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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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seniority that other already. took to court a little kid as he didn't know us a bitterly divided they allowed that a journey that i'm on the. a trainee in a probe into the left. but in that it was thoroughly a bit of it over at there one of the lid on the cement of a little more than the. sequel may marco paulo savio inability for the you know. the. marco polo was 17 in 1271. and the world was a war. in the middle east the 200 year old war between christians and muslims for control of the holy land was approaching a brutal and. but the greatest threat confronting marco polo as world
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came from the east the mongols in the space of a lifetime had descended from the asian grasslands to create the greatest land empire ever seen. some a canned. moscow 1238. 1240. all the way to the gates of vienna. only a muslim army had managed to stop the new jerusalem in 1216. but the mongols would be back. home like many venetian merchants marco polo father and uncle to travel to the east before. now they were returning to the mongol emperor a global economy. this time they were taking marco with a plan to it.
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they sailed east from venice towards the holy. acre. inside the walls the city was still. hanging on as a hump of venice's treating. outside the walls muslim armies were biting that time. after a crusades was disputed territory. and marco polo had arrived in medieval europe's last toehold on the continent of asia. today is part of israel it's still a divided city split between history's winners and history's loses in the red
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cafe you'll find those who are defying history like activist sami who are. used to be. one of the some 3rd of the world is only. nations armies occupy that and when. the ottomans the state here for 400 years but in the end they went. across a there's also came and went after 200 years. of all the conquerors. they are like marco polo. marco polo came under the wind. and we stayed here. we
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are always been. between tours. east and west. crusader and arab. jews and muslims the fault lines run through the middle east like a sparking wire on a set of. religion ideology fanaticism imperial ambitions all the conditions of war have existed here in concentrated form for thousands of years. like all wars conflict provides opportunities for business . and it was in the holy land that marco polo began to learn his trade. but it was more than business that brought the polos to wake.
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they headed for the venetian quarter near the harbor. it said that this was a hostel for venetian travelers in markopolos time. this is where people of high rank with thrown together with pilgrims and commercial travellers. among the guests was theobald ovis conti a papal envoy who had dealings with the polo family viscounty had an unusual distinction he had just been elected pope. now the polos journey took on a new complection. most of them a lot of it as into their papa it bought them what it is but a.d.t. does have it they can get on their what order they compute you into. it she did it us well beneath your own. business baby buckle portal. aka kind of the my me. you'll see how the water level of the thoughts that
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definitely have serious local as. apollo is the elderly colonialism a few of. the new ones out there are coming to see the barbarians maybe maybe it see the headaches. but the portal kind of messages are. what can. i just set it in full. set it do in. self suburbia. to that's of deep bush or you. remember changer bush unit power than to go putin finding in. chair votes. police ya queasy mungle call hi ned to you know come and push your way nice since we
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fielded. e m a r e a short time and. yes you. will sure how many members. are sure how many shy and. who barely hi i'm. joe long. you made how many. a year. old coven the leo german like to challenge them mostly in. marco polo was being drawn into a mission impossible. accepting letters from the pope to the great. truly miraculous if they pulled it off. but 1st there was
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a task to fulfill in jerusalem. the holy sepak. the site of christ's crucifixion. the place where jesus was buried. for a christian in. the center of the world. marco polo father had promised the great khan oil from the to live jesus. a gesture from the kingdom of heaven to the most powerful man on earth.
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yet and in 1271. the son came to keep the father's promise. eat. any. a a. a a a was.
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from jerusalem marco polo went north through the poles of i ass and then turned east to southern turkey and armenia. this was territory largely already overrun by the mongols. not the most direct route but the safest. the travelers from the west the odds of travel meant avoiding war. not easy then. not easy now. although many middle of which into it you want to. go get on the snow to the momo leave that sort of on the. ground else to the cover lydia found that. at the. dock. the callus almost seemed the rule in baghdad refused to bow before the overwhelming threat of the huge mongol army. with its frightening
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a ray of modern weaponry. the siege lasted just 7 days. you know minted lepers at home forts a. request to inflict it on the father. it devastation of a home country. a country. more than 7000 years old. it destroyed within 2 weeks. of naked power. and aggression. that there was again. such.
