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for information. brazil now the former environment minister marina silva has visited the site of the dam collapse she's demanding more preemptive action to stop some of the disasters in the future silva said congress was short of part of the blame for failing to strengthen regulations and enforcement and we did for. federal and state governments support to victims is very important taking measures to prevent situations like this is just as important as rescuing victims we can't become specialists in helping victims and solon widows and orphans we have to anticipate such things there are ways to protect the society from this kind of crime this kind of calamity. well let's get more on this now we're joined by paul that there are in washington d.c. he's the director of the brazil institute at the woodrow wilson center very good to
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have you with us on al-jazeera. as we saw in daniel's report is absolutely devastating what's happened in burma genial who is responsible mr is that the mining company as well that the government. i think there is a joint responsibility here from obviously the mining company that cap should have taken care of this dam much better. it is the responsibility to of state and local authorities for probably not enforcing the rules or regulations the environmental regulations that could have prevented this the tragedy of this is as the introductory piece suit a stated or informed is this is nothing new a similar tragedy. lesser number of victims of
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a car just three years ago the important impact of this one i think will be brother billy a discussion of relics a show of environmental licensing walls that were brought to the debate by doing that can't the last presidential campaign by the winning candidate now president right will so now the government the federal government in brazil this that has just one one month in office. there have been a responsibility for this and has provided so far an appropriate response but the debate is on long is starting and does is happening in an environment of in lore much frustration because this was completely preventable. one of be a wake up call then do you think for this president who has promised to as you mentioned remove sent environmental regulations. well i believe that is where the
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discussion is probably going in light of this tragedy that could have victimised victims counting all the hundreds i think the nation will react and we'll demand practical. responses effective responses yes brazil has an excessive number of licensing requirements that sometimes hurt businesses but the challenge is to. reform the system and keep the regulations or even prove the regulations where they are necessary and as is easily the problems in brazil to enforce the regulations the laws are pretty good but they're not enforced and we see once again a demonstration of this kind of irresponsibility there is certainly
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a collective fault here by state of the largest municipal artist and the company circle this happens in a mine or deactivated mine actually of a private company was once a state company finally an amount of private before almost two decades that they bear the brunt of the response a bit see the my the risk of this happening was considered global by the mining company obviously there are assessed assessment was completely wrong with the synthetic thank you very much for your time on this we do appreciate it that is . live in washington d.c. thank you now neighboring pervert an avalanche of mud and rock of crashed into a hotel killing at least fifteen people it happened in the southern city of a band say a mudslide brought through the walls of the hotel thirty four people were injured.
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but plenty more ahead on the news hour including a rallying cry and search for the missing songs yemeni models protest an aid and demanding answers. confrontations between palestinian protesters and israeli forces after a thirty eight year old man was killed by an israeli settler and in sports novak djokovic sweeps to has record seventh a strange and open title we'll have all the details coming up later. the islamic state of iraq in the run says that was behind an attack on a cathedral in the southern philippines at least twenty people were killed and dozens injured and two bomb blasts the attack targeted worship as at a mass on the predominantly muslim island of holo john invoke on reports. the first blast was inside the cathedral as worshipers celebrated sunday mass that
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was followed by a second explosion in the car park a security forces were arriving there trying to disrupt the peace process there trying to destabilize it it's like like for men things all this time is a sean and to show that the government will not be able to control the area. the places that the various conflict the attack in the capital of sulu province comes six days after a referendum on them in the now region voters in the muslim dominated region overwhelmingly approved a deal for more self rule eighty five percent of voters backed an agreement between muslim fighters and government leaders in manila for a self administered area in mindanao which will be named model there are attempts to stoke up all communal conflict but the thing is so far. none
