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so this. weakness in america and how to handle such a threat let's just go back to the incident that actually happened with the shooting down of the drone i mean iran chose to shoot down this unmanned u.s. surveillance drone rather than a manned u.s. navy p. 8 poseidon surveillance aircraft that we understand was also operating in the air at the time so what's this telling us about iran's military thinking and its missile technology i think they should the this drawn to global or due to geo political reason. of course this aircraft is full of. all these intelligence and it's very dangerous play and i consider it but also iran saying that these 8 is courting the global take this nonsense because the p. 8 main mission is so hot submarine is. so different missions we cannot really say what the year and in claim. just
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a final thought from you gen what is iran's position militarily i think lots of the asking ok if something did happen what are iran's assets its forces and what would a war against iran even look like crazy because the sort of if if this happened it's going to be a photo really regional war if the americans start shooting on the area and because they will consider it as an insult and they were preparing for the last 40 years on that. but this seems to be that the economy exception is biting and that's why the escalating and normally when you see this such and the school ation in our part of the war you would see some limited shooting and what i consider the shooting down the global hawk and the many shooting of the cruise missiles. so does cetera that's part of the war what we see in the region general thank you very much
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for sharing your thoughts with us thank you. now russian president vladimir putin has signed a decree temporarily banning his country's airlines from flying to georgia relations between the 2 nations have been tense after thousands of people staged violent protests against a visiting russian politician in the capital tbilisi on thursday well many georgians are now demanding an early election to work and i reports from the capital. protesters in georgia have to keep grievances against their government its handling of russia's occupation of 20 percent of georgian territory and its heavy handed response to the demonstrations use a show here of solidarity for those blinded by rubber bullets in thursday's police crackdown. the violence began after opposition m.p.'s heckled russian deputies invited into georgia's parliament georgia has had no diplomatic ties with moscow since its war with russia over south of setia in
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2008. later clashes between protesters and police were the worst in 7 years since georgia's governing party came to power with more than 200 people injured and around 300 people detained was 3 months. picketed jews interior ministry wouldn't 30 of their colleagues were among those who did each did not. legislate the identified good even if there were some of these guys that were just there putting chasing. those. so far the government has responded by removing the speaker of parliament was that opposition politicians say that snooki there has to be somebody responsible for what happened yesterday and that's the minister of interior but even biggest fundamental change that is in the interest of this country is to change the
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electoral system to make. that nobody grips power the way it is now and the power is shared proportionately and candy because days right it's may have strengthen the resolve of people opposed to this government but it may have wider consequences with russia now threatening to capitalize on this georgian political drama. more than a 1000000 russians who wrists visit georgia every year lie to me putin has announced a ban on flights to georgia from july to ensue russian citizens safety from what moscow calls and see russian hysteria but russians who are as i spoke to were optimistic i enjoy my life here my stay here and i hope it is going to be the right of what i don't worry about my. tonight. on the joy of. personnel it doesn't matter which country they come from understands very well that there are governments and there are just normal people and the 2 the same thing. banning
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russian visit is may hurt users economy in the short run. but the move may only convince the protestors that their feelings about russian aggression and the competency of their own governments are correct robin fear is still out there is there to be some. time for a short break here and i'll just say that when we come back demands for justice are finally answered in spain that the notorious most back is sentenced for rape more on that status. to wed and sponsored by cattle and. hello get a welcome back to international weather forecasts well across europe today we are looking at a very stormy situation that could possibly give us some tornadoes as well as very large hail i want to show you where we expect to see that particularly here in the
