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tv   In The Shadow Of The Hill  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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france and the united kingdom still fighting for what remains of this deal they're not ready to trigger the dispute mechanism under the deal that could lead to a finding of full breach the the consensus seems to be that these enrichment activities are still fairly marginal in terms of the deal and on the other hand other signatories of course russia and china are also in the room where they tend to take the view that iran is acting in legitimate response to the u.s. withdrawal and other breaches of obligations under the deal so they're likely to stand in the way of any broad finding of that nature the u.s. therefore could find this hard go is. a statement made by the u.s. envoy at the start of the meeting it's orating that the united states offers talks without preconditions in brackets of course on perhaps new and different terms and saying that the path the iranian regime is on now will only deepen its international isolation and raise the dangers it faces so an exercise more than
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anything else here in keeping the pressure on iran the french military has admitted that antitank missiles found during a raid in libya belonged to the french army the u.s. made javelin missiles were recovered from the warlord holy for half time space on the outskirts of tripoli french military saying the missiles were intended for the self protection of a french military unit deployed for counter terror operations in libya but documents found with the ammunitions suggest they belonged to the u.a.e. . when they know these are the u.s. made weapons and these are the chinese made weapons the contract written on them comes from the united arab emirates the last one we have found modern weapons while libya is under embargoed these weapons were imported from certain countries these countries should use them to defend themselves but instead they became involved in the conflict and the libyan bloodbath. natasha butler has more now from paris. a of p. and voices news agencies say that they have received
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a statement from the french defense ministry and in a statement the french defense ministry says these missiles are indeed french they are u.s. made javelin missiles that the french gave to their forces operating in libya now that's interesting in itself because france has always been very vague about its presence in libya now the french defense ministry statement also says that these missiles were in fact defective they were supposed to be destroyed what the statement doesn't say though is how on earth these missiles ended up in the hands of forces who are loyal to khalifa haftar i mean that's the big question and potentially a very embarrassing one for the french government because the french government have always said that they are not supplying any weapons or to libya that would be in breach of a u.n. arms embargo and over the years campaign is and critics have accused france of supporting after in the sense that france perhaps feels after is someone that they
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can partner with in the fight against fighters in the region but france has always denied that they have denied that support and said that they backed publicly the u.n. peace process still to come on al-jazeera race against time the battle to contain the rapid spread of measles in parts of africa. also with the rising above the average of what in iraq but it's slow going rebuilding an entire city. hello again it's good to have you back well here across parts of china we have been talking about the ongoing flooding situation that has been going on here i want to show the newest videos coming out of hunan as well as fujian province. already this year about 25000 people have had to be evacuated because of the flooding 77000
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people have had to be relocated and as you can see with the newest images coming out it is still continuing across much of that area as we go towards thursday the rain is going to continue across the same provinces to the north though we're seeing some dry conditions normally though most of the heavy rain showers will have pushed more towards the north but unfortunately it has been quite dry up there we do expect to see more heavy rain though as we go towards thursday and into friday making its way towards the north well over here towards india we are looking at the very heavy rain across parts of the north in the northeastern part of india and as you can see here also pushing into bangladesh as well forecast wives we're going to be seeing new delhi a fairly dry day for you with a temperature of $36.00 degrees down along the southeastern us with me the southwestern coast will be 6 very heavy rain there but the heaviest rain will be across parts of kolkata with a temperature of $31.00 and then as we come over here towards the gulf the winds have died down across much of the area for doha we do expect to see $44.00 degrees view and for abu dhabi
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a temperature of 40. this is a dialogue reading about it for a lot of. the pressure. with skepticism because there's a lot of that on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network just huge health joining the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in the street.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from peter dhabi these are your headlining stories the u.k.'s ambassador to washington today resigned following complaints from donald trump in memos leaked to a british newspaper the daily mail called him inept and in secure and he called the white house dysfunctional u.s. president responded by describing britain's top diplomats in washington as stupid and. iran's pullback from the 2050 nuclear deal is the focus of an emergency meeting in vienna the u.s. requested the international atomic energy agency session and described iranian actions as extortion and brinksmanship the iranian envoy is expected to respond soon. france's military has admitted that in a raid in libya belong to the french army the us made javelin the sounds were recovered from the war based on the outskirts of tripoli the documents suggest were supplied by the u.a.e.
