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tv   Japans War Game  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2019 8:32am-9:00am +03

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in about a 1000 journalists some here you can probably see behind me and what they're trying to do is work out how to best defend media from censorship abuse attacks and misinformation and they've started the conference by promising investment the u.k. has pledged $15000000.00 to developing countries who want to improve their independent media and they've been marked out for bangladesh sierra leone and ethiopia to start with they've also him up 3700000 dollars specifically for the middle east to support media freedom there and the intervention side we've seen foreign secretary jeremy hunt make 5 pledges he's going to be creating a global media defense fund administered by the by unesco he's going to be creating an international taskforce to help governments meet their targets move that ranking system of the world press freedom index and that's going to be reviewed by the united nations he's going to be helping to advise countries on how to strengthen the legal protection for journalists and that will be headed up by human rights
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lawyer m l to me the most interesting link he's going to be forming a group of governments who will act as a rapid response unit when crimes are committed against the media freedoms and lastly he's going to be getting the countries you've attended here to sign a declaration promoting freedom of expression but i think the most interesting point that's been made today was one from a gone in journalist and an ass and backed up by that human rights were saying at the moment the west is being incredibly contradictory giving aid to promote democracy with one hand while with the other hand taking that money back and putting it in banks and private accounts often from the very people who are in charge of those initial countries so lots of thorny issues to unpick here and also calls from journalists to really make sure these measures have some teeth to consider sanctions in the future. a mash of emergency has been declared in chad.
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for an outbreak of measles other african countries are also struggling to contain what is a preventable disease a report from nicholas hogg. it is so much it hurts. the fever won't go down. and this baby's lungs are filled with. these are children on the brink of death because they were not vaccinated against measles oh no we didn't know what it was we thought it was malaria it's only here that they told us she has measles you don't understand we are so scared of losing her they keep giving her injections but she isn't doing any better this preventable disease has become an epidemic spreading faster than it can be contained. doctors without borders have set up one crisis center after the other vaccinating children to stop them contracting measles. we're very worried because measles combined with malnutrition is
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a dangerous mix and there aren't enough international actors helping chad the ministry of health to tackle this growing outbreak an outbreak that isn't just affecting chad take a look at these numbers according to the u.n. there has been a global increase of cases of measles by 300 percent in the last year how many of you here are worried about autism at the heart of the crisis is both fear and belief that the measles vaccine is dangerous by an increasing number of people in the west and the lack of access to vaccines in other parts of the world. you know. more than 90 percent of children have not been vaccinated because they don't have access to health centers and so most children under 5 are infected with the measles virus. it is highly contagious for both children and adults and so despite its to fight this age old virus measles is thriving indeed during the lives of thousands here in chad and around the world. little is hark.
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kenya is hosting an african counterterrorism summit the u.n. sponsored talks are designed to share information and to form a united front across the continent thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced the threats include attacks by al qaida i still affiliates in the western region a joint regional task force there has so far failed to stop the killings of course boko haram fighters in nigeria are responsible for a humanitarian crisis spreading across the lake chad region at least 27000 people have been killed over 10 years and in the east us forces of joined an african union operation against al shabaab whose fine has continued to launch attacks despite losing their strongholds in somalia more on all of this with malcolm where bin nairobi senior security officials representatives from several african governments
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the african union european union and the united nations have met here at the un's office in nairobi to talk about preventing violence extremism and countering terrorism the u.n. secretary general antonio good terry's said the threat of terrorism is spreading in africa in the opening session and he also said that whole regions are being destabilized. on the front line of efforts. and the spreads text that is. i deeply believe that. forcing and counterterrorism operations must have strong. u.n. security council backed by sufficient but addicted will and sustainable financial. contribution kenya's president kenyatta spoke are most important and immediate goal is to ensure that. it's sort of gets. a
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holding territory is this single greatest source of finance and results recruitment training. and also claims of legitimacy kenya the host country is significant in the discussion around violent extremism its army went into neighboring somalia in 2011 find the armed group al-shabaab then al-shabaab of the series of attacks on kenyan thought many kenyans being killed in january this year gunmen attacked the deuce it hotel complex here in nairobi 21 people were killed just over a year ago the un held the 1st ever high level conference for countering terrorism with leaders of counter-terrorism for many of its member states in new york to follow up on that it's holding
