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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2019 3:00am-3:25am +03

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nuclear weapons against innocent people is the united states the 25th of us essentially transactional iran curbs nuclear activity so it can sell oil and generate revenues that process stopped working when the us restarted sanctions and now it's playing out on the open seas earlier this week the british royal marines seized an iranian oil tanker off the coast of japan to herat has called it an act of piracy that undercuts london's commitment to the nuclear deal and a breach of the j.c. . and on wednesday u.s. officials once again put out a call for countries willing to form a military coalition to patrol shipping lanes off the coast of iran and yemen a move that could make things even worse the potential for things going on without . getting an agreement. is very difficult as well every nation which. meant regardless. agreement went to read french president emanuel necron has said
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it is time again for dialogue american sanctions didn't bring iran back to the negotiating table as u.s. president donald trump might have liked in fact iran now says it will not stop producing cooperation with the j.c.b. a way for anything short of a lifting of banking and all sanctions but the british this week seized an iranian oil tanker in international waters because america asked them to and the united states is now calling on other militaries to help patrol middle eastern waters to protect shipping lanes from what they say is an iranian threat all things considered any hope france might have head of a negotiated solution to any of this might be overly optimistic. while an emergency meeting of the international atomic energy agency has just wrapped up in vienna john holl is monitoring that for us live in vienna and the iranian voice certainly one who's given a press conference in the last couple of hours what did he have to say about the situation. well i think probably the top
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line coming out of this meeting at the i.a.e.a. in vienna is that iran is not planning to take any immediate further steps away from the nuclear deal the envoy haasan body did say however that another period now of 60 days begins at the end of which iran will be prepared to take further action in response if the parties to the deal particularly the europeans the british the french and the germans don't meet their commitments to iran to protect in protecting its economic interests and adding that so far that further action has not been decided upon by teheran he did tell the media afterwards that he had said to the meeting that once again iran is enriching uranium as its right under the nonproliferation treaty for peaceful purposes only that it has never sought to acquire or create a weapon of mass destruction he pointed out that simply repeating over and over and
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over the same accusations as the u.s. of course is doing in iran does not make magically authenticate them and he said that the u.s. was the ultimate aggressor both in the region and in the deal itself bringing it to the situation it's in now pointing out that it was a sad irony and a paradox in the iranians view that the united states was calling on iran to comply with the deal that it has already left so iran in this meeting very much standing its ground and no real consensus among the other international players so what really did the u.s. achieve by calling the meeting in the 1st place. i mean unless the u.s. has got some strategy at play that isn't immediately apparent it looks like it didn't achieve really very much the meeting wrapped up with no firm conclusion the board of directors of the i.a.e.a. calling on all the parties to the deal to meet their commitments essentially saying
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go away and sort this out under the terms of the deal itself this is not the appropriate forum for it if the u.s. is looking for a unity of international purpose all it found in the room was division the same divisions that exist within the deal itself you've got united states repeatedly accusing and threatening tehran you've got the european powers britain france and germany. trading a very fine middle ground on the one hand expressing their concern on the other hand trying to keep the deal alive. and keep some room for maneuver and on the other hand the further and russia and china also signatories to the deal russia laying all of this at the feet of washington so pressure very much still on iran no firm conclusion here the u.s. presumably would have gone away empty handed. that's funny well still to come on this news including the momentum behind months of pro-democracy protests in hong kong shows no signs of slowing. we're in
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charge or a national emergency has been declared as the country scrambles to contain a missile is our break. for the end of the road for wimbledon's dream mixed doubles pairing please stay with us use of the men's quarter finals. with us sudan has begun restoring internet access to mobile phones following a court order for telecoms companies to end a week's long blackout services were cut last month after more than $100.00 people were killed by government forces during a peaceful session where the resumption of services means civilians are now able to find out more about what happened. to young reports. for the 1st time in more than a month these type of images are be shared through mobile phone. they show the
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aftermath of sudan's military crackdown on protesters during a peaceful sit in in khartoum more than 100 people were killed by sudan's military giunta on june 3rd. much of the violence was recorded on cell phone videos internet services were cut shortly after on the orders of sudan's transitional military council. lawyer adela seem hazan filed a lawsuit requesting the internet be restored the court agreed services were brought back 1st to fix landlines on tuesday the ruling was extended to mobile phones he along with several human rights groups believe the shutdown was an attempt to hide evidence of crimes committed against civilians what. the argument was that interrupting internet services would protect the general public but in fact it was the opposite it was for the protection of private aid to taste and pull people that have committed crimes. social media platforms like facebook and twitter
