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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the less wild it was a couple of hours ago we've just gone past the high tide period when good addition to the high tide we've had the storm surge of an extra couple of metres of water to port is a very low lying area we've been no watching gold along this coast to the surface but crashing over into those lying areas here beyond the coast road but we are expecting in the coming days quite a lot of flooding which is going to be exacerbate the poles by the rain with all of these storm systems they also drag and large rain bands and so we're expecting in the next few days very heavy rain we've seen here on this part of the coastline up drug fifty millimeters of rain we could easily see that amount of rain again before the end of this storm and to give you some idea that's by basically a year's worth of rain in just a few days start you know a very wet dry on the bride for us in port hedland do stay safe rob thank you for that update. while returning to the us to mouth of sight kind of diet that's
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destroyed parts of southern africa tony betty is live now in berra for us tony as we had in your package people are now considering how to rebuild but one of the more immediate threats of disease that. the main thrust now is to get a medicine food water to the people in the isolated areas that's being done by boat as much as possible and by air but that's only a limited amount of supplies that can reach the people what they really need to have to do is go by road that's where the majority of the aid has to come at the moment those roads are being devastated by the cycloid and it's impossible in many places so they're being hampered for the most of the government together with the aid agencies are concentrating on getting the roads and the destroyed bridges up and running so they can pass they're optimistic that can start to improve within two days but you have to ask the question if that doesn't happen and it takes two days what kind of situation will those people be who are stranded and vulnerable
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now the good news is that the water is receding but the bad news is that as it recedes they're finding more bodies i think the death toll now across symbolically malawi and mozambique stands at something like over seven hundred and five hundred of those bodies are in mozambique the president said he expected the death toll eventually to be around a thousand and every single day we're getting closer to the mark so there is good news that the water resource line is receding the aid agencies are making progress but the question is is it fast enough and also these people are saying starting at the. school here where displaced people are twelve hundred of them and the question is what's next with these people because if they go back home what do they go back to tiny mozambique was already a ridiculously poor country to begin with how far it is coping here there are enough resources to cope. well it didn't because we've seen that people are safe and sound now but you have to look at their life
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and how it's progressing they're getting the truth for example at this school here they're getting three basic meals a day but when you see people actually fighting for food you wonder is it sufficient we're seeing children who are obviously in one way malnourished and two they've got illnesses and they've got infections and it doesn't seem that there is enough help to cope with the problems here so we are told the aid agencies are doing all they can and more and more coming every day but you know these people are suffering and you got to see their trauma the harrowing experiences every single one has a story which is so sad a number leave the family space up homes destroyed and livelihoods completely gone and this was an impoverished area before how it's going to be after this no one knows out of their tiny patch on the ground for us and paragraph thank you tony. well a weather update is next but still ahead on al-jazeera anger and despair on the banks of the tigris river as families wait for wed if their loved ones still missing
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after a ferry disaster in iraq. and one of a million people desperate for food we visit her village and tania at the center of a drought crisis. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast we have some beautiful skies above europe right now that's not going to last too long because what you see up here towards the north well that is going to start to make its way towards the south and we're going to be seeing more clouds and also colder air coming into play over the next few days so here is your sunday map we're going to be seeing some very nice conditions across much of central europe still holding on but we are beginning to see some of those clouds some of the cooler air beginning to make its way down so for berlin clouds in your forecast at about eleven for london at about twelve the big change is going to happen as we go from sunday to
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monday where we have another fun about a right there coming through and that is going to bring some very gusty winds along with it as well we're going to be seeing berlin with some rain in your forecast only getting up to about seven degrees over towards warsaw it is going to be ninety degrees there for you where across the northwestern part of africa it has been quite rainy anywhere from parts of libya over towards tunisia algeria as well the good news is most that rain is going to be making its way towards the west so from morocco you're going to be seeing some rain here as we go towards sunday as we go towards monday things of much better you can see a lot of that cloud area is out here just about ready to make its way over here towards the atlantic but up towards algiers it is going to be a good nice day for you with a temperature of twenty degrees. hello
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again i'm mr. a reminder of the news this hour voting is underway in thailand's france to general election since the twenty fourteen military coup more than fifty one million thais eligible to elect five hundred members of parliament but critics
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say it isn't truly democratic since the entire upper house is appointed by the military. the death toll in one of southern africa's west natural disaster is continuing to rise more than a week. across the region more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi and the risk of disease spreading remains high. the strain is being hit by its second major storm in two days veronica across the northwest coast at port hedland a day earlier they hit a remote pos of the north coast. well the number of people who died in says days ferry disaster in northern iraq has risen to at least one hundred and seven and another one hundred still missing most of the victims were women and children heading out of mosul for a mother's day picnic the task a name has the latest from that city has. burdened with the grief of losing two generations of their family the l.
