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targeting civilian targets is very bad it's not good for mr and mr al this is targeting of civilian targets has been you might say an accusation made by both sides the saudis themselves have also targeted close to and within highly urban areas so it takes both sides to actually take a step back does it not for them to try and talk in a contributor we just heard a few moments ago said that every time the who these attack they also say we want to talk to the saudis we want to try and find a peaceful way forward but you're not giving us any options are the saudis in this particular case willing to talk there's a lot of pressure from the u.s. on the saudis that it seems to be listening right now i disagree what you are saying because the saudis that allied forces have not or do not target civilians they are not going to be civilian areas that they have killed civilians in the past no they are not widely there or pick. it to say that they're not
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targeting is irrelevant saudis have targeted urban areas where they have accused who tease of sheltering but have had civilian casualties. i disagree with you once again if you let me finish please they don't target civilians this is a very respected governments respected allied forces but there are some side effect and this is happens with the americans with the british with the french with the with the russians and syria side effects because of the war but on purpose no. but but the whole thing is targeting civilians on purpose and the blindly with the support of the iranians now you are saying that the saudi arabia should come the saudis are the allied forces it is it is in fact that legitimate government we are talking about there is a lot of there was lots of pressure on it's got a lot of pressure on legitimate governments in riyadh the saudi arabians to try and find
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a way from the international community is trying to persuade saudi arabia to to try and find a way forward as various governments are trying to persuade iran by the who these to try and find a way to come to the peace table to try and talk and find a solution that will stop targeting civilians on either side what i'm asking you what the saudis what can the saudis do now to try and bring that forward to try and find a long standing peace if it is of if it is at all possible i disagree with this excuse me i mean the. only asking and what can the saudis do to try and bring everybody to the talks bring everybody to the table to try and find a way forward to bring peace to the region. i'm asking a question sir that's all this is not this is not an. excuse me let me finish please. he heard talking more than me this is not move us
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a better sponsibility the saudi government is the sponsibility of the united nations that is out a solution 2216 should be implemented this is one the other think there united nation envoy to the 2 young men as mr martin griffiths should do his job properly proficiently should not take sides or be biased towards the whole of these horses should have been were drawn from all day you ports the whole day there. live according to their stockholm was allusions or accords which been signed back in 15th of december 2018 but they did they'd they didn't do that so it is not the saudis. we will leave it i think we said we got it well this is a moment because i think the joint thanks so much for joining us from bristol let's go over to us for heart a retired lebanese army general joins us now from beirut some very heated
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conversation debate and analysis mr hart about the politics of what's going on so let's just try and focus perhaps on the weaponry that's being used i just get your reaction to the recent months of tanks into saudi arabia and the concern that that's raised in riyadh what seems to be the success of a targeted attack on wednesday in southern saudi arabia. it seems that the warning of the spokesman of the horses a few days ago to a scholar at the war against saudi arabia with the new weapons it seems that has been implemented today by lunching cool's muscle to. the capital of i see a county and which is a well known result in saudi arabia which is. 2200 meters high and
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lot of people go to their resorts on both ends there and this summer so they targeted the. airport. they hope to said that they targeted the thought control the. the soda said that they thought that the reception hall with the 6 people where on the now. the betting point in this operation is the use of cruise missiles which avoided the battery out because it flies on low altitude down to 200 meters and can avoid the there are that of the of the. defense systems in saudi arabia and there can also. fly be behind the heights and the hills and the summits in order to reach that target exactly with high precision so
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the. they are now having this kind of technology that means this isn't that important the war and they can't get another. another that gets. money part and saudi arabia is you know is there anything but. is there any think now that can be done you might say for the international community to try and step in that have been several attempts whether it be at the united. actions whether it be in washington d.c. or in london or paris where international leaders all the u.n. body itself is trying to get the warring sides to try and talk around the table it's been a very difficult task in terms of this new turn of events in terms of this missile attack on this saudi port. we can only assume that saudi arabia will retaliate and retaliate hard of course so odd saudi arabia would have thought yet but let's go back to your stockholm deal. but i thought develop this deal in order
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to promote the peace deal between saudi arabia and yemen that will. keep the security and peace and their lives on but so far stockholm there. is still paralyzed by so many. if you was there from the side and that and. first of all the cease fire that map. that happened. the saudi air force has arthel with their allies. getting so many. targets and side yemen and this hoho this out of it i think the saudi arabia and launching attacks. measure on saudi border the southern border so. the 1st think that the international
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community should do is thought big just. the devil of it. confidence. and sit you would be harder to. promote the peace talks between the parties concerned indeed ok well for the moment we'll see whether the that is even possible under the conditions of wednesday mr lee asked for thanks for joining us from beirut. let's go back to one of our top stories and once the protests in hong kong where melinda lu is the beijing bureau chief for newsweek magazine and she joins me now from beijing good to have you with scan. to get your reaction to the images that you might have seen it where you are in beijing though we know that they might be quite restricted because of the way the internet works there of how the security forces in hong kong used tear gas and batons to disperse the crowds
