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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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relationships under the table would have to the issue however is that the united nation again has failed to actually a hold its on the resolutions which prohibit outside powers from arming militias in libya or warring parties or libya which has been standing for a few years it has ignored the repeated even the united nations only reports that the united arab emirates has been supplying armaments and ammunitions to harvest over the last few years it has now failed to even recognize the evidence that is on the ground i mean we saw it 2 days ago of evidence of american made missiles that were sold to the united arab emirates and 2008 we saw them in the hands of haarp forces after the government took over the command centers and again even the united states is now starting an official investigation for these arms
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because they basically violated. united states laws but beyond all of that they have been violating systematically united nations resolutions and even had that level the united nations has failed to condemn them publicly and to put a stop to this kind of international i don't know how else to describe it but that international violations are all laws and resolutions of the united nations and eat a very sad situation there in libya thank you very much i have said i'll go out as that at the john hopkins university good to speak. thank you. in other news north korea is accusing the u.s. of being hell bent on hostility towards it and of being obsessed with sanctions are responding to allegations that it breached a cap on petroleum imports north korea's mission to the u.n.
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issued this statement the united states is practically more and more hell bent on hostile acts against the d.p. r. k. that acronym refers to the country's official name and then goes on to say it's quite ridiculous for the us to continue its pressure campaign considering sanctions as a pin a shia for all problems it's a sharp turn of events from these scenes just days ago when donald trump became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit north korea he met kim jong un at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea and they agreed to kickstart denuclearization talks. and now heidi jo castro joins us live from washington d.c. as we said there heidi a very quick turn of events what more the north korea have to see in this u.n. statement. well this press statement from the the u.n. mission of north korea sensually is saying that the united states is talking out of both sides of its mouth that even as president trump had this historic meeting with
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the north korean leader that his members of his own ministration at the urging of the u.s. state department was trying to convince other members of the u.n. to help its effort to recall foreign north korean workers that were working abroad now this was done in a letter that the u.s. drafted along with the u.k. germany and france and delivered to other countries in the u.n. on june 29th which today north korea and its statement notes is the same day that trump had tweeted that invitation to meet north korean leader kim jong il and at the border are the constructs enough the pomp and circumstances than a suppose at all to move in that came out of that meeting with trump and kim jong il and the d.m.z. so what is it that the north koreans could be trying to signal with the statement.
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well after seeing all that pompous you mentioned in that historic visit of trump stepping into the north korean land the 1st sitting u.s. president to do so many experts had view that moment and called it essentially a gift to north korea because the u.s. had really requested nothing in return for that the stomata legitimacy on north korea and today's statement that seems to really not at all be grateful for this so-called gift is basically north korea saying i'm not going to say thank you you the u.s. has accused north korea of. beam in violation of these sanctions against oil imports and it's interesting too that today a statement from north korea does not deny that rather it says quote we do not thirst for a lifting of sanctions and if you'll recall trump in the past has said that he would help north korea become
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a prosperous nation if it agrees to denuclearize well even after the photo op that we saw a few days past certainly getting closer to that goal may not be exactly what's happening and this is north korea saying that just because that photo op happened does not mean that the relationship between the u.s. and north korea is at this moment hunky dorey. in washington for us thank you. and there's plenty more still ahead this news hour. donald trump farce a new warning at iran telling its leaders their threats will come back to bite them . diplomatic fallout spreads after protesters stormed and vandalized parliament. and in sports with raul she's done it again a 15 year old boy you got to take wimbledon right. now.
