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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2019 10:00am-10:33am +03

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right on al jazeera. saddam's a military judge just scraps talks with protest leaders and plans an election within months after its crackdown kills dozens. of media and transparent investigation. to hold us responsible for these actions accountable regional and world leaders condemn the violence in sudan the u.n. security council is set to discuss the crisis. play what you all deserve it means the raman live from doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. people say here it is much easier to find weapons than finding medicine the cruel irony of syria is it even hospitals are being bombed by government forces
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. and china censors the 30th anniversary of the telemann square massacre which crushed pro-democracy protests. welcome to the program the head of saddam's military says they'll be no more negotiations with protestors after its crackdown killed at least $35.00 people on monday but the huns says elections will be hand held within 9 months protests are demanding an immediate transfer of power to civilians alexy o'brien explains. that saddam is mourning its date after the military genter crushed the camp that protesters saw as a symbol of the revolution. thousands were killed and injured and aliza violence it's all troops opened fire on unarmed demonstrators and in hospitals in khartoum and beyond the military says it will. gate.
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or the military council or sorry for what happened this morning for the events that surpass are previous plans we know there's nothing more precious than preserving life and the leader of the council that's ruled saddam since it ousted president omar al bashir an april also called for elections and what is that the military has decided to seize negotiations with the declaration of freedom and change forces until elections are held within 9 months with regional and international supervision all those from the previous regime who've committed crimes will come before the courts process does want the military to hand over power to civilians immediately especially after monday's crackdown. that cured people. a fair election are going to be what we want to have a good life if you manage the public would not be met unless. you're more
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comfortable. talks between the military john to and protest leaders were suspended 2 weeks ago after the 2 sides failed to agree on who will lead to during the transitional period i think you were not talking about in negotiations where we're going demands that need to be met it's a process of hard over of all and i think the military council passed and it's not about give and take this is a demand from the people who led the revolution. hundreds of protesters arrested and the internet cat many a skeptical about the joint an agenda and willingness for change we all want to feel that but you know unfortunately it's how you get there and the testimonies of people on the ground or little information that we're getting out of you on the ground looks like the gentry is doing what they've done historically which is you know go home to home and arrest people so you know i have 2 hours they're going to be left to stand for election that's the big issue and who's going to be allowed to
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stand for election. the army says the only way out of the crisis is through the ballot box the protesters are vowing to keep up the pressure with mass demonstrations and a general strike. al-jazeera. there's been widespread international condemnation of monday's violence the u.n. security council will meet later on tuesday to discuss the crisis britain's foreign minister jeremy hunt is calling it an outrageous step that will only lead to more polarization and violence germany's foreign minister ministry spokesman said there can be no justification for this violence and it must stop immediately the chairman of the african union commission mustafa arky said for those responsible to be held accountable. the chairperson of the african union commission of course for. it and transparent investigation to hold
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responsible for these actions accountable for those actions and it's also important more now than ever for the transitional military council to to ensure and to protect. the civilians from further harm well i'm joined now by skype by douglas johnson who is north of a book called the root cause of sudan's civil wars he joins me now from oxford in england good to have you with us on the program can i just get your reaction really to the international reaction because it's all been fine talk since omar al bashir was actually deposed back in april but the international community have not been able to help civil society make sure that the the military judge to that's in charge actually step aside and allow civilians and civil society to take charge of the country. or the international community could do more unfortunately united states is very close to egypt saudi arabia and u.s. . international allies.