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evening hours we're going to be seeing this funnel bounded kind of laying out across central europe and eastern europe and it's really towards the southern side that we're going to be seeing the most severe weather because of the heat as well as the plentiful moisture that's going to be fueling these storms this is where we do expect to see the worst of the storms as we go into the evening hours it's going to be across parts of northern italy parts of croatia as well as into serbia now where you see these red spots that is where we could be see destructive winds large hail and also those tornadoes and we do think it's going to be in the heating of the day and as we go into the evening hours so this is your forecast map here on saturday plenty of rain across much of this area so if you don't see the severe weather you will see the very sharp downpours that are going to be associate with that vienna is going to be about $28.00 degrees today but over here towards the west take a look at the temperatures as we go from saturday and into sunday we are about to see an extreme heat wave situation starting to build here across much of western europe paris at 29 degrees and over here toward zurich at about 26 degrees for you
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. the weather. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives on the sun just a longstanding international is finally separate the space for the facts. and misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under-reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera iran's foreign ministry says it will respond firmly to any u.s. threat that comes as u.s. president donald trump confirmed he called off an attack on iran saying he wants to avoid mass casualties the strike would have been in response to iran's downing of a u.s. surveillance drone. the reuters news agency is reporting that hundreds of u.s. contractors will be evacuated from an iraqi military base base was hit by 3 mortar shells last week. and russia has suspended flights to georgia after the visit of the russian politician sparked protests in the capital tbilisi on friday the opposition has accused the government of being too close to moscow. donald trump has nominated army secretary mark esper to be the next secretary of defense this week acting defense secretary. withdrew his nomination after facing questions over his personal life. the hundreds of civilians in mali have been killed in a series of attacks in the last 3 months tens of thousands of fled their homes
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a battle the land is putting farmers against herd as odd as it was malcolm webb met survivors of a recent attack in mopti region. to young to understand his parents have been killed his neck was cast in the same attack on his village he brought him bars 2 months old his mother was also killed. medical workers here say they've never seen anything this bad and one we don't want to see the world doesn't come to help us we don't know when this will end even here we don't feel safe before and burn because a patient was killed in this hospital no one's protecting us were afraid will become the target of an attack in the sun in this ward all the children's parents are either missing or dead we've changed their names and hidden their faces for their safety relatives have come here to take care of them their village in central
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mali was attacked last week. the rest of the survivors now sleeping on the roadside in a nearby town they belong to the full army ethnic group what the village chief told us was tragically familiar. it was about 10 pm and it was raining and we started hearing people shooting at the village so we ran the next morning we collected everybody and came here the same people later burned all the houses and took all the animals. militia connected to the full lonny and gone groups have been attacking each other's communities every week in a steadily escalating conflict hundreds of being killed in the last 3 months and nearly $50000.00 have fled their homes many of them now staying in camps when people run they carry whatever they can. for sleeping on here are some hot
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cooking utensils whatever's essential for survival containers for water now they're living in tents here little with the village life continues when a grinding millet for their meal this evening but life here having left everything else behind is very difficult. 15000 u.n. peacekeepers haven't been able to stop the violence nearly 200 of them have been killed making it the un's most dangerous mission ever. been growing protests calling for the u.n. and other foreign forces to leave almost since they arrived 6 years ago this camera phone video shows one in 70 last week the. un peacekeeping chief visited yes we know that the situation is not easy in this country we feel terribly sorry you know especially for the losses of this last. one shouldn't forget that we can
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only support it's the money and responsibility after all. the attacks haven't stopped a mother was killed he was shot in the leg. everybody here says the violence is getting worse nobody knows how it will end. malcolm webb al-jazeera the region mali. southeast asian leaders are gathering for a summit in thailand with the us china trade war expected to be on the agenda foreign ministers are holding talks now ahead of the main assy on meeting on sunday disputes over territory in the south china sea on controversial waste imports are also expected to be up for discussion at least 3 construction workers have been killed in cambodia when their tired block they were building collapsed rescuers have so far found 20 survivors in the remains in
