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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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stories that. we live in. counting the cost zero. students military says it's negotiating in good faith that warns protesters against violence and economic destruction. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. and government says it is putting down a small coup opposition leader won by joe claim support from soldiers. for the first time in two hundred years a japanese emperor advocates from. the
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u.n. warns bad weather is making it incredibly difficult to reach thousands of survivors of cyclon kenneth in mozambique. don't take the law into your own hands that is the warning from sudan's ruling military council two protesters were still on the streets calling for an immediate civilian government military said in a press conference it's negotiating with protest leaders and good faith but they're warning against further blockades and disruptions to daily life earlier the main protest group accuse the military rulers are trying to break up a sit in and the capital khartoum where they were there for the. we are to sponsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council as a transitional new to the consul we have to protect the citizens and protect the little we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and
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properties of the state and we will do this firmly and in accordance with the law this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury to. spring in hama vall who joins us live and khartoum so mohamed what kind of is this taken to the town shifted somewhat between the two sides i mean the military council is very clear that they have a line in the sand they're trying to draw with how these protests are going. right there is a line that the military has seemingly drawn here after those days of nice talk soft talk and we're not going to disperse the crowd when we're going to protect the civilians to protect the evolution or reason so on now a stronger language being used by the military particularly with regards to the blocking of the roads and bridges this seems to be you know
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very vexing to the protesters they think that it is. a message about an imminent attempt to disperse the protests so they don't understand that it's valid who they think that it is that that that there is something that will follow with that the military are paving the ground preparing people to see more action against the protesters that's why they reacted during the night via going out into the streets burning tires not only at the protest but also in several parts of khartoum for a while tonight they've been protesting and today or so they strengthened the barricades and the road blocks around the city and also even blocked bridges far away from the seat of the protest in front of the military headquarters so there is this escalation now that the two sides have been talking and no major real progress has been seen yesterday both of them talked about difficulties the military saying
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there is a disorder among the protesters delegations they see new the negations every time there is no coordination with regards to to groom well talking about so on they say that the protesters leaders also lie to the public about some of the things that have been discussed around the negotiation table there is a deficit of trust growing between the two sides accusations and counter-accusations i've just been out at the protest see. and i have seen more presence unusually bigger presence of the military and they have moved the protesters further away from the wall of the military itself also the protesters gathering at certain points and talking directly to the military police shouting slogans about change and about the need to speed up the transition from the military to the civilians so there is this is collation and there is
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a mood of. confrontation a confrontation of the mood between the two sides doubts whether. the next round of talks will take place this afternoon was the should do until this morning but after these statements by the military we have to wait and see whether they will really be able to sit around the same table today and discuss those vexing issues between them including how to set up that do it transitional council which should be a part of the military part civilian they have no agreement whatsoever about how many members should be there from the military side how many members from the civilian side and also how long the transition will take before an election is held how to tackle evidence of the former regime reforms forms and so on they talked yesterday about a kind of road map beginning with the writing of
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a constitutional declaration that will have the specifics and details of everything but unless they agree on what to put in that constitution and declaration differences will remain and this language this confrontational language will remain and we see more preparations on the ground on both sides to just escalate. in khartoum thank you. mr director of the civil society group justice africa he thinks the military council is trying to buy time. i think it's clearly shown that this military general has you know how to bury bad intentions towards the protest at two or the revolution itself because i don't think they have an intention to peacefully plant the power to a civilian administration they are buying time and they playing on buying power and when they saw that is your mission of these protests to steer the course they try
