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tv   East End Undertakers  Al Jazeera  March 21, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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it since her divorce she learned that her ex has been married two more times now has four wives and seven children natasha going to aim al-jazeera baghdad. a senior aide to venezuela's opposition leader has been detained by intelligence agents on go i doze chief of staff for tomorrow was held after a dawn raids on his house in caracas and other opposition politicians says his property was also raided but he hasn't been arrested. nicaragua's government says it will free old jail protesters within ninety days when seven hundred opposition protesters were arrested during the arrest last year freeing them as the main demands of the opposition are continuing talks with the government in return the government is asking the u.s. to lift sanctions imposed against the daniel ortega administration at least three hundred and twenty five people died since those process began last april.
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president donald trump has been visiting the u.s. army's basle tank manufacturing factory in the city of lima ohio trumps increases in defense spending have the good news for the plants but steel tariffs and job cuts by also makers are some of the challenges that make this official trip more like a campaign stop john hundred. president donald trump came to the last plant building tanks in the united states to insist he's still the manufacturing president jobs are coming back and pouring back frankly like never before companies are coming back into our country they want the action production is ramping up in the biggest way and they are some m one abrams tank is once again thundering down the assembly line donald trump campaigned promising a revival of american manufacturing jobs rising defense spending is expected to
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raise employee numbers at the plant from a low of four hundred a few years ago to about a thousand next year but overall vehicle making jobs are being launched. the increase at the tank plant is dwarfed by the fourteen thousand jobs general motors is cutting including closing a nearby plant in lordstown ohio g.m. blames low demand in trump's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum that has embarrassed and angered the u.s. president who took to twitter to lambaste g.m. and the auto workers union. increasing spending at the tank plant also boost jobs at suppliers in states like ohio florida and pennsylvania those are coincidentally also key electoral battleground states that help put trump over the top in two thousand and sixteen he'll want their support again if he has to win in two thousand and twenty. to make a play i think for the defense industry contractors there. and ignoring
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other places which may have a larger layoffs but don't fit into that category of voter who might support him in two thousand and twenty of course is trying to buy a boat after the army said he did not need any more tanks the obama administration considered mothballing the plant but congress kept funding it anyway so far donald trump faces more than a dozen democrats who are already campaigning for his job. for him the need for tanks might be less relevant than his approval rating one poll says that has plunged nineteen percent since the twenty sixteen election in ohio a state he will likely need if he's going to keep his job in twenty twenty john hendren zero lima ohio. so it's come in sports. now for the first time this week things got a little heat is on the ice we'll have that story i'm sure coming up right.
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so for the sport now here's fara thank you so much experts are claiming that athletics new rules to lower testosterone and female athletes is not backed up by science they say talent and not testosterone is behind the success of athletes like caster semenya south africa's olympic champion is waiting for the court of arbitration for sport to decide if the rules proposed by the idea are legal or not the manual was subjected to a gender tazz by world up legs in two thousand and nine and was banned from competing for almost a year before being cleared to run again. but the new world would change that if
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the idea get their way they say the changes will ensure fair competition for female athletes and are the result of years of scientific research it only applies to running events between four hundred meters and fifteen hundred meters which would hit some men your heart because she competes in the eight hundred and fifteen hundred affected athletes who want to keep participating must either take medication for at least six months run longer distance events or start competing against men joining us now is eric boy from the university of oslo he coauthored a report which says the data being used by world athletics to support their case is flawed thank you so much for joining us eric what are the key concerns you have about the idea of study well they publish their findings in the scientific journal problem is the data that they use are incorrect and together we call it it's going to be. a whole pointed out all these mistakes to
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the authors and they want to second knowledge that there are there are holes in the data sets. and we found out later that this paper was peer reviewed. by experts which is unheard of for a scientific publication but still the authors of the journal refused to retract their it probably cation we just heard of so we have the courage the paper where we give our arguments to these they really are only received positive supportive comments and the response from the i don't know if. i can chew explain why your main concerns about the data is the study is. yes the study it reported results from two world championships where they
