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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 16  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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pm the renderer movie is a glowing interpretation of the life of india's current prime minister it's not something everyone here would agree with and what's more producers tried to release the film just before the country seven days election began this month but the election commission has delayed the release over concerns it would unduly influence voters the film is the most prominent in a recent line of political films and series critics say favor the government or pan the opposition it's. almost every month specially in these months leading up to elections we are seeing more and more political films this film journalist says the political exploitation of films used to be rare in india but that's changed everything. is in some way. by the movies and so perhaps the powers that be have figured out that this is one way to get across earlier this year several bollywood heavyweights flew in a private jet to meet the prime minister many say this photo from that meeting
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shows a relationship between the government and some the film industry that might be too cozy. and with influence working both ways will push the government propaganda have been produced in india for decades some more subtle than others on the other side many in the film industry and use their fame is a platform to jump into politics. openly trading on her celebrity for votes in this north mumbai constituency for the opposition congress. after starring for years and several of india's different language based film industries she's become famous and fame is a powerful tool in political campaigning that it is the media that it is that right just. activists all of those people are somewhere down the line affected this this kind of change in the last one and a half so i think they need to change then you don't want to leave then this has become more crucial this is unique in atlanta with more political films and series expected to. hit the screens in india in the future many people here hoping their
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influence can at least be contained no matter how politically popular they may or may not be there's jimmy el al jazeera. in the u.s. five native american tribes are joining forces to fight plans to reduce the wilderness areas in the state of utah the government's proposals could see ancestral land opened up for mining but environmentalist say it's a dangerous land grab that threatens the very idea of conservation as our reports. are few landscapes in the western united states or as dramatic as those in utah are walking through the geological masterpiece known as the valley of the gods is simply or inspiring this state is famed for its parks trails and wide wild places it's also where past lives are on it and ancient history is accessible to all whole areas dieted with a lot of ancestral say it's angelo back again trace his roots to both the navajo
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and hopi tribes and says places like the bears is national monument a vital it's about healing not just ourselves but the historical trauma that we've experienced how can we heal that from our indigenous peoples here with you the visitors of our land how do we heal that divide and that's what we're trying to do with this landscape but the protections given to both buress and grand staircase escalante monuments would drastically reduced by president trump more than a year ago both areas are now open to mining and mineral extraction with the action i'm taking today we will not only give back your voice over the use of this land we will also restore your access and your enjoyment public lands will once again be for public use conservationists fear it's just a massive lying grab with grave consequences republicans say they're simply correcting government overreach so look at the. beautiful color everywhere.
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fantastic places many visiting buress national monuments it's a betrayal of native american culture they have seen their vision of the way life is best lived essentially trampled on and this is just one more boot on the neck you know know it's wrong who does the park belong to and it belongs to us the american people and she says and you need to be protecting at five tribes in the region of now joined together to fight the changes many say they're still living with the harmful legacy of previous mining operations poisoning the air the water the soil and they're affecting us and these are places right next to a lot of our communities and that's environmental racism we can't allow that to happen in this day and age a scholar once wrote that national parks and monuments with the best idea this
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country ever had but at the moment there's is a grand staircase escalante stand at a vital crossroads what could follow is years of legal wrangling but the stakes couldn't be higher not only for the native tribes that call this place home but also for wilderness areas across the united states and gallica al-jazeera needles overlook utah. do stay with us.
