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area. that's right i believe that this is the second cycle oh don't are straight here there has been dealing with it is fairly unprecedented this very rarely happens the said first cycling event to the cycling traveler has now passed into northern territory but that was a massive system around the size of the state of new south wales hundreds of kilometers across now it's not luckily if you like these both psychoses happened in fairly remote areas where not a lot of population but it has to be said that a lot of the population a very vulnerable coming from for example the intake just indigenous communities people who have had to be evacuated i think precedented numbers especially in northern territory they haven't been evacuated like that before but they're sitting both of these psychos out waiting to see what know can return home but of course just how much damage these two psychos will have let me all right rob mcbride there
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stay safe stay dry. donald trump says the u.s. will stamp our eye so whatever its phases are until the group is defeated once and for all u.s. backed forces have declared victory over isenberg who's the only piece of syrian territory i had left jim our share reports this was the moments iceland lost its last piece of territory in syria kurdish fighters hoisting their flag declaring that the are now in control. of what our forces have raise our flags in boots and have declared the end of this so-called caliphate in north and syria this victory couldn't have been if she'd wear it not for the great sacrifices of our brave martyrs. within hours of victory ceremony was held in blues and the u.s. special envoy on syria it was there alongside kurdish fighters from the u.s. army has been supporting this critical milestone in the fight against isis delivers
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a crushing strategic blow and underscores the unwavering commitment of our local partners and the global coalition to do the isis. the self declared caliphate which one span swathes of syria and iraq has eventually been refused to the town of but whose as it was unable to withstand the might of the u.s. led coalition which bombed it from the skies and the onslaught on the ground of a variety of groups including the kurdish that syrian defense forces the us the af and the turkish back to free syria army. the taking the boos from ice all came just hours after the white house issued a statement announcing the total defeat of the group but even though it no longer controls the land analysts say it's premature to declare the end of the group itself. so what next for syria in other parts of the country
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where i saw has been overrun the vacuum has been filled by different fighting groups close to the turkish border for instance formally eisel held territory is now under the control of the free syrian army a group that uncorrupt proves of while im embittered now but was kurdish fighters have taken over since eisel rose to prominence in two thousand and fourteen the international community slowly stopped talking about the syrian revolution and the struggle for freedom and the narrative became one of defeating i saw in combating terrorism and that's helped south survive the presence of ice will also discourage many countries from supporting armed opposition groups in the syrian civil war now that i saw no longer controls any territory inside syria the question is will the international community refocus attention on the atrocities committed against the syrian people by the assad government and its allies. beirut. the weather is next then we get to christ church where the community continues to
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all of victims of the mosque shootings. chechnya is helping formalize the members reintegrate back into society. hello again it's good to have you back well here across the levant we are watching a storm system coming out of egypt actually and this one is going to promise to bring quite a bit of rain over the next few days across much of the area so here's a storm system right now making its way towards the northeast and on sunday here it is we are going to see in the area of low pressure over syria heavy rain across much of this area all the way back across northern iraq iran and up to the north in turkey it is going to be snow as we go towards monday well we're going to be seeing not a lot of movement with the storm system but the rain continues across much of this
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area the snow actually goes away but the rain continues and we could be seeing some localized flooding across much of the region we will be watching that very carefully well here across the gulf as well as into the arabian peninsula it is going to be clouds for many locations there up to the north we are going to sing clouds with probably some embedded rain as well for here in doha attempt to for us of about twenty seven degrees so it could go up to about twenty eight as we go towards monday but abu dhabi it is going to be a warm day for you at thirty one degrees there and some good news for mozambique because of the season we are not seeing a lot of that tropical activity making its way towards the north the flooded area will start to actually recede as we go towards the next couple of days but harare we will see clouds and euphoric as a twenty seven and medicare at twenty. used properly can be a beautiful site. trump
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has found to keep money out of america. people in power travels alongside those hoping to make even. more command she's on al-jazeera. launching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now millions of people are voting in thailand's first election since the two thousand and fourteen in a treat to the prime minister an opposition leaders are among those who've already cost their ballots critics though say the vote isn't truly democratic senators
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still appointed by the military. death toll in one of southern africa disasters is continuing to rise more than a week. to cross the region more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and. u.s. backed forces in syria say they've taken the last pocket of land held by. syrian democratic forces flag was raised in buchholz following weeks of fighting. with the clad caliphate now it raised there are questions over what happens to foreign fighters and their families who want to return home while many countries are turning them away is backing that trend and reports from its regional capital grozny. that was pregnant with her third child when she and her family crossed the border from turkey to join eisel she says they were lured by