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so talks have resumed between sudan's opposition and the ruling military junta on transferring power to civilian led government negotiations between the 2 sides collapsed a month ago after security forces raided a sit in protest killing dozens of demonstrators the talks in the capital khartoum are being mediated by the african union and ethiopian officials and the opposition has said it would only resume talks once certain conditions were met this includes an investigation into the killings of the protesters well the dark is the president of cd global strategies group and international affairs analyst and he joins us now from washington d.c. good to have you on the program. what impetus is there now for these talks to find some kind of a solution a resolution that was different from the lost time. well i think that
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the intervention of the u.n. high commission high commissioner for human rights bhatia way and some of the increased international attention has forced the military to realize that having civilian led transitional body to see sudan through this next process that's that that is the main thing that protesters are wanting and frankly the international community that supporting the protesters that's what they're supporting nobody wants the military in power other than the military and of course those who may benefit from it in the country and some of their neighbors and that's exactly the point why would the military and the generals be relenting when it comes to them giving up which is the majority of the power which is what's being asked for by the civilian government well i think that they're coming to terms with what we're all seeing now there's an asterisk beside what we're all seeing because you know the internet is still out so we're not getting all of the real time. kind of reaction
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of what's going on on the ground but they say that even without the internet that the sudanese people are continuing to protest they are not relenting and they realize this is not something that the sudanese people or the people outside of the country support them are going to easily give up so i think they're basically going to try to manage transitioning to that civilian led transitional body with. maintaining as much power as they possibly can now the countries that do back these generals are countries like the u.a.e. saudi egypt countries that don't necessarily give in to civilian or people power so how likely is it that they would be able to maintain this kind of support. well i think that if it was up to those neighbors in those countries or support them that are more in favor of military role because it supports their ends then the sudanese people who are protesting wouldn't really have a chance but i think that they do i think that people have been you know focusing
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on what's been going on sudan more. than they had and then they had before and that i think it's a pretty easy argument that folks are making around the world that there should be civilian. transitional government especially after this years 30 years in power so i do think that it's going to be a hard cause i'm for the protesters but i don't think that the military has any choice because as they see the protests of only increased even after they tried to clamp down now the u.n. human rights chief amongst other countries have called for investigations particularly into the attack on protesters and thousands of rapes we're hearing about do you think that will likely take place and is that a deterrent for the generals to to to give in and then to go at the negotiating table. well i think that any time that their eyes on the situation outside of the country people of influence like bash away and
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other world leaders when they see what's happening to the protesters in the way when they see that the military has allegedly overstepped its bounds in several areas with climbing down on the sit in and they want the allegations that paschal a mention in a statement they realize they're only galvanizes support for the protesters and that increases the chance that they will have to give up the power of military power to civilian body so i do think that spreading a light on that and having eyes on what's actually going on is key and bashfully is doing a great job and making sure the world knows what's going on calvin's are great to speak too great to get your thoughts thank you. least one person has been killed in a volcanic eruption on the italian island of strongbow only thousands of residents and tourists have been evacuated the victim is thought to be an italian hiker who was hit by a falling rock the stromboli volcano is one of the most active on the planet and has erupted regularly since 1932. and police have been searching rhinos score press
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headquarters in france it's parts of an investigations of the carmakers former boss carlos go on he's accused of abusing his position to book his lavish wedding reception at the palace of versailles in 2016 go on the former chief of renault and its japanese partner nissan is awaiting trial into q china's war in the united kingdom to keep its hands off hong kong and not to meddle in the ongoing protests this comes after china as you can boss today was summoned by the british foreign secretary general jeremy hunt 100 threatened serious consequences of beijing fails to honor international agreements on hong kong to tanami in response china's ambassador condemned the british government for its support of the protesters it has to be pointed out. on this very important issue of
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a principle the you'll keep the government chose to stand on the wrong side even to make inappropriate remarks not only to interfere in the internal affairs of hong kong but also to back up the violent law because it even attempt to obstruct hong kong i say our government. from bringing the criminals to justice. well hong kong police have arrested 12 people of the violence which broke out during protests on monday probating politicians there say it could cost around $1300000.00 to repair the legislature building which is ransacked a special task force has been set up to look into those mass protests most of which were peaceful they were triggered by a controversial bill which would allow extradition to mainland china well public opinion within hong kong is split some are defending the protesters while others