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. the internet is no longer be. blocked in sudan a month after military leaders ordered an end to the peaceful sit in at the army headquarters more than a 100 protesters were killed suspect internet services were cut to cover up the military crackdown. has more. for the 1st time in more than a month these type of images are be shared through mobile phone. they show the aftermath of sudan's military crackdown on protesters during a peaceful sit in in khartoum more than 100 people were killed by sudan's military joint on june 3rd going to have. much of the violence was recorded on cell phone videos internet services were cut shortly after on the orders of sudan's transitional military council. lawyer adela seem hazan filed a lawsuit requesting the internet be restored the court agreed services were
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brought back 1st to fix landlines on tuesday the ruling was extended to mobile phones he along with several human rights groups believe the shutdown was an attempt to hide evidence of crimes committed against civilians. the argument was that interrupting internet services would protect the general public but in fact it was the opposite it was for the protection of private aid to taste and full people that have committed crimes. social media platforms like facebook and twitter were widely used to organize protests that ultimately toppled longtime leader omar al bashir in april once the military took control for weeks protesters took to the streets demanding the formation of a civilian led government. since the military crackdown trust between the military and civilians has been damaged. but last week progress was made generals and protesters agree to form
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a joint civilian military ruling body together they plan to install a new government for a transitional period of 3 years oh despite recent violence many civilians say they will keep pushing for change but these pictures that can now be shared on mobile phones prove the path forward could be challenging katia little. al-jazeera. and the break of measles in chad has course a national emergency to be declared the other african countries are also struggling to contain this preventable disease patient numbers are sold 700 percent in some places is nicholas hike. it is so much it hurts. the fever won't go down. and this baby's lungs are. filled with. these are children on the brink of death because they were not vaccinated against
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measles we didn't know what it was we thought it was malaria it's only here that they told us she has measles you don't understand we are so scared of losing her they keep giving her injections but she isn't doing any better this preventable disease has become an epidemic spreading faster than it can be contained. doctors without borders have set up one crisis center after the other vaccinating children to stop them contracting and. we're very worried because measles combined with malnutrition is a dangerous mix and there aren't enough international actors helping chad's ministry of health to tackle this growing outbreak an outbreak that isn't just affecting chad take a look at these numbers according to the u.n. there has been a global increase of cases of measles by 300 percent in the last year how many of you here are worried about autism at the heart of the crisis is both fear and belief that the measles vaccine is dangerous by an increasing number of people in
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the west and the lack of access to vaccines in other parts of the world. you know jeremy more than 90 percent of children have not been vaccinated because they don't have access to health centers and so most children under 5 are infected with the measles virus. it is highly contagious for both children and adults and so despite us for its to fight this age old virus measles is thriving indeed during the lives of thousands here in chad and around the world nicholas hawk al-jazeera. kenya is hosting a summit for african leaders the u.n. sponsored talks are designed to share information and to form a united front thousands of africans are being killed and millions displaced in various countries. the threats include attacks by al qaeda and isolate fillets in the west and so whole region
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a joint regional task force there has so far failed to stop the killings book around fighters in nigeria responsible for a humanitarian crisis spreading across the lake chad region at least 27000 people have been killed over a period of 10 years in the east u.s. forces have joined the african union operation against al shabaab whose fighters continue to launch attacks despite losing strongholds in somalia malcolm webb has more now from nairobi. kenya the curate the official representative from several african governments the african union european union and the united nations have met here at the un's office in nairobi to talk about preventing violent think stream ism and countering terrorism the un secretary general antonio good terry said the threat of terrorism is spreading in africa in the opening session and the author said the whole region the being the stabilized the people of africa on the front line of efforts. and the spread of violent extremism i deeply
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believe that since forcing and counter-terrorism operations must have strong and clear mandate spread un security council backed by sufficient but addicted will and sustainable financial support namely to assess contribution kenya's president kenyatta spoke are most important and immediate goal is to ensure that. sort of gets do not hold any. holding. is this single source of finance. group meant training. and also claims the legitimacy kenya the host country is significant in the discussion around violent extremism its army went into neighboring ther mali erin 2011 fight the armed group al-shabaab then al-shabaab of the fevered
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attacks on kenyan thought many kenyan been killed in january this year gunmen attacked do you think hotel complex here in nairobi 21 people were killed just over a year ago the un held the earth ever high level conference for countering terrorism we've leaders of counter-terrorism for many of its member states in new york to follow up on that it's holding a series of 5 regional conferences the counter-terrorism firth was last month held in mongolia this one here in nairobi is the 2nd and there are 3 more coming in the month ahead fighting between rival tribes in papua new guinea has killed at least 24 people police say the killings in the remote province of hell could be retaliation for an earlier attack. high tech companies in south korea are being warned they face an unprecedented emergency because of japan's birth on exports of