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you sure know leadership on this and of course britain is my looking at their neighbor all over it and have no real power and no real interest in helping anybody. indeed what so at the moment we have a scenario where the military is calling off talks and refusing now to negotiate with civil society movements one wonders is this the right move by the military considering the events of the last what 36 hours. well of course it's what the military wants to do that wants to remove any organized protests call elections on their own terms probably using the their hours in the national congress party which was part of this regime the big issue regime. and hold basically false elections and claim that they were supporting democracy. the
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only thing that the protesters didn't you were the opposition can do is to keep up the pressure of a general strike of protest not just in the 3 towns on demand khartoum you nor i didn't know the provinces as well in terms of the the argument that the military has which is about the transitional government and what its makeup should be and who should lead it it's they who should lead it that's the big issue here is it really an issue anymore because the 2 sides seem so polarized that there seems to be no middle ground that they can actually meet to discuss anything and certainly with what the military is saying now they said we have no intention of talking. well the current leadership of the military are hardliners like committee. and they clearly just want to stay in power there might be other people in the military who would prefer a. a broader coalition might be more sympathetic to the civilian demands for
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a civilian led government but right now all that we're seeing is a scenario that was familiar in egypt we know from union mob for instance that it's very difficult to bring out a full democracy from. peaceful civil protest when a military just doesn't want to leave and wants to stay in power. there we will have to leave it there mr johnson it's fascinating to see what's happening and unfolding in sudan and we'll i'm sure come back to you for more analysis as the days progress thank you for joining us from oxford you're welcome a syrian government as strike has hit a market in the rebel whole province of idlib that offensive there continues the attack in the town of lot of newman killed at least 3 people in april damascus launched an offensive to retake the last major territory under rebel control. dozens of hospitals are among the areas being hit by the bombings that's leading to
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some medical staff to feel that they're being intentionally targeted by the syrian government and russian forces so the reports from. even were located in a cave hospitals are not safe in this part of syria anymore as the regime and its allies continue to target them. who are so low was injured in. almost a month ago with over the horizon she and her brother went back home to pick up some stuff during what they believed was a cease fire of. one of. my brother as a martyr what was our guilt and mine about or what may god punish assad his people and russia and the him taste the same pain. syrian and just say at these 26 medical facilities have been hit since the syrian regime intensified its attacks in at there on april 26th at least 300 people have been killed they will solve the
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fear now i'm at a hospital but i wish they took me out the hospitals are now targets many would prefer to suffer and die at home to dying in a hospital now. despite this hospital being hidden underground a bomb blended 200 meters away a few days ago. to prevent civilian casualties the hospitals inside did live made a decision to evacuate patients except for the emergency cases. this doctor says' even this children's hospital couldn't escape the regime's shelling despite coordinates being shared with the un. one of the big guns was during the airstrikes my wife and daughters were also at the hospital but i had to keep them here to be able to evacuate the others the hospital was fall it was tough to decide and keep the crew safe at the same time we have only 2 options either stay or die following the syrian regime's latest airstrikes targeting the health
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facilities in medical workers think they are being deliberately targeted aid organizations are scared to send chris into syria leading to a shortage in medical supplies people say here it is much easier to find weapons than finding medicine. people in a blip say they have lost hope that the world will do anything to stop the onslaught. for 7 years the international community has provided nothing not the un not the others it's all empty promises it is one of the the escalation zones agreed by turkey russia and iran but equipment has been constant to violated by the syrian government and russia now 3000000 people in it the fear that the uptake in violence over recent weeks is only going to get worse because al-jazeera in the northwestern syria. marks 30 years since the telamon square massacre
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a 7 week standoff between pro-democracy protesters and the government in the chinese capital beijing it ended violently when tanks and soldiers and to the square killing many protesters the final death toll is still disputed well adrian brown joins me now from beijing and of course this anniversary aging comes at a time when there was criticism of the way the chinese handle this situation then and perhaps remembering it now by the u.s. and it comes under some very strained relationships at the moment. yes you have to see these comments from the u.s. secretary of state might pompei are very much in the context of the current trade friction as you say between china and the united states he issued a statement late on monday night a century saying that united states has given up on progress in on human rights in china and also referencing the situation in shin jang well up to a 1000000 ethnic muslim leaders are being held in reeducation camps now this is
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brought a theory of sponsors from china it's said that the secretary of state was slandering the chinese people the chinese government and it said those who bully and patronize china will end up on the ash heap of history so typical of a response right now given the state of relations between the 2 countries but i think what china feels is that you know at this time of year the government's always a bit vulnerable because this is a very sensitive anniversary and that the united states is sort of maximize that by phoning in on human rights at this particular time as i say a very sensitive time in beijing there is heavy security in the center of the city close to tiananmen square the ceremonial heart of the city of course the focus of those protests which were so brutally suppressed in 1989 well i've been speaking to one of the leaders of the protest movement work i she who now lives in exile in
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taiwan hearing about his reflections and whether it was all worth it. in the spring of 1989 student leader work i she was in the thick of it confronting authority on the streets arguing with china's leaders in the great hall of the people dressed in hospital but a hunger striking workers she had been rated the prime minister lee passage when students began occupying tiananmen square they were demanding more accountability in government and tougher measures against her. option they were joined by doctors teachers judges and journalists from state media the growing movement posing the greatest threat to 40 years of communist rule. work-i she says he never thought it would end the way that it did with the people's liberation army firing on the people. expect that some blood shed.
