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as the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea donald trump is back on u.s. soil after an historic trip plus. votes are being counted after controversial local elections now banya they were closely watched by the european union on the status of. the west and sunset bank can time. hello again welcome back well cross parts of the levant we are looking at a very dry conditions but thunderstorms could be an issue as they make their way across the caspian that means about cool you could be seeing the overnight show as well to clean the overnight hours when we see the heating of the day so a temporal here on monday of $23.00 coming down because we are going to be seeing those winds coming out of the north notice of the rain is going to linger across the southern part of the caspian even tehran may see a passing shower or 2 but for quite city the temperatures are going to be in the
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mid forty's but dry as we go into mid week here across the gulf though it is going to be relatively quiet in terms of the weather temps wise though we are talking about mid forty's across much of the area over towards out of daddy 40 degrees for you here on monday may be coming down to about $39.00 but dry across much of the your money because we did see some clouds earlier across the lola but those are now dissipating at $31.00 degrees and then very quickly across cross parts of southern africa what we did see one system make its way across the southern area that brought some winds as well as some rains towards cape town that is moving towards port elizabeth as we go towards the next couple days but much quieter conditions as make a way towards tuesday and drier across the map durban at 20 degrees there but a cool day in johannesburg at about 14 degrees harare a nice day would play a sun at 25. the weather sponsored by cattle and always every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to
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175 years during their listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they moved closer and closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. what about the program out of the top stories here this hour saddam's health ministry says 7 people have been killed in 191 wounded during mass rallies throughout the country live rounds until castle thought of chester's have been demanding civilian rule these are the 1st mass rallies since of violent crackdown
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on protesters in the a month ago. police have used pepper spray and buttons on protesters in hong kong as the territory marks the 22nd anniversary of its 100 from britain to china up to a 1000000 demonstrators are expected to take to the streets this but i wonder over a bill that could allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china the trial. flights have resumed at the libyan capital is only functioning airport it was briefly shot after being hit by an airstrike by warlord police after us forces turkey says 6 of its citizens are being held by a half dozen men and has demanded their media religious. donald trump has returned home after committing to restarting talks on north korea's nuclear program following an historic meeting with kim jong il in met kim at the demilitarized the . and between north and south and became the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in the north. james bays reports now from persia that's near the demilitarized zone in south korea. this went just the way president donald
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trump wanted pictures that will make history and potentially reinvigorate peace efforts waiting for him the other side of the line separating north korea and south korea kim jong on a handshake on the 3rd meeting and then. became the 1st ever sitting u.s. president to step on to north korean soil. the 2 then walked back into the south underdressed reporters stepping of course that was agreed on a lot of pressure. a lot of friendships have been made and it didn't particularly a great friendship so i just thank you very quickly notice that i want to thank you chad i believe looking at this action this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate the unfortunate past and begin a new future. then what sounded like an invitation that would invite him right
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after this i want to thank you. the 2 leaders of nations still technically at war a peace treaty was never signed when the korean war ended 66 years ago then went to what's known as the freedom house on the south korean side of the d.m.z. that is equal here i've always wanted to meet you at this place as a symbol of the separation of the north and the south and a reminder of the unfortunate past meeting at such a place shows that we are willing to put an end to the unfortunate past and also open a new future to provide positive opportunities in the future. at the end of 15 minutes of talks president trump announced that detailed negotiations will. soon begin steve is going to do a fantastic job he's going to be representing. us in the talks and. will be we will be dealing with south korea will be dealing with president moon and his
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people but pretty much it's going to be the initial dose would be between the united states and with north korea this is now the difficult bit the devil is in the detail there now need to be complex negotiations involving military scientific and nuclear experts western diplomats who've been involved in diplomacy with pyongyang in the past say on previous occasions north korea has a lie and cheated as he left south korea president trump seemed very happy but it's worth remembering the challenge ahead north korea has not yet given up any part of its sophisticated nuclear program the international community has not lifted any of it scribbling sanctions jamesburg 0 south korea. now she's only been in the job a few days but the new white house press secretary got caught in a scuffle between the media and north korean security guards during president trump's meeting with kim jong un. was what.