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ani's young and old came to the banks of the tigris river this mother is calling out for her nine year old daughter. how do we miss you where are you. had to come out. to deal her seven year old sister and her father drowned on thursday when the amusement park ferry they were in capsized on the tigris river their bodies still haven't found. the lava jet ferry operator filled to the brim we couldn't bring everyone was shoulder to shoulder i saw my husband and two daughters holding is. when the ferry launched within minutes all of a sudden we capsized in a city that was terrorized and destroyed by eisel the pain and anger are palpable. on friday protestors swarm the iraqi president during his visit accusing the
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government of widespread corruption in efficacy and a lack of accountability the most difficult issue as if mosul is constantly targeted bridges collapsing ferry sinking explosions we feel deeply saddened we just want to cry out and shed tears but there's a feeling inside of us that we need to step up and help the. police have arrested nine people including the amusement park owner and ferry operators and charge them with negligence iraq's prime minister is calling for the governor of nineveh province to be so. act for mismanagement i thought i loved enough joining cold blood enough for those politicians not being serious will be going to benefit from those politicians coming to denounce and seize people's lives have wasted people have been waiting outside the morgue waiting for answers about their loved ones dozens of people are still missing recovering their bodies may be tricky given the
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with current of the tigris river one body has already been retrieved twenty kilometers downstream from the accident. compound in the tragedy iraq's red crescent says two volunteers assisting divers searching for bodies die the tigris may be the final resting place for songs and daughters mothers and fathers one man stood on the riverbank watching the search operation he says these aren't his relatives but these victims are our family natasha going to zero mosul iraq at least one hundred says he heard as has been killed in mali during an attack they aimed on an ethnic rebel group gunmen dressed as traditional dons or hunters targeted the village of also a. district they also attacked another fulani village nearby ethnic violence has compounded an already daya security situation in mali as desert regions which are
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being used as a base by al qaeda and i saw a link groups they say that somalis military. says to attack them but poor many from tasm houses africa program says that accusation is yet to be established . we don't yet know if the army has actually armed some of the traditional hunters what we do know is that over the sort of four or five years that this crisis in the center of the country is accelerated the army has really struggled to maintain any control there been a lot of random attacks or military bases and particularly isolated military outposts for example or checkpoints where a police officer on them or checking on travellers and that has stirred up bits in this among the army the army is not always been as disciplined as it should have been not as well trained as it should have been and this is a very different situation from the north where for example the french and the un
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forces are deployed in much greater force which is a bit nearer to a conventional sort of anti terrorist situation this is a really a mixed up community situation with an awful lot of bits in this intentional. a severe drought is taking its toll on people in kenya the government says more than a million are now at risk of starvation al-jazeera is catherine so i reports from the county one of the west affected areas. it's weltering in the more i village as from this dry desolate land here to receive food aid from the humanitarian agency world vision there's a drought in kenya and the government says up to a million people in thirteen of the country's forty seven counties need argent help hiders in the northwest region of two cana a some of the worst affected here they receive saugor rice bins and cooking oil to last them at least a few weeks a lot about i want to go i'm very happy to see this food and make sure it lasts
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longer for my four children before you go away from community centers the more desperate the situation gets as he can loria bond says how fourteen year old son long narrow died last month for money attrition. we did not have food so you just used to have fruit he grew weak by the day until he died that's when sam when we first met us were the only volunteer health worker in the village shows as well long hours buried the government denies others have also died of hunger thing and then i'll go with you was just bones he had never come to the health center for any treatment of any other ailment he had just been eating wild fruits and nothing else . wild food which grows near reavers is what you can as return to when they can't find other food at accounts has found is doing his best to feed his remaining family until more help comes. we just need help if we don't get it then we'll
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just continue eating the fruit and wait to die there's nothing else i can do the government blames the drought on delayed trains the crisis is made worse by locust invasion last year i mean all diseases and conflict many in this village escaped another area after cattle rustlers attacked them and stored i'm more it's may day now we've been in this village for a couple of hours and we haven't seen many people making. break first or lunch most of them are saying they don't have anything for dinner as well they say that they've run out of food aid they received at the beginning of the month lucky mayor quis boiling the last of her cheek piece i borrowed from a neighbor of the sleeping hungry yesterday i know all have to share the food with those who don't have she tells us. in this village and many others that are harder to reach time is of the essence i believe response to their plight will only make things worse catherine soy al-jazeera. northwest kenya. well