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an iraqi. it was cruelty need in humanity. and they devastated people. they turned them into wild. human beings deprived of their humanity. our will bonnie an. indian.
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children. to go wait out the trunk sure. sure. sure sure you mean the. monk. who would she. doujin tyo where hood. is son fatty was an architectural historian who had made a photographic record of the buildings of old baghdad since the american led invasion of 2003 he has seen his country descend into sectarian war he is now one of thousands of iraqis exiled in jordan had i stayed i
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would have been either killed all kidnapped something horrible would have happened to me within a few years nothing remains of all baghdad i cannot associate my past memories with the present. it's not baghdad that i knew. people live with turner. it's a $35.00 city. what
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been shifted before to any electric shocks india and the us the car includes. even then in its worst days in history there's never been like this. group or leash or she me in jeans a little. sure those. would say you are. a friend's shoulder sure did she hey be she air cones or. the foot to the trailer or from the air of the butt of a ship. and what the bookman nearly. on a boat of that muffin june can to fit to a climate and you heard. mr manukau clearly live chat
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a bit like new open mobile. marco . puchong. copartnership. you're for. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other
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stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know if i have the data to prove. or. witness on al-jazeera. there is growth in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we're not looking at some nations prism . we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. with a problem is something which is a geo political issue that's for governments international institutions to manage
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and the 1000 refugees don't have the right to move freely on the other hand gourds can move freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is a very i'm not home and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. hello nora taylor not over the top stories on our jazeera doctors in sudan say at least 5 protests as have been killed as opposition rallies are held across the country to demand civilian rule gunfire was heard at a protest in the town of casella forcing demonstrators to flee in the capital khartoum protesters have marched to the defense ministries headquarters is the 1st
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major demonstrations since security forces violently broke up the protest camp on june the 3rd saddam's military overthrew president bashir more than 2 months ago but tensions are high between the opposition and military as they remain divided over how the country will move forward. donald trump has become the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea during an impromptu meeting with kim jong il the leaders met in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea after trump suggested it in a tweet during the g. 20 summit the u.s. president said both sides would set up teams to push forward talks aimed at getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons but trump also said there's no rush to strike a deal. stepping reports that it's a great a lot of progress. a lot of friendships and it's just it's just a great project so i just thank you very quickly notice that i want to just i
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believe looking at this action this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate the unfortunate past and begin a new future. airport authorities in libya say air traffic has been halted at much bigger airport shipley's only functioning civilian airport after it was hit by an asteroid the warlord highly for have to as information division says its air force destroyed a turkish drone at the mighty good military airbase well this as turkey's foreign ministry demands the immediate release of 6 turkish citizens being held by fighters loyal to have to or it says they'll become quote legitimate targets but authorities in afters eastern libyan strongholds say they've only arrested 2 turks for supporting armed groups on saturday the world's forces threatened turkish flights and ships in libya turkey has been accused of supplying weapons to forces allied to the un recognized government in tripoli i curse as it's in libya to support regional peace and stability. to stay with us marco polo
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a very modern journey continues next hour of news after straight after that vice watching. the at. the at. the end.
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professor joe is in venice on the trail of marco polo. why did marco polo travel east. was he a peace envoy for the pope. a spy. or simply much. he remains something of a mystery. marco polo has heard about the brutal force of the mongols and the terror they had inflicted on baghdad. so he navigates carefully away from the battlefields of the middle east. but as his journey takes him to modern day iran he enters a territory already controlled by the mongol empire. travels through to bridges
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yanks and car among. the road is hard. pressed the piano do up it seems that. it done people teach if. it is in the heat and dust of southern iran that we find real roads traveled by marco polo the excitement of the hunt trouble in math are there rather than as a matter of. iranian scholars professor of a sugi and mr rezai think they picked up on the scent of marco polo. order's i said it's rather can i not. but you might find out my seat of morkel put up with a shock she had to show. that she's a whore there she is there all about us but after what doesn't well i mean i don't
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i'm going to barclay comment on the ball heart of that whole show how much the 4 there's a couple go p.m.s. years vast and you might see on the neighborhood most of all he joins in with nothing and you turn out right you must you know michael pulled out his gun i got from what as if they're satisfied with asking that of a god only go for the shredder. professor and his friend mr reza he have a simple idea. if you're going to do what he said didn't ever. find the right road and you might find the right man. you track him in the toms. in the river us. down the tracks. and said i don't have a nifty bit want to shed my dick and.