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crucial chemicals south koreans protested to japan's embassy in seoul this the president one business leaders to expect to prolong trade dispute japan is blaming what to call security concerns for restricting exports of semiconductor components . turkey says it will not stop drilling for oil and gas around the other of cyprus despite e.u. and american condemnation the u.s. state department says turkey is being provocative by sending 2 ships to explore off the coast of the politically divided island. energy resources should be shared equally between turkey which controls the northern part of cyprus and the greek cypriot ministration in the south. slow progress is being made to rebuild the ruined city of mosul in northern iraq it's 2 years since the iraqi army drove eisel fighters from the capital of their self declared caliphate as are some a binge of aid reports reconstruction efforts aren't being helped by the sanctions
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imposed by the united states on iraq's ally iran this is the old city of mosul but due years after eisel defeat iraq's victory has not still meant the restoration of life as it was before the war much of the city remains in ruins more than 300000 people are still displaced a mix of sectarian division unemployment and security concerns linger on. the main threat and danger remains the neglect of reconstruction in mosul the displaced are still living in limbo all these issues have not been given serious enough attention or by the iraqi government. the iraqi government says it's doing all it can and asking international partners to help rebuild the city human agencies estimate it could take tens of millions of dollars in 10 years just to remove mines and explosives. most of the capital of isis self declared caliphate in iraq and its leader that he made his only public appearance from the city. it was
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a tough fight in an urban terrain and told the challenge to the iraqi army which had earlier to treat it from mosul but iraq's security forces had 2 important allies a u.s. led coalition and iran backed shia militias and back then the united states acknowledged their efforts right now there they had a great role in liberating iraq what is their next role i don't know what that will mean that's a decision for the government of iraq it was an uneasy convergence with so on enemies fighting on the same side against a common target when we should can more and it is obvious that iran and the us are enemies but iraq managed to bring them closer in the fight against eisold there was a marriage of convenience between iran and the us back then given the fact there was no direct contact between the 2 sides in the battle of mosul and the current escalation between the 2 countries i think it is quite difficult for both sides to cooperate or have their entrusts crossed paths. since then the us and iran have
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designated each other's military's terrorists escalating tensions has kept the region on edge including iraq which has offered to find common ground between washington and tehran the government in baghdad and the people of mosul need help to rebuild what was destroyed in the war and many here see that cannot happen unless all parties who had a role in inflicting the damage take responsibility for the reconstruction most people in mosul are living one day at a time with a lack of basic services and jobs a bleak future prospects believe that winning the war against probably the easy part the real challenge is maintaining the peace in the long run. back that. this is al jazeera these are your headlines britain's ambassador to the u.s. has resigned following complaints from donald trump mr trump. stupid and wacky but
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was in response to leaked diplomatic memos criticizing the u.s. president. to resign me said she regretted derek's decision. thank you mr speaker mr speaker this morning i have spoken to said. i have told him that it is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position sharon sikkim has given him has given a lifetime of service to the united kingdom and we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. the u.s. president donald trump has just tweeted that sanctions on iran will soon be increased substantially that follows an emergency meeting of the u.n. nuclear watchdog in vienna the u.s. envoy accused iran of brinksmanship over its decision to pull back from the 2050 nuclear deal iran insisted sanctions are legal after the u.s. really impose sanctions. the french military has admitted that antitank missiles found during
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a raid in libya belong to the french army the us made javelin the cells were recovered from the warlord after a space on the outskirts of tripoli france says the missiles were intended for one of its units in libya but documents suggest they were supplied by the u.a.e. . sudan has begun to unblock internet access to mobile phones in the country allowing people to finally see what happened during the military crackdown last month services were caught after more than a 100 people were killed by government forces during a peaceful sit in. it'll keep drilling for oil and gas around cyprus despite e.u. and u.s. condemnation the u.s. state department he is being provocative by sending 2 ships to explore off the coast of the politically divided island it says energy resources should be shared equally between turkey which controls the northern part of cyprus and the greek cypriots the ministration in the south those are your headlines up next it's the stream i will see you very soon.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. thousands of refugees in europe rely on aid workers for essential help but a growing number of volunteers are facing arrest and prosecution as countries discourage people seeking asylum i feel me ok imo it could be allowed to they will hear about the impact of legal action against humanitarians and how aid groups are fighting to keep protecting the vulnerable in your thoughts through twitter and you tube. the recent arrest of