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with eisel self declared caliphates now a raised there are questions over what happens to foreign fighters and their families who want to return home while many countries are turning them away chechnya is bucking that trend steadfast in reports from its regional capital grozny. thank you that was pregnant with her third child when she and her family crossed the border from turkey to join eisel she says they were lured by videos betraying a land of pure islam but found torture war and oppression instead fearing reprisals from eisel she doesn't want to show her face. there was a lot of injustice there a lot of evil they not only tortured others those who were not from my school they were torturing that we do schooling there that's why the place fell apart it cannot be called islamic state things that took place there do not exist in islam after saddam's husband was killed she managed to contact chechen operatives and was put
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on a flight home where she became part of a deal radicalization program and it's carefully watched she was one of the last women allowed to return the russian government now only repatriate children much to the despair of hundreds of parents who come from all over russia to chechnya urging the authorities to bring back their daughters richest and the challenge to the it's hard to stay hopeful for the third year there's no news about the case the last phone call fatima received from her daughter was in february two thousand and seventeen. i was in mosul with her five children. we have the government will give a chance with these girls to be reunited with their mothers if the author found if they are alive they should be able to live in a normal human atmosphere with the help of the state without any worries. the organization who lobbies for their return has filed of more than seven hundred russian women and fifteen hundred children still missing twenty of them as i think
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it is and of course we are all worried they were women who really wanted to get to the caliphate but those women are among the first to run away now they can get it legally that is why if we bring them back through the program and under the close eye of the special services they will be less dangerous. while men who have returned were sent to prison women have been given money and a place to live. policy of rehabilitation for former eisel women as they can many by surprise deal is perhaps better known for being a tough uncompromising leader an unexpected approach in a region known for its violent crackdown against people considered extremists so this policy of returning women and children from former i thought territories is seen by some as a way for the beer of the bush those poor human rights record as well as to try to potential insurgent and to promote his stature as a muslim leader. is now trying hard to convince your throat is to bring home more
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women despite criticism that she's helping people who joined a band organization she sees rehab elite ation of these women as the safest option making her the only hope for parents to be reunited with their children not only in russia but parents from as far away as germany have come to her for help stop classes al-jazeera cause any russia. a vigil has been held in the new zealand city where a gunman shot shot dead fifty people at two mosques the service took place at a park in christchurch near the alamo mosque the first to have been attacked on friday a week after the shootings the muslim call to prayer was broadcast across new zealand during national commemorations. hello i'm the star in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera voting is underway in thailand's first general election since the twenty four thousand military crew more
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than fifty one million eligible to elect five hundred members of parliament but critics say it isn't truly democratic since the entire upper house is appointed by the military still prayer is praising the democratic process. let me tell you about my budget today the prime minister has voted like everybody else today in the name of the people one write one vote i hope everyone will vote in the election today to exercise their own right everyone wants democracy therefore everyone should exercise their rights in transparency and the country will be developed by our own hands. australia is being hit by its second major storm in two days cycling veronica crosses the northwest coast at port hedland a day early a slight trend treva hit a remark part of the north coast. we're expecting in the next few days very heavy great we've seen right here on this part of the coastline of drugs fifty
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millimeters of rain we could easily see that amount of rain again before the end of this serious storm but to give you some idea that's basically year's worth of rain in just a day. the death toll in one of southern africa's worst natural disasters is continuing to rise more than a week after cyclon it dies swept across the region more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi and the risk of disease spreading remains high at least one hundred thirty four fulani herders have been killed in mali during an attack blamed on an ethnic rebel group gunmen dressed as traditional dons or hunters targeted the village of also all goo and bang casts district they also attacked another fulani village nearby ethnic violence has compounded an already daya security situation in mali as desert regions which are being used as a base by al qaeda and isolated groups. a vigil has been held in the new zealand city where a gunman shot fifty people at two mosques said this happened at
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a park in christ church near the eleanore mosque the fast to be attacked on friday a week after the shootings the muslim call to prayer was broadcast across new zealand the headlines more news here off the inside story. three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. meeting got it really. revealed secret so you were. sitting out there the people out there you know me and connection some don't want to expose sneak in legacy media. let us shoot. documents with al-jazeera investigation how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. is i still really defeated us by forces declare victory off the seas in the great final stronghold in syria how will that shape the end of the war this is inside story.
