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tv   Indias Reggae Resistance  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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on basic food items prasanna for a man this has been trying to find a job for over a year but she says it's been an impossible task. there's no work in fact people are being laid off that's why we need to come here i have my 2 kids to care for meanwhile government officials say they're doing everything they can to deal with a situation. that we are not indifferent to is happening economically in the country and we are doing everything so the situation will improve we have subsidies meant to help people in need food security programs cards with money where people can go and buy food and many other things we have several programs to help out the problem is that as long as the economic situation is dire it will be difficult for people like jessica to improve their lives in the meantime look for a meal and some clothes that will help their children get by.
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at least $26.00 people have died after lobster fishing boat overturned in the caribbean off the atlantic coast of honduras dozens more were rescued near the town of port olympia it's the 2nd boating accident there in recent days. greenpeace is calling on the un to create a new global ocean treaty to protect international marine environments from deep sea mining and the reports by the group warns the practice could cause irreversible damage to the sensitive ecosystems it also says it would worsen climate change by releasing vast quantities of carbon dioxide the hearts cost of operations have so far prevented deep mining projects from international waters but new technology could change that only about 5 percent of the sea floor has been mapped and the growing number of countries are now eyeing it as a possible source of wealth. we don't know very much about the deep ocean this is why quantifying the damage is a very tricky task and it's why scientists have one that you know irreversible
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damage could mean loss of species that live only in tiny parts of the deep ocean and once they're gone they really are gone there's no bringing them back it could mean pollution being taken up through the water column and spread throughout the oceans there are number of ways deep sea mining could really impact on the ocean and as i said we are still understanding the value of your deep ocean we know that it stores a lot of carbon source so at a time when we should be doing everything we can to make sure that we're prepared to tackle climate change and mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change to disrupt carbon stores on the deep sea but it seems a complete folly the international seabed of 40 who manage the seabed and in theory regulate deep sea mining they've been selling off licenses to explore the seabed they've even sold a license for the lost city which is a unesco world heritage recognized site and one that greenpeace are going to with our ships the esperanza in the coming weeks so they're just proving themselves to
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be irresponsible that managing the sea but and we're worried that the deep sea mining industry are going to be going to these places and like the scientists of one causing irreversible damage to them. and staying with the environment oil and gas production across the u.s. is booming industry leaders say that means more jobs but environmentalists say the risks outweigh the benefits so in the state of new mexico one grandmother spent years campaigning for a cleaner industry by taking visitors on a tour that's not for the fainthearted and the gallagher has this report from aspect that's a small community in northern new mexico. the san juan basin in new mexico has been producing oil and gas since the early 20th century this region is home to more than 300 oil fields and 40000 drilled wells and business is booming but the communities like ours take that means living alongside an industry that some say as a dark aside the smell is so bad i totally lost my voice down there but there are
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people just here right yeah right over here and a lot of people living in these trailers are 74 year old surely mcnall is a lone voice in our stake for the past 13 years this grandmother has been running what she calls a toxic tour of hell exposing the health risks of living so close to gas wells there are miniature industrial sites in our neighborhoods and were subjected to the a mission for toxic hydrogen sulfide running pretty high in this area i personally was hit with hydrogen sulfide christmas eve 2005 and it almost killed me many of the wells in as take a just meters from homes schools and hospitals but no laws are being broken some residents know the risks all too well for leave it tells us that while next to his home caught fire 20 years ago he says shirley's work is helping make things safer and preserving the landscape and i've been on well sites that there's
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a ruined obvious rain in the well site itself to where they've disturbed stuff in the past which doesn't happen anymore because of what surety and people like her doing good to bring into people's attention just the way it. were and how they really ought to be chile's claims are backed by scientists who say oil and gas exploration releases dangerous gases that have serious impact on people's health the state's energy minerals and natural resources department say their work with surely has been positive over the years in all there are about a 150 warheads in ass type but the truth is many people in this region rely on energy companies to make a living and while some may not appreciate shirley's one woman campaign she has managed to attract the attention of researchers scientists and elected officials all with the aim of making living here safer despite her own health concerns surely has no plans to stop her so-called toxic talk as tech she says needs the jobs but not at the expense of people's health and gallacher al-jazeera aztec new mexico.
