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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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now and despite the rican filiation process attacks like this show that army groups still pose a threat to peace in the region dogon al jazeera manila well the rest in the mental region began back in the one nine hundred sixty s. when the killing of at least twenty three moose thems by the army triggered a separatist uprising there since then with one hundred thousand people have been killed and millions more have been displaced moro islamic liberation front or m.i.l.f. is a key player in the separatist movement a peace agreement was reached back in twenty fourteen after two decades of negotiations with the philippine government that's led to a new law which paves the way for the creation of the bangsamoro government in the m.i.l.f. will give up its weapons demobilise its thirty thousand fighters or terrorists easy coups del rosario works at the dialogue of civilizations research institute in berlin she says many armed groups remain active in the southern philippines. there
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has been no claims of responsibility but as usual there are the usual suspects and one is of course the ceja which has been outlawed as a terrorist organisation that remains relatively active especially after the invasion in two hundred sixteen although they haven't yet this late claimed then responsibility which is a bit unusual the other usual suspect is of course the rival faction to the m i l f that the latter have begun entered into a peace agreement of the government and the rival faction the m.l.a. of. who was also linked to the invasion in twenty thirty nine in sabah again because of their opposition to this peace agreement so these are the usual suspects if i may say that could be behind the we sent to a bombing today in the philippines still ahead this half hour seventy five years
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after the end of one of the longest and most destructive blockades in history russia remembers the siege of leningrad. why does south korean ice fishing festival is welcoming the political saw with the north all that more when we come back. i know there is mostly following for us across the southeast in parts of china at the moment we're looking at around eleven degrees of the maximum force in shanghai and around twenty two in hong kong where we'll see the clouds begin to gather very was we had through the day and choose days over the who of a province there's likely to be a few outbreaks of rain and in the north that will be turning to snow before the towards the west then for some of us here there's been a fair amount of rain so when out of this area of cloud here has given us quite a bit wet weather for the eastern parts of india more of it is expected if we had
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through the day on monday. eventually as we slip into tuesday it looks like the rain will gradually begin to ease that reads most of us will get away with a dry day and it'll still be quite cool in new delhi with a maximum temperature of eighteen degrees now here in doha it's actually being quite hot over the last day or so and that's because of the wind direction has been coming up from the southwest dragging in some very dry and hot air with it it will still be dry and hot as we head through the day on monday a maximum temperature of around twenty seven degrees but then this system question slips its way towards us so expect more cloud around on choose day and that could give us a few spots of rain enough to that it should turn a good deal fresh air further south it will still we will not force here they must get up at around twenty five degrees. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and
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asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you. are reminded of our top stories here on al-jazeera graham search for survivors of the brazilian dam collapse has been suspended with fears a nearby down could also fail but aerial searches are contained. and as wayland president nicholas has rejected an alternate include several european countries to
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call an election. to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines and killed at least twenty five people and injured many more. well answer government protests are taking place in sudan people are marching in the capital hard to against rising prices and demanding an end to the thirstier rule of president bush ear at a press conference in cairo where he's been holding talks with his egyptian come to art or share acknowledge the ongoing on rest and sudan but accuse the media of sensationalizing the protests will be daily. there is a problem in sudan we cannot claim that we don't have a problem but some media take it out of size and dimension what it is an attempt to close is being called the arab spring in sudan it has the same slogans programmes and requests but it also has the same use of social media however the sudanese people have learnt the lesson they have seen what happened in some of the states