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you. were expressing aggression was grabbed by north korean guards as she tried to make way for us camera crews to enter a room to film the meeting the guards tried to physically prevent members of the press and entering the u.s. secret service which is responsible for the president's security had to step in to resolve the standoff. israeli forces have released the palestinian minister of jerusalem and to arresting him earlier on sunday body dami was detained at his home in occupied east jerusalem police haven't explained why he was detained but his lawyer says it's in relation to a recent visit by the chilean president to the al aqsa mosque compound a dommy had accompanied chile's leader during his tour of the site in the past israel is regarded some of the tours as a violation of its sovereignty the palestinian authority has condemned plans by u.s. and israeli officials to inaugurate
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a contested archeological site pilgrimage road as a tunnel located in occupied east jerusalem which has been under israeli occupation since 1967 it lies beneath the sea the one neighborhood going from the pool of siloam to near the western wall. where the tunnel was excavated over the last 6 years by the israeli antiquities authority it was discovered in 2004 during repairs after a sewage pipe burst the middle of the civil one neighborhood. now clothes made in bangladesh can be found in fashion shops around the world in what will soon be a $50000000000.00 a year industry employs more than $4000000.00 bangladeshi workers mostly women however unregulated practices in the industry are also opposed in rivers and destroying the livelihoods of fisherman and farmers zeros tanveer choudhry has more now from bangladesh. begins family has farmed this land on the banks of riverbank sheep for generations now our home is badly polluted.
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we used to drink water from this river and cook food with it now we can even wash our hands here we get rushes in our feet if we stand in these paddy fields we can't eat fish from these waters don't you see there are no more fishermen around. the department of environment has already classified 3 rivers around the capital as biologically dead because of pollution. the environmentalists impact of clothing production in bangor that shows how the true cost of cheap textile is been felled by the very poorest living downstream from polluting factories while the production goes up day by day the desire to cut pollution does not some factories conceal drains which dispose of untreated waste a lot of other day in d.c. all these factories built large drains and then installed large pipes inside the drains when waste water comes out from these drains the stench is so awful you
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can't stand here the poor bear the brunt of pollution in the office with me i had my little money we're facing a lot of health problems these waters are so dirty it's not cheating we contacted anything in this land. treating factory waste water is an expensive process already we have been raised a lot to make our planting better tell friendly and sustainable. and the buyer are not willing to pay to keep it sustainable and world bank study said 4 major rivers near dhaka receives nearly 1500000 cubic metres of waste water every day from 7000 industrial units in surrounding areas some textile factory owners have been fine while others say they're sticking to government rules at the moment you know the by members of government is very contrast regarding the environment i think the all the factories some of the compliance as for government
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and for international rules and international compliance. high court judges made history earlier this year by declaring bangladeshi rivers as living beings as demand for relatively cheap bangladeshi clothes remains high worldwide it is the waterways and rivers here that are paying the price of a child 300 sabar bangladesh. japanese fishermen of set sail to hunt whales commercially for the 1st time in more than 30 years tokyo has used a loophole in the international whaling commission rules to carry out hunts and protected antarctic waters for scientific purposes tokyo says it will only carry out high seas whaling off japan but will end the most controversial hunts in the antarctic e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels for a 2nd time to try and decide who will get the blocks top jobs the dutch socialist funds to moments as the current favorite to take over from. as the next european
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commission president timmons is because current deputy but several eastern european leaders are opposed to tomorrow's was repeatedly accused poland and hungary of violating civil rights. votes are being counted in albania as local elections the opposition a boycotted the polls and are refusing to recognize the results the prime minister in iran insisted on holding the election despite months of anti-government protests have sometimes turned violent the votes being watched closely by the european union reports now from tirana. these ballots are being carried in to secure centers for counting but the result is largely known they were cast mostly by socialist supporters or socialist candidates to many albanians it's a throwback to communism we have lived through a dictatorship not so far it does only 30 years ago i was 10 years old at that time and i remember very well that spirit that i feel terrible when i think
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that we are easily and without even noticing going back to that period the dictator in many people's minds is the country's socialist party leader and current prime minister eddie rama the main opposition parties boycotted these elections accusing his government of corruption they demand his resignation and the general election instead president who is sympathetic to the opposition claims declared the elections canceled and rescheduled them for october to give the parties a cooling off period but the government under held them anyway. the results of these elections are not in doubt socialist candidates are standing unopposed in sochi one municipalities and against weak opponents and the remaining 1st they are likely to take all the mayor ships the question is how many you know binion's will accept these results on monday and what the government will do if 24 opposition leaders refused to yield to their posts rama is calling on opposition mayors and