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overachieved out for sport on what i used to play county level when i was a youngster oh really if you just tried hard enough you might miss the playoffs and the n.b.a. champions golden state warriors a one win away from reaching the second round of the playoffs they took game four against the los angeles clippers on sunday so late this series three one kevin durant's cooled thirty three points and clay thompson added thirty two as they want to hundred thirteen to one hundred five game five is in oakland on wednesday when the two time defending champions could clinch the series. we know just to play a poise patience and play together to do those three things. for almost unstoppable especially locked in mentally. there was drama to win the stanley cup playoffs on sunday is the san jose sharks force their first round series with the vegas cold nights to a deciding game seven sunday's encounter went to double overtime before thomas hertel scored a shorthanded goal to give the sharks
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a two one when the deciding game seven will be on tuesday in san jose. a greek football team has won its first super league title in thirty four years polk the sonic epeat never cost five mill to wrap up the championship and start a party that even brought out the injured captain just a week after he suffered a ruptured ligament just so he could be on the pitch to celebrate the title after that when the team took their trophy in an open top bus around the greek city it's isolani thousands of fans joined in the celebrations setting off flares and fireworks lit up the night sky. was subdued atmosphere. as paris sunshine clinched their sixth french league title in seven years the chairmanship was confirmed by other results before p.s.g. played monaco on sunday evening paris fans saw their side win three one at their coach admitted everything plan. three three
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in champion a french very early is an excellent performance it's very precious but you are right in the stadium today it was not the same atmosphere as if you became champions in the last minute of the last game. and fail madrid are ending what's been a difficult season on a high note to hattrick from striker karim benzema on sunday help them to a three mil with home win over bilbao in spain's low league or well can still catch city rivals at let's go madrid to finish in second close the nadine's and was full of praise for the french striker north. more than one door i don't know if he's the best there are many good players in that position but he's been here ten years now and i think he's only two goals away from his best season here i think that says a lot more versus liverpool manager you can prop says his players are fully focused after returning to the top of the english premier league a two know when it cardiff on sunday took the reds back above munches city in the
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title race with a first league title in twenty nine years now within touching distance cop is urging his team to enjoy the challenge if you are only motivated if you win the holy grail and something is wrong with you so we are really motivated itself because we play for this club because we want to win football games because we enjoy the ride together with our fans so it's a group much city had to rivals united for a crucial game on wednesday night is poor form continued but the fifth consecutive away defeats they were thumped four nil at everton on sunday. to tennis our straightly will host france in november's final of the fed cup the french team won the tie three two against for maybe in the deciding doubles rubber on sunday they'll be going for a third fed cup title while straight here have won the competition since one nine hundred seventy four. for the first time in thirty two years taiwan is celebrating a went out and golf's p.g.a.
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tour pan ranked one hundred thirteenth in the world won the r.b.c. heritage title in south carolina on sunday by a single shot for america's matt koocher as well as the one point two million dollar prize also qualifies for the p.g.a. championship and next year's masters. all right that is all useful for now i'll have more for you later. now hundreds of cars enthusiasts have gathered in one of mexico's famous archaeological parks drawing from the mysticism of the area to inspire creations. reports from. new mexico city. in southwestern mexico an annual kite festival is underway. and some people like you. take the art of kite flying very seriously. at this year's festival showing off more than a dozen of his creations. some stand out more than others like this forty meter
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long depiction of look in ancient religious icon. this represents the god god of the rain it's the dragon of as we like to call it it's blue and it has a few bells in the back but you can hear when it's in the air the kite festival takes place in one of mexico's most iconic and mysterious archaeological sites. there's a mysticism behind this location. a fourth generation artisan shows us some of his handmade. ceramic whistles used by ancient people to mimic the sounds of animals found in the region. everything from birds. to jaguars. other sounds are a bit more unsettling. before heading to
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war. with the sense to menton use them to intimidate the enemy is doing. for those less skilled at flying kites there are workshops where a couple of sticks some string and a sheet of paper is all you need to get your personalized artwork off the ground or fly one of the biggest kites at the first civil right. and i have to admit this is actually quite relaxing which is after all the point of it to enjoy the good weather and have a bit of fun. part cultural showcase part carnival the tail the walk on kite festival is ultimately about families spending time together and letting loose under a canopy of hundreds of high flying works of art monitor up a look at the work on mexico. before we go let's take you straight over to colombo these are live pictures from the sri lankan capital where bomb disposal experts and the military were tying to defuse a bomb in a parked vehicle close to st anthony's church that went off at the moment there are
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no reports of any injuries but of course there is a heightened tension in the sri lankan capital as the company also the country also to class and nationwide emergency stay with us here and i'll just at. their dreams have turned out to be disappointed. that i am defending my called me to say he'd leave egypt i'd advise him not to come three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not all they hoped it would be.
