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tv   Red Or Death  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 7:33pm-8:01pm +03

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no. is in the city of new for the final day of campaigning just explain two of the big the main issues here. well this situation has come about because. now what the electoral commission is saying is that. we're able to get through that process if you like failed on a technicality and so now we have unprecedented situation. and that's what's cool is such an outcry. saying how can this country go to an election. where. elections and it's very ironic because this president came to power as an independent and people had high hopes that. taking the country back
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decades so one of the main concerns to the electorate if this process goes ahead as it currently stands. well the concern is that this will. not just. trading partner with nigeria. for this region there are so many. protests. very very bad not just for the country but. a process so far have been stifled by the police and they haven't been able to get. what they're planning next. thanks very much. in mozambique tens of thousands of people have been rescued from their homes off just. michael and kenneth main landfall on the north coast
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mozambique is still recovering from the devastation of cyclon day just a month ago kenneth first hit the french territory of miyata on the indian ocean and killed three people on the komodo islands overnight. commuters in london today relieved climate change protesters have ended their sit ins which blocked traffic in the past eleven days others glued themselves to a train and the galoot themselves outside the london stock exchange hundreds were arrested leaders of the extinction rebellion say their pausing their protests but they will continue to demand the government declares a climate change emergency and take radical action to stop it barkha takes a look back at those protests. after several weeks of protest activists from extinction rebellion now say that they're willing to suspend their activities for now at least and pack up this makeshift protest camp that's the merged marble arch in the center of london they say that the demos may well be over for now but that
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they kick started an all important public conversation about what they say is an ecological catastrophe about to happen for some it has been an emotional fight it's like you've got a secret that nobody wants to know but you know that the only way to do anything about it is to start that conversation and it is heartbreaking breaking this truth to people you know have no in gauged and have. you know carried on their daily lives as normal. for the past two weeks demonstrators have occupied major roads they picketed businesses and institutions causing major disruption to the city they've also used unique tactics chaining and gluing themselves together to for straight the police. more than a thousand people were detained many had never even protested before never mind
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being arrested. the london demonstrations also were try to prominent activists including teenage environmentalist grettir who's inspired a movement of children against global warming we are now facing an existential crisis the climate crisis and ecological crisis. this may be the last day of demonstrations in london but things haven't ended quietly earlier hundreds of demonstrators descended on the financial district some gluing themselves together outside the london stock exchange. others climbed on top of trains a mixture of ages and backgrounds. the message that's being promoted by these demonstrators throughout is one of known violent disobedience is a message that's caught on in other parts of the world have been similar scenes in different towns and cities across the world a move in thirty different countries and this demonstration in london comes to an
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end the mood is one of quiet celebration a feeling behalf so this isn't the end the toll that it may be just the beginning. in central london. still ahead here on al-jazeera while some play a set to a new orleans and french loft american football remains a game of survival so many of us will tell you boy.
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time sports news which i think about my tippy tell all five time n.b.a. champion san antonio have managed to stay alive in the playoffs and they made
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a home court advantage of count on thursday beating the denver nuggets to take their first round series to a decisive game seven samak has the action. well to the scout when you have a forty three point game you can usually expect to be on the winning side nicklaus jock itch was on fire in game six with the denver needing just one more win to progress but despite his impressive form he's been finding out there's no quit in five time n.b.a. championship winning coach gregg popovich and his son into a new spurs. and while pop doesn't have the likes of tim duncan and tony parker and even i he does have the marcus aldridge and the moderates and those for us for that . both play showing they've got the hunger to win made it and be a tigers respectively but of jock itch in fine form game six was a tie to fair for the most part but you know the spurs did however benchley put away their. heroes and scored twelve of just twenty five points in the panelled
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mccourt i was they went into the fourth five points ahead kept them from there they didn't look back the spurs went on to see a one twenty two one zero three when i forced a decisive game seven their hopes of bringing home championship number six to san antonio remain very much alive so while malik al-jazeera. in the n.h.l. playoffs the boston bruins have continued their impressive form in the n.h.l. all the brothers who are now many people's favorites that won the opening game of their eastern conference semifinal series against the columbus blue jackets charlie call leveled the game in the final five minutes of regulation and scored again in overtime to lead the bruins to three to win. e st louis blues that be the dallas stars three two in the first game of the team's western conference semifinal series blood in the sink or scored two goals to help his team take the lead as they head
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into game two on home ice. sunny thanks very much let's just take you to a news conference going on in colombo you can see it there on your screens we've had one observer that just me just coming out and talking about the aftermath of what happened in sri lanka let's listen in to this news briefing came just after the sun piece and. then he said colombo. the attack came. in must go. through these two attacks. and then under then fifty people in these two churches and. you know because we have thirty. recorded the medical at the church of the same. simu so.
