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trade dispute with the united states is having an effect but that it is manageable so what we have is that for the month of june exports from china to war countries dropped by 1.3 percent compared with the same period a year ago concerning in that if we go back to the month of may they grew by 1 point one percent on the positive side most experts were forecasting that those numbers for june would be worse than what they are this all happening of course amid a truce in the trade war between china and the united states tariffs are not being placed on each other's goods as agreed between the 2 leaders after they met on the sidelines of the g 20 summit in japan last month but some numbers to one pick here for the u.s. president donald trump has long complained of unfair trade practices by the chinese and the fact that the united states has a large trade deficit with china even though exports from china to the united
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states are down the trade surplus that the chinese have with the united states grew in the month of june to almost $30000000000.00 so no doubt that will be discussed if those negotiations face to face negotiations do restart as expected possibly in china within the next couple of weeks one of the most concerning numbers for the overall chinese economy to be released is that imports from all countries a down 7.3 percent and that is being blamed on weak domestic demand colombia's president has asked a u.n. to keep supervising its peace agreement with gravels the 2016 accord ended the world's longest running armed conflicts it included land reforms and programs to bring fighters back to civilian life but as i listened to reports from the coca region in southwestern colombia the reforms have mostly stalled. heartbroke. in
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helpless relatives of former fired gravel. cry over his coffin. the 41 years old which shot dead on july 9th as he went to work at his fledgling pineapple field . pieces customers are life he believes in this process has surrendered his heart to give himself to peace now closed took away his life his laughter his dream to see his children progress. is the 9 x. combatants from this demobilization camp in southwest colombia to be killed one of more than $140.00 nationwide since surrendering their weapons 2 years ago former combatants were promised security guarantees access to land and support for productive processes but most have only received the monthly allowance which is set to expire in august of the more than $200.00 former combatants and their families that built the. camp only 27 remain the rest left in search of
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work opportunities or fleeing serious threats some former fighters set up agricultural corporate thieves with the help of international n.g.o.s and farmers associations catalyst worked in this field planting pumpkins and beans among other crops they've started the fish farm and race pigs but as coworkers say they feel powerless and fearful. this is very difficult news for us our companion was coming with seeds the way the government is failing to fulfill the peace deal is desperate we have no financial or political stability. current colombian president a critic of the accord promised to help former fighters while insisting on changing parts of the deal he announced new security measures for them. after receiving threats former local for command there on your course there was given a bodyguard in an armored car but still had to leave the village. but there
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is a part of colombian society that still can't accept that the country is moving towards reconciliation and that we need to take advantage of this opportunity. bringing thousands of fighters out of the jungle has no doubt been a success there securing peace remains a work in progress 1500 former fighters have joined criminal gangs but most say they've laid down their weapons for good plain thing seeds of hope that peace can hold. a region columbia pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson says it's preparing to test an experimental vaccine it will be the world's 1st immunization against the virus the drug maker plans to conduct a large scale study of the vaccine across the u.s. and europe sometimes this year hiv which causes aids kills about a 1000000 people around the world each year dr cardiff and back is from the
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national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. the purpose of this vaccination is to create a method of preventing people from becoming infected with hiv we're testing it in the americas to test it specifically in game and transgender women importantly there's a parallel study that is already fully enrolled with this vaccine that is in sub-saharan africa being tested in women so we're testing this vaccine simultaneously in the highest risk most important populations that need a vaccine the fundamental obstacles have always been does the vaccine induce a strong enough immune response and then does the vaccine response stick around long enough to protect in the studies that we've been following with this vaccine it looks like we're in pretty good shape on the. indian authorities have
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transported more than 2 and a half 1000000 liters of water to chennai the city is struggling with months long shortages people living on the outskirts of the city have been blocking bones and holding up tank and ali so if he is reservoirs are being prioritized to businesses and not sure hotels groundwater levels in the city of rounding the end surrounding regions have been falling due to a lack of rainfall and poor management still ahead in sports a day of drama in the wimbledon semifinals sproul has the best of the action on center court.
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thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. it was. odd. the boy.