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you look for him in the markets and. you look for him in the eyes that looked at him. the name of the bird right. now i'm not a stud i hope i have got this guy funny but it has not had a living action we don't need him. now if you want to sort of market for one house of congress find a whole lot on my side of the town is minnow the biggest in the region in markopolos time. talking to his name and if it is in his dog a cheap gautam enough day we. can change. it here with all the time i thought she. the medical plan thieving one of the. bets if you put up with seals or . better leave that up be the. it in the low 5.
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you know young north feeder that is so much shorter when they get out of that chair much sooner than do they all are going back to the high aspect i mean here's a lot of that you are having or thought that in your life. it comes out amid a company. given the noise met a country the automobiles keloid of all the been going to put a plethora of. nice i'm not. into kenya fish to have money to anymore. motor co polo to see if you don't need. for example the name of the city of china. the patient vision not the chinese version for example the name of challenger changing chinese what are called mentions zeke to say to the pyxia name of train just. in
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case you thought he never stayed. in that 20 nice that he does he make you more cool with that quote of going to bush in the back shit one day as i have a hunch you don't you asked him i don't make it a lot reskin you get it i see on the whole to me you only heard that cheat harm his town was ruled out on. were. you do. we need. fall for. europe. wagered the. first.
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order. dunny chito nature. say we need the sure sure that you had that. means sold to you at least a. monstrous races the garden of eden. the end of the world. the road east lead to all the places of christine europe's wildest imaginings. mediæval maps even placed paradise here a real place on earth. not finding power
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dies here challenge the christian story. but then marco polo also failed to find any monstrous races. marco polo or needles a caution that should yet the financial shock. me if we show need to tender john i know. you do draw under a gold holder. dog. but then at the northern edge of today's iran marco polo did hear a story. more potent than any of the myths of his time. the
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story that still affects the way the world looks at iran. to. be. assuring the ceremony of mourning for the brutal death of hussein grandson of the prophet which continues to be upheld by shia muslims worldwide to this day all think. the idea of martyrdom is the key to one of the most unusual stories marco polo encounters on his travels. it is the story of an old mine and the mountain.
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i think you were in when i was young he ignition of them yet i. still got a man. that i have on a. shit c.r. not. that had to have gone. i mean should do is to shut up. as high as it got to have saw the show yet as you have read. really. enjoying out i'm inside of it all. i'm sure for just.
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the cost of element it was here according to marco polo then an $11.00 century our son sabah the old man of the mountains ruled over a cult of drug them from at school followers known and feared throughout the world is the assassins. evaluate us what are the medical meet the. delta covered with us from up the wall many in a scene. to move to the top to. live among thank you. my mad car cannot. stand to get cheesy as in. fact encourage him to get each teaching east. archaeologist dr armitage toback has
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been working at allenwood for 10 years. to. devote how you should heal what technique has not immortal to do you. have said it should. mean a side of. the sea or. the hollow that never steel market for the. bank i'm a cost issue that woman as she did. eventually offered to do not a little amount on you. that's what martin interrupted by a lot of the nokia moan the obvious and i've used to. it it don't sell if you belive their own. particular way to go but it could be that alice would . know for sure i thought oh but of these i'm. trying to lower in the lawyer. in the bush.
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he told all the. legal issues yeah that kinda. crittendon the now hard been trying. to shore trying to moderate it coming. down comment khandala on the slowing. the chase we don't that it. was a big one that he thought i'm not the only before on to not him but of these are when. you go why i made that whoosh are you. marco. drools whom she founded then he.
