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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 82  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 10:33am-11:01am +03

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storm the government your own go idealist on saving the world of what it's must see that's ongoing just ones that he bore you will eat up with. two of the gold medal winners of the london olympic games if you athletes tested positive it was because the anti doping agency in moscow were themselves corrupt. deodorizers the. president is now. good about us but is a slow or some move it is cheap and instead. of punishing you must give them good help to go off only because they. are useless about iraq was mobile distiller on your door when you quote you boys at the u. prost as they also which. student but dumb to be over the blanket was of an accord on the peace and moment problem team you so must get that number probably but so i guess that's just based popcorn that what they've seen as a place where disallowing them are probably against managed topic i guess most
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probably no names could hit it or what. did you do while competing yulia met retire early her future husband on a second date she broached the issue of doping. because arguably my own yacht. because it the podium up in that tube. from the sun to get almost of civil political gesture with which to see so. much as three children. according to the other side there's no new offer to the shop or for the already old could always write to christos who would say to the sunni doctor boy. and then he up us what they all if i watched.
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the man who said nothing was we are just love scene of one of the two directors the died under suspicious circumstances. but what were the russian athletes doing to escape checks abroad. that we said come on the set of narnia. stay on it's not genuine design use could mean their wisdom was damned. but i said that they get a sentiment is plentiful is that one you know the detection methods are always changing and the dates how long. some substances can be detected always getting shorter but again usually the directors of the labs at the first ones to receive this information so that in
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a country like russia the they have to share this information because the main goal is not to catch their peers the main goal is to help people in gold medals. the russian anti-doping agency disputes the accusations. vitali he has refused to cooperate with us on this matter. and for us it's a pity if you want to fight against doping in sport you should not only give these bold statements publicly it's not enough just to you know appear in the screen and say everyone is cropped it facts and presumptions that what we need to have in order to establish an underdog in the world is. the evidence was collected by high level. as if you have a as a tradition i like yesterday in your fourth rita. and you just have an off duty guy and tyson and video and audio form. you going
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to not need to have one in. my toes and. you know in. your view you know it's a day in is so good to see does he. get up and on those of times to the economic hot. beleaguer. just dropping you know what is nice to play the cop tired or faulty or maybe tina does money reagan was dusty's and sustain immanent is probably him there's always this response to minister to was disinvited to. use it that's all because he's from upper left almost genius like she took the equivalent . of the vision image from were up about the let me die you see but i couldn't conceive in my books if the minimum for the month i was. cruelly should be most of
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the fishies that makes you don't. lose it that is a soft spot you keep cool. you know not. going to look past me to look on the ones that don't get the media. following vitaly unions revelations want i began investigating russia. meanwhile julia hopes to rediscover her best film. because i can see what's going to guess that or so north to get the most you got though this is me of a child that. i saw just as nice to you on each when you put in my history you have a new wife still. stays yet you still means that all of the thirty years what sports. do you think that they take yet.
