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tv   Children Of The FARC  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the sign for the african union and a frighting out this evening and supplies that it will be 5 members from me. in the stock went on so it's on the up as well as the forces meeting in change and it will be a member. of 5 all sides now that's. it as it. is what it. is also. it is. rising or it's a crisis of ministers nominated by force in chains that's what it up and asked me to meet and of. course. this. is a landmark and a positive. be the hardness of a high level it is with pleasure on this morning to bring the good news to the sudanese people that we have signed the political document between the transitional military council and the freedom and change alliance it is historic moment in the
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history of the sudanese people and their journey of struggle it's a new era of partnership between the brave armed forces and our partners in the freedom and change alliance and the sudanese people in this document is the fruit of the efforts of the people and us as well we honor the fallen martyrs the bereaved mothers and the youth the fuel of this revolution and he but what about the constitutional declaration that still has to be signed the how important is that document. that could be more important than the document that has been signed and it was that effectively will be the one talking that will dictate how a transition period will be run its will look. like what. is in all of the executive council is and what's behind it where it was it is it's also made by the rules of the legislative assembly which will be formed 3 months the government is
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on so that duck on just under discussion with its sides will be great crucial it's going to look like it is transitional period. or that this toxic lapse if they do not manage to meet on that document. it will be oh but it was. maybe it's almost 0.8 by the rule of that council of that exhibit and it's their hearts wouldn't be ridge it's also the issue of trying to figure out if. you don't work right now in us if we didn't change our meet our group members it's time to eat ribs are also what we've. already expressed that they're not happy about the signature of this mission it means that they're saying that as the days go by and friday and by friday it will be able to do and. the transitional government will be all right to hit morgan there in the ethiopian capital heba thank you the world
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health organization is meeting in geneva to decide if an ebola outbreak in the eastern democratic republic of congo is an international health emergency there is concern the outbreak could spread quickly after cases surfaced in the densely populated areas bordering rwanda and uganda the virus has claimed at least 2 lives in democratic republic of congo in the past week including one in the crowded city of goma where catherine sword joins us now live from the kenyan capital nairobi so what's the latest catherine from uganda and go now. yes. w.h.o. has issued a statement talking about this fishmonger who fell sick at a market in southwest uganda it's called point to market on july 11th this is just a few days ago before dying off the board in the democratic republic of congo they say that. about 590 fishmonger in the market could be
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targeted for vaccinations and walsall spoken to the ministry of health officials in uganda who say that this woman had come to the market from d r c to trade to sell her fish they say that this is a very this is a major trade route one of the busiest border trade routes in. between the 2 countries they also say that this is why they a huge concern because it's not clear we still don't know who this woman interacted with who helped her with her movements who helped to transport her goods of these are people who are being looked for for. for you know for vaccinations and things like that in this general area daryn is where another child last month died this child had gone to deal with the mother for the burial of the father who had died of bola then they came back to uganda and the child was confirmed to have. and then
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when they were taken back to tembo aware that come from and then this child has died and in goma as you mentioned we have also been monitoring the situation there health officials are looking for several other people who could have been in contact with this preacher who has also since died people who have been other people who had been in contact with him have been vaccinated as well health officials government officials with doctors saying that they have been preparing for months for this eventuality and they. they are confident that this is not going to spread any father but this is a situation really that is causing a lot of consigning in goma because this is a city that is very strategically placed catherine just briefly so how likely is it then that the double ajo meeting in geneva today will declare it bona in the d r c and international emergency while this is this
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situation and certainly makes it even more important for the truth to declare this and this meeting this imagine see meeting really was called by the director general of world health organization after the incident in goma and this director general doc that the brain yes said that this really is a game changer and this is because goma itself is a major city in d.r. see more than a 1000000 people live there it's also a gateway to other countries it's right at the border with one day in fact one to has issued a statement asking its citizens to avoid going to go go might solve is also it's very easy from goma to access other parts of the country including the capital kinshasa which has a population of about 12000000 people or at a conference or the nairobi conference thank you. the u.s. government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me and military leaders
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as they target me in moscow modern chief and several other senior offices as in response to the mass killing of bring the muslims in 2017 a crackdown led to a humanitarian crisis washington says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for human rights abuses well here's how those sanctions will they bob those targeted on the immediate family is from traveling to the united states comes a year after economic sanctions were placed on lower level security officials this time it's the military's top brass ahmad in chief. his deputy so when to subordinates together they are accused of orchestrating widespread rights violations forcing at least 700000 rangar to flee the country since august 28th 17 with al-jazeera as mama jump jhoom joins us on set and he's covered the ring of crisis extensively for us some of the what are you hearing now from your range of contacts on the ground in bangladesh as there are in the last few hours i've spoken to growing the refugees who live in those camps and cox's bizarre as well as rowing
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activists who are in various parts of the world and the response has been fairly uniform the us for all of them saying to me look this is a good step it is a step in the right direction but it doesn't go far enough and this is something we've heard over the past couple of years from refugees and activists you know they believe that the top brass and me and more should have been sanctioned you know 2 years ago they believe that this is coming for too late and that this just means that it will take far longer than they would like to achieve any kind of justice i also spoke with one activist who said to me they cannot understand why the word genocide is not being utilized by the united states when describing the alleged atrocities against there were hanging in the statement from u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh it describes what happened as ethnic cleansing now that has been a consistent. addition by the united states the last couple of years that's how
