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tv   State Of The Arts  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2019 4:00am-4:16am +03

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like here daniel has a daughter from a previous marriage the sort of children are always around his family and. he's a university lecturer. demers mother you know and he's open about her experience of being the mother of a gay man in russia it's not an easy one. demeanor. my new look at the yells and with them yes about them the open your eyes the. us. when you are not of well it was also because you would look at the while you also mean all sort of in this season a yeah. yeah. yeah. i was almost i thought i was a bit strange but. after the war i just thought on the last post. when you but i
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didn't and. that's because you miss someone doesn't mean it's yes it was never said i should. be alive. but i think you know what am i doing with. duck was busy and you don't like more of what you put i was it grew on so i still think list of the and that is. that was available as. well as additional. buzz when dylan was in you lots of fancy me another bloke walks and then he was a little mostly silly but really good we as a witch and the whiskey really runs us yes it was how it sluicing do we saw some of those that guy he was do you know was that he has any chance in a the us i was hoping when they bring him out of the museum he said and just as he pushes what you see chances. is if you sued another this here when you must and you produce the way i did those things that he said was a can use them but i got booked he's going to bring us the ones i'm upset with the
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need is yeah. treated in the rain is pretty good even comparable. he and his girl should all just one last but it is still to deal it is it on the wall or it's a corner store the rest of the sawdust the conchita system was in for months at douglas there with hope still the z.t. genie he because it could do an hour to ease the start of the ship because of which i thought the employer. could offer so crane shows up to stay in the west as that is what's the you voted. in speed you jamaal a bit lonely prince pisco go to town is that is all i get and i must lead. by the usual sirrahs here is the good to go with another will work fine use it dump starter said i was stand up push on them with help of scully what with that the
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cable i get a nickle to the leg and that blushing and i feel as if that it. for reason that this is still when i seed of multi the coakley organ or collect you award it a global course indeed we would you be abusing axis niña lunacy. while some western style liberties are under attack in russia there's a class that is liberal culture and enjoying its influence in society and a lavish lifestyle.
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next to russia's most glamorous. famous t.v. personality and pushes gold to what phineas structure is one of the most fashionable intellectuals writer and review editor. nikolai skulls. i arranged to talk to him at the offices of his print and web magazine snob which caters for well heeled liberals and opinion for. it occupies a loft in one of the capitals missed expensive locations. yet. this is a scrapbook somebody to him but it took more than that means that's the president that i got the most which unfortunately. there's a she would live. as they can you can see what you meant by just good numbers but the muscular tone when you post was a sham. i put them in a push to just make up which mean the voice to which was
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it's just in my commercial combinational to do it's crazy to consider it not so. stupid but if there was genuine you don't foist it yes but you know what jabbering is it took to create it. would. you. give all of my good with blood. and. skittles. statement because there. are those faults in us and that is a. problem since not all. of them could pollution and if all we did see was the median yes me but it in a day or two states are still. in you through the night when you're put in the will move them. all because of four years ago it would but he did pretty well but a. problem with me. is that with such
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a good but when i was worthless i simply because it. would be so good as a home on a sunday need to use the porch to steer the nation with. in my home city of st petersburg i'm invited to mediate a school conference questions discuss contemporary culture. on my way there i reflect that an entire generation of russians has grown up with no personal experience of the soviet union. russia is a totally different country from the one i grew up in or is it just the pressure group is do a city of which your subjective love we built up until now and so on this didn't you know. you passed until we were a future school bus or the other it's just. that they should give me a respite in the lease see if it's in the state entirely pushed deep in your violinist. and i. decided.
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to give it to you if it's when it's money education career family love patriotism. what's fielder. because of these values for the young in russia today and that's a group when i get i missed the bus though i'm seen you know what but the most the mission that i'm still it's up on yes you can use that is did you miss that i missed. that it's. decent i do miss you but i see you she's good at that if you. see anybody is my job out there in the busted game yes that was my super interest not a car would do right she's going to do or thirty min that the shirts are just for you from what i see is the audience we could probably. use the looking get a little before i knew you. would have got a problem here because those who are. still the show. nearest.
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to the in-store what the full. before your trip was made of. for me to cure what you wanted to break the of the three of do is sit with me so that was blocking. the biggest most of the still ski goods or. cheats on you get up look at us look at some gangsta glass the sunday evening you had to give us a peek to you as much of. your this is now. of the damage to the group. if it's you know this that's still have agreed to the store and was can i don't get to you but i don't know what it seemed and then to me about shipping. before embarking on this journey i thought i knew almost everything about my country i was surprised that there was still so much to the. one thing i was
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confirmed in is that russia sees herself as a civilization apart not necessarily joined confrontation but keenly aware of the difference between her so. and everyone else. i found that many things that seem contradictory to outsiders a perfectly logical to russians people here are not represented in power structures in the way that they are in the west yet most trusts say they're more free than the citizens of other countries. an overwhelming number of russians supports a strong president yet they don't see him as a dictator they need to extol or fear. for a long time i believe that the powers that be here should be more open to criticism . but i also wonder whether the russians will ever be able to respond well to criticism coming from outside of their borders. can russia spirit to what the
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people expect of it. is a strong and brave enough to overcome the konami social and demographic realities that it has a hard time accepting. those are the questions that i'm still seeking answers to. the be.
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and there it's going to get very cold in north america over the next few days but not before we see an awful lot of snow this is the system that's going to bring us all our wintery weather is bringing some very heavy snow around the great lakes but as it works its way southwards it's going to bring snow along way south those well for some of us in georgia we can expect to see some of that wintery weather two to the tail end of that that turn to rain and some of that rain will be quite ferocious as that system works its way away that the temperatures will be dropping behind it so atlanta four degrees will be our maximum for the north it's four cold in chicago our maximum just minus twenty five a minus thirty in winnipeg for some areas around here they could even be low temperatures that break records
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a bit further towards the south and this means a very active weather over parts of cuba recently the system responsible is easing a little bit now as it works its way southward but still expect one actually rather lively downpours for parts of southern cuba that will ease further as we head into wednesday want to showers will still be affecting us in cuba there and they'll be a couple around jamaica to be felt towards the south and now for many of us here in argentina issue be fine and dry hot in when it's always of the moment of it thirty one degrees the showers a for the north and some of these are really quite heavy. the latest news as it breaks to the front is about to blast bottles awesome flightless that authentic in the roots with the this time both with truth is through. with details coverage though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim precedents and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers
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are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness eight hundred. from sunrise to sunset across asia. and the pacific explore untold and fascinating stories one on one east on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. a lot and has this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes today's action ensures they can no longer lupe fiasco of the venezuelan
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people the u.s. sanctions the venezuelan state oil company in a move to force president nicolas maduro out of power.


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