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a german boat captain who brought 40 shipwrecked refugees into an italian port has highlighted the legal risks humanitarians across europe face are providing help to people fleeing war and persecution carol a record day was held after her bus or c. watch 3 collided with a border patrol boat while disregarding orders not to dock at languages up she was put under house arrest but a judge later ruled she should be freed ending further investigation but the watch organization welcomed the ruling. that. son is sick or cinematic to view a humanitarian ship carrying people rescued at sea and which just wants to bring them safely to a safe harbor as the biggest and most urgent threat to security and public order makes this country look ridiculous i would therefore say that at least yesterday's ruling reestablishes a little order with respect to the hierarchy of norms and also raised the dignity of this country yet the enormous schools of other aid volunteers have also been
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arrested or prosecuted in 2018 ceremony dini was arrested by greek police while working for emergency response center international she was charged with people smuggling money laundering and espionage on his own bell while the case against her remains open so just one of 104 humanitarians in europe who were investigated or prosecuted in connection with their work in 20 team that's according to the research social platform on migration asylum joining us to discuss this sean buying day he's a rescue coordinator who has worked on both land and sea operations to save and support refugees he's in the irish city of call. is founder of team humanity a danish organization providing aid to refugees in greece he joins us from los force and he said that pierre he is a researcher at amnesty international's europe office she joins us from london good to have you here to tell this story talking about stories shown you are in the
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headlines right now so you have been in the headlines and you continue to be in the headlines we'll get to your stories but i want the audience to know what it is that you've done to warrant this headline in the irish times irish charity work a charge with human trafficking released on bail has your mom holding up your university graduation picture there sean what she work what if you've been out to this lady in so much trouble. right. and i think it's really important start off by saying that my work isn't that unique it are you i went having been trained in search and rescue being a rescue diver and having some experience in that line of work i went after my master's studies to let us really just a system where i could with the search and rescue operations that are still. being undertaken and although there's been a decline in numbers of crossings into into europe there has been
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a rise in the percentage of deaths occurring during that transit and so it was i felt was important to try and lend some assistance if i could so you went to help and now you're thinking a prison sentence john those 2 dots right so for the better part of 3 months i had been working on this search and rescue vessels and on the shoreline as an emergency responder and then in 2018 in january began taking over the coordination role of search and rescue with the same organization sarah martini was in r.c.i. . and i continued coordination wanted to expand the kind of operations that we did particularly with the civilian search and rescue organizations. essentially what we did was nightly search and rescue missions along with managing a clinic for emergency cases in one of the primary refugee camps in europe called
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moria. and then we seem to we were arrested in february. the police came in around 2 30 in the morning we were at the shoreline undertaking a rescue mission. and we were detained for a number of days and then we were at least without any charge or really any accusations being built after that investigation on premises. and then we continued working as normal cooperating with the authorities there wasn't until august i had returned back to the island from a brief visit for a family tragedy back in ireland. and week later we were arrested again. but this time we were in prison for 3 and a half months and we were charged with a number of heinous crimes as you alluded to that is illegally assisting aliens into greece. money laundering espionage and being part of court organization all of which could land us if we're found guilty 25 years in prison. and
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because you spent more than 100 days in a greek jail there was an outpouring of support and protest online and on the streets i wanted to share with our audience in case they worked a 1000000 will but this looked like so this was outside of the embassy in greece in dublin this is in 20000 and solidarity with you and your colleagues you can see people gathered there and posted online by and standing here there are sharing their support this is for humanitarians out there for a rally norm ransack said we went to uni binder he's carrying he's always tried to make a difference for the better and you can see rescue the rescuers there your case of course is not the only one so i wanted to share this tweet for you said this is. healthy what house is says salama dean runs team humanities center for women and children he's dedicated his life to helping refugees see a bit of a celebrity there are people wanting to pose with you because of the work you're
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doing salaam but something similar happened to you talk to us about what inspired you to do this work in the 1st place so. i saw a picture that's what it should be a picture of on court in 2015. busy saw it on the 3rd september and then. i write a list goes on the 6 of them on my birthday. and i gain just something i never seen in my life. i went to the shores of. it's a city in lesbos and what i saw was 3 boats coming to the shore and there was nobody to help so it was no un it was the police it was the coast guard no one. jumped into the water to help one boat and the 2nd boat had to swim 100 metre to bring the boat because they didn't stop and the 3rd boat was like one kilometer away and. all day what i saw. made me
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actually sad and angry i didn't know what to do i was alone there for that week i went there. i saw a lot of drugs i saw people died in front of children drowning so i went that far 13 days after i arrived back from lesbos with 30 people and a star they're going to station 3 minutes and what we did was every single day and night without sleeping we were risking people in the sea so now i'm going to show people what this it looks like because those pictures tell so much the same way that when you saw a picture. i want people to see what you're actually doing we feel called team humanity so tell us about this shot what is happening here. there was a bolt on the way the shores got stuck we the weather was not so good we went swimming. and then there would brought the bowl back but the boat was
