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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 21  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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johnson calls constantly to pry more money from one brown from o'shea's that will never be bought stop interest. shall we. might be able to get there. so tell me about the smack down your joints. scrub off your boyd's whistle for he still probably a member of it also into us is there a certain arrogance about him you know he think he's a big shot in the philippines. only a certain murder he thinks he rules the philippines it's like. well he's american he lives here with his wife and has children to her he's been in the philippines for years and he's probably one of the mind characters who. plied probably one of the logic pots in this fraud. the crime syndicates victims from around the world were instructed to make payments to bank accounts in hong kong. the money is
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sent to the philippines and within a very short period toll on the money is usually taken out in cash here in the philippines by. like a bank account holders who have control of the accounts on behalf of the fraud gangs for the syndicates and the money is then loan it is ultimately into cash by now wine brown believes his portfolio is valued at $5000000.00 and he wants to cash it in but there's a catch the scam is in manila tell him before he can sell he is he needs to pay us tax. the tax money was granted i $200000.00 u.s. dollars but i said i'd apply before you get that get this cash back from oil. that once wind started to ask for the money that i have to constantly come up with new why explaining why they're not i would buy the money it's just an ongoing.
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clever scheme to continue to j.p. and buy slightly. continues why news passed on to yet another mini based american criminal again pretending to be on wall street he's alias jeffrey cohen. jeffrey crime in most close like every happen there is a cause it came out more i can't get all my funds jeffrey said you don't apply this much money for example and then we'll give you the funds we're going to release your funds to you. we shall mention twice for you changed your whole deal. to just $47000.00 of carry. on finding. your money will not be released. the scammers are trying to squeeze a final payment from wayne jeffers area it was very hard to deal with it was very
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full on. it all aside if you know how to do this tell me dale and the fossil to sit there while they would get on. with wine browns lost now to over $1000000.00 informant excuse against the gang. who were sort of the ripple for this much awful sword for the i'll just resort can do something about it and i think the system are we doing something about it. so in form of dick schools private investigator can gamble he's willing to hand over the suitcase of evidence inference he d. tao the. the fraud against wayne brown. the investigator is wearing gabble who spent years busting organized crime gangs in this region and has made many enemies . what are the steps necessary to get rid of a person not made it's going to cause a lot of trouble to the city get an operation so how do you know can. one group
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actually came to me and to be rebuffed came to get rid of you if i have to kill and kill you down some pretty bad things haven't you already hear how i've done a lot of things we regards to came when i saw what he was doing i just knew i couldn't get rid of him for the simple fact that he's hoping a lot of people in order to get very low spec in order what do you make of the fact that informant x. the man he's helping you now was once played 90000 pesos to get rid of you it was certainly a strange feeling talking to the person who had been instructed to to get rid of me and it sort of reiterated my belief that there's a lot more good people in this world than there is bad. so you contacted wind to tell him he'd been scammed what was his reaction well he was pretty shocked.
