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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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students joining the protests i don't want any of that injuries to happen critics argue the change in the law could be used to extradite opponents of beijing to the mainland where they could face summary trial in china's courts why they're yellow. was that lamb insists the change in the law is needed her opponents are angry that the initiative is only suspended and not withdrawn altogether. say you know you go on carry lamb says she will stop stabbing and i say that she's refused to take out the knife and we know if she pushes the knife further she will pierce the heart of the hong kong people. they accuse lamb of being a puppet of the central government in beijing but china insists that hong kong matters are a purely chinese internal affair and not for outsiders to interfere in and lamb has its full support pro-democracy groups have called for her to quit especially
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because she has sided with the police whom they accuse of using excessive force to disperse crowds they have called for even more people to protest on sunday. than will be hoping the suspension of the controversial bill will reduce the level of anger and numbers of protesters we were dot the most sincere and humble attitude will just sap criticisms and make improvements so that we can continue to connect with the people of hong kong but many here believe kerry lam is only backing down now because she's afraid of more violence and they say if a 1000000 people in the streets can't change her mind they have little faith in the consultation process she is now promising rob mcbride al jazeera hong kong. and out here scott hyde looks back at previous protests in hong kong and why many say these ones are different. in 1997 when hong
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kong was handed over from british control to china agreements were made certain liberties were to stay until 2047 like freedom of speech and an independent judiciary. but under president xi jinping beijing has rapidly exerted more mainland power over hong kong a move to change the electoral system in 2014 brought thousands of students onto the streets and what became known as the umbrella movement they occupied central hong kong for 11 weeks in leicestershire was one of the leaders and several of his fellow leaders are serving prison sentences if you go to just them and he's now an assistant to a pro-democracy member of the legislative council with widespread public opposition to the government's push for a new law allowing extradition to mainland china he says the current protests are very different to what happened 5 years ago when we had the umbrella of man and
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it's. some random circumstance but. hong kong people. to come out and protest people are more prepared and the time meant than ever in annie's sankoh born history something here in hong kong universe that you won't see anywhere on mainland china a memorial of the massacre in tiananmen square in fact the largest gathering of people in hong kong before these recent protests took place just after that massacre 30 years ago this month. kind of did point out that there historically hong kong is known as a city of protesters but many say this latest round has a specific goal blocking the extradition bill in this case even though the opposition to the extradition that was about much more than just the l m that is the clear target in many ways so i think what's happening now is a little more focused. many here say the umbrella movement failed in its drive to
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push back against greater control by beijing with protesters preparing for sunday's new march against extradition many are determined this time things will be different it's got harder al-jazeera on code. which will never allow it is the former head of political section at the british embassy in beijing and he's with me now in the studio thanks so much for coming in to the program how likely do you think it is that china was involved in carrying arms decision to suspend the process because not decision came as something of surprise didn't it i think it's entirely possible it's very hard to to to give probabilities and the government house seems to operate in a bit of a black box but it's unlikely the car alarm would have backed down without at least informing beijing and advance that intended to do so and the fact that beijing came out so fast to say that it stood by her decision suggests a must have been some kind of previous consultation what do you think her future might be though she does look a little humiliated right now presumably the chinese again we're very frustrated by
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what is what is happening they're going to be frustrated it's quite clear the hong kong people are frustrated with her she doesn't seem to have any friends just now was a future like probably not great what about the bill itself it's been suspended it hasn't been withdrawn completely that's why we're talking about these mass protests that are being planned again for this sunday is the bill going to go ahead it will it will it die a quiet death or will they try and bring it back when these protests die down i think that will depend a lot on what happens tomorrow sunday the big protest planned as you say i think that car alarm stay. and the said that she intends to bring the the bill back at some point you seem to be very careful not to put timelines on this but i think too that if the protests tomorrow are really big and if the demands that the bill is scraps suspended grow in strength then it might actually be scrapped behind all this of course there's the question of taiwan now remember that the bill came in
