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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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yes on the outskirts of tripoli france says the missiles were intended for the protection of a french military unit deployed for counterterrorism operations in libya but documents found with the ammunition suggest the weapons belonged to the united arab emirates. has more from paris a of p. and where it is news agencies say that they have received a statement from the french defense ministry and in a statement the french defense ministry says these missiles are indeed french they are u.s. made javelin missiles that the french gave to their forces operating in libya now that's interesting in itself because france has always been very vague about its presence in libya now the french defense ministry statement also says that these missiles were in fact defective they were supposed to be destroyed what the statement doesn't say though is how on earth these missiles ended up in the hands of forces who are loyal to khalifa haftar i mean that's the big question and
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potentially a very embarrassing one for the french government because the french government have always said that they are not supplying any weapons or to libya that would be in breach of a u.n. arms embargo and over the years campaign is and critics have accused france of supporting. in the sense that france perhaps feels after is someone that they can partner with in the fight against fighters in the region but france has always denied that they've denied that support and said that they backed publicly the u.n. peace process. now the international atomic energy agency is going into emergency session in vienna to discuss iran's nuclear program washington has accused iran of nuclear extortion but says it remains open for talks without preconditions hours earlier iran's president said the decision to increase its uranium enrichment is
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still within the framework of the nuclear deal and house and rouhani warned the u.k. of consequences after it seized in the iranian oil tanker off the coast of gibraltar european powers say they want to save the deal the french president top advisors into her arm for talks he's given a letter to president rouhani from emanuel my craw meanwhile the u.s. says it's working to form an international coalition to patrol the waters off the coast of iran and yemen last month washington blamed the iran for recent oil tanker attacks in the gulf of oman. of president donald trump has tweeted on iran in the past hour saying iran has long been secretly enriching in total violation of the terrible $150000000000.00 deal made by john kerry and the obama administration remember that deal was to expire in
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a short number of years sanctions will soon be increased substantially let's go live now to vienna and jonah how jonah this tweet which i've just read out i mean quite surprising any indication then the reaction to the suggestion iran was secretly enriching to the u.s. have information that it didn't release before up until now the i.a.e.a. was saying iran was standing by its obligations right. well who knows what information the united states may have and the i.a.e.a. certainly hasn't publicly responded but if it were to do so which it might of course it might say something along the following lines that the u.n. agency the atomic energy energy agency was tasked with verifying iran's compliance under the j c p o since 2015 which it did consistently up to and beyond the
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united states unilateral withdrawal from the deal last year indeed one of the key elements of the deal was transparency so that when iran decided to upscale its enrichment activities recently it did so publicly the i.a.e.a. was unable to go in and verify that that was the case so i imagine that there would be among the board members meeting as we speak some who will wonder what on earth donald trump is actually talking about now as to that meeting is still going on in fact we expect very shortly to hear from the iranian delegation is still going on if the united states who called this meeting and looking for some sort of unity of purpose here from the international community within the i.a.e.a. they're likely to be disappointed the range of views among ambassadors here reflecting divisions within the stakeholders to the party itself on the one hand the americans with their sort of aggressive rhetoric calling iran's expansion attempts an attempt to extort financial benefits from the international community
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any rewards given to iran now they say would only increase breaches in the future the past the regime is on now says the ambassador will only deepen its international isolation and raise the dangers it faces the e.u. the other 3 signatories in europe britain france and the united kingdom taking a much more balanced position they're trying to save this deal of course insisting this is not the forum they want this talked about in a joint commission under the terms of the deal a way of deescalating tensions and then of course to the other end of the scale russia and china also signatories also members of the i. russia laying the blame for all of this at washington's door and talking about the march towards a totalitarian world order so very little sign of unity of purpose here is or so we await the iranians view on things when they speak hopefully to the media shortly or i will be looking out for that one thanks so much for now jonah home for come back to you later in vienna let's continue this with andrus creagh he's an assistant professor at the defense studies department of king's college in london joins us
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now from the british capital i got to start with this latest tweet from donald trump so any idea there of what the u.s. president's talking about secret enrichment has been going on he says. yes i really don't think there is much substance to that i agree with the. assessment of the compliance of iran with the deal since 2015 and it's been quite quite obvious that the iranians have a provided much of the access that was needed for the i.a.e.a. to do the inspections they never structured it what was presented to them shows they were very much in compliance even overly compliant with their deal what he might be talking about and many of those who were critical of the of the iran deal and that critical of the way of always referred to potential you know iran in being in breach already of the of international agreements and the i.a.e.a. deals before to the 15 by saying they were trying to build a bomb before before the iran deal before the j.c.