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a 7 story building in sihanoukville one of many being built by chinese investors in the popular beach resort excavators are coming the day break from all signs of life . now in a tourist criminal case in spain has ended with the jailing of 5 men belonging to a gang known as the wolf pack their sentences were increased to 15 years each following public outcry need barker's the details. go to. spain to highest court in madrid has delivered its verdict 5 men previously convicted of the sexual assault of an 18 year old woman were now guilty of the more serious charge of rape the men call themselves the wolf pack and. all the acts took place in an atmosphere of terror of absolute subjection the only thing the victim declared to the court was a close my eyes and waited for everything to end as soon as possible. one on the
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head of the decision some of them and arrived at the courthouse in seville where they must check in 3 times a week. the supreme court ruling overturned 2 previous court rulings in a case this brought thousands of people onto the streets in protest. the attack happened here and pump loader with the city was holding the san fermin bull running festival. the woman was dragged into a residential hallway in the early hours of the morning the court heard how the men shared jokes and videos of the rape in a walk group footage was used as evidence of the trial the defendant's lawyer said the sex was consensual a rape charge in spain requires evidence of violence or intimidation the woman's lawyer says she didn't fight back because she was afraid and in shock both the 5 men and the victim appealed the earlier verdict to the supreme court during the appeal process the men were freed from jail because under spanish law or no one
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could be held for more than 2 years without a definitive sentence. their release and rage protesters. 4 of the men have had their sentences increased from 9 to 15 years one of them was given an extra 2 years for stealing victim's phone. it's thought that me and i think the worth back case has led us to consider changing the law i hope parliament takes his legal reform seriously society demands it. was one of the most controversial cases in modern spain a case that compilers hope to change the way the country judges rate future we've baka al jazeera. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has promised to take the recommendations of the un's top human rights official very seriously michel bash visited the humanitarian crisis there worsens stories about reports.
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3 day visit to caracas did not go unnoticed in venezuela. many took to the streets to demand she condemns human rights abuses committed by precedent us government. michel bashfully is here as a recognition of the hard work that non-government or. musicians have done over the years to condemn the humanitarian crisis that's happening it's a relief and an encouragement for the venezuelans who are going through this crisis every day and for those who speak out against what they're going through human rights groups say currently there are over 700 political prisoners in venezuela. i met with some of their relatives and heard stories of the victims of state violence . i'm calling on the government to free all of those who have been detained or deprived of their liberty for exercising their civil rights in a peaceful manner. the message was read. meeting with government and military
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officials and press. who promised compliance with her advice. you can count on me dr michelle as president of the republic head of state head of government to take all of your suggestions recommendations and proposal seriously so that human rights system prevails even deeper in venezuela the un human rights chief also held discussions with rival and opposition leader. but the high commissioner suggested has to do with office monitoring human rights violations the follow up report will be presented next july 5th before the united nations and we will follow up to prevent the violation of human rights. he's leaving behind a team of observers to money toward the situation in the country. political and economic emergency that has forced a millions out of the country for many. it is a way of shedding light on the abuses committed by the government for others she
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failed to hold. for the grave crisis the country is currently. take no further action called the home of boris johnson a leading candidate for prime minister and his partner had been reports of a domestic incident will become the next british prime minister if he wins a runoff vote against. next month it would replace the resigned after a break that deal acceptable to parliament. by allegations over his behavior. of the headlines here on al-jazeera iran says it will respond to any u.s. threat according to its foreign ministry. that's despite donald trump again saying he does not want a war with iran the u.s.