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with an interest in them because if. you want. to take part in international competition she first needs to find a host country to accept into their team. because it was in us to but it's a coup we can fix that and then you just get that from my store opening up to the caucuses that are stepping up to the head you have to get your question. which country would be dead if i russia and adopt yulia. russia however does not have the monopoly on doping every year worldwide three thousand athletes test positive for doping among the sports in which cheating has been found to be the most prevalent in recent years our bodybuilding athletics baseball american football weightlifting boxing wrestling cycling ice hockey rugby swimming and basketball power
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and insurance sports are not the only concerns. only on the overall is a specific nick book if you didn't. saw that it. would board put it in his pool and it's all of it is. more all now but the movies were that it's an exposure that he needs me all produce rather than his six it all but. much of skittishness of all don't do it thank him said look they stood it in. this book if they look at it. as a sport that relies on technique football would seem to be above doping scandals and yet it has been tainted by match rigging and corruption. is very true and over the during the two thousand and fourteen world cup in brazil seven hundred thirty six players were tested as shown in this fifo promotional video. once again the
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tests are financed and carried out by the federation that organizes the event do you think that those of the like in other words or what is your opinion is one difficult informal modest move to run. pool of you know grand in ireland. good luck this quarter was. no footballer tested positive in rio a satisfactory result of a free for. all. of the last. case we had was during the one nine hundred ninety four when the united states. there is a very clear commitment to make the fifa competitions free. despite this show of toughness to the leaders of world football really provide the necessary means to catch cheats in one thousand nine hundred eighty four had all
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the samples destroyed after the world cup thus avoiding any subsequent unmasking of drug cheats in two thousand and six no blood samples were taken in two thousand and fourteen the laboratory that tested the samples was in those over twelve hours away from rio after twelve hours tiny doses of a no longer detectable in urine samples so is the myth of clean football to be believed retired player right world champion in one thousand nine hundred four is skeptical. so. not. really my origins vital to those. sports working to control the strain of the strain of the of he used to look at as a future boy as he would inject when things are bad and. badger moves with my i was
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there with my shorty there was that they may perceive him as massive amounts of muscle spasms of them being. ripped out of some fused and. if we witnessed this that specter. of dementia. would leave out other witnesses peter was when was the v. . chip with an army. to grab his issue at first only to be no. no i. was only moved to the minimum is more. yeah we've history got it or wars and you're closer to. it watch the video of it you know what in my arm i see my eyes fickling to my eyes my eyes up without the ha ha ha ha ha oh. i mean because it was part of what i think an issue part. i pop your
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prng gun. law. ah i just finished a book pushed by doc at night by the twit of all still could not dothraki. these parts and sweet. little budget stick in texas or for boat call really had the explaining please keep a saw so maybe you'll. see still could nationalise mortality do but do you plan to do that the shots you feel could be because it will be able to teach you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes he just wouldn't you guys look at this good scene today by the beagle with you on the human what's on your ball kinetic and even when you want to see it all out it's about to start. i used. to wait you need to be accountable let's use more sophisticated values in the official welcome to geneva for the special one the independent commission press
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conference that we have found to cover up speed for them destruction of samples in the fortress payments of money in order to conceal the doping test so it's worse than we thought. harley is influenced by their football fans who don't think about opening. they had that lead explaining when rail madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you don't. in part two of this see you he's al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports still being the endless chase on al-jazeera.
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hello again this hour do want to start here in the united states because we are still dealing with widespread flooding across the plains as well as the midwest this is going to continue for weeks if not months before that water does recede now we are watching one particular storm system right here coming in off the rockies now this is going to be rain to that same area we don't need any more rain across this region because it's really going to not let that water recede in a timely manner so we're going to be watching this very carefully but out here towards the eastern seaboard things are quite nice for new york on sunday but as we go towards monday we're going to be seeing more rain and that could turn to snow behind the system because of that cooler air well across the caribbean we're looking at some rainy conditions as well many of the islands up here are going to
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be rain over the next few days we're talking about puerto rico dominican republic cuba as well as into the bahamas that is going to continue as we go towards monday but out here towards much of central america not looking too bad unless you get down here towards parts of course to rica and then very quickly parts of argentina things looking quite nice now much of that rain is making its way towards the north which happens seasonally right about this time rio it's going to be quite nice at thirty degrees ascension at about thirty one but down here towards point as it is it is going to be a clear day few with a temperature of about twenty two degrees there. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as much extra content as they can get undercover to gauge how ethics weigh against