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thank you roger federer won the latest edition of tennessee's greatest rivalry to beat rafa nadal and reach his 12th wimbledon final meeting on the semi's on center court was their 40th clash but their 1st at wimbledon for 11 is the 1st set went to federer on a tie break but it was all rough in the 2nd he broke twice to take it 61 and thoughts of another classic between the 2 were on the cards but federer really seize control after that winning the next 2 sets 6364 the match lasting just over 3 hours later has now won 3 out of the past 4 meetings at wimbledon the 37 year old swiss is going for his knowing singles crown and 21st grand slam title. and everything which was great i guess just very relieved it's all over it's all over at this point but. it's definitely definitely going to go on and as one of my
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favorite matches to look back on again just because it's rough because it's at wimbledon the crowds are into it just accept it. was not my day. i played a great event that take place in a positive way but the same time today is sad because for me i know its chances are not forever and i had a chance here to have an hour when i was not able to to come back not one to wear one more thing here. well federal now play defending champion novak djokovic in the final it follows the. victory against a bad cold bout our good joke of it dropping the 2nd set against the spaniard but coming through to really. got the job done only 15 points to reach its 25th grand slam final his only defeat in a wimbledon finalist andy murray back in 2013 documents will be going for his 16th grand slam title in sunday's fun. to be in another final. is a dream come true you know regardless of. the history in many finals that i've
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played in the grand slams for you know playing finals in wimbledon is something different so i definitely enjoy that experience now it's been a really busy day in the football transfer market involving 3 of your its biggest clubs it's been reported the event is unsigned i x. defended the 19 year old dutchman was one of the stars of his run to the champions league final last season and i would defend a frenchman benjamin providers all star on the move he was showing off by his new club bar in munich having just arrived from 50 start. calista and there's no question saloon. boss about whoever to do things slightly differently this from hungary video was how by announced their $135000000.00 signing onto an agreement from calexico madrid 20 becomes the 4th most expensive footballer of all time and comes with a release clause of get this norene $100000000.00.
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the africa cup of nations was brought to an end barton is here in the quarterfinals but the performance of that same ranked $100.00 nights in the world will be long remembered back home find still celebrated hockey that had made it so i thought. it was a tense 90 minutes as fans of my gaskets national football team watched their quarterfinal tie in the africa cup of nations and despite their defeat by to. the capito antananarivo there was no shortage of pride and joy that they'd caught so far in the competition. which was going on as i am not disappointed because of the fast time that dissipates enough on and we are happy because we have reached their own of 16 feet in front of i'm still proud of them no matter what they do i came here to support them no matter what game they played i'm still proud that i am very
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happy there is nothing to be sad about because they made a lot of efforts and you always have to move forward this was a fast time they'd ever qualified for the comp but when they got a chips they were fiennes and their performances exceeded expectations including a week against nigeria to knees yet though proved too strong. it's taken madagascar many years to produce a football team capable of holding its own on the pitch. the passage they wanted to make their country proud and they did. the time home to a hero's reception katherine saw. once again the site is set the pace at friday's practice session at silverstone ahead of the british grand prix are some of the drivers were struggling to hold things together run. out of moment to forget off the crushing his hospital coasting down the line can you walk in and offer a man i was having these problems out on the track and he needed
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a lift back to the gun even lewis hamilton had some sticky moments as he. lost control the world champion would finish 2nd quickest overall but it was his teammate valtteri bottas us who took the timings on friday qualifying gets underway on saturday. the diamond league athletics meeting in monaco he saw a 23 year old world record. the funhouse sand of the netherlands set a new mark in the women's mana vent that isn't run at many major meeting she clocks forward it's 12.33 seconds that's $23100.00 so the 2nd quicker than the previous best in the men's 100 meters justin gatlin laid down a marker ahead of the world championships make it this year he had doubts fellow americans no longer a mike rogers winning in a time of 9.91 seconds the 37 year old will defend his world title in doha in october. of a is on the honors on stage 7 of the tour de france the
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230 kilometer track was a day for the sprinters on a largely flat course the. rider taking its 4th career stage win on the tall italian john a return in the race leader yellow jersey and that is all the sport for now. raul thank you that's it for this news hour but do stay with us spend time a while news after the break. discover new developments in surgery i'm going to have it up when i'm in here ashima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating on knees
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and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed on says to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence we have the virus at least $105.00 more active cancer. the cure revisited on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for millenia.