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their parties to accept the result and he wants the opposition to resume seats in parliament they resigned in february in a bid to block the political process. politics need to do a good job to unite the country but of course. it takes 2 for a tango i hope for their friends in opposition to reflect realize that this disaster for themselves. at stake is the country's european future a free and fair election is seen as key for the launch of each new membership talks which have already been postponed by months and could be set back years the socialist party is presenting itself as the guarantor of stability and the constitutional order the opposition sees itself as the more honest broker who can manage e.u. entry but to many albanians both are losing legitimacy jumps are open al-jazeera
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tirana. several people have been killed in devastating flooding in the russian region of air could authorities evacuated thousands from the area around 10000 people from dozens of villages are thought to be affected with many towns completely cut off thousands of buildings bridges and roads have also been destroyed now pesticides and intensive farming practices often harm the environment but a farm in southern england is taking a different approach what's been called wilding leaves livestock to roam free lance me reports now from sussex. just an hour south of london you find yourself in the wilderness not long ago this was a traditional farm but the owners decided to shut their eyes and see what would happen if they allowed nature to take us all back through astounded even them the race at which it all grew back now it not only absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide but is teeming with wildlife species have come back here like the stork in
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that tree off in the distance that haven't been seen in the u.k. the hundreds of years before that it had been really you know we could see it was it was the typical monoculture of british army and we used to travel the world to look at wildlife and we never once thought that we could get it back on our doorstep and this was where i mean really as much as anywhere we're not can expect large swaths of being groomed to turn into landscapes but i think this could be used within a mix of other. i don't know other solutions for giving space nature but is it farming no crops but animals roaming free income for meat sales topped up by camping and large enthusiastic european subsidies it is absolutely impossible to imagine that this used to be a wheat field only 15 years ago but it just shows you what happens when you let nature take its course and it does speak very much for the entire philosophy of
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this place which is that farming obviously has very much been part of the problem as far climate change is concerned but it can be part of the solution as well he said roads have been here you know i've said tree near by though there's some skepticism about this new model unlike his neighbors david doesn't own all his land and has to make a profit to pay the rents so he says he still has an eye on the environment letting land go fallow letting the trees grow for the kingfishers to nest in but next to all this other crops see grows for sale the modern side of farming blamed for so many. mental problems we have over bar diversity with species total dogs on the naughty gals here that you might find on rewarding saw as well but we produce loads of food food as well rather than all the money being poured into a very small area the 4 of the farmland or the land of the country would be far better to use it to create that mix of so bought a verse and food and farming alongside it the problem is that some
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environmentalists say the earth may only have 60 harvests left that's 60 years before the soil is damaged beyond repair consequently the net estates maintains a flood of visitors from europe and beyond looking at what they've done as the sense of climate crisis grows and people look for radical solutions but british politics are changing even faster and what happens to this place is a model a grand experiment is not at all clear lawrence lee al-jazeera in sussex. part of a quick check of the headlines here in al-jazeera sudan's health ministry says 7 people have been killed in 191 wounded during mass rallies throughout the country live rounds and tear gas were thought of protest as the been demanding civilian rule these are the 1st mass rallies and so violent crackdown on protesters than a month ago but a spokesman for the ruling gintas says the military only responded with force after
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being attacked. in order to ensure the country exits its current problems and to achieve its aims and the revolution for which many young sudanese have lost their lives the interim military council have ensured that we are on the side of the revolution we will work closely to ensure the development and progress for the country at this very historic moment the military and other forces were in their stations and stones were thrown at them from within the demonstration the rapid support forces moved in and managed to hold those who are firing at them accountable investigations are being carried out at this moment. police have used pepper spray and bathrooms on protesters in hong kong as the territory marks the 22nd anniversary of its 100 from britain to china up to a 1000000 demonstrators are expected to take to the streets there's been anger over a controversial bill that could allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland
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china the trial. flights have resumed at the libyan capital is only functioning at all it was briefly shut up to being hit by an airstrike by warlords or have to his forces so he says 6 of its citizens are being held by afghans men as demanded their immediate release. in yemen at least 4 civilians including a child have been killed after who the rebels attacked residential areas in the city of tire. attacks come after fighting between the rebels and forces loyal to the u.n. recognized government resumed this week ty's is under siege by hoofy rebels but controlled by pro-government forces but by the saudis led coalition. and e.u. leaders are meeting in brussels for a 2nd time to try and decide who will get the block's top jobs the dutch socialist funds to men's is the current favorite to take over from me. as an exterior peon commission president but several eastern european leaders are opposed to timmins was repeatedly accused poland hungary of violating civil rights well
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those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after listening post and thanks for watching. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move in school their behavior one i want to investigates china's surveillance crackdown on how does the. first of. all this country i think that's why. i'm sorry to do. that iraq question. was. a lower measured yes but in your at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the british prime minister in a way to boris johnson a reporter turned politician who is now running circles around journalists.