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of these attacks on the churches have resulted in such type of hatred between muslims and christians. the predominantly catholic philippines has been plagued by decades of separatist conflict in mindanao more than one hundred thousand people have been killed and millions more displaced in the decades long conflict in mindanao and despite the reconsolidation process attacks like this show that armed groups still pose a threat to peace in the region similarly in dog an al jazeera manila. in yemen dozens of mothers have been protesting in the southern port city of aden asking the government for information about their missing sons the woman who's been demonstrating daily right outside the home of the interior minister it's believed most of the men are being held in detention and were captured during the ongoing civil war aiden's under the control of the. fact you have any government
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there be more anti-government protests in sudan's capital khartoum they call and sided with a visit by president omar al bashir to egypt where he accused the media of exaggerating the extent of the on wrist have a morgan reports from khartoum. it's his second visit outside his country in less than a week as to dance president obama bashir faces continuing calls back home to end his thirty year rule and step down calls that started six weeks ago and to which he has remained defiant to heat on. there is a problem in sudan we cannot claim that we don't have a problem but some media take it out of size and dimension it is an attempt to clone what is being called the arab spring in sudan it has the same slogans programs and requests it also has the same use of social media however the sudanese people have learned the lessons they have seen what happened in some of the states that went through the so-called arab spring and its negative implications wedding the sudanese people are very alert and will not fall into anyone's trap to
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destabilize sudan. the demonstrations started in mid december and the city of over rising bread prices it quickly spread to other parts of the country with thousands taking to the streets demanding that and bashir who's been in power since one thousand eight hundred nine and his rule security forces are accused of using excessive force with bullets and tear gas used to disperse peaceful unarmed for texters. the government says twenty nine have been killed since protests began rights groups say that number is at least fifty with dozens more injured. opposition to bush years rule is not only in the streets some political parties have lend support to those protesting and on sunday the federal party one of the parties in the national government announced that it's withdrawing its participation in the government becoming the third party to do so since the demonstrations began in the for the earlier with your ear to well although there are g.m. has lost legitimacy and the ability to deal with the political crisis and trust in
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the regime has been lost we hope that the president steps down and paves the way for an interim government that is agreed upon by all sides the protests are seem to be the biggest challenge to be here since he came to power and some analysts say the ruling party is running out of time to find ways to overcome and to harbor harbor. hope the withdrawal of the federal party today is a sign that the ruling party is weakening so it has to take a step back and find a solution to the wave of protest of was more political parties will withdraw from the government and join the opposition movements was a movement triggered by an economic crisis which has become a nationwide call for change and to which there seems to be no end in the horizon he moamar going to al-jazeera. well demonstrations on saddam began nearly six weeks ago over the rising price of bread they have since led to demolish for economic reform and political change the ports now also from carthon. was.
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freedom peace justice and the overthrow of president bashir are the main slogans being chanted by these so then these protesters what are the root of the demonstrations are demands for basic life necessities. but old stations ran out of fuel inflation rates soar bank coffers were empty people stopped deposing money with banks and those who did face limits on how much cash they could withdraw most dangerously bakeries ran out of floor of all the other needs bread can be seen as the main symbol of the crisis doesn't it and yet if the revolution of the hungry or . a bust they did was a journalist during the one nine hundred seventy s. at the time of former president. his life now they symbolize the slow descent of sudan from relative ease to utter the situation. everything was much better they miri was a strong leader we had
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a great culture to sit in the span was equal to four dollars but now it's crisis everywhere and people have nothing to eat we don't want to know the origin of that crisis the sudanese government agrees was a shift the country made from agriculture to oil during the one nine hundred ninety s. but the hustle and i mean some of the model who indeed it's called the dutch disease when easy only revenue shift attention away from traditional resources such as farming we've had it in sudan but now we are addressing the problem through new strategies and more focus on agriculture. in two thousand and ten sudan exported nearly half a million barrels of oil a day but a year later south sudan gained independence and took most of the oil fields with it by then the iconic cultural sector was already suffering from neglect and there was another shift happening the moment. in the past sudanese households