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yes of course the chinese t.v. and chinese media are not definitely not covering the hong kong protests. but there are ways to get around that and i have seen the reports and i have seen some video and i've got to say that the crowds. were were stunning and the heavy handed response was also rather surprising the use of rubber bullets tear gas and pepper spray. that apparently has successfully cleared the street that they wanted to clear but it is it makes for some ugly images indeed i mean in terms of the numbers of people that seem to have gathered for this demonstration against this extradition law and from your understanding and perception of how chinese leaders would be looking at hong kong right now how would they be evaluating this particular day in comparison maybe to
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the umbrella movement of what 2014 and then maybe 30 years before that i think we had you talking about it gentleman square you know when people gather to demonstrate or when they're frustrated beijing does take note and takes note in very different ways absolutely and what makes this time this year. different is that the beijing leadership is is much twitchy or than it than it normally is and it's normally already a little bit sensitive this is a this is the year of living dangerously for the beijing leaders it will be the there's a string of anniversaries that has already started coming up we've seen the tenement anniversary which came mind you less than a week before hong kong big protests and later this year we've got the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic at the same time you have something that would make anyone twitchy which is the. beijing is in the middle of
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a trade war with the united states and the the direction and the tone of that has not been going in a good way for at least 3 or 43 or 4 weeks now with the chinese rhetoric getting more. more strident and less restrained as these these these past 3 weeks have gone on so who are the winners and losers of this the losers i think the hong kong government because whether they give in and push the bill through this extradition bill or where they shelve the bill and hope it goes away either way they look really bad. chinese president xi jinping it's not great for him either because she you know he could interpret these protests as being. against him against his his regime his government the
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only people for whom this is a win win situation are the chinese hardliners within the within the beijing government who would also be those who are whispering and she jim pings here that the sino u.s. trade war is the beginning of a new cold war against the west. that outsiders are going to be meddling and indeed chinese state media has already stated that foreign forces were encouraging the protests to further their own strategy is this sort of thing if it gains credence in that the halls of power in beijing could even have an impact on the way the trade war with the united states plays out indeed we have to wait and see and watch very carefully what happens both in beijing and in hong kong for the moment. bill into law thanks so much for joining us from the world health organization says a 5 year old boy has died of the abode of i was in uganda this also confirmed 2
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more cases it's the 1st time it has been detected in uganda since no break in neighboring democratic republic of congo last year bittorrent be reports it's the news ugandans have been dreading for months confirmed by the minister of health to journalists at a media briefing in the capital kampala before the boy's death so the ministry of health would like to inform the public. information of a bowl of virus disease in cuz cissie district uganda. the confirmed kiss is a 5 year old boy who traveled from the democratic republic of congo with his mother yesterday the 5 year old boy was being treated in an isolation ward similar to this one at a hospital in western uganda close to the border with the democratic republic of congo uganda has been on high alert for the last 10 months since the outbreak in
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the east india see where 2000 congolese have contracted the virus and 1400 have died in the 2nd worst ebola epidemic on record. the last outbreak of ebola in uganda was 7 years ago then it strained an already overstretched health care system this time the government wants to contain the virus much more quickly the ministry of health the world organization and the center for disease control have dispatched a rapid response team took a system to support the teams while on the ground to continue with the various activities including contact trace sing and piss management the government's launching an emergency vaccination campaign to immunize doctors and health workers on the front line as well as anyone who's come into contact with the infected boy the hope is to stop the virus spreading and prevent an already alarming situation becoming worse victoria gates and be out there. brazil's justice minister is
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resisting calls to resign so to morrow to noise colluding with prosecutors to prevent former president lula da silva running for reelection last year or latin america to lucien newman has more. until not so long ago justice minister said john wardle was widely regarded as brazil's anti-corruption hero he was praised as a man who wasn't afraid to imprison not just corrupt businessmen but also the country's most influential politicians including former president listen nasser lula da silva now the former judge who oversaw a multi-billion dollar kickback scheme nicknamed operation car wash is at the center of scandal himself and facing calls to step down this follows the publication of leaked conversations and messages that he allegedly exchanged with prosecutors about a lula da silva case model is allegedly heard sharing information and advice in an
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attempt to ensure that lula da silva would be found guilty which is illegal for the few mike here we can see that in a way that impartiality of the judgment could have been compromised and he said the beginning we see it there was a kind of orientation given by the judge to the prosecutors in the legal process. lou was convicted and prevented from running for president last year clearing the way for current president also noddles victory also not of the named moderate justice minister and reportedly promised to give him the next available seat on the supreme court more denies any wrongdoing and describes the allegations as sensationalist the prosecutor implicated also dismisses the charges mount no those accusations are not true and their origin is linked to a criminal attack a hack however model is now being investigated himself for possible misconduct amid allegations that he used his power for political purposes and personal gain
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questions over morals propriety are unlikely to be enough to overturn former president conviction but they will certainly give ammunition to those who have long suspected that the former anticorruption czar had a political agenda all along you see in human al-jazeera.
