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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 106  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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to run the polling station we're talking about the boxes to put the ballot papers in the ballot papers themselves and also the ink used to stain voters' fingers to prove that they have cast a vote well that equipment didn't even turn up so in seven hundred forty four polling stations in pop were the election didn't even happen and in some areas they are going to start that process on thursday in some other areas of popular province and a nearby province as well the nearby chain of islands there were similar problems similar problems and in some cases the voting is still ongoing so certainly some problems around the country here in the capital it seems to have been fairly smooth so when can we expect results that. well as a say the vote counting at the individual stations is the first phase so that it's come to an end in areas like this then it will be up to so-called quick count organizations media companies the political parties themselves other independent
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monitoring organizations will deliver quick count results and they do it very quickly indeed and indeed one of the more reliable media companies already starting to put out some provisional results right now those very early stages in the vote count but they showed that the incumbent president joko widodo is in front of his challenger in the race to become president for the next five years but again that's very early stages but i expect within the next two to three hours we may see a pattern emerge from some of those early provisional results and if the margin is enough for one of those presidential candidates then i would expect one of them to declare themselves a winner possibly the other to concede officially the final results won't be known and won't be made public by the election commission until the twenty second of may thank you for that wayne hale reporting there live from jakarta indonesia. and out of news at least one hundred fifty people are missing after a boat sank in the democratic republic of congo it happened. on the country's
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border with rwanda about thirty three people have been rescued so far still ahead on the program sudan's military rulers move against two figures from the ousted regime but will it be enough to satisfy protesters and climate change s.o.s. more on the frequent flooding taking place within view of the white house. the loss of fine sunshine is the central parts of europe still a few showers into the eastern side of the mediterranean but these are the process of easy outs of the way a little bit of disturbed weather still pushing up towards ukraine's just was at least the side of probably but for many it's going to be fine and dry we have areas
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of high pressure. this weather system is making its way across the sort of england through the mall see just rolling down towards the low countries that will fizzle out because their high will squeeze the life out of that one is this next system which is looking a rather more active there's the fine weather twenty celsius for london nineteen for paris and also for zero some showers there which will see some sort of here but twenty celsius the threat you see the warmest weather is going to be into madrid but remember how disturbed weather just offshore that's going to push in across spain and portugal twenty six imagery it turns into seventeen in the cloud a bright on thursday elsewhere much if you will see some sparkling sunshine dazzling weather and it warms up quite nicely still a few showers down towards the black sea greece still seeing want to show as fine a dry across northern parts of africa as we go through the next couple of days but this area. just rolling close morocco will just some what's a weather here a wednesday and thursday. the weather sponsored by qatar and. where
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the online. to dilute you for them not to do granted or if you join us on c.n.n. all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about illegal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody people using multiple drugs including a funnel and some people or secular everyone has a voice from the zero zero twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on how to zero. in you're watching al-jazeera live from doha our top stories fighting in libya's
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capital has killed at least five people after shells and rockets were fired in various parts of tripoli forces loyal to warlords heidi for have to has launched an offensive to seize a city say they are not responsible for the shelling meanwhile tunisia's defense ministry says as many as thirteen people who were on deck and carrying french diplomatic passports tried to cross its border with libya before being disarmed the french embassy in tunisia says they were security guards for the ambassador and polls have closed in asia's presidential and parliamentary elections nearly two hundred million people were to vote it's a repeat of the twenty four thousand election with president joe colby dodo facing another challenge from former general trouble also beyond to. algeria constitutional council has i knew had come out for any chat was offered the role after his predecessor table i. resigned government protesters had been calling for his resignation saying his part of
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a ruling elite that should be completely replaced a victory against the reports. celebrations on the streets of this polling the resignation of time. he quit is chairman of algeria's powerful constitutional council the country's highest judicial body which oversees presidential and parliamentary elections to millions of protesters he represented an establishment that is corrupt and ineffective he was an ally of former president up to lizzie's beautifully he himself stepped down earlier this month after all jiri and demanded his twenty year rule and. was that belize's decision to quit is unlikely to quell the two month long protests algerians want to revamp of the entire political establishment this is a significant resignation but the same time i don't think it a nuff to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want
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a genuine transition and that's led by an independent figures following belize's resignation algeria's army chief guide salah said the military is looking at all options to find a solution to end the crisis. i'd like to reconfirm that all perspectives are available in order to overcome all the difficulties as soon as possible for the sake of the nation supreme interests regardless of personal interests. on the streets to discontent continues the same protest as he wanted beautifully out are unhappy with the appointment by parliament last week about deal could have been silent as interim president the protesters would want obviously this president of the constitution the council. in place. would reside in the distant person would take all the the total to be with you. did but we do. minister under this government to go do you believe that it will mean the new minister when you
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too will fall to the quick logic government. derian to consume the old. bring to maintain its influence they say that determined to continue pushing for real change victoria gay to be there. sudan's ruling military council has cites the prosecutor general and two of his aides which wrote as leaders had been demanding demonstrations have continued in khartoum the protesters are calling for civilian rule and want the military council to step aside and less than a week after president omar the share was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end repression or economic crisis and the united states says it may consider removing saddam from its list of state sponsors of terrorism if there's a small political transition saddam has been on the list since one thousand nine hundred ninety three when bill clinton was president the designation makes a ban illegible for debt relief and financing from the i.m.f.