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thank you well she's gone and done it again 15 year old american cory gal fact up a victory over venus williams with another way in to reach the 3rd round at wimbledon will playing on court one again she totally outclassed or slovakian
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apparent magdaléna about a call for a former semifinalists at wimbledon to head through in straight sets 6363 now for the youngest player to qualify for the winning goal at the end and the youngest of them at 19.160 placed of in years alone ahead paul. well gal for isn't the only young start making headlines early in the wake of 18 year old canadian felix. became the 1st born in the 2003 when a grand slam match he's now into the 3rd round after beating fallen tree root a affronts in force a. big upset in the men's draw 3 time grand slam champion stammering cannot sound from a 5 c. it set unseated a rally of delta it 86 in the 5th as the american reached the last 32 of a grand slam for the 1st time. when no major issues for the defending champion and top seed novak djokovic she was involved in one of the rallies of the day with american tennis could learn it was quicker he won that exchange but jakob it should
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balance these leans in straight sets to rich round of his very 1st 5th title win with a. former world number one carrier dropped just for going to moloch a point in straight sets the seed who won the title last week a nice bald faced lie one way in the foreground. and it was a relatively easy day for the 8 seed alina little enough opponents margarita gasp ariane retired injured during the 2nd set of their match the russian in tears as she was forced to pull out. and some on how to put a bit of a battle on wednesday but she came through in her match in 3 sets against fellow romanian. bushnell yes. anyone to reach their 1st cricket world cup semi farm in 27 years with a dominant victory over new zealand in a needed to win to be sure of the last 4 plays and for the 2nd day running jonny bairstow hit a century to get them off to a great start in daraa they set
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a target of 360 black caps never really looked like chasing down. henry nicholls went for a 1st ball doctor and thanks to some great fielding by england. all out for 196 england winning 119 the world's top ranked sorry i am pro. told about favorites of really turned things around in the back to back defeats against for america and australia but this win means england can now put their feet out of their semifinal 7 days time. and i think it is a really good thing i can't wait to do nothing or get distracted by the things that i enjoy doing spin the road to rollercoaster of playing well playing terrible and then playing good again so particularly our bowlers they need a rest need to get away we have to chop and change the team a loss so it seems to really need a rest and a pass from need to get away from the game and hopefully come back fresh starting
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their leapfrog new zealand on our guaranteed 3rd place to play in the 2nd 75 percent on july 11th against a team that finishes 2nd that's currently india and despite losing 3 games in a row new zealand are all sort of festively through barring a mathematical miracle for pakistan by bangladesh on friday. inspiring a 19 year old to become the 5th most expensive player in the history of football shall felix has been signed by letter would read from benfica for $142000000.00 he's been talked up as a next cristiana ronaldo but only made his 1st team debut for benfica last season helping the win the portuguese league title with 15 goals and 7 assists well moving out of out lead to go a sprain at midfield rod very sorry for the english champions manchester city they have broken their club record by paying his $17000000.00 release close to france where the netherlands a reached the final of the women's world cup very be sweden one nil in extra time
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in their semifinal jackie grown and getting the winter the doctor already european champions are now face the defending world champions the usa in the farm on sunday back in the same stadium in. well the americans meanwhile wasted no time getting back into training the morning off to beating england in the semi style 4 legged rapinoe took part having sat out the win with a hamstring injury she's currently the 2nd top scorer in the told with the hard alex morgan rapper now who's already been evolved in a twitter hour with u.s. president donald trump has now turned their attention to some sections of the british media that claim morgan's tea drinking goal celebration showed a lack of the space. i mean it's like we're at the moment probably going to do this is the biggest stage the biggest moment. and i think anyone truly believes that he dismissed that begin to suspect that we have the utmost respect for england and every team that we've faced in every team that we will face preference every part of the d.n.a.