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and i welcome to the program i'm nick clegg eisel once controlled territory in syria and iraq equivalent to the size of great britain and imposed its version of islamic rule on millions when i saw fighters were finally defeated in iraq two years ago and it appears the dream of a so-called caliphate in syria is over two u.s. backed fighters declared what they call the one hundred percent territorial defeat of isel after winning the battle for bug following weeks of intense fighting kurdish led syrian democratic forces raise the flag over the final syrian town on the ice will control. we are now into the end of our military campaign with this victory we congratulate the kurdish are a christian nation we've defeated state from the face of the earth. well thousands
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of people who escaped the fighting are stranded in refugee camps let's hear now from iran carney takes a look at the rise and fall of ice. this is what the end of ice or self declared caliphate looks like those who fled isis last on clay village in northeastern syria say it's not the end of the state in the way i saw intended rather it's just the last place well i saw members offered any kind of coordinated resistance. and i said doesn't want any families to leave we have tried. unsuccessfully. to situation under siege is back to fort our children are hungry our ford had finished the shopping water and so many people that died. are hungry and desperate the state that i saw intended one that allowed them to generate revenue through taxation an oil service and to be able to pass laws was defeated in july two
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thousand and seventeen according to the iraqi government. that's when i saw was pushed out of iraq's second largest city mosul. at the same time syrian democratic forces backed by coalition airstrikes mounted an operation against the group's last major stronghold the city of iraq and syria i saw lost that battle in october the same year. now all that remains of the group is pockets of fighters confined to small areas in iraq and syria analysts say the decline for eisel began with its attempt to take a town on the syrian turkish border in september two thousand and fourteen that's kabbani over there the siege of kabbani on the turkey syria border is considered to be a turning point in the battle against eisel turkey were very worried that they managed to get this close to the turkish border so they allowed both the kurdish peshmerga and free syrian army forces to use their territory to go in to combine in conjunction with the wipe e.g.
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they were able to force i saw fighters on the outskirts of the town for many it's considered the beginning of the end feisal caliphate in just a few short years eisel lost its territory and by the end of two thousand and seventeen stopped referring to the caliphate in two thousand and nineteen the group still represents a major threat however by using supporters outside of iraq and syria the group has turned to social media to get its message across that platforms like facebook and twitter have closed thousands of isolated accounts the group now uses secure instant messaging apps things like telegram really have taken center stage so. if your kind of self respecting jehadi you probably are on telegrams because that's where all groups whether it's isis or h.t.s. that's where they all share. the majority the vast majority of their propaganda that's where the key conversations are happening it's surprise to many that the us president donald trump has now declared the end of the caliphate saying he simply
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playing to his domestic audience there's more concern about beisel fighters the remain in iraq and syria and what they might be planning for the future iraq of which is a on the take you serious. ok let's focus on now let's bring in our guests joining me right here on set we have more in kabul and who's the head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies over nothings we have. she's a journalist and author of the book the war on isis on the road to the caliphate and in that land we have meir blum she's a professor at georgia state university and author of the forthcoming book small arms children and terrorism welcome to you all and i'd like to start with you here in the studio so we have this last piece of ice or territory reclaimed but what happens now is actually finished as i feel diminished is it rebuilding what threat
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does i still present now i think we have to be cautious now i think it's been it's a bit and if the early to celebrate the end off. as an ideology it may have actually finished as a territorial entity but i think as an ideology is still very much alive in my opinion because i believe that if we don't tackle that all that what causes which had in the first this led to the emergence of ice and i think we are going to see it see a comeback because so far we have seen like three generations of jihadists start. from afghanistan one nine hundred seventy nine until the end of the soviet invasion there in the early one nine hundred ninety s. and then you have seen the second generation of jihadists after the us occupation of iraq and then i said in my opinion is the third generation of jihad this. image and fact as that action to the sectarian policies of iran and maliki government in
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iraq the security the heavy hand the security approach which syrian president bashar assad used against the protesters of the very early origins of the syrian revolution so unless we deal with these issues i think i said was so alive. bloom is your view as well do you think it's not we haven't seen it completed yet it's not over yet i think marwan is absolutely correct i think we have to disaggregate there are two isis phenomena there's a phenomenon of isis that is a territorial entity that is no more but then the issue of the ideology and the spread of its popularity especially on social media something we can't ignore you can't bomb an ideology out of existence the way you can the territorial strongholds that isis no longer in control do you follow me or the propaganda you've studied it you focus on it what sense do you have is the eiffel franchise despite this setback to them is the franchise still growing. the franchise is definitely still in
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existence there was a period of time after the loss of muscle that we saw a real decline in the a number of media offices that i saw when isis was issuing its propaganda on the daily collection that we do a georgia state university we saw a real downturn and then about a month and a half ago a bunch of new channels began to emerge and you had in the segment beforehand mr cooper was saying the telegram is being used extensively and so not only is it telegram but we're seeing other platforms other encrypted platforms that are being tested for isis distribution of its material and after the christ church monster a massacre in the two mosques last week. who has not been heard of since september twenty eighth seen reemerged to issue a forty four minute audiotape to encourage people to rise up and take revenge for
