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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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we see that happen every day that individuals are provided with by their family and friends because the content stayed up if we took it down the family and friends would not know that that individual was at risk. honestly the bigger the result boys are the two so if you're thwarted both of. these you'd be pretty good we would jewing the training session on self harm the issue of child uses comes up so we don't actually own a car or not is there a meeting you know great facebook's rules state that no one under thirteen can have an account you have over the lot but i think they are the way to know this photo so yes so is the airline we ignore ok i will if you go see where you go. yes. so poker so you feel for them someone is holding you both milker.
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yet let people have what. i've been variously aldridge don't we just like it and i was going we don't know what the underage. facebook told us they only investigates a user's age if someone has reported them as being under age. much of the content reported to facebook's u.k. moderates is relates to hate speech so i'm sure they're playing. out right now to pay for the all how photo myspace or to write about what our personal opinions are. for movies one month zuckerberg appeared before the u.s. senate he was questioned on facebook's hate speech means our goal is to allow people to have as much expression as possible and i don't want anyone at our
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company to make any decisions based on the the political ideology of the content facebook say their rules are intended to protect certain groups from being abused or attacked on the platform or through. there are more of them for her to look forward to. but we found moderators were sometimes told to ignore disturbing content before. we voted for of course. it's been around for more water. than ignore. for the last week through your correlation you don't go over hoops to go. through for over. four years or for the use of force more golden rule to get you off your truth or was your form to be called and will be gone for so for this one should be for this is a rebuttal for those who go through her. facebook told us
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the picture does in fact violate the hate speech rules and they're reviewing what went wrong to prevent it happening again in order to create a service where everyone has a voice we also need to make sure that people aren't bullied or or basically intimidated or the environment feels unsafe for them but some things not everyone gets the same level of protection i kind of instinctively think that they but there is a delay. all reports are is moderating the colemans says back to run countries. it's been posted to the video with the caption the film to muslims in the us. the top two. three zero zero zero immigrants mostly immigrants if you do that most of them you take this option but it doesn't sums up our. facebook allows users to say more abusive things about muslim immigrants
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than it does about muslims. they are still muslim or even say it is mostly members system muslims or islam was an example there are. other exactly like make someone to tell you it is for you. and for three. to thirty others think the word. physical inferiority if it's a large muslim immigrants go for it so. people are debating very sensitive issues on facebook including issues like immigration very currently and that political debate can be entirely legitimate that's why you allow people to say muslim immigrants get out of britain but not muslim get us britain we're trying to distinguish that between hate speech which is against a class of peace you don't think muslim immigrant get out of britain is hate speech
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you get there this is something that we've looked at in a lot of detail these very hot it this is right on that line is a hate speech right on that line we've not defined it as hate speech if you are again expressing a view about the government's immigration policy. we discovered that some far right pages receive special protection on facebook. ferry sank still think this gusting by saying that they write the british children. the britain first facebook page had more than. two million followers when it was deleted in march while we were filming after its leaders were convicted of racially aggravated harassment. earlier taken down zero they're now the wrong group for your order of mall or form more local we've been tracking that page since it had three hundred thousand followers and ended up with up to two million followers at one point before that page was polled the question can be asked why did it take so long about the broadcaster for sure it
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was pretty much zero you work for you just so much for the content stroller or. even more for allusions were in the fourth quarter sort of look for switcheroo revived facebook if a page has five pieces of content that violate facebook's rules our reporter was told it should be taken down britain first was a highly popular facebook page these pages a shielded and can't be deleted by ordinary content moderators at c.p.l. . it was never met the threshold before it was taken down. oh i think. that it's just that to me from the feel good part is outstanding. what is actually me. but when he said i should have to go to another you have to use the image oh. yeah. sometimes like. you know just depends on what it is britain for it's very very hard because. when shielded pages have contents that
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breaks the rules they're put into the shielded review queue so they can be assessed by facebook itself what does shooter view i actually mean jury for secretary who will be doing computer from work her go through different pages or a lot of followers you don't want the reader you just. going to be going to sure they're together for reserves show her for friends here for the government or for them physical tools research because her yeah look i like how the prefer stuff you're talking about if it is a large page shifter they get so special consideration no order for. facebook special consideration appears to also apply to follow right thing ahead tony robinson but children are being killed they're being killed if they're not be invited to sweden bust out government but shouldn't i mayn't see said there's so much that's the future project. in march this year robinson was permanently banned
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from twitter but his facebook page is still active this may he was jailed for contempt of course following a facebook live video he posted outside a course in leeds. one of these places comes a time earlier so long. is there any point me looking for the content. but don't worry too much about the their supposed those people's emotions it's so like you do you believe them if you happen to be talking about video just goes to his children. you know anything there. with nine hundred thousand followers robinson's facebook page is so popular it's been given the same protected status as governments and news organizations when they say freedom of speech with they're really saying is we really want to permit people to do whatever they want in this platform and we will do the bare minimum to make that
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socially acceptable their business model is really tied to being able to publish whatever they want and it once you understand the nature of large internet networks is that the harshest meanest voices are going to dominate what you realize that the more open you make the platform inherently the more unpleasant inappropriate bad content you're going to get on it. why does tony robbins get a shielded account the same as the governments of the b.b.c. high profile localizations that are respected if the content is indeed violating it will go to the very valuable accounts these all go hundreds of thousands of followers again i want to be clear this is not a discussion about money this is a discussion about political speech and i think people would expect us to be careful and cautious before we take down their political speech. we didn't come in