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and world bank if in efforts by washington to remove sudan from the list in recent years in twenty seven thousand trade and economic sanctions were lifted the government of all maga share was accused of financing and supporting groups such as hamas and hezbollah the u.s. designates those group as terrorist organizations that burton was director of policy for the u.s. special envoy to sudan under president barack obama is now a nonresident fellow at the brookings institution he says washington has an opportunity to give sudan a second chance. this discussion is not new it's been part of ongoing bilateral negotiations with the now fallen regime in sudan the discussion is happening again inside the administration here in washington as to whether that does ignition could be lifted more quickly so should some of the demands of the protesters be met should a civilian led government be put in place should the terms of a transition be articulated right now policymakers in washington are are trying to
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find a way that they could lift that designation sooner in many ways it prevents debt relief and foreign assistance and other forms of cooperation but above all it's a scarlet letter that really denotes sudan as a kind of pariah state the situation is fast and fluid and folks in washington are trying to keep abreast of developments in these really critical hours and days i do think both the administration and members of congress could step forward right now and articulate that they're ready to support a transition both by lifting remaining punitive measures such as the state sponsored terrorism doesn't nation but also by putting some incentives on the table readiness to support debt relief or readiness to restore diplomatic relations in due course should the right steps be taken the secretary of state could make a visit to khartoum washington could indicate that it's ready to designate a new ambassador to sudan which it hasn't had since one thousand nine hundred seventy so what happens in sudan in the coming hours and days will be decided by
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the sudanese people but i do think that washington has an opportunity right now to help give them the best chance of success donna has vetoed a resolution passed by congress and u.s. made terry assistance to the saudi u.a.e. led coalition that's finding yemen's war congress has grown uneasy with chops close relationship with saudi arabia as the war drags on and civilian casualties mount many politicians are also upset that trump hasn't condemned sides arabia over the death of janice ross and jordan has more from washington. at least two democratic u.s. senators are calling for congress to override the veto issued by donald trump on tuesday night the u.s. president is vetoing a joint resolution passed by members of the senate and of the house earlier this month. with call of the u.s. military to stop all support for the saudi air coalition in the yemeni civil war the supporters of this measure say that the u.s.
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is on the wrong side of history that the saudi air war against whom the fighters has its state created a bass of humanitarian catastrophe in that country which has been under civil war for more than four years of congress are also angry that the tropic ministration is continuing the pattern of never it big war of going into conflicts around the world without getting the express permission of congress first and they're also trying to express their disapproval and the light of the fact that in their view no what has been held fully accountable for the burger of saudi writer jamal khashoggi back in october it is widely assumed that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol bond may have been behind the plot to. murder and so for those three reasons congress said that it should have some sort of limit placed a u.s. military action in yabut however the u.s.
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president says that he has the constitutional right to deploy the military wherever he sees fit both for u.s. special security purposes every u.s. foreign policy purposes he said that if he approved this joint resolution number said that it would set a very bad precedent for u.s. policy going forward the question now can congress figure out how to reverse the veto and have this resolution take effect in a couple of weeks time. france's president emmanuel michael has vowed to rebuild. within five years a huge fire destroyed its rule of inspire but authorities say the eight hundred fifty zero cathedral is structurally sound donations to help restore it have reached nearly one billion dollars from paris bennett smith reports. it was a hellish scene inside one of christianity's most important cathedrals. burning cinders rained down on the center of the cathedral such was the danger from falling
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debris that a robot firefighter was used. down was legendary gargoyles overflowed the spiles of liters of water was pumped onto the flames. more than eight hundred years of history but taken just eight hours to go up in flames the altar what's left of it is now exposed to the heavens. such as the importance of not to the french that the president addressed the nation. what we saw last night in paris is this ability to mobilize unite and when during our history we've built cities ports churches many have been burned or have been destroyed by wars revolutions by our own fault each time we rebuilt them the fire of our lady reminds us that our history never stops and that we will always have tests to overcome. had been undergoing renovation when it became engulfed in flames more than two hundred
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thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediæval open beams in the roof court fight easily and fast. four hundred year old paintings hanging high in the cathedral have been damaged but firefighters and staff formed a human chain to save other artifacts. thrones golden candelabras gem incrusted crucifixes and other relics will be transferred to the louvre museum for storage but this united nations world heritage site will need to go through a careful lengthy and expensive restoration process it's really a site that it is geared to and not all the regions but it's the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because it's a symbol or not only for the christian world it's a symbol for the unit. of accutane actual language it's so unique in the world there's only one. before the fire broke out the catholic church was asking for
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around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million dollars now money is being pledge from across the world but it will cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not a down to its former glory twenty four hours after the fire and there is still a sense of shock to believe what you did when you were i felt it out of the emotions last night with my children as we were watching t.v. so here i am now. i'm sad but at the same time very happy to see the french people united we needed that. i'm a catholic but even if you're not it's part of your life it's unimaginable it disfigures paris. people prayed and marched through the streets near not messages of support came from other faiths france's chief rabbi offered friendship and support the french counsel of the muslim faith called for donations to help
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restore what it called the heart of the history of france. al-jazeera pants. hundreds of activists have been arrested after they spend a second day blocking major roads in central london that campaigners with a group called extinction rebellion say they're trying to get.


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