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pewee and that in itself was in breach and that might be that might be very very likely true but that is completely irrelevant today because i don't think that iran has still has a nuclear program and whether they have one in the past doesn't really play a role today i think because we should concentrate on making sure that iran doesn't get the bomb in the future and that's why we should look at how compliant the iranians were and how responsive they were to diplomacy over the last couple of years and that's why this entire pressure complain whether it's in the information space or also militarily on the ground that is i think where the problem lies and that has kind of led to the most recent escalation so i can also another issue of are we likely to see a sort of joint u.s. european force policing the straits of hormuz. yes i think well i don't know whether we see this as a joint exercise because europe is obviously taking quite a different approach to iran than the u.s. is doing at the moment but there it's very important if then that the arranger
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playing a dual strategy on the one hand the government seems to be somewhat willing to negotiate someone willing to talk to the europeans to salvage the j.c. p.o. a and all the other hand we've seen the deep state and those components part of the i.r.s. of the revolutionary guard you know trying to escalate as we've seen with attacks on tankers over the car over the last 2 months so what we have to do as the west is yes we should compare continue to do open leave the door open for negotiation engaging with the iranian government but at the same time kind of sending clear messages and really clear red lines to the r.g.c. and other non-state actors that might be working as proxies or sergeants of the iranians on the ground who have breached red lines in the around the strait of hormuz and it is very important that you know considering the the biggest scheme of things that the iranians do not cannot get away with murder if you will cannot get away with these symmetric operations that they have been planning over the last 2 months and might potentially plan in the future so considering that i think having
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a joint military naval operation in the area is not a bad idea per se because i think it can it can create a bit of a deterrent against these are symmetric forces but there is a bit of caveat here and this caveat is that the iranians are driving an symmetric strategy right as a metric meaning they are relying on small boats they relied it relying on sorry good and naval ships are not as flexible or they are not as you know there is no capacity in the gulf at the moment neither on this side of the americans the bridge in the french nor on the side of the g.c.c. countries so with a lack of capacity it is very difficult to really counter that as a metric strategy that the iranians are driving i think that's the bigger question mark here and that's why i think a joint naval operation although it's of right step in the right direction is not going to be sufficient to actually deter the iranians from from escalating further . thanks so much. kenya is hosting a counterterrorism summit for africa's leaders the u.n.
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sponsored talks are designed to share information and form a united front thousands of africans have been killed and millions displaced in various countries the threats include attacks and i saw the philly it's in the western saddle region join regional task force there are so far failed to stop the killings. fighters in nigeria are responsible for a humanitarian crisis spreading across the lake chad region at least 27000 people have been killed over 10 years in the east us forces of joined african union operation against the shabab whose fighters continued to launch attacks despite losing strongholds in somalia malcolm web has more from nairobi kenya curity officials representatives from several african governments the african union european union and the united nations have met here at the un's office in nairobi to talk about preventing violent thick stream ism and countering terrorism
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the un secretary general antonio good terry said the threat of terrorism is spreading in africa in the opening session and your 3rd the whole region the being destabilized the people of africa are on the front line of efforts. and the spread of violent extremists i do believe that. forcing counterterrorism operations must have strong mandate by the un security council backed by sufficient but addicted will and sustainable financial. contribution kenya's president kenyatta also spoke are most important to me. is to ensure that. holding territory is this reaches. of finance. so
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it's a group meant training. and also claims of legitimacy kenya the host country is significant in the discussion around violent extremism its army went into neighboring somalia in 2011 to fight the armed group al-shabaab and since then launched a series of attacks on kenya many kenyans being killed in january this year gunmen attacked the dusit hotel complex here in nairobi 21 people were killed just over a year ago the un held the 1st ever high level conference for countering terrorism with leaders of counter-terrorism for many of its member states in new york to follow up on that it's holding a series of 5 regional conferences to counter terrorism the 1st was last month held in mongolia this one here in nairobi is the 2nd and there are 3 more coming in the
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months ahead. still ahead on al-jazeera drilling deeper into control of a sea well look at the reaction to turkey's latest oil exploration near cyprus. and why the iraqi city of mosul is struggling to rebuild 2 years after the defeats of i saw. it i would support a bit of history was made at the major league all-star game in cleveland for a whole be here with all the details of the 1st. hello again we're here cross parts of turkey things are going to be changing over the next few days and the reason being is we have a frontal boundary coming in from the balkan peninsula brings a very heavy rain potentially severe weather through istanbul as well as uncorrupt so expect to see very gusty winds as well possibly some hail and once that front
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goes through from thursday to friday the temperatures will also be dropping there for a level though it is going to remain quite hot at $38.00 degrees and for baghdad attempt a few of $45.00 where here across the gulf the winds have finally subsided they were quite gusty at times bring the visibility down as well we do expect to see here in doha on thursday about $45.00 and that will continue as we go towards friday down along the coast though for slow it is going to be quite a nice day with attempted there of about 28 degrees and then very quickly as we make our way down here across parts of southern africa things are not looking too bad in terms of clouds you notice in the interior those that gray that you see right there that is the overnight cooler air across much of the area so overnight we get down into the single digits but as we rebound during the day we're going to be seeing those temperatures it come back into the low twenty's so for janice $21.00 degrees few there durban is going to be about $23.00 with plenty of sun in your forecast and the down here across capetown it is going to be a little chilly but the tempter of 16.
