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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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kind of announcing that it has this but the talks with the military council it seems that they didn't want obama headquarters is not coming to an end anytime soon and more than a week after al thing president bashir of sudan is nowhere near forming a transitional government. what comes next will largely depend on how much pressure the protesters can put on the military council and how long it takes for the divided parties to come together to start a new face for the country. even more going on to their own. fighting in libya has killed at least two hundred fifty four people in the last three weeks that's according to new figures released by the world health organization it says thousands of people have been injured troops loyal to the warlord honey for after trying to take the capital from the un recognized government. let's also to come here not just here including help us in mexico are taking to the sky to connect with their ancestors more on that stay with us.
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how that all the atlantic states and the southern states should be enjoying fine weather for a couple of days the remains the stormy stuff this here with a more or less gone out of the way don we look to the west for rather more the way of cloud out this is not a big surprise so we're sort of in el nino situation though which tends to it hans this sort of thing but there's not much coming out of that little bit of rain left over or snow and it streaked across the northern plains up through minneapolis just across the border into west nile teria as well but the temperatures not very low there is some snow in the north twenty four in chicago we're ten in minneapolis even in denver as of plus eight texas is enjoying the sunshine but there's a hint here of the cloud coming in the market developing a few showers well let's take you over night from monday to tuesday and see what does happen yes. what happens we've had enough moisture in the garden of the
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contrast in temperatures for getting a few showers in new mexico and maybe kansas but texas looks all right as a further east but the atlantic seaboard looking far as well as it is dire in california you'll notice and all points to the east as far as the plains south of all this remaining shower still to come out of the sky in cuba and jamaica his spaniel or nobody there i think for a couple of days. fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going
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places together. welcome back a quick reminder about top stories here on al-jazeera shrunken police say two hundred ninety people are now known to have been killed on sunday and inseparable to be made more arrests taking the total to thirteen attacks targeting three christian churches celebrating easter for hotels and a guest house. protest leaders and so on the longer recognizing the military transitional council there accusing it of not taking the crisis seriously but just to say they'll step up demonstrations on tennis a billion government is put in place. now ukrainian comedian
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a lot of me has alinsky has won the presidential election by a landslide the political novice is estimated to have taken around seventy five percent of the vote as rival petro poroshenko who is backed by the west has conceded defeat robin for us to walk or reports from kiev. having played the role of president in a t.v. show below to meet zelinsky is now on course to make that role a reality winning an overwhelming majority of votes cost on sunday. thank you to my parents for their support and for living through all of this thanks to my team for their strength and stamina has my wife heard all of the things that was said about me in this campaign and perhaps she would never have married me faced with defeat president petro poroshenko was magnanimous but he will continue to play a role in ukrainian politics the ukrainians dear ukrainians i want to underline that the new president will face strong opposition very strong but i want to say
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that the country our ukraine which is the best in the world well only benefit from it. poroshenko painted zelinsky as naive and did experienced dangerous for a country at war with russia with questionable links to an unsavory oligarch. but zelinsky patrice himself as a simple guy who had come to break the oligarchic system a corrupt system many ukrainians believe poroshenko as a wealthy businessman belonged to it was either a protest vote or a genuine belief that a comedian might make a worthy commander in chief a martyr just maybe it is time maybe those who think differently i majority. is very simple either or either hope or a like with zelinsky is hope but you must mean we want change. flood to meet zelinsky i fictional president now it seems the president elect.