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to make you see that you have boasted if you want to kill the people he can kill them you got the arms that all options have but i don't think that is going to the protest from look at choosing the optimal objective which is the religion does this protest that i've been on the streets for more than four months there is nothing new or not no no when instead of violence of looting or anyone because of you know what there is that is up to writing to absolutely prove what those to stab or behavior to claim that the protest is not peaceful i think what is make this what make it what actually threatening the peace of the security is the position of the military don't with they don't want to actually plan to pour peace would they want they don't want to agree on a constitutional peaceful arraignment to transfer power i mean move the computer forward and as well as government says it's dealing with a cool life by a group of soldiers and an opposition leader one quite police fire tear gas on the
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soldiers gathered near the our air base and caracas white house said the final phase of a plan to oust president nicolas maduro has begun that's a quote another opposition figure leopoldo lopez has been freed from house arrest he says the military let him out and israel's defense minister says the military remains loyal to the torah al-jazeera single filers on the phone from santa sorry so what have you been able to gather is actually going on daniel. you know what we saw in his video our three minute video which is to me early hours. out the like a lot. and it was one wide old son being surrounded by several military men saying this is a fine within minutes we need to decide which side they're on on the venezuelan people is this huge gamble on his policies obviously decided that now is the time of the tipping point has been reached but there is enough support in it for the
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president than a slave among the poor people than a slave it is a large number of support the president nicolas maduro on more among the military and the police he fills that point has now been we will they will come out on the streets i'm supportive now obviously in the next few days where the two sides come to fall many times in the last because we thought it was finished on to insist that found that again or you know he has managed to remain in power for. being and we all think you can do it again all right daniel schuler with the latest for us there daniel thank you very much fran cullen harding i'm has a lot american analysts and joins us now via skype from manchester and hey we appreciate your time so much for these words from want that says the final phase of a plan to oust president nicolas maduro has begun what does he mean by that. well this is so called operation look to see which graders are in trouble in the
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country recently making preparations for war is what was supposed to happen is the first of many as morrow he was calling people out are from to the streets to rally in close and in different parts of caracas and other cities to. express their rejection of the government and in the hopes that this would eventually. bring the government down there's no colder and usurpation of power on that would then clear the way for a full nation of the transitional government and then they calling us out of office reactions that was programmed this morning around about dawn we had right during our lead holder lopez's political mentor putting out a video heard from they the air base in caracas saying this operation that this is already begun and claiming that the military are not on the side of the people they are against the government and they are beginning to mean at the end of the
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government. there's a lot of contradictory reports we don't know exactly if in fact it's ok so a couple of questions to the follow ups to that. is there any way to really gauge how much military support he may actually have. well in not at the moment of the video showed some sunk ships lined up behind them and assumed to be salaamed troop carriers there as well that would be don't know how many units that joined in they there is a recourse that they chairman of the joint chiefs of staff it is backing quite go and look at this now because he doesn't command troops and nor does the defense minister as you know lopez who has declared that everything is normal and that is just a few trades and it's all being controlled that the crucial thing that they how they the commanders the troops that decide to remove references that the biggest military had the biggest armored brigade it is a matter of carrots just some distance from caracas and the government in trying to
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close down communications in the hopes that they knew something in the. move will not reach them but i think that's got this unlikely that's going to decide but we don't know how that plays a crucial units are going to react do you think that people will heed one white house calls. i would have to say it means that you can't have people come out onto the streets men but that's happened many times before what it hasn't done is this is it has succeeded in bringing the government down men don't quite go as a great power to bring people back to the streets and now they have hold of locusts and so it's a very charismatic figure. that now they stray around i'm sure that they need to be demonstrations tomorrow what would be still will be a very large they are now calling on people to go to the lock out lots of base they they each their base where they made the video this morning true just express this of course the government figures are calling on their supporters armed civilians
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militias dumb motorcycle gangs that you had to go to the presidential palace to defend their revolution so. each side is now calling upon late states armed soldiers at all. trying to rally. units of both the irregular forces on the military to back them so well we still don't know of course how this is going to turn out indeed collen harding joining us from manchester thank you very much. still ahead on al-jazeera scrapping one airport to build another as the new airport plan for mexico city a legacy project or a white elephant. a clan the stein world of illegal trade what you have here is not just park a logical object you're talking about the political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors caring for
