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tv   Walk In Their Shoes  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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surely the archbishop of santiago cardinal ricardo years facing trial for allegedly traveling up sexual abuse by three priests the catholic church leaders are under intense criticism for their response to decades of attacks by clergy worldwide. india's government has banned another pro independence group in indian administered kashmir the second this month their crackdown coincides with campaigning for india's general election so how raman reports from new delhi. it's all quiet on the streets of the capital of india administered kashmir especially at the office of the jumble kashmir liberation front the indian government banned the group on friday and its headquarters in srinagar is closed. india's government leaders say the j.k.r. life is a separatist movement that committed violence towards the bally's hindu minority its chairman the r.c. malik was jailed and remorse that allows for suspects to be held for up to two years without charge. the ban follows another imposed earlier this month bold
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another organization jamaat e islami and the arrest of around three hundred of its leaders the indian government is clear in its approach the central government has today declared. infection as an unlawful association under the section three one of the. city's prevention act nine hundred sixty seven. this is in accordance with the policy of zero tolerance against islam which is being followed by the government the crackdown follows the killing of forty indian troops last month in a suicide bomb blast in indian administered kashmir the pakistan based rebel group jaish e mohammad claimed responsibility the indian government says rebel groups support terrorism and the fighting the unification with pakistan. reaction to the j k l f band was swift from one of its founding members here little games are being.
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left fighting politically. we have running this moment. the government up india should ponder over this if the jake l.f. is running a peaceful moment what will they achieve by banning it nothing will come out of this ban but our youth will be pushed into a wall and struggle. it nine hundred ninety four the j.k. life disbanded its military wing with president morsi money committing themselves to a political struggle to achieve dependence so regional politicians are critical of his arrest and. the former chief minister of indian administered kashmir treated yasin mallik renounced violence as a way of resolving the german kashmir issue a long time ago what will a battle is organization achieve detrimental steps like these will only turn kashmir into an open air prison security analysts say querying why the indian government has acted now and just weeks before the general election it starts moving against first. but these groups are problematic and should have been acted
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against the state the data suggests that. some thirty seven criminal cases pending against it but it had thirty seven criminal cases for training against it for the last five in fact the last thirty years so why wasn't anything done to prosecute and secure their. conviction tension in the kashmir region continues to be high with cross border skirmishes either with the pakistani military or armed fighters on disputed territory with a regionally elected government in control issues of security are the governor's responsibility and he's appointed by new delhi with direct control from the capital there is no space at this moment in time for political dialogue within the region especially with nuclear rival pakistan raman al jazeera new delhi still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour left hanging we visit the exhibition bearing silent witness to violence against native american women and the world champion let his
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chances of a medal slip from this have the gymnastics world cup in qatar peter we'll have more on that story in a moment. talk to. the carter center for. eternity. so you could have us military occupation yeah go ahead see
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my prison my freedom my heart beats my life by language is my occupation since a lot of reason and there's a little. of the. jerusalem in a rock and a hard to please coming soon. time for the sports. thank you very much three time grand slam champion stand brinker shows little sign of a return to form following his injury woes of the last eighteen months philip crane of each of serbia came from a set down to knock the swiss out of the miami open second round of rinker it was
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a friendship and finalist as recently as twenty seventeen but hasn't been the same since needs surgery later that year he battled hard in this one but lost on a tiebreaker five seven six two seven six. serina williams announced her withdrawal from the tournament on saturday citing a knee injury meanwhile patric a bit of her was given a rough ride by croatia's donna vic age twenty three places divide these two in the rankings but held her own in a losing first set and fought back to take the second a bit of a too strong in the third the czech going through to the fourth round with a six three six six four win. saturday's first round qualifies for next year's european championships have come to an end ireland scraped a result at gibraltar while norway ran spain close in valencia italy content with a two no we never finland after a poor couple of years for. the big of sunday's game sees the netherlands take on