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relied mainly on sorghum for food and that things change when the british and when our government's approach wheat preparing sorghum is tourism and takes time you know we have to take it to the mills to grind it then we need a long process to cook it with bread on the other hand is handy all you need is to go and buy it ready from the bakery the hard margin is only a month. wheat bread now accounts for two thirds of regular meals and so that. just to give you an idea about how much bread an average family of five individuals in sudan need for the daily meals each individual that i'm here needs six pieces of bread if i try to put all the quantity they need in my hands. it's not possible this is just to show off to people. the crisis got worse when sudan couldn't grow or buy enough wheat saudi and our to companies grow millions of tons of wheat here
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on least or purchased land but they sent it out of the country now sudan with its over two million hectares of fertile soil but even oil and the gigantic underground lake the newbie in basin is begging for outside help to satisfy its demand of wheat to feed the hungry population of nearly forty million. dusters seeds to lead to calm these cowards bred will overthrow it is regimes it happened before here in sudan. a sense of his words is a code by these protesters david chump's. advice of his iraq. iraq says it will summon the turkish ambassador over the death of a kurdish protestor in the northwest of the country on saturday night turkish troops opened fire on demonstrators who stormed the turkish army base in iraq's a region the protesters were angry about the deaths of four civilians who they say
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were killed in a turkish bombardment last week. now there is a growing uncertainty between turkey and the u.s. over a proposed to safe zone in northern syria turkish president trichet by the end of the line says he'll go it alone if he doesn't get logistical support from the trumpet ministration which is removing its troops asama been job it has more on the political situation from search near the turkish syrian border. a lot's been said about the so-called safe zone between turkey and syria if and when u.s. forces start to leave this area turkey wants everywhere east of the euphrates river to be clear of not just eisel but kurdish fighters as well the proposed thirty two kilometers would reach the edge of the contested city of my big insight syria is the last kurdish stronghold on the western side of the river just rumored to be didn't meet thirty kilometers is something i think everyone can discuss positively we can even extend morris' the us coalition gives us economic and logistics support
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we can make the safe zone real right across. in two thousand and fifteen this was a flash point in the fight against eisel this is the first major town that we come across as you move east along the border the proposal also includes the towns of the lobby and russell laine commission it will be the biggest border city home to nearly half a million people some parts are also under the control of syrian government forces turkey would like to administer control of the sabin all the way to maliki here on the iraqi border is going to be talking to turkey about assuring turkey that they will have a buffer zone that they need given their concerns about the why of p.g. kurds but the last thing in the world we want is a war between turkey and the kurds and a lot still remains to be settled between turkey the united states and russia. still ahead on the. it does not i would say justify violence what's motivating the red scowls movement protests against weeks of yellow vests
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and fronts. and the energy drain fine on the walls test sevens team clashing using it up and have the action in sport. hello again and welcome back we're here cross parts of north america we are watching the invasion of an arctic air mass making its way towards the south and here on the satellite notice the area of white that you see right here it is not clouds it is actually cold air that the satellite is seeing on the ground and take a look at the tempers we have here on monday for minneapolis minus twelve degrees for winnipeg minus eighteen and we do have a system that is making its way through the great lakes with plenty of snow right there but as we go towards tuesday tempers go down even further with minneapolis of minus twenty in winnipeg at minus thirty it factor in the windchill it's going to
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feel more like minus forty to minus forty five in some locations and a front going down across the gulf well that will bring some snow showers as well even though it is going to be fairly quick where across the caribbean we are looking at front pushing through parts of cuba and on the north side have bene it's going to be about twenty degrees as your high overnight lows down to about seventy degrees nasa not looking too bad at well with attempt a few of about twenty four degrees and then very quickly here part cross parts of south america we are seeing some rain showers across the sun sea and tempt a few about thirty six degrees but what is odd is it is going to be a hot day at thirty two and rio with showers in your forecast thirty three degrees there salvador is going to be a rainy day with temperatures of twenty nine degrees. in september twenty seventh team the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from baghdad. but joy was short lived as the iraqi
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government reacted forcefully against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of overbuilding to investigate independents and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera right out of a mosque or examining the headline with again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel and the us newsweek setting the discussions what makes them different as far as your kids sharing fastenal stories with a global audience nobody feel safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. the arab.