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selling an artifact is worth finances the beheadings of muslims in the middle east don't sound don't forget that's one quick solution. trafficking on al-jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. to us. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas
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a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now really military council says they are and they go shooting and. good faith with protest leaders they are warning against further blockades and disruptions to daily life earlier the main protest group accuse the military rulers are trying to break up a sit in in the capital. and israel's government says it's dealing with the coup attempt by a group of soldiers opposition leader want has appeared in a video surrounded by soldiers in an airbase said to be in caracas. france emperor has formally abdicated during the ceremony in tokyo he thanked the public and said he prays for peace the ritual which involves handing over their throne to his son took place at the imperial palace crown prince are here to will become emperor this is the first application and more than two hundred years or so
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since my enthronement it has been thirty years all my duties as employment were put into effect through sincere a t and wishing for the peace of all japanese people and that has been my happiness in my duties as a representative and simple of japan and to be allowed to partake in this task i offer my gratitude tomorrow we will start a new imperial era ray while my sincere wish is for further tranquility and peace and this is the wish of the emperors and myself prime minister thank the imperial couple for their service through japan's toughest times. but i said. as the people of japan have walked along with the emperor in this era during this time the emperor has wished for the happiness and tranquility of the people and has julie conducted all official duties as a symbol of the people of japan so here we wish for the further
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prosperity for the imperial household and i would like to further extend my gratitude to you today by and he has the latest from tokyo. it was a very brief ceremony lasting only around ten minutes inside a room of the imperial palace on a very gloomy evening in the japanese capital tokyo more than three hundred people inside that room for the ceremony to see the abdication of emperor akihito they were members of the imperial family of course members of government led by the prime minister shinzo are there who formally announce the abdication of the emperor this all came about after a surprise speech from emperor akihito in two thousand and sixteen in which he said that he was concerned that his age and his health would mean that he wouldn't be able to carry out his imperial duties to the best of his ability he didn't say he wanted to abdicate he couldn't use that term because it was effectively against the
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law there was no law in japan to allow for abdication but he sent a very clear message to the government and opinion polls among the japanese public clearly showed that they supported his wishes to stand down so the government was really left with no choice the year after to pass a one off allowing for the abdication so as japanese say goodbye to emperor akihito they prepared to welcome in the one hundred twenty sixth emperor that will be crowned prince. who will ascend the throne and become emperor. on wednesday. then donations says to vietnamese coast guard ships rammed one of its navy patrol vessels in the south china sea the collision happened in waters off indonesia's maternal island chain in the southernmost region of the contested south china sea the navy which releases video says it stopped a vietnamese fishing boat which was illegally in its waters well fishermen have
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been detained. a serious former prime minister is appearing in court as part of a corruption probe according to algerian media reports. is being investigated over allegations of misusing public money is one of many senior officials including the finance minister and several billionaires facing judicial investigations earlier this month long time president abdelaziz bouteflika stepped down under pressure from demonstrators and the military. the catholic church in sri lanka will resume sunday mass on may fifth after a break since the easter attacks archbishop of colombo cardinal malcolm ranjit spoke earlier of his dissatisfaction with the government's investigation so far your shit to take the right security measures before people take the law into their own hands. instead of going along with the government commission doing going to be any really just going to. do that.
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and this is very. early in this country you know we need trust in government agencies and organizations and. we are willing to do that to get. the mission thousands of prominent afghans have gathered in kabul as leaders discuss how to deal with the taliban a meeting known as the loya jirgah has been a way to bring afghans together for centuries but many including the taliban have boycotted the event saying it would not be productive among them the second most powerful man in the country afghanistan's chief executive of. charleville us reports from kabul. this is the day where the action truly begins at the loya jirga more than three thousand people in the big white building you see behind me have broken into groups broken into fifty committees to try to discuss and define what
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pay should look like in afghanistan they will be in these groups debating that question for anywhere between three and seven days they will do that by trying to answer all questions those four questions what needs to be done to achieve long lasting pain what value should be safeguarded if the government does get to talk with the taliban what value should be safeguarded in those talks what type of personality should represent the afghan government in those talks and lastly foreign policy what should the afghan government's foreign policy debates awards countries that do support the taliban now in that in that tent there are more than three thousand people they are meant to represent different ages different ethnicities different religions they mean to come from every district across afghanistan and truly represent the afghan population in trying to. these questions there is some criticism that that is not entirely true because the taliban does control can taste about forty six percent of the country and they are not in