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full with water that explicitly destroyed was that in the back of the boat and on the back of the boat where the engine is it's full with water there. and as you see the child is crying and screaming because. the child thought it would drown and then another shot had different day different this is a different day this was the beginning it was beginning to the september month there was a boat with $230.00 people arrived at the shore and they couldn't get down and we had to yes you see i had to have one foot on the big rock and another foot on the boat to get them there is a small baby gate as you see that didn't even have live jackets and that boat is a dangerous boat with the sea in the middle of the sea a body nobody could help any so what is extraordinary about this is the shown and selema talking about the volunteering what that are and the work they're doing to
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help refugees and migrants who are in dire circumstances and may well be saving lives that saving lives while i did. face a criminal charge charges why is sean waiting to go on trial it's hard to imagine what they did that was wrong can you explain the framework in europe that means that they can actually face charges and go to prison that's a possibility. nothing wrong in fact i think their humanity shines through their lovely people and the exact they want the. summary done to do the problem is that the. european leaders have focused in the last few years in preventing iraq evils and. efforts to prevent their rivals they have started to look for all the possible ways to avoid people seeking
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protection and by the life of opportunities for europa and they realize that the big old soul block our rivals through blocking rescues and. organizations photo and t. is. has created the problem because there are competing. to rescue people i see. people like. and. we're leaving out but those international obligations but states have focused on national law was we to make it a crime to cross border irregularly and so many of these. key is individuals organizations to be. investigated and prosecuted for crimes that have to do with crossing a border irregularly so generally it's
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a regular migration but some cases that are still real charges like facilitate trafficking and in the case that you where. shall we know the beginning of the case of the seawall cop then also you know she's been accused of trying to see a war both. territorial waters in the process of bringing people to safety so states have really using now. of. procedure and criminal conduct to try to heat. carry and you mention carola record his case and there were so much comment about that on line this is i mean who says carolus simply enforce human rights at sea and this push towards criminalizing heroes and helpers across europe and northern africa that help refugees and asylum seekers is one we all have to watch and call out for
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and that comment is one that is what elicited a response from someone who sent us a video comments to talk to us about the push and the poor of what forces refugees onto foreign shores this is solomon here's what she told the story. as an artist and an activist i've been campaigning for say for the migration particularly for women because they're more vulnerable and i think we have to remember that this is a e.u. wide problem it's not just italy humanitarians are being stopped from rescuing people at sea and i also think we shouldn't forget the reasons why people are leaving their homes. for example the work that i'm doing with women in the communities in the u.k. they speak about rocket launching pads behind their houses you know crossing different countries being blocked at the border and held there we've seen pictures
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of how migrants are being treated. by by people you know trying to keep them out. so i could see you nodding there as i was talking has this affected the numbers of people we're seeing. the question how the numbers of people seeking asylum been affected by these reports of people like you and like sean who are being prosecuted. no let me explain you one thing there is people who doesn't was in danger in their countries and they can't stay there they have to run and what's happening is the politicians think if they stop this. humanitarian work what we do in the sea and let them draw on and i think the refugees are going to be afraid to come and that's wrong because they're it doesn't have other solution than come over
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busy to europe and take that risk no one want to take that risk the children if they don't have to. and this is the problem we have is what we're facing that they are. they are criminalizing criminalizing the humanitarian work that we provide and let them die in the sea how can you let children die and don't help them i can understand that you have a child driving in front of you of course i'm going to help them even if they want to give me a life sentence for that course i'm going to jump into the water and risk that child and i see that they seem shawn's work i've been actually. i witnessed shawn's work and some of these were their hugo's should be in jail for for risking people for saving lives come on that means if the person. walk in the
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street somewhere in london and falls down and let that person die without giving 1st aid. that's good that you give the 1st they will sit in jail for that. and i want to bring you into the conversation professed i want our audience to hear some of the politicians who actually think it is a good idea that. the not anybody should be out to rescue refugees all migrants who are at sea and got into trouble this is the interior minister of italy speaking here on his facebook account have a listen to him. you're used to having no today's i saw that the german government's wrote me alexa today asking to reopen the ports and to let all the migrants disembark no no no absolutely not and i think i can say it's on your behalf there is a german ship that's breaking the italian laws for the umpteenth time like it on arts there are some laws voted by the italian parliaments that represents 60000000 italians they're full on what grounds private ships managed by private companies