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the term pre-crime comes from this movie a minority report in which a predicts could be about something an individual has not yet done but is going through and a preemptive arrest is made of someone before they perform that. if you would have asked me 37 years ago if we would have gunshot detection or video cameras in neighborhoods or be able to predict what crimes occur i would have said you're crazy pre-crime coming soon on al-jazeera.
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you're watching all the time to recap headlines now the u.k. ambassador to the united states has resigned after a dispute with the u.s. president donald trump. called the white house dysfunctional and described as inept and in secure raney and president hassan rouhani is defending his country's you rein them in richmond saying it's peaceful and still within the framework of the 2015 nuclear deal. rounds pulled back from its commitments to the
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deal is the focus of an emergency meeting in vienna the u.s. requested the international atomic energy agency session iranian and u.s. envoys are expected to address the group. finding ways to counter iran will be a priority as u.s. secretary of state mike meets with the amir of qatar president donald trump welcome show to me i'm bill hemmer and fanny at the white house on tuesday where 5 commercial agreements were signed the meeting comes during a difficult time in the gulf with tensions soaring between iran and the united states and an ongoing blockade on car told by some of its arab neighbors cross over now to rosen in jordan she's live for us from washington d.c. so as i said this meeting comes at a very sensitive sensitive time and sort of signals are we getting out of it about these multiple crises going on in the region. well certainly
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sami i think that you can judge just by the fact that the emir received a very public welcome at the white house on tuesday was given an oval office visit with u.s. president donald trump that from the american perspective qatar is considered an essential partner in the middle east certainly the president was very keen to underscore the close financial and economic ties between the 2 countries and he also did make note of the security arrangements that both countries share the u.s. has its largest military presence in the middle east at the airbase which is north of doha and it's also the home to the regional offices of central command that's the part of the u.s. military that is responsible for activities across the middle east and the president underscored that the u.s.
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very much appreciates the qataris for hospitality in having more than $10000.00 u.s. forces at this base north of downtown doha it's also really important to note from a diplomatic standpoint sammy that whatever the ongoing complications are across the middle east and particularly in the gulf that the u.s. does see that there is a role for qatar to play in trying to mediate these issues in numerous times in the past several years doha has been the place where u.s. officials have met with taliban representatives looking to try to push ahead some sort of the bench will peace accord for afghanistan we have seen that the u.s. is also interested in whatever can bring to the table in terms of trying to relieve tensions between the united states and iran which of course is the trumpet. perhaps
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a top foreign policy priority because it does have relations with iran something which some here in the united states have criticized there is a sense at least coming from some top administration officials that when it comes to mediating the concerns about iran's nuclear weapons ambitions and about its own foreign policy that qatar might be able to perhaps pass messages along as one official told the washington post in order to have this bag there were a channel of communication between the 2 countries all right thanks so much for us live in jordan that the internet's been switched back on in sudan a month after military leaders or the ends of the peaceful sit in an army headquarters more than $100.00 protesters were killed lawyers suspect internet services were cuts of cover up the military crackdown the tale of those are they on
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has more. for the 1st time in more than a month these type of images are be shared through mobile phone. they show the aftermath of sudan's military crackdown on protesters during a peaceful sit in in khartoum more than 100 people were killed by sudan's military joint on june 3rd. much of the violence was recorded on so far videos internet services were cut shortly after on the orders of sudan's transitional military council. lawyer adela seen her son filed a lawsuit requesting the internet be restored the court agreed services were brought back 1st to fix landlines on tuesday the ruling was extended to mobile phones he along with several human rights groups believe the shutdown was an attempt to hide evidence of crimes committed against civilians but you probably know the argument was that interrupting internet services would protect the general
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public but in fact it was the opposite it was for the protection of private entities and for people that have committed crimes. social media platforms like facebook and twitter were widely used to organize protests that ultimately toppled one time leader omar al bashir in april once the military to control for weeks protesters took to the street. all right let's take you now to the i.a.e.a. way the iranian envoy about these speaking less than once given. the united states has not only read their own from the j.c. if you a fund violated his own commitments but through political an economy pusher prevents the international community states and private entities to implement their commitments to words iran these u.s. behavior which is in the defiance of international law not only make normal
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business relations with iran which is the goal of the difficult but also contribute to the u.s. could. be a negatively affects the humanitarian transactions in the ability of humanitarian organizations and either an iranian expects us to transfer to contribute sions or during the recent event stating flaws in iran. example. the united states has imposed economic terrorism against the states including through imposition of sanctions and extorted. cation of them said this sick tendency of the united states to use illegal unilateral sanctions as an instrument of course so what anastase and private entities should come to an end with the united states' destructive actions and adoption and application of the doomed to fed policy of maximum pressure is the main cause of current situation and iran's decisions to bring back the balance to
