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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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which is what happened last time but i think what the global economy the big picture you can't have this back and forth continue it's an interesting development with those thing and the possibility of sort of that during some type of deal with north korea however i think trump would like to get the deal on his own terms with kim jong on no supposed to giving him being too much credit so i think all eyes are on china in the last at this summit china and the u.s. they will of course be a lot of talk has been about the tensions between the u.s. and iran recently what other issues do you think might get a look in at the summit i know that the host japan has been trying to get the environment climate change on the agenda as well. absolutely japan wanting to take the lead on the waste in the oceans in the u.s. and it has release date of that is just i cooperated by 2850 we could have more
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plastics than fish in the ocean this is very much a sea nation we're in a big or it city here i know japan does not want to have the your environment sidelined the other issue includes women's empowerment although there's been some backpedaling here since the deal that was struck in brisbane in 2014 that gap between women in the labor market japanese when then in japanese men is widening not narrowing so japan gets picked on a lot regarding gender equality and i know they'd like to come out with some better news but all of this relates to the global economy that's really what the g 20 has been about the interrelated involvement of all the issues of the world economy to environment and in innovation as well. it is very good to get expertise on this me appreciate your time that is nancy snow joining us live from thank you thank you
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now as u.s. and iran tensions were also discussed at amazing by defense ministers from the north atlantic treaty organization on a show in brussels u.s. acting defense secretary mock esper has told his nato counterparts that washington does not want to go to war with iran but it won't tolerate any further incidents when they have defense secretary against the alliance says bahrain to. make this moves. all our allies share concerns when it comes to iran. these the ballistic activities in the region their support for different groups there their missile program of a program of iran and also their announcement that they will now start to enrich uranium again so i expect that we will and we will continue to consult on this issues. and nato rules of exchange intelligence
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information on the situation in the gulf let's get more on this now correspondent john holl is joining us live from brussels a strong words about iran there what else did jens stoltenberg say john i don't have anything to say about the u.s. role in all of this. well stoltenberg was speaking at after meetings that have taken place off the main agenda here with the acting secretary of defense marcus but on iran that was what everyone wanted to hear about here just 4 days in the job the acting defense secretary who had expressly before arriving here indicated that among his main aims here at nato was to quote unquote internationalize the issue of iran to highlight for nato allies of this was not just an issue between the u.s. and iran but one that required global diplomacy he was going to lay out the u.s. strategy over iran limited as it is now to bring iran back to the table by
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squeezing it economically and try and build a broad consensus here behind that they will jens stoltenberg when he spoke and indicated that yes broadly speaking nato is behind the united states needs caution over iran and in its approach he said iranis an issue which matters to all allies and he said we welcome here at nato the message from the u.s. defense secretary that the u.s. does not want war that the u.s. has said very clearly they do want. talks without preconditions with iran and that nato supports all efforts to deescalate and decrease tensions to avoid events spiraling out of control but one important caveat i think that has come out of all of this is that the u.s. certainly doesn't get a carte blanche here from nato in terms of any action you chooses to take s. but was reportedly in that closed door session warned by france france one of the key nations trying to support the nuclear deal to resuscitate the nuclear deal
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while the u.s. evidently tries to tear it apart france warning the u.s. not to involve nato in any military mission against iran turner thank you very much for that for now that is joining the latest live in brussels now u.s. president donald trump says he has unlimited time to strike a deal with iran to stop it developing and distribution nuclear weapons and the latest round of sanctions the white house targeted iran's senior leaders including ayatollah ali khamenei the supreme leader says iran to bow to us to mom so let's go to our correspondent in tehran same bus ravi is joining us from there and does does it run feel the same that nato is backing the u.s. over iran here. well certainly iranian leaders here in teheran feel isolated by almost every world leader that they come across now whether it's nato whether it's members of the
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european union even close allies like russia and china at the end of the day anyone that iran is still in diplomatic conversations with has been an able to help iran mitigate the impacts of u.s. economic sanctions and really that is what is at the heart of a lot of the discord between the united states and iran between iran and other signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal it's that the united states pulled out and wage this what iranian leaders say is an economic war very draconian economic sanctions that have created unemployment that have. devolved the country's currency that it had a really big impact on some of the most vulnerable people in iran and society and to that end urana said that it can no longer just go it alone in terms of keeping the joy and comprehensive plan of action alive in may president hassan rouhani announced that iran would begin reducing parts of its commitments with the nuclear