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it's good to have you on the al-jazeera news hour and these are our top stories the u.s. is warning venezuela's president and what it calls a significant response of opposition leader all washington's diplomats are targeted by those says my girls government was arresting hundreds of her supporters. the death toll in friday's dam burst in brazil has risen to fifty eight the search has resumed for three hundred other still missing under a sea of mining waste. anti-government protests have continued for the sixth week in sudan's capital khartoum demonstrators are demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir he was in cairo for talks with his egyptian counterpart but he said that the media was exaggerating the challenge to his leadership. a new
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round of talks between the u.s. envoy to afghanistan and the taliban will be held in the next month. and kabul now to brief the government on negotiations to end the seventeen year war secretary of state to my palm peo says the u.s. government is serious about pursuing peace and bringing america's armed forces home . reports. afghans to learn about the peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban. government leaders are not commenting they have complained about not being involved in the latest round of talks in qatar's capital . as we spoke to the talks in doha. the war while others are skeptical so what has been the we are very hopeful all the afghans are tired of four explosions suicide attack in this country they are hoping for
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a brighter future and i am very hopeful that these talks will bring a bright future for us and for the future. afghanistan. we afghans don't trust groups affiliated with foreign intelligence agencies the u.s. must talk with the afghan people because we are the ones who suffer this is not peace what kind of peace is this the us own voice to afghanistan is in kabul to brief president assad funny on his meeting with the taliban. and reported that there had been significant progress the taliban though we're being cautious saying talks with continue to overcome obstacles one of them is agreeing on a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops initially the taliban dismissed any overtures towards the u.s. as long as american forces are in afghanistan the taliban has rejected direct talks with the afghan government which it considers an american puppet but
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b.s. in afghanistan goes beyond internal disputes the u.s. hopes neighboring pakistan can play a crucial role in the talks the afghan government and the white house have often accused the pakistani government of providing weapons and shelter for taliban fighters accusations denied by leaders in islamabad we would like to see us and we think of one is as friend of the region so they're having exited there must not abandon afghanistan in terms of their social economic development restoration of. the development process the u.s. hopes the doha talks will lead to a cease fire and power sharing agreement that would pave the way for tens of thousands of u.s. a day to troops to pull out of afghanistan. al jazeera. palestinian
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protesters and israeli troops have clashed near ramallah in the occupied west bank that comes a day after a palestinian man was shot dead during the confrontation between residents from the village all and israeli settlers thousands of mourners took part in his funeral on sunday israeli police and the military are investigating the killing now millions of dollars being distributed to nearly one hundred thousand families in gaza a couple has donated the money as part of a un deal to help the besieged palestinians but payments have been delayed by disputes between the israeli government and hamas child stratford reports from gaza . these men have come to collect one hundred dollars each from this post office in gaza city the cash they are receiving is from the qatari government donated to more than ninety thousand families here but in general one hundred dollars won't solve anything i have eight children we need israel siege to be lifted the crossings open
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and the end of political division that's what will solve our problems. yes the cash is part of a humanitarian program for gaza being led by carter with u.n. assistance but the donation process is far from straightforward under an informal agreement israel in november allowed concert to begin sending ninety million dollars to gaza over a six months period the money has to pay the salaries of civil servants and to buy power station fuel as well as humanitarian aid but for almost three weeks the israeli government refused to approve the third installment around fifteen million dollars after an escalation of violence along the gaza israel border when israel finally allowed the money transfer hamas refused to accept it saying the israelis had changed the conditions of the cash transfer deal and was politicizing the issue before is radio elections in april many israeli politicians are against the agreement saying the government is paying what they describe as a terrorist organization to keep quiet promises that it cannot raise sufficient
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taxes because gaza kaname is so deeply affected by israel's more than ten year and single day meanwhile the united nations says the situation for gaza's two million population is made worse by what it describes as international donor fatigue. the u.n. says whether you agree with hamas policies or not humanitarian aid should not be politicized and i appreciate those kinds of arguments but think that we need to keep humanitarian and political concerns separate i think if you start questioning the political motivations of humanitarian aid you will never get anything done. from us says with or without clout as money friday protest on garza's border will continue until israel if says seach at least two hundred fifty palestinians have been killed mainly by israeli sniper fire since the demonstrations started in march