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will be hit by the police but perhaps that's what we have expected life. today he lives in exile in taiwan the self-governing island republic the china wants back and he's had a lot of time to reflect on whether it was all worth it i think politically or legally or rationally speaking we're blameless. but. morally i don't know. what if there's this one person or shot and dead. because he heard a speech that given. the army quickly regained control of the streets but no one was quite sure who was really in charge as i reported from beijing at the time meanwhile the men who control the army and perhaps now the government have issued another ominous warning stay off the streets or face the consequences one man
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certainly didn't seem to care about the consequences yesterday in an extraordinary single act of defiance this young protester brought a column of tanks to a standstill we still don't know his name or if he survived after he was bundled away unclear by who. is just another day in china they'll be no public displays of dissent or remembrance china's vast security and surveillance network will see to that even mothers of students killed in the blood. shared have been told to remain silent as part of the continuing official cover up the chinese leadership still refuses to acknowledge how many people were killed or to express remorse. so 30 years on there is still be no public reckoning by china's government they remain unrepentant saying that what happened in tiananmen square in may 1989
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represented a counter-revolutionary rebellion that had to be suppressed one other reason why they won't have a public accounting as to how many people died is that to do so would raise a serious question over the church at the legitimacy of communist party rule and as long as the communist remain in power in china that is likely to remain the official position for the moment adrian thank you brought our correspondent in beijing. well still ahead here on out is their. offer a toast to the eternal friendship of our people. tributes and celebrations but opposition to president trumps visit to the u.k. is set to grow louder. the mexican president practical plan to tackle the drug problem but not everyone thinks it will work.
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we got plenty of showers scattered across much of europe at the moment heaviest of which is down towards the balkans pushing over towards the black sea a little slots of clear red we got some of the more unsettled weather piling in from the northwest and it really will freshen things up so we go lot of blustery showers are rolling in across sea british isles for cheese day 20 celsius in london a couple days ago going up to 20 i remember this is sunny a little fresher 24 there for paris 29 in zurich is toward me off in madrid around 30 celsius that's where the the best of the sunshine is those showers continue down towards the balkans over towards the black sea and that will be the case as we go on through wettest a quarter a rash of shabby rain $26.00 in moscow warm sunshine in place here but it's down to 17 in london and paris on wednesday wet weather coming in across the good parts of western france and we'll see temperatures falling back to just 23 degrees for
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madrid so side of things to come meanwhile across northern parts of africa is generally fine and dry little bit of cloud just making its way across libya pushing across the far north of egypt cairo temperatures pick back tad to around 34 degrees but by and large it's looking fine dry and sunny.