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decide how to organize human trafficking and decide how and when to break laws see borders and land borders are the same if you mind me it could make one so that is the italian interior minister a minister mattio salvini have a look at this headline this is fresh from this week he has decided to close the largest migrant camp in you have what is this doing to the population of people who feel they have to they have to get to you sean what he's saying well i completely appreciate what selma. was able to speak about in her video and what salam just mentioned is this idea that it's actually a wider european phenomenon right so if you take so long as case in my case and the sea watch case you can see just individual occurrences but if you step back and look at the wider scenario across europe you can see that there's a 158 people being prosecuted for some kind of humanitarian assistance and that's
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across the union and it's really important to kind of bring it to that level and ask why is that happening as it was alluded to this this push fucked over the whole factor has been reading the ferias in in this topic so as i said is the idea that because search and rescuers are in the sea and they provide lifesaving services. they in some way exacerbate or promote smuggling which of course. is being framed as incredibly dangerous and bad and in many cases smuggling is dangerous however to really tease out the question of why why is it being framed like that why are humanitarian human planetariums being blamed for this the idea being that what we're promoting because we're saving lives is is absurd what is essentially being said is if we don't save lives we are in some way assisting or if we shouldn't be saving lives because it would hinder the flow of
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migrants and that's a disaster of a policy at least i want to share with you the thoughts of someone on you tube who is writing to us live who has an idea for a solution to this is god in the bay flores who says aid workers face very domestic laws treated as humanitarians and one hunter and human smugglers in another they need international designation as an aid worker your thoughts on that what that actually help. it's an interesting idea but what the reason the. frame for protecting human rights defenders their ease a separation already pasta but they generally assembly which. obliges state to ensure that their reason in the neighboring what is called the enabling enviro meant there so that the people who protect human rights can operate in safety and actually protected by the lol and facilitate the. helpful actions that
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assist the all of us in society now. the european union has adopted a very. sort of unfair approach to. sound international standards it. always requests for example south american states said to protect human rights defenders in south america but then when it comes to europe but it's doing quite a different thing so i think that we need to bring those international standards back to europe and they're sure that our leaders speak about these people in the way they should be treated as human rights defenders who need to continue doing their job and they are in fact in most cases doing something with or e.t.s. or should be doing so let me do something very special for us earlier on today you took your camera and you walked around to manatees so that we could see the woman think you and your coworkers actually doing on the ground only i want of less boss
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i just want to take a little moment to have a look at that. learned. one sides of this rounds here. but bill that. as you playground. this is a woman senator as you see. here the women can't even. enjoy themselves do whatever they want going to women here as you see. watching movies listening to music. if you
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hadn't have been acquitted it's a lot he would not have been hand today to be on this show to show us that he had to do the what you were doing and now you tend to typos you're using the law to try and fight back can you explain how getting it you see i've seen a lot of bad things i see children drawn in front of me. very 4 children a mother father with my own hands. we couldn't save them all but what we saved. they got a new life your chance. when they accused me so human trafficking arrested me in the middle of the night the sea well i was trying to save humans from drowning. that destroyed me part of in some ways because i didn't understand
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i thought we all humans helping other humans. i don't know which. for bidding. for saving human lives for saving children's lives i don't understand so i'm willing a very final part of this program and this is so important i'm going to push in the european court of human rights you aren't going that because. i'm going i'm accusing greece for what they did to me i am suing them for what they did to me to destroy 2 years of my life and. to make a huge. example of this of the situation so other volunteers rights defenders are going to get through this the problems what i've been doing we are going to be sure there's going to be following your call case keep us up to date with that and and showing for you you're waiting to see what
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would happen if your trial what are your lawyers telling you how do you phil. i just wanted to quickly say something about salaam said about you know pushing back and using strategic litigation to kind of promote the fact that humanitarian workers children have to in a sentence or right at the end of the shock i had it's illegal to be in europe without necessary documents because we've secured as the border and it's impossible to receive international protection without being in the country and the only way that people can actually seek asylum here in europe is to undertake a dangerous journey so take us to accuse humanitarian workers being the pope factor is in is completely wrong it is the legal basis underpinning that you can security right and how much he said in my jewel case is on the stream if not in court thank you so much shown in salaam and lisa for being with us mini cab i mean here with the thought last words politicians have been stoking fear and scapegoating refugees from time immemorial this pattern is cyclical and like time immemorial they
11:46 pm
brandish their legal swords to threaten those that protect human life this conversation will continue online at 8 a street thanks for watching and you can i was seen x. hi. my. like qatar airways experience economy class like never seen qatar airways going places together. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness al jazeera.