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the j.c. ph of. iran's actions of a line of the remade the old colossus incorporated into j.c. ph and all taken in all of the to restore the long lost balance of the implementation of the commitments under the one like the united states iran has acted responsibly and has resorted to the civilized dispute resolution mechanism of the j c if you say which resulted in 11 commitments of the remaining participants based on the j. c.p.a. with regard to iran incorporated initially as stated in the 6 through larger into statement of ministerial meeting of the joint commission of the j.c. if you say regrettably main the due to the united states constant abstraction the so option and savage no consequential practice outcome has been achieved and the issues arising from the in the right of it to all of the us remains unresolved
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therefore disarming the public of iran left with no choice but to exercise its lights on the remit there are provisions of the particularly particular 26 and 36 in order to reestablish the long missing balance indivisible called commitments of the j. c.p.a. let me touch some points to guarding this meeting of the board of governors. we have been informed that the united states as our many delegations before requesting to convene. of the board of governors but no delegation welcomed the idea by the united states they had to pay the cost to request the suspicion meeting themselves this is the 1st because president obama's over said that the nuclear deed is divorce deal international arena how come that if it is the voice the now you're concerned about not implementation or seizing implementation of some force of
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iran's obligation under the deal if it is a d. if it is a good deal and if the our interests are why we have withdrawn by the are pushing the others to follow suit this is the 1st point the 2nd point is that the majority of the delegations deplored the union lack of that all of the united states that these session meeting of the board of governors and supported the prison vision of the chase e.p.a. and also deplored the unilateralism the majority of the board members and also the observer member states requested all parties to the j c th implement their own obligations on the deal food effective. the majority in the board actually made it very clear that these issues are not safeguards related issues these are obligations and issues related to the
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implementation of the j c.p.a. and the board of governors is not an appropriate forum to discuss these issues that are not elected to darya under-served court obligations of iran so this was also was made very very clear by a majority of the members in the meeting of the court of governors and last but not the least is there was no formal outcome of this meeting. that was the intention of the united states actually to have some formal outcome it meant there was no can. by the chair of the world of governors because it was the perseverance in decisions of the board of governors that these had the conclusion by the chair of the governors of the board of governors summarizing the remarks of all delegations but even because it falls at a ridiculous request by the united states and it was not very cold but even seeing the delegation there was no conclusion for the support of governor thank you very
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much. but it's. very. easy to. be. very serious these events and he is an exemplary earth and very soon will be some very nice to join. you here in school for years. as it was as stated before why our high ranking officers including the president the minister for foreign affairs. iran sees some parts of implementation of its obligations under the deed every 60 days this is going to be substantial progress made toward the implementation of the obligations of all the remaining parties to the c.p.a. especially to european union and the 3 but when it comes to the 3rd phase actually
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yes there would be some actions after 60 days but no speeches actually steve has been specified that all options on the table that are technically. discussion on consideration but there is no single option has been a specified one announcing a very. fine. with me to sit under consideration we all considered in various options for the 6 for the face. it depends on the practical steps that the europeans are ticking towards implementation of there are no obligations under the deal. and reads. a meeting of the joint commission at the level of the ministers also has been during the. last commission at the level of the political directors it is under consideration and deliberations by the. parties to that. it will be
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announced by the quality nato. outcome if it's the worst deal in history are you concerned with noncompliance with some parts of it a question there hosed by the iranian envoy to the international atomic energy agency cause i'm sorry bob barr the addressing the u.s. concerns addressing the us calling in fact for a meeting of the i.a.e.a. to consider the fact that iran had begun enriching uranium on the limits agreed to in the 2015 nuclear deal he warned that he said iran was being increasingly left with no option but to as he put it reestablish the missing balance in reciprocal obligations tickly paragraphs 26 and 36 he referred to and he said the options for as he called it the 3rd phase of iran's response to the
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u.s. withdrawal from this agreement. are still on the table and still under consideration . let's go live now to vienna and joe hollis standing by for us that journey to bring us up to speed so far we've heard the iranian envoy speak there but where is the i.a.e.a. board of governors heading in this meeting. well look we have only the word of course i've got a speaking there a few moments ago the meeting has now broken up but has new terms of what actually was decided he has told us that there was no formal conclusion issued by this meeting of the board of governors of the i.a.e.a. called of course by the united states he said that the board of governors were unanimous in their view probably not entirely unanimous but possibly a majority of them feeling that this was not the forum to be dealing with this