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president confirmed he called off an attack saying he wanted to avoid mass casualties the strike would have been in response to iran's downing of a u.s. surveillance drone meanwhile the reuters news agency says hundreds of u.s. contractors will be evacuated from an iraqi military base because of potential security threats the balad base north of baghdad was hit by 3 mortar shells last week to other iraqi bases hosting u.s. forces have also been hit by rockets in the past week iran denied shia muslim militias responsible for acts out in basra on wednesday. donald trump has nominated the army secretary mark esper to be the next secretary of defense early this week acting defense secretary patrick shanahan withdrew his nomination after facing questions over his personal life as it will take over on sunday if confirmed to be the 3rd man to lead the pentagon in 6 months russia has suspended flights to georgia following protests in the capital tbilisi on thursday they were sparked by the visit of a russian politician the opposition has accused the government of being too
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friendly with moscow the speaker of parliament has resigned and some protesters are calling for an early election. polls have just opened in mauritania's presidential election with around one of the half 1000000 people eligible to vote could be the country's 1st peaceful transition of power in decades 6 candidates are vying to succeed president mohamed odeh busies who took office after coups in 2008. a human rights activist based in chechnya has been freed on parole after a russian court granted his early release of was sentenced to 4 years on drug possession charges in march his supporters say the accusations were exaggerated he had reported on disappearances and torture in the region before his arrest. and at least 3 construction workers have been killed in cambodia when the tower block they were building collapsed rescuers have so far found 20 survivors in the remains of the 7 storey building in c. a new one of many being built by chinese investors in the popular beach resort
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excavators are coming in the day every now for more signs of life. for those with the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post statement that the watching. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home i'll just bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. an estimated people taking to the streets to get the. activists to press for he left the show a controversial cut another just pointing the finger lakes and more because people think that everything about college that makes it is. hello i'm richard burton
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you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the historic protests in hong kong we break down the coverage within mainland china and beyond. straight out of chang do supported by the state the chinese rappers talking trade war trash to donald trump. the death of the muslim brotherhood's mohamed morsy one last chance for the egyptian news media to show their true colors on his story plus film as apartheid era propaganda and the south african movie makers were calling the shots the world is watching that is the chant on the streets of hong kong as images of mega protests are beamed around the globe 2000000 people in a city state of just 7000000 out to stop the passage of a law that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited to mainland china last saturday hong kong's lead politician the beijing backed carrie lam announced that
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she was suspending the implementation of the legislation but that was not nearly enough either for the demonstrators or the local reporters covering this story because hong kong journalists know that should this bill pass beijing could extradite them one day as well as their sources. communist party leaders on the mainland are watching the situation closely to their public are far less informed state run television has either ignored the protests or echoed the party line that there is some western conspiracy at play here our starting point this week is the semi autonomy for now special administrative region of china hong kong. at 1st the hong kong authorities played the waiting game hoping that with time the surge onto the streets of the city state would subside that the opposition to the proposed extradition treaty with china would fade that the story would go away then
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hong kong's chief executive realized that wasn't happening prior to deciding to suspend the passage of the new law carry land went before the cameras she chose to do so on t.v. be a government friendly chat. but if she thought she was heading into a softball interview she was mistaken t.v. be did not broadcast the question she is about to answer but one can easily surmise it had something to do with selling her people and. what are you doing. you know i talked to her she decided to pick one television station to give her interview to rather than sit give a general press conference at that stage and she picked hong kong's only remaining main free terrestrial t.v.
