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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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during the last one was there we came back to toronto one day before he went back to agree on the number each of the issues are in the nuclear agreement and never reports that he met with very senior senior official so any kind of step that was taken that led to the signing that came. there was approval from the highest level here inside iran before zarif acted on it and you think that this person is not powerful enough to have any kind of discussion with really just the opposite he is the probably most powerful person outside of their violence delist when it comes to sensitive issues because he has direct access to those who make those kinds of decisions in toronto. when our star mission is a national security and foreign policy analyst and joins me via skype from new york thanks for being with us on the program for the functioning of zarif let's the whole what does this mean do you think for the future of the iran nuclear deal and
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also for issues such as security in the strait of hormuz that those are the 2 key topics that have really been occupying international leaders. separate topics but definitely connected on the one hand the nuclear negotiations and the nuclear deal was somewhat debt after the united states unilaterally pulled out of the iran deal last year and the other hand it trumpet ministration as been trying to reach out sort of hand out this god knows what sort of other problems by saying well we're open that box and so on and so forth it's a matter of saving face for the iranian regime private harmony and for his sort of foreign spokesman jots or if who is the ministry of foreign affairs to come back to a negotiating table at which they had sat for a couple years and had reached an agreement and so it's embarrassing it's beyond the can save face and i had to lami had to repeat it several times that dealing
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with the us were talking to us and i quote is so not amiss what poison so you have a problem there on the other hand tensions in the persian gulf and shins industry department was an e.c. on has been on the rise have been increasing partially because of our g.c. and islamic republic activities because any sort of tension military tension with the wes is going to result in limited aerial strikes against the iranian government and iranian people which means the iranians are going to have to repel it or swallow it which also means islamic republic is more than happy to create some sort of friction and shut some blood even iranian blood but they know for sure war and full well that that will not let a toppling of the regime a regime change and so on and so forth if they get is going to embolden. people's patriotism and rally the people around it's like so it's a problem here is this on the one hand we have to ministration here in the u.s.
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and washington and washington then not only does it not have a clear strategy how to deal with iran but has been on a past so withdrawing from a some. what decent deal yet now reaching out to say well you know mr pump you know said the other that i want to come to iraq what the signal are you sending and the want and you all are. exerting maximum pressure but on the other hand you're not really offering real carrots secularly is maximum pressure right now the best strategy to sort of pursuit general historically a combination of apples or carrots for that matter and big sticks have resulted in you know have been result have been fruitful in dealing with islamic republic they usually come to go shoot people that i have a lot that the iranians and the iranian government usually come to the negotiating table when there is plenty of big heavy hitting bats and stick right about their heads but there's also got to be some terrorists at the end that are rising at the
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end of a stark tunnel each trumpet ministration has not made that clear yet what that is and secondly. again they are hedging their bets the iranian officials again when i say officials i'm not really talking about mr zarif who is foreign minister yes but he is not a decision maker even the iranian president mr rouhani he is not indeed anybody in the cabinet these elected officials even though elections in iran have a different meaning but again even these elected officials at best are government government ministries key decisions and based on the iranian constitution also realities on the ground here foreign policy national security military course of apparatus intelligence and judiciary decisions army bongs the man at the very top and harmony and his appointees those who occupy the key sort of the top brass in the military the key judicial positions the key foreign affairs and also the key intelligence positions major general hossam so in money everybody's very familiar
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with him as an operations in syria in lebanon in iraq and even you know he's there he's out of course horses after you sort of foreign operations unit of the i.t.c. . by many people's accounts is much more powerful regionally then mrs ari he carries out not only carries out iranian foreign policy but makes it so let's not really get hung up on the actual sort of technicality of a very being and you know been sanctioned yet it is sending a very strong signal that the united states don't want to want to deal with people like syria not there's a good question a doorstop in her package also brought up if you don't want to deal with the man who was coming out we're going to deal with i don't know how many has never left the country since 1908 we're going to deal with and that's going to be a real problem so i'm on the one hand the symbolic gestures of increasing the size of the stick is going to also increase tensions on the other and it is not quite clear whether the it you know what the islamic republic is going to respond to this