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. fake news and data misuse that's not going to. which is why facebook is changing from the facebook has launched a high profile campaign to improve its image. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here i understand why it's been hard for people to come to grips with all this but the incentives to do so now are really compelling and i just hope that as a consequence of this film that the tone of the debate becomes sharper more focused more persistent and that we stop accepting their excuses we stop accepting very sure incentives c.p.l. told is insuring all trainers and employees are always fully trained and up to date
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on facebook policy changes is critically important to us so we are investigating this matter as a priority and taking immediate steps with facebook this is included conducting extensive refresher training within the last week for all the train as we are one of the most heavily scrutinized companies in the world and that's right we have a lot of reach to people in many different countries it's right that we held high standards we also hold ourselves to high standards you've identified some areas where we failed and i'm here today to apologize for those failings and make it clear that we do recognize that they were weaknesses that we should not be in this position all i can say is that we are committed wherever failings of brought to our attention to taking them seriously to addressing them and trying to make sure that we do better in future. april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth
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anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debates cutting through the headlines on that front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rwanda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. hello again it's good to have you back what we have seen plenty of rain across parts of iran over the next few days dealing with this particular system right here the rain has been deadly because of the flash flooding we are going to be seeing a break finally by the time we get towards wednesday the system makes its way
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towards the east as well as into the northeast you see the rain up towards the higher elevations even snow across parts of the area across parts of our iran though you're going to have one day break before we see a little bit more rain coming in from the western part of the line over from iraq and back into iran so we are going to be watching this area very carefully a lot of the ground is already saturated so it's not going to take too much for the flooding to come back here across the gulf though it has been a messy day as we started the week on monday as well as tuesday by the time we get towards wednesday afternoon things are going to be looking better here doha cloud should be passing with a temperature of twenty seven degrees but over here towards misguide it is going to be a nice day if you as well with a temperature of twenty seven and in mozambique on wednesday we do expect to see some rain in your forecast there that's going to be a problem but it's only going to really last one day by the time we get to wednesday that into thursday evening we do expect to see better conditions there but down toward cell durban a partly cloudy day if you are twenty johannesburg at twenty seven degrees there.
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in africa's technological epicenter urban affluence and global poverty live side by side. in its first episode life apps challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it is putting people into because it's already brought people together life rafts silicon savannah on al-jazeera. the arab world is going through some unprecedented changes from the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen to the conflict in syria and protests in algeria. the arab league will hold its first g eight summit in the two newseum capital tunis
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after a nearly eight year absence will syria return to the leak join us for up to date coverage and in-depth analyses on al-jazeera. in the country playing political cottonmouths games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the un for east room of the so-called last dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. and the penalties can be severe. the better roost in lamma the weakness documentary. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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thailand's opposition parties join hands and claim a majority in the first election since a military coup five years ago. and we shall carry this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up four children were killed in an air strike on a hospital in yemen. a jury as army chief calls for starting a constitutional process to rule the president unfit for office. tension remains high in gaza after israeli airstrikes and palestinian rocket fire is israel because its military forces along the border. thailand's main opposition groups have formed a coalition following sunday's inclusive election to take on the military backed
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ruling party that of the new thai party says the coalition will have two hundred fifty five out of five hundred seats in the house of representatives the final results of sunday's elections still haven't been announced it was thailand's first vote since the military took over five years ago scott heiler joins us now from bangkok so the main opposition party they say they have a coalition scott what else can you tell us about. richelle you and they saying that this is a democratic front that they have formed up with di and six other parties and what they say they're going to do is they are countering they want to counter the military government's power over thailand that's a kind of obviously a big charge and what's going to happen over the coming days is going to be very interesting to see because they say they have a majority in the lower house the house of representatives two hundred fifty five seats with these seven parties put together the polling puts it out that is the
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military government's party we are expecting that they're going to meet making some kind of announcement possibly today we don't know if it's about a coalition that they said that they were ready to form just a couple days ago we're not sure if they're going to counter this announce we heard earlier today by making their own coalition announcement but what's going to be challenging for this diplomatic front is that we're talking about the lower house that's who the people of thailand on sunday voted into office the senate the upper house two hundred fifty members they are all going to be appointed by the military government so if you have a lower house it's controlled by these opposition party coalition and then you have the upper house the senate controlled by military it's obviously going to really be difficult for the government to operate the diplomatic fronts that came out today this coalition they say they have a right to form a government because the people actually elected them they were appointed and that's what they say why the senate they're encouraging when the senate.
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nominations are made that they come over to their side obviously that's a appeal about a vote right now what we know is there's a coalition formed say with the main opposition parties so as far as the official election results that is still not clear when will we know more about that. overall the results from the selection are very murky we were supposed to hear unofficial early results that this same day as the election on sunday then that was postponed until monday and when they finally came out very late on monday they weren't all they were all of the plymouth area results they were just some of the results the unofficial results plymouth results are supposed to come out now on friday.


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