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and has made this neighbor of his hip hop mad donald trump and the rape allegation given short shrift by american news outlets and iran just ain't what it used to be the persian t.v. channel based overseas the traffic in this culture boris johnson the odds on favorite to become britain's next prime minister had one distinct advantage going into the race to succeed to reason that name recognition when the u.k. media dropped that name boris britain's know exactly who they're talking about as it happens the news business is where johnson got his start where his troublesome relationship with the facts 1st surfaced back in the late 1980 s. after getting fired from his 1st reporting job for inventing a quote johnson wound up as a correspondent in brussels where he produced a slew of flimsy euro skeptic stories that readers found amusing stories that could well have sowed seeds in people's minds for an eventual brecht's it fast forward 30 odd years and there was johnson
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a key asset on the leave side in the 2016 referendum campaign saying the same kinds of things about the e.u. . as a politician that he wants to read as a journalist these days the british media finally seem to have clued into the fact that entertainment value isn't everything that boris johnson falls dangerously short of the qualifications for the job but he already has one foot in the door of 10 downing street so there's no awakening is looking like too little too late our starting point this week is london. we live in populist times in 2016 americans elected a former reality t.v. star a triumph of soundbites over substance to the white house. last year italians voted a party formed by a comedian beppe a grillo into a coalition government 2 months ago ukrainians elected another comedian from
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optimism lenski president in alliance. where does britain's boris johnson fit in these parts entertainer like donald trump part comedic side show like grillo and. as one british columnist put it johnson is a character which lets him get away with things a serious politician wouldn't mr johnson's seriousness in short this is most effective political weapon and that's a pro johnson voice writing in a paper that wants him to be prime minister. and comes across as a amiable before noon in a long tradition of upper middle class british characters it's not really what he's like at all he's a ruthless issues the idea that boris johnson gets up in the morning looks into the earth so what can i do for the common man today is palpable. he's concerned
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only with his own advancement he's a huge opportunist but he also has engaged in really really talk that forms of politics legislation that is detrimental to marginalized people and. immigrants and that is overlooked in favor of thinking about him is this character a fun person we're facing the same problems that the american press. facing with trying. hard you hold to account and. incredibly difficult because our. very. only guard and their overwhelming right wing and you can see concerted elements of the press working together to promote which is. johnson is well aware that most of the u.k. print media do have his but not all of them and when the guardian broke
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a story this past week that a neighbor of johnson's overheard a domestic argument between him and his girlfriend and was concerned enough to call the police johnsons carefully calibrated amiable buffoon act was put to the test on the airwaves can you just tell us what happened. that story dominated coverage of johnson this past week at the expense of another significant exposé last year reports emerged that johnson was being advised by steve behind the old right former white house operative who has ties to white supremacists banham was reportedly behind president trump's efforts to ban muslims from entering the u.s. johnson repeatedly denied that he and bannon were working together but just last week this video of ben and came out shot in july of last year. give a speech and. let's go through he just went back to the daily telegraph as
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a columnist. talking to more we can about the speech carole cadwallader broke that story in the observer isabelle oakshott is a former political editor at the time a paper that has employed johnson they see this story in distinctly different way you know i. boris johnson's press it to get a comment and 1st of all he said it's just not true and then i said well you know we've got we got video saying otherwise and then he said come back and instead he came back he said oh it's just all ridiculous conspiracy they dropped it in oil i this is all nonsense i don't think boris has a particularly close relationship with steve bannon boris knows all sorts of people and sure he's taking and listening to advice from the wide variety of characters some more reputable than others but it doesn't mean that there's some kind of conspiracy cooked up here to take world politics lead into the right. perhaps not
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but less than a month after bannon made those comments about working with johnson mentioning the daily telegraph this appeared in the paper a column written by johnson trumpy and in turn and content saying that muslim women who wear the niqab look like letterboxes and bank robbers. we don't know all the specifics of the relationship between boris johnson and been another way it doesn't matter what matters is that he is trading that the same kind of politics that boris johnson likes to ramp up the hatred toward certain groups of people at particular times that this moment a patriot towards muslims which is an existing sentiment in. the daily telegraph and boris johnson have a relationship that goes back decades one that has had an impact on british journalism and politics johnson made his name as the paper's brussels correspondent
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from 1989 to $94.00 there he hit on a formula filing stories on the arcane bureaucracy of the e.u. pointless regulations that supposedly mandated the size of bananas and condoms or threaten to make some of britain's favorite snack foods illegal that the stories bore little relationship to the truth was of no apparent concern to johnson or the paper employing him johnson's reporting helped set the tone for the way the e.u. was seen in the u.k. and eventually for the bracks that referendum of 2060. what boris johnson's euro skeptic journalism did was the simmering your skepticism within the conservative party. but possibly more important it set the tone for 25 years of british media coverage of yours because every news editor in fleet street thought that what boris johnson was producing was much more interesting than the