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al-jazeera world welcome to italy. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan taiga's next ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at. center of all political policy inspiring the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brittany's happinesses but when should it if it is quantifiable by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. technology. leading the way in the digital revolution. making
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a difference in the places. this week sexual health things out in africa and then engineering social change and inspiring young people. may still be using men taking. the final episode of life. that. of government has announced and national emergency a day off to a series of bomb attacks killed two hundred ninety people. welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth parata also ahead. of saddam's protesters to step up their movement
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demanding immediate somebody and hold off to suspend in talks with the military council. final days of voting in egypt's referendum which could extend president cc's term in office until twenty thirty plus. i want to go with her in the valley of the gods in utah or a place. there are those here who are fighting back. sri lanka the government has announced it will declare a nationwide imagines he beginning at midnight local time on monday and this will give police and the military extensive polish to detain and interrogate anyone without a court order a day earlier at least two hundred ninety people were killed in coordinated attacks occurred. cross the country now there is anger and confusion over a security alert that may have warned of an imminent attack the health minister
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says the prime minister and his cabinet were kept in the dark as the security information wasn't shared. with. the chief of intelligence route a letter to the police officials where he mentioned many names of the members of the terrorist organization but those letters have not been copied to the prime minister and the president the prime minister has not been informed about the letters and these revelations this letter indicates that the leader after he has planned a series of attacks in this country and the letter also mentions the importance of tightening security of the v.i.p.'s. or police have arrested at least a twenty four people but no one's claimed responsibility the bombings targeted several luxury hotels and churches there is a big security presence across colombo meanwhile the u.s. state department is warning of more attacks in sri lanka let's get the latest on all of this we're also learned that the sri lankan government will be seeking
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foreign help to investigate the attacks we're bringing in our correspondent in nelson and as who is live in the capital colombo a lot of developments over the last few hours but now police find eighty seven detonators that colombo's main stand and another car with explosives near st anthony's church that was bombed on sunday. that's right that is the detection of this car with explosives that were detonated in a controlled explosion literally within the last hour has said for the concern among people that thought we had seen the worst of things yesterday. sunday that was ripped by a series of coordinated explosions but we did to have this vehicle that had been abandoned oh really. short distance from the center anthony's church that the bomb disposal units were called to basically we had
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a cameraman who was on site these people were all moved away to safe sort of a distance away and the bomb disposal units carried out a sort of a controlled explosion on those explosives as we've mentioned before also the detection of eighty seven basically detonators low explosive detonators found at the main private bus the minister again a short distance from here in the heart of the city and now these are things that people have sort of begun to take note of and began to wonder with aware at the end of this period of terror of fear and wondering if they are safe there's also people that have been continuing to flock to hospitals the morgue at the national hospital also drawing emotional families trying to identify their
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loved ones so a lot happening in the aftermath of those coordinated explosions here in sri lanka absolutely and who also had president of the city saying or saying that they're going to seek foreign assistance that they believe that any local perpetrators were helped by foreign organizations. that's right elizabeth we've had these messages coming from a number of government figures the president condemned the attacks the prime minister also saying that they had sought basically assistance to find out from international basically players whatever intelligence that can be drawn into these investigations to try and get to the root of it the prime minister did however qualify that all of those arrested yesterday he said the eight suspects had been all local and the government spokesperson dr raj the same not to confirm that all
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of those that had been involved in the attacks that they have been identified as locals but there is sort of thinking that the scale of these coordinated attacks and the nature with which they were carried out does point to possible sort of either international assistance or help none of this has been confirmed by the authorities obviously exploring all lines of inquiry but we also have the national security council that met this morning with the president with prime minister on a vehicle missing and one of the decisions which is quite an important one we heard is to bring certain provisions of the prevention of terrorism closes doors close as under the emergency regulations invoking certain concerns because we haven't seen these emergency regulations in full force literally for the last ten years since the end of the war so not ideal in terms of the general public their mindset in