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the massacres that happened by a white terrorist in new in new zealand right well idealogies clearly some of the nice we talk all that something we're going to come to a little bit later in the program but. let's look at the situation with ice along the ground what degree of organization is there left on the ground in syria it was a well disciplined and battle hardened force where will these fighters gholam. all over the place to be quite honest we know that there is a number of pockets both in iraq and in syria not only in the. border area but also a bit deeper into iraq and there's people that are active with all the tactics that we knew al qaeda before off and isis in the beginning so they kidnap people and they ambush. cars day ambush checkpoints just about weekly and
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sometimes even more in iraq you get these kind of reports and there's a lot of activity still around there are some people that's say that there is about fifteen thousand. fighters still around in iraq and syria. and where they are we don't really know exactly although we know that there are pockets of in terms of recruitment for for future members of vizsla this loss of the caliphate you get this beacon if you like to many that helped rule thousands of fighters and now it's gone how does how does isolate splay not a way to potential recruits when you think that we disillusion you what people are looking forward to is that. there is a caliphate which is the place where all the muslims want to be this new beautiful new state now that is gone so but that's not the only thing the ideology this
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ideology is is still there amongst radical sunni muslims in iraq and isis had quite a following amongst them it was not just that people were following them because they were going to get them back into power it's also religious and that religious aspect is still there when you want to come in i think. it's very much like a d. to for me because we have seen this many times before we have seen it for example after the end of the afghan war when when the afghanis they actually made it back home after the end of the afghan war and also where we have seen it once one more time when the united states invaded i'm going to stand when these you have this all saw a skit of almost all over the world and then the world again and in iraq and after two thousand and three and now actually after i mean destroying that he laughed in
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syria i fear that many of those fighters actually would be would be making it back home to their i mean on countries because don't forget that after all the bulk of isis fighters actually are foreigners and we have some from europe some from the former soviet republic some from countries almost everywhere we have at least eighty nationalities within i salute and fars so i believe that some of them will make it back home and they are going to create problems for their own countries and now in my opinion what has been has been in fact that that italian entity of ice that has been destroyed in syria now the hunt is going to be for those actually who have survived and they are going to strike back in my opinion because as i said earlier and this you deal with the root causes of this phenomenon we're not going to see that he end of it ok what we know it was just referring there to the
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experience in iraq and what we learned from that experience because i was defeated or back in two thousand and seventeen in iraq with the group then evolved and kind of reinvented itself. well there's two things the fact that every time one of these jihadi groups metastasizes there's a period of time where they recede and they are planning they are recruiting they're getting ready for the next iteration and so isis stems from the defeat of al qaeda in iraq in two thousand and five and two thousand and six but i think it's also important to add to what a modern one in this new ring said is part of isis's ideology of the apocalypse does predict that there is a period of time where they have to recede back into the desert that there's a period of time where a doll because destroyed and then they reemerge and so it's not completely inconsistent with the way in which isis has predicated its ideology of like the
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phoenix emerging from the ashes it will come back it's also very important that we know that many of the the young people who were born or brought to the caliphate the so-called. the cubs of the caliphate will be trained prepared brainwashed to into thinking that in the future there will be another iteration for isis and they will be able to fight again right so yes exactly that you have files of children who have been indoctrinated from a young age myth so how do you take that on how do you try and deal radicalize them . i mean there is there's really good templates that we have from different countries that have introduced to radicalization programs for children the first thing to take into account is i personally don't believe the children are radical so much as that they have been brainwashed and they parrot what the adults around them have said but there is a fantastic program in pakistan where the pakistani taliban had kidnapped children
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and had brainwashed them to train them many of whom to be a suicide bombers and this program has been very successful it's called subtone which is dawn's first rays of light and what they do is they pair not just vocational training but also they teach them the proper form of islam which repudiates violence and then they also have social workers and therapists to treat the children's post-traumatic stress disorder so you have to have a multi-pronged approach but as you can imagine this is a very detailed program it's a little bit expensive it's about thirty thousand dollars per child and so because it's a pakistani program funded by the pakistani government of pakistani children there really isn't the kind of confusion we will have with the children of isis because no one wants to take responsibility for these kids either the countries in which they're present now or from maybe the countries that their parents come from very
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complicated and there's not the political will to take these children and try to give them a better future ok so the children is one thing a very important thing you did what about those those dispersed those thousands tens of thousands of dispersed fight is just all over the place how do you how do you keep the pressure up on them to to stop them acting in the way that they might . well what it what is happening in iraq is that the military is active still the whole time trying to find them and we do get reports the whole time off. sleeper cells being found even weapon depo being found at the factory still it's still out there how do how do you get these people to change their mind is a very difficult problem in iraq also because the. the problems that were there