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a series of 5 regional conferences the counter-terrorism 1st was last month held in mongolia and this one here in nairobi is the 2nd and there are 3 more coming in the months ahead. the dispute over high tech exports from japan to south korea is worsening south koreans protested outside the japanese embassy in the capital seoul the demonstrations followed japan blaming what it calls security concerns for tightening restrictions on exports of semiconductor materials south korea's president says japan has no reason to question the effectiveness of its sanctions on north korea oh memorial service has been held in hong kong for a protester who took their own life and the government has made concessions after widespread demonstrations forced the cancellation of the extradition bill but activists say they haven't gone far enough and have promised more protests right mcbride reporting now from hong kong. i months of
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protests of left their scars on hong kong. the legislative council building has been ransacked and the government in the divided city appears besieged christine loh is a former member of the government who used to be a legislative council and she believes only a determined effort to talk can start to bridge the divide we can actually get through this without being with each other without talking about how communal how community problems then you're not going to get anywhere people know this deep in their heart the getting started is where we need to work hard on the bell instead when chief executive kerry lamb announced on tuesday that the proposed extradition law which has caused so much controversy would not be debated further she also announced measures to try to open dialogue especially with the young but for many protestors this movement has gone beyond the extradition bill itself it is more about hong kong's fundamental role within china the same issue that 5 years ago
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drove the so-called down bro movement pushing for greater autonomy and that remains unresolved today the problem seems to be one of inherent dysfunction freedom of expression where you can and your grievances combined with a political system that ensures a pro beijing government seems to guarantee a high degree of unhappiness especially among young people a situation that the pro-democracy groups say can only be resolved by beijing the ultimate solution would be for china to seriously open up and look at hong kong as a positive for a window case a positive example for chinese democratic development the probe aging camp says the more hong kong people push for change the more futile this movement becomes. as china's leaders won't be seen to be giving way most hong kong
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people believe there must be some kind of instructions or directive from beijing although we can't prove the we can't have any evidence at this point but i think most people believe there is behind or it is mourners attended a vigil on wednesday night for another young protester who took her life after leaving a note saying hong kong the revolution the protests are far from being that but with no signs yet of the movement to losing its momentum hong kong will remain for some time china's troubled troublesome neighbor robert bright al jazeera. diplomats say $22.00 countries have now signed a letter calling on china to halt its mass detention of ethnic we goes in the region this is the 1st move on the issue at the un human rights council un experts say at least a 1000000 we kids and other muslims are held in detention centers in the remote western region china describes them as training centers to stamp out extremism
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australia canada japan they are among those 22 signatories along with britain france and germany new guinea's prime minister has vowed to hunt down the government who killed at least 20 people most of them women and children in a remote village in the killings happened in korea hella province northwest of the capital port moresby 2 of the victims were pregnant women officials say the violence is part of a long running sunni tribal feud this is a shame the very last volkswagen beetle cars rolled off an assembly plant in mexico it might mean the end for the iconic but al-jazeera has traveled to one mexican town where the dream of the v.w. beetle is very much alive and well as report from one world up or lower. there it is fresh off the assembly line the last beatle to be produced by the german automaker volkswagen it's the end of an era and to mark this notable moment in automotive history workers at the bike and plant in mexico are throwing
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a goodbye party this it was a good buy them but it's also a party a big party for everyone. maybe it was the combination of a funky design a reliable engine and an affordable price tag that ultimately made the beetle an international hit by the 1960 s. and seventy's the bug had become both a pop culture icon and a symbol of the counterculture movement. while the beetle has gone through several iterations over the last 80 years its cult following has carried well into the 21st century with so much history under the hood could this really be the end of the love bug. in quote that big a small town just outside mexico city you'd be forgiven for thinking v.w. beetles outnumber people. here. has been fixing up beetles for almost 30 years he tells us they can try to phase out the bugs as they are loving the called in mexico but the cars themselves aren't going anywhere. will never
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go away it's the best car ever made it was the color of the century whoever designed this call hit the nail on the head it can handle any think you throw my it's all terrain it was the best of them ain't. it's on a steep hillside no match for the heavy duty engine this is probably why they're so ubiquitous they're yellow ones purple ones other ones waiting to be repaired all of them will get into the cultural fabric of the country and. for now. very proud drivers who are committed to keeping the life of. mexico city. still ahead on the news. and other incredible bob for the. money and. thank.