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terms of where sri lanka is headed with this latest tragedy elizabeth thank you very much for that for now that is michelle fernandez with all the latest live in a number of thank you. we're going to move on to other news now and police in algeria have arrested five billion is this part of an anti corruption investigation those rest of us had to be close. to former president of the disease group the frica the former prime minister and the current finance minister have also been ordered to appear in court and connection with an investigation into the misuse of public money meanwhile there are more protests demanding more change. so don's military council has a lot of people to stop blocking roads and let police do their job and barricades are being removed from the streets of the capital kabul the warning came after protesters suspended talks with the council a coalition of opposition parties is demanding an immediate end of the tree rule and the establishment of a civilian government mohamad evolve has more from car too. several hours after
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that announcement by the leadership of the protesters to stop dealing with the political committee of the military council we have another escalation this time around probably by way of reaction the military council has ordered the opening up of roads and has accused some of the protesters of this opting public order so instead of. the mutual understanding between the two sides they have be talking over the last several days about forming a civilian government and a joint military civilian council to rule the country the understanding is that the two sides are now moving to words divergence and escalation which increases fears about a confrontation between the two sides that the order that was issued today doesn't amount to. it doesn't amount to a decision to start to dispersing the crowds that are out in that have been sitting in front of the military headquarters for about two weeks now but it amounts to
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ethernet to do so we have gauged some of the reactions from the protesters side and they are categorically against it they are opposed to this order and to this. willingness on the part of the military to to open up those roads that are occupied by the protesters they say they are here in the name of the people of sudan and the itself was staged in the name of the people of sudan and that this city is for the interest of the country because they want to get rid of the former regime they want to inform us and they will not move from where they are until all the demands of the the so-called revolution are met. they have been explosions overnight around libya's capital as troops aligned the un recognized government targeted warlord this forces the world health organization says two hundred fifty four people have been killed and thousands injured in the past three weeks without that one head has moved from tripoli. forces loyal to the government to start
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a new move this morning to a does have his forces locations in and around the tripoli in active international airport on the southern western part of the capital tripoli military sources with the government say that they launch rockets targeting have to his forces locations and the venice of the of the international airport they used heavy of totally artillery rockets targeting have to his forces and of in a city of the tripoli international airport they say that they are trying to maintain their defense lines and they are trying to push have to back have to back out of the ministry of the tripoli international airport on another front line in while there will be an area around thirty kilometers to the cells from from the capital city center government forces are also trying to maintain a defense called on to push have to the forces back beyond the administrative
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borders of the capital tripoli and meanwhile they're trying to cut the supporting line for half that its forces coming from the city of the holder and the city of the south of the of tripoli here in tripoli overnight. artillery fire was heard clearly and the government sources say that they were using heavy weapons to target have to its forces in the veneer city of the tripoli international airport also a warplanes. was heard overnight but no strikes. overnight we know that have the forces have been losing ground on the southern part of tripoli and the government forces say that they are trying to push have to this forces back on the highway linking tripoli to the city. it is the third and final day of voting in egypt's controversial referendum but it could extend
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president up and fattal. theses term in office until twenty thirty the official results are expected to be announced on tuesday but rights groups say the referendum one to be free or fair if approved the changes could allow the president to appoint top john just and expand the role of the powerful military there is heavy security across egypt the home of the mass through associate professor of media and cultural studies at the doha institute for graduate studies and he says these amendments further entrench dictatorship there is very little opposition in egypt the egyptian government has done a very good job of consolidating power over the last six years they've eliminated opposition parties they've shut down opposition media just in the lead up to this vote they've shut down thirty four thousand websites belonging to dissidents who are trying to organize a bottle of void campaign they also arrested political figures about one hundred twenty of them in the lead up they banned the protests.


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