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of the squad and with that work part we like to play hard if you like to have fun and enjoy ourselves is the absolute biggest. that is always well for now more later and that is it for me the vehicle in this news hour but do stay with us if you can i'll be back in just a moment with more. one
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of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be foolish to see that steady trend and they believe what they feel because you have a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues. with the people who believe to tell the real story so i'll just mend it used to do the work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. because in 1999 a boeing 767 took off for you to come out.
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i don't know but the point of the. operator will do everything no one survived the journey 20 years on al-jazeera world revisits the case of the fatal egypt crash flights 990 what really happened on al-jazeera. the un security council fails to agree on how to respond to an attack on a migrant detention center in libya that killed 44 people. hello and welcome i'm devika pollen you're watching our desire in life and also
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coming up just days after donald trump crossed into north korea young attic use the u.s. being hell bent on hostility. saddam's military genter an opposition are back on the negotiating table under african union and he appealed to me. and will be joining this grandmother in what she calls a toxic tour of hell as she pushes the u.s. energy producers to clean up their industry. the u.n. security council has failed to agree on a course of action in libya following emergency talks on the bombing of the migrants and the that killed 44 people now earlier the un's mission in libya said the attack would constitute a war crime while the un chief through a spokesman demanded a full independent investigation he condemns this horrendous incident in the
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strongest terms and he expresses his deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wishes are equipped recovery to those injured the secretary general calls for an independent investigation of the circumstances of this incident to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice it is important to note that the united nations had provided exact coordinates of the detention center to the parties the un recognized government says forces loyal to war. are responsible for the lady to the ministry of interior for the government of national court denounces the horrible crime that's been committed against the detention center for illegal migrants into georgia that took place last night carried out by hell if a huff does criminal aircraft this is a definite crime in every respect which has led to a humanitarian tragedy the interior ministry affirms that it will take all legal measures to pursue and catch the war criminals both domestically and internationally. well half the rejects that allegation has spokesman says they were
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targeting a weapons depot controlled by an armed group allied to the tripoli government. we were surprised to see the false claims that the migrant camp was targeted the syria houses no migrants and no libyan civilians lost our will market of the weapons supply coming from misrata came through this point therefore we destroyed a legitimate target of our enemy. but if the claims are true they brought those illegal migrants to that area on purpose therefore we are innocent it was a legitimate target and 17 minutes later the migration center was destroyed 17 minutes later. we'll hear more about what took place at the u.n. shortly but 1st mahmoud a head went to a hospital in tripoli where the survivors are being treated these are my gran's who were injured yesterday by the airstrike in the migrant detention center in
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a neighborhood in eastern tripoli from nigeria and also there are from some of them are from roll call the situation is very bleak here and they say that they have lost friends and they say if it's their choice they want to be sent back to their countries. but. we've been promised to be sent back to our countries for more than a month but they kept us in that detention center into jura they promised to let us go this week but we were hit by the airstrike. some of them said that they wanted to or they were planning to cross the mediterranean towards europe others said that they were just regular wages workers here in tripoli like construction workers and they were detained with a security forces just because they don't have proper. residency documents in all cases these wanted migrants are among. dozens of
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wanted migrants who were transferred to other medical centers in the capital tripoli some wanted migrants were released those who have only minor injuries but these migrants will most probably have to stay longer or minister than most of the holy determiners for those who finish medical treatment there will be sent to the illegal migration authorities as for the dead the interior ministry and the general prosecutor can decide whether to bury them here or send their corpses to there and the seas ended all worried that they could be transferred to other of detention centers and there are brand else takes us through the un security council's emergency meeting the security council met for more than 3 hours on wednesday discussing the airstrike on the detention center on the outskirts of
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tripoli but they were unable to reach any conclusion on whether to take action and in fact unable even to issue a joint statement here is the president of the of the security council the prove you know ambassador to starve mates quadro. i think that these guys from sweating in what seemed really good terms the combination of all these he knows. that the key. and the. compound were there were few do you think many migrants and we all condemn that we have agree or now and then are meant for the pins maybe we'll have to stay made by 2 we are still discussing it earlier secretary-general mtoni of good generous decried the events in tripoli in strong terms saying it was a horrific act and saying that he himself was outraged by it he called for an independent
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investigation could tear is also noted that the un had some time ago advised all of the belligerents in libya of the exact coordinates of the detention center housing those refugees and migrants in an effort to make sure that this type of event did not take place by accident he wants to have an independent investigation now that will be in the hands of the government in libya that is recognized by the united nations it's worth noting that embassador maser quadro said there could be some statement coming out later at an unspecified time also the u.n. in the security council is expected to take up the issue of libya again but not until july 29th. north korea is accusing the u.s.
