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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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all that together and you get to the point where if the deal is voted down next week that couldn't be the end of two reason man. what to do next and the crisis that. has moved from brussels. when sarees m a has to address the e.u. twenty seven the other members of the european union at the start of their talks on thursday afternoon the one question they're going to be asking harries what happens if your deal fails again for the third time of the start of next week because they're only prepared at the moment to countenance an extension to back seats if a deal passes and there's every likelihood that it won't they will say to her i'm sure what happens if it fails are you actually prepared at the end of next week for the u.k. to leave the european union with no deal at all despite the fact the u.k. parliament voted against it now twice despite all the economic damage that would pose to the u.k. the republic of ireland the netherlands and other bordering countries to the u.k.
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despite the fact that it would be mean the reimposition of a hard border. on the island of islands and all the violence so that could lead to their going to say the reason why is that actually what your intention is and they going to have to try to get some sort of straight answer from a because it's based on that on so that they don't have to consider whether or not to have another emergency summit literally in the two days will direct it supposed to happen and potentially protect olen from a no deal by proposing an even longer extension to resume a prepared to go for that so many unanswered questions for the european point of view at the moment they're trying to get some clarity from sarees in may but at the moment this seems still to be no plan b. for what she is proposing to do if she loses her deal for a third time still ahead on the disappearances and torture here on come as evidence of secret prisons in eritrea and the problem for united arab emirates. brazil and
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the u.s. agreed to build a new space station bringing new jobs to some but opposite here they could soon lose their lead to the expansion project. hello yesterday watching a declining storm centered over it took many stand there's still a circulation here as you can see not far away from baku this case the other one disappeared now but this is where the cloud is where you might see some rain or a little bit of snow just not much much just touch the northern parts of iran some caspian so even in tehran you could ever went today were a shower too on thursday or beyond that it's five to west it's fine into the twenty's they're fairly reliably on thursday and indeed friday particularly in iraq temperatures are seeming to rise that's just so so because wind directions from the
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critical thing here down the gulf in particular i was it rather light on existing temperatures in doha are forecast to get to twenty seven but with thursday the breeze is rather stronger clatter of the top riyadh won't be as pleasant and it could well be will be quite a dusty day on set yes a friday little bit better for all concerned but the cloud here could be deceptive showers seem likely kasia in the east and saudi maybe bahrain more likely on the iranian side at least it's down to southeast africa particularly mozambique zimbabwe and below we all still in rainy season and there is more rain to come as well in the form of showers but some of them are pretty heavy. democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so the power to change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief for the first time al-jazeera
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reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand. the final hours. on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories is a promise has announced an immediate bat on matter of weapons like the ones used in last week's mosque attacks the government's working on a buyback plan and an encouraging owners to surrender their weapons. rescue teams
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in mozambique say time is running out to save thousands of people five days after you die swept through millions have been affected across southern africa and the u.k. prime minister is defending her request for a three month extension to the brits the deadline european council president says the granting extra time will depend on whether parliament passes the existing withdrawal agreement. before the bosnian serb leader radovan carriage will now spend the rest of his life in jail after being reset by a un court carriage was appealing a twenty sixteen conviction for genocide and a full two year prison term for the judges said his sentence for the nine hundred ninety five minutes a massacre was to light on your guy you go reports from the hague. the faces of the dead of the celebrity it's a massacre remembered by their loved ones victims of the genocide perpetrated by bosnian serb leader radovan cottage which it has taken nearly twenty five years for
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justice to be realized a painful journey often bereft of hope but learn excellently look but the wait has finally come to an end kind of listened intently as the court listed his grounds for appeal and rejected them almost entirely the prosecution's appeal in a lot of respects sets aside charges to prod and order rolls on to sending the sentence of forty years of imprisonment and imposes just the president goes into sending a sentence of life imprisonment. outside the tribunal it was a decision welcomed by all who had gathered death but the suffering is never far away but this is all someone i guess or they go about well i am satisfied but i want to ask which school did they go to to learn how to kill our children our sons our husbands i am satisfied but then again i am not because i no longer have my children. instead of any itself tears of relief felt