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deal that says this is in line with the wording of that agreement and so it has continued to do that today is a significant milestone it's the day that the iran atomic energy organization said it would cross a stockpile limit agreed to as part of the deal of 300 kilograms of. you're a medium but the reason that iran is being forced in a sense to breach that stockpile limit is because of nuclear sanctions placed on it by the united states that it won't let iran export extra nuclear material out of the country as was also agreed as part of the nuclear deal now as far as what this means for the deal moving forward we are expecting a meeting tomorrow between iran and the remaining signatories of the nuclear deal in vienna now iran's deputy foreign minister abbas iraq is already there and he's expected to tell others. signatories to the deal that a one way relationship is no relationship at all and that iran has been patient enough with the signatories to the deal and if they are unwilling or unable to hold
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up their side of the bargain their commitments in the deal then iran isn't going to do so alone any longer in a conference or in a seminar mr rashid said that america has entered an economic war with iran using the dollar as a weapon against other countries and that the international community must confront american going to lottery and so is carrying a very aggressive warning from iran and a very aggressive message on words into this meeting in vienna zain thank you very much for that for now that same bus with all the very latest live and the iranian capital thank you. there plenty more ahead on the news hour including democratic presidential candidates get a chance to explain why they do a better job the donald trump. resentment is growing in lebanon against the millions of syrian refugees who made the country home. and in sports the latest from the cricket world cup why pakistan's fans of their team would be the 1900 to
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trial. if european police have arrested at least 39 members of a political party after a failed rebellion in the northern province on saturday dozens of people were killed in the attack and the fighting which followed thousands of mourners gathered at the state funerals of 5 senior officials who were among the dead including the army chief of staff and the provincial governor the central government's accused as for the security chief of organizing the rebellion. amnesty international is accusing the government in eritrea of intimidating and harassing critics live in exile they include every train activist living in the u.k. sweden and kenya welcomed webb has more from the kenyan capital nairobi. years or to be a lot of bieber was a high not so she's never enjoyed the freedom she fought for she was 17 when she
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joined eritrea's rebellion and fought for independence from ethiopia she seen here in one of the rebels' mountain hideout in the 1980 s. independence came in 1901 but she says freedom did not if they want to kill you they can kill you automatically. she owned a factory but she didn't join the governing party or contribute to its funding she says she's been harassed ever since including here in kenya's capital nairobi where she lives in exile she says eritrea is ambassador to kenya of terrorism and had her arrested by local police is in. business tonight he took his saw was like 56 they. had caught the same things he tried to deport us. rights activists say that the kind of harassment that the bieber says
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she's experienced here in nairobi is just the tip of the iceberg and that eritrean critics of eritrea's government you are living in exile all around the world everything really harassed intimidated and even beaten by government supporters so as a reporter's rights group amnesty international says it's documented cases of harassment and intimidation eritrean human rights activists over the last 8 years has published a report and its research is say those in kenya the u.k. sweden and some other european countries a most risk yet their government he's. exporting their repression from from its territory to honor the country and it doesn't look good. and it doesn't look good to see any kind of countries where it is repression is happening the report document seemingly coordinated threatening tweets from staff at
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eritrea's embassies. its ambassador in kenya didn't agree to give us an interview. bieber says the harassment has made her more critical most of her activist colleagues here in nairobi were too scared to speak to us isn't she's campaigned for 4 of her friends from her days as a rebel who were students arrested in eritrea she doesn't know if they're still imprisoned or dead. the same fate she says awaits her if she ever goes home malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. say how tecla is a research of ethiopia and ever try amnesty international and he says that the ever trained government is determined to silence the human rights defenders living abroad. and parents and other people who dare to criticize a human right condition you need to face number of repression
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harvestman pendar talks and. so that repression will marry prayer is not limited we can you support that that it is happening everywhere so i was very frank about imad a determined and committed and supporters including to the silent here but i defend us outside their country not just into that they used to start their own government support since i despaired of their meetings of the people. embassy. officials. treats about people they saw. do conduct that are such a nation of. probably not tomorrow or defendants including like martin plaut men on this group are not so they use every possible to me every valid business to silence criticism that this intolerance for criticism is also reflected outside of