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have classified the female athletes as and being a hyper starts versus a not to start their own level and then they compared the times that they had or the heights of the lengths or what they did in the in the in the field. and their computer was that for certain events from four hundred to fifteen hundred metres running there was a tiny infant bitch or having a high testosterone then all and i should underline it's a tiny and it's a few presets. so we have problems with. going to date one to put people on a home or her therapy reducing the cost on the whole for such a tiny little thing for which they have no scientific arguments because the good are not correct it's ok so these new rules are mainly
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a fact caster semenya do you have sympathy for her because these proposed rules appear to be targeting at certain women from the global south. i absolutely have lots of sympathy for caster semenya she has obviously done nothing wrong except that are brought in that are only produces just after all and that's not in itself illegal but if she wants to compete she will have to go through formal therapy if i if get it their way and you could say that she is colored and she is a woman but that's just speculations but i wonder whether the center thing would happen in a similar situation for a white male and not certain about that ok you know it's a very emotional and complex. do you believe is the best way to resolve. or i think today nobody can tell us
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exactly what kind of advantage one might have by having more testosterone but if anybody wants to regulate this fear it should be ruled by open communication transparency sharing of data and consensus and the opposite is what we have seen in this case and i would like to add also that it's a fundamental problem that the i hate only eth is doing the interview this year since themselves in a field where they are the main actor and stake all their they have a conflict of interests so this should be researched by independent scientists and not by the way a death ok eric for i great to get your thoughts thank you so much for your time. you know the miami open tennis will look a bit different this week because for the first time it's being played at the miami dolphins and f.l. stadium it was
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a more mover probed back in december two thousand and seventeen shifting the tournament from its longtime home on key biscayne top male and female players took part in the official opening ceremony men's number one about jobs which won seven times i keep this game but he thinks this venue will suit his game even more. there's very little wind. no sun in the middle of the day which is completely different to key biscayne bay windy and very sunny. but you know i personally like. to be this way you know indoor like facility. it suits my game and. you know hopefully i can start of the tournament well get myself going and see how far i get. women's number one grew up playing close to the dolphin stadium but she returns home to florida with news that her former junior coach is suing her for two million dollars socket in comment on the claims from kristen shon who says he's owed twenty percent of her prize money instead she
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focused on showing off the world number one trophy in miami. oh yeah i mean it's definitely a new feeling for me just to be at the top and not really have to chase anyone down but. i think the sort of people getting me down is so we're doing something that i've been used to these posts to torment so i'm just. looking forward to how it goes. on there i mean won't be the only osaka in action this week her older sister mari has been given a wildcard entry for the term and she's currently ranked three hundred and thirty eighth in the worlds. well the german did eventually get underway after a rain delay in miami former number one victoria azarenka won her opening match a three time winner in miami she won in three sets against dominic as simple code as a wrinkle will face caroline garcia in round two. and one guy to look out for in the men's draw as canadian teenager felix unger l yes may be eighteen year old one is
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qualified to make it through to the main tournaments in miami he's already up to fifty seventh in the world after making it into the third round at indian wells last week. cleveland cavaliers prevented the milwaukee bucks from clinching top spot in their n.b.a. division the bucs were heading into the game in cleveland without their injured star players and tito opals who missed his second game in a row colin sexton scored twenty five points in jordan clarkson added twenty three more to leave the cavs to one hundred and famine two hundred two when the boks are looking to wrap up their first division title since two thousand and one. defending salary cap champions the washington capitals were defeated by the tampa bay lightning tempers flared on the ice as it was a tight game between the two teams with the match tied at four four at the end of regulation that went to overtime victor had men clinched the game winning goal ended five to four to the lightning. and that's all your sport for now more coming