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until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues but as the world's attention was drawn to. mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apolo. on a 0. 2 votes in the u.s. house of representatives set up a confrontation with both the senate and president trump.
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and watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to also ahead how to purchase a russian missile system is rocking its relationship with the u.s. . undocumented migrants clash with police in paris as they demand talks with the french prime minister and donald trump's labor secretary resigns over a scandal surrounding a u.s. business men accused of sexually abusing young girls. so the u.s. house has voted to prohibit the sale of some munitions to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates for one year these weapons are the ones being used in the war in yemen house democrat tom money noffs key proposed yemen meant and auggie it forward on the house for a short time ago. all it will do is stop something that is categorically harmful to
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our national interest the provision of off fence of weapons that enable saudi arabia to keep defying our advice by bombing yemen and prolonging the war there there's a reason why people say that this war has caused the world's worst humanitarian crisis more than 200000 civilians have been killed or died of starvation while the who these are to blame for much of this saudi and u.a.e. airstrikes are responsible for 2 thirds of yemeni civilian casualties there was a strike on a funeral more than $150.00 civilians killed a strike on a school bus that killed 40 kids on a save the children hospital on a wedding these were not mistakes these were deliberate and precise attacks and everybody in yemen knows that the bombs causing this suffering are made in the united states as speak to game elizondo in washington d.c. for a sum game what does this amendment mean exactly. well it means that the
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u.s. would halt any sort of munitions being sold to saudi arabia or the u.a.e. as you mentioned for one year these munitions that are used in the war on yemen and that it would be munitions that are air to ground munitions so it's not necessarily everything it does not necessarily mean stopping all arms sales to saudi arabia that is not what it means but this is still very significant as you just heard from congressman tom malinowski because it did pass the house of representatives on friday the vote was 236 in favor of this amendment 182 against it it mostly went along party lines with democrats voting for it mostly republicans voting against it however 5 republicans did vote yes for this amendment as well now tom malinowski is a democrat 1st year congressman from the state of new jersey but he is significant
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that it come that this amendment comes from him because before being a congressman he worked in the state department and under president barack obama he was actually an assistant secretary of state for democracy and human rights so this is a man that has very wide experience in diplomacy in the international arena so it's significant that it comes from him as well just the process here is important this is just one of several different amendments that were put forth on friday for the general national defense authorization bill which is the bill that's a very normal thing that's basically the u.s. government deciding how much money they're going to give to the defense the pentagon every year the house lawmakers in the house are able to offer up amendments that they want to see this was this key amendment they were just talking about here halting these munitions sales to saudi arabia but this does not mean it will go into effect immediately the senate has already voted on their version of this defense off there is
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a. bill with their own amendments and now what's going to happen and this is very important process here is the senate and the house will have to come together and come up with a compromise bill in the coming days and weeks and that's when we'll know if this particular amendment gets in the compromise bill but clearly very significant development on friday by this amendment that was passed by the house of representatives thank you very much for that gabriel is on the line for us in washington now as part of the same bill the house also voted to require president to get congressional permission before he launches any attack on iran the senate rejected a similar measure last month but will now have to negotiate with the house over its inclusion in a larger defense bill the 251-2170 vote was unusually bipartisan with $27.00 republicans joining all but a handful of democrats in support and its sponsors are one of the house's most liberal democrats and one of its most conservative republicans the amendment is
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also backed by an unusual coalition of left and right wing lobbying groups well let's speak to lawrence korb who is a senior fellow at the center for american progress and a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he is live from washington d.c. thank you very much for being with us so 2 votes a real challenge to the administration want to sales and the other on war powers and iran how significant are these and how big of a blow could this be for the trumpet ministration. well they are significant because even though the saudi arms sales was passed by a closer vote the fact of the matter is the senate has already passed a bill on that a couple of months ago where president vetoed it was a standalone no bill so i think that has a pretty good chance of getting in as is having talked about the compromise between the house and the senate the other vote i think about going to war with iran