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a little bit baffled at. what was going on but. he was also relates he had suspicions that something wasn't right he just didn't know what was going on he didn't know who to talk to. when brown high's private investigator can gamble to track the scammers and recover the money he's lost. or invested $1400000.00 us dollars with these blocks of sickening actually addresses that much money into my future and then to follow it out there wasn't any cash. it was real sitting. more than 5000 kilometers away in manila the criminals are unaware of the victim knows he's been combed. the tables are about to be turned. i said firstly the 1st and most important thing to do is not to let on to them that you know they being scammed because i'm going to
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have to use you to continue to communicate with them together evidence that will be vital for that because. one keeps getting calls from the conmen jeffrey cohen more appeals for him to pay money to 3 he has one plays along with him my job there was to keep them on the hook. every do want to pay for the last 3 years or just trying to turn the tiles keep them in a conversation i tell em i was going to give them the cash to formalize his deals. oh. it's so hard talking to people that you know this ripped you off and you got to talk almost on just to keep them on the hook it's just so hard knowing that they're on the other so one. of the world wallace when i said that laughing at you. the fraudster jeffrey
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cohen is becoming desperate and aggressive to extract a final payment from his victim wang is giving him the runaround. all over the world people being scalp were small amounts big amounts. they have no mercy to have any syndicates do you think would be one of the one time. i'd say there's about 60 groups in the at least. have a need to vigils. hundreds or. i would say that they would be tens of millions of dollars involved in these frauds we have fans call centers that are rising money through securities fraud they directly linked to terrorist organizations in indonesia. after almost 2
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years of investigation can gamble these ready to take his 1000 page brief to the makati police chief so you know since you've done the detective work for them haven't you you both the break people the case to them yes we've done more than just call a compliant we've done it best gosh we've gathered evidence would probably fall the suspects are not skilled in financial crimes particularly cross border crossings where where i bring where i bring expectations in the area across the border for and how to work my bridge or you're. going to see the police who need time to assign their own investigators and conduct their own surveillance to the case against a syndicate of foreign criminals is compelling. and we have identified a number of persons of interest actual suspects involved in dealing with mr brown as 39 guys that actually dealt with him on the telephone. the makati police chief is convinced it's
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a serious case and i think it's time for us here in the he says at the business district of the bin against to take on the talents even though he will help. those ugly party to recover the money. not knowing the noose is tightening around them the crime group is still trying to draw more cash from wine brown. he's paid them nothing for 15 months but they persist in the manila police finalize their investigation and paranoid actors are playing the red sox as we speak right now so are making a great sacrifice. on the line but certainly over e-mail past article. you don't expect one cast. to be taking a wife for me i want to sell my house and also go back a lot of it up my back which given a stable yard i need that money back so i can have
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a lost all. in manila he's hard earned cash is being spent by fools to friends daniel johnson and jeffrey cullen. jeffrey often posts on facebook where he's doing he's a prolific poster he's even got his on food blog. question . but. to be brought up aeration is about to come to a crashing age. investigator came to get this final surveillance from police. in this high security gated community he searches for the home of the criminal who goes by the name is daniel johnson it is for you that. you're struck just.
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before dawn a team of officers gather including specialist cybercrime police. it's the final briefing before a newly mourning right. we would hard together enough intelligence to track down where the money what assets being purchased and and work out a strategy on how to recover the money. going to wipe them out. the moment because a right there at the house of daniel johnson. yes the man who allegedly scammed most of the money from way. way. you always know. this
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is the man who calls himself daniel johnson his real name is richard recchi opie jr and he's a 56 year old new yorker. richard you left a message this morning last night for white brown on the look on his funnies voice miles under the name of daniel johnson. here call that 2 of the main also live here one of them barry rosen is the brother of the alleged fraud stood known as jeffrey cohen what's been going on in this house is about to be exposed the state. of the state goes for coffee. one. abstainers the police find evidence of what appears to be a sophisticated food operation scripts to entice him best to use laptops and a list of dozens of names of investors most of whom don't yet know they may be the
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victims of a scam. but there is one name can gamble needs to find. it says de page a executive officer this is day to day tax which is. the company that wind around investing the money here the a miles out wind brand name now is a right here on the computer. so there's the evidence right there there's this one of these e-mails was just sent lost not richard not a shoe not a should be in touch with mr brown this warning sort of a loss not. on the a mile it's there ok you're everything i go off way so yeah yeah i'm just gonna stand oh yeah ok well good do you know that ok this one i think i did for my wife it's for richard recchi on the morning is getting worse by the minute with the strike out register hopeful that i would buy all yeah there is so i mean action.
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after so many months of investigation today is very special for kin and white girl coming up a lot at the end thinking i was going to put him in prison. give me cash back. or at least let people know that our people have a lot of. it's for now richard appears calm uncooperative so i want to thank you guys who actually want your delight in respecting my nose just that richard recchi opening into his 2 housemates a formally arrested accused of cyber crime. she just would just like to think oh my . the alleged chief fraudster is now in custody it became gamble much work lies ahead. every pressure point that we can hit we will apply pressure there in order to get out clause money back that my involve falling criminal cases of my involved falling civil cases whatever it takes.