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germany in amsterdam the dutch cycled the training on saturday and have been on a bit of a roll recently with the three in a win over the germans on the way to reaching the summer's nations league finals they got off to a good starting euro qualifying with a four winnable belarus on thursday coach ronald cumin leading a resurgence since their absence from the world cup or humans older brother irwin gaudi's hands on some silverware on saturday's a man team won the four nation and marine captivating singapore on penalties after drawing the final one one. it's been almost six weeks since former bahraini football or hockey mom or a bee was released from prison in thailand and he just made a successful return to the pitch came on as a substitute for his australian team pascoe vale in their two no win over south melbourne he was arrested in bangkok in november while on honeymoon and threatened with extradition to bahrain despite having refugee status or a b. has since been given
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a straight answer to the ship it was supposed to be the day early in the macy's triumphant return to argentina national team duty instead it ended in a bad defeat of venezuela whose coach then threatened to quit because of political interference in his team messi missed six internationals after argentina were knocked out of the world cup venezuela won this friendly three one on friday and messi finished up with an injured groin but there was action off the pitch as well that's because venezuela coach. threatened to resign after verse visits from an official representing opposition leader kwan door before friday's game in madrid venezuela is in the midst of a power struggle between wide or and the president nicolas maduro. well he said bracy in the i spoke to the vice president after the game and i've left my position at their disposal i've done it because i've noticed that all this time we have been swimming in dirty water because we are very politicised. christchurch
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a super rugby team the crusaders played its first match since fifty people were killed in the mosque shooting last week the nine time champions hold a minute of silence alongside the words players ahead of the game in sydney the crusaders on are considering changing the name because of its association with the evil religious schools between christians and muslims. le bron james first season with the l.a. lakers hasn't quite turned out as he might have hoped the brooklyn nets eliminated l.a. from playoff contention with a one hundred eleven one hundred six victory they will miss the playoffs for a franchise record sixth straight season despite the arrival of le bron who fell just short of his eighty first career triple double. one of the favorites fell from grace on day two of the artistic gymnastics world cup in qatar world champion. is years during a tight grip on leading horizontal bar event but the dutchman lost it on saturday
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missing out on a medal together gold win two terms of croatia with japan and cuba getting silver and bronze so imagine a race that comprises running on sand dunes as well as trails and roads doable perhaps but what if you had to swim cycle kayak and shoot to well that's exactly what competitors in the summer desert to extreme when carter had to go through the grueling event concluded with the eighth and final stage on saturday defending champ pfizer qatar me taking first place and collecting around one hundred thirty seven thousand dollars for is if. coming up again later but that's it for mo and an exit of thirty five red dresses that a museum in washington d.c. is highlighting crimes against native american women there are ten times more likely to be murdered than the u.s. national average and the artist jamie barr cope's the new exit bit at the
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smithsonian prevents more women going missing. and my name is jamie black and i am the artist behind the red dress project and it's an installation art project for a missing and murdered indigenous them in girls but i really wanted to bring forth and bring forward and create a space for indigenous women's voices through doing this work and really breaking the silence around the violence women are experiencing but also creating a space to talk about our power and and the ways we want to move forward as as communities right as a really powerful and spiritual and ceremonial color for many cultures across the world to me it's the color of life blood and so it's really about our power and our sacredness as women but it's also you know it also leads to the violence that women are experiencing in the spilling of the sacred blood since the onset of colonization in indigenous communities and settlers have had
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a fraught and violent relationship. really based on the ratio of indigenous places and so i think that you know indigenous women have always been the center of community and culture and they're in direct opposition to this this colonial encroachment and i really make it make the link between violence against indigenous women and into tonight's women standing up to maintain culture and community in the face of colonisation. i think the power of art is really it speaks to people's hearts and i think that people you know when they when they walk by these dresses they feel the presence next to them and they can't erase that feeling and that connection and it really opens up. a space for us to educate and talk to people about what's going on if they don't know but it also offers a space of of mourning and a space to for families to come and connect their loved ones and see that we are supporting you know. you can find out much more about that
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exhibit on our website to al jazeera dot com and you can head there for all the day's top stories as well thanks for watching the news hour back in just a moment with more news coming your way see you in a minute but i. mean as i want to finally we're going to ask about it but that's the ball is about what i see which there's a lot of not to set so is there not the david under the double of a cousin to bunches of which i'm up to but odds are. in part one of his two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs.
