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tv   Red Or Death  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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from running has come about it says because on a technicality these parties failed to meet the requirements of a new electoral code and a new charter of political parties now these two code in the charter were designed to reduce the number of political parties because there were so fragmented but what has happened is that in reality left only two political parties able to run in these legislative elections and these are pro government parties and this is a situation unprecedented in vendeans history since multi-party democracy in nine hundred ninety and that's why civil society especially is quite shocked that this situation is so far being allowed to continue now the president says since those parties were bought in march parliament hasn't been able to reach a decision as to the way forward has been deadlocked and that's why as a result of this deadlock he's taken the decision that the elections must continue but the real concern here is that if this process does go ahead it will ultimately lead to unrest of some kind and that kind of instability would not be good not only
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for ben mean but also its neighbors nigeria such a key economic trading partner. all neighboring countries which would be directly affected as a result of instability in this country. at least thirteen hundred mainly cuban migrants have staged the biggest mask scape in recent memory from a mexican detention center they fled from the center on the border with guatemala many had complained of overcrowding and lack of food. has more from the detention center in tough. we're at a migrant detention facility in southern mexico operated by the national institute for migration this is the scene where one thousand three hundred migrants predominantly cuban migrants managed to escape from this facility an unprecedented of events even though in the past there have been moments of protest and and borderline riots where migrants have. plained about overcrowded news complained
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about the living conditions this is actually the largest migrant detention facility in all of latin america not only mexico and this was a facility designed for somewhere around one thousand migrants and we know that one thousand three hundred escaped last night so there is reason to believe that it was at twice its capacity now this is a situation that is certainly unprecedented for mexican authorities but it's almost emblematic of the problem that's going on in mexico with this influx of migrants not only from central america we've seen these flows of of migrants in caravans coming up from central america but now from other regions we know from cuba from haiti and even from parts of africa in the congo so this is something that the mexican government is having a very hard time they're struggling to find ways to cope with this and it's and it's certainly a point of embarrassment for the mexican government. huge amounts of tropical rainforest were destroyed across the world last year to make way for large scale
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farming operations that's according to a global forest watch report it says last year one hundred twenty thousand square kilometers of forests that's almost the size of england was cleared they were removed at the equivalent of thirty football fields a minute's ghana and the ivory coast topped the list of countries who have lost their forests most of them were protected there also significant losses in the democratic republic of congo colombia bolivia and indonesia and brazil a third of all primary pristine rainforest was lost that included indigenous lands where people had protected the forests for centuries. and brazil's indigenous groups fear that a recent policy decision by the new president could wipe out more forests from the land of their ancestors they said boaz more on that group. for three days thousands of members of brazil's indigenous tribes took to the streets in brazilian . on friday he protested at the health ministry congress and the department of
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justice where they called on the new ministers that is your model the carwash corruption scandal judge to listen to their demands. my pool is a member of the come by you a tribe she traveled for a day to be here at the free land camp that happens every year in brasilia she says she's afraid of the future. but the i'm afraid for our children for our land for our forests that are so important to us in our area we are surrounded by loggers who want to grow the soybean our water is becoming more polluted every day. since taking office brazil's president. has moved land demarkation wilfully from the office of indigenous affairs to agriculture something that worries most people view. the nat'l has also said he's hoping to develop the amazon rain forest
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something that this people say will likely increase deforestation. here so i being threatened by miners and loggers and that may mean that governments that fix them by many fear that i don't i don't want to prioritize development over there five of their culture and their way of life was health is also an issue as the government proposed to transfer indigenous health services from the federal government to municipalities. for people like money fast this would present a major challenge look at look at the mold does he make as much as there are many indigenous groups in the villages that don't understand health care and indigenous groups are already discriminated against in the municipalities we need to have the federal government involved. people do you say they're ready to fight for their rights and defend the m.p.'s. are sacred. their way of life.
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still ahead on the oldest form while some players will and millions off to the n.f.l. draft american football remains a game of survival and many others will be a word more.