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think they went too far after thomas takes a look. on monday night they were protesting on cheese day night they were taking down the collage of protest posters and notes they had left behind protestors in hong kong say they want to keep an archive of their struggle but many think monday's vandalism went too far this is not what i expect while i expect this to not to go too far just peaceful many protesters don't want to show their faces for fear of arrest but this man was one of those who broke into alleged hong kong's parliament on monday night he justifies the action we're going to hurt and the police we just want to get through the day and find. and do our message to the world and other older protester thinks that by not intervening earlier police deliberately allowed violence knowing it would reflect badly on the
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protesters even so he to feel to ballance against property was justified high on the teaching are you coming my generation failed to do enough for the last 20 years i've got children i fear for them there was violence it was against property not people we need to keep the protests of. these protests began over an extradition bill that would have sent suspects to mainland china for trial they've now turned into calls for greater freedoms part of the battle is about public opinion and most people in hong kong did not take part in monday's protests instead of watching them on t.v. if they felt the violence went too far that could hurt the protest discourse on that opinions a mixed with broadly splits between older and younger people in an upmarket tea shop that supports protesters action for me i think it's reasonable to deny her any people or day doing. right by anyone they don't burn a car they don't read to shop but elsewhere there's irritation of the violence like
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i'm old it's not good it was wrong they broke all the government stuff citizens shouldn't do this july the 1st was the climax of months of protests there aren't any more planned but to protest to say they're not over after thomas al jazeera hong kong. and among the stories coming up and vironment subgroups sound the alarm over plans to mine me ocean floor warning after every person damage. also their president promised things would get better but argentinean families still have to travel 4 hours to just to find a hot meal. and in sports action from england's crucial game in new zealand cricket world cup that's all coming up with rob.
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hello again or welcome back to international weather forecasts well we are still looking at some very hot air across much of central and eastern parts and united states and a lot of that warmth is making its way into canada as well so we do have some thunderstorms here on our map and that's going to cause some often on rain showers as well as gusty winds maybe a few hail storms coming in out of this but for minneapolis you're going to be seeing a hot day for you at 30 degrees kids a city of $31.00 and washington it is going to be sweltering at about $34.00 degrees there well as you make a way down here across parts of the caribbean we are looking at often on rain showers across much of the east as well as the north some of those rain showers could be a little bit heavy particularly appear towards the bahamas but out here towards the east we are seeing some rain showers but no tropical development at this time as we start the beginning of july across much of central america it is much calmer than it has been a lot drier as well with guatemala seeing attempt to there of 26 degrees and then very quickly across parts of southern brazil heavy rain is going to be
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a problem that is making its way toward cell paulo as well and for rio expect to see that rain as we go from thursday as well as into friday but for what it does it is going to be a chilly day with overnight lows getting down to near freezing attempted there of 10 degrees and la paz at 18. the venezuela colombia border has become a stomping ground for trespasses. as desperate people transgress an illegal passage . to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking it all the fine israel in colombia. on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other
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stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching out is there and here's a reminder for top stories the un security council has failed to agree on how to respond to an attack on a migrant detention center in libya which killed 44 people. after denies his forces
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were responsible. north korea has accused the us of being hell bent on hostility and obsessed with sanctions this comes just days after a landmark meeting between donald trump and kim jong un and north korea. the talks are resume between saddam's opposition and the ruling military gentile on transferring power to civilian government the opposition had said it would only restart negotiations on certain conditions for men and that includes an investigation into the killing of protesters. let's get more now on our top story and that's libya which has been in chaos ever since a long time ruler warmer gadhafi was overthrown in 2011 it's divided between warring militia groups which mostly back to rival governments. they are the un recognized administration led by prime minister fires out seraj he's based in tripoli it's supported by turkey and most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting near tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean
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then in the east there's the tobruk based government that's the center of power for with the warlord flee for huffed are he's backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united emirates france is also accused of providing military support to his forces in the throat to get is a research fellow at the international center for study of radicalization and she says the international community particularly europe should pay a bigger role in resolving libya's crisis. so the international response when you look at countries individually and what i've seen today so far it's very clear it's a combination of the attack and we already heard salah made a special envoy to libya has been very clear in his words saying the people who conducted the attack the wants to audit the attack but also forces who delivers weapons to make here tec possible should be held accountable and penalized so far