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sports doping the endless tricks on al-jazeera. around ten million yemenis are on the edge of balance examining the headlines netanyahu was looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust setting the discussions you're denying that he was beaten by the police i did not deny sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire and it's all good by the world is watching on al-jazeera on counting because this week on al-jazeera we'll take a deeper dive into what's behind algeria's protests last what it's really get from joining china's beltran road initiative plus we'll take a look at the plight of venezuela's struggling fisherman. coming to the cost
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although jazeera. al-jazeera. where every year. we climb trees and stayed there for four days without food those who grew too weak just fell down into the water aid agencies say they're running out of time to save thousands of stranded victims of one of southern africa is worst natural disasters . you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha i'm dead enough a great also ahead i saw as forced out of its last scrap of land in syria u.s.
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backed kurdish forces though say the group still poses a threat it's donald trump uncharacteristically quiet as the u.s. waits to learn the findings. robert muller's russia investigation and we'll look at why military backed parties have a big advantage in thailand's first election since the twenty fourteen crew. hello the death toll from a powerful cyclone that pummeled southern africa has passed seven hundred as diseases start tens of thousands of survivors more than four hundred are known to have died in mozambique alone but officials there and in zimbabwe in malawi say the numbers will keep climbing as waters recede cyclonic die on least flooding rain and fierce winds when it hit last friday and the u.n. is asking the world to provide more help to aid agencies who say they're overwhelmed tony berkeley is an mozambique's port city
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a beer are most of which has been damaged or destroyed. they are tired and traumatized but at least these victims of cyclists are safe now each one has their own harrowing story about the time the storms came each day more of them come mostly from boozy district. sixty five years of age he had a small holding and lived alone he was rescued after spending four days stuck in a tree without food he says his life is changed forever by fellow good little blue wolf i have nothing to go back to my farm my house all were destroyed there is nothing left i need to start afresh but i don't know how. he lives here now in the same or michelle's school in bira along with twelve hundred other displaced people . christina arrived on saturday after surviving for four days on the roof of a church in boozy her foot was infected after she stepped on a piece of submerged roofing while waiting to safety her future like many others is
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something she finds difficult to contemplate. from now on life will be difficult i will need food i will need shelter he's crying for food now but i don't know what he will be crying for when we go back. these people are getting three meals a day and access to medical care so safe and sound and drive but they have no idea when they'll be able to go back to their homes that is if they have a home to go back to. the massive emergency operation involves dozens of countries and it's costing more than fifty million dollars but the focus is now changing at the moment think that the that they cute phase of risk is pretty much those people needed to be lifted out of raging water. people and trees and the top of the houses most of that is as as as those people most of those people have been risked their artwork the think the focus area at the moment is really getting that relief to the
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people who need it is now an urgent priority before cholera and other diseases break out the situation is improving but there are still risk of further flooding sadly the risk of flooding is ever present and ultimately we have red alerts now on two of the major rivers one is a busy flowing in from zimbabwe to the sea and the other is the breezy river which is a short fat flat river which floods very easily as already battle saturation of the dams are full so we're facing multiple routes that won't affect these people their concern is their next meal and how to rebuild their homes their communities and their lives tony berkley al-jazeera beera at least one hundred thirty four fulani herders have been killed in mali during an attack blamed on an ethnic militia group gunmen dressed as traditional dons. hunters targeted the village of. districts they also attacked another village nearby ethnic violence has compounded an already dire
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security situation mali's desert regions which are used as a base by al qaeda and isolated groups now so hunters are part of these largest ethnic group while the. people are dispersed throughout the west africa the two communities often clash over access to land and water in january thirty seven people were killed in another fulani village that attack was also blamed on the don't so often accuse the ties with al qaeda linked fighters the fulani say that mali's military arms dog hunters to attack them. from chatham house is africa program says that accusation is yet to be established. we don't yet know if the army has actually armed some of the traditional hunters what we do know is that over the sort of four or five years that this crisis in the center of the country is accelerating the army has really struggled to maintain any control there been
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a lot of random attacks or military bases and particularly isolated military outposts for example or checkpoints where and police always on down the checking on travelers and that has stirred up bitterness among the army the army has not always been as disciplined does it should have been not as well trained as it should have been and this is a very different situation from the north where for example the french and the un forces are deployed in much greater force which is a bit nearer to a conventional sort of anti terrorist situation this is a really a mixed up community situation with an awful lot of bits in this intentional. donald trump says the u.s. will stamp out i so wherever its fighters are until the armed group is defeated once and for all of us back forces have declared victory over iceland who is the only piece of syrian territory it had left jim also reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. this was the moments i so lost its last piece of territory in