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all right thomas for his leo thank you very much liverpool got the result they needed to keep their hopes alive in the english premier league title race they went top of the table by beating hunters field five nil liverpool scored after just ten
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seconds following a mistake in the hundreds field defense guinea midfielder with the goal it proved to be an all african score sheet senegal's the omani got to egypt's mohamed salah liverpool chasing their first league title since one nine hundred ninety so liverpool go two points clear of manchester city but their rivals have a game in hand against burnley on sunday with two matches left in the season after that liverpool need city to drop points if they're to have a chance of taking home the trophy now the montenegro football association has been ordered to play its next competitive match behind closed doors following racist abuse by fans against english players tottenham's danny rose and manchester city's raheem sterling were among the england players targeted by the abuse on march twenty fifth has also ordered montenegro to pay a fine of twenty two thousand dollars and display a banner with the hash tag equal game when they play next at home. to formula one
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in a bizarre incident at the azerbaijan grand prix that caused the cancellation of the first practice session this is british driver george russell of the williams team checking under his car after pulling over that's after it hit a loose drain cover causing some serious damage as you can see here to add to the chaos a recovery truck later took a chunk out of a bridge race organizers decided to abandon the session. after just ten minutes to check the safety of the rest of the venue and bako the second session did go ahead with charles look clerk fastest ahead of ferrari team mate sebastian vettel. rafael nadal is into the barcelona open semifinals as he tries to win a twelfth title and catalonia but the spaniard struggled against germany's young leonard straw for the first set seven five on friday this is the first time these two have ever played together and it proved to be a memorable debut the doll taking the second as well by the same score to set up a semi final against dominic t. for many american football players the
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journey to turning pro starts in high school one coach in new orleans has his hands full managing young talented athletes trying to keep them on the field and out of the streets john hendren has the story. the winningest coach in louisiana says football is not his call. then it's just a job. right his real vocation coach bryce brown says is to get his players out of new orleans alive that's our mission is to get him out you know basic survival you know and we're talking about gun violence drug violence you know that's the kind of stuff that we try to keep our kids away from. is it working. just ask ronnie action jackson. the team's star running back it was a photo program on the wall where i view right now on the vibe in day out of one not. jackson grew up in the gritty streets of the city they call the big easy
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breaking into homes eight two cousins were fatally shot his uncle wounded in the program including price for what he. says he saved my life in assistant coach once rescued him from a drug den guns and narcotics lying on the table he tried to quit football more than twenty five times with the man they call coach bryce refuses to give up on his players off the field but he's a great mentor he teaches about life as always a lesson on life how to be a great person a very friend you know a future father. new orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the us some months the deadliest on a per capita basis. a lot of football teams pride themselves on leaving it all on the field but that's not how they do it here here the coach says it's what they do you off the field that matters most putting football second put in for both are
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putting putting academics first we go to study hall every day before we hit the field. after practice coach price and his staff call every player every day to make sure they're safe and still alive what happens if you don't answer is ever going to your house. you know follow follow me show you make sure everything on. with this victory in december ethnic or high school became louisiana's state champions for the third years straight they've played in the championship game seven of the past nine seasons we could do that well but i always say that all we see in the souls so this isn't just about football now. no sir i think if we get consumed in the football then we'll move this fall ronnie jackson will play first string on the team at the university of texas at san antonio on a full scholarship. coach price got another one out
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john hendren al-jazeera new orleans well that's it for me we'll have more support for you later. and that is it for this news hour more news and two minutes stay with us. how have you changed since you were seven. chalking the lives of the children of apartheid to twenty one years each story
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reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa. the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of the arab region . the thirteenth al-jazeera full. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race mostly. where is the gulf headed with the rainy an influence on the rise of saudi influence on the decline. and the casualty crisis. the gulf from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty eighth in doubt. china's
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a problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many aged one hundred years or older one i want to investigate see if the raging home for the sacred site to a long and healthy lives on al-jazeera. hole of explosives for sri lanka's police after a raid santa shootout with suspects in the easter sunday bombings. has him seeker this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. drumming up support for civilian rule in sudan as several foreign ministers are
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released from jail. is the u.n. ignoring the plight of china's we actually general fails to mention the persecuted minority while in beijing. another case of alleged police brutality goes viral off the offices of the u.s. state of florida caught on tape pepper spraying and punching a teenage. stash of explosives another bomb making equipment were found after a raid santa shootout in eastern sri lanka the gunfight erupted as police hunted for those behind the easter sunday bombings that killed more than two hundred fifty people raids were carried out around the city of. curfew has now been imposed at me now for nine days in the capital colombo. security authorities basically
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having a raid conducted in sign the mother who in calmly in the eastern flank about three hundred fifty kilometers from the capital colombo where there was an explosion when they came upon a certain group they were closing in on there was a gun battle that ensured where hearing from the police spokespersons office that this explosion and shootout didn't sue for certain amount of time and then just about thirty kilometers from in just before this there has also been detection house which had had a number of things including a uniform very similar to that worn by the alleged suicide bombers that released a video claiming responsibility for the easter sunday attacks also a banner with the isis flag that was displayed in the background of that particular video over one hundred fifty sticks of gelug ninety explosives more than one
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hundred thousand metal ball bearings notoriously used in suicide kit so all of these things coming together and reflecting that the authorities are closing in on these assailants that are on the run now earlier today we had several people talking on the latest the head of the catholic church here in sri lanka but also we heard from president might of allah serious in a moment and for them there's also sent us this report from colombo on those reactions bombed but not broken the two hundred year old son anthony shrine called the church of miracles in ruins cameras allowed in for the first time since the easter sunday attacks to see the extent of the damage the head of the catholic church in sri lanka is struggling to comprehend the loss of life many people whose lives are being shared. i have personally feel a great loss. for me personally because i have to buy community he says
