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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 93  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2019 5:33pm-6:00pm +03

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it was closed. that was used to. test of this missile was successful test when i think about when you had an alt when to get a nuclear power station a night out of that busy power station was still like they were still building it and then i got a game out of has delayed a video but in all of the power station this is the 2nd attack using this type of missile so this means that. the forces here in sa still have many surprises to attack so that a be on top of all of that that the. theater system which caused them hundreds of millions of dollars has actually failed to intercept a cruise missile on drone attacks so but let me make it clear that the host. the leader of. these objects medical ruthie every time off that any attack on saudi
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arabia not out of imminent he's calling them for the peace is calling them to stop to get in yemen investor i've been told it's 230 the opposite with the saudis doing they always keep stating that they will destroy the movement they don't want any peace even though in her data already has withdrawn from reports on the saudi has not withdrawn because there we will have to leave. in some a funky. over the top story now this hour is the whole police have moved in on thousands of protesters surrounding the legislative council they've used tear gas and pepper spray on the demonstrators in a bid to clear the area the protesters are opposed to a proposed extradition will the could see suspects sent to mainland china to stand trial these were the scenes just a couple of hours ago this large crowd of protesters were able to delay a debate on the proposed law by blocking politicians from entering the legislature building they say they represent the voice of whole calls us and we are having them
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grab the moment we have that good thing and that. they had was was. what i'm from god. i'm going and. i don't want them to have and by him are. my friends i am a man and i had i known that. i was. but that was the whole goal as police commissioner has blamed protesters for the violence. i want to condemn the responsible and violent behavior of the protesters and i want to urge other residents not to go near their protest area if we do not use appropriate force to protect ourselves then the protesters can use the metal bars
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to attack us if the protesters don't try to pass our line of the fence we would have to use any force i hope they can think about this and stop provoking the police also o'clock our correspondent joins me now live from hong kong it's been a very fluid situation throughout the morning just bring us up to speed on exactly what's happening when you where you are and what you're hearing in and around the island state. certainly a few hours ago the streets were full of around $10000.00 at least protesters were surrounding the lead's of council building or the government headquarters which is the building behind me and the last couple of hours the police came in they fired canisters tear gas canisters on the students and the protesters to clear the streets they've done the same thing on all access points or about for access points to this area where i am now in the last half an hour or so they clear the other side of the road once again firing more tear gas canisters on to the protesters there was a baton charge they've been successful in clearing the streets the students in the
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protesters have now dispersed some into shopping centers and buildings surrounding this area simply trying to retreat in a skype at the fire of the charge of the police $5000.00 place were deployed today to handle this crowd they always expected a big day today was meant to be the 2nd reading of this new extradition law that didn't happen the students in the democrat the protesters they wanted a date they had a deadline of 3 pm for that bill to be withdrawn it wasn't withdrawn they threatened to charge let it go let's go threaten to block to the end that didn't happen the police moved in before them and play those areas but as i said the last half an hour we've they've cleared the other side of the government headquarters and again they're fired canisters of to. yes on to these are and rubber bullets i should say on to the other protesters now we've had some reports of a couple of people injured and have gone to hospital but for now the place of cleaning up and trying to remove or a wrist some of those protesters who are hiding out in shopping centers and
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buildings like the pacific place which is a very big busy quite a luxury a shopping center on my right hand side the place that are cleaning up and trying to find those protesters to clear up this area earlier so you spoke to my colleague hala and you were sort of discussing the sort of tactics used by the demonstrators where. they've been of the cleared all of the left the area for now and then they will come back there is a call by protest leaders for protesters to remain on the streets some of the various demographics of the protests to also maintaining a desire to come back out onto the streets to protest about this extradition law what sort of sense are you getting. of on the ground about whether that is going to happen. we're not aware of the next strategy or next step of the what the protesters will do but again their deadline or their demand is that this particular extradition bill be withdrawn that's not going to happen but the suspension of the the reading was today but let the list of
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counseling has now been we've been informed that the lawmakers are the politicians going out into that building but we've been told also that the council of the meeting will not resume tonight so certainly no more. no more activity within the government headquarters to not when it comes to this particular reading of this bill but certainly no doubt protesters will be looking to come back again in coming days now the government wants a vote by next tuesday hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb she said she wants a vote by the end of the month so the bills might be read next week for a 2nd time and she's again put that deadline of june 27th before the lawmakers of the politicians here adjourn for the summer break or for the moment or will leave to come back to of course as that situation develops there a club in hong kong. well hong kong's official standing is unique let's just run through how things work legally and politically since its handover from british rule to china in 1997 well officially it's a semi autonomous region in china it's led by a chief executive who functions like