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originally because of a murder case involving taiwan but the tommies authorities have said that they want nothing to do with this they have the most for the bill a tall and present sign one of taiwan has condemned the bill and supports the protesters now anything to do with taiwan is neuralgic in beijing and when president simon said that if this is what one country 2 systems looks like in hong kong then taiwan certain don't doesn't want anything of the sort that will have sent tremors down spines in beijing and i suspect that would have been a big factor in the back down or the other problem for beijing and carry on by association i guess is the fact that if they're seen to effectively give in to these protests on that the bill does get scrapped entirely it could therefore encourage other people to come out in protest against other things that they're not entirely happy about and that's the last thing the beijing is going to see it go yes that's right beijing doesn't have any good options right now even backing down of course the public has outlined it moving forward it risks yet further unrest in
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hong kong and beijing hates unrest remember that in china the must a servant says with alarming frequency and these frighten the communist party their friends into i think or the possibility that the honest and hong kong might spread to liver it's great to have you with us with your analysis thank you. now the own group al shabaab has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in kenya and somalia has detonated a car bomb close to the presidential palace in somalia's capital mogadishu killing at least 9 people and injuring 25 others another car bomb near a checkpoint leading to the airport killed the driver and his accomplice. at least 6 kenyan police officers have been killed after a roadside bomb hit their vehicle in one county near kenya's border with somalia 6 of the offices of missing gunfire was reported during the attack al-shabaab has carried out several assaults in the area and kidnapped 3 policeman in northeastern
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kenya on friday sudan's former president omar al bashir could be brought before a court as early as next week the chief prosecutor says bashir will be referred to trial unless he files an appeal in the next few days the former leader is facing corruption charges he was deposed by the military in april of 2 months of protests against his government the chief prosecutor has launched an additional $41.00 criminal cases against members of the shias former administration. haroun has moved riot police to guard its northern border to stop an influx of migrants from venezuela only venezuelans hold a passport and humanitarian visa can now enter the country the new rules came into effect on saturday a ministry official says around 10000 venezuelans and peru on friday rushing to get through before midnight local time. stephanie overall blair's and her 5 year old
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son were among the last migrants to enter peru using their national id cards. i don't need another one coming up i thought up it was difficult to cross and to peru because i don't have a passport in venezuela the process is very slow it was also very difficult to get authorization for my son so getting a passport and a visa is almost impossible our relatives came here looking for a better life and to help our ballots have swear in venezuela my husband is already in peru waiting for us brothers are in lima my whole family is here waiting for him to speak now to regina della patea who's a communications officer with the un's refugee agency and she joins us by skype from peru's border with ecuador that's of course where venezuela migrants are being processed thanks for being with us on the program what have you been seeing happening at the border with peru as that deadline approaches. we as we have been seeing growing numbers of people still coming in we see extreme
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vulnerabilities in comparison to other months we are seeing many children arriving we see pregnant women would see elderly 1 leave would see people with disabilities who continue to go arrive even after the humanitarian be set came into effect and they they are extremely vulnerable in the sense that they have been walking for thousands of kilometers many have not eaten in days their day hydrated and they need medical support and all the guessing that support and know the u.n.h.c.r. has been supporting people at border but how desperate is the situation well 1 we received yesterday over 821-0000 people and we have currently a humanitarian response on the wound we are supporting together with other humanitarian agencies in order to provide them with medical assistance we are there
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with the federation of the red cross and the peruvian red cross providing medical assistance and just in terms of this is assistance we've seen it. girls 3 times as much as we had before so we aren't raising the teams we are growing the teams in order to provide more support but the reality is we are not reaching the minority of the people and not not even the ones with to have the extreme vulnerability so we really need to continue and we need more support through says these new migration requirements will make migration safer and walter nice for the band as whalen's wanting to enter peru but do you think the reality is that many of them trying to apply for those visas will actually now be denied. what we're seeing is that they should military in these areas good protection mechanism it provides them with access to basic rights and services however our concern is that many people don't have the documents required to obtain this visa so for example they have
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a prior passport and currently we know that children meaning you don't have access to passports don't have ask for it's so this is also maybe a reason why their children are arriving in such high numbers over the last days because they they might fear that they won't get a humanitarian visa even though they have been some explanations regarding this but this provided it this led to some parents wanting to bring their child children over as quickly as possible the fight but peru has instigated these new rules is there a fear that other countries such as colombia and ecuador who are which are you know even closer to venezuela is there a sense that possibly those countries might also decide that they need to stem the 1st migrants and also introduce new visa requirements. well what we have been seeing up until now is great solidarity for from latin america with in a certain people we have seen them join and work on a regional level to find