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support of this in which ago if people from those areas came here they would face real danger upon returning to those taliban areas because the taliban does not support it before the government's workaround is being to pull people originally from those areas who may now live in kabul to represent the home districts they may have been away for ten or fifteen years so whether or not they do truly represent those areas that is up for debate iran's president hassan rouhani has said he will not let america succeed and reducing its oil exports and a speech in tehran on tuesday rouhani said in the coming months america would say for itself that iran can and will continue to sell oil in the face of increasing pressure so much more from the strait of hormuz. when iranian leaders say that they have the responsibility of keeping the strait of hormuz secure then that's what they're talking about warships escorted by small speedboats with mounted machine guns patrolling the waters around iran southern coast in the distance dozens of
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transport and cargo ships visible at any point in time give a sense of how much traffic these waters see on a daily basis iranian leaders have said time and again that it is in their interest and everyone's interest to keep the strait of hormuz open to the free flow of ships that move goods and especially oil but the presence of battle ready boats like this are meant to send a message about who iran considers as being in charge of these waters this is as close as we can get to one of the runs warships the navy here takes the security of its vessels very seriously especially around the waters of the strait of hormuz where boats like this one have the job of policing traffic but also looking out for american warships and with ongoing u.s. sanctions iranian leaders civilian and military alike have promised over and over again that if iran can't sell its oil and ship its oil through these waters then no one will and if it comes down to that then votes like that one are how they intend to keep that promise aid agencies say they're struggling to deliver aid to
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mozambique because of heavy rain which is flooding and mudslides at least thirty eight people have been confirmed dead after last week's cyclon kennet. as the latest. teen issued and her family salvage what they can from their flooded home like thousands of houses in the cool city of pemba it was badly damaged by cycling kenny. i think of everything inside the house is wet t.v. matches his beds freezes fridges everything that was on the ground weather experts say cyclon can it was the strongest ever recorded in oh the mozambique it was the second storm in six weeks to hit the eastern coast of. southern africa mozambique's government says two hundred thousand people are at risk they urgently need shelter and water purification but aid agencies say bad weather is hampering the efforts to reach survival. this supplies that were trying to come in couldn't land because of
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the rains and this is something that's going to be a challenge in this operation for the days ahead because the forecast is that we will continue to have rains for at least the coming days cycling kenneth rip through the maze and beaks northern province of cabo with wind surges about up to two hundred eighty kilometers an hour in some areas entire villages were flattened in pember roads have been washed away and roofs ripped off houses radical behravesh the cost to rebuild this home who will have to demolish it and start again with a new house. aid agencies say they desperately need money to respond to what they describe as an incredibly difficult situation in mozambique victoria gate and be they are asylum seekers in the u.s. faced tougher restrictions under new orders by president on a. latest proposal asylum seekers will be charged a fee to process their applications and those who enter the country illegally will be barred from even applying for such permits until their case is heard and they're
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cleared by immigration officials the rule changes could come within three months trumps taking a tough stance on immigration since coming to office. president entre spend well over as average or has announced the construction of a new airport in mexico city and he's been criticized because he's previously cancelled another multibillion dollar airport project that was almost half built in iraq while reports mexico city. laying the symbolic first stone mexican president. announced construction of a new international airport from mexico city the project builds on a promise by president lopez what other word for more austere government by. i said when they came this is a fundamental project because it will resolve the problem of oversaturation of mexico city's current apples but it also serves as an example of how a rational policy of austerity can be delivered under a framework of honesty which is needed by the government of our country the mexican
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president has been criticized for his plans for the new air can't however mainly because his administration cancelled the construction of a thirteen billion dollar airport project that was already forty percent completed saying plans for the state of the art facility were marred by corruption but the decision to cancel the venture came from an informal referendum were only one percent of the electorate participated scrapping the proposal altogether not only angered investors it swept markets downward komo support us of what i don't know how could a multi-billion dollar project be abandoned just like that in minutes it would have been easier to continue and finish the project than the thought of the money to the gobbets for his part the mexican president insists that these decisions however controversial are consistent with his promise to end government corruption during a recent visit to the senate that air force base which will serve as the site for the new philippe on his international airport the president oversaw the auctioning