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profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha i'm terry navigator coming up in the next sixty minutes thailand holds its first election since the twenty fourteen crew but military
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parties only need a quarter of the seats to hold on to power. we climbed trees and stayed there for four days without food those who grew too weak just fell down into the water aid agencies say they're running out of time to save thousands of stranded victims of one of southern africa as worst natural disasters donald trump supporters celebrate the completion of the moeller report but the way to find out exactly what's in it goes on and choppy water is how relaxing cruise off the coast of norway turned into a terrifying ordeal. hello voters in thailand are going to the polls in the first election since a military coup in twenty fourteen the leader of that crew prior. to remain as prime minister through the ballot box and with the help of a military appointed senators now the most prominent of the anti gentle parties is
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poor it's linked to exiled former prime minister attacks and he was ousted by the army in two thousand and six as was his sister eight years later and the third group led by the anti-tax and democrat party argues that it can form a government that's neutral then there's a future forward party its charismatic billionaire frontman is popular among younger people while florence louis is in talks and china wants hometown of chiang mai but first we'll cross over to scott hyde lawyer joining us from bangkok and scott it's been described that the current military government has a head start going into the selection how is that. absolutely they have a head start and after the primaries a period. just cast his ballot behind me in the last forty minutes polls have been open for about an hour about six thousand plus polling stations here in bangkok he just cast his ballot now looking at how the government is going to be formed moving
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forward after this democratic process that's going on today there's a lot of criticism that the government will be formed out of this democratic process isn't that isn't really that democratic mainly because as you alluded to two hundred fifty seats in the senate will be appointed by the military government so seats of the military government so they have a massive head start going into this polling now also there is a political party that. is the prime ministerial candidate or they will also be getting votes today in seats today probably not that many so you when you look at it they really have a head start that in and then as you mentioned those other parties we want to you know those are the more traditional pro-democracy parties that have been around for a while. sometimes they will also be getting some seats but it seems as though it's going to be difficult to form a government or to have a government that is just from one little party because of the way these votes will be following it throughout the day so then if a coalition will need to be forms among several parties will that process also precedent difficult. it will be yes mainly because of when you
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look at again how those seats are going to be divided up but just to really kind of make it simple again no single party is expected through opinion polls to really get enough seats to form their own government so there will need to be coalitions form and it's difficult because you have the two main parties that democrats and put that are rivals so it can be very difficult for them to create some kind of coalition but then you have the pro government the pro military government party that will also get some seats and already has that two hundred fifty seats moving in so some of the parties we might have to play ball with them so it's going to be a very difficult process a lot of horse trading will be expecting to see over that the days after the polling closes at five pm here on sunday in bangkok all right just got hired live reporting from bangkok thank you let's bring in florence louise she's joining us from chang by and you're in the part of thailand that's a real stronghold for attacks in china was the former prime minister with all the limits that have been placed on the electoral process florence what are their part
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of their prospects in this election. well that's going to be an uphill battle over time and parties linked to thompson but this is an area that has long been counted on to deliver votes for thompson and his allies they draw their support from the rural mainly rural and farming communities in the north and northeast and parts of the country now these communities have remained loyal to thompson even though he's been in exile because he was one of the first politicians to pay attention to them gave them access to cheaper health care agricultural subsidies and opinion polls suggest that the tide is in the lead they are unlikely though to be able to win enough seats to form a government on their own but that doesn't mean we should rule them out yet because as you mentioned bear is the future of forward party now this is a party that is new it's led by a very young billionaire and it's
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a party that has captured the imagination of the younger generation first time voters form about thirteen percent of registered voters so they could very well win enough seats perhaps to form a coalition with a tie and tops in the parties and i imagine people there are really going to vote given the been waiting for yearns to exercise its rights. that's right this is not only a much anticipated election this is also a much delayed election because when the military generals took power in a coup in two thousand and fourteen they had promised to hold elections within a year or two people have been waiting for five years and in the early voting that took place last sunday the voter turnout rate was about eighty seven percent so it will cost as i expect a high turnout rate on sunday as well now on the outcome however. you know whatever the outcome of the election though it looks like the military is going to have a continued role in politics in thailand going forward but having said that if the