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a regional solution to the regional situation and we have been seeing them fixable in some measures so for example they are they they are accepting passports or which have expired because they knew that getting a passport was difficult so up until now we have been seeing a joint intent of helping medicine and speech safety and finding positive solutions we are seeing also for example in colombia a registration mechanism that provides them with regular way to regularize or bans so for us the main thing is that they provide that protection to those in need of international protection and up until now the asylum process has remained open rejoined. joining us there thanks very much indeed for your time talking to us thank you. now rapid gentrification is driving up property prices in mexico city
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every year thousands of residents a forced to me because of the increasing cost of living but in the city's historic center one community is fighting back as manuel reports. mexico's capital is one of the most expensive cities in latin america at least when it comes to the cost of building a house with little public housing investments those rising costs are displacing many of the city's longstanding residents as old buildings give way to fancy apartments. perhaps no case is more emblematic of the fight against gentrification than get fit davy located in the heart of mexico city's historic center the building housing the cafe was recently bought out steele says the new owners want to close his restaurant and he picked the residents who live upstairs. we don't want travel to suffer the same fate as other businesses cafes restaurants and bars that carry the tradition of downtown mexico city but have been lost to
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gentrification. reports that the cafe could be shut down has brought the community together in support of preserving the iconic building a landmark of downtown mexico city this is across town artist. are talking about the lack of legal resources available to low income residents this was the inspiration for creating. this is mexico city's patron saint of resisting gentrification. why not have a saint that can intercede on behalf of all the hopeless cases in mexico the lore and the authorities not going to help so why not pray to a saint. activism against gentrification in the mexican capital is on the rise. urban planners like danielle bet is see this is because the city has yet to strike a balance between private investment and affordable housing you can difficult part
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of the. gentrification is just another part of the economic process but it can be mitigated and it can be reduced in order to avoid the massive exit of the population experts say it's the booming economy that's behind this wave of displacement in many of mexico city's so-called up and coming neighborhoods every year however this amounts to an estimated 2000 of the city's residents being evicted from their homes. residents of the davie building have managed to avoid eviction while a lawsuit against the building's new owners is pending the outcome of this case could set the tone for the future of mexico's most historic neighborhood went up in new. mexico city. there is plenty more sort of calm on this news hour including a filipino fisherman caught up in the maritime disputes and golfing the south china sea. first female president sworn in vowing to tackle corruption and champion justice out of the plaza of an investigative journalist. on
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a school will find out which players are making a move at the u.s. open. however after a record breaking the hot day in corsica it's a little odd and you know it's pleasingly much cooler on saturday and stay that way on sunday but the want to still in europe it's more in eastern europe now where it's been actually for a couple of weeks almost break by that cold front as it pushes into the thirty's well not temperatures back and of course in hans's the random thunderstorms have been drifting through germany in poland just recently so orders them into a proper line temperatures there for on sunday will be about 10 degrees lower in some places and this line of green here well this massive great is potentially very big thunderstorms again with hail even
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a small chance for tornadoes and the wind damage is on the cards has already happened after all behind it all things are warming up actually from a low base 20 in london 22 in paris and the sun is out in madrid rather cloudy picture is true for all of spain extends into north africa too we're left with a warming scene there was some trees as they should be for us all over europe for the middle the end of june as we nearly are only as the north africa with fresh showers the onshore breeze has brought tempers down little bit of benghazi so that $28.00 in tunis at 29 and robot 21. the tuesday of the futuristic bullet train that 1st drew me to japan almost 2 decades ago trains are reflecting the kind of things that occurring around it japan is aging the birth rate is falling and the lines and losing money having
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experienced both the rule railway and high speed i hope the one will not be neglected for the other off the rails a journey through japan on al-jazeera. i'm counting the cost india has lost its crowds the bastards growing bigger economy where it all goes wrong so soon after his landslide election victory was no longer the world's garbage can china disrupted the multi-billion dollar global wave industry counting the costs on al-jazeera.