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issue that it could be dealt with within the terms of the j.c.b. 08 specifically the joint commission called for in the last 24 hours in particular by the e 3 the european signatories to the deal a way of trying to deescalate tension or trying to allow some space for maneuver for talks such as it still exists rather than the sort of precipitous action that the united states may have hoped for on a unified basis here that certainly hasn't come the board we're told demanded that all the parties to the. comply with its terms not just iran so the united states may go away from this disappointed and certainly the views that have been expressed by ambassadors to reflect the divisions among the signatories to the deal the americans very strident aggressive in their language blaming iran entirely for all of this insisting that they come back to compliance saying that if they don't they only increase the dangers facing them and so on the europeans trading
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much more of a middle ground trying to keep this deal alive calling for the joint commission hoping to try and deescalate tensions. on the other side the russians and the chinese also signatories of course the russians laying the blame for all of this at washington's doorstep talking about the march towards a totalitarian world order so no consensus emerging from this meeting now and we're left with the words of the iranian envoy that 60 days will pass before they decide what to do next and how to respond if the europeans in particular don't come to the table and start preserving protecting iran's economic interests under the deal. journo just to be clear so what we're looking at basically the reason why this is ended without conclusion is the europeans want to try and give nother chance for this deal to be revived they don't want to go down the road of declaring iran
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in breach of its commitments as perhaps the u.s. would like. the europeans have never been on sides with the united states' unilateral decision last year to withdraw the europeans have consistently britain france germany and the european union of course insisted on the need to try and keep this deal alive the europeans have done what they can and to new to circumvent the threat of secondary sanch sanctions in place by the united states against any country that continues to do business with iran of course there is a new overwhelming force on the side of the united states in terms of not just its size but its control of the global financial system that prevents them from being able to do that and so iran is being relentlessly squeezed ostensibly back to the negotiating table on u.s. terms. paeans remain intent on trying to preserve the deal and at the very least at
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this stage by deescalating tensions which is why emanuel who's taken effectively the lead for france of the 3 percent is envoy to tehran on wednesday if not to convince the iranians to walk themselves back he hasn't done that at least to try and come up with some sense some gesture that iran is still intent on complying and if anything comes out of this meeting it is that iran is the set is not taking precipitate action here it's not walking away it is though renewing its threat to take further action in 60 days time if the other parties the europeans in particular haven't met their commitments as iran sees it sees it under the deal. there from vienna turkey says it will keep drilling for oil and gas around cyprus despite the e.u. and u.s. condemnation the u.s. state department says turkey is being provocative by sending 2 ships to explore off the coast of the politically divided island it says energy resources should be shared equally between turkey which controls the northern part of cyprus and the
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greek cypriot administration in the south center of course all has more from istanbul. the discovery of oil and gas in the eastern mediterranean has been a reason of conflict and tension between cyprus and turkey for a while that goes back to an ethnic conflict conflict in in 1974 which split the island between turkey speaking cyprus and greek in greek speaking cyprus and. the turkish speaking cyprus up and the north proclaims independence which is recognized by only turkey and this is why there are overlapping claims on the continental shelf borders or exclusive economic zone borders on the waters of it's the mediterranean between the greek side and turkey turkey says' it is free to explore and drill energy resources in the eastern mediterranean like any other country that has caused by the sea and the greek side accused to
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a key for do if or for doing this in greek waters and which they find illegitimate but turkey says it has a right and they are also defending the rights of the turkish cyprus because turks believe that the greek cyprus are doing this explorations and drilling independent from the turkish cyprus and they feel to defend themselves there are 2 turkish ships in the eastern mediterranean right now one of them is fatah which sailed dolphin and began drilling in the western side of the cyprus island in early 2019 it is drilling right now and the 2nd ship which sailed off in late june is counting down for drilling by. car parts and according to the energy ministry it is going to start drilling oil and gas in a week or so and this is why there is this conflict and the western allies have
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been also accusing turkey for increasing tensions in the mediterranean waters what took you say it's their legitimate right and. currently we have been hearing and reading reports that the e.u. it might be disgusting is suspending turkey's. accession and suspending to extension of a customs union with the european countries nigeria's national assembly went into lockdown on tuesday after shots were fired during fighting between police and a group of protesters demonstrators say 2 people were shot by police when they tried to enter the assembly building the islamic movement of nigeria has protested regularly outside parliament it's calling for the release of the its leader who's been in detention since 2015. britain and calendars are leading a push to secure more protection for journalists the global media conference in london britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt and canadian foreign minister.