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you're watching and deservedly so rob a reminder of our top stories the head of sudan's military says there will be no further negotiations with protesters and elections will be held within 9 months. hands comments come after monday's violent crackdown killed at least $35.00 people . the u.n. security council will meet to discuss the attack in khartoum and later on cheese day there was not part of widespread international condemnation following the military actions and people around the world are remembering china's 1989 crackdown on student protesters in tandem with the square more than $100000.00 people
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expected at a vigil in hong kong but no such event is to take place on the chinese mainland as beijing continues its censorship. is the bureau chief for newsweek in beijing and she joins me now from there good to have you with us live on al-jazeera you were there at the time in that very pivotal moment between may and june in 1989 what are your clearest memories of the event. i think it was just simply the wash of all kinds of emotions you know there was exhilaration when the protest movement started growing amazement you know we we'd never seen scenes like that in beijing. for many many years and then of course on the night well on june 3rd it began and especially the night of june 3rd in the morning of june 4th it was it was terror it was horror that that we were
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experiencing and people were. i mean i wasn't where the worst of the casualties were but i still saw dozens of people shot wounded dead. and the soldiers just lining up and shooting lining up and shooting there were civilians in sickle carts who were trying to bring the the the victims away with bullets whizzing around and civilians were were often shouting at the soldiers and rolling them names calling them beasts trying to get them to stop and of course people many people were crying just crying not even saying anything because it's time to reflect to suppose as the decades pass and the full 30 years on we get to a position that chinese communist party still has a very. official position on what the protests were about and how they were dealing
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with it and i quote a counter revolution that needed to be put on. it what makes you wonder sort of how history is written dare i say it by the victors. yes and it's it's almost like living in a parallel universe when you're in beijing as i am on the anniversary because. i know what happened and many chinese know something about what happened but it's a nonevent it doesn't appear that there's very little official mention if any. you know social media gets controlled much more stringent lee televisions get blacked out you know if they're broadcasting foreign news and so it's it's almost like alternative reality you you know something happened and you know it was significant but it's a non it's invisible it's just doesn't happen and the party will probably continue
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this way as long as it can indeed in the supposed the full for future generations what they live inside china old norse and of for those that are not chinese but are trying to learn about global history and certainly what happened in 1989 what one does what is the legacy what is the legacy that has to be told from this moment because we've seen events and similar events happen in the years afterwards not in china but in other places yes i think i think the the biggest lesson for both the cut chinese communist party and the chinese people is that. economic liberalization. it can take place to a certain extent without political liberalization but at some point the people want more and it will be if you are an autocrat you have to prepare for that moment because it could come very quickly and you could be in deep trouble very.
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within a moment's notice and you have to know how to react. i personally believe that. if the government had not been factionalized kind of experiencing a power struggle internally they might have cleared the square when there were still very relatively few protesters in there with tear gas and. less violent means perhaps not totally nonviolent and they might have gotten away with that but they missed that window and it was out of control indeed the rest is history for the moment bill unduly thanks so much for joining us from beijing good to have you with us. now the president of mexico has chosen a controversial strategy for tackling illegal drug use decriminalize them all in the final part of our special coverage marking 6 months since the start of lopez obrador administration when repeller in mexico city takes a closer look at the plan to end prohibition to try and end the drugs gang war.