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that went through the so-called arab spring and its negative implications of god willing the sudanese people are very alert and will not fall into any one's trying to destabilize sudan. well it's a share second trip abroad since the demonstrations erupted on the six weeks ago over rising prices and bread shortages but the demands for economic reform and political change have grow ever since ahmed fahour reports now from khartoum. freedom peace justice and the overthrow of president omar bashir are the main slogans being chanted by these sudanese protesters but at the root of the demonstrations are demands for basic life necessities but old stations ran out of fuel inflation rates soared bank coffers were empty people stopped deposing money with banks and those who did face limits on how much cash they could withdraw most dangerously bakeries ran out of floor of all the other needs bread can be seen as
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the main symbol of the crisis a burst the demand was a journalist during the one nine hundred seventy s. at the time of former president maybe his life now may symbolize the slow descent of sudan from relative ease to utter this to tuition. everything was much better they mary was a strong leader we had a great culture to certainly span was equal to four dollars but now it's crisis everywhere and people have nothing to eat who don't want to know. the origin of that crisis the sudanese government agrees was a shift the country made from agriculture to oil during the one nine hundred ninety s. the hustle and i mean some of the model who indeed it's called the dutch disease when easy only revenue arms shift attention away from traditional resources such as farming we've had it in sudan but now we are addressing the problem through new strategies and more focus on agriculture. in two thousand and ten sudan exported
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nearly half a million barrels of oil a day but a year later south sudan deigned independence and took most of the oil fields with it by then there are great cultural sector was already suffering from neglect and there was another shift happening. in the past sudanese households relied mainly on sorghum for food and those things change when the british and i in our governments approach wheat preparing sorghum is towards cement takes time they have to take it to the mills to grind it then you need a long process to cook it with bread on the other hand is handy all you need is to go and buy it ready from the bakery. marlin is only a month. wheat bread now accounts for two thirds of regular meals in sudan. just to give you an idea about how much bread an average family of five individuals in sudan need for the daily meals each individual that i'm here needs six pieces of
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bread if i try to put all the quantity they need in my hands. it's not possible this is just the shell of two people. the crisis got worse when sudan couldn't grow or buy enough wheat saudia an erotic companies grow millions of tons of wheat here on least or purchased land what they send it out of the country now sudan with its over two million hectares of fertile soil but even oil and the gigantic underground lake the newbie in basin is begging for outside help to satisfy its demand of wheat to feed the hungry population of nearly forty million. voters to say it's too late to calm these cards bread will overthrow this regime it happened before here in sudan i assume so these words is a code by these protesters david chump's. mohammed via. russia
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says a deal with turkey to create a deescalation zone in syria's it'll a province has not been fully implemented it limits the last remaining rebel stronghold in the country and they have been fierce the syrian government will launch an offensive to retake the area well turkey also wants to create a safe zone along its border with syria to clear the area of kurdish fighters when u.s. troops withdraw some binge of aid has more from source in the turkey syria border. a lot's been said about the so-called safe zone between turkey and syria if and when u.s. forces start to leave this area turkey wants everywhere east of the euphrates river to be clear of not just eisel but kurdish fighters as well the proposed thirty two kilometers would reach the edge of the contested city of my big insight syria is the last kurdish stronghold on the western side of the river just rumored to be didn't meet thirty kilometers is something i think everyone can discuss positively
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we can even extend morris' the us coalition gives us economic and logistics support we can make the safe zone real right across. in two thousand and fifteen this was a flashpoint in the fight against eisel this is the first major town that we come across as you move east along the border the proposal also includes the towns of the lobby and russell laine commission who will be the biggest border city home to nearly half a million people some parts are also under the control of syrian government forces turkey would like to administer control of the sabin all the way to maliki on the iraqi border. is going to be talking to turkey about assuring turkey that they will have a buffer zone that they need given their concerns about the why of b.g. kurds but the last thing in the world we want is a war between turkey and the kurds and a lot still remains to be settled between turkey the united states and russia.