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usual grade dull fare that came out of brussels and they demanded the same i know this because i was a presence correspondent for 3 years myself at the end of the 1990 s. so come the referendum. the referendum wasn't lost in those 5 weeks whatever it was in june 26th seen it to be not so for the previous 25 years can we blame boris johnson for britain's fundamental euro skepticism tracing that back to a couple of decades ago almost when boris was churning out these ludicrous stories exaggerated stories it was a silly colorful made great copy and people lacked a top but i'm sure also people took it with a little bit of a pinch of salt. boris johnson's ongoing relationship with the telegraph remains central to his political ambitions because the current prime minister to resign may resigned before her term was up her successor will be selected on july 23rd not in
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a general election but by the conservative party membership and until then the telegraph will continue to provide boris johnson with a weekly platform a direct pipeline to the 160000 conservative party faithful who will choose britain's next prime minister. the daily telegraph is the bible of the conservative party. and our next prime minister is being chosen not by the british public but by the north point 25 percent of the electorate who happen to be tory party members so his column in the daily telegraph is immensely important to him i think it's quite extraordinary to me breach is every. the code of journalistic ethics i cannot understand how he or the telegraph gets away but. if the politician and the paper do get away with it it will be because the line between
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politics and the press in the u.k. between those elected and those supposedly holding them to account has long been blurred by mutual self-interest. boris johnson is just the latest beneficiary of that and if the polls prognosticators and bookmakers have got it right he'll ride that relationship all the way to 10 downing street. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flo philips flow we're still almost a year and a half away from the u.s. presidential elections in 2020 but the campaigns are up and running there were those 2 televised debates on the democratic party side this past week but the coverage seems to be overshadowed by coverage of president trump which once again seems to be falling short in the u.s. news media yes richard that very same u.s. media saying that what same papers that have done
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a lot of self-examination about mistakes they made mistakes that could well have played a part in trump's 2016 victory now 2 years into his presidency it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with him to this past week no shortage of potentially explosive material over which to question him lots and lots of stories about the inhumane conditions at those detention centers down on the border with mexico and yet when trump sat down for an interview with n.b.c.'s chuck todd on meet the press told let him get away with some blatant lies but i ended separation i inherited separation from president obama not trying has said that the . for blaming president obama for those family separation policies but he's been knocked down not only did todd let him get away with that but the meet the press twitter account later posted a tweet echoing trump's lie before eventually posting
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a 2nd tweet noting that trump's claim is false and all that from a program that used to be one of the holidays hitting political interview shows on the american at waves usually tropper trucks saturation levels of news coverage when that doesn't happen it's actually noticeable and there was one such case this past week where the follow on power verge of an allegation didn't really hit the mark far from it rich just over a week ago the advice columnist carol published an extract in new york magazine an extract from her upcoming book in it she accuses president trump of raping her she says that he attacked her in the dressing room of the department store back in the 1990 s. now that's front page news for most people not it seems for many of the top newspaper editors the only one that gave it top billing was the washington post the new york times ran the story in its book section treating it as a story about an upcoming memoir and not a rape allegation against
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a sitting president on the t.v. side carol did appear on m s n b c but none of the major networks a.b.c. c.b.s. n.b.c. fox devoted more than a passing reference to the story brian stelter who's the host of reliable sources the media analysis show on c.n.n. so there's a theory about media fatigue fatigue that is about now more than 20 allegation of trump's harassment and sexual abuse of women it's media fatigue now what kind of hope do we have the coverage that we're going to get down the road we are still almost 18 months from these elections ok thanks flow. the latest stare down between washington and tehran over iran shooting down of that u.s. drone made for plenty of scary headlines the threats of military retaliation from president trump eventually came to nothing but this is a situation that is being closely followed by oppositional iranian groups including crown prince raise a pox levy the son of the former shah of iran the prince has recently offered many
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an exclusive interview to western news outlets presenting himself as a credible democratic successor to iran islamic leadership that is debatable given that the prince's father ran an authoritarian regime protected by a brutal force of secret police until he was toppled in 1979 however the monarchy remains popular in large segments of the iranian media diaspora channels like the u.k. based manila toti the b.b.c. persian the is stamboul based gem t.v. and t.v. which comes out of los angeles those channels have pioneered a shondra of programming you might call the stage of t.v. documentaries and entertainment shows that skate right past the repression of the shah's reign and focus on the social freedoms of those times the listening posts i mean actually ravi now on the iranian media diaspora its penchant for nostalgia and the rose tenting of iran's pre revolutionary history.