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off of dozens of government aircrafts once again promising to put an end to the luxury and excess of past administrations forty five million passengers transited through mexico city's airport last year well beyond the thirty five million passenger capacity like delays are becoming more common and serve as evidence that the facility is overburdened yet one of the biggest oppositions to construction of a new airport is from the airlines themselves the general manager for air mexico has said the company would not operate out of two airports a sentiment shared by several other air travel providers the president says the new airport will be finished by the year two thousand and twenty four by the time his mandate in office. but the uncertainty this project has created is already being felt uncertainty over the future of mexico city as a regional airline hope and uncertainty from private investors who worry the president will make similar decisions over future contracts in other industries but
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read it up a little dizzy to mexico city the first black american director to receive a best director oscar nomination has died fifty one year old john singleton suffered a heart attack earlier this month its debut film boys in the hood in one thousand nine hundred one are an oscar nominations for original screenplay and direction when singleton was twenty four making him also the youngest to earn that honor. we got the headlines for you on al-jazeera so dan's ruling military council says they are negotiating in good faith with protest leaders but they're warning against further blockades and disruptions to daily life earlier the main protest group accuse the military rules of trying to break up a sit in and the capital khartoum where they were there. the whole day we are to sponsible and we have to take responsibility as a mid city council as
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a transitional new to the consul we have to protect the citizens and protect the no we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will do this firmly and in accordance with the this is what you want to clarify to the sudanese people we do not want to add insult to injury. and israel's government says it's dealing with a coup attempt by a group of soldiers opposition leader juan puerto appeared in a video surrounded by soldiers at an air base said to be in caracas another opposition figure leopoldo lopez has been freed from house arrest and he says that the military a lot of melt says the final phase of a plan to oust president nicolas maduro has he got it. japan's emperor akihito has formally abdicated under in the ceremony in tokyo he thanked the public and said he prays for peace the ritual which involves handing over the chrysanthemum throne to his son took place at the imperial palace crown prince or hitto will now become
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employer this is the first application in japan and more than two hundred years. algeria's former prime minister is appearing in court as part of a corruption probe according to media reports. being investigated over allegations of misusing public money he is one of many senior officials including the finance minister and several billionaires facing judicial investigations earlier this month long time president abdelaziz bouteflika stepped down under pressure from demonstrators and the military the catholic church in sri lanka will resume sunday mass on may fifth after a break since the easter attacks archbishop of colombo spoke earlier of his dissatisfaction with the investigation so far. to the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera witnesses next. the latest news as it breaks. out of the times. to. burn and
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what a ham laura got to do with even what and she fed up with. option of sally asked once at the minister and thought it better she said then or the like and on the can accumulate miracle if you will water cop on will correct you before a home will give you bond with them we were brought up but we did go to cuba a good go to cuba to move our city. and also to move all super go to cuba near correct you going to. to keep our human. even if that are. going about what would you believe god. and i feel although missionary effect at a few bestsellers from bentonville. one of a half million off subject at the time of my own file after all the first time i met all the theatre. of. best see
3:48 pm
a couple of people if you. really feel. like we're in the latter and regal and on about she is still. very very got a little bit about after. the minute she then walks would often tell edgy. you're still could have. been this metal band in. mystery man who. gave a few whole most men when the annie from had to throw them in fact i wanted a legitimate honest cannot promise never mia to me and that i'm ashamed for the man and a little moment if you leave i have to you missed him because he was that easy but then after that i go to show you how long it lasts i'm not going to help the ones i meant to show from the although i knew that i could be get the deal it got
3:49 pm
a good way. to go. along with there was a new. full additional moved me beyond it i'm in my own knowledge when a smile busts it up on my walk talk bad little boy. of the year it. met you. will give no. it was it was a gamble had to fill all the deal helen has had to clear a lot hamas is will be harder for him not to show clune threat or if the whole bubble although it was solid. but below the twenty. was the most probable little alert hummel. had to not all email hash lesmond enough and there will be a year i literally haven't domenica to kill him a wonderful old liberated and feel able how to learn about persia hoof t.v.