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thousands of people are once again protesting on the streets of the french capital but this time demonstration is against the yellow vests movement they were born subjoined to give us a call for an end to the violence threats and verbal abuse which they say characterized the recent protests groups organized on social media calling themselves the red scarfs of the blue vests and stop that's enough are among those taking part the end of us protests was sparked by an environmental tax on fuel but have become a general of position movement against president manuel mccomb who protest is accused of in the tism one of the has this update from paris. is a very interesting story happening overnight really one side you have some yellow vest protesters standing on the steps of a building then behind me great store of protesters now the yellow vests protesters have been in the streets over the past two months against what they say is the high cost of living many of them against the government give brit's got off protesters are a new movement they've decided to come out to say that they're fed up with two months
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of yellow the protest disruption they're fed up with the violence they're fed up of the blockades and what they want is from the streets to be told once again they say there must be more respect for front its institutions for its government and for democracy and what's interesting is that also a grassroots movement also created in fueled boy social media like the yellow vest protesters ms love similar to that some people here say they actually support the main issues as the yellow vest protesters such as the high cost of living will the very forst pace of reforms but what they say they don't agree with is the manner in which the yellow vest protesters have pulled their concerns over into the streets often with so much violence germany has said it will pay russia more than thirteen million dollars to help veterans of world war two and survivors of the siege of leningrad the city now known as petersburg has been marking the seventy fifth anniversary of the end of the blockade with a parade eight hundred thousand lives were lost in the two and
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a half year siege and there are eighty six thousand survivors still living in germany says the money is a voluntary humanitarian gesture whorish alice was at the prayer parade in some pieces for. from september nineteenth forty one through till the end of january nine hundred forty four learning grads which was the second city of the u.s.s.r. the former capital of russia was cut off from the rest of the country by nazi forces aided by finnish forces coming from the north it was a horrible horrible time for people trapped inside this city the human suffering was immense there was rampant starvation shelling and air attacks too it's only once you speak to individuals that you get a real sense of the suffering and we spoke to an amazing woman ninety seven years old you'll hear from her in the report that i'm putting together for later on sunday family resorted to eating soup made from furniture glue to stay alive she
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survived sister and her mom did too but her father didn't send for other members of a wider family didn't either there are various ways in which this city has been remembering the events one of them is a military parades now opposition to that isn't widespread i have to say but there are some people who've been questioning whether showing off tanks and missiles is really the best way on uring the lifting of such a. terrible time in the country's past a human tragedy coming to an end for the thinking of the russian state is well if we can show off the country's modern weaponry then buyouts we can reassure the citizens of the country and show the rest of the world that such a thing should never happen again that was forcing there as survivors of the auschwitz death camp of gathered at the site to mark holocaust remembrance day it comes after here which has seen a spike in attacks against jews including the fatal stabbing of an eighty five will
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holocaust survivor in france and until last year a gunman killed eleven jews at a synagogue in pittsburgh the deadliest anti semitic attack in u.s. history. nearly two million people have been i was on the ice of a watch on country for its seventeenth annual ice fishing festival which has become the biggest wind so too is the traction in south korea and it could get even bigger the festival is close to the north korean border and this rock abrade reports its hope the fall in relations will draw even larger crowds in the future. it's everything you can think of doing with the. sliding down it rolling over it just staying up all it most especially fishing through it. what your own county trades on the tourism potential of being one of the coldest places in south korea in winter by the end of the festival some twenty thousand fishing holes have been drilled so you'll has just caught her first fish it takes
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a long time she says at the next hole parks junos it. has to freezing aside one's boyfriend has brought her here for a special treat this is my first time. but i can't one pull on the line is a great feeling. and for those who dare there's the chance to strip off those restricting layers and brave the near freezing water to catch them and hold on to them any way you can it's definitely for the adventurous for those who simply don't want to wait for a while to get in there with their. parents or to take. probably. for sixteen years what john has been building its brand helped by the humble mountain trout by the truckload their farm released cotton then along the frozen river if i see what you've got i see is what you do look says
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the county chief it's forty centimeters thick you could drive a tank across it but that's just what this town doesn't want less than thirty kilometers from the developed rhizome frontier with north korea the current peace moves are good for business. i like to be able to farm in the child free use in the festival in the north and see north koreans come here to take part to see an era of peace has always been my hope for south koreans the intriguing possibility of going north beyond the wire i'd like to maybe. when visit north korea one day when it is there are colder still but even the prospect of a warm north korean welcome until recently was unthinkable robert bright al-jazeera watch and county south korea.