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survivors of the blasts and relatives of weak tims are heavily traumatized and in need of psychological and spiritual strength rebuilding the churches will be a different challenge but there has been an offer of help for worshippers in the meantime we're overcoming the bridge. where one where they're marked by muskets or but what they. have on their power i mean where do you marty and serving their water do or might be if we are prepared to take their pound of them and you did with them are really what our. religious leaders have worked hard to keep their communities calm and united politicians have accepted some blame and apologized prison minded policy siena says he won't shy away from responsibility but was quick to point to what he said contributed to the intelligence lapse and the lack of response to warnings of attacks like you bought
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a gun what the civil society figures who weakened the intelligence sector should take note the intelligence services have been undermined i fought to protect them against being jailed and we couldn't. for the families who lost loved ones in sunday's carnage woods are of little comfort it could be some time before samantha needs church reopens its doors for families of victims it will never be quite the same again in a financial. colomba. several former ministers from sudan's ousted ruling party have been released from prison they were arrested in the wake of the fall of ahmad bashir his government they news is likely to add to the anger of protesters rallying outside army headquarters in khartoum mohammad out of reports from the capital. and other scorching sun thousands of protesters got outside the sudanese army headquarters in khartoum for friday prayers. the someone is heavily laden with
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political messages condemning the region of deposed former president omar al bashir messages to the demonstrations continue until the protesters achieve their goal a return to civilian rule in sudan. us soon as the prayer over the now familiar chance feel the riddle but. we need a civilian government to set up a foundation for a modern sudan followed by elections that have integrity and represent the will of the people. and there's a lot of sadness has a lot of the former regime divided the people through segregation and racism and today we are united as one nation without tribe or creed or color we are ready to develop a progressive suit the protesters wacom outside the military portals even before bashir was removed from office although the transitional military council has given in to some of them demands the protesters are still digging in for
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a fight and refusing to discuss the feeling here is that the council is simply bite i'm hoping the protesters won't be disappointed and then go home despite international support for the. protesters the ten member military council has so far resisted calls for transition to a civilian administration they argue any small vacuum could propel sudan into a civil war three council members submit that there is initials on wednesday under pressure from protest leaders who say they have presented the interest of all bushie to aldridge and that. the protesters were mosque in their tens of thousands for what organizers hoped would be a million strong march in the past few days their numbers have been bolstered with many people arriving from other parts of sudan to join the sit in. the world is the era of tom sudan a bipartisan commission is urging the u.s.
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state department to lift a religious freedom waiver on saudi arabia that's after the executions of a least thirty seven mainly shia muslims this week arsalan iftikhar is a human rights lawyer and senior fellow for the bridge initiative at georgetown university he says more economic pressure needs to be put on saudi arabia. trillium no you. know we're going to continue to keep turning a blind eye on the saudi arabia saudi arabia with actually listed as a country a particular concern of united states state department in two thousand and six for thirteen years they received an annual waiver which precludes them from having any sort of her meaningful economic sanctions against them even though they considered each year while i was human rights by reading country and so again there needs to be a political will both here in the united states or the other countries as well to have more economic pressure on the. persecuting minorities in their country we can't
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you know the murder and assassination of martin shocked you not because as a nation pretty for she has a recent political activist go on. but this is the time for governments to really you know stand firm and say you know we. usually saudi arabia. a prominent saudi women's rights activists is once again calling for a change in the kingdom and their sheriff led a small protest outside the saudi embassy in washington she's in the united states to raise awareness about human rights abuses shareef made history in saudi arabia and twenty eleven when she broke the law by getting behind the wheel the car and driving she now wants to shine a spotlight on the strict guardianship laws. we assign to people must call for a change in a permanent scale we must call to end absolute monarchy and the rule of one person we must demand a constitutional monarchy that if the citizen of fidelity and get into their
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political favor and human rights we must be mad at country that he could nice is the rule of law. our president donald trump has denied claims the u.s. government paid north korea two million dollars for the return of american student or to be a tramp was responding to a report in the washington post that he authorized the payment of his medical bills one v.a. fell into a coma after being detained and tortured for removing a propaganda poster from a war on a visit to north korea he died only days after they sent him back to the united states. a president trump has taken the first steps to pull the united states out of another international agreement he was speaking before thousands of supporters at the annual convention of the national rifle association trump announced he would withdraw america's signature from the global arms pact known as the un arms trade treaty white house correspondent kimberly how could reports.
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tearing up another treaty this time with the stroke of a pen in front of hundreds of national rifle association supporters donald trump made the announcement many had been anticipating i will sign right now. in front of a lot of ways to send. a message asking the senate to discontinue the treaty ratification brussels and to return to the now rejected treaty right back to me in the oval office where i will dispose of it. the united nations arms trade treaty was signed in two thousand and thirteen by the united states under president barack obama it sets international rules for global arms transfers and seeks to halt illicit weapon sales. that fuel international conflicts. more than one hundred countries are signatories more than twenty like russia china and syria are not. for years members of the national rifle association and
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others have criticized the u.n. arms trade treaty arguing it cedes u.s. sovereignty to a global body they believe that threatens the second amendment or the right to bear arms and shrine in the us constitution we will never allow a foreigner approach. to trample on your second amendment freedom trumps latest announcement further entrenches his america first platform he's been in acting since taking office already withdrawing the unite. it states from unesco the paris climate accord as well as the joint comprehensive plan of action to live in iran's nuclear program the president feels that the international system is biased against the united states and we don't need it so therefore we shouldn't be bound by these treaties because they hurt us more than other countries democratic members of congress are criticizing president trump's decision to.


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