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will increase tensions in the persian gulf or lower and reduce tensions my bet is tensions are going to increase just very very quickly just one of the sort of issues of almost a side issue but it's very interesting timing that we obviously know that the tensions between the u.s. and iran have been rising steadily over the last couple of years but it's interesting the timing of these sanctions on zarif coming at a time when there has been some sort of movement between zarif and other gulf neighbors particularly the united arab emirates without it being something that would worry the trumpet ministration. no not not not for the not but a slight bit not that no matter what happens the arab countries of the persian gulf will close ranks behind the us no matter what at there is no doubt in mind there is tensions in the region saudi arabia united arab emirates but right now we're going to leave carter and bill money out of this because there is that iran is now well manas had historic ties with iran carter god knows what's going on with them but
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specially bahrain u.a.e. and saudi arabia the key there are going to close ranks behind us there is no way they're going to sort of not abide by us is the man and if there is tension between iran and us secondly this came after about a month of saber rattling and saying the u.s. wants impose sanctions i'm sorry but the let him come here to the city or whatever restricted these and he went back and the sanctions were imposed but yet not a rapprochement he may be somewhat of a player but he got in the bigger scheme of things i wouldn't i wouldn't lose any sleep over it that the u.a.e. is ever going to sort of betrayers its american patrons over some sort of rapprochement with the islamic republic of iran. really appreciate your analysis a face set breaking the thank you. so the news now and doctors in the democratic republic of congo have corn to 15 people in south kivu province of affairs they've
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been infected by it until now the area has managed to avoid the epidemic that has swept across the east and they all say all 15 members of the same family and recently returned from goma where a 2nd person died from a bowler on wednesday catherine sawyer has more from nairobi. this is the clinic in goma where the man sought help before he died he fell sick days after returning home from an infected area where he was working in a mining area the clinic is now closed some clinicians have been vaccinated and health workers are trying to trace people the victim made contact with more than a 1000000 people live in this city on the border with rwanda. and we did not know what was happening we just saw people looking like doctors carrying him away they said they will come back to the mater. we have. resident because we have seen how people are dying it would term burn beni night and day the
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2nd worst outbreak in the country's history was declared a year ago and has since claimed the lives of 1700 people it's 2nd only to the outbreak in west africa that killed 11000 people 5 years ago health workers trying to combat the outbreak are having to deal with militia groups and communities both hostile to them as well as poor infrastructure in vast regions where villages are hard to reach. for to mark a humble is an airball a survivor who spends her time taking care of children whose parents are the sick or dead she also talks to people and have believed in the town of benny about the importance of health care some congolese want to know about a new a ball a vaccine they've hired about from other. people are saying the new proposed vaccine isn't good enough workers need to seem surprised people so they can understand because this virus needs to go away the proposal by the world health organization to use
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a vaccine for clinical trials is controversial critics say the drug is experimental and shouldn't be tested on congolese people w.h.o. says vaccination is important for research expert. trying to get more information on the. effectiveness of recommendations the best work because margaret says a lot. for the 1st back in goma doctors try to work out how to stop the disease from spreading health workers in goma say the wall prepared to deal with this situation they've set up hand washing points in different parts of the city they say the treatment centers are well equipped and they have enough personnel but they're also warning people to keep vigil avoid unnecessary contact with each other not to worry but people that we've been speaking to in goma a telling us it's very difficult to keep calm at this moment catherine soy
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al-jazeera nairobi kenya well i'm joined now by dr mohammed munir who is a lecturer in biomedicine and virology at lancaster university in the u.k. thanks for being with us on this news are i was reading earlier that one medical worker said that once one patient has been diagnosed with a bone or it should be treated as an epidemic just how easily is a bona transmitted. ebola is one of the most infectious agent known in the history of our ology therefore individual patient khalili to spread of infection to several 100 people therefore individual cases need to be considered as a as an outbreak and it is a matter of urgency to treat our individual patient because that is really news sure from a future infection infectious cases could arise yeah i mean you literally don't you literally have to try and track down everybody who's come in contact with an a by
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the patient from what the previous 21 days that's a mammoth undertaking absolutely and this is one of the major challenge in and in congo speaking about the unfortunate cardiology to date that guy has arrived to a treatment center 11 days after the initial infection which is really too late to do anything about it so that is one of the challenge and we are all facing that how we can communicate the information in such a way that every individual is valid we are both the outcome and they respond to the situation as quickly as possible whenever so situation like this infection in goma is concerned should everyone in danger areas in africa ship they have a vaccination i mean as i gather it to vaccinations do now exists all they are the shortages are there enough facts and nations to go around and do you think that
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everybody should in fact be vaccinated because they appear to work by that absolutely i mean they they are pretty good i mean they give protection in more than 90 people. don't have some drug which is a very good rate for such a deadly disease so so there is no question about the efficacy of these vaccine i think one of the major challenges is is the misinformation and lack of. it in the. community dept is back scene is not a trial back scene it is being used as a as a cautionary mayor for or for for control of the inspection it's not the recommended vaccines were after gates all over it given very good production and indeed indeed indeed situation when we don't have a vaccine that is proven by all means this is the best next choice to do a dog so therefore every effort should be made to mate to to implement this vaccine into communities there is a high risk of that possibility for me it's actually pretty good to get your