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in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everybody is reaping the rewards the sound of paying the ultimate price when i went east investigates why people like dying for gold on al-jazeera the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell the crowds in tahrir square to. if something happens anywhere in the world and al-jazeera is in place we were able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength.
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when the boat struck many died and many. to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers we see people making sacrifices. this is what when the want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the u.s. confounds it'll speed up weapon sales to its allies in the gulf to counter what it calls the instability caused by iran. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the race to replace to resume a as british prime minister that advocate boris johnson is tipped as the front
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runner. so run a prison prepares to take the oath for his 1st full term as south africa's president. and more climate deaths on the world's highest mountain and raises questions about overcrowding. the u.s. national security adviser says intelligence on the threat from iran is quote deep and. serious john bolton was speaking to reporters in japan where president trump is due to arrive on saturday it comes as washington is stepping up its pressure on iran on several fronts a few hours ago secretary of state's mike pompei a move to bypass congress to sell $8000000000.00 in arms to u.s. allies in the middle east president trump is downplaying the chances of a conflict but says he sending an id an additional $1500.00 u.s.
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troops to the gulf also on friday the pentagon for the 1st time publicly blamed iran for recent attacks on saudi and emirate he ships and infrastructure alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . initial reports suggested the u.s. was preparing to send an additional 120000 troops to the middle east to combat the perceived threat from iraq but president donald trump is no confirmed he's sending $1500.00 we want our projection the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops but the u.s. defense department says the troops are going to include an anti missile battery additional intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft it's also sending fighter aircraft for deterrence. the pentagon says the move is defensive and not meant to provoke war but adds to another rush deployment earlier this month the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group started to move to the gulf we would continue . to call for caution and restraint both in terms of actions and in terms of
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reading. the threat from iran is also being used to push through $8000000000.00 in weapon sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan normally congress would be given 30 days to approve foreign arm sales but it's already put a hold on earlier sales so secretary of state might prompt decided to bypass congress and to clear the seal necessary to bolster regional allies against iran in the statement he said delaying the shipment could cause problems for key partners during a time of increasing regional volatility he says he sees this as a one off event the state department's decision to do this implies are very intent on increasing the weapons flow to saudi arabia but they did it within what i think they would argue is politically acceptable frame by adding jordan to the mix plus now of course although it may have been there originally these 3 countries together
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it's looks like a more robust package of defense against iran the sale has provoked criticism from both republicans and democrats in congress but it appears there's little they can do to stop it the president insists robust u.s. action sent a clear message to iran right now there no i don't think iran wants the bite and i certainly don't think they want to fight with us trump maintains he wants to strike a new nuclear deal with iran having pool the u.s. out of the existing deal he's cranked up tough financial sanctions to force them to reopen discussions but there's nothing coming from iran which suggests they are ready to sit down and talk again alan fischer washington. at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi and coalition on yemen's in a weird district and ties province the raid reportedly targeted a petrol station and some of the victims were children. and funerals have been held for 3 young brothers and their sister who were killed in strikes that targeted
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military sites and sun are run t.v. reported that 6 civilians died and dozens of others were injured including 2 russian health care workers who have controlled the capital since 2014. well president donald trump has greeted u.s. troops in alaska on his way to japan he's choosing meet the new emperor and empress during his 4 day trip but big business will be analyzing his meeting with prime minister shinzo any talk on trade when he reports from tokyo. away from high profile trade disputes between governments small and medium sized japanese businesses are forging their own relationships suck a casting company used to make car parts the large japanese companies now it focuses on making products for other industries instead of relying on the japanese government to do the deals for it it's going directly to the united states. there
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is a global political trying to put your country 1st but even if there is an existing framework for trade i want to build relationships with other countries that are private sector level the relationship between japan and the united states is good but donald trump is trying to push japanese prime minister shinzo around on trade the u.s. president will attend a sumo tournament while he's in tokyo and may find that japan is determined to hold its ground trump is threatening to increase tariffs on imports of japanese cars if trade talks are successful within 6 months when the talks are going on between the 2 nations neither party should call up for any unilateral action most of the threats are coming from the u.s. side which wants to correct its trade deficit with japan. but japan's government knows it's in a fairly strong position because the united states needs it strategically mainly