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and hundreds of thousands of palestinians like these continue to rely on international humanitarian aid to survive. gaza brazil's president has been admitted to hospital in sao paulo where he's due to undergo surgery on monday jabal zamora suffered life threatening wounds after he was stabbed in the stomach while campaigning in september the operation to remove a colostomy bag inserted after the attack doctors say he could take up to ten days to recover now thousands of protesters have rallied in the french capital to call for an end to violence and disruption caused by three months of anti-government demonstrations and like the so-called yellow vest for testers they have adopted their own signature item of clothing that reports from paris. a new citizens movement in france created online and now on the streets of paris they call themselves the red scarves and they say they're fighting back against months of
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finance and disruption by yellow fest protesters thousands marched through the city to demand an end to the yellow vest blockades and demonstrations they hedged unity and respect for fraud says democracy and institutions calling up all my drink on us here we are here to sign and there are laws in france and in europe i should be respected and the violence must stop and this detestable image of france great boy minority of people of course demonstration is right i appreciate the right of the most special will demonstrate. it does not i would say justify violence some people here say they used to support the yellow vests and many share their concerns over the rising cost of living but they say the weekly scenes of unrest are too much on saturday police and yellow vests demonstrators clashed again in several cities across france since the movement began in november eleven people
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have been killed and dozens injured. as the red scarves reached by steal a symbol of the french revolution the divisions between the two movements was clear behind. the glass. on the steps of your house or yellow vests protestors and it's something of a standoff with both sides can you just. see them if the movement was really against violence than most yellow vests would have proved were not for violence obviously but listening to their slogans and when you look at them it seems more like a pro micromanaged to me emanuel mark karr has been promoting his national debate initiative aimed at quelling the yellow vests demonstrations by giving people more of a say in the way that france is run opinion polls suggest the french president is regaining some popularity of to months of low ratings macro hasn't commented on the red scarf
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movement but he might hope it is a sign that the tide is turning in his favor the tasha butler al-jazeera paris now roger stein a longtime ally of u.s. president donald trump has said he will consider cooperating with special counsel robert muller's russia investigation stone who was arrested on friday has denied charges of lying to congress and what the stand praying. if there's wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that i know about which i know of no one but if there is i would certainly testify honestly i'd also testify honestly about any other matter including any communications with the president it's true that we spoke on the phone but those communications are political in nature there but now i and there's there is certainly no conspiracy with russia done estabrook has more from washington well roger stone does seem to be hedging a bit on friday when he was indicted he said that he would not bear witness against president trump now today as he made the rounds on the sunday talk show he said
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that he may consult with his attorneys and he may have a conversation with the special prosecutor what we don't know is what else robert mueller may have up his sleeve he may have additional charges that he could bring against roger stone that we might compel him to turn evidence against the president we just don't know at this point we've kind of seen this thing play out over and over again where people close to the president like his attorney michael cohen and his former campaign manager paul man a fourth say that they would not talk and then ended up flipping against the president and we could see that again play out with roger stone. as a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university and he says that despite stone's denials he could have damaging information on the trump campaign. he has agreed to cooperate with the miller investigation but he says he has nothing incriminating that he can report about the connections between the
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trump campaign of two thousand and sixteen and the russians but the indictment alleges that he was the conduit between those two organizations the trump campaign and weiqi leaks which was using stolen documents stolen by russia depending on what he has to say to the moment investigation is they have any damaging information he claims he does not he has no evidence of any wrongdoing by anyone but if the trump campaign as it is alleged used roger stone has a connection to wiki leaks to coordinate the release of damaging information stolen by russia about the clinton campaign that would be a campaign by and finance violation and we're not sure exactly what he knows about that and what he's willing to say at this point wonderful things indictments that can get people to cooperate because they want to save their own skin we've seen that happening with michael cohen and with others and they'll be a lot of pressure on roger stone again he says he saw no evidence of wrongdoing and he won't he doesn't intend to report any but in the end
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a witness like that someone who is under indictment is likely to do whatever he needs to do to save himself. survivors of the auschwitz death camp have gathered at the site to mark holocaust remembrance day follows a year which saw an increase in anti-semitic attacks including the face of stabbing of an eighty five year old holocaust survivor and france and in october a gunman killed eleven jews at a synagogue in pittsburgh the deadliest attack of its kind in u.s. history but also at the auschwitz step camp of polish far right activists who held a protest there for the first time on holocaust remembrance day they say the west has minimize poland suffering in world war two and deny historical evidence of how thousands of poles took an active role in the extermination campaign more than three million of poland's jews were murdered by the nazis that is about half the total number of jews killed in the holocaust now the pope has urged crowds at
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a world youth day mass in panama to spend less time on their phones and more in their communities the head of the roman catholic church was joined by about six hundred thousand pope.


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