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up later but for now it's back to you hala thanks so much for that so it's for me for this new server do stay with us here and i'll just sit on the stand here we'll be back with you in just a moment with more its knees. oldest muslim undertaker is working here is a seven days a week job that's grown with a community my father purchased a black ambulance one started to do the funerals in london and the family we saw stopping father and daughter and we can is this part of the stories we don't often
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hear told by the people who the very gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. eternity. secretiveness military occupation. my prison my freedom my heart beats my life by language is my occupation so the thought of reason a deal for the cultural of will couldn't help to move. jerusalem or rock and the hard to please coming through. fourteen. of change and discovering. love is not for me. to forge an identity. which is peace me i'm confused. nineteen million two million south
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africa revisits the children of about seven years on as they grew and developed with their country. fourteen south africa part one on al-jazeera. desperate for help thousands of people still stranded and more than two hundred dead a week off to die had to mozambique. hello i missed and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. it is high time we made the decision to resume a blames members of parliament for the brakes at delay as she heads to brussels to
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get an extension from the e.u. . i think it's a step on the right direction. new zealand as well come tougher gun laws. introduced days after friday's mosque attacks. and the hardship of life on the street for families struggling to make ends meet in the philippines. a devastating storm is affecting tens of thousands of people across southern africa cycler began as a tropical storm earlier last week before intensifying off the western coast of madagascar it hit land in mozambique on thursday with winds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers an hour pounding the city of berra and then moved inland causing further destruction through the weekend and tracked west striking neighboring zimbabwe malawi also experienced severe rain flooding and damage from the high
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winds it flattened buildings and put millions of lives at risk rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach site victims trapped in flooded areas about fifteen thousand people still need rescuing hundreds of them have been stuck on rooftops and trees for more than three days the cycling has left a trail of destruction across southern africa more than three hundred people are known to have died but that number is likely to be much higher in a moment we'll hear from malcolm webb who's in in mozambique but fast this report from for me to in the port city of para. the roofs of buildings people from the water that's all that's left of this town dismayed to by water but almost a week ago. bieksa follow province it's not known how many people maybe don't see. stagnant water lines across the horizon on an isolated piece of dry land risk to
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workers drop off fish but he needed food hundreds of people queue for what could be their only meal in days. little guy. i. was. a little like. as we fly for the we see what was once a sports ground now a temporary shelter for hundreds of people who are stranded sit wait and sleep on a back to grandstand a short unsubtle group preview from floodwaters. then a call comes through to save a critically ill patient this woman is pregnant and needs medical help as quickly as possible. ten minute flights between flood ravaged and the way the to have safety of bare a city maybe her only chance initial concern about how psycho to die would impact
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central mozambique has been replaced by a widespread flooding a growing number of deaths and the displacement of thousands of people this is just one rescue of what aid agencies say could be thousands more. al-jazeera muslim beak. what we can see here which is a bridge severely damaged when the rental rain i came brought cause the river to swell this river just a few days ago was above the water levels above where i'm standing now so it really damaged the bridge and took out a whole section on the far side that people have got on both sides in vehicles people are managing to cross by climbing up and down the pillars on the bridge with the help of a cable and scrambling across it's not very safe that people really need to get around to find out if their relatives have survived because there's no phone communications and also to get food to people who are stuck in isolated on the other side and this picture is a. similar story that i think throughout the whole of central mozambique we
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traveled along that road yesterday we got across several bridges that were broken like this and so that reduced the whole of the central region into a series of islands in which there are many people in need people whose homes were flooded crops were destroyed people do need food and is now no road access to get emergency support to them or humanitarian aid so that we waiting to get help. britain's prime minister to resign may is preparing to defend her request for bret's that delay in front of the leaders in brussels may once the block to extend britain's departure date from next week to the end of june but any decision to delay the exit must be taken by all e.u. member states unanimously and it's unlikely that will happen now as e.u. leaders are expected to wait until a third attempt by may to get parliament's backing on have proposal i passionately hope and peace will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the e.u.