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i'm going to go like everywhere connectivity that's paramount and yet for infrastructure and the pen and some foreign corporation means to many remain offline now a politician and tech activists are building a homegrown solution to connect one of you and secure the nation's technological sovereignty to. rebel geeks the citizens network does either.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a that this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes i have told him that it is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position. the british ambassador to the u.s. resigns amid a diplomatic dispute with donald trump. the u.n.
11:49 pm
nuclear watchdog holds an emergency meeting in vienna to discuss iran's increasing new raney in richmond. a confession from france it's admits ownership of anti-tank missiles found at a base belonging to libyan warlord kind of a half thought plus the doctors from the private hospital they can easily field in . place in india investigate doctors accused of removing the worms of thousands of farm workers. and in sport india been knocked out of the cricket world cup they were stunned by new zealand in the semifinals the black caps winning by 18 right i. britain's ambassador to the u.s. has resigned after a dispute with the u.s. president donald trump leaked memos by kim dara called the white house this
11:50 pm
functional president trump and in secure in response trump called barack stupid and wacky and said he would not deal with the ambassador. well in a statement barack explains his decision to resign the current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as i would like although my posting is not due to end until the end of this year i believe in the current circumstances the responsible course is to allow the appointment of a new ambassador. diplomatic editor james bays this standing by for us in washington d.c. with the latest reaction out of the us but 1st let's go straight to dean barber in london a d.m. i can't help but wonder i understand he resigned could the prime minister have refused it. well
11:51 pm
some he she could have refused resignation but i think it was pretty clear that he was determined to go there he felt like he was being hung out to dry. the there is a lot of sympathy that's been expressed in the last few hours here in britain for him derek can generally the message is that he was like any other ambassador carrying out instructions to report back to base in an honest way and not to sugar coat his words a lot of people a lot of politicians have been pointing out that that's precisely what no doubt the us ambassador in london would be doing to the white house so across the political spectrum you've been hearing statements like the shadow foreign secretary for the opposition labor party emily thornberry saying that the situation has made a lot of things stock of britain we've heard from the head of the senior person at the foreign office in the last few hours that there is indeed
11:52 pm
a police investigation underway into where the leaks came from there are reports that the diplomatic service is worried that there could be more leaks of private correspondence which would be very damaging now to prime minister to resume a you're talking about she her has confirmed that she spoke to kim darrick on wednesday briefly she didn't go so far as others have done in their criticism of what's happened but she was fully supportive of him let's have a listen. thank you mr speaker mr speaker this morning i have spoken to slim down i have told him that it is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position and. i. said kim has given us a kid has given a lifetime of service to the united kingdom and we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. i also wonder whoever takes over now is the british ambassador
11:53 pm
going to have to feel all tried very carefully about what he says even in the most . absolutely the fear is that people the diplomats will feel very they have to be guarded and basically can't do their job as instructed that scrum to a real sense soul searching here in britain we've heard from no less than a minister at the foreign office alan duncan a serving minister. accusing boris johnson the former foreign secretary of throwing him directly under the bus why did he say that because there's a lot of speculation that kim derek was reacting specifically specifically to the televised debate between boris johnson and the current foreign secretary jeremy hunt on television on tuesday night they are both competing to lead the conservative party and to become the next prime minister and the labor party
11:54 pm
similarly has said that if in fact compare it was reacting to the words of boris johnson who was seen not to back up keep derek then it would show that he was if he were in power would be america's patsy clearly there was a difference in tone between the 2 conservative rivals let's have a listen. it is vital that our civil service is not politicized by by ministers leaking what they say when he says whoever's job whoever whoever leaked that deserves to be created. who chooses our ambassadors is a matter for the united kingdom government and the united kingdom prime minister so i have made it. to 5. times the ambassador in washington stays because it's our decision with the immediate question now is who who becomes the next ambassador and who appoints him number 10 downing street has