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again i remind you of the top stories on al-jazeera hong kong's chief executive to suspended a highly controversial bill to allow extraditions to mainland china carry out here previously refused to scrap the bail despite must process set her goal is to restore peace and order. saudi arabia is calling for more security for shipping routes through the gulf after explosions. on thursday the u.s. is blaming in iran but terror on is denying involvement. the rebels say they've launched new drone attacks targeting to airports in southern saudi arabia saudi owned media says saudi forces intercepted a missile launched towards the city of our. let's stay with that story because al-jazeera is mohammed our top can join in to slide now from the yemeni capital sanaa hama tell us the latest what more do you know about these drone attacks in
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saudi arabia. yes according to the host the army spokesperson has syria he confirmed that the have attacked today. the saudi airports of g.'s and also. with with a number of drawings these attacks according to them. have destroyed the. gas station the fuel. airplanes and also they have attacked the. also the hunger of the drawings there so the turks according to them has also. terminated both airports now they are out of service he's warning that in the coming days more painful attacks will will be
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carried out against saudi arabia's targets. since the beginning of the or $300.00 a list of targets against saudi arabia has made it clear that these attacks are in response also in revenge to the saudi arabia's attacks on yemen's infrastructure and especially on the international support these say it's a test for tat so it's an airport for an airport i guess the fear is now of ordinary yemenis mohammed is how the arabia will respond to those latest attacks by the. did you mean that the how the many ordinary people receive such news the most of the area many people in especially in the areas under the control of how these the we have suffered from the saudi attacks especially such military attacks
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there are many indiscriminate attacks that claimed the lives of civilians so the say that these attacks are in revenge of what is it had happened to them during the past 4 years but so far many people in sanaa in different areas do not want to harm any civilians in the in the kingdom. we have witnessed also in the social media that many people according to also to the spokesperson of the whole of these that the warning that civilians and also companies for flights to. stay away from the saudi airports as they have declared all of these saudi airports are the targets or the are the fire range of the whole of these so it's the conflict between the host these and also the saudi arabia has that quality has become has turned into a dangerous level especially now we are witnessing more attacks on
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airports many hope that the saudi arabia will support the last signed agreements in sweden which will will give the chance for the for the floor for humanitarian aid and also the the the release of the saudi ban on the airports how did alex how johnny's life there. ugandan health workers tackling a bonus say they lack the supplies to deal with the disease the outbreak has already killed more than 1400 people in the democratic republic of congo and spread into uganda earlier this week. has more from kampala. so infectious and deadly is ebola that every precaution was made when this victim was buried in a waste in uganda her 5 year old grandson also died of the disease days earlier in what was the 1st case of people on ugandan soil they had crossed from neighboring
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democratic republic of congo we and other family members killed by the disease. my sister kim from the sounds whispers my kids will be due north of the ins. my 5th year my kids as well as she what c.b.s. assists and screws the boards in vans where hundreds if thought that came in contact with nearly 100 people on thursday related or the deceased could come from within back i really want to. appeal to the population to remain on high a lot. because the situation in the democratic republic of congo is not here improving. they have been around 2000 cases of ebola with 1400 deaths the world health organization visibility able outbreak be a serious it is not an international emergency to expertise ssion of cases into
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uganda is a reminder that as long as these are break continues in d.r. congo. will be a risk of spread to neighboring countries. the risk was spread to countries outside the region remains one each challenge is uganda's porous border with the d r c some people enter the country without passing through areas we screening is taking place it's not very easy to determine how many people are really important with this particular person because when the family came in they were very open about this and what they had been doing. health officials say there is no evidence it is spreading with in uganda like other countries in the region uganda is on high alert in case it is these spreads and
