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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 167  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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inside the arabia the consulate in jeddah issued the warning of 2 car bombs on this june the 7th several people were injured the advisory also urges u.s. citizens to use extreme caution because of recent missile and drone attacks near yemen's border. safety trade wars and the growing security challenge in the gulf are causing concern at the paris air show the french president emanuel mccraw is attending one of the industry's largest events it will likely see more deals for airbus after boeing's troubles with its 737 next aircraft the plane was grounded after to fail crashes within 5 months those are the headlines more news in half an hour next it's inside story do stay with us.
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suspended but not scrapped anger of the hong kong's controversial extradition bill isn't going away and protesters are demanding the territories lead us dept down so how will hong kong deal with growing public discontent and how is it viewed in china this is inside story. a welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan a controversial extradition laws been suspended in hong kong but protesters say that's not enough the bill would allow suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial the demonstrators have demanded that it be scrapped completely and now want the territories leader carried a lamb to step down to the chief executives like a prime minister at his chosen by committee but that committee is made up of maybe
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prove beijing politicians and business leaders the one country 2 systems governance deal with china was meant to protect hong kong semi autonomous status but protesters say their freedoms under threat and that they'll fight to keep them right mcbride reports from hong kong. if the hong kong government thought its last minute backdown would keep more people at home this was hong kong zaza. protesters filled the length of the route of the march and spilled over into adjoining streets ah well before the shed you will start time the crowds began forming at the starting point they say hong kong's freedoms within china are being further eroded and a calling on the chief executive kerry lam to quit and we will not stop until we get true democracy in hong kong because even in parallel with that doll the system
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is still unfair we do not have through the month a real we do not have a election most protesters will black to show their anger towards lam and the hong kong police and many carried white flowers in memory of a man who fell to his death the night before the march while putting up a protest banner. the incident adding to a sense of bitterness towards a government they say doesn't listen to them i don't think i'm alone in the sense that at least we only have the staying out does carry a lamb support your city. your face of course holder said pick this up because. they may have a joke with everything so i think the government is better now. this is the 2nd major march in as many weeks protesting against a controversial extradition bill the government has been trying to introduce critics say it would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary
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trial in mainland courts protesters want that bill withdrawn altogether. and they're also angry at the way the police dealt with last week's occupation of streets around the local legislative council building the organizers have made this not just about the end. tradition bell but also a protest against what they say was the excessive use of force by police in breaking up what was largely a peaceful demonstration last wednesday some of the most violent scenes on hong kong streets in years kerry lamb has promised to consult more closely with hong kong people over the proposed legislation and insists she his their voices today it must be difficult not to hit the. public right i'll just era hong kong. so let's introduce our panel for the days to scuttle from hong kong we're joined by
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emily lau former chairperson of hong kong's democratic party from beijing either tangan a political analyst specializing in china and from steve saying director of the china institute at the school of oriental and african studies good to have you with us all of you emily let's start with you how much longer can carry lamb survive as hong kong's leader why are people so angry with her in particular. well i don't know i think people who march today they are demanded her resignation and also of course demand that they withdraw the bill immediately but unfortunately she didn't hurt respond in the evening she just used she did not even come out to meet the press she just issue a statement saying offering an apology and that is too little too late i think the people are very angry steve sang china's foreign ministry has publicly backed lam she says that china's leaders have confidence in my judgment and will support me is
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beijing going to sack beijing we'll get her view will be folded end of term but beijing will not remove her right away there is a need for beijing to save face and have for people who have to or crucially and or scary lamb but bait in we were. i really am not have backed down yet. and basically suspended you. on a tag and you've heard what both steve and emily said how embarrassing is this climb down for beijing was it instigated by beijing. highly doubtful i mean beijing is trying to keep an eye on the situation they rely on carey lamb to take control and to manage things and i think they're deeply disappointed i would agree with my
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colleague from england that this is going to be a situation where they will back her now but probably look for a replacement before the term has ended and only after sunday's processed what happens next will will public anger in hong kong subside will the legislation do you think be brought back once things have calmed down or will it be allowed to rocks like 2003 xp article 23 national security will well if kerry lamb refuses to withdraw the bill as soon as possible i think the anger will not subside and it is very stupid and i understand that the probating legislators are also very nervous and one of them cried according to a newspaper when they had a meeting yesterday because they were very afraid that elections coming up local elections in this november and then legislative council election in september next
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year and they are very afraid that they will lose the election because they know that many hokum people are hopping mad so if kerry does nothing and just throw out an apology i don't think that's enough and i think the commotion that the their anger and the demonstrations will continue emily were was this just badly thought out legislation. as kerry lamb has implied or do you suspect that there was something more sinister to it. well i don't know i think now 1st of all i think this thing was scary lem's making because i don't think beijing forced it on her kerry land use the taiwan homicide case to say oh we want to find a solution not just for the taiwan case but also for mainland and macau and she's totally underestimated the sensitivity of the issue and also the hong kong people's
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fear of the communists and then when the whole thing now developed like this of course i think beijing must be unhappy at 1st if they thought that she could solve the rendition problem that's great but now they saw that you know this whole thing has attracted so much international attention and then today they met the n.p.c. delegates the national people's congress telling gays and and the. anea the rubber stamps went to this chinese liaison office and they told them they said oh in the last few days they were 68 statements issued by foreign governments so of course they care about international public opinion and i hope the international community will continue to look at what's happening in hong kong and the media will continue to report wall to wall of what's happening here ok we'll talk more about the
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international reaction just a moment 1st steve. clear up. the situation surrounding kerry lam was this situation entirely of her own making she says or any errors in communication she insists that she isn't beijing's profits were she encouraged though do you think by beijing to push this legislation through so quickly. i think it is a very very large extends to every lambs making i really don't see every lamb just baiting pockets and killing except the assume was told by a tame my reading is that baiting a for a general instructions or request to carry a lamb which is to put in place the legal framework for the renditions all tilted to mainland us who use hong kong safe haven or the e.u.