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freeland are hosting the event delegates and journalists from more than $100.00 countries are attending to russian news outlets have been banned rights groups say 2018 was the worst year on record of violence against journalists today we send a resoundingly message that media freedom is not a western value but a universal value. at its best a free media both protects society from the abuse of power and helps release the full potential of a nation. today journalism is difficult and dangerous work you know school reports that last year alone $99.00 members of the media were killed around the world and by the end of last year reporters without frontiers says 348 turned us were imprisoned in fact the 4 deadliest recorded years for journalists have
12:40 am
occurred within the past decade. some cases have captured international attention in recent months like the gruesome murder of journalist jamal khashoggi recent reports suggest that today only one in 10 people in the world lives in a country with a free press and today the country of james madison has a leader who vilifies the media making honest journalists all of the world more vulnerable to abuse. all right now it's time to switch gears a little bit let's go for the life of sports news. life family there's been a huge shock at the cricket world cup new zealand have dumped 2 time champions india out in the semifinals the game was into its reserve day with rain washed out the majority of play on cheers day so how malik has the action.
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there was a dramatic day in manchester new zealand looking to build on their overnight total of $211.00 for 5 expectations would have been scaled back when ross taylor was run out for $74.00. the only managed to get 28 runs from the 23 balls they carried over and closed on 239. but few would have predicted how india's chase would go 1st rohit sharma was then captain virat kohli was and then kael rahul were dismissed india's top 3 were removed for just one run apiece when denish kartik fell with india on 24 for an os that was well and truly on the cards the advice rubin dredger danger and they missed dhoni try to revive india's fading hopes and while they got them back in the game it was all too much was fell for
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77 with india still needing 32 runs from 14 balls. and when don't you was out for 50 it was all but over martin got to struggle with the bat for new zealand striking in the field when it mattered the most new zealand dismissing india for 221. the black caps now go on to their 2nd world cup finals in a row so held malik al-jazeera. the us a women's football team had been celebrating in new york. city the city is hosting operate for them after they successfully defended their world cup title on sunday the usa beat the netherlands to nail in the final in real france and the 4th time overall they've won the trophy their victory set new records in viewership in the u.s. approximately 15300000 people across the country tuned in for the final that the u.s. audience figures for last year is man's world cup final by about 4000000 our correspondent
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rob reynolds is there. this is the moment that new york and old the u.s. has been waiting for a grand chick or tape parade honoring the championship team all readers of the women's world overwhelming have been through all of this that is the championship same way receiving the whole world this crowd of thousands of people all facts out all round right in the room you know that it's my room the rose bowl arrived a little late and so many other ways people here told 1 us that they are just happy to come out and still feel the pride of patriotism for a group of true american champions and people here are brought their kids lots of young girls and boys of aspiring football players so hopefully no doubt are dreaming of playing in their old world cup someday it is quite
12:44 am
a moment here in new york as the heroes of the women's world cup no doubt what is billed as the absolute the canyon of heroes to the the city hall where they will be presented with the key to the city and many more honors and people here are just ecstatic and boy while. the founding champion oban chalk for ages 3 to the semifinals of one move then the top seed being dabney call fab belgium in straight sat sun just under 2 hours. the serb is bidding for his 5th title at the all england club healthy by a good in the final 4. about to sign is just how said one of the world's most spectacular sporting events played in an altitude of $3700.00 metres the highest ground on the planet is the venue for the shandor festival our correspondent come on hyder was there although paulo is played all around the word the one they don't
12:45 am
show and. he also told the guys you're funny so hard it's all of your own and the word is a fun game from the get go focused on the good draw on. every you know there's your state here's your horsemanship and the cable for law and also known as gable and keep going for games in these regions. and this is also an opportunity for pakistan console games if you all believe you know if you get this done and you're drawn and because the security situation has improved drastically thousands of people have. one more discourse on the roof will still work with little girls i know which were given to understand to take the signal to the outside world and the door is sure to come and they should feel secure and if your street. and history was made at major league baseball's all star games you would generally
12:46 am
a scoreless innings to become the 1st green born pitcher to start in an all star game american league went on to win. ok and medicine for that was sammy back to you thanks so much for that sense of this news back in a few moments so do stay with us here on al-jazeera more news. to his supporters hungary's prime minister is a guardian of europe's borders manning the ramparts against migrant told. to
12:47 am
others viktor orbán is an authoritarian demagogue whose far right agenda poses a significant threat to democratic values people in power investigates the leader taking his country to extremes hungary europe's bad boy on a. i know. about you. some other day like richie problem is something which is a geopolitical issue as for governments international institutions to manage under one tent refugees don't have the right to walk freely on the other and gourds can will freely as far and as much as they want it's a new multi-national colonialism this is a v i'm not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera.