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when isis came in two thousand and fourteen they're still there the sectarian violence the sectarian. problems between the shiites and the sunni's have not gone away actually they have only grown because it's the sunni's that have main mostly suffered from what happened their cities are still in ruins there's not enough money coming from buck that to rebuild them so there's a lot of people and you see it more and more after more than a year of of no isis. people are. dissatisfied they're angry with their governments and this week in mosul there was an accident with a ferry in which more than a hundred people died. this is not people going to the person who was was running the ferry no they go to the authorities they want the governor to go they say it's all because of the corruption so there is now finally talk that the
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governor might go that also the shiite militias that are still active in all of these sunni towns that they might have to go and that then perhaps there will be some kind of normality coming back but it takes time and it takes money and it takes will and the problem here i think is mainly is there enough political will to solve this and to get iraq back on its feet right. oh and what you did is exploring there is it makes it sound as if it's not just a difficult problem it's not an impossible absolutely it's really important what are the just said i think we need to look at the ice not only as an ideology of fatah faisel is an ideology but the other part is a protestant. we need to look at that as a violent protest movement against certain and reality is on the ground and i think that the military and security approach is not that enmity for i said we cannot actually eliminate the ice and by only using military force we have to have another
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approach that is i know that americans are not really good and that nation building but i think we have to think about it because i still was actually very much successful end of routing people from within the sin need community in syria and in iraq because what that it has said there was this community has been excluded marginalized has not been actually given any share in power and wealth has been dealt with in a very violent way by the government of nouri al maliki and the government of. the united states and nation building this battle to take down the caliphate has cost billions of dollars isn't it and one does wonder if if we saw the same amount of investment and to go going into nation building or rebuilding in this case that might just help do the trick absolutely but i don't think president trump is going for that because you know he's not very much into this nation nation building i
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think he has already expressed his his willingness actually to to withdraw from syria as soon as this this war ends and we still we still need to know of course what the american strategy is going to be in syria after the defeat of isis because it is not clear u.s. strategy i mean sometime from say is that he wanted he wants to withdraw and then he he decides to keep some troops on. on the ground but at the end of the day the americans are not really good in this nation building and we have seen iraq actually down really good in the war and in blowing things up when it comes to nation building i think you have very poor performance has what role do you think the united states and the international community should play in this but i think marwan is absolutely right the president hasn't been consistent and he has withdrawn all the funds that were originally allocated to syria the ideal situation
4:42 pm
would be a kind of marshall plan for the middle east what you saw after world war two in that the united states helped rebuild europe but at the same time just to play devil's advocate we have to look at the billions of dollars that have been sent to afghanistan and have not had a positive impact and so nation building in the investment in nation building requires to have a local partners on the ground who aren't going to be entirely corrupt and using this money to benefit themselves and enrich themselves rather than helping the people because in the end you can pour money into a country but if it's not going to be allocated properly the rank and file people in the street aren't going to ever see it and it really doesn't address some of the root causes that marwan pointed to as far as the united states is concerned i think it's a very challenging situation given the presidency by seas and the fact that we still haven't properly called what happened in new zealand last week a terrorist attack. these new realities on the ground the recalls of quints of the
4:43 pm
caliphate being dismantled presents all sorts of difficulties isn't it not least the various disparate groups that have been involved in eliminating eisel turkish groups kurdish groups shia militia and so forth what happens no what happens to them they were united in that but they're not united in their the goals. no there in the problem of course is that those militias they have been armed they're going to go back home in iraq officially part of the militias have gone into the military into the into the army but most boys have gone home and. they don't have work which is the next problem that iraq is facing and also you see that these shiite groups are now fighting between each other and you are are really seeing in iraq now the divide between those that are supporting or supported by
4:44 pm
iran and those that are not. there have been already offices closed of of one side so this is going to be a big conflict within the shiites and then of course back to to the fact that we have all these cities that are not built we also have big groups of people that still are intense in camps not only the is east who have been badly hit we still haven't been found all of them we still have about a thousand is eighty boys and girls and women that are missing that had been kidnapped by isis. to two million people still. without houses because they are going about because it was just about to run a time ago about forty five seconds left mark what do you think this means this is the dismantling of the caliphate meat what does it mean for the war in syria not i
4:45 pm
think it doesn't mean that this is the end of the syrian conflict i believe that is going to be another round of conflict in syria and you are going to see that in the end international powers actually competing in even more we have seen recently a microphone view of the u.s. secretary of state in that he gen calling for to put more pressure on iran in syria and also in iraq probably want going to see more combat. in between these different layers to keep it on the way syesha and these are even as water so this is this is one feel is ended but we are going to see much more from the syrian conflict ok thanks very much indeed thank you to all our guests and good in your ink and may have bloom we've run out of time do appreciate your perspective on this thanks very much and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and of course for further discussion just go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story or mean it clark of the whole team here it's goodbye for now.