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military factions even if they don't win enough seats to form the next government if they can win the popular vote and win by a decisive majority that could go some way in stripping away some of the legitimacy not only from this election but from what have a new government is formed to sue into these polls to florence three thank you oakley's thirty four fulani herders have been killed in mali during an attack blamed on an ethnic militia group gunmen dressed as traditional dong xoai hunter has targeted the village of. the streets they also attacked another fulani village nearby i think violence has compounded an already dire security situation in mali is desert regions which are used as a base by al qaida and eisel groups now dons a hunters are part of mali's largest ethnic group while the nomadic fulani people are dispersed throughout the west africa the two communities often clash over
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access to land and water in january thirty seven people were killed in another fulani village that attack was also blamed on the dong who often accused me of ties with al qaeda linked fighters the falana say that mali's military arms hunters to attack them but paul mellie from chatham house africa program says that accusation is yet to be established. we don't yet know if the army has actually armed some of the traditional hunters what we do know is that over these four or five years that this crisis in the center of the country is excel aerated the army has really struggled to maintain any control there been a lot of random attacks or military bases and particularly isolated military outposts for example or checkpoints where a police officer on dharma checking on travelers and that has stirred up bits in this among the army the army is not always been this disciplined does it should have been not as well trained as it should have been and this is
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a very different situation from the north where for example the french and the un forces are deployed in much greater force which is a bit nearer to a conventional sort of terrorist situation this is a really a mixed community situation with an awful lot of bits in this intentional. the death toll from a powerful cycle that pummeled southern africa has passed seven hundred as disease a stock tens of thousands of survivors more than four hundred are known to have died in mozambique alone but officials there and in zimbabwe in malawi say the numbers will keep climbing as waters recede cyclery die on least flooding rain and fierce winds went ahead last friday the u.n. is asking the world to provide more help to aid agencies who say they're overwhelmed tony berkeley is a mozambique's port city of most of which has been damaged or destroyed. they are tired and traumatized but at least these victims of cyclon eat i are safe now each
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one has their own harrowing story about the time the storms came each day more of them come mostly from boozy district. home and back to sixty five years of age he had a small holding and lived to live he was rescued after spending four days stuck in a tree without food he says his life is changed forever by fellow give blood. i have nothing to go back to my farm my house all were destroyed there is nothing left i need to start afresh but i don't know how. he lives here now in the sim or in michelle's school in bira along with twelve hundred other displaced people. the scene arrived on saturday after surviving for four days on the roof of a church in boozy her foot was infected after she stepped on a piece of submerged roofing while waiting to safety her future like many others is something she finds difficult to contemplate i. from now on life will be
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difficult i will need food i will need shelter he's crying for food now but i don't know what he will be crying for when we go back. these people are getting three meals a day and access to medical care so safe and sound and drive but they have no idea when they'll be able to go back to their homes that is if they have a home to go back to i. the massive emergency operation involves dozens of countries and it's costing more than fifty million dollars but the focus is now changing at the moment think that the that they cute phase of risk is pretty much those people needed to be lifted out of raging water. people and trees and the top of causes most of that is as as those people most of those people have been received their artwork the i think the focus area at the moment is relief getting that relief to the people who need it is now an urgent priority before cholera and other diseases break out the situation is improving but there are still risks of
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further flooding sadly the risk of flooding is is ever present and ultimately we have red alerts now on two of the major rivers one is a busy flowing in from zimbabwe to the sea and the other is the breezy river which is a short fat flat river which floods very easily is already bad soul saturation and the jams are full so we're facing multiple risks that won't affect these people their concern is there now. smeal and how to rebuild their homes their communities and their lives tony berkeley out zero zero. a second cyclon has made landfall in australia cyclon veronica had the west coast near port hedland people in coastal towns are being urged to leave in anticipation of heavy rain and strong winds meanwhile cycling trapper has already been battering the northern coast the storm made landfall on saturday mcbride is joining us from port hedland where that cycling has now made landfall what's the latest.
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that's right jury veronica is finally now making landfall that it has been a long time coming that's been the for.


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