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it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the cartels are fighting each other we've been told that we can still be here this is the largest demonstration that's been a help to refugees to over $700.00 you hear some of the emergence roots of the problem or they think the group reports that there. are even bush. recipients of the crystal ball comes to. the same. persons ambassador to the u.s. resigns following the diplomatic dispute with donald trump. there i'm watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up iran's president
12:49 am
defends his country's you radium enrichment saying it's peaceful and does not violate the 2050 nuclear deal. a crackdown the world can now witness pictures a shared of the sudanese military's break up of a peaceful protest as an internet blackout ends plus. with a child where a national emergency has been declared as the country scrambles to contain a measles outbreak. britain's ambassador to the united states has resigned saying it's impossible to stay all of the president donald trump said the u.s. would no longer deal with him if it is the leaking of diplomatic cables in which the kim direct described the trumpet ministration as clumsy and inept lawrence lee
12:50 am
reports. there is no precedent for this kim derek hall of the u.k.'s most senior diplomats in the most important world capital forced from office after a concerted attack on his credibility by actors in london and at the white house prime minister in parliament spoke a prime minister and leader of the opposition expressed what you can only call thinly disguised outrage at what they see as an assault on the integrity of the u.k.'s diplomatic service good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice i want all our public servants to have the confidence to be able to do that. the parliament's foreign affairs committee met to try to make sense of its asking the head of the country's diplomatic service if he'd ever known anything like it not in his career he said nor in anyone else's in the last 150 years the last time i know that we had difficulty with the united states was
12:51 am
856. when the incumbent was accused of recruiting americans to fight on the british side in the crimean war president franklin pierce was in the one. on one level derek's position had become untenable since president decided to blackball him from official events following the ambassador's leaked criticisms of him and his administration although all go on tell us where the last straw was a come on but the straw that broke the camel's back was that barack watched the t.v. debate on tuesday nights between jeremy hunt the foreign secretary and boris johnson in the race to become the u.k.'s next prime minister hunt said he supported barack and said trump had no business interfering in the u.k.'s diplomatic service but johnson didn't he refused to say he had a direct hit back as the u.k.'s man in washington so i will keep him to retire and i think would like to know if you get well i'm not going to be so presumptuous as
12:52 am
to thank you i got a good position it seems derek decided that johnson was prepared to throw him under the bus in favor of his support for trump and the favorable trade deal with the usa as part of brecht's it the logic of this is there's none better than a country with which the u.k. might want to do a trade deal china say or brazil will have to think twice about expressing their opinions openly even in secret diplomatic cables for fear that they might get leagues and that in itself undermines governments but apart from that if boris johnson becomes prime minister he'll be faced with the foreign office furious at his perceived role in bringing down one of their own. some himself assuming he becomes prime minister will pick the next ambassador to washington the question is will it be a neutral diplomat or a political appointment breck's it is taking yet more victims this time but the heart of government morally al-jazeera in london let's go live now to our
12:53 am
diplomatic editor james bass he's in washington d.c. for a certain james also ripples is this causing in the diplomatic world. real shock the you can be to the u.s. is a war is a difficult job but a difficult job trying to deal with a difficult problems of the world working with the u.s. never do you normally have the ambassador in an adversarial relationship with the u.s. the country where he's stationed these are supposed to be 2 countries with a special relationship with some of the very closest ties so i think people are shocked that the an ambassador a diplomat with this stature in this town a diplomatic town where all the elite know him in the u.k. to where he used to be the national security adviser has been forced to leave his post it leaves us with some big questions number one the leak was it a domestic political leak someone on the distribution list leaking it for reasons
12:54 am
possibly to do with bricks it in the current tory party. battle for the leadership or was it a foreign act or leaking it i think they're bracing themselves for possible further leaks whether they are related to the embassy in washington or further afield 2nd question is what do they do now about this very important job and as lawrence suggested should this job go as it has done so many times in recent years to a career civil servant a diplomat at the summit of their career their last posting or should a new prime minister boris johnson as seems likely give it to a political appointee that is a possibility remember that president trump has already talked about this some time ago saying he knows the perfect man for this job and that will be nigel for the head of the brics it party james bays live in washington for us thank you.