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what i've been seeing for an individual countries is a condemnation of the a text saying it is not life to target civilians especially the skill of all of relation very few countries among them italy has been calling out clearly for half the and condemning him and his libyan national army as being responsible. has been responsible for crop waiting with forces in libya who were not alleviating the situation for the microbes in libya but quite the opposite there's no way for no improvement for control of my equation into you have instead intercepted and sent back to libya so europe should really take on the leading role here and individually and together try to put on pressure under reagan the regional powers who have like it's well documented but a u.n. panel of experts that have been violating the arms embargo and that cannot continue of militias fueling the conflict and leading to more civilian home almost trump has
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issued a nother stern warning to iran after its president hassan rouhani said he would increase your reign in richmond's beyond the limits that was set in the 2050 nuclear deal the us president tweeted iran has just issued a new warning rouhani says they will enrich uranium to any amount we want if there is no new nuclear deal be careful with the threats iran they can come back to bite you like nobody has ever bitten been bitten before. say they want disciplinary measures against iran has this report from. them lawyer with just days to go before iran is expected to take another step in its plan to reduce cooperation with a 2050 nuclear deal president hassan rouhani had an angry rebuke for the united states. over the past 20 years it is then. extinguished if you say it is dangerous to play with fire why did he start it. was
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responding to comments by president donald trump after the international atomic energy agency or the i.a.e.a. on monday confirmed iran had breached an agreed stockpile limit for enriched uranium they know what they're doing you know what they're playing with and i think they're playing with fire the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year imposing ever widening economic sanctions including stopping iran from exporting excess nuclear material another example iran says that illustrates the u.s. is to blame for how fragile the 25th or joint comprehensive plan of action has become caught in the middle attempts by europe to salvage the have not worked iran sees europe's lack of stronger public condemnation of american sanctions as a weakness. the instrument in support of trade exchanges or in sticks a banking bypass to mitigate u.s. sanctions essentially an oil for good scheme iran's president says is tokenism. so far as been showing off it could be an acceptable action if there was real money
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in it now it's like a bank without money so why should people come to this bank. this is a critical time for the nuclear deal if nothing changes by sunday july 7th iran says it will start enriching uranium at higher purity levels and will expand the scope of nuclear activity stopped with the signing of the deal. with you don can see there is no way in the interest of the region and the world the best thing for america to do is return from their mistake but it's to her own runs out of patience world leaders are running out of time. ruling back on the deal is meant to be a way for iran to take back some autonomy with regards to its nuclear program something it gave up for economic relief that iranians say they have yet to fully experience it's also meant to call into question the commitment of the remaining signatories to the 2015 deal who no doubt worried that this diplomatic stress test
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might be the thing that breaks it. down. the u.n. special investigator who examined the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi wants world powers to reconsider holding the next g 20 in saudi arabia agnes announced her findings last month selling out as there are she wants the u.n. to dig deeper under 7 reports. is putting more pressure on saudi arabia to make it accountable for the killing of jamal khashoggi as lead investigator for the united nations inquiry into his death she's expressing frustration with what she says is a lack of international action a report released last month didn't determine who authorized the killing but it did find credible evidence she said pointing to saudi crown prince mohammed bin sounds involvement kalam odd believes rich countries have done little to pursue justice one way of pressuring the saudis she says is depriving them of hosting the next g.
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20 summit in riyadh in 2020 political accountability for mr cashel you will mean that it doesn't happen. elsewhere or something is being done to ensure that the police to call in as system in the u.s. and in other countries does not become complicit and she's calling for a restriction on saudi access to surveillance technology there should be a moratorium on the sale of surveillance technology to saudi arabia because time and time again that country. the monks church of that economy cannot be trusted but u.s. president donald trump is the key to making effective moves over saudis who have rejected come out report and maintain the cruise ship jes killing was a rogue operation by officials the u.s. has put sanctions on individuals while keeping warm ties with the saudis state
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partly because it buys u.s. weapons and is hostile to iran. comments don't reflect official u.n. policy she says the u.n. has power lies done sure of what to do next even though she says it should be clear justice should come as an international level with the un and the f.b.i. ordering cruel inquiries and to simmons houses are. a serious interim president insists that elections are the best way to end the country's political crisis as months of anti-government protests show no signs of letting up. their been solid called for a national dialogue over how to hold presidential elections but did not set a date for the vote he says the military will not be involved in this discussion. so arlen is getting more concerned about the brags of plans being foot forward by the chicken tenders who are to be britain's next prime minister or as johnson and jeremy hans are both talking about crashing out of the e.u.