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fiction has become fact. zillion ski and his team consider break this election victory but defeating corruption. and then during the war with russia he's going to prove. what in english. but ukrainians have showed little patience for presidents to deliver for steelworker. well he's from the ukrainian congress committee of america he says there are concerns that he does not have the experience and the go she had an end to the war in eastern ukraine with russia you have to understand that a lot of his campaign promises were just that very short sentences he proposed doing a major restructuring of the. military structure in ukraine without any explanation about how to how getting that passed in parliament and similarly he's proposed
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restarting the minsk agreement talks normally process inviting the united states and the u.k. into that however that doesn't take into account that russia as the other party in mediation needs to agree to that russia is the party in the midst process that has violated it according to the international observers so to say that he will restart it doesn't take into account that he needs to be dealing with russia and does that mean this is what people have been asking during the campaign does that mean he will then travel to russia and try to do a tete a tete with putin as putin's advisor mr peskov announced on friday that putin is ready to meet with any future ukrainian leader who is willing to concede on terms. and he sent over ireland have at least two men who were detained over the killing of a journalist lara mckee was shot dead on thursday night during a rotten londonderry also known as derry political leaders and all sides have condemned the murder. it's past time now for these groups that masquerades as
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republicans to pack up and pack it in church and their activities and to let the people get on with the work of building a new united ireland thousand ireland that we all want an argument that will be a tribute to our patriots and to all who die the arguments in which mickey should have lived. in morocco thousands of demonstrators are marched on paul about calling for the release of what they call political prisoners they say those detained poverty campaign is fighting for change and i neglected region but the government considers the force to vests a security threat reports. bringing parts of the capital to a standstill thousands of moroccans call for one of their own to be released from jail. holding placards of nasr that sofie the thirty nine year old leader of the he
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talked movement the protesters chant we are all sufi earlier this month he and three other men saw their twenty year prison sentences confirmed by an appeals court in casa blanca says this is all money these people have protested in the reef region to ask for economic and social demands and they've been imprisoned as if they were the worst terrorists and this we cannot accept and we are demanding their release. they were joined in the streets and outside the parliament by civil society organizations and mothers. do know oppression is killing us we don't accept it we want all our children to be freed they are now on hunger strike what is the government doing. i say to the government think reasonably and find a solution for our children who were sent to various prisons that they have pity on us. coming along with pity for these forty two activists they want the government
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to release money to be used for economic development and job creation programs and are schapelle is here. protesters in the bangladeshi capital are demanding justice for a young woman who was burned to death after reporting sexual abuse rights groups and organized a human chain for a nineteen year old. she was set on fire earlier this month refusing to drop a sexual harassment case against her school teacher death sparked outrage across the country. we demand that. so that all those who are responsible who are associated with it. but. i defer to the law enforcement agencies and local administration and political influence of people who have been found to be protecting and promoting this injustice to be brought to justice to for them to be. responsible for wrong doing.
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india's election commission has delayed the screening of a biography of india's current prime minister pm narendra modi was due to come out ahead of the first phase of india's general election al-jazeera is faster meal has more from him by five. pm the renderer movie is a glowing interpretation of the life of india's current prime minister it's not something everyone here would agree with and what's more producers tried to release the film just before the country seven days election began this month but the election commission has delayed the release over concerns it would unduly influence voters the film is the most prominent in a recent line of political films and series critics say favor the government or pan the opposition it's. almost every month specially in these months leading up to elections. more and more political films this film journalist says the political exploitation of films used to be rare in india but that's changed every life is in some way. by the movies and so perhaps the powers that be have figured out that
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this is one way to get across earlier this year several bawly. heavyweights flew in a private jet to meet the prime minister many say this photo from that meeting shows a relationship between the government and some the film industry that might be too cozy. and with influence working both ways. the government propaganda have been produced in india for decades some more than others on the other side many in the film industry have used their fame is a platform to jump into politics. openly trading on her celebrity for votes in this north mumbai constituency for the opposition congress. after starring for years in several of the different language based film industries she's become famous that fame is a powerful tool in political campaigning. but it is that right just. activists all those people affected this this kind of change.