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their country songs they don't like anyone got an opinion or not to criticize their human rights situation. to the united states now with the 1st of 2 t.v. debates has been held for the 20 democratic hopefuls to replace donald trump and next year's election the presidential primaries are being held over 2 nights because there are many candidates in the race and a gallagher has moved from miami florida. it's one of the most crowded and diverse group of candidates in the democratic party's history so packed with the 1st televised debates will run for 2 nights lesser known politicians like hawaii's told politics the 1st hindu member of the u.s. congress to raise the profile here going forward these debates will have tougher standards to qualify so for some there's little to lose and everything to gain the american people deserve
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a president who put your interests ahead of the rich and powerful that's not what we have right now massachusetts senator elizabeth warren doesn't have that problem she's doing well in the polls is known to the public and visited a migrant detention center in florida before the debates with a clear message to voters. by saying that we don't know why people for money went by saying when you turn in iraq. for polenta errands what you want to the president of the united states is doing here. health care economic disparity and immigration were among the dominant theme as there was some infighting among the candidates over how to implement policies they all broadly agree on but former san antonio and castro showed the kind of emotion that really helped his campaign very proud that in april i became the 1st candidate to put forward a comprehensive immigration plan and we saw those images thank you watching that
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image of. his daughter but. it is heartbreaking. it should also piss us all off oh outside the debate trump supporters made their voices heard the president too to join the debate was just one would boring the democratic candidates and those looking for someone to take on the president in 2020 it was an exciting start to what will be a long and hard fought process the biggest challenge for many of these candidates is creating a buzz with limited time in a crowded field most performed as expected but over the next few weeks there will be a cold without increasing polling numbers campaign cash will dry up ending their presidential hopes for those that came into these debates with good polling numbers they have a clear advantage now they need to build momentum and that will be the bow to lead to go across his era miami florida well let's get more on this we're joined by kaya conduct managing editor of the university of virginia center for politics and he's
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joining us live from washington d.c. mr condit good to have you with us on al-jazeera can i ask who stood out for you in the 1st debate. you know i think that elizabeth warren sort of did at least in the 1st part she didn't get a chance to really talk all that much in the last part although i thought her closing was pretty good and look warren has also been doing pretty well in the polls in this campaign over the last several months or really several several weeks even. i also thought it was interesting that you know one of the candidates who didn't get a whole lot of buzz during or after the debate was told she gathered the democratic congresswoman from hawaii but if you look at some of these online metrics for whatever they're worth she was basically the most most searched or one of the most searched candidates on google trends she had a exchange with congressman tim ryan about what are what american involvement should be overseas gabbert is running is sort of a dovish candidate i think there's
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a constituency for that the democratic party and she did have strong comments about iran what does one need to do to stand out in this what's being described rightfully so i guess is a very crowded democratic field. this is basically the biggest presidential field we've ever had on either side in american political history and this idea of these back to back debates featuring 2 totally different slates of candidate is candidates are is also unprecedented in american history i think particularly for the kind of the lower polling candidates who aren't going to get as much time i think there is an incentive to try to kind of kind of nudge and body in when when you have the opportunity to i think we saw that with new york city mayor bill de blasio who really aggressively tried to inject himself into the debate and that's not to say that he necessarily made that big of an impact but at least we heard from him more so than maybe we heard from some of the other candidates and we had both from him i think it was only hen and and as both warren who said that they
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believe in canceling private insurance was a much talk of policy and this debate. i mean i thought there was i think that the candidates had some real disagreements about about what one should do about immigration there was some back and forth between better or and really on castro both of texas about that issue there also was this question of health insurance that you mention and you know warren i think staked out some pretty liberal territory in terms of you know wanting to do medicare for all and also doing away with private insurance i think that if she were to get to a general election that's definitely something that would come up and that republicans would use against her i think what we've seen in health care politics in america in america the last 25 years is that if you're not on the side of the status quo and there's and the opposition could sort of paint you as trying to disrupt the health care enjoyed by many people that could be a tough place to be and looking forward to the 2nd debate what will you be looking