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this indoor garden consists of about a dozen marijuana plants. they're being grown in a spare bedroom of an apartment near downtown mexico city. the grower will call him carlos has asked us to hide his identity but he is happy to show off his plants which he says are only for personal consumption. the main reason i know my own parents is because i don't want to be involved in a game of violence and drug trafficking or not really knowing what i'm smoking. mexico city has some of the most relaxed marijuana laws in the country but it is still illegal to buy or sell the drug part of president and that is his over others national development plan a strategy that includes reducing violence over the next 6 years seeks to legalize marijuana use the plan calls for an end to prohibition but not just of marijuana all drugs laws to lend their money to those who say that simply legalizing drugs
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will reduce violence in the country but have no idea what they're talking about. clearly not everyone is on board with the idea in fact even experts who agree that a drastic change in drug policy is needed how often see the same thing that lopez obrador is proposing a strategy that lacks any sort of strategy at all there are no specific plan the problem is when you have to do something like this you have to be really clear about what you try to legalize how you want to unlike allies we talk to you try to address the problem how much will cost the problem or if you try to explain. try to address by the health system. another controversial aspect of the legalization idea is ending the mehdi the initiative a partnership between the u.s. and mexico that has directed some $3000000000.00 to fund the drug war since 2008
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the united states has approved $145000000.00 in 2019 to be directed toward mexico under the maybe the initiative money that's expected to be used encounter narcotics operations president love is over the hopes that the united states will redirect those funds toward development and drug rehabilitation programs so. it remains unclear whether the u.s. would agree to the mexican president's offer to end the drug war but it's also not the type of policy that could be applied overnight certainly not unusual to go private growers like carlos say legalization is inevitable for now he's trying to perfect the growing process so he can launch a legitimate marijuana business if and when the mexican government makes it legal when other fellow bulges into mexico city the u.s. president told trump praised the longstanding relations with the u.k. and a state banquet in buckingham palace there's been plenty of pomp and ceremony on the 1st part of his 3 day visit to the united kingdom but hundreds of protesters have
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already been out on the streets. mr president as we look to the future i'm confident that our common values and shared interests will continue to unite us tonight to a celebration alliance that has helped to ensure the safety and prosperity of both our peoples for decades and which i believe will endure for many years to come. now human rights lawyers are suing the european union over the deaths of thousands of libyan migrants who tried to cross the mediterranean sea in a request submitted to the international criminal court the lawyers say e.u. policies are to blame for crimes against humanity they also criticized a recent e.u. decision which returned more than $40000.00 migrants to libyan camps union officials say about efforts focus on curbing migration to europe and helping
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migrants in libya. you're watching and as there are times the whole rom and these are our top news stories the head of sudan's military says there will be no further negotiations with protesters and elections will be held within 9 months and then felt that albertans comments came after monday's violent crackdown killed at least 35 people . on the military council are sorry for what happened this morning for the bench that surpass or previous plant we know there's nothing more precious than preserving life the nation is also precious and protecting it is precious the military has decided to seize negotiations with the declaration of freedom and change horses until elections are held within 9 months with regional and international supervision all those from the previous regime have committed crimes
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will come before the court there will be a peaceful resolution of the conflict in all parts of the country so that also millions can return to their homes the election will be supervised by international and regional bodies to ensure complete transparency. the un security council will meet to discuss the attack in khartoum later on choose day there was widespread international condemnation following the military jointers actions. people around the world are remembering china's 989 crackdown on student protesters in tiananmen square more than 100000 people are expected at the vigil in hong kong but no such events will take place on the chinese mainland as beijing continues its censorship . president donald trump has toasted the u.s. alliance with the united kingdom during a state banquet hosted by queen elizabeth the 2nd he's on a state visit to the u.k. there's been plenty of pomp and ceremony on the 1st part of his 3 day visit earlier trump escalated his feud with the london mayor calling him
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a stone cold loser. human rights lawyers are suing the european union of the deaths of thousands of libyan migrants who tried to cross the mediterranean sea in a request submitted to the international criminal court their lawyers say policies are to blame for crimes against humanity they also criticized a recent e.u. decision which returned more than $40000.00 migrants to libyan camps if initials say their efforts focus on curbing migration to europe and helping migrants in libya of course those were the headlines here on al-jazeera you can follow the stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com we're back with more news in a half an hour next it's inside story. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. sedans military jointer
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shirts and kill protesters calling for democracy does this and hopes of a transition to civilian rule and why hasn't the international community stepped in this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program how he had seen after months of peaceful demonstrations for civilian rule siddons military jinsa has had enough security forces carried out a dawn raids to break up a citizen outside the army's headquarters in the.


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