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let's take another look at those top stories the ground search for survivors of friday's dam collapse in brazil has been suspended for safety reasons but aerial searches are continuing there are fears that a nearby down on by the same mining company could be at risk of collapsing and the evacuation is taking place there in the seven people have now been confirmed dead and up to three hundred are still missing they thought. we were at home and the foreign when told it was five thirty am and after the sarin sounded the civil defense people came knocking on doors asking everyone to evacuate leave their homes then we had to leave not just me but my family my children and up to now we are in the street because we can't stay inside our houses an avalanche of modern rock has crashed into a hotel in southern peru killing at least fifteen people the mudslide broke through the walls of the hotel where a wedding event was taking place with around one hundred guests thirty four people
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are thought to be injured and as when president nicolas maduro has called for european countries in the solent for giving him an ultimatum to call an election or they'll recognize his rival one way door as interim president but there was top military representative to the u.s. has already defected throwing his support behind guido to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines have killed at least twenty five people and injured many more nobodies it came just sponsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of holo it comes six days after parts of the mindanao region voted for autonomy in a referendum. protesters are marching in saddam's capital khartoum against rising prices in a six week of demonstrations against the thirty year rule of president omar bashir his car named cairo for talks with his egyptian counterpart thousands of people are protesting on the streets of the french capital paris this time against the yellow west movement groups including the red scarves the blue vests are calling for an
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end to the violence threats and verbal abuse which they say characterizes the recent protests. headlines you are up to date we'll have more news in just under half an hour states in though for one a one east seize it. in war torn afghanistan or simply going to school can be a privilege. especially if you're
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a girl. in the rain amounts. to three girls don't attend school despite billions of dollars in aid spent on education over the last two decades. i'm steve on this episode of what i want to use to reinvestigate why so many of afghanistan's girls are kept outside of the classroom. into the dawn of a new school day across afghanistan and girls from the dashed district or neighborhood in west kabul begin making their way to class. perced a trickle. and soon a steady stream out. by six am the outpouring from the gates. there steve from norwich ready to learn.
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it's six am seems early for school and it is and. that's because this is the first of three shifts here. it's the only way to accommodate the more than fourteen thousand students from the school wolf split almost evenly between schools and. over the next week we've been given extremely rare access inside the cia the shahadah school to try to understand what life is like for a girl for him to school in afghanistan. in skull the communists are hard for us and in our town tree we have lots of problems back in the school will we have more problems. sixteen year old man. has been a student at seattle shahada since grade one over that time she in principle a key latasha coolie have seen the numbers of girls at your school more than ok
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melissa yes and so are strolls and though we have. a few buildings here and there. was a student here they get this seven thousand just as just here so i wonder how long . the huge increase in the numbers of fuel studying it. is a welcome sign of progress compared to the days when the taliban were in power and girls were forbidden from going to school. but the schools enormous growth has a major consequence to many students and not enough classrooms so we have a few buildings here yeah which ones are for girls one is to focus on the timing of movement is saying that that building is from the beis building room for the from the five buildings and from the by the we are seeing the buildings are all loved by
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all the building all of the boys are the mice yes. where are the girls that's the eyes of the yes. we don't have a classroom because we don't have buildings and that's just for our parents and all of the buildings are going to buy if we don't have any room. how many classes into tiles we have more then for. what it costs us for the classroom times a day she time with a. really good is ok just go hard to be on the bus to lug with you on that. now you're. getting. there is only one high school in this neighborhood which is why the girls come from
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far away from all the population is growing and day by day the girls come knocking on our door to be enrolled and we cannot tell them no joint. and we have to accept them but we don't have enough space that's why we have problems. the. lack of infrastructure is only one of many reasons why so many afghan girls are out of school. in fact no one actually knows how many girls are in school not even the afghan government the ministry of education is not sure how many students are there is it eleven million or is it seven point two million is it eight million nobody knows exactly how many students are there. for bulk of that overtop that's just one of several findings of a recent independent review on corruption within the ministry of education released
