix documentary that profiled a political operative who thinks of himself more as the agent. known for his particular kind of fashion political dirty tricks and his unusual tattoo yes that is a permanent tattoo of richard nixon's face on his back stones time in politics began with the nixon campaign he became a mainstay of conservative politics after helping elect ronald reagan he and his partner paul mann a fourth became the first in washington to use their access to the powerful to lobby for some of the most brutal dictators in the world stone push to make man a fort terms campaign manager he's now facing prison time as part of the special counsel's investigation stone was eventually disgraced by a sex scandal in the ninety's but he found his way back into the mainstream by
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recruiting the least mainstream presidential candidate in history for decades he has been close to donald trump and for many years was pushing him to run for president once trump one stone came under increased scrutiny as part of the investigation into potential collusion between russia and the trump campaign in part because of suspicious tweets before the election stone tweeted out that wiki leaks would post damaging e-mails from the clinton campaign once writing it would soon be pre-destined time in the barrel not long after that clinton campaign manager john podesta has hacked e-mails were released he now insists someone else gave him the information and said as much to a house committee under oath i expressed my view that i am aware of no evidence whatsoever of collusion by the russian state or anyone in the trump campaign but there were questions about whether stone was truthful in that hearing line to congress is a crime and as the months passed stone who loved to talk to the press refused to
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talk to us said it. panel i have elected to invoke my fifth amendment rights when it comes to the witch hunts being conducted by the senate intelligence and the senate judiciary committees soon he will have to decide if he will testify before a jury roger stone is a man who thrives on division and dirty tricks soon to find out if he crossed the line from controversial to criminal political hane al-jazeera washington and as you mentioned that the indictment describes a senior trunk campaign official being directed to contacts to an i suppose a big questions now about who that individual is what's been the reaction from the white house. well the white house is reacting as they have in every one of these cases saying this is nothing to do with the president sarah sanders the white house spokesman came out and said it is ridiculous and insulting to even ask whether this
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would involve the president and the other lawyers are saying look this shows there's no conspiracy there's no collusion charge in this indictment it's true if you read the indictment there are no charges of conspiracy but it is the closest miller has come yet to to outline a potential conspiracy it goes to wiki leaks this is what the u.s. intelligence community says is a front for russia obviously wiki leaks has denied that pretty vehemently but they're basically saying there was a connection between the trump campaign senior officials it doesn't say exactly who doesn't rule out that it could be the president with stone with wiki leaks now this indictment doesn't make that jump now it could be that they are waiting to use that as leverage for roger stone and just to give you a sense of what's happening now we expect that right now he is in a federal courthouse in florida he's going to find out if he's given bal now in past cases paul metaphor he was given basically house arrest he could leave but he had to stay at her house arrest he was eventually sent to prison for violating that but the special counsel is going to be pushing for him to keep stay behind bars
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well he waits trial because that's when you really get leverage over people roger stone has said he will never flip on the president roger stone has also led a very comfortable life of luxury and the prosecutors are going to see if that changes if he all of a sudden sees what life behind bars is really like him very much patty. in washington.


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