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rewind continues a care brainier people back to life start with updates on the best about zero as documentaries the struggle continues book from positive to no use distance revisiting return of the lizard king we went undercover on a wildlife smuggling trail stretching from madagascar to malaysia on the trail of a man known as the pablo escobar of reptile smuggling rewind sierra around ten million yemenis are on the edge of ballot examining the headlines netanyahu is looking at charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust setting the discussions you're denying that he was beaten by the police i did not deny sharing personal stories with
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a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire you and it's all good by the world is watching on al-jazeera. i am a fish every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's janel ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day
4:48 pm
a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like was so affair. but if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back we would go back on our own we must remember the revenge of all among the most pushy cute minorities in the world. millions in thailand get their fast chance to vote since the military ousted the elected government five years ago.
4:49 pm
hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up cycling veronica bears down on western australia people are braced for school violent winds . some of the lucky ones fishing boats to the rescue in mozambique about the death toll rises every day and the u.n. warns of the danger of disease. a terrifying ride for passengers on a cruise ship as its engines fail and rough seas pushed it towards the rocky shore . thailand as voting in its first election since a military coup in twenty fourteen the leader of that prayer to nurture wants to remain as prime minister through the ballot box his biggest challenge may come from portside the most prominent party whose leader you can see here it's linked to
4:50 pm
exiled a former prime minister attacks in china what's he was ousted by the army in two thousand and six as was his sister eight years later a third group is led by the end. the tax and democrat party which argues that it can form a government that's neutral and there's also the future forward party its charismatic billionaire frontman is popular among younger people well al jazeera scott hyla is joining us live from bangkok scott it's the final few hours of voting their how's it all been going. yeah just a couple more hours left in the day of polling here in the start yet now it's been going pretty smoothly now this is one of several polling stations we've been to across bangkok and something we need to know is that there are so many polling positions there are six thousand in bangkok city alone that's quite a lot ninety two thousand across thailand you know when you're looking at over fifty one million voters they need those polling positions but what we have noticed
4:51 pm
in the places we've gone to is kind of what you see over my shoulder now it's not they're not people lined up. the doorway this is the school the door of the school into the into the street but what we have seen is a steady clip as an indication last weekend there was early polling eighty seven percent of those who registered for early polling came out and cast their ballots so using that as an as a model if you will of what we probably will be seeing today is a very high voter turnout and again things have been going pretty smoothly no no incidents that have been reported no discrepancies nothing along those lines and again we're only about just under two hours left before the polls close and scott what can we expect. that once they close a five pm local what we're going to hear is probably a few press conferences from the main parties the ones that you outlined future forward who. the party fronted by the hopes of the military who are the current government and then the democrat party will probably hear from all of those and
4:52 pm
then at six pm local that's. an hour after the polls close we hear from the election commission will be a press conference won't be any results given in that probably more just kind of mapping out how the day went overall then a few hours later and probably about eight pm local time a three hours after the polls close we should be hearing unofficial results and as i said one thing that we've been kind of emphasizing throughout this process it isn't as it's not likely that one of these political parties is going to gain enough seats through this process to form a government on their own what's going to happen is they're going to be forced to. a coalition a coalition will need to be formed what we will see though is who got the most seats and how things are moving forward who is expected to get the most seats but again as we've been saying you know when you look at the military government and how this constitution was changed coming into this election they already came into election day with two hundred fifty seats because they completely appoints the senate so they obviously have a head start but again a couple hours time will find out exactly how that coalitions might be fairing up.