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you for what. thank you new zealand the 1st of the final of the cricket world cup off debating favorites india and manchester in a line affected semifinal carried over from cheers to india needed 240 to win a shocking starts their winnings left them with too much to do as door for bug reports these ilands batsmen came out to complete their endings on day 2 of this rain affected match knowing their team had to put in a much improved performance if they would have beat tournament favorites india but they could only add another $28.00 runs thanks in part to a supposed piece of fielding from raw featured data to remove ross taylor.
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a total of 239 for 8 didn't look enough but new zealand's fast bowlers had other ideas. india's captain and stop at sman virat kohli could only manage a single as matt ran riot i. they were 5 for 3 then 24 who for after the stunning catch from james mission i. i but india then launched a fight back fuelled by the big change a danger i. he took them to within 32 runs a victory before holding out to grateful easy and captain came williamson was i why i'm indian hopes then rested with a veteran former captain and missed ernie and martin doul the kiwi opener has had
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a dreadful torment with the bat but more than made up for it with this run out. i think you might want to see india collapse to 221 all out you zealand celebrating an incredible comeback and a famous 18 run victory that puts them into a 2nd successive a world cup final that was a brilliant stat for. as for the ball. i guess on the other side of that coin and it would have been as happy would stop but there were some some good deliveries in there which sometimes take the agent sometimes done today they did for us and at that price in a good position always feels disappointed when you've played such good cricket and then you know 45 minutes of bad cricket puts you out of the dormant so it's difficult to accept it's difficult to come to terms with but look new zealand deserve it because they put enough pressure on us and they were far more sharper when it came to the came to the crunch moment more frequent al-jazeera. well as you
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might imagine the result has not gone down well in india where cricket has huge importance these are the saints in the northern city of amritsar fun show their displeasure by burning pictures of kohli and is telling the population of more than a 1000000000 india is easily the world's largest cricket market minister narendra modi also tweeted his commiserations india were world cup winners in 190-2011 but not 29. so it could be a repeat of the final 4 years ago when australia apply new zealand australia play host england in the 2nd semi and. england have never want to world cup after shaky period in the qualification group that return to form to reach the semi's instead big rivals. everybody is excited and has been the last couple of days to play this game it's a semi fun of will cope i think the fact. thread the group stages for a while getting through to the stage looked unlikely or it was called into question i think that makes it more exciting for us and we look at our sort of the moment
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with full confidence going into this guy mostly england have been the probably the front runners in world cricket of the last 4 years why they've changed the game in the game playing in particular has been very crissy of taking it to the opposition so for us we had again apply that i had we're going to play have played each other a lot over the last couple of years so it's going to be whoever holton of whoever takes in them half chances whoever starts off the game really well in 1st 10 overs whether it's with bet or ball going to be so important for the sought it was men's quarter finals dying at wimbledon with some of the old time greats in tennis in action and not just in the men's draw so as the polls. in an unprecedented tennis career you'd think they would know more bond market less about your predator breach but he keeps finding a way i was despite losing the 1st set of his quarterfinal to japan's canucks are calling the 8 time tamping fought back to win in 4 sets and in the process became the 1st man to win $100.00 singles matches at the same glance one event. that was
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different the beginning was it was brutal ok came out and smashing returned winners and had to defend make some adjustments stay with them and try to maybe turn around the 1st set and tennis fans can look forward to an old style classic is federal will play longtime rival rafael of darwin the semifinals it will be their 1st wimbledon meeting since the epic 2008 final one by an adult a spaniard be big serving american sam querrey in straight sets. defending champion and top seed novak djokovic took just under 2 hours to beat david goffin of belgium in 3 sets the serb is beating for his 5th time to clip the all england club he'll play for berto protista a guru in the final 4 i. have been playing best tennis in this tournament in the last 2 rounds 4th round and