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thoughts on this horrendous issue i thought to have had many a joining us there from lancaster thank you. a so has all this news from london the un security council convened off to north korea carries out a 2nd ballistic missile test this week. the woman who guided the usa to well cup glory is going out so far i will have the details for you in school. the 2nd set of u.s. democratic presidential candidates take to the debate stage in the coming hours to try to outshine last night's contend with 20 people while vying for the nomination the event has been face across the 2 nights let's take you live to john hendren who's in detroit for a sun john explain his go to the 2nd pass in this debate what we can expect from it
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. with a big contenders to watch for joe biden in the middle and then right on either side of him his to biggest critics that is coming to harris the california senator and cory booker the senator from new jersey they have been the most critical of joe biden in there in the center because they've come highest in the polls i don't want to waste a lot of time because i'm going to get here who can help us a little with that so let me make our our 1st question who i've got here is mario mario he's a longtime detroit or he's a political strategist who's lived here all his life when detroiters look at those 3 candidates what do they see and what they want to see a 1st of all this is probably the most diverse debate stage that you've seen in years which is a good thing joe biden is well loved because he was vice president to joe to obama then you got kamel harris and you are cory booker who are well liked in the in the african-american community however joe biden seems to be the guy who's steam and rolling ahead right now unless he makes more mistakes right and last night
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interesting interestingly as it happened all the candidates were white and in addition to all those you've mentioned gabbert of hawaii is the 1st hindu. american representative in congress why is detroit so important to the democrats and i'm leading you to 2016 here was a good thing because the traits has seen its ups and downs it's like the poster child of the city that has great comeback we had to come back city we've had bankruptcy we've had high crime of education issues this is where you want to be if you're a democrat and you want to touch your urban planner your urban agenda moving forward how do we bring diversity back into the party how do we get people to come out and vote what is it going to take for these candidates to convince african-americans and other minorities to to vote for them and in and hit them hard and in 2020 get to republicans are what's going to take a strong urban agenda is going to take a place like detroit to land feet and move forward hard and fast and interestingly donald trump won michigan the 1st republican to do so since 1988 and he did so by
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10000 votes which happens to be the margin the number of african-americans who voted in the obama election who did not vote in that election what are these folks have to do for detroit or is they're not really talking about urban issues are they not right now but i think you might hear that tonight what they what what hillary clinton was unable to do they better do and they better do fast even on the scale in a state of michigan where we have such diversified voters we have what we call reagan republicans which is a suburban county like my home county where these republicans the democrats will vote republican because of hard core conservative issues we have to as democrats they have to convert those people back to the party so they can vote and get those 10000 and obama's not around to inspire the african-american vote in large numbers so either a biden or harris or booker or whoever it is is going to have to do something to get these people moving and moving fast and here in the midwest of course we this
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is a place where the auto industry has seen tremendous declines in hiring and i'm just going to say thank you to mario morrow. you very much for doing this if that is the view from detroit we expect some fireworks tonight we'll see would have been looking forward to jump thanks so much. let's stay in the u.s. because the u.s. central bank has cut interest rates 5 calls a point the 1st reduction in a decade as the federal reserve cited global developments on muted inflation as the reason the outlook for the u.s. economy remains favorable and this action is designed to support that outlook it is intended to insure against downside risks from weak global growth and trade policy uncertainty to help offset the effects these factors are currently having on the economy and to promote a faster return of inflation to our symmetric 2 percent objective. still ahead so all this new political divisions exposed as boris johnson visits belfast for the
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1st time as u.k. prime minister. and a difference of opinion between 2 baseball players to generates into a school hour who happens to. hello there is seen some very heavy amounts of rain across some parts of europe central regions out tools east even the southeast as well thunderstorms in particular for some heavy amounts of rain a short space of time but look at this across the northwest the u.k. some very heavy rain that even some flooding has occurred up into yorkshire but maybe the rain is a good thing because well also we need the rain always but also we could do something to flush away this or this green you can see this is green algae this is actually in a canal in london you see all the students here about how the canoe lesson but what we tend to say we had a heat wave recently is an increase in this as the cop and sled levels actually