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because of the threat from north korea. and as a foil against the growing regional influence of china which is involved in its own trade dispute with the united states the white house says trade will not be the main focus of the president's trip to japan instead it's mainly about being a state guest here at the imperial palace when donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor and empress you know he became emperor on the 1st of may after his father akihito abdicated giving this historic 1st meeting to the u.s. president is being seen as a symbol of the strong alliance between the countries and a desire to keep it that way i think with his government that these are very important gift for him. to. keep a good relation with japan. is unlikely to be a trade agreement reached while donald trump is in japan meaning the threats and strong rhetoric may continue in the meantime japan's smaller businesses have no
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choice but to carry on innovating and making their own deals wayne hay al jazeera tokyo. now several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next purchase prime minister that's after tourism a announced she would step down on june 7th ending 3 tumultuous years in office and an emotional statement she said she deeply regret and failing to lead the u.k. out of the european union paul brennan reports. it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort to recent days resignation announcement speech began a little hesitantly and ended reluctantly but with her close staff and her husband philip standing by for support the prime minister conceded defeat. it is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that i have not been able to deliver breck's it she will officially step down as party leader on june the 7th but remain as prime
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minister until her success is chosen and the end the emotional strain of recent months overcame her i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love the prime minister's resignation became inevitable after a hostile reaction to her final breaths at compromise offer even senior figures within her own party were demanding that she quit now that she has many of those same critics have now praised her dignity and determination i found it moving actually i think that we know the promises to the heart and soul is trying to do the best for this country at a difficult time facing a challenging climate in palm and many of those currently paying tribute are keen to succeed her in the top job more than
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a dozen conservative m.p.'s could contest the leadership with a new prime minister emerging by the end of july but parliament then takes a 6 week recess and some observers see the whole process as self-indulgent with the october 31st deadline approaching we are wasting the time that's been allotted to us we are wasting good will and the next prime minister will have no different arithmetic from theresa may the same problems in parliament getting the deal through by the same proms in parliament if they try to get no deal the opposition labor party is demanding a general election has a new conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem. there has to be another opportunity for the people of this country to decide who that want government how they want the government to run what the long term strategy is that government i think we did a general election in brussels reaction to the resignation was diplomatic presence younker followed prime minister mace and now instruments this morning without
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personal joy the president very much liked and appreciated working with prime minister may and as he has said before terrorism a woman of courage for whom she has great respect choosing to resubmit a successor is a 2 stage process with conservative m.p.'s 1st with lean down the candidates to a final 2 and then a postal ballots of the party's wider membership choosing the winner the early frontrunner is boris johnson who has massive support among the 125000 grassroots conservative members but he enjoys less support among parliamentary colleagues the party's internal divisions were once again generate international repercussions it was breakfast which marked the beginning and end of teresa mayes premiership it will certainly mark out her successor paul brennan al-jazeera. well german chancellor angela merkel has wished to resume well and says she'll work with whoever takes over. and showed when we respect this decision i've always had
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a good working relationship with prime minister to resign me the departure of the u.k. from the european union is a major transition and regardless of what happens in british politics the german government will do everything to achieve a good partnership an orderly exit in good cooperation. indonesian opposition candidate. is challenging the results of last month's presidential election in court as lawyers filed the appeal saying he lost because of widespread cheating official results showed president joko widodo won the voters which the election commission called free and fair the results been met by violent protests with at least 7 people killed and 200 others injured andrew thomas has more from jakarta. the middle back crowd arriving at the constitutional court in the heart of jakarta a lawyers for both will be home with the free to presidential candidate we found out earlier this week officially from the electoral commission.


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