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gotten dates then tevye them make it very closely to good judgement and widen the scope of the lol which would in fact make people in hong kong as well as one of those working in hong kong or even coffee food on kong post then surely subject to being renditioned to china to face times to institutions and that is where everything starts going wrong as you keep on making a huge number of mistakes in terms of the example they use of force by the police force and her refill so to apologize properly and even when she make them as they meant to retract she put the safety of police officers ahead at all citizens it is not somebody who has any sense of what a political leader needs to be by not trying a president she is a leader who tolerates failures by those around him by officials to do you do you
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honestly think that lambs position is safe is only a matter of time before she's replaced. i've already answered that earlier i do think that there will be an examination of exactly how she put this but let's change the narrative 2 a little bit this idea that having an extradition treaty with taiwan macau and china is 20 years overdue this would be like puerto rico in the united states not having ability to extradite murderers and rapists now what was actually put on the table was quite reasonable in fact much more reasonable than the 20 other extradition treaties that hong kong has with other countries including the united states the united states the only threshold is that it's punishable by a year or more what was on the table by carrie lamb and i agree she did not communicate it well was this idea that nothing political nothing valving tax or
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religion would be things any crime have to be punishable by more than 7 years hardly something that is threatening the daily existence of hong kong people and then on the other hand you have people like former legislator lao of strident voices who are calling for all sorts of perceived wrongs but there is absolutely no end game this is lemmings running off a cliff and destroying home kong in the process on kong's recent. over the last 2030 years of the reason they have done well is because of china acting as a gateway now it has different competitors and chan's and shanghai and even in beijing and terms of the capital and financial markets this is not the time to be rocking the boat it should have been a time in which people like miss laos should be telling people that you have to be practical about what the situation is hong kong is part of china it is not going to
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float away emily lau what do you make of that. well i think most of us accept that we are part of the people's republic of china and we want this policy of one country 2 systems which bating foisted on us we didn't create it beijing force it on us and britain also agree in 1907 where day handed us over to communist rule but under one country 2 systems of course hope all will continue should continue to thrive as an international business and financial center but the people will also continue to enjoy their free lifestyles person no safety the rule of law independence of the judiciary these are things we enjoy under british colonial rule and as chris patten said just at the handover the
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law was amended to ensure there's a file war which separate us from the communist regime so that we you know the chinese legal system would not come into our kong but what this extra british extradition bill proposes to do is to drive a truck through the fire wall create a big hole there we don't have our legal system anymore so it's one country one system and the hometown people we want it to be a business and financial center but we want our core values to be preserved person no safety civil liberties and the rule of law steve saying we're currently watching lemmings running to the cliff edge says. look at london there's nothing to stop people from relocating their operations post breaks when conditions change the same is true of hong kong what do you make of that. i think that is a huge over the top i'm afraid a poem called in the beat of
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a very tight corner at the moment and i take my hats off to all the people in hong kong in the way how they have been standing up for their own values and spending their wait on line and have been spending it in a very reasonable way the reason why she chimping and the chinese government to back off over the current situation is that they demonstrate does not go on the speech the same. way she can think and they could not say we are close to cummings monkey they simply said we are here in our state that. way took the line and the future of our children now that is something which allows the sons to. tactically put the blames on having a lamb anyway and the loud message you sent me can be so turning it into
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a phone call vs china issue will make it into a real crisis which there will be no winners at a track of what you make about no one is a huge saying that the people in hong kong don't appreciate how good china has been for them i don't. it's a question of economics and i think there's a lot of misplaced aggression that is going on here quite frankly the amount of money that has flowed into hong kong and created the kind of lifestyles and also the extremely high property value was not shared to the to the regular people what you had is people at the very top have been exceedingly have been wealthier and wealthier they have done well from the system most of them have had cooperations or businesses in china and they've done very well but the rest of the people have just been suffering and their real incomes have gone down employments is fairly dismal
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they have well educated but they do not have an outlet for that so at this point they're feeling that somebody is to blame and i think these pro-democracy groups are throwing out this idea that everything would be wonderful if they only had democracy if their china would only allow them to go their own way and that is a pipe dream it is a type dream that could lead to in minutes tragedy for a lot of these people as i said there are pied pipers out there who are trying to use this particular issue as part of a larger issue saying that there should be an independent steve steve steve i see you shaking your head to i think it is a complete misreading of what people are doing the i'm not they aren't doing what's responding to a few high class getting tends to. get creative which essentially is. opposing to communist party and introduce democracy and expect the moccasins to. scott and