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when the tribunals and ousted would increase cut educate his sentence. this is one of the last remaining rulings dealing with the brutal breakup of yugoslavia and the sentencing of the other one is also being seen as a pollution test holding to factor leaders to account for crimes committed during conflicts. the case has been one of the most high profile legal battles of the yugoslav wars more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were slaughtered in the strip and it's a massacre it was the worst genocide to have taken place in europe since world war two well the town has become symbolic of the very worst atrocities that took place in the balkans during the war it has also been a milestone for the legal consequences that followed it took twenty years and let's hope it's not going to take twenty years for syria or for you all of these other
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places where similar atrocities are being committed we are some international community have to be more committed to bring justice to defectives way sooner than twenty years god will now spend the rest of his days behind bars his genocidal actions scarred an entire region and they leave behind a legacy of anguish from which many will never recover so yeah al-jazeera the hague . the biggest block of the european parliament has suspended the ruling party of hungary and promised a victor or bomb the european people's party believes that has fit is party has violated principles or that has more from brussels. i do apologize we don't actually have that report from brussels we will try to get it for you a little bit later but let's move on for now the latest u.n. report on god's earth suggests that the death of one hundred eighty nine palestinian protesters killed by israeli forces could be considered war crimes on
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diplomatic editor james bays sat down with one of the u.n. commissioners of the report. there are reasonable grounds to believe that. all crimes may have been committed and we think based on what we have found further investigations are required and do need to be taken up by the relevant bodies in the international justice system you don't know all of this work you come up with some very hard hitting findings are you concerned that no one's going to take any notice of this and this report is just going to fall away obviously that is a concern and we really hope that will be the case because what we've tried to do is we've not only brought. on to the record findings about what we think has happened of the last nine months over six thousand people injured. you know one hundred need to be booked by life i including children. review also made
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a call for urgent preventive action the events that you detail in your report are now almost a year ago coming up to the anniversary of the start of these demonstrations how worried are you about one hundred three and for big demonstrations because of that anniversary and the possible response from the israeli military yeah we were very worried i think about what may happen next week on the anniversary of the protests on the thirtieth of march there's every indication that there will be a large turnout a massive turnout of protest and there's every reason to fear that there may be terrible violence on them again so we think it's essential that this point that restraint is exercised by everyone concerned in terms of the international community in the security council the quartet they seem to have allowed the u.s. to take the lead politically for now on this file that makes the u.s. response important are you happy with the u.s.
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response to your report. we haven't received a concrete response they've not spoken on this and we just have to hope that they will that's why we're trying to communicate this is the message of one of our reporters widely as we can't back down to that story about the european parliament suspension of the ruling party of hungary and promise to viktor orban about that homemade has more from brussels. effective immediately the finnish party of victor or ben has been suspended from the european people's party that's the biggest party within the e.u. parliament now the head of the e.p. p. manfred verba came out and said of the one hundred ninety out of one hundred ninety four members voted in favor of this move now what does it mean it means that the fetus party has lost any voting powers within the p.p. cannot field any candidates and cannot attend any meetings. it's not
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clear for how long that will last but in the meantime a committee has been formed and that committee is in charge of monitoring the future moves of the field this party at the end of that it will write a report and after that we were made it very clear. we will reevaluate and decide where the expulsion is in order or not he made it very clear that that was still on the table after a month of vivir we heard from viktor orban himself and he seemed to have a more conciliatory tone he said that actually he didn't denounced a move this is actually what he said last i want us to all of. the solution we chose is that until these three men prepared a report we ourselves unilaterally suspend the use of our rights and then we will sit down with the e p p again we made another decision that we ourselves for desk
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will establish our own council of three people viktor orban also said that for him the most important is that the unity of the p.p. was kept together now this is spent and is more likely to last until after the upcoming european elections in may. dubai has announced a trial million dollar investment and better than airport and self declared somali land without the consent of some audience government as man explains that is the latest move in a wider push for control of port along the horn of africa. the post at berbera is located in a politically sensitive region in self declared somaliland but the region is internationally recognized as somalia the united arab emirates has announced it's investing millions of dollars to develop perper a but has done this without permission from somalia's government in mogadishu president mohamad abdalla has rejected all of the uys port contracts in the region