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were widely used to organize protests that ultimately toppled longtime leader omar al bashir in april once the military took control for weeks protesters took to the streets demanding the formation of a civilian led government. since the military crackdown trust between the military and civilians has been damaged but that last week progress was made generals and protesters agree to form a joint civilian military ruling body together they plan to install a new government for a transitional period of 3 years oh despite recent violence many civilians say they will keep pushing for change but these pictures that can now be shared on mobile phones prove the path forward could be challenging katia llopis with a gun al-jazeera. france's military has admitted that antitank missiles found
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during a raid in libya belonged to the french army the us made javelin missiles were recovered from the libyan warlord holy for half tells based on the outskirts of tripoli france's military says the missiles were originally intended to protect french antiterrorism forces in libya and did not violate an arms embargo france has previously supported hafter natasha butler has more from paris a of p. and where it is news agencies say that they have received a statement from the french defense ministry and in this statement the french defense ministry says these missiles are indeed french they are u.s. made javelin missiles that the french gave to their forces operating in libya now that's interesting in itself because france has always been very vague about its presence in libya now the french defense ministry statement also says that these missiles were in fact defective they were supposed to be destroyed what the
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statement doesn't say though is how on earth these missiles ended up in the hands of forces who are loyal to khalifa haftar i mean that's the big question and potentially a very embarrassing one for the french government because the french government have always said that they are not supplying any weapons or to libya that would be in breach of a u.n. arms embargo and over the years campaign is and critics have accused france of supporting. in the sense that france perhaps feels after is someone that they can partner with in the fight against fighters in the region but france has always denied that they have denied that support and said that they backed publicly the u.n. peace process. the republican chairman of the u.s. senate foreign relations committee has introduced a bill seeking to hold saudi arabia accountable for human rights abuses it also criticizes crown prince mohammed bin sal monk but does not go as far as stopping
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weapon sales to the kingdom unofficial joins us live now from washington d.c. alan we know those weapon sales are worth billions of dollars to the u.s. surely there's no way they could be blogs. the senate foreign relations committee was looking into this sale that was approved by the secretary of state might pompei go back in may he declared an emergency in the middle east and that allowed the u.s. administration to push through $8000000000.00 of arms sales to saudi arabia and also to the united arab emirates but by doing that he sidestepped congress no normally congress has 30 days to approve foreign arms sales by taking this step that took them completely out of the equation what we found out during the hearing that was 40 these or so after the declaration of the emergency those weapons still haven't been delivered which led many senators to question if there really was an emergency and it wasn't just democrats republicans are annoyed too but ted cruz he's
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a republican from texas he said the substance of the seal selling weapons to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates allies of the united states in the middle east he didn't have a problem with that but he did have some very strong words for the way this was handled by the state department and the administration. on the process that the state department followed for these weapons not to put too fine a point on it was crap under the law under the arms export control act the administration needs congressional approval and has a 30 day notification period the department had 30 days to take it to congress and follow the law and it was foolish not to. democrat tim kaine raised the question of why there was such haste to push this arms sales through saying is that the relationship between donald trump his son in
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law and senior advisor and the saudis should be investigated chris murphy he's a democrat from connecticut he was suggesting that there was a problem that in the past the united states was able to talk about arms sales and where they were going and make sure that they were used for human rights abuses or for targeting civilians and he said no that seems to have been lost simply because donald trump the state department a very keen on pushing through weapons sales and that comes at a cost he said to the united states. it looks to us these days as if the united states is the junior partner in this relationship do you know or do you not know whether civilian casualties have increased due to coalition air strikes i would say in a general sense here that there is a delta in information on what is attributed to a coalition ascribed casualty and what may be ascribed to either hooty or one
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of the adversarial car i'll be happy to give you some fairly definitive information that states that they have doubled over time in the fact that you're talking around this is maddening. no the senate is going to discuss a motion which examines the united states' relationship with saudi arabia it has bipartisan support here is the problem it's difficulty coming up with what they will get passed donald trump's the talk. in washington thank you. still ahead so on the program 2 years after driven from the city of mosul still lies in ruins with peace and reconstruction efforts by growing regional tensions. the indian women who've been duped into removing their menstruation cycle doesn't interfere with their work. torrijos homecoming for united states women's football team the newly crowned world champion.