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to get your quote i image out there were annoying. god nice too that men. should. drill. near would. be the plan either. in the event. marco. trying to. get out of the army. in. bad be near but good morning all.
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year iran has ordered us all you asked. me see if she has stand. by. satin not only to never cast scorn it. but in dog the whole way tell us about how to connect. stood there as empty for you find a candid. talk fast yes how will you have a tight efficient. marco polo shirt did that welcome ohio state and i can't. no one has ever found the garden of paradise no one has found evidence of our sheesh. look to toback's excavations of our moot
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revealed a sophisticated center of learning. a library an observatory a mosque built deep into the rock. a picture of the old man of the mountains and successes as an lights and rulers. and them would be be ye to us that he about is monsoon she cracked. thousands of bodies doesn't begin to gather the. house in a sub run by the new you have a lot of the horrid old and dear to cast. doubt of all passport of the time as dog stat in jackie said the peach. bowl good if that if told by johnny but it in jan should that and you be his kids show that kid show last year thought it the jackie said it machine saw his that mutes i bet if you. put the battle put me down and change engine and better bad
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again both wouldnt take off in my d. show you had my make ya might imagine ishani has now. come under the over there how many months i got rid of me don't know. nobody denies that there were assassins a dollar moves. no one pretends they expected to return from their missions alive. they killed and died not only for what they believed in. what they believed in was martyrdom itself that's a shot that. bassett east in the hot spot for the value of a. child the hut in cut of a cut in a hoodie nasht at 5 i get shot. at that air.
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there the top john hall additional. as i wanted to an honest as outlandish man and having to eat less than a casting. by to open 56 the assassins were finally defeated by the mongols after overcoming the fiercest resistance they faced all in march westwards. casa was taken the famous library and observatory would destroy the secrets of the assassins of allah moods were lost in the ruins. the game. imodium to me are you more media. channel danger than sas salatin after i die your boys will cover their you quit she. has been your.
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ma santa mrs boss you get resign in the medium all. doing your. nigga don't you want to give me one adorn just don't judge bad guys into a yes. that beanie das this set is shot. maka. homie.
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will need the cool sure you will try entries in her chair guy be on her shoes it. could be. gone in. the travels of marco polo was written in 1298. on his return to venice 20 years later when he dictated it to a popular writer of romances. professors joe has come to the big beard tech marciano in the piazza san marco. rose surely to show no you don't mean to do that the marco polo.
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the most way still. wears them and was really dull they made other love but routine. with a touring today sent these you have. a good couple steve. people look at it it will see that they that sooner than i thought. they estimate before that. it was destiny michael paul the stuff that i looked into a 1000000 but. only of all. those who bought it but even a little bit all know me so that it calls the energy into that because you put any on the ball did it because. that doesn't seal on it and
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you know it's a way to look ahead at. the. rest could see on it. no luck with a shallow. religion and in that the build don't know you know when the other is a bit of it you need to. this isn't into bad too. in your injury you made a mock oku should. teach any jew i would choose some king to show me. cheers hollow and that. is a truly do you who each it all whole was so me.
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on this but still. wish to. disturb the o.t. gina that. although. we sing this really all over where is the signal no one said i feel whether about football. but in all the way most of us believe it. in the only don't mean it up robot though the article paulo going to show you recall the save itself was it sooner than lemme know. because if that's the above of the show enough of the date of. the game oh no they're not to touch yes only dutch. mail us mail chiming in drew. who are the young so that.
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we do go we nice of the g. due to james since it's really nice and true for them. since i knew we needed josh young realize that. you wouldn't josh young realize you jeanne. marco polo 60 ordinary journey continues east where he will encounter the great cooper cop and discover the kingdom of women.