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out for especially with the front runner joe biden and then then he stands to i think i'm really curious to see how much the other candidates go after joe biden i really think during the 2016 debates the republican candidates made a big mistake in not going after donald trump that strongly they kind of went after each other they hoped that trump would just sort of fall apart on his own that didn't happen i think if democrats want to you know take the lead from by and they really need to go after him and basically try to destroy his candidacy before his soft support pardons mr condit thank you very much for your expertise on this we do appreciate your time that is time conduct live and washington d.c. thank you. it is time for weather now and has kevin to talk about the european heat wave kevin that's right it all began on monday when the temp just began to rise and if you look at the satellite image behind me there's really not a lot of clouds here on this image really letting for a lot of sun across much of these areas now records have been broken across many of
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these areas as well and we're going to be seeing more heat across the region but i want to show the images that came out of germany these are from multiple locations we're talking bon brylin as well but people really trying to deal with the heat the best they can and really the best advice is to stay out of heater in the middle of the day stay hydrated and really keep an eye out for the elderly i want to show you what we do expect to see as we go towards the next couple of days we have that funnel boundary that really to the south of that front that is where the heat is going to be especially out here towards the west and also into the southwest where temperatures are rising again and we're getting into the high thirty's in some locations here in madrid on thursday to possibly even getting into 40 degrees as we go towards friday madrid 40 paris your temperatures are coming up as well as which go towards the next couple of days there are certain cities though we're going to keep an eye out those are going to be here for parts of madrid temperatures on friday 40 degrees there the normal high for this time of year is 30 so well above
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average here in paris we're still looking at temperatures well above average there normally this time of year it would be $23.00 but by the time we get to sort of these dose of temperatures come back up to 34 getting a little break by the time we get towards sunday back to you kevin thank you now still ahead on the news hour pushing back the advance on tripoli libyan government forces have taken a strategic town from fighters of border what. the push to get tech platforms and governments to outsmart and catch online predators who target children and coming up in sport find out why president trump is angry at the captain of the u.s. women's football team. at breathtaking tropical paradise. where its former protectors.
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are now under hers. we followed their journey as they put their lives on the model to. risking gets all. on al-jazeera. the producers of mexico's most watched soap opera continue to talk a real women's issues and the audience is now reacting. emboldened by the show a woman frees a cell from the horrors of sexual abuse. in a deeply emotional demonstration of the back and forth between reality and fiction vickie's real stories played out i'm sad. episode 2 of soap box mexico or knowledge is iraq.
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good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news al and these are our top stories they have been 2 attacks in the tennessean capital killing one police officer and at least 9 others a suicide bomber targeted a police patrol vehicle in the center of tunis close to the french embassy and a 2nd bomb struck the headquarters of the counterterrorism and it's us president donald trump has touched down in a socket japan for a 2 day g 20 summit what is likely to be some tense discussions on trade trump is already embroiled in tete a tete with china and as he left washington he said it was ripe for even more and defense ministers ministers from the nato military alliance have expressed concern about iran so they just moves us acting. defense secretary mark s. but all the gathering in brussels that washington doesn't want to war with ted on
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but will defend its interests. rival forces in libya are disputing the reported capture of the city used as a staging post by the wall of the in his campaign to seize tripoli forces allied to the un recognized governments of captured gati on around 80 kilometers south of the capital but have those forces say they remain in control of losing the says he would be a setback in half 3 month campaign to capture tripoli that that has the latest from tripoli. the city of that about 80 kilometers to the south was from the capital tripoli has finally fallen into the hands of forces loyal to the e.u. and recognized a government of national accord the city of that is very strategic as it has been used as a supporting hub alongside the city of that huna for have to his forces fighting the government forces in southern tripoli forces loyal to the warlord 24 have to
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have taken control of the city for the past 3 months and now after losing that he was drawn to the town of us harbor which is in the west in the south of the very end military sources with the government say that dozens of have forces were killed in the battle for you today while also say that they have taken control of us throughout egypt luke asians in cite the city of libya and including the central command of have that as forces that has been used to run the battles in southern tripoli we know that the battle for tripoli the military campaign launched by have their forces to take control of the capital tripoli started from the city of mosul from the city of horner it seems to be a measure of a setback for have to as forces as they now have only one city and the west of