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a prime minister but is chosen by a 1200 member committee made up of mainly pro beijing politicians and business leaders china describes it as a one country 2 systems principle hong kong has an executive legislative and independent judicial power under what's called the basic law but communist party leaders in beijing have the power to interpret any tools their own way now the government in beijing is watching all of this very closely let's bring in our chiron china correspondent adrian brown of course we wait for reaction adrian as to the events of what's happening in hong kong and what the reaction might be is perhaps just a big question mark at the moment. yes indeed i mean in spite of those dramatic pictures we've seen coming out of hong kong on wednesday not a single image of those protests has appeared on television screens here in china
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and that i think is a measure of the nervousness of the leadership feels right now it doesn't want the people in this country to see pictures of students battling police on the streets of hong kong or on the streets of a chinese city where there were protests just 4 years ago now on wednesday we heard from gong show on he's the foreign ministry spokesman here in beijing who briefs the likes of us the foreign media and he stressed once more that you know the central government fully backs kerry and her efforts to introduce this extradition law he says that extradition law is needed to plug a legal loophole that has enabled he says mainland criminals to treat hong kong as a haven from justice the government here also points out that it in fact has extradition treaties with more than 30 other countries and hong kong should be no different there's nothing sinister in any of this well let's hear more about what you had to say about wednesday's dramatic events in hong kong young on.
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the chinese central government firmly supports the hong kong government in advancing the amendment i can tell you that any behavior that undermines the prosperity and stability of the region will be opposed by the mainstream public opinion in hong kong. of course adrian no the president xi jinping has sort of often reiterated that beijing's power will not be undermined by any. renegade territory when he's been referring to taiwan and i suppose that we've all eyes will be really on him and what he says in the coming hours. yeah absolutely actually the president has just left on an official trip to the central asian republics so he's going to be away for a few days but i think he might well be troubled by comments that have come from nancy pelosi she's the speaker of the u.s.
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house of representatives who has essentially said that if the hong kong government doesn't shelve this proposed extradition law then perhaps hong kong will no longer be able to enjoy the special relationship it has with the united states now the u.s. hong kong policy act basically treats hong kong as a separate identity separate entity from the people's republic which enables hong kong to enjoy all sorts of trading privileges which is one of the reasons why hong kong has been spared some of the worst effects of the trade war but if that were to happen that would unsettle a business community that is already deeply unsettled by the events of wednesday indeed for the moment i do we'll leave it of course come back to you as and when we get reaction from beijing thank you all in a few moments we'll have the weather with steph but still ahead here on the al-jazeera news outrage in brazil after leaked documents appear to show a conspiracy to keep leftist leaders out of the $28000.00 election race
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here watching i was there is news hour with means the whole room the reminder of our top stories there have been scuffles in hong kong between police and some testers us tensions rise over a contentious plan to change the extradition will. also be sunday that coalition that's fighting in yemen says at least 26 people have been wounded in an attack on saudi arabia's airport in the arrivals hall the missile used has hit and disabled the ports tower. is an academic and political
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analyst and joins me now from bristol in the united kingdom is good to have you with mr al because i very strong message being sent to the saudis after weeks of the targeting ports and significant military installations. yes i think this is a very very important and very serious developments in the war between the legitimate couple of months supported by the allied forces on the hill with the militias who are doing the proxy war on behalf of iran in the region i think this is a very serious matter and i think you know the international community should take action and regarding to implement the united nations resolutions to stop the war under stop you know the civilian you know sufferings by implementing the 2216 resolutions which stops the whole theory of meddling with the life of the emmys the
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trouble is the timing is so we could make in fact if i may say that japanese prime minister. is visiting to iran to mediate between to tehran between iran and united states the other thing is also the united nation secretary assistants rosemarie de carlo she is in riyadh now so the timing is wicked they want to put. a player a week a player a dirty player in the region because you know targeting civilian targets is very bad it's not good for. this is that a targeting of civilian targets has been you might say an accusation made by both sides the saudis themselves have also targeted close to and within highly areas so it takes both sides to actually take a step back does it not for them to try and talk a contributor we just heard a few moments ago said that every time the attack they also say we want to talk to
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the saudis we want to try and find a peaceful way forward but you're not giving us any options.


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