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hello again we're here cross parts of turkey things are going to be changing over the next few days and the reason being is we have a frontal boundary coming in from the balkan peninsula brings a very heavy rain potentially severe weather through istanbul as well as uncorrupt so expect to see very gusty winds as well possibly some hail and once that front goes through from thursday to friday the temperatures will also be dropping there for a level though it is going to remain quite hot at $38.00 degrees and for baghdad attempt a few of $45.00 well here across the gulf the winds have finally subsided there were quite gusty at times bring the visibility down as well we do expect to see here in doha on thursday about $45.00 and that will continue as we go towards friday down on the coast though for slow it is going to be quite a nice day with attempted there of about 28 degrees and then very quickly as we
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make a way down here across parts of southern africa things are not looking too bad in terms of clouds you notice in the interior those that gray that you see right there that is the overnight cooler air across much of the area so overnight we get down into the single digits but as we rebound during the day we're going to be seeing those temperatures it come back into the low twenty's so for janice we're $21.00 degrees for you there durban is going to be about $23.00 with plenty of sun in your forecast and the down here across capetown it is going to be a little chilly with a tempter of 16. he lived in brazil's largest for that. one day the police king. like thousands of others he disappeared. witness follows a family's epic struggle for justice which became a national cools and sent shock waves through the upper echelons of the political
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establishment in the shadow of the hill on al-jazeera. sensing the discussions when he had seen was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time examining the. headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was that conservation chance of a life that the world is watching. on al-jazeera.
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hello and a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera british prime minister to resign may says the resignation of the u.k. ambassador to the us is a matter of deep regret derek says it was impossible for him to continue after the leaking of diplomatic cables describing president trance administration as an act. the iranian president hassan rouhani says his country to rein him in richmond is for peaceful purposes and does not violate the 2015 nuclear deal follows a warning from donald trump that he will substantially increase sanctions on tehran soon. and mobile internet access is being restored in sudan after a blackout was ordered following a deadly crackdown on peaceful protesters last month. kenya is hosting a counter terrorism summits for african leaders the u.n. sponsored talks are designed to share information and form a united front for its include attacks by al-qaeda and isolate fillets in the
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western sahara region a joint regional task force there has so far failed to stop the killings but koran fighters in nigeria are responsible for a humanitarian crisis spreading across the lake chad region at least 27000 people have been killed over 10 years in the east us forces of joint an african union operation against al shabaab use fighters continue to launch attacks despite losing strongholds in somalia welcome weapons more from nairobi. theni a security official representatives from several african governments the african union european union and the united nations have met here at the un's office in nairobi to talk about preventing violent thick stream ism and countering terrorism the un secretary general antonio good terry said the threat of terrorism is spreading in africa in the opening session and the author said the whole region the
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being destabilized the people of africa on the front line of efforts. and the spread of violent extremist i deeply believe that. forcing and counterterrorism operations must have strong. u.n. security council backed by sufficient but addicted will and sustainable financial. contribution kenya's president kenyatta also spoke are most important to me. is to ensure that i. sort of gets. enough holding. is this single source of finance. results recruitment training. and also claims of legitimacy kenya the host country is significant in the discussion around the violent extremism its army went