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so they need to change the course of their this as. this is unique in atlanta with more political films and series expected to hit the screens in india in the future many people here hoping their influence can at least be contained no matter how politically popular they may or may not be. the iraqi city of karbala is planning to expand an important religious site to cope with a growing number of pilgrims more than thirteen million people visit the shrines of . this is why millions come here each year to see the shrine of the most revered and mom and shia history the same. with more than thirteen thousand employees some say it's a city and it's growing every year. with the current stable security
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situation in general the foundation is contributing to establish more expansion projects to observe more visitors to the holy. nights' the hospital this is in order to maintain a momentum of good services and income. with. at the friday prayer service an approved representative of the highest authority in the country grand ayatollah ali sistani delivers a sermon after mecca and saudi arabia this shrine is considered the second most important place of worship for shias among hussein is buried in the shrine behind me and next to him lies the body of his eldest son along with seventy seven others who died in the battle of karbala in six eighty a.d. now that's believed to be the starting point of the divide between shias and sunnis that continues fourteen centuries later. this area will be added to the shrines already extensive grounds within the next two years. completing an ambitious six
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year project. it is being built to accommodate another ten million visitors annually. to him on the same foundation has also opened a hospital here for cancer patients from around the world are treated for free there is a long wait list for perspective patients but the foundation hopes with increased revenues it can also be expanded. what to that is one of the business owners within the grounds of the shrines who has witnessed the rapid expansion he has been renting the store for the past twenty years. we could muster up for those the more expansion is down around the shrine the more visitors it will attract and that will also mean our businesses can expand it will generate more money for the whole city . the people from around the world come to see these holy grounds in their millions each year for the iraqi government religious tourism is the second highest source
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of income after all while. the number of visitors is increasing each year because many believe iraq security is improving that means the country's revenue is to door such a party al jazeera karbala. now hundreds of content things yes have gathered in one of mexico's famous archaeological parks artists drawing on the mysticism of the area to inspire their own creations. reports from. mexico city. in southwestern mexico an annual kite festival is underway. and some people like it we speak gaelic atlanta take the art of kite flying very seriously. at this year's festival recently ellis showing off more than a dozen of his creations. some stand out more than others like this forty meter long depiction of look in ancient aspect religious i can see. this represents the
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god god of the rain it's the dragon of as we like to call it it's blue and it has a few bells in the back but you can hear when it's in the air the kite festival takes place in one of mexico's most iconic and mysterious archaeological sites built the walk on there's a mysticism behind this location is. a fourth generation artists and shows us some of his handmade ok enos. ceramic whistles used by ancient people to mimic the sounds of animals found in the region. everything from birds. to jaguars. other sounds are a bit more unsettling. before heading to war our ass sisters who have the sense to ments and use them to intimidate the enemy is doing. it for those less skilled at flying kites there are workshops where
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a couple of sticks some string and a sheet of paper is all you need to get your personalized artwork off the ground or fly one of the biggest cards at the festival right now and i have to admit this is actually quite relaxing which is after all the point of it to enjoy the good weather and have a bit of fun part cultural showcase part carnival the tilt the walk on kite festival is ultimately about families spending time together and letting loose under a canopy of hundreds of high flying works of art and ended up a look at the work on mexico. our time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera police now say two hundred ninety people are known to have been killed on sunday almost twenty four hours since bomb attacks hit churches and hotels across the country the sri lankan president has
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called an emergency meeting on monday to review security and he's been arrested thirteen people so far but no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks but as more. colombo just waking up we understand now it has been confirmed in fact that the curfew that countrywide curfew that was put in place yesterday has been lifted so we see people out on the street interesting least schools and universities are still going to be closed for at least two more days they would you to start operating again today after the easter holidays we're getting more details now from the police with respect to arrests that have been made a police spokesperson saying that at least thirteen suspects have now been arrested a lot of focus on two locations what some are describing is possibly having been safe houses that apartment in. that you mentioned which we saw three police killed in
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a suicide attack yesterday. a lot of attention being paid on those premises we understand a number of arrests were made there including women in. protest leaders in sudan now no longer recognizing the military transitional council there accusing it of not taking the country's crisis seriously but just to say they'll step up demonstrations until a civilian government is put in place. we reaffirm that we cannot go back to square one we cannot be intrigued by the military blocs we cannot allow the former regime to regain power the regime is attempting to reproduce itself we stood up to it. ukrainian comedian of lot amir's alinsky has won the presidential election by a landslide but the political novice is estimated to have taken around seventy five percent of the vote is rival petro poroshenko who is but by the west has conceded defeat so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after
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risking it all for watching but for us. in australia more women are being locked up than ever before what's driving this alarming development one on one east meets two x. inmates live blog behind bars on zero zero. thank .