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welcome back it's time for sports and his poll on some controversy pops open so many yep it's been following her around for quite a while now so south africa's olympic champion caster semenya has told athletics chief they should focus on a not on her after she won a race in france on choose day smen yet not only beat ethiopia's holy face at the 2000 meter in one try as she continues to battle attempts by the i don't have to make a used testosterone reducing drugs it's a 1st race since a swiss court temporarily ruled in her favor in an ongoing struggle by so-called difference in sexual development athletes she hopes to defend her world 800 meters title in doha in september but needs to win her appeal to switzerland's federal supremes court as it stands she's cleared to complete that distance until the end of june. motive. why would i take drugs. and if you had lives i don't you. think about not i can run any event i want. to be
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a 100 because you could be 200 can be loads of you can be had tough luck you name it you know i'm a talented athletes or a mother why did i both thought anything else even if i was. so we thought from. you don't matter no more. defending champions the united states recorded the biggest ever victory at the women's world cup as they beat thailand 30 nail alex morgan scored 5 goals in a rampant display in round 6 the u.s. did come in for criticism for unsporting behavior against the tide defense after continuing to celebrate even as the school i went into double figures some of the ties were in tears at the final whistle the u.s. and surprisingly go top of group f. after one much level on points with sweden though he beats chile to nell wednesday sees the 2nd sets of group matches gets underway with hosts france back in action they face norway who don't have world player of the year are the head in their
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squad but the french don't see their opponent as a one woman tame. of course not having odds are against us yes it's one thing but i think no way was built without her they also have other very good players of course the absence of ardor is good for us but we must also be wary of others. boxer floyd mayweather jr has lost his title as the richest sportsman in the world and there's a new king at the top of the forbes list little messi has been named the highest earning athletes of the last 12 months the barcelona and argentina player made $127000000.00 it's the 1st time for us have taken the top 3 spots with christiane and neymar just behind us a mexican boxer canelo alvarez signed the richest deal in boxing history last october and that's helped him earn 94000000 just ahead of roger federer who won his 20th grand slam singles title in australia the n.f.l. and n.b.a.
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round out the top 10 with le bron james kevin durant's and steph curry and again serena williams is the only woman on the list of 100 athletes coming in at number 63 with just over 29000000. while tiger woods came 11th on the forbes list the former world number one golfer is looking tired his 16th major to his career at pebble beach when the u.s. open begins on thursday it's a happy hunting ground for the american who want his 1st u.s. open title in 19 years ago by record 15 strokes but a lot has changed since then. not the same body that i had back in 2000 i mean other than any of us have the same body we did 1000 years ago so that is you know as athletically you know that's one of the challenges hard to compete against kids that were born for me or in the 2 thousands are born after one of them term
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and so that's what's different about you know as what makes this sport so unique is able to cross i mean different generations. pakistan's cricketers are looking for another big scalp at the world cup after beating hosts england in their last much they won the toss and put defending champions australia into battle in taunton the aussies are $109.00 from no loss after 17 overs are in french unbeaten after making a half century australia were beaten by india in their previous match warren gatland has been named coach of the british and irish lions rugby team for a 3rd time the new zealander will take charge for the 2021 tour of south africa having already beaten australia and drawn with new zealand in the last 2 outings got 1000 other jobs finished 1st coach in wales at the world cup in japan in september they'll be a new n.h.l.
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stanley cup champion by this time tomorrow the boston bruins host the st louis blues in the deciding game 77 later on wednesday the bruins will be looking to add a 7th title to their franchise history and are hoping that experience and home ice will help them do it. i think that every hockey player can say that at one point of life or plenty of times that they've dreamed of being in a position like this but it's much different when you're going through it and realizing how exciting and how hard it is. you so so so much more appreciation for for all you've been through and the road that we've taken to get here to the m.g.m. grand in las vegas where tyson fury is preparing for his latest heavyweight fight they saturday the unbeaten british fighter is the strong favorite against germany's tom schwartz who is also undefeated fury is looking to avoid the same fate as joshua who suffered a shock defeat to ruiz jr earlier this month losing all his world titles it's fair
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to say fury doesn't seem to worry oh thank you all right he's right i think in the face of all i want to go. all right. so that's great paul thanks very much you have people watching now is there a news i would need to hold palace up next to the full hot button to learn from pole myself on the news on t.v. thanks very much for your time and your company.