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without a deal and that could threaten the irish peace process as lawrence lee reports from the european parliament in strasburg. they've been choosing their new president at the european parliament very soon breck seats will go right back to the top of the agenda one of either boris johnson or jeremy hunt's will become the u.k.'s new prime minister and both men say they're prepared to take the u.k. out of the european union by the end of october without a deal as it stands the european position remains that everything will be done to protect the islands from being destabilized in that event we have very firm supporting the fact that we want to see also want to avoid a hard in order and we want the expectancy forgot those things to be of the single market. but how hunts and johnson both suggest they would get around the issue of customs checks at the irish border by simply waving goods through towards the u.k. but things like food travelling into the e.u.
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the other way would have to be checked to ensure all meets european standards is only some which it can do and that's puts ireland in an impossible position it cannot carry out those checks without customs posts that means a closed border potentially instituted by ireland and in breach of the peace process it's a sworn not to destabilise you're going to be left with a chaotic situation because you're going to have a border which is going to cross names with can't be mad and you want night and secondly are the consequences of the peace process what's the consequence of trade there that france is part of it's more pronounced 6 or 7 times asked about it before the export market. happened for instance so as a consequence of that i don't know of all the realisation of this is dawning here with several european countries now asking ireland how it plans to square the circle there is no answer there is
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a genuine and growing concern both here and in brussels of the language being used by both boris johnson and jeremy hunt is having. the effects of forcing all into a corner the u.k. can say all it wants about having a no deal breck's it and keeping the irish border open but that is not a luxury available to all and i think a tricky position taken by both huns and johnson is echoed by the brics it party which maintains a simple insistence that everything will be ok it is now setting the agenda for the ruling conservative party nobody wants to hold and therefore would one have too much if the whole thing was a hoax just to get in the white face of the book to read that. list the u.k. parliament stops them the position taken by the honcho johnson puts the european union's back against the wall and will soon find out if it still has the unswerving support for the new always leave al-jazeera in strasbourg. with argentina's
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general election just months away president wanted c.r. mockeries record is under growing scrutiny when he took office and 2015 at reducing poverty was his number one priority but he has failed to deliver a new study shows that as many as 3000000 argentinians have fallen into hard times during the past year alone there is a boy who has this report from what i'm sorry. it's late at night in this neighborhood and when a site is the cold weather doesn't make it any easier for those who live in poverty in argentina capital. risk comes all the way to the city with her 3 children she says life is getting harder every day and if one don't think we get a pension for the children and we try to work in what we can but it's not enough we have to pay rent and we cannot feed our children people come to this location 3 times a week to get some food and warm clothes from an ngo that is helping the poor.
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is a lawyer who has been working on the streets for years. what worries or says are the new poor people who have. job on lost and now they have to choose between renting a room or eating we are seeing more of that when we go out and it shows how difficult the situation is last year after a loss of investor confidence in emerging markets argentina was forced to request an emergency loan from the international monetary fund and even though the government has continued to spend on social programs the austerity measures implemented are having an impact on people's lives some of these people have to travel for hours to be able to come here and find hard meal this is an example of what is happening in argentina where poverty rates have increased in the past year because of the devaluation of the official currency and the double digit inflation that exists today that inflation has a direct impact on basic food items prasanna for
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a man this has been trying to find a job for over a year but she says it's been an impossible task. there's no work and in fact people are being laid off that's why we need to come here i have my 2 kids to care for meanwhile government officials say they're doing everything they can to deal with a situation that. we are not indifferent to what is happening economically in the country and we are doing everything so the situation will improve we have subsidy is meant to help people in need food security programs cards with money where people can go and buy food and many other things we have several programs to help out the problem is that as long as the economic situation is dire it will be difficult for people like jessica to improve their lives in the meantime they look for a meal and some clothes that will help their children get by.


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