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hello again welcome back we're here cross the southern part of our story over the next few days we are going to see include cloudy and windy conditions as well we do have a system that is making its way across the by right now you can see those clouds making their way through adelaide well we're going to be seeing some clouds make their way inland as well over the next few days and then make their way towards the east so here across much of central australia into the south that is where the clouds will be still quite clear over here towards melbourne as well as sydney but from monday to tuesday those clouds make their way towards the east we're going to be seeing brisbane as well of cloudy day for you sydney at 19 with clouds in the forecast we don't expect to see much in terms of rain unless you go down here
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selfless act human brain. 1000 pieces of literature rescued from being. sorry. it's the bulls mean women and men who risked everything to save their rights and heritage. the love of books on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. color on our intake of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up . at least 7 protesters dead and 181 wounded
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john after tens of thousands brave a heavy military presence to march against army rules. historic moment all photo opportunity donald trump becomes the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea as he meets kim jong un. khalifa haftar forces destroyed a turkish drone a trapeze much bigger airport as the libyan warlord seeks to punish turkey for supporting his rival. u.s. diplomats come home their support for israel as they help inaugurate a new tunnel on the east jerusalem. and england have handed india their 1st loss that the cricket world cup is claiming a $31.00 rotten win in burning em to base their hopes of reaching the sami thought . the revolution will not die the message from tens of thousands of protesters they
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poured into she died on the streets demanding civilian rule for their country they've been met with gunfire and tear gas saddam's health ministry says at least 7 people have been killed and 181 injured in the 1st major protests since the military violently broke up a protest camp almost a month ago killing dozens of people but here mohammed reports. the message remains the same as it has for months demanding sudan's military rulers hand over power to a civilian that government. tens of thousands of protesters march towards the presidential palace of khartoum opposition leader. this calls for similar mass demonstrations nationwide dubbed the 1000000 strong march. we doubled to feel like we stopped we want people to feel like we will continue continue no matter what everyone is out so we encourage each other. in some cases police fired tear gas at protesters the rapid support forces patrolled the streets with machine guns they
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were accused of the crackdown at a sit in at army headquarters in khartoum on june 3rd around 100 protesters were killed. in the eastern town of gunfire was heard the military gentle says it's not to blame for recent violence. the military is here to protect protesters but we can't do anything when it comes to food 3 to 5 or 6 people have been hit and we need to go there to sort out the problem you have to know that there are infiltrators people who want to change the current situation but god willing if we reach an agreement and if you understand the situation we will get rid of the snipers who are killing the people right now. sunday's mass marches with the 1st since the killings in khartoum 4 weeks ago and internet and media blackout has been enforced since then the protests coincide with the end of the african union deadline for the ruling military junta to hand over
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power to a you and ethiopia have led mediation efforts to find a political solution the opposition has accepted a plan to form a transitional government for the next 3 years the transitional military council says it's willing to negotiate. sunday was also the 30th anniversary of the military coup led by omar al bashir sudan's president was overthrown by another military coup in april and is in prison charged with corruption activists arab countries to stop supporting sudan's military rulers they will never want to. not because they are. they are. out of war so that's very normal very natural but we are forcing them so unless we do that by that mainly i'm speaking about saudi arabia the u.a.e. then it's going to be really hard for us to meet them come to the calm or be able to wedge and i think this is changing now. the protesters say their chance of
5:53 am
defiance will continue despite threats to their lives until their demands for civilian rule on met for hillah mohammed al jazeera. after there has been banned from sudan so hippa morgan said this update earlier from neighboring south sudan so what happened it sounds that people are saying that. the security forces are using tear gas globalization there are pages circulating on social media despite an internet clampdown you know the military jet down has shut down internet services after the june 3rd attack on the under 6 new front of the un headquarters there saying that the internet was a threat to national security so people have been still going out and they've been reporting the using live ammunition tear gas at least a dozen injured according to activists in speaking to so it's not as you left it is it is it the violence is something that they say it looks expectant so people are saying that despite all of this despite the interior guys despite the live
5:54 am
ammunition they still will continue the protest the sudanese the questions association has called her people to congregate in defense squares to continue the protest and they say they will be addressing there's also has been the way forward going on. during minister here is professor marshall who's a senior lecturer in middle east politics and security studies at the university of exeter thanks for coming in so the reports are 7 people killed is it your impression though that the broadly the march was allowed to proceed. obviously not the problem is now is the army or the well the really escalating the situation the 1st time were significant casualties were 3rd of june we saw about the war over 118 people killed in this than 10 hours so 10 protesters were being killed per day today we don't have the same scale of violence but this is not an indication that the t.n.c.