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videos betraying a land of pure islam but found torture war and oppression instead fearing reprisals from eisel she doesn't want to show her face. there was a lot of injustice there a lot of evil they not only tortured others those who were not from my school they were torturing that we do schooling there that's why the place fell apart it cannot be called islamic state things that took place there do not exist in islam after saddam's husband was killed she managed to contact chechen operatives and was put on a flight home where she became part of a deal radicalization program and it's carefully watched she was one of the last women allowed to return the russian government now only repatriate children much to the despair of hundreds of parents who come from all over russia to chechnya urging the authorities to bring back their daughters richest in the challenge to the it's harder to stay hopeful for the third year there's no news about the case the last
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phone call fatima received from her daughter was in february two thousand and seventeen. i was in mosul with her five children. we have the government will give a chance with these girls to be reunited with their mothers if the author found if they are alive they should be able to live in a normal human atmosphere with the help of the state without any worries the organization who lobbied for their return has filed of more than seven hundred russian women and fifteen hundred children still missing. of course we are worried they were women who really wanted to get to the caliphate but those women are among the first to run away now they can get here illegally that is why if we bring them back through the program and under the close eye of the special services they will be less dangerous. while men who have returned were sent to prison women. been given money and a place to live as policy of rehabilitation for former eisel women has taken many
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by surprise. is perhaps better known for being a tough uncompromising leader and unexpected approach in a region known for its violent crackdown against people considered extremists so this policy of we turning women and children on form i thought poetry's is seen by some as a way for the biro to bushfires poor human rights record as well as the practical thankful insurgent and to promote the stature as a muslim leader. that is now trying hard to convince the authorities to bring home more women despite criticism that she's helping people who joined a band organization she sees rehab elite patients of these women as the safest option making her the only hope for parents to be reunited with their children not only in russia but parents from as far away as germany have come to her for help stop passing al-jazeera cousinly russia new zealanders of all faiths united in a show of solemn solidarity in memory of the fifty people who were killed by the christ
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church gunman just over a week ago sunday is the day of worship for most christians but to all of those muslims who were killed the ceremony was held opposite the first mosque to be attacked with a new man offering a call to prayer on friday exactly a week after the shootings the call to prayer was broadcast across new zealand during a national commemoration. or andrew thomas is there tell us about the mood now i'm drew. well it's a beautiful sunday evening here in christ church and between that they'd and twenty thousand people come to the park in the middle of christ church to remember the victims and to really having their repeated experience with fellow members of the community reflecting on the last night. the pain prayers both muslim prayers that began this event and christian prayers as well has been a minute's silence to the names of those killed in the little bit they just over
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a week ago were read out to high school students from the same school as two of the victims to the people killed went to high school there in christchurch one read out poetry another song a song you can hear now this is the final song the event the people beginning to start drifting away but it's been a very peaceful song also happy occasion people appreciate not just the tragedy of what happened going days ago. to the elements of the last nine days the collective unity around the response by the going to the school level and the emotion that outpouring of grief and support from the most contributing to the flowers with this all around right church the women of all faiths wearing headscarves in support all of that has really pleaded with this and you can now see bubbles in the with the well so real sort of a sense of what's to view that see here off to a horrific weight not just in the city of this country. what
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a beautiful result to come out of this tragic situation thanks so much andrew thomas there. of the struggle of a brags that has spilled back onto the streets of london in a huge show of discontent and frustration over the political limbo hundreds of thousands marched to demand the people of u.k. be given a chance to rethink its decision to leave you. there have been tense scenes in paris and elsewhere in france during the nineteenth consecutive weekend of yellow vests protest soldiers were brought in to prevent a repeat of last weekend when shops were looted and cars were burned from paris david chase reports. the yellow vest protesters were outnumbered by the police in paris according to official figures six thousand officers deployed with orders to show zero tolerance to any violence and a five thousand strong march to the sack recur it passed without incident apart from them trying to tie a yellow vest around the basilica is just what i saw today was very convivial and
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we found city buried again in the movement which is house warming compared to last week's events. in suspense this is how the soul of the yellow vests should the people who are speaking exchanging ideas trying to get more political the elevators seem determined to make sure that their protests remains peaceful and that the reason they're protesting are valid and present a manual macro must answer their questions. their worst sporadic clashes when the demonstrators dispersed but on those significant scale. across the rest of france so the picture was not so peaceful. and nice a seventy two year old woman was not to the ground during a police charge and had to be treated to head wounds which were bleeding heavily. and police were forced to use tear gas to try and disperse protesters throwing cans and bottles at them. nevertheless the new police tactics were described as mission