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the journey to walk can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villagers traversing one of the world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with the job. but we follow the journey of these people as they get there to survive. risking it all. on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people who need to be heard over days are back in the work with no food for much should go to the all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary script was russian goals to be a truth none and lightning moves on air and online after
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decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can only on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine part to on al-jazeera the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have such an expansive natwar people were coming to us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team in track after. 26 civilians have been injured in the latest city attack from a yemeni aiden's messala society airports. several saudi or ports have been
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targeted over the past year including the king colored international airports in the capital riyadh. and how the markets in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out on called police fired tear gas and stuff or with protesters as mass protests forced leaders to delay debates on a contentious extradition law. a bowler in a uganda a 5 year old boy dies after crossing the border from the democratic republic of congo but the virus has killed hundreds. of. p.c. rebels in yemen have attacks a civilian airports across the border in saudi arabia the saudi america coalition fighting in yemen sense at least 26 people have been wounded in the missile strike
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on our airports so the state media says those injured are passengers who were in the arrivals hall in the medium sized facility will yemen's hitty rebels say they're responsible for hitting and disabling the airport tower what they say was a cruise missile. well hussein our booker t. is a journalist in sana'a under supporter of the rebels he says the upper airport attack should serve as a warning of more to come this is the 2nd attack using this type of missiles so this means that. the forces here in sanaa still have many surprises. on the top of that the saudi. system which caused them hundreds of millions of dollars has actually failed to intercept a cruise missile and drone attacks so but let me make it clear that the whole the.
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leader of. these are the medical who the every time after any attack on saudi arabia out of him and he's calling them for the peace is calling him to stop targeting yemen infrastructure been. totally the opposite with the saudis doing they always keep it in that they will destroy the whole of the movement they don't want any peace even though in what data has withdrawn from reports on the saudi has not withdrawn. well as have notes iran were door surger bari joins us now live from tehran and also we've had many accusations from the society signs over recent months claiming seas are funded by iran has there been any reaction from toronto these recent events. no there has not been any formal reaction today from any of the various government entities here but what iran has said in the past is that they do have
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a political and humanitarian relationship with the who sees in yemen and they really want to see an end to this war as early as just last week of the iranian foreign minister zarif said that iran has in the past presented a peace plan that they want to see happen they presented this plan to the united nations and the european union part of this iranian peace plan for the war in yemen is that there must be an immediate cease fire and that the all the different factions must come together to start and national dialogue as well as there must be opening of all the borders to allow humanitarian aid and finally part of this rain in peace plan that any outcome of these dialogue that's going to take that should happen that the international community must respect the outcome of those discussions the the war in yemen is something that the iranians are very very passionate about they think that saudi arabia is exerting its power in the region
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on the yemeni people and that they really think the international community has to put more pressure on saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to end this war as quickly as possible ok doris thank you very much indeed for such a bar there reporting live from rome well this is something escalating it's. airports in recent months on may 26th these so the military sent they shot down a bomb leads and drew on the ploy by the he sees with the drone was said to be targeting airports which is close to the southern border with yemen that same week on may 23rd the he's targeted much drawn airports also close to the border with yemen and the time with explosives leads and drawn says the attack the 3rd against the strong airports in the. span was intercepted and then last year of course on march 25th saudi military say they intercepted 3 missiles over northeastern
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riyadh the debris from the missiles and it on a residential area killing one person you see rebels say the attack was aimed at king khalid international airport in riyadh swell measurable sway very is the director of the gulf studies center at qatar university he joins us now live on set . what would you say this this recent escalation shows does it show a ramping up and tensions between the saudis and the kitties this is. going conflict this is another incident where the hotel is trying to send a message to the saudis by saying we did. you know promised that we would be retaliate on what you know what have you done in yemen and killing all of the yemenis and the yemeni hold his they did announce that they have 3 a list of 300 targets and those targets basically includes military bases airports
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you know. companies like arm call of bases and other things so it's already announced war it's already declared they are declaring the war again so the idea of actually not a new i think what's new today is about using the cruise missile actually and previously we witnessed the using of the drone and mortar targeted a small target now they are targeting you know using crows which have more impact and more and also it has a political message you know trying to say the saudis look you are doing all of this playing in the region you intervene in sudan you intervene in egypt to intervene but you cannot protect your purports and that's that's a very important political message is that it could be interpreted as such it is. you mentioned that these cruise missiles this is a fairly sophisticated set of weaponry where are they getting them from reselling them christmas songs let's not forget these when they patrol they control most of
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the weapons that the the yemeni army used to have and there's not for that also there are a lot of yemenis who used to be part of the military they are and you have saudi arabia there's a lot of scenarios one of the scenario is the controlling the i would say the. stores of the weapons which were where human.


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