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every friday night my new t.v. a persian language satellite channel based in london invites viewers to turn back the clock sal and that's when there's a month into nearly as our money or time time no delivers a feast of archival footage showcasing life even on under its last shot mohammad reza pahlavi. what the u.s. see is a vision of a liberal and stylish it on led by a benevolent king it's enough to make you wonder why the. 1979 revolution and the overthrow of the shah ever happened you see women out and about on the beach on university campuses in the workplace participating in sports images of the shah and his wife his 3rd wife usually the empress. always looking very beautiful looking very glamorous the idea is look at how how beautiful and happy and fashionable
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everybody was in the past and like how we are now more than mom. and i found it quite extraordinary when i visited iran a few years ago to find out that almost every person in iran was familiar with monitor what guarantee the channel success was the access to run archive footage from the period before the revolution that's muscle boffin mcwillie as well because i knew about ansari has such a loss the best yardy that i knew about what. manner tour started it. broadcasts for audiences inside iran to provide them with entertainment and news that they would otherwise not receive certainly all the channels inside iran are censored certain topics are taboo. manito provided those topics such as monica which has been the biggest. when anatole launched in 2010 it entered an already
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crowded market iranian media outlets broadcasting in exile. the 1st we will get on an immigration took place in the lead up to the 1979 revolution. mass protests against the shah his oppressive government and his brutal secret police the savak would bring him down. the popular uprising eventually coalesced behind the country's new leader ayatollah khomeini and in 1979 the islamic republic was born. many iranian immigrants ended up in los angeles which became a hub for persian media production in the eighty's after that wherever iranians were migrating to new media outlets were taking root the acts of t.v. of the eighty's was very raw it was very immediate so they were appealing to nostalgia literally yesterday or you know just last year a few years ago and they were also appealing to the sense of loss and unrooted
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ness that folks were feeling as as new exiles their programming was mostly music and films and then some politics when satellite technology emerged and there was a possibility to broadcast and iran you saw that shift and more of an emphasis on political content and calls for action and calls for even revolution the channels that come out of los angeles the diaspora channels of the political clearly very anti islamic republic in terms of their output many of them on a case certainly very nationalist and they're so political in that regard the soviets were the direction is that i think their impact is probably lessened by you know it is you know saw a gift horse with a. whole host. of thank you in massive. those channels that have a less. clear political agenda and really have a more of an entertainment agenda i think they have great attraction in iran. after
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ellie came jim t.v. in istanbul and farsi one in the by these channels added turkish and mexican soap operas dubbed often poorly into persian to the mix then came monotone out of london monotone stock in trade is entertainment laced with nostalgia politics isn't absent from its programming its misshapen fisted glossier they produced a very influential documentary on the founder of the pattern of a dynasty reza shah it's a largely sanitized reading of the rain it has to be said but as a hyundai entirety more. or cheeky was gathered on that i'm yet to me when i should and it's very rosy it's very positive there obviously producing an agenda but it's done in a quite subtle way it's not just to put people off immediately. by
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the whole you guys oh yeah sure taliban hi michelle i can order back. the younger generation have this impression that before the revolution there was no poverty in iran. and certainly monitor would not discuss the survived torture or the censorship of cinema our newspapers and the parliament or just of the iranian government flexibly to this footage to create a very negative image of our time monitor cherrypick glorious and beautiful archives that do not provide a true picture of historical reality to us on earth believes in a mannitol pact which. according to some who run the asperger media outlets like mezzanine and sorry the managing editor of the k. hunt london website pro-gun arky output is fulfilling a real audience demand for us in. every single time that we put anything to do with monica with reza shah with in on one with
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reza pahlavi they clicks go up high there is a demand it's not as if we are providing them with a sanitized version people are wanted because they look at back at history and they see in those days they were proud a proud nation the source of monitors funding is a mystery and the channel itself won't talk about its large budget the unanswered questions have spoiled numerous theories that the cia the b.b.c. the saudi government the pile of the family all the islamic republic itself are all possible backers of the channel. or to requesting an interview regarding its finances and programming back saying they have a strict policy of not speaking with other media outlets this is one thing that journalists do one word does manage to get its funding for us london a lot of iranians provide us with funds but they don't want their names to be no mandatory as well and certainly if you come and ask me who are my funders i will
1:44 pm
not tell you it's a very tough market and why should matter to. people who wish iranians are funding it. the truck administration has been tightening the screws on iran unilaterally exiting the nuclear deal agreed to by more than 30 countries up economic sanctions and ratcheting up there today iran's leaders so k.o.'s. death. and destruction. monarchists and there are many more outside iran than inside sense that now is a time of opportunity the u.s. based country. son of the shah clearly agrees he's been making himself available by pieces in the western press interviews on the u.s. government sponsored radio software the. met broadcasts in pushing into iran and adding to the output of all those put a t.v. outlets and as u.s.