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this. there was heavy defeat because you do ation be it but us. to leave in the late what happened to the people themselves. but those who were in there like of the ongoing relationships between the people and religions you know. because there was a c.d.s. . the center stand. and posse but a cash as we cleaned it for me. which we had to pay while you know as much as possible so what we did was to leave it down to. one and. i had was so me. wish for that at the company not to react against what happened because very often the this young people they get worked up in such things happen when
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a lot of bodies who have been taken out and taken to hospital. as long as they have patience so we had to do it off and not be more sureness and try to. ensure that nothing more c.d.'s happened after they. saw. that they've gone in the head with a baby these people and it was seems they starting from monday save. all of these days we have been beating that dead in different places. who came to us inventing these church what you. need to be to a mixed group that came from different places seems futile. because this church he's not a parish church obviously a shrine and therefore people. who like to come to these
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same group plays like a train. i did d.d.'s saw. you do you got to the people who would die debbie had more because b.c. i didn't defy because they had come from or it was. then they had working in colombo and i lodged. this and we identified it in a more case we had asked in the case of since her arrest since judging the gumball . it was much easier because most of the from the same village except a few people who came from i would say. three when they came into the church and they were. able to i need to fight him you enjoy but in the case of the. student there are some bodies that we have not been able to identify and we do know the hospital. so that was the situation we could go to the cash would use and in
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the control of those who. soft. we have made a good relationships with the thought of the forty legions between us we have. one fish in those bodies that meet and discuss issues. and have an understanding of the sort of such problems and the east danger if you doubt isis so because of that. we have had. quite easy for us to check the situation on peace and. all of those tensions with iran and the nation state is the community of us feeling a little bit nervous and. seemingly watery about the. actions from.
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the us site but. i would do that not to have a new fia and that we needed and also i gave strict instructions to my community not to do in being rashly and all those who will not go to a stand and say games or any of those so these kind of situation. we. had both a lot of the priests at the crease from that be. able to control the situation quite a bit and then subsequently we had various pre-op meetings videos with gatherings be dismayed to. induce muslims and christians and everybody understood that these probably it was and it took for a wall this and this the city and all of this so that it was not they need to be dysmorphia. this kind of attack place because getting porton photos
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to make that distinction between. what we believe in fact you see in religion and been watching these. groups who identify themselves with one to be. sort of right to try to force. their actions. would make a need distinction between what is it to be muslim and what would be for the. person who had this or would be a good catholic and what he believes to be putting other people. or that situation satisfactory and school for their use and or property and people we continue in itself and it was so this is the situation. now we would have was so think about helping these people because. in the case of
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most of these people gumbel. what has decided at least in trauma. really traumatize because they have not not that there was suffered economically but they have suffered the shock of having to have we lost loved ones and sometimes you know tragic man. we have. a family of seven. there's no one leaving to be sure the question is what would you do with all of these both of these things to get done because it really had been right then there was a case where one lady lost her husband and her. two children. and there's another case where the husband lost his wife and his three children so he's left all alone she's left all alone and he says that a bit of trauma that he had to go through to have some friend. these kind
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of situation can lead to suicide he's always so slow he did. part of what has to do a lot of sailing and these. he saw from that and the change. you got to the people even. those who seemed. more economic. needs to be better because they more or less most of them belong to the. economically lisp reveal age of meaning. and sexually language that being said we believe that the church we had asked seen was a singular language mosse that means. so that's the duration we forgot who the hell we have to be on the one say we have to. say about the. strain and on the other this age we have. to leave dad and i use the other method
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as we should be perfect and sick and levy have on the other side we have the need to reconstruct the beatings that to destroy his soul and what is in the north is that. even though many people see the asli good by titus from the roof. many people or those who are saved had to face. and back both sides fighting from that we've broken is that falling down on. that happening when many people very badly do you girls things also so these are the. things that happen after the event. after the last. so this is what we have. weekend shall we do with regard to what happened it is that
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it is really a sad situation. many people whose lives have been shouted and b i have personally delayed the loss for me personally. i have my community my community. is something pretty sad because they've been to church hoping that they would be able to go back or meet their children on that on a beautiful day easter sunday and then off was there those at banks that have been in the. beach all those who had the eastern ones because these bears are going to brunch and easter brunch so the people who are going to have their needs a break first job right they've been there we've been here stone ones that they were going to celebrate easter so that also has to be counted that there were lots