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accomplished by the french government. it by struction. spec did and order to be maintained and prevented from getting out offend. the biggest show of force was on the seans elisei the scene of seven hours of rioting and looting last saturday this time not a single yellow vests managed to penetrate the thick blue line surrounding the most famous streets in france and the police only managed to do it because behind the scenes it was the army who were guarding many public buildings david chase to al-jazeera paris. kazakstan has officially remained its capital nor salt in all of north honors the buyer who unexpectedly resigned as president on tuesday on friday dozens of opposition supporters were arrested as they protested against the name change they also say the former president is planning at the last exit
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session lining up his daughter to take over after almost thirty years in power the veteran leader called for a new leadership but he'll stay on as head of the national security council and ruling party. i believe it very negatively because the name is done here is a brown and i think no sultan is not right at all we have no salt on street no salt on university and now the capital city no sultan i think that is a record. i'm against renaming astana to nursultan because a stan is a world brand everyone knows the standard from x. or twenty seventeen and we always see the international summit. we are happy that they named the capital after the first president this will stay in history for the next generation to my grandchildren. all the one thousand passengers are being airlifted from a stricken cruise ship off norway's coast the viking skies engines failed after
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running into bad weather the tory gate and we are forts. it was meant to be a relaxing cruise. that passengers on the bike guy say it ended in a terrifying ordeal. but . the ship suffered engine plane and stormy conditions of norway's west coast on saturday afternoon as it drifted towards rocky ground the captain sent out a mayday signal the call to novel. is clear that it's a serious situation when a cruise ship with over thirteen hundred passengers is in one of northern europe's worst waters even. managed to anchor the boat so it's lying at rest they've also managed to start one engine there are four engines on board and now they want to start more so they can move themselves. strong winds and waves up to eight meters high caused windows to break and water to flow in the passengers mostly from the
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united states in the united kingdom were told to put on life jackets and wait for help the bad weather meant rescuers were unable to use lifeboats to take them ashore. the helicopters were said to winch them one by one to safety the viking sky was more than halfway through a twelve day trip around norway and was shared you will tour right in britain on choose day. it's a trip passengers say they'll never forget but for all the wrong reasons victoria gates and be algis they are. this is our just syria and these are the top stories now millions of people are heading to the polls in thailand's first election since the two thousand and fourteen military coup the prime minister and opposition leaders are among those who've already cast their ballots for the say the vote isn't truly democratic since
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the seventy's appointed by the military. still the incumbent leader is praising the process. today the prime minister has voted like everybody else today in the name of the people one write one vote i hope everyone will vote in the election today to exercise their own right everyone wants democracy therefore everyone should exercise their rights in transparency and the country will be developed by our own hands the death toll in one of southern africa's worst natural disasters is continuing to rise more than a week after psycho to die swept across the region more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi. australia is being hit by a second big storm in two days syed clone veronica crosses the northwest coast of headland it's moving slowly bringing a big storm surge a day earlier trevor hits a remote part of the north coast of the u.s.
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backed rebels in syria say they've captured eyesores last pocket of land in eastern syria warning the armed group still poses a threat. to our forces have raised our flags in both groups and have declared the end of this so-called caliphate in north and syria this victory couldn't have been a sheep were it not for the great sacrifices of our brave martyrs details of the model report into possible collusion between russia and trans two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election could be revealed on sunday attorney general william barr says he'll write two reports one for congress and another for the public president has been silent so far. another vigil is being held in christ church remembering the victims of a gunman who shot and killed fifty people to mosques the event is happening in a park next to the mosque which was the first to be attacked. headlines
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it's people in power now stay with us. fourteen that dime of change and discovered . that it's not for me. to forge an identity i tell you which says. he i'm confused and i know in one thousand nine hundred ninety south africa revisits the children of about eight seven years on as they grow and develop with their country. fourteen south africa part one on al-jazeera. over the last year not groups of asylum seekers have been fleeing violence in central america migrant caravans travelling thousands of kilometers through mexico towards the us border in the face of fierce hostility from the trumpet ministration
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what keeps them on the road and reporter eric campbell went to find out. whole woods dividing america a caravan of desperate migrants trying to cross it. and the president trying to stop. letting. in a new wave of migration that's created a political storm. used rolling in to be able to say.