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this is brand public gatherings in a way scenario is as a proportion and as the repairing for the worst health officials have been vaccinated and trying to deal directly with any outbreak. with judyth this week uganda is on high alert. al-jazeera. more than 70 people have died in northern india this month from a deadly brain disease that may be linked to toxins found in light chief roots indian media say at least $57.00 children are among those killed by accuse and civilize a syndrome in bihar state it's often caused by consuming contaminated food and water insect bites 15 researches in the u.s. could be links to a toxic substance found in like cheese which grow in the summer outbreaks of and 7 artists often coincide with the lychee season in northern india. philippine president the terser is demanding an investigation after a boat was damaged by
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a chinese fishing vessel $22.00 filipino fisherman well a floating at sea before being rescued by a vietnamese boat it is the latest incident between miller and beijing over the disputed south china sea. reports now from the home of the fisherman in dora. for many years this boat has provided a livelihood for more than 20 filipino families but not anymore. this is all that is left of it it was wrecked in the reback a filipino maritime territory in the spratly group of islands in the south china sea the fishermen say they'd anchored overnight and were asleep when a chinese vessel rammed the rear of their boat. according to them the chinese vessel turned flashed its lights and sped away leaving them clinging to wreckage on the open sea. we were
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a group for hours some of us got on the small boat and. were bird grateful or be a fisherman. or we would know vender seen dog through a sketch of the chinese vessel he says it was 3 times bigger than their own boat in 2016 the philippine government won a landmark case against china at the international tribunals in the hague china's so-called 9 dash territorial claim has been declared invalid the philippines president of the go to terror to considers china his government's closest ally and is refusing to implement the court ruling. the chinese foreign ministry says what happened at the reed bank was a maritime accident and according to its embassy in manila a group of filipino boats prevented the chinese vessel from helping the fisherman boat owner felix dilatory says he feels devastated.
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that the boat. we are being treated as if we are slaves by china if we don't. it took 4 days at sea $22.00 traumatised fisherman to tractors and a determined community for a damaged fishing vessel to be returned to where it 1st came from and fishermen here tell us they will rebuild this boat and they will have out to sea again. the philippine foreign ministry says it's filed a diplomatic protest against china but filipino fishermen say they've been reporting harris' men to sea for years and that's not enough they say what they want is the philippine government to act with dignity and defend the country's sovereignty. dog and occidental mentor all central philippines at
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least 10 people have been killed in the latest air strikes in syria the syrian observatory for human rights as government strikes hit residential neighborhoods in italy province dozens of others were injured syria and russia increased that the region since april forcing thousands from their homes. moldova's new prime minister is promising to strengthen ties with the e.u. and crackdown on corruption by a sunday took over after the caretaker government resigned on friday ending of power struggle triggered by an election that failed to get a clear majority to any party the former ruling democratic party has demanded a new vote claiming sunday's coalition government is illegal but several of the party's top figures have reportedly fled to moldova i signed he says she'll bring them to justice and another anti corruption leader has taken office in eastern europe. was sworn in as the vacuous 1st female president the political novice won
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a presidential vote in march jarring to fight impunity and championed justice the country was shaken by the murder of an investigative journalist last year his capital over slicing the murder as one of the reasons she decided to run for president which is a lot of the ceremonial world. most of us not as critically quixote under the constitution people are free i'm equally dignity and did rights nobody should have their rights compromised laws everyone powerful enough to stand the bob the law but maybe feel that this is not quite the reality in our country the feeling of injustice has grown and has demonstrated itself it calls for change. now san francisco has become the latest city in the us to ban shops from refusing to accept cash store owners say the shift to purely digital payments is good for business but critics say refusing to take cash discriminates against the poor as gabriel as on the reports. this coffee shop in new jersey might have
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a distinctly retro vibe. but when owner travis clifton grew tired of the daily grind of dealing with cash he decided it was one blast from the past that needed a modern solution going cashless the big reasons well. you don't have to count the cash you don't have to reconcile the cash i don't have to put pressure on library system a show that the tables match up which means they can focus on given the customer the best service he became one of a growing number of store owners across the u.s. reeks of using to accept cash customers instead paying by cards or through their cell phones but the move to digitize payments ended up being a short lived is a morning express so this year new jersey state legislature banned stores from refusing cash and over the state line new york city's council is also considering banning cashless stores following.


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