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so on that's not looking at. our fall from stand it seems to wait. and qualm. they were large to have direct you know actions or to keep executive. but that's reading a far as the media were pushing for it and the current situation and in fact the case don't you can read of them had gone through in your neck broke before she became chief executive ringback she would not make the kind of mistake that was because late politically illiterate type of mistakes which put on calling into this current situation and damage to bill a sense of that in china and hong kong china's interest really much deficit if they allow the electoral process to toast turn up with somebody who understands what
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needs to be done and is able to communicate you speculate with people in hong kong who can we the people get phone calls involving it direct in a direction which would be acceptable to both on kong and sometimes that east it was assumed which is achievable but not by somebody who is wanted by a game but does not understand. emily lau caroline had pretty good approval ratings at the start of her term to what extent was it was a stumble or some sort of fall from grace that only about a matter of time people accuse her of being arrogant is she. well score so i think that is and no secret a tour even within the government and into community she's described as exceedingly arrogant very full of herself and of course as she looks down on always everybody she things she is the brightest she's the most intelligent person and nobody else
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is worth listening to and so it's very insufferable and but the trouble now is shows that that she's wearing capable and today a news report said the chinese leadership is very unhappy with her and think that she's not capable at all and so you know and i think the probe aging politicians are also mad at her so she is really on the run and i'm not good i mean as far as china is concerned of the international reaction that has been to the protests in hong kong the chinese economy right now under pressure to juice the on going trade war with the u.s. a possible meeting between president trump and president xi if the g 20 summit in japan this could this could not come to a worse time could it it can't afford china can't afford any more internationals scrutiny like this can it. well i don't know if it's
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a question of screwing the i mean for china if you talk about core values one of them is the integrity of the nation what's happening here is you have a number of red lines and red buttons which are being crossed and pushed in the taiwan straits in the south china seas now hong kong there's also scrutiny in jiang it seems that it within beijing that they feel that they're being surrounded that there are forces that are trying to attack them and then all pressure campaign that's part of this kind of economic. attack by the united states and that is a very very dangerous situation to be in. beijing cannot see somebody trying to create a straw man out of kerry lamb to in essence insist as my 2 colleagues say that everything should be run democratically everything was run democratically everything would be just fine well if that was true the world would be in much better shape today than it is currently with these kind of protests side that it
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will these have throats and will not tolerate it well we'll kind of protest be tolerated after 2047 oh gosh no i mean there were probably we could be hitting an inflection point led by these kind of pied pipers who are saying yes you know everything will be fine we can force democracy upon the mainland and this is not about china versus hong kong this is just about one individual this is the kind of talk that leads to unintended consequences and that's that is really is what is at stake here steve in the next few years if this continues it will be trashed all right steve we'll give you the final word to what extent do you think i mean the protests do have one island on 2047 the protesters rather. well. china of the commons party is any democrat that it will not allow democrats ations to happen in china and at the
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end of the people he has periods i think it's a reasonable assumptions that they were expect on kong to be much more like china but where's the invoking of another 28 years to go as harold wilson once famously said a week if they don't come in politics 28 years if eternity they have much to paypal we do not note that the rocks and fog in china you poor thing is to keep hong kong continue on the current wait a slow all of these possible and then right it will go on coal needs to get on that basis then we must end our discussion many thanks indeed search all of you have a lot of time again and steve saying thank you for watching so i think that you can see the program again at any time just by going to the websites down to 0 dot com further discussion to join us at our facebook page you'll find that at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter handle at a.j.
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inside story from me adrian finnegan and the team here in doha thanks for watching i'll see you again bye for the you are. you. tibetan culture of down's thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to be abrasive need to that cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the idiot capital new delhi tibet so be refugees here since 964 buttons here have been defined as migrants are not refugees because india hasn't signed up
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hello i'm in the hall with the headlines on al-jazeera they arabian atomic agency says the country will exceed its uranium stockpile limit set by the 2015 new kid deal in 10 days iran stopped adhering to some elements of the agreement after the u.s. withdrew last year. the countdown has started in 10 days' time on june 27th we will exceed the 300 kilogram limit of enriched uranium allowed under the nuclear deal after that's we will continue to increase the speed of production drastically dosage of ari has more from tehran. it raining president has on rouhani has been meeting with the french ambassador here in the capital where he said that time is running.


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