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today but it was the end of the vote for one of the headline acts of this year's tournament the dream of mixed doubles pairing of home favorite andy murray and serena williams known as marina was eliminated in the last 16. the u.s. brazilian pairing of nicole millie shah and bruno suarez beat them in 3 sets but serena lives to fight on into thursday singles semifinals stuart self is al-jazeera . well not jerry all 3 of the semifinals of football's africa cup of nations the same but he goes face south africa 21 in the egyptian capital cairo with a nice not when it went from william truce to kong south africa had eliminated hosts fidgets in the previous round set a goal which the semi's for the 1st time since 2000 and so by big bend in one now. history has been made in baseball's annual all-star game between the best players in the american league in the national age view of the l.a. dodgers became the 1st. to start the prestigious much which is played in cleveland
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ohio the selection was a big success pitch to score the same way to help the american league to a 7th successive victory and that's all the sport all right thank you for that les remember the headlines are available whenever you want them out 0 dot com 24 seventh's for breaking news and video on demand and we are back in about 2 minutes time with another political news seen a moment. the
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latest news as it breaks as more people move here for opportunity space gets flooded. with detailed coverage with the full faith that they've been without electricity and water for several days. from around the world all that they gave over 30 years ago to get this area remains one of the most heavily following the world. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss no one told.
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a sweeping association of islam with the violence easier in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life. twice eviction on al-jazeera. believe. the british ambassador to the u.s. has resigned her over the leaked cables that criticized president on the trunk. elephant ohio everyone kemal santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera. we
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are creating the generation of children that will never forget what we did to them house democrats condemn the treatment of children detained at centers and on the us mexico border tehran facing the threat of more u.s. sanctions over its uranium enrichment and we're looking at the state of media freedom a major conference in london. so britain's ambassador to the u.s. has resigned saying it is impossible to stay on after president trump caught off cut off all contact with him and branded him a pompous fall that follows the leaking of diplomatic cables and which came down described the trumpet ministration as both clumsy and inept or its lee has our report. there is no precedent for this kim darrick all of the u.k.'s most senior diplomats in the most important world capital forced from office after
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a concerted attack on his credibility by actors in london and at the white house prime minister in parliament prime minister and leader of the opposition expressed what you can only call thinly disguised outrage at what they see as the assault on the integrity of the u.k.'s diplomatic service good government depends on public servants being able to give full and frank advice i want all our public servants to have the confidence to be able to do that. the parliament's foreign affairs committee went to try to make sense of its asking the head of the country's diplomatic service if you'd ever known anything like it or not in his career he said nor in anyone else's in the last 150 years the last time i know that we had difficulty with the united states was 856. when the incumbent was accused of recruiting americans to fight on the british side in
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the crimean war president franklin pierce was in the wire. on one level derek's position had become untenable since president trump decided to blackball him from official events following the ambassador's leaked criticisms of him and his administration although all go on tell us where the last straw was a come on but the straw that broke the camel's back was that barack watched the t.v. debate on tuesday night's between jeremy hunt the foreign secretary and boris johnson in the race to become the u.k.'s next prime minister hunt said he supported barack and said trump had no business interfering in the u.k.'s diplomatic service but johnson didn't he refused to say he had a direct hit back as the u.k.'s man in washington so i will keep him until east you . and i think would like to know if you get well i'm not going to be super don't choose to thank you i got a good position it seems derek decided that johnson was prepared to throw him under the bus in favor of his support for trump and the favorable trade deal with the usa
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as part of it the logic of this is there's none better than a country with which the u.k. might want to do a trade deal china say or brazil will have to think twice about expressing their opinions openly even in secret diplomatic cables for fear that they might get leagues and that in itself undermines governments but apart from that if boris johnson becomes prime minister he'll be faced with the foreign office few areas of his perceived role in bringing down one of their own. johnson himself assuming he becomes prime minister will pick the next ambassador to washington the question is will it be a neutral diplomat or a political appointment rex it is taking yet more victims this time for the ha.


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