3:50 pm
phone fever dream in a shack to hell machine. for fear for the. unity to forget that if we had our big. let them alone to be flown at well an egg. and he did go to cuba to get the limit how to stomach evident relish they have. but this is a low so am i to go. out a good deal as that. was. a ok too if i could to get well and munch a lot how come the men are kind of guys that. don't let you get out in falcon but the last fairly. rugged look at the had me four of them five year
3:51 pm
before give us the quantum of a give us to get that from a fudge of a few so cut with the ballet bit of course i had only that mr miller or mood are clear by half of you so. sure of the software. we do have nearly. no the number of a standard how can we know who their neighbor thermally efficient if you can do a lot just to go what bob dylan neighborhood to my post i'm throwing himself with one of our own ok to list the legit be. valid you have a show in san angelo falcon bluesky does the family. up that will have a lot of flea valley infelicitous and again that i mean i have all the enough. google know the thing.
3:52 pm
and don't do top or bottom of the why are you jealous do it right here be. simple correct it best to get all of my ideal woman moms of kids oh i have diverted most of them can and back a lot by is that one of us alyssa lotto stockpiling is the first to be so lot about bend you know most of the taliban five women i let them out in where of non dalla my job it was at that me i met and what did i am. i mean the power metal. they had been against our market. ne'eman mackie with the. mannequin that the reality
3:53 pm
me. the. whole not up on was if. if will and if the sad but i figured i was. the man i live in the husband had gives me. a good human has less muscle in this matter for the pedophile. problems with with a man and in that a what was that all of you know what i wild west and then a call about a lot or maybe they're getting. out of one of the work of the lotto my arcade would that there. be a thought in my your picture and then i thought well my mental shell of a model of dilemma has in my you. had to swallow hard and you are. moderate
3:54 pm
is the letter for you. but i believe started. to be started. in washington and will be a thousand. times with a. lot of shit is to look the. best my little lass with a few done before. and the whole deal with us on her. love the jobs of the. hired. man i would.
3:55 pm
not take. but. for another. we are doing. the head of my local london. market as you would very well but i really pride all the people who've. asked to hell i'm not. getting.
3:56 pm
what i mean nothing what has it been about about. the man i. had to just annoys the fed. on. model correctly but i wasn't going to keep. you as a cadet that. allowed. that one you have a whole you have a way of course was on one of them and if you know about it how little heads. are made to lay out the lives of a set of guys a coyote it was a great job everything had to have to look
3:57 pm
a little like an animal i had to correct. them a shutdown on the ticket got to keep abreast of the law lemme go look at if you've got a kid but to tell each. mrs thomas. and then actually yes and then the fitter was michele. but he had given them an arsenal. game eli any and he had a minute and had this how life with his you know us going to be a shock and a bash i was any. good the man was what i should the men were as any of them and going to head up as them had. yanira nigerian i was because i work william again ha . get me to call him again how did he kill you. were limited to busy could i. could i had to die. hard little.
3:58 pm
yes i did to get up my. leg. was the caregiver of the vicar it. colorado it is clouding over with some colder weather coming into the river plate right now this area cloud have pushing up across northern pos. taina easing over
3:59 pm
towards year ago i will see temperatures falling back to about seventeen celsius in want to say this as a result of that with the southerly winds tucking in behind for the north losses shall assess some heavy ones too into power of washing up across bolivia western side of the amazon in particular a few showers into the eastern side of brazil but rio should be lousy dry over the next couple of days as we go on into wednesday guys return to what want to say was nineteen celsius was a shot right up that western side of the amazon and then a little drop down to southern parts of colombia for the north the sun shines brightly a lot of sunshine see you into the caribbean will see some pleasant sunshine comes for he little more in the way still just around the right around to this particular into hispaniola could catch a shower or two here over the next day i say jamaica should stay losey fine and dry you might get want to see showers across the western side off the carrot bad maybe into west central america honduras guatemala could see a shower or so and notice for wednesday you might see widespread shaz across kid
4:00 pm
parts of cuba but further east is fine i'm trying. sponsored. zero. but richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a warning from sudan's military clear your barricades and respect the law as protesters demand immediate civilian government. venezuela's government says a group of soldiers are attempting a coup after the release of a prominent opposition leader. for the first time in two hundred years of japanese emperor has stepped down from his throne. i'm joined.


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