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of people who were killed and many forty knows and also. to the injuries so it's really of it a sad situation we are sorry about it and we hope that. we can get out of the situation as early as possible. so having said that i would do it you would do if you have there's one litters being excuse me i wanted to bring. a lot of people have requested this flight information with regard to his they would give police people and how to channel these. children i stay. as. calm as. the if. we have all been he's named really fun for that we have a vision of two thousand and nineteen easter sunday he seems and excrete construction of the churches. he's fine. but it being a bank account doing
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a lot more with the bank of ceylon see what others have done that he's. if you don't you're joining the ship so that we and the phone number one. she goes to you know we. it was for this. she see. he says she's the piece. of music oh. you've been listening to the archbishop of colombo trying to provide some sort of comfort to a community almost a week after those blasts churches and hotels killed about two hundred and sixty people saying that they heard there have been. diverse prayer services with with different denominations that this is about helping each other providing comfort and not turning against each other which is what he says that whoever did
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this seems to have been trying to do armorel fernandez has been covering this live from colombo he seems to have tried to cover a lot of bases when he first talked about the church then he even turned to the fact that the people at the hotel were just as affected about what happened i would hope that i would assume that some people in the community really needed to hear what he said. that's right. the archbishop here in sri lanka cardinal the head of the catholic church here speaking about what had happened to his flock to his congregation you know talking about or that personal sense of loss that he feels as members of his community and such a large number of his community as he described them had lost their lives. saying that there are still those from some of the churches that's how you had to be
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identified because if you take the church in columbus and anthony's not a parish. church but a shrine that draws people from all faiths as well as catholics from around the country so that has proven more of a challenge because the community that had been basically killed were not necessary known locally whereas the league on board was part of the local community and dealing and identifying the dead has been easier in terms of the actual damage that was done by the explosions the cardinal saying that a large number of people had sustained some serious injuries not just in part terms of the explosion but those who managed to survive the explosion had sadly been seriously injured by the missiles of tyros that he said started raining down from the roof of these churches obviously very high ceilings in terms of the blast and
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the implosion that followed cardenas saying this had been a factor he also said that he had sent strict instructions to members of the catholic community not to react rationally not to sort of be drawn into the heat of the moment and turn any anger or emotion towards any particular community he also said there was shock in the gumbo he mentioned the case of one family where all seven members had been wiped out so he said a lot of support needed for the communities he also drew a parallel about the rebuilding that's necessary psychological and spiritual rebuilding as well as the more material rebuilding so archbishop the cardinal talking about his loss and the sense of loss for the capital a community while here in colombo be heightened sense of security basically still continues we've heard reports of detections one place the police spokesman says
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they've detected forty six wards. this is coming on the back of a number of detections of explosives some alerts called in and here's a look at some of the areas that we was it'd earlier today. show lanka on high alert with fears of more attacks against worshipers. um soldiers godson anthony shrine in colombo securing one of the sites attacked on easter sunday outside mosques muslims undergo security checks before attending friday prayers with bomb warnings many decided to pray at home they're gathered here rather. rewarded a show of solidarity work the priest fear anger happening before our brothers and sister work here on a big massacre the increased security can be seen everywhere on the streets of colombo prime minister on a victim
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a singer told al jazeera that he intends to find out why warnings about the attacks weren't acted upon we have to admit the failure in intelligence the breakdown in the flow of information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated right into the truck i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today . intelligence services and the government has been criticised for not acting on warnings about possible attacks defense secretary him a city for nando who is asked for his resignation by prison mighty policy saying or has stood down a state of emergency has been enforced since tuesday giving security forces great opposed to detain and interrogate. for the details of those emergency powers are emerging among them is censorship of the media and internet and limiting the right of assembly the tension is reminiscent of sri lanka's twenty six years of civil war
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which ended ten years ago more arrests have been made and police have released the names and photos of suspects catholic churches in colombo won't hold sunday mass this weekend because of the security threat c.c.t.v. video has been released of another suspected suicide bomber captured at the cinema and granted although police have not named the bombers they have said they. him from well off families some of them multimillionaires some lived in this suburban colombo their neighbors are in shock and got their man mail to work it saddens me that most of those who are my neighbors have done unless they put a black spot on all of us muslim sri lanka's police and security services are under pressure to arrest everyone involved in the easter sunday bombings prevent further attacks and clamp down on religious extremism. five. so this is what we're seeing in terms of the
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mood in colombo as we deal with this crisis the authorities using the full rein.


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