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a is very very significant because even most republicans do not want to see another war in the middle east given what happened with our row war in iraq and they don't want trump to do it without checking with the congress which means they'll have a chance to debate about whether it makes sense in addition to that they also repealed the authorization for the war against iraq in 2002 because there were afraid the president might use that to go against iran by saying well iran has forces in iraq the senate has already rejected both of these measures are they likely to make it into the final bill that the 2 parts of congress still have to negotiate a thing. well they will because the senate is going to have to give on something i mean you have the senate bill in the house bill and then because what this does is
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it funds the pentagon and if this bill doesn't pass we'll have another government shutdown which i don't think they want so i think they may be willing to give on some of these issues and as i say you do a couple of months ago the senate did pass a bill which strong vetoed about providing arms to the saudis and the and the u.a.e. so i think that has a chance of making it into the final bill but obviously nothing is set until they really do get a bill right and if it did make it all the way to the president's desk what would happen you think would he veto it or well the president could veto it but if he vetoes it then the pentagon runs out of money because the pentagon is only funded through the end of september and we're in the summer time now congress is going to be off from the 1st week of august to the labor day so there's not going to be you know much time so if president trump does veto it then of course he'll be faced
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with another government shutdown and when we had one last january he says he took most of the blame for it thank you so much for speaking to us lawrence korb a senior fellow at the center for american progress joining us now from washington thank you for your insights. police in gibraltar have released all 4 crew members of any raney an oil tanker seized last week the ship was detained by british forces on suspicion of taking more oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions all 4 were released on bail without charge turkey says its defense minister has spoken to his u.s. counterpart on the phone to discuss the nation's controversial purchase of the russian s 400 missile defense system lucianne car reportedly told mark esper that the deal does not mean turkey is changing its strategic direction the 1st delivery was flown into the mo ted air base near the capital ankara with several more scheduled over the next few days the u.s. is ready to impose sanctions it's also threatening to stop supplying turkey with
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its f. 35 fighter jets grew has more from istanbul. this russian plane cargo that's got turkey's allies who worried those $400.00 surface a year missile system is expected to give the turkish military a clear advantage in the region it can detect and destroy incoming missiles up to 400 kilometers away but the u.s. and nato say it is not compatible with their weapon system and insist it could pose a risk to their new stealth fighter jet the f. 35. we don't know exactly the extent. the russians would allow this means size to be used in what kind of targeting possibilities of course the turkish sides argue that turkey would be totally free to use it but the more much depends on the call being. friend in full identifications nato says it is
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concerned about the potential consequences purchase while washington has vowed to impose sanctions if that's $400.00 ever become operational. for turkey this is a done deal despite a possible setback for its defense industries that's what earn up to $12000000000.00 from their $35.00 program. said to be fierce to the s 400 is a temporary solution to turkey's immediate need for air defense but we have many partnerships of the u.s. in f. 35 and other defense industries that are vital for us because the engines of the helicopters fighter jets we produce are u.s. made no one would desire any battle these imports. the list of possible u.s. sanctions ranjan servility and include cutting turkey off from american and international loans preventing its transactions on foreign exchanges and targeting turkish banks businesses and executives took a series of tools the russian system because those for hundreds were more
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sophisticated and cheaper among other reasons the system is expected to be operational by october during last month's $220.00 summit in japan u.s. present donald trump said it was the obama administration that refused to deliver american patriot missile security and that was unfair presence our don says trump has now promised not to impose sanctions on tricky but it is unclear whether trump will be able to persuade congress to do the same saying i'm go solo al-jazeera stumble or let's take a closer look at the russian s. 400 missile defense system and the f. 35 fighter jets the s 400 will give turkey a significant advantage over its neighbors in terms of cover the systems missiles can simle tenuously track and destroy incoming targets up to 400 kilometers away the u.s. is concerned that turkey's s 400 purchase will compromise the security of its f. 35 jets the.


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