4:53 pm
the hole they can continue updating us from bangkok thank you scott. well survivors of cycling it died that bastard southern africa and now facing the threat of diseases like cholera and malaria the death toll from the storms of more than seven hundred that is expected to rise tony betty is in mozambique's port city of beara most of which has been damaged or destroyed. they are tired and traumatized but at least these victims of cyclamen e.t.i. a safe now each one has their own harrowing story about the time the storms came each day more of them come mostly from boozy district. on monday to a sixty five years of age he had a smallholding and lived alone he was rescued after spending four days stuck in a tree without food he says his life is changed forever i say i give over a little five eleven i have nothing to go back to my farm my house all were destroyed there is nothing left i need to start afresh but i don't know how. he
4:54 pm
lives here now in the sim or in michelle's school in bira along with twelve hundred other displaced people. christina arrived on saturday after surviving for four days on the roof of a church in boozy her foot was infected after she stepped on a piece of submerged roofing while waiting to safety her future like many others is something she finds difficult to contemplate i was i from now on life will be difficult i will need food i will need shelter he's crying for food now but i don't know what he will be crying for when we go back. these people are getting three meals a day and access to medical care so safe and sound and drive but they have no idea when they'll be able to go back to their homes that is if they have a home to go back to i. the massive emergency operation involves dozens of countries and it's costing more than fifty million dollars but the focus is now
4:55 pm
changing at the moment think that they like us they cute phase of risk is pretty much over those people. to be lifted out of raging water there are people in trees and the top of houses most of that is. those people most of those people have been received i think the focus area at the moment is relief getting that relief to the people who need it is now an urgent priority before cholera and other diseases break out the situation is improving but there are still risks of further flooding sadly the risk of flooding is ever present and ultimately we have red alerts now on two of the major rivers one is a busy flowing in from zimbabwe to the sea and the other is the breezy river which is a short fat flat river which floods very easily as already battle saturation of the jams are full so we're facing multiple risks that won't affect these people their concern is their next meal and how to rebuild their homes their communities and their lives tony berkeley al-jazeera beera. well a strain area is being hit by
4:56 pm
a second big storm in two days cycling veronica crosses the northwest coast of port hedland a day early was like trying trevor hit a remote part of the north coast it's moving slowly and bringing a storm surge let's speak to run mcbride he's in port hedland for us rob it's looking very very windy. it is still extremely wild this does year the run again has made landfall about one hundred kilometers further down the coast from here i did center wind speeds where estimated to be excessive you got to come up with this for our i think where we are now we've been experiencing winds of well over one hundred kilometers per hour possibly gusting up to one hundred fifty we are told that it's now going to have to climb to the strength that is now down to a category that's three storm but it did not have to say it doesn't feel like that at the bow but let me give you
4:57 pm
a quick look at surf back to shoreline here over the past twenty four hours or so since they are announced the red alert level for site closed when people love to look out and take great take care of big stories coming out this coastline stretch of coast just be constantly passes by i pretty much constant storm of about this city it's kind of strange that the that the problem with this storm this does you it has been lingering out at sea normally the storm landfall but decrease in strength very quickly that has not happened with this storm which is basically people lingering out there really battling this part of the coastline it is now come ashore there has been a storm surge which is contributing to some of the flooding we're sitting at low lying areas and that's going to be made worse as we'll know in the coming days by the amount of rain that's going to be brought with it probably several hundred millimeters of rain a quibbling to about eight years with this does yes. were people well born but did
4:58 pm
many people choose to evacuate from the area how is everyone that coping. people are used to us psycho's here they have sat down they have passed down the fact that some areas they were those lying got they were told to evacuate they have done so sadly there will be a number of hopes that will be damaged a number of them will also be flooded but also going to be said that where you mention that other things first cycle of cycling through the house but didn't go all the territories there is widespread flooding quite straight down because there sadly is well some of the communities of the most affected and some of the most vulnerable being digital communities of western australia but also all the territory people who have had to leave who was now here makeshift camps and don't know yet if they'll have to go back to this does it very damned problem right there
4:59 pm
for us in port hedland thank you rob well i'm meteorologist kevin corriveau here will join us now with the latest on the storm and that's right as rob said the biggest concern right now is going to be the amount of rain because the system is moving so slow i want to give you the quick news coordinates with the system there it is on the satellite image you can see that well defined eye the eye has gone away because we are losing some of the intensity of the storm but this is the winds right now one hundred fifty kilometer per hour winds gusting up to about two hundred five moving very slowly to the south at six now the center of circulation is just off the coast the eye wall has actually pushed over port hedland and that is where some of the heaviest rain is to the south of port hedland and also to the west of port hedland as we go towards tomorrow we do expect it to stay cyc loan intensity as it slowly makes its way down to the southeast whether the center stays just off the coast or on the coast it really doesn't matter at this point because it is going to be the winds the storm surge as well as that very very heavy rain as we go towards tuesday we do expect to see a tropical storm straits we're not out of the woods yet and then on. wednesday
5:00 pm
things really do improve but in terms of rain this is a we are going to be seeing across much of the area anywhere between four hundred and possibly over five hundred more millimeters of rain thanks for that update kev well there's more weather next but still ahead on al-jazeera one of a million people desperate for food we visit a village in kenya at the center of a drought crisis. and people in new zealand remember those killed in the mosque attacks a week ago. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast where things are about to change here across europe we've been talking about the very lovely weather they've been having across central europe we've had some weather up to the north that's all dealing with a cold front as well as some very very windy conditions across the north sea and
5:01 pm
around scandinavia well unfortunately that nice weather across much of europe is about to change we're going to be seeing that fun about to start to make its way down here towards the south things are really looking too bad here on.


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