5:55 am
the transitional misery council want to negotiate or want to reach a solution or want to foster an environment where you can protest and have some freedom of movement freedom of speech at the same time beach some sort of a a a negotiation despite the rhetoric because the rhetoric is saying that the proposal by. the african union can be considered you may have a council that administer distribution of period with a civilian majority but the actions on the ground are very very different from this rhetoric i mean you mention of russia is a have they have actually said that they are ready to start talks again. and in fact that they've said they want to reach an urgent and comprehensive agreement with no exclusion does that as the language changed at all there would you think that it is simply the language and it's not making it with not many programs to level game here one level is for the international community primarily for the african union and for other. forces that want some sort of negotiations which is basically this kind of rhetoric we want to compromise where we accept and so on so
5:56 am
forth is an internal rhetoric an area right there for some of the supporters of the t.m.c. specially egypt the u.a.e. and saudi arabia which you can see. today and yesterday would from general ham it be who is basically saying that there are snipers who are not ours that are as a sub with ours there are people who want to call up their infiltrators are being funded by foreign powers or the usual conspiracy or rhetoric that we heard before in libya. india and in mubarak's egypt and sees egypt so it's a very similar rhetoric to there then this is directed to basically to the supporters of the t.m.c. and to some of the internal. internal dynamics that mainly want to terrorize the protesters in that in that way so there's 2 level game but also the what truly makes the news is the bloodshed and today there was some significant bloodshed and it's a very very strong message stronger than any rhetoric and any words that will come in terms of wanting to compromise so where do you see this going next and what's
5:57 am
difficult to tell is the images largely banned or certain some media banned from the country what was the scale of the demonstration today and and do you think just as will replicate this again it was very significant we're talking here about the opposition movement ranges from the communists all the way in the left or all the way to conservatives like the party all the way on the right and many of the professionals mainly upper middle class urban upper middle class professionals are organizing dissin than the forms of the professional syndicates so you have a significant percentage and today we somebody ports said the there are over 30 towns cities in villages in sudan where you have mobilization and protests and the same with very same slogans that started 6 months ago you know. like just fall and that's it and so on so but this time not directed toward bashir but that i could do the t.m.c. so you have significant level of mobilization you have to a certain degree a coherent in the form of the coalition for freedom and change but what you don't
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have is a partner to reach some level of compromise and i think the military thinks that it can can control the country it can win in the end a it will exhaust the protesters basically they believe that they're winning the war with addition and the they will have full control of the country i'm not sure they will succeed they'll want to leave it there professor thank you very much indeed for your thoughts thank you. well you know now speak to us not it was out protesting on down on nicotine thank you very much for joining us tell us what happened where you are today. thank you sir for having for the 2nd time. actually just in a part. of the street which is the street in may 1 of the biggest streets in the winter months. was what did this year which is this particular point in at the end of the artistry the protest was supposed to go to
5:59 am
a lot by feet. to one of the one of the houses of the the are in the blue of the victims who you knew knew ssion so at the beginning or the. people who are typical and you can actually sense the the. feeling of fear because the. forces were deployed all over the street. some of the some of the police forces were actually on the streets as well. but no one touched the furthest is the beginning of the right so the people who gathered and they start to walk toward the. entrance. shouting and screaming and just moments. lucian solution
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so. at the end of the printed bill i don't know jack people who fired the cue gas. but they were. 2 guys. so i agree on the birth of this. idea. here is actually also some of the some of the. j. . munition. some other part of your mind you know how the news. spread among the protesters partly so at least among the. people who call people people who actually. happened. came from. those forces we don't know where they. were they. just tell me the minute you counsel say is now saying it is.


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