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syria kurdish fighters hoisting their flag declaring that they are now in control or that. our forces have raised our flags in big groups and have declared the end of this so-called kelly faith a north and syria this victory couldn't have been a sheet were not for the great sacrifices of our brave martyrs within hours of victory ceremony was held in blues and the u.s. special envoy on syria it was there alongside kurdish fighters from the u.s. army has been supporting this critical milestone in the fight against isis delivers a crushing strategic blow. scored the unwavering commitment of our local partners and the global coalition to defeat isis. the self declared caliphate which won span swathes of syria and iraq had eventually been refused to the town of
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but whose as it was unable to withstand the might of the u.s. led coalition which bombed it from the skies and the onslaught on the ground of a variety of groups including the kurdish led syrian defense forces the s.d.f. and the turkish back to free syria army. the taking the boos from ice all came just hours after the white house issued a statement announcing the total defeat of the group but even though it no longer controls the land analysts say it's premature to declare the end of the group itself. so what next for syria in other parts of the country where i saw has been overrun the vacuum has been filled by different fighting groups close to the turkish border for instance formally eisel held territory is now under the control of the free syrian army a group that's on corrupt proves of while im embittered now but was kurdish fighters have taken over since eisel rose to prominence in two thousand and fourteen the international community slowly stopped talking about the syrian
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revolution and the struggle for freedom and the narrative became one of defeating i saw in combating terrorism and that's helped us that survive the presence of i saw also discourage many countries from supporting armed opposition groups in the syrian civil war now that i saw no longer controls any territory inside syria the question is will the international community refocus attention on the atrocities committed against the syrian people by the assad government and its allies. beirut. details of u.s. special counsel robert mueller as reported to possible collusion between russia and donald trump's twenty sixteen campaign could be revealed to congress assume this sunday attorney general william barra says he'll write two reports based on the documents he received one for congress and another for the public democrats are demanding the full report be released without delay since they have a majority in the house they have subpoena power to obtain the reports donald
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trump's lawyers say they want to look at mahler's findings before they're made public president trump is at his weekend home in palm beach florida and gabriel is there. that will be made public at some point it's just a matter of when and how much of it will be made public that's what everyone is waiting for this has been two years they were waiting for the mueller report and now we're in another waiting game and it's all eyes on william barr the attorney general i'm told he just a few minutes ago left the department of justice in washington office there where he was for over nine hours on saturday he's doing two things number one he's reading the report and only he has a copy of it to read right now we don't know if that report is ten pages twenty pages a thousand pages nobody has any idea so he's first reading it and then he's deciding how much of it to release to congress and that's going to be the key question what
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are the key findings that the attorney general thinks that he wants to release to congress as soon as that happens or even before that happens it's expected that he will inform the white house and perhaps give the white house the advance warning of what he thinks the key findings are and this is a president that tweets a lot he comes out talks to the media a lot he has been completely silent for the last twenty four hours since mueller turned over this report to the department of justice he was here it is mar a lago resort he did not come out much you want to play golf you know but beyond that he has been very silent not saying anything and no one knows what to make of that this is a critical juncture in his presidency i think he knows that the people around him know that and i think they're just simply waiting. clashes have broken out in paris during the nineteenth straight weekend of protests paris police banned demonstrators from gathering in their songs it is a after shops and businesses were looted there last weekend and soldiers have been
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deployed to guard public buildings a move that's been widely criticized violence between police and protesters broke out in other cities too including in the north and to lose in the south and these are the scenes as police fired tear gas so far there are no reports of injuries the demonstrations began last november over fuel tax rises a second big cycling has made landfall in australia veronica across the country is northwest coast near port hedland people are being urged to leave in anticipation of heavy rain and strong winds. trevor has already been battering the northern coast the storm hit on saturday and it's now beginning to lose strength as it moves inland it's will get an update on the weather coming up in just a moment and then how chechnya is helping former iso fighters reintegrate into society and demanding. that referendum hundreds of thousands join the people's vote march.


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