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east in mexico is dangerous territory. if. no country. for the use two thousand exhausted travelers it's their first break since they left el salvador twelve days ago. cross the jungles rivers and stuff borders. a famine has offered them stables to rest in. sight for now it's time to celebrate like business or tomorrow. january thirteenth it's part adventure and pop tonight and. he and his friend
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victor join exodus to gangsters tried to kill. for. the return of the family. but. they were targeted because they refused to look for local drug gangs look i am a fan of the m.b. to. be frank about the find out the bread on people get in a much of a catch. when dealing with the valley thank god i'm happy i'm a. little bit. but yeah. when the somali i'm on the high who cannot get africa much american i mean i'm a b.n.f. and. not directly the chap. alone i would ask. him if.
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since oktober huge groups of my goods had been this. crime ridden states of honduras el salvador and guatemala. none of this caravan said traveling for housing to kill me just through mexico toward the u.s. border. donald trump says there are threats to national security claiming they've been infiltrated by terrorists and drug traffickers this vicious gang. has transformed one species hope your whole community so i know so well i don't molt into a lot of killing female savagely murdering raping and mutilating their
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victims. central america is terrorized by gangs they stored businesses pile police and force children to still drugs to kids like victor the choice is stuck join a gang ok challenge you know to the family plan of my. family in the coming years. i will buy more than thought. how are you off the minimum damn good process. photographer one carlos who was born in el salvador understands what it's life for a child to flee. his mother's mughal to the u.s. when he was eleven to escape a civil war between leftists and us back to dictators it was very personal to see these mom people we now want os caitlin. in
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a way the same things people escape in the navy blue or lack of opportunity violence now minds he's documented the rise of the gangs which he traces to that wartime exodus. some of these men grew up in gang ridden parts of los angeles they formed their own gangs for protection so the u.s. to pull out of them back to central america. their marriage in america to the spanish might not be good enough to get a job i mean and they start doing what they're known to do so they start over next itself. in their neighborhoods and waiting on plates and gangs to find extortion is a big thing. too much seeing we live in a neighborhood that over then if year period with them or against any good gets into the much you lack of risk.
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you get in africa where you get to. this think is if we're going pretty unfairly to give our real a part of the park a program. to move. or. first they have to cross cartel country. well this is one of the most dangerous stretches of the journey it's called that where the road of death is of the hundreds of it that makes a bird as it breaks appears as two rival drug cartels fought for control. just weeks earlier a mass grave was found nearby with one hundred seventy four bodies. a local priest father daniel of much a is terrified of what may lie ahead on the road to death he tries to find buses to
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take them safely to mexico city. the mood john with me and i can do. anything to try using the ship with. the arrival of buses creates a wave of excitement people say the three weeks working but there is enough to take two thousand people. to juggle here and some i know about here in the family will somehow look a little hard to find out things going up in the us was a commercial i don't have my pocketbook on. the next morning they wake to good news the money has arrived there are buses for every. boat owner not to look up
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a second of all let's. put it on just the caravan departs for the mexican capital. from a little planning. to the year. it's from. new. mexico says he is five hundred kilometers closer to the border. and the first of the caravans from honduras is already very warped and hitched rides the entire way
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. and i know you do not. believe. me. this caravan of six thousand is better down but the national football stands. to see the city. and am. getting fresh clothes was good medicine even hair cuts they did their final push to the border. ramiro said her husband ruben joined this caravan to escape the gangs of sun pedro sula one of the world's most violent cities. and the funny left after one my last. twenty five million miles.
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after the last one i knew. that no one. but they have more your family they are the only place. where the family is ok and that i would have thought. they were among the first to join the caravan as they walked across central america thousands joined the whole believing there is safety in numbers. he's. also like i love. jesse a being a single down. tatiana who's twenty one is carrying the child. on their own month for the last half an hour. now to move on. capital so. it is hard to get inside the head norma she hopes to say here because there are literally thousands
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of people who will then sixteen hundred kilometers to get in and this is the first place they have made mari to about the role of joy know all the women the young girls had to be feeding the baby right and it's a brief response because if they continue to go north of the first say they will the markets will get a thousand kilometers to the us border with thousands of combat troops being sent to stop them but that's a risk they're prepared to take just the chance of security for themselves and their children. yes one of the most determined travelers we meet is miriam's elia she's persuaded the local woman to let two kids staying. in your.


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