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late last year the results made headlines across the country it found widespread corruption throughout the education system ministry. of bashar is the former director of afghanistan's anti corruption watchdog and author of the report after spending billions and billions of dollars in the last sixteen years. we have not been able actually to have any kind of building for most of the schools our finding shows that. the treaty money was taken in cash to remote parts of afghanistan by the trustees and we had information that the money did not make the right people. had siad all shahada there aren't even enough classrooms for the boys. many classes are held in the hallways or in stairwells wherever
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a teacher can i don't speak. the only place you won't find boys attending classes is in a tent or out in the open with the girls in the past lou nowhere together by saying girls we didn't first through lack of that classes ok we had enough classes here but right now we have too much people we have too much a student here because of this there is no play is. recognising the desperate need at the school japanese donors built to need buildings five years ago so girls would have their own classrooms. at the school shura community leaders decided to give those buildings to the people. in this school is a blank stare as to girls because when a freelancer coming we were under the sun we were under the radar and therefore in ours next one did the school's frazz but right now is this by says i don't know why
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you feel angry about this through angry yes because in the past. where when they are coming so they will think about us as about about the gears ok but right now it's the my school i don't know why and it's right makes me really angry that's why i always the right of the girls are like. improving education especially for girls is a well known objective for international donors principle a key lesson as the local community gave the buildings to the boys thinking that donors would come back to build more classrooms for the girls. the honey. what if. people think n.g.o.s come here to work only for girls so the community decided the bolling's should be for the boys. i don't know if the school's management or others interfere in these issues are always decided by the males in
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the school management. did the donors ever come back after they built the building. they came once to visit then went back to the ruffle. the security situation continues to deteriorate in afghanistan as a result there we feel international donors are able to visit the projects they support so many rely on third party monitors to do that work which according to the anti corruption committee opens yet another avenue for corruption we've found that the school monitors and instead of doing proper monitoring off the quality of education. they have been working for themselves you know to go to some of the school to kind of harass the teachers in this great inspiration get money from them and then to their evaluation once they were happy we had an example. our school
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that we're working with them but actually on which has a thousand kids on the register actually when we went in there there were twelve kids coming to school. in kaplan is a researcher who contributed to the anticorruption report as an education specialist he works with the norwegian and geo providing support for schools throughout afghanistan including this school for the deaf and car. sign language which. kaplan says he's fortunate to be able to visit the projects and g.m. supports it's often kind of difficult for donors to be able to do that because of security concerns but also sometimes it's not always the interest to go out and follow up on these things and to go out and visit so it doesn't happen very often i think i mean you get a feeling for something in a way that you don't if you're sitting behind a desk and you see people and you see them engaging in learning and i mean for me that's the reason to be here but without that i would just lose the feeling for it
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i think altogether but he says lack of donor access and oversight is only one of the issues affecting girls education in afghanistan while girls of lacking so much more than boys when it comes to education well i think you know at least in the past there have been just much more focus on just getting anyone in the school first and then it was easier to get boys into school and. you know and also just because of gender you know that the more attention has been focused on boys than girls generally see india is a country that's leaving all this like saying that they are not that there's not that there's all this saying that this. is the top. levels of the afghan government and the international community deal with the findings of the anti corruption report the staff and the girls that say it will shahada face more immediate issues. the first shift of the school day from six am to ten am
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is almost over and while four hours might seem a little light on school times it may be a blessing in disguise because any longer on the girls may happen is to play with. the trash talk a new car bomb we have seven thousand go but both male and female students have to use the same time and such. we tell them during the summer league do it before coming to school. have you ever gone to the toilet in your school yes i was seven years old or when to call and. it's a will but situation here. the biggest car would you. go to the bar.
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room with this. poor working conditions in most schools make it more difficult to attract female teachers yet there.


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