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a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the d u p s's for this deal. but i am not prepared to delay brix it any further than the thirty eighth of june how to honey it will have the latest from brussels in a mine and that fast to paul brennan and westminster hall the countdown is clearly on nine days until the current set deadline what's the mood like in westminster. i think the prime minister is in a situation where she has never been more isolated or friendless frankly the mood here of parliament in westminster well there was a small contingent of people there rather relaxed about the idea of leaving the european union a week on friday without a deal these are the purest bricks it is quite happy to go to w t o rules but the
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vast majority of m.p.'s here. angry mutinous they feel that the address that the prime minister gave in downing street last night that we just played a clip from where she appealed over the heads of m.p.'s and went direct to the public saying i am with you and these m.p.'s are against you they've seen the m.p.c. see that as reckless dangerous potentially even an incitement to violence against them peace very very unhappy in deed and it's difficult to see how this is going to play out there have been so many unexpected bombshells thrown into this that the timetable of how the next eight days are going to play out is is very murky it looks like she's not going to get anything from brussels today it's looking like the m.p.'s here are so angry and i take it that they will try to seize control of the process early next week and paul as you say if she doesn't get what she wants in brussels what is amazing options going forward. well
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the fact is that she has narrowed her options by her sheer intransigents running down the clock is what the accusation that's come from all sides towards the prime minister so the stage where we're at we are now just days away and the the opportunities for indicative votes second referendum new referendums have almost dwindled to nothing because the simply isn't any time anymore now and many people believe that to be a deliberate almost cynical strategy by the prime minister to make sure that her deal despite being rejected soundly by two previous votes her deal remains the only deal on the table she hopes to bring it back for a meaningful vote three nv three as it's dubbed here sometime next week most likely next tuesday it's looking like it's going to get defeated again so where does that leave us well as i say m.p.'s are going to try to seize a chunk of parliamentary time to have their own indicative votes and potentially then we're looking as an emergency summit back in brussels next thursday but it's
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so uncertain and the atmosphere here is it's phaedra nobody can really predict how this is going to pan out out of there is paul brennan that for us watching developments in westminster but now let's speak to what i don't need he joins us from brussels will tell you they may get her extension today and what's in it for the e.u. . it really depends on how she puts it forward forward to the e.u. leaders i mean they were quite. clear about it from donald tusk to french president not foreign to german no chance or i'm going to merkel that also idea ok let's talk about an extension that could be possible but what for what are the guarantees that you will be able to get that meaningful vote three and a you will be able to get across the line now they're going to listen to her very carefully i'm sure they're going to also press her very much on this donald tusk
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yesterday was very clear saying that there is the fatigue settling and that we need to finish with this file especially that here they have another crucial appointment that's the upcoming elections parliament european elections which are set for the end of may now she won't get the extension that she wants until june thirtieth that was made very clear by several e.u. leaders saying no any extension you will get maybe is going to be has to end before those european elections now bear in mind this was supposed to be the last e.u. summit for do you k. if everything had gone ahead now we're in a situation where the terrorism is coming here and she's basically going to work really hard and she's going to have to be quite convincing for the e.u. leaders to accept that extensive on the other hand even though everybody says publicly especially here in brussels we've heard that over the past few days that
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everybody is ready for a no deal scenario i think that is something everyone in the e.u. and probably the u.k. want to avoid because the reality on the ground is that those preparations are far from being ready for such a scenario as there is how to until hamid he'll be updating us throughout the day from that summit in brussels thank you heidi. at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says at least twenty three others were injured in the blast at a ceremony to mark the persian new year. whether it's next but still ahead on al-jazeera there's been no letup in protests in algeria as anger grows against the ruling party. and fierce competition as gulf states are vying for control of trade along the horn of africa.
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we've got some rather disturbed weather coming in see parts of japan over the next day or so you can see this area cloud which has been making its way away clearer skies to come back in behind for a time within the next weather system starts to push a mool see some clouds drifting through the east china sea running across japan twenty celsius some sunshine around as we go on through friday but then we start to feel the influence of a northerly breeze temperatures fall back to around the one celsius in tokyo pieces of cloud and rain coming in at this stage clear skies come back and behind seven itself is across the korean peninsula just thirty degrees the in beijing we've been getting into the twenty's mossad along.


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