11:55 pm
said that that there will be an appointment in due course but it's not clear right now whether prime minister to resume a at the end of her term in office will make that appointment or whether it will be nick left to the next prime minister presumably boris johnson all right nadine barber there thanks for that let's continue this though now with our diplomatic editor james bays is live for us at the white house is the white house happy now james. we've had no comment so far from the white house or from president trump either in person or on twitter it may be that they've decided the best reaction after all the fuss and really a high level dispute between 2 countries which are supposed to be some of the closest allies in the world would be a dignified silence i have to add though this is the trumpet ministration and we know the president we know that he was like a dog with
11:56 pm
a bone with this issue with his tweets in recent days and there may well be in the coming hours the tendency to gloat. james from your experience as well as our senior diplomatic editor what solid of impact does this leave in diplomatic circles in general not just in the u.k. u.s. special relationship. is going to make diplomats ambassadors look over their shoulder they're going to be very concerned about whether they could be a victim of something like this certainly within the u.k. foreign service because they still don't know the source of this leak was it someone who was one of the intended recipients of the diplomatic cable in which kim we gave out his detailed ideas of the trumpet ministration and what he made of the trumpet ministration or did that cable get intercepted by a foreign power potentially there could be more damaging leaks from cables
11:57 pm
potentially from other u.k. . so we have to watch closely on the leak and the leak inquiry and who gets blamed by the leak inquiry we also have to look very closely about what the u.k. is going to do next about this very important vacancy this is a job that deals with very difficult issues but normally the u.s. and the u.k. working together are very difficult issues rather than fire in themselves in this adversarial situation they've found themselves in now who will they. they decide to appoint as the next british ambassador i can go all the way back to the 1970 s. to the last time a british ambassador resigned he was called peter j. he resigned because there was a new prime minister margaret thatcher he resigned because he was a political appointee put in place by jim callaghan who in fact was his father in law that is the only time we can remember in recent history when there was a political appointee normally the british system is career civil servants perhaps
11:58 pm
though they might decide to get someone who is political in order to please president trump a trump flavored u.k. ambassador and it's worth just putting it out there that president himself has gone on record to say he thinks he knows who'd be the best prime. at this time and that is nigel for raj the head of the brics it party and all of this makes one feel that this is a very different scenario a thing you've been saying about the police for the ties of that appointees from previous incidents where cables were leaked we had the leakage of cables through wiki leaks this feels different right. it feels different it was leaked for very political reasons whether those are internal u.k. political reasons or whether they are geo political reasons and the country that's an enemy of the u.k. is behind this it's not clear at this time but you're right this is very very
11:59 pm
different from the normal way things work here in washington certainly between the u.s. and the u.k. they talk about a special relationship well it's certainly special but not perhaps in the way they'd like right now right james bays there thanks so much from washington d.c. there are diplomatic editor. or i'll bring you more on this story later in the show as soon as we get it. france's military has admitted that antitank missiles found during a raid in libya belong to the french army the us made javelin missiles were recovered from warlord base on the outskirts of tripoli france says the missiles were intended for the protection of a french military unit deployed for counterterrorism operations in libya but documents found with the ammunition suggest the weapons belonged to the united arab
12:00 am
emirates but that has more from paris a of p. and where it is news agencies say that they have received a statement from the french defense ministry and in the statement the french defense ministry says these missiles are indeed french they are u.s. made or javelin missiles that the french gave to their forces operating in libya now that's interesting in itself because france has always been very vague about its presence in libya now the french defense ministry statement also says that these missiles were in fact defective they were supposed to be destroyed what the statement doesn't say though is how on earth these missiles ended up in the hands of forces.


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