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libya supporting them and the military campaign to take control of the capital tripoli meanwhile in southern to paly have to us forces have been losing strategic locations. including in active international airport and also in neighborhoods in southern the west and in the southern the western part of the capital and also in the eastern and southern part of the capital tripoli including a little bit journey hood's. the syrian rescue group known as the white helmets. and russia of war crimes after 2 of its members were killed on wednesday the group says 7 other civilians died and russian airstrikes in the northwestern province of idlib it's as russian planes returned to target rescuers as they were pulling injured people from the rubble russian forces are supporting the syrian government in this offensive and the rebels last major stronghold in the country. now anti syrian refugee sentiment is on the rise in lebanon the country has the highest
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number of refugees but capita and many blame their presence for its economic crisis rights groups said the government is now pressuring syrians to return home by making it harder to stay saying aha there has more from northeastern lebanon. ramadans life as a refugee is coming to an end it has been for difficult years in lebanon is taking his family back to syria even though he's not sure what awaits them. pressure is increasing that's why i want to go back they keep taking measures against us like tearing down our homes. lebanese authorities ordered the demolition of anything in refugee camps that could be a permanent home it was the latest measure against refugees criticized by human rights groups they say refugees are living with fear and intimidation and life is becoming intolerable and this international analyzed all of these returns and we found that syrians are being pushed back into syria and that's because of
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a combination or through a combination of restrictive government policy is mass fictions to mass arrests to something down businesses or you know preventing syrian refugees from working in certain fields and now there is a campaign by lebanon and patriotic movement headed by foreign minister gibran brasil encouraging businesses to fire syrian workers not everyone supports the initiative but those behind it argue syria is today for return. you are doing. is not racism our priority is that he believes many refugees are working here illegally they should go back. a crackdown on illegal business is has begun authorities are closing shops that are hiring non lebanese without work permits official say it is about protecting the economy but syrians who are facing difficulties in op taining and renewing residence visas feel they are being singled out anti refugee sentiment in lebanon is not new some blame the refugees from the
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war in syria for worsening the economic crisis and competing for a job with lebanese workers but now pressure is mounting on the refugees to return the campaign is backed by some politicians who support syria's president bashar assad syrians are concerned. they don't want to hear we don't want to live under a regime that killed us stop pushing us to go back we can't bear this the u.n. and human rights groups say syrians still face a risks of persecution if they return after years of war and searching for a safe home these people are faced with hard choices. northeastern lebanon. an airliner has crash landed in russia killing and injuring at least 30 passengers the anger airlines flight skidded off the runway hit a building and burst into flames at national airport in the eastern siberia the
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captain and an engineer of the killed in the emergency landing after reporting engine failure some of the engines are being treated in hospital. a new flow has been discovered in the computer system of the troubled boeing 737 max the u.s. aviation regulator found a problem with the anti stall software and says the company must address it before the jet can fly again a 737 max was grounded in march after 2 deadly crashes. on the us now where troops have been set to confront protesting teachers and doctors who say public schools and hospitals are collapsing president on orlando and now and has announced a nationwide deployment of military forces last week after 2 months of protests and testified as a reports from san pedro sula demonstrators in the city had a mind and the president to reverse his decrees for the privatization of public services. this illam entry school was once considered among the best in the
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city of some pivotal sula today the classrooms are literally falling apart teachers are on strike and see the 100 government has abandoned its commitment to public education where as you can see the wood is rotten it's been eaten by semites that's why the roof caved in some 90 percent of public schools in the country are facing a similar infrastructure crisis. last april the hunger and government announced plans for funding cuts to public schools and hospitals. since then educators and medical professionals have been organizing nationwide demonstrations and the unrest has been growing. the 100 president has called for peace but has also deployed military police which are now present at all major public demonstrations protests like these are taking place almost every day across much of honduras where we are right now in some protesters are burning tires to block access to motor vehicles well most of these protests never made great
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peaceful there have been clashes and there have been. reports and instances of authorities using excessive force. against peaceful demonstrators. many in the medical community say hundreds has public health sector like public education is on the brink of collapse set up an m.r.i. to sync up with the employer but only 5 percent of the national budget goes toward public health the rest is most corruption this is the crisis in the country no money for medicine or medical supplies no money to hire stuff that's on that made it funny money in this we visited a public hospital in the city outside the emergency room we met 71 year old jose santos who was referred here for prostate surgery but says he was turned away by doctors i mean they told me there aren't enough beds they even said if i was dying they couldn't operate on me because there's no more hospital beds once the sun set the scene.


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