1:45 pm
pressure the sanctions and the threats squeezes the islamic republic the autocratic tendencies of the country's ruling this is only helping make the case for some kind of alternative this nostalgia has been generated by the islamic republic itself rather than than the basically creating a new generation that detest the pre-revolution period they've actually produced a new generation much more interested in what he writes about now part of this to be honest is because even the worst aspects of the shah when it came to political repression france has been multiplied several times over by the islamic republic what people are producing is popular history for the masses it's not necessarily good history i have to tell you but it's population that's going out and people are lapping it up. finally back to boris johnson and that fight he had with his girlfriend last week that caused such a stir here in the commotion of one of his neighbors who happens to be a rapper called too many headed outside to see what all the fuss was about and
1:46 pm
ended up getting swarmed by papa razzi he decided it was the perfect moment to offer up a little rap that he'd been working on called boris next door now to. promised the press that a full version was comic so we got in touch and landed ourselves a world exclusive well leave you now with a slice of boris next door and we'll see you next time.
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with. from cutting edge medical technology toxic could be a. good resource for the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most
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difficult regions of the world. it's something to think of the worst. side. innovative solutions to global health care problems that can make a difference and maybe all of those things were good sure we saw the cure on al-jazeera. every 7 demonstrators are killed in sudan and more than $180.00 are injured during protests against military rule. alone down jordan this is out of their own life and also coming up.
1:49 pm
protesters and police face off again in the hong kong on the anniversary of the territories 100 over from britain to china. the libyan capital is only functioning airport is temporarily closed off from a strike as tension between a powerful warlord on turkey escalates plots. in the southern italian island of lampedusa web people are still risking their lives to make dangerous crossings spite of fact telling government insisted it's blocked such a right. the revolution will not die that was the message from tens of thousands of protesters as they poured onto sudan's streets on sunday demanding civilian rule but they were met with gunfire until i guess the health ministry says at least. people were killed and more than $190.00 engine they were the 1st major protests since the military violently broke up a protest almost
1:50 pm
a month ago killing dozens of people really mohamad reports. the message remains the same as it has for months demanding sudan's military rulers hand over power to a civilian government. tens of thousands of protesters marched towards the presidential palace in khartoum opposition leaders calls for similar mass demonstrations nationwide dubbed the 1000000 strong march. we doubled to feel like we stopped we want people to feel like we will continue continue no matter what everyone is out so we encourage each other. in some cases police fired tear gas at protesters the rapid support forces patrolled the streets with machine guns they were accused of the crackdown at a sit in at army headquarters in khartoum on june 3rd around 100 protesters were killed. in the eastern town of gunfire was heard the military gentle says it's
1:51 pm
not to blame for recent violence. the military is here to protect protesters but we can't do anything when it comes to food 3 to 5 or 6 people have been hit and we need to go there to sort out the problem you have to know that there are infiltrators people who want to change the current situation but god willing if we reach an agreement and if you understand the situation we will get rid of the snipers who are killing the people right now. and sunday's mass marches were the 1st since the killings in khartoum 4 weeks ago and internet and media blackout has been enforced since then the protests coincide with the end of the african union deadline for the ruling military junta to hand over power to a you and ethiopia have led mediation efforts to find a political solution the opposition has accepted a plan to form a transitional government for the next 3 years. as the transitional military council says it's willing to negotiate. sunday was also the 30th anniversary of the
1:52 pm
military coup led by omar al bashir sudan's president was overthrown by another military coup in april and is in prison charged with corruption activists arab countries to stop supporting saddam's military rulers they will never want to flower not because they are nice but also because they're going to be implicated if they are at a lower so that's very normal very natural when we are forcing them so unless we. buy that mean i'm speaking about saudi arabia the u.a.e. then it's going to be hard for us to meet them come to some calm or be able to wait and i think this is changing now. the protesters say their chance of defiance will continue despite threats to their lives until their demands for civilian rule on met for hillah mohammed al jazeera well as suddenly as professionals association that's the main opposition group that's been leading the protests blamed the giunta for the deaths meaning big the easing of. the responsibility for these deaths and
1:53 pm
injuries falls squarely on a military regime dismally failed to protect the lives of peaceful sudanese civilians for the 2nd and 3rd time we witnessed live firings directed at the heads of those killed the sudanese people proved their unwavering commitment in achieving civilian led government they remain steadfast in seeking to implement the sudanese professionals association and the freedom and change charter the ruling military council failed to defeat the revolutionaries yet again the sudanese people are brave and they will never be defeated. but a spokesman for the ruling genter says the military only responded with force after being attacked. i'll be. in order to ensure the country exits its current problems and to achieve its aims and the revolution for which many young sudanese have lost their lives the interim military council have ensured that we are on the