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you and even you. if in the humid undergrowth of the bolivian jungle a family collects the shells from giant brazil and. if alcohol and of prey are going to my mother get the if by a bull if the place is infested with insects and snakes genco the eldest of the
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siblings had a terrible experience and no longer uses his and most of the it's ethical colloq on to a lot imo but i've learned it a lot on there as. i knew i was in which ended up offended me what a skunk on a months ago. everybody has been the mental and the mayor the whole mess in coming up with a man when we fight for them in the air and i've got them in for the juncos wife claudia has never been bitten and still collects the shells with the batman but her great fear is torrential that. this is much better that on. five hours the whole family works to near exhaustion collecting the shells around the giant not. if.
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you have one on one end of one of them had the flag i don't what i mean one of the i know the above that i am what you are on your bill i'm an author from mindful of everybody laughing and. the shells that too heavy to be carried they have to be opened to extract the not that are exploited worldwide for shopping the shows require skill the blade of the machete is sharp and can be dangerous if feel if needed if you. feel if so and then feel about on the that. if. i don't know i will remember lower from them as the government wanted them i wanted one for the record. i move there from here a little more like
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a medical. by the end of the day they filled two bags the brazil nuts but then much too heavy at this and they're going to holler and that's a little kind of. of a. but he but nature often provide solutions he fuel . keep he lost he. the tropical rain threatens to raise old traces of the dry. the family decides to leave the deep forests the seed as they can.
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i. please. please please please. i i on the way home the young couple who know each other since childhood already knows that the bag of nuts will not provide enough money for the whole fun fun it's no longer possible to collect any mole far because the torrential rains will turn the forest into a quagmire for weeks. i . since the death of his parents twenty six year old janko is the head of the
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family and has fifteen mouths to feed and i he had to give up his medical studies and cool idea her dream of. genco younger brother roma who's eighteen will go to university in his place but there's just been. some bad news there on the other. this so if. the composer. so if. you are looking for a solution genco tries to negotiate with the village co-operative for more than the usual price. let's figure drama thank you for.
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fifty dollars or twenty five cents a kilo won't be enough to pay for romance university registration. lower rates ensure the bolivian harvest has continued to live hand to mouth. there's a consignment of nuts that my roth due to the moisture. to avoid losses i get must deliver them as quickly as possible to a processing plant. but he's just found out his tank is empty and he has to buy fuel from a colleague here to. learn but in the month of may i don't want to give people. despite his troubles at gary's happy because
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for once he won't make the trip alone. if there's. a taxi has just dropped off his son we haven't seen in months. to young alan his father's blue truck is amazing. companies in the form of the man i was going to. run the middle of the middle thing . but then the single message. made me out again as he says they were going to let me come in. legally. when they get up to. me on the radio because we've hit the area. with the feeling. that their.
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precious cargo of no begins a perilous journey through the bolivian amazon to the capital la paz. edgar was divorced a year ago he lives alone on this trip during the school holidays is the only opportunity to see his son. to make him. feel that way but it was such a long time but that wasn't going to but it could be something. in three days' time it's back to school for alan one thousand three hundred seventy kilometers away. if he's late is afraid he's ex-wife will no longer allow him to have his son. but it's the rainy season and the route through the forest has already flooded slowing the
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traffic. must cross a tributary of the amazon the rio benny. this year exceptional rains have caused massive flooding. just dumped. more inclusion my form from. going to. the docks has disappeared underwater. there are no boats to cross the river. the long wait is frustrating. a ferry struggling against the current finally arrive.
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edgar is one of the first to pull but there's not enough room for everyone. the. moment the people from boca raton are some of them but it's not. the bus and. the bus is too long. so the sailors let the real wheels rest on the rusty fragile ramp. they usually try and get as many customers as possible on board ignoring the safe. with an old engine and a very strong current piloting the ferry is tricky. enough
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but it might. because we're going to show the bucket in their goals. i think the ferries no longer being pulled and begins to drift i live. i think. it's dangerous the close to the banks of the river i the steering cable is finally repaired and at the last moment the pilot manages to safely guide the ferry across i.


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