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of being hell bent on hostility towards it and being obsessed with sanctions and responding to allegations that it breached a cap on petroleum imports north korea's mission to the u.n. issued this statement the united states is practically more and more hell bent on hostile acts against the d.p. r. k. that acronym refers to the country's official name it goes on to say it's quite ridiculous for the us to continue its pressure campaign considering sanctions as a penny for all problems it's a sharp turn of events from these scenes just use ago when donald trump became the 1st sitting u.s. president to visit north korea there he met kim jong il an ad the demilitarized zone between the north and south korea and they agreed to resume denuclearization talks. more from washington d.c. . some experts have called trump's impromptu meeting with kim jong un and his steps into north korea as the 1st sitting u.s. president to do so a gift to north korea because the u.s.
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scott really nothing in return while north korea was bestowed with a certain legitimacy well this statement from north korea's u.n. mission is essentially saying it's not going to say thank you for this shift its statement is accusing the u.s. essentially of talking out of both sides of its mouth while president trump was initiating these peace talks with the north north korean leader members of his administration at the urging of the u.s. state department was leading an effort at the u.n. to try to get member countries to send north korean foreign workers home and this was in response to u.s. allegations that north korea is violating sanctions against oil imports and in this statement from north korea notes that the u.s. sent a letter to member countries along with the u.k. france and germany that was delivered on june 29th urging for this
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retaliation against breaking the same sions and that on that same day trump had tweeted his impromptu invitation to meet kim jong un at the d.m.z. so certainly the fact that this statement from north korea's u.n. mission comes out today is an indication that it's saying things are not hunky dory between the 2 nations after this photo op and that tensions are still high. to sit on our talks have resumed between all of the opposition and the ruling military gent on transferring power to civilian government negotiations between the 2 sides collapsed a month ago after security forces raided a sit in protest killing dozens of demonstrators the talks in the capital khartoum are being mediated by the african union and ethiopian officials the opposition had said it would only resume talks once certain conditions are met and that includes an investigation into the killings of protesters calvin darkens the president of cd
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global strategies group and an international affairs analyst he says the military will be under increasing pressure to make a deal with the protest leaders. well i think that they're coming to terms with what we're all seeing now there's a master decide what we're all seeing because you know the internet is still out so we're not getting all of the real time. kind of reaction of what's going on on the ground but they see that even without the internet that the sudanese people are continuing to protest they are not relenting and they realize this is not something that the sudanese people or the people outside of the country support them are going to easily give up so i think they're basically going to try to manage transitioning to that civilian led transitional body with. maintaining as much power as they possibly can well i think that if it was up to those neighbors and those countries are support them that are more in favor of military rule because it supports their and then the sudanese people who are protesting wouldn't really have
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a chance but i think that they do i think that people have been you know focusing on what's been going on sudan more. than they hadn't they had before and that i think it's a pretty easy argument that folks are making around the world that there should be civilian. transitional government especially after the sheer study years in power so i do think that it's going to be a hard call i'm for the protesters but i don't think that the military has any choice because as they see the protests of only increased even after they tried to clamp down there is interim president insists that elections are the best way to end the country's political crisis as months of anti-government protests show no sign of letting up there called for a national dialogue over how to hold presidential elections but he did not set a date for the vote and he says the military will not be involved in those discussions.


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