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they describe what happened but there are other governments like the government of canada that say that they believe that a genocide was perpetrated the fact now is you have the international criminal court there's a delegation that's on the ground in bangladesh they are continuing their polyphony investigations into what happened and the rain the refugees that are there say we just don't understand why more governments why more institutions are not calling what happened to us a genocide and you talk about the i.c.c. team that's currently in bangladesh how difficult will it be for them then to start a case do you think it's a tricky process daryn because let me try to walk you through it as briefly as i can so you had in the past year a decision was made at the international criminal court the jurisdiction could be given to the international criminal court to investigate the allegations of these crimes but could only be given in bangladesh because bangladesh is a signatory to the rome statute so they are a member of the court but me and more is not a signatory to the rome statute so that's one complication then you had these
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investigators that have gone in now there's a 2nd team that's there but in the past 2 weeks we heard from the prosecutor of the international criminal court she has put forth a formal request to the panel of judges at the international criminal court to open a formal investigation into the atrocities committed against the working but a decision has not yet been issued so it's complicated and the reading of it i speak with worry that this could take years this might even take decades if a case is brought at all just a final quick thought from you mamma before you go how it's been musculature then love to respond to these latest sanctions well i would not be surprised if they basically at some point issue a statement that condemns the sanctions what the me and my military has been consistent doing is denying the allegations that have been leveled against them in these past few years so they've not taken responsibility they have said over and over again that what they did in iraq and state was respond to acts of terrorism of course that is refuted by the dozens actually hundreds of refugees that eyes. and with who told me over and over again about some of the worst abuses i as
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a journalist and the teams that i was working with have ever heard being perpetrated against the people and right now you know we have not heard yet from me and morris military we don't know if they will issue any kind of a statement but the fact of the matter is that the people that we're speaking with on the ground there say this does not yet impact them they are still at the mercy of the international community they are still living in unsanitary conditions during monsoon season when they are at the mercy of inclement weather when thousands of families have been displaced because of monsoon rains the past few weeks and they don't think the situation for them is going to improve anytime soon all right we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed. now yemen's who the rebels say they have again targeted saudi arabia's port with a drone but the saudis say they intercepted it before it going to hit the target with these say they disrupted operations at the airport which has been targeted by the who these many times in recent weeks. all right lots more to come here not just here including. that office of the office of the mayor and the officers what they bought them outside steps that they need to be up for outrage from the mother of
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the man choked to death by a new policeman not the news there'd be no charges against the officer and why protesters noncom on giving up despite china's efforts to tighten control more and stay with us. however the weather's looking very changeable across japan at the moment clear skies coming in for the time being moving out into the open waters of the northwest pacific but we do have some cloud right now making its way out of the east china sea pushing over towards q.c. and that will intensify as we go into friday much of honshu seeing some rather wet weather when the weather starts to show its had down towards the fos out of the region in the form of tropical storm so that's something to watch out for as we
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make our way through the weekend already watching out for some very heavy rains eastern parts of china and to the south shall be right just to push back towards hong kong as we go through with say that wet weather just not exist little further south which will turn increasingly unsettled here disturbed weather there just across that western side of the philippines they perish low pressure but it's out towards the eastern side of taiwan where we can see the heaviest rain as we go on through the next couple of days in the form of tropical storm don assets already bring bring you some really heavy rainfall to northern parts of the philippines a few things turning a little less wet should we say as we go stay into friday but the showers along the spells of right still very much in evidence and the weather stretches its way all the way across into the gulf of thailand. algis you know we're close to god just people come down the track. he used to rely
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on their expertise sneak. like help from their traditional music and down to adapt and survive the modern internet. rather stands any dancers on how to. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera a deal has been signed between the military gym to protest leaders inside the hunt they've agreed to form a power sharing body that many hope will eventually lead to civilian rule. the world health organization is holding
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a meeting in geneva to decide if i bow to outbreak in the eastern democratic republic of congo is an international health emergency the 1st confirmed case of the virus in the city of goma was discovered on monday. and the u.s. government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on the in laws military leaders is in response to the mass killing of random muslims in 2817. now managing the risk of cryptocurrency is like facebook libra will be a priority of g 7 leaders meeting in france the french finance minister warned that an unregulated currency can only create problems. this is 1st of all a question of sovereignty you have states people night of states flown germany italy or sovereign states who is sovereign currencies doored are your all and so on and sticking to some very strong commitments some very strong wars we cannot accept to have the new currency having exactly the same kind of poor without the
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same kind of wars without the same kind of commitments and without the same kind of obligations and those are all sort of concerned about money laundering there is a concern about the funding of terrorism we have spain for many years before address things at the shoot and being able to fix that issue of money laundering and of funding of terrorism when on tuesday u.s. senators questioned the thanks book official over the proposed currency david mark has told the senate banking committee the company would not control libra but one senator said facebook is delusional to think people would trust it with their money facebook has burned down the house over and over and called every arson a learning experience look at facebook's correct.


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