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into neighboring somalia in 2011 to fight the armed group al-shabaab and since then al shabaab launched a series of attacks on kenyan thought well many kenyans have been killed in january this year gunmen attacked the dusit hotel complex here in nairobi 21 people were killed. just over a year ago the un held the 1st ever high level conference for countering terrorism with leaders of counter-terror agencies from many of its member states in new york to follow up on that it's holding a series of 5 regional conferences to counter terrorism the 1st was last month held in mongolia this one here in nairobi is the 2nd and the risk 3 more coming in the months ahead. a national emergency has been declared in chad due to an outbreak of measles all the african countries are also struggling to contain the preventable
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disease the world health organization says cases on the continent have searched by 700 percent this year because hawk reports. it is so much it hurts. the fever won't go down. and this baby's lungs are filled with. these are children on the brink of death because they were not vaccinated against measles oh no we didn't know what it was we thought it was malaria it's only here that they told us she has measles you don't understand we are so scared of losing her they keep giving her injections but she isn't doing any better this preventable disease has become an epidemic spreading faster than it can be contained. doctors without borders have set up one crisis center after the other vaccinating children to stop them contracting and. we're very worried because measles combined with malnutrition is
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a dangerous mix and there aren't enough international actors helping child the ministry of health to tackle this growing outbreak an outbreak that isn't just affecting chad take a look at these numbers according to the u.n. there has been a global increase of cases of measles by 300 percent in the last year how many of you here are worried about autism at the heart of the crisis is both fear and belief that the measles vaccine is dangerous by an increasing number of people in the west and the lack of access to vaccines in other parts of the world. you know. more than 90 percent of children have not been vaccinated because they don't have access to health centers and so most children under 5 are infected with the measles virus. it is highly contagious for both children and adults and so despite u.s. troops to fight this age old virus measles is thriving indeed during the lives of thousands here in chad and around the world. it was hark out 0
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for new guinea's prime minister has vowed to hunt down the gunman who killed at least 20 people in a remote village its hack happened in korea in heller province northwest of the capital port. officials say the conflict is part of a long running tribal feuds former british prime minister john major says he would take legal action to stop the new prime minister from suspending parliament to push through a no deal breaks it's forced johnson the favorite to be the next pm has refused to rule out suspending parliament to ensure britain leaves the e.u. or not but the 31st with or without a deal. if that were to happen i think there would be a queue of people who would seek judicial review the queen's decision cannot be challenged in law but the prime minister's advice to the queen can i believe be challenged in law and i for one would be prepared to go and seek judicial review to
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prevent parliament be bypassed the 1st ever global conference for media freedom is underway in london the event aims to establish legal protection for journalists around the world rights groups say 2018 was the worst year already called for violence against journalists charlie angela has more from the conference so this is the 1st ministerial summit on global media freedom bringing together some 70 foreign ministers international organizations and about a 1000 journalists so here you can probably see behind me and what they're trying to do is work out how to best defend media from censorship abuse attacks and misinformation and they've started the conference by promising investment the u.k. has pledged $15000000.00 to developing countries who want to improve their independent media and they've earmarked that for bangladesh sierra leone and ethiopia to start with they've also him up $3700000.00 specifically for the middle
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east to support media freedom there and the intervention side we've seen foreign secretary jeremy hunt make 5 pledges he's going to be creating a global media defense fund administered by the by the knesset he's going to be creating an international taskforce to help governments meet their targets move that ranking system of the world press freedom index and that's going to be reviewed by the united nations he's going to be helping to advise countries on how to strengthen the legal protection for journalists and that will be headed up by a human rights lawyer and now to me the most.


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