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calling them illegitimate for the u.a.e. that what they're trying to do is build again more strategic depth in the whole of africa making sure that they don't only control the land and the coastline but also controlling obviously these very important somebody and say the most important strategic a naval. lifelines that color connect the east and the west the u.a.e. is not alone in somalia a turkish firm has a twenty year contract to run market issues port and turkey has established its largest military base outside of its borders here qatar has also invested in market issue this is just one area where nations are competed for strategic control between the red sea to the north and the indian ocean to the south the states have been able to manage their relations. very well. between those in recent years and there's
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a real danger that by joe interests from the gulf states coming into the horn and picking and choosing their allies that the dispute of the gulf region may overflow into the horn. the u.a.e. has been locked in a dispute with djibouti over control of its port. government cancel the contract of the u.s. port authority d.p. world the case was taken to an international court. of to djibouti actions d.p. world issued a statement saying the contract cannot be unilaterally terminated at will the contract therefore remains in full force and effect but now media reports have pointed to china being handed control of the port it's not only commercial ventures it's driving these country's interests in the horn of africa the u.a.e. has built a military base in eritrea is port city of a sob and the u.a.e. has sought to acquire more ports in the horn of africa and the red sea but this is
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being contested by countries including china and turkey with this competition the whole of africa seems to be heading towards more foreign influence about a manly outas there are now finally this bulletin brazil and the u.s. have silentio to launch u.s. satellites from brazil is being seen as another sign of closer ties between president and are trying to ministration part as daniel in the reports from northern brazil not everyone's happy. this community was a victim once before when the outcome to relaunch space opened in the late one nine hundred eighty s. now they live just outside the base and fear further expansion no war they have never consulted us we've had no concrete information about it we heard they were restating in negotiation that was initiated many years ago back in those days we
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managed to block it these people were killed the descendants of escaped slaves embroiled in a long for battle for land rights. the resistance we see today shows the so-called progress announced in the eighty's didn't come this project was a mistake from the beginning when they say development we need to know who will benefit from it it's never been us. some left behind more than their homes. or ancestors are all buried in that region after moving here. we had a custom of lighting candles for them but we can't do this anymore they were left behind us is growing all of the greek. president. has made it clear he won't allow indigenous rights to impede development across brazil when the base open this symbolize progress not just for this is story but for the whole of brazil but it also brought dislocation and misery for many some welcome further expansion while
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others fear the situation will only be made worse u.s. companies have long wanted to operate from the counter a base situated just two hundred kilometers from the equator taking fuel costs much lower the previous brazilian governments were concerned about national sovereignty and prevented those attempts to presidents of mutual admirers and soon overcame the obstacles. the local authorities say all residents will be consulted but salmon is isolated region can't wait for the americans to arrive along with their investment . we believe this accord will bring great development. it will also benefit our tourism industry this is a historical town that's not well known in brazil and we believe this is going to change. people here only know what they've heard on the news from a distant washington d.c. and some are concerned they will again be victims of progress that doesn't include . northern brazil.
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so again i'm as a product of the headlines on al-jazeera and new zealand's prime minister just has announced and immediate ban on semiautomatic weapons like the ones used in last week's attack on two mosques the government working on a buyback plan and encouraging owners to surrender their weapons. in short if every seamy automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned in this country these changes will require legislation their legislation is now being drafted and will be introduced under. the u.k.'s prime minister tourism a is defending her request for a three month extension to the brics a deadline european council president says granting extra time will depend on
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whether parliament passes the existing withdrawal agreement may made an emotional speech to get her deal through i passionately hope m.p.'s will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the d u p and others for this deal but i am not prepared to delay brix it any further than the thirtieth of june rescue teams in mozambique say time is running out to save thousands of people five days after it i swept through some survivors a still clinging to trees of roofs waiting for rescue and millions of people have been affected across southern africa. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera what nurse refugees got talent coming up next. a chance for reunion after
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