12:55 am
now u.s. president donald trump is more that he will increase sanctions substantially all year old soon and accused of secretly and rich in uranium for a long time but iran insists its actions are peaceful and says it has nothing to hide president has signed rouhani says iran's increase race of enriching uranium remains within the framework of the nuclear agreements he's also warned that the u.k. will face consequences the seizing on iranian tanker nature brought or will european powers meanwhile are still trying to save that nuclear deal the french president's top advisor is meeting iranian officials in tehran and all of this is the focus of an emergency meeting of the international atomic energy agency which is under way under way rather in vienna out of there as correspond john holl is there for us right now i know that the iranian boy has been speaking the past hour or so what did he have to say china. yes 1st.
12:56 am
came out of the meeting which ended about half an hour ago and addressed the media i think the important thing in what he said to us and what he said in that room is that iran is not taking sort of precipitous action to walk away from this deal they're still in it it still keeps a sort of flicker of hope and optimism alive that the european signatories to the deal in particular can try to keep it alive he did reaffirm though that there would be a 3rd stage of a response in 60 days time if indeed the parties of not resume their commitments to iran under the deal particularly protecting iran city economic interests is the europeans have promised to do he affirmed once again that enrichment is only for peaceful purposes that iran has never sought to acquire or make a weapon of mass destruction he painted. the united states as the overall aggressor both in the region and in the breakdown of this deal he said in the room that it
12:57 am
was a sad irony a paradox that the u.s. was requiring iran to comply with the deal that it had stepped away from here's what he had to say to the media a short while ago. president obama's office said. you knew he is divorced do you think the national you know how part of the it is the most the now do you consider a vote of none implementation or seizing implementation of song farce of iran's only geisha under the deal if it isn't the if it is a good deal if you're interested but you have been turned on by your pushing the others to follow suit. trying to get unity is always difficult so what did the us achieve by calling this me saying do you think china. very little i think no formal conclusion from the board of directors of the i.a.e.a. a bunch of speeches from all of them that reflected divisions within the deal itself the americans accusing the iran's of the iranians again and again the
12:58 am
europeans who are trying to keep the deal alive trying to take a middle ground and deescalate tensions the russians and the chinese led by the russians in the room talking about the old would march of a totalitarian world order led by the united states deep division in the room pressure still on iran questionable what the united states has achieved by this. china indiana. saddam has begun restoring internet access to mobile phones following a court order the telecoms companies to end a week's long blackouts services were cut last month after more than $100.00 people were killed by government forces during a peaceful sit in while the resumption of services means civilians are now able to find out more about what happened how taylor has had a young reports. thank you for the 1st time in more than a month these type of images are be shared through mobile phone. they show the
12:59 am
aftermath of sudan's military crackdown on protesters during a peaceful sit in in khartoum more than 100 people were killed by sudan's military joint on june 3rd was much of the violence was recorded on cell phone videos internet services were cut shortly after on the orders of sudan's transitional military council. lawyer adela seem hazan filed a lawsuit requesting the internet be restored the court agreed services were brought back 1st to fix landlines on tuesday the ruling was extended to mobile phones he along with several human rights groups believe the shutdown was an attempt to hide evidence of crimes committed against civilians what. the argument was that interrupting internet services would protect the general public but in fact it was the opposite it was for the protection of private entities and for
1:00 am
people that have committed crimes. social media platforms like facebook and twitter were widely used to organize protests that ultimately toppled longtime leader omar al bashir in april once the military took control for weeks protesters took to the streets demanding the formation of a civilian led government. since the military crackdown trust between the military and civilians has been damaged. but last week progress was made generals and protesters agree to form a joint civilian military ruling body together they plan to install a new government for a transitional period of 3 years oh despite recent violence many civilians say they will keep pushing for change but these pictures that can now be shared on mobile phones prove the path forward could be challenging katia llopis with a gun al-jazeera. still ahead on the program the u.s.
1:01 am
made a friend shante time missiles finally found in the hands of a libyan rebel. without a pushed.


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