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station known to be pro-government unknown to exercise self censorship what stands out is actually how tone deaf replies are. your dime we. all are. insecure i want to. get. a young girl and i'm saying. it is quite ridiculous for a achieve executive officer to be referring to herself as a mother of spoiled children she just cannot give us whatever we want no that is very nice of her. might say you must listen to me because i'm a parent but of course there's not an appropriate stands for someone who is
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governing our city and actually she is paid by our taxes. the protests are occurring in a place that is in a preplanned state of political limbo lasting half a century. when britain handed hong kong back to china in 1997 the one country 2 systems framework that came with the force promised citizens of quote high degree of autonomy for 50 years which explains the lack of an extradition treaty with mainland china. but there have been plenty of signs that beijing is already influencing politics and the state of the media in hong kong the south china morning post long considered the newspaper of record was bought by the chinese e-commerce giant alibaba in 2015 and has since seen a mass exodus of staff complaining about soft coverage of china but that same year another paper ming powell was criticized for killing an investigative story on the
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tiananmen square massacre and replacing it with a piece on alibaba as a role model for young entrepreneurs and on the current protest story ming pao journalists posted an open letter critical of the paper's biased reporting in favor of the authorities and police and taking issue with editorials that called the protesters rioters is not just about the bill but about. the china's attitude towards press for their own and this understanding of judicial independence journalists and editors from hong kong they have been rest or even sentenced to jail by. charges that have nothing to do with their report hong kong being a key information hop for journalists not just in hong kong but the around the world to report on china so that extradition bill will expose each
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and every of them to risk we've seen creeping self-censorship we've seen. businesses withdrawing their advertising under pressure from needing to do business with china so all those things are very real threats but at the same time compared to the press in mainland china the hong kong media is far more vibrant is out there exposing scandal and people are very proud of that and the fact that the media can report on these demonstrations is very. point to the people of hong kong home calls the situation has been taken up by the international media almost uniformly at stake say the demonstrators is nothing less than hong kong status as an island of rights and freedoms in a one party state and over the years beijing has been gradually exerting more and more influence over on college and for those who marched enough is enough saying
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that hong kong is you know being threatened they say you know this is a david and goliath story coming here that well china's to the mainland justice system is a pay it's not fair their brutal use torture all of these things but i don't know that you can deal a generalize an entire country because of a few examples. the examples go well beyond a few beijing has little tolerance for dissent either in the mainstream news media or on social media where the major chinese platform sign away bow and we chat both censored the protest story social media in hong kong was also affect the founder of telegram and encrypted messaging service popular with protest organizers said the platform came under cyber attack from the mainland initially state controlled media outlets in china turned a blind eye to the story in hong kong but as the protests continued and grew that
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policy changed by. they had to give it some coverage and given the growing trade war between the trump white house and president siege in ping's government in beijing the notion of foreign interests inciting the unrest got a lot of play. well for sure you know some people they have really been completely brainwashed into thinking that all these protests initiated by foreign influences but that's just ridiculous like 2000000 people on a street of course that this is not true and but that's what they are trying to tell the public in china the chinese media is not going to win a shouting match in the international community anything that is said it will be say oh well all the state run stable state influenced whatever they say is propaganda so there is
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a very difficult position when it comes to these types of things now on the other hand donald trump has drawn the biggest target on china the western press has a duty to try to figure out what's going on what are the forces that are playing out here not just within beijing but also with. the numbers on the streets of hong kong are considerably higher than the last time mass demonstrations occurred in 2014 over proposed electoral reforms because the stakes have grown larger with the passage of time the city state is now 5 years closer to losing what autonomy it still has the remnants of a democracy the semblance of a free media 5 years closer to 2047 and direct rule by beijing if hong kong was in control of its own future those 2000000 people on the streets would amount to real political power
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a force to be reckoned with but it's not and there is a country of 1400000000 next door with a government in beijing that like the media it controls is treating this as a non-story. we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers and actually ravi made a mohamad morsi egypt's 1st and only democratically elected president died at a court appearance this past week that's big news by anyone's measure but one would not have known that judging from what egyptian newspapers did with that story you wouldn't have richard and even by the poor standards of a lot of egyptian journalism this was embarrassing virtually all the papers buried the story on the inside pages and the publishing word for word a $42.00 word paragraph reportedly whatsapp to editors by a government official now only one paper the privately owned the uloom actually put the news on to their front page now morsi and the muslim brotherhood have long been
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treated as punching bags by egyptian talk show hosts who are very popular in that market what they have to say about this story let me start by showing you a clip that's not from a talk show host but from a news anchor she had her copied it in for her as well but that is there and has samsung it was a copy and paste job onto the audi q and if anyone had any doubt that last line sent from a samsung mobile gave it all away now talking about talk show hosts let's start by looking at one of the most prominent ones. pretty soon our dog does it up admin mona how it goes as run from god there's a song for how there are many home there's a reason mussa name checks are following the 2013 army led who that overthrew mohammed morsy the government of a. crackdown on al-jazeera in egypt accusing them of supporting the.


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