1:54 pm
side of the revolution we will work closely to ensure the development and progress for the country at this very historic moment the military and other forces were in their stations and stones were thrown at them from within the demonstration as the rapid support forces moved in and managed to hold those who are firing at them accountable investigations are being carried out at this moment whatever grieves saddam research and was a senior fellow at harvard university he says saddam has been a model of the democratic uprising a determination of these people the absolute commitment to nonviolence the strength of spear courage in the face. of bullets aimed let any nation into right out that is something we will not see again soon i don't believe it has been the model of a democratic uprising it cuts across ethnic lines professional graphic lines it
1:55 pm
is the will of people it's going to be very difficult for a madman like a messy drunk on power willing to resort to any extremes of violence to prevail in the long term there are 2 things to consider here one is will the army the regular army sedating armed forces which deeply distrusts i'm actually in the rapids or courses where they finally come out of their slumber and resist this. extremely violent tyranny chaos that messy something throughout the country and we should emphasize it is throughout the country not just khartoum government but from east to west northwest settle. you know one thing to remember as soon as economy has collapsed and there's nobody on the transitional military council who gives any understand signs of understanding what this will mean for the people of sudan is only going to get worse. that also will energize people in ways actually
1:56 pm
trigger the 1st days of the uprising in the north east of. there is no way out or the military council except to continue to use ruthless while syrian state media says government and defense systems of intercepted missiles fired by israeli jets military positions in the city of damascus have been targeted killing 4 people homs was also hit syrian state t.v. says the missiles were launched from lebanese airspace where israeli aircraft are said to have been spotted making low altitude flights israel has carried out as strikes in syria against hezbollah and iranian targets in the past flights have resumed that the libyan capital is only functioning at port it was briefly taken out of action after being hit by an air strike forces loyal to the wall orderly for have to say they were attacked destroyed a turkish drone that was parked on one of the airports runways and turkey says 6 of
1:57 pm
its citizens are being held by have tons force as it's now warned that have tons of fighters will become legitimate targets if they aren't released immediately after hours eastern administration to cut all ties with turkey on friday accusing it of supporting the rival u.n. recognized government in tripoli is threatened to target turkish interests and libya including airline flights and shipping. in yemen at least 4 civilians including a child have been killed after who think rebels attacked residential areas in the city of tire the attacks come after fighting between the rebels and forces loyal to the u.n. recognized government resumed this week ty's is under siege by the rebels but controlled by pro-government forces. led coalition. thousands of people have the needed money to cover the legal costs of a german captain detained in italy on saturday. is accused of deliberately robbing rescue vessels the watch 3 into a police boat that was trying to stop and from the port of lampedusa
1:58 pm
a lawyer says the collision wasn't intentional dozens of migrants on board were rescued off the libyan coast more than 2 weeks ago. where libya is one of the main points of departure for migrants making their way from africa to europe to seek asylum some of the reports from lampedusa. they arrive safely after weeks at sea babies women and men alive but severely dehydrated despite it all they had managed to reach the italian island of lampedusa. theirs was the 2nd landing in as many days in the wake of the sea watch 3 the rescue vessel that saved 40 people from a rubber boat off the coast of libya and eventually bought them to the island by defying italian also. its captain caroline racketing given a mixed greeting of insults and cheers at the port as she was arrested for resisting a warship a highly publicized challenge to italy's beauty beefed up laws and now deny access
1:59 pm
to vessels considered to be a security risk. the far right interior minister. even called the incident an act of war on the social media tirade there are many who will agree with him and that it's news ports should be closed to such rescue vessels but there are all. those who do not share that view such as the mayor. says he wants to block everything never seen the port closed. this type of talk appeals to people's worst instincts even received threats when you talk about the reality which contradicts what the minister says there are no close ports in lampedusa in fact there are always open this tiny island close to north africa that italy is one of the front lines in the battle between humanitarian needs and the new robust migration laws. to criminalize ation of search and rescue operations
2:00 pm
means that there are far fewer organizations that are able to provide assistance but there are some that still do the last few. hours. walking in we have felt the pressure coming from authorities for those that do make it to wind up here at this migrant center for processing the system is a lot more efficient these days partly because there are fewer that come here but also because they get sent out in a matter of days rather than months but people that come here are still in effect at the mercy of a government that's providing 0 tolerance towards their arrival many will continue to journey across the mediterranean risking people smugglers all in the hope of a better life. others like many before them will not make it it.


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