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increased again is something to flush it away so. some more rain certainly in the 4 calls now as we go through thursday there is more insight into the southeast we could see some strong thunderstorms that is a line of rain showers trailing right there way up as you can see towards sudden as a scandinavian but this system that brought the rain across the u.k. that is slowly edging away to the east it does promise to be a fairly cloudy couple of days ahead not cold 24 in london 28 in paris again there won't be really any range 26 in zurich and again some heavy rain across the alps for the next couple of days but no sign of any rain into northern africa is clear and dry until much as you can see here 39 in tunis. following 2 fatal crashes and the past year boeing decided to brown the brand new 7 through 7 max but this wasn't the 1st time that grounded a new aircraft back in 2013 in the 787 dreamliner back into trouble when the
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battery caught fire but as al-jazeera as investigative unit discovered there was more to the problem than just smoking batteries. rewind of broken dreams the boeing 787 on al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . the latest news as it breaks it is a long campaign against what it calls attempts to undermine the state of israel within. with detailed coverage power being the police by. the
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world environmentalist's here the pulse of what's been said. from around the world this is just as visible above ground and on the surface and underneath. again undermined by the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. treasury department has imposed sanctions on iran's foreign minister on a job it's a relief to rethink responded saying it's because he's quote a threat to the u.s. agenda. doctors in the democratic republic of congo have porn 915 people in south
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kivu province over fears they've been infected by a boda until now the area has managed to avoid the epidemic that is swept across the east and d.l.c. . let's return now to that breaking news that's leading our program the u.s. treasury department's decision to impose sanctions on iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif let's go back to al-jazeera in jordan who's in washington d.c. and has been assessing reaction to this so far we've heard from the treasury department and also the state department rules. that's right the secretary of state my client peo who happens to be in thailand as we speak has issued a statement arguing that it was perfectly acceptable and expected that the u.s. government would sanction mohamed job and sorry for the iranian foreign minister for essentially putting forth and supporting the policies of husseini home and a
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the tola who is the supreme leader of iran the statement from the secretary of state underscores that. reef is trying to present a moderate modern face to the western world in particular his country is crushing political opponents is denying gays and lesbians for example there are human rights and that the government is supporting a group such as hezbollah and hamas these are all things which the trumpet ministration is arguing justify going after a job and zarif and imposing these new sanctions on him it's also worth pointing out that a similar point is apparently being remade right now in the white house driveway by the national security advisor john bolton we hope to get more of his comments in the next hour that we can share with our audience but felicity this really is part of the u.s. efforts to further isolate iran economically and more important diplomatically
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because the u.s. says that iran has a domestic policy that is reprehensible it has a foreign policy which the u.s. considers reprehensible and that in order for iran to return to the international community of nations it has to change its policies both internally and externally and the u.s. says it's going to do whatever it can in order to put that kind of pressure on the government and on. jordan live with the latest on that breaking news out of washington d.c. thanks us britain germany and france have asked the united nations security council for closed door meeting to address north korea's latest missile launches state media reports that leader kim jong un personally oversaw wednesday's operation and that it confirmed the effectiveness of the weapon well south korea says pyongyang fired 2 short range ballistic missiles
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from the city of one sun they flew around 250 kilometers before crashing into the sea comes just days after the north carried out 2 similar missile tests robin wright has more from the south korean capital seoul. this latest missile firing is being viewed with deep concern here in south korea it's the 2nd double launching of short range ballistic missiles in less than a week and the 3rd missile launch to take place since may in direct contravention of the landmark military agreement signed between north and south korea last september during the period of improving relations that was meant to have put an end to testings like this one south korea's defense minister has said that if the north continues with threats and provocations like this then it would have to be considered an enemy so there has been some very strong words used by south
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korea contrasting with all of the period of reconciliation that we've had over the past year and a half or so north korea said when it launched missiles last week that that should be considered to be a solemn warning to south korea being very careful not to direct any of its anger all wrath at the americans and that u.s. president donald trump in particular but this does seem to be a reminder from them about the size of their nuclear and missile arsenal that yes this is only a short range missile but it is a reminder that they are serious about getting the u.s. back to the negotiating table and eventually getting some relief from the crippling sanctions teams that are now a protest leaders of called for a 1000000 man march on thursday to demand justice for the killing of at least 6 demonstrators earlier this week rally 7 taking place across and on since security forces opened fire on a student protest in north quarter fund on monday if
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a movement has more now from neighboring ethiopia. but the 36 has 15 students in various parts of sudan raise their voices calling for justice and accountability and trials for the soldiers who opened fire on fellow students. at least 6 were killed and dozens injured in north dakota fun as they protested about the cost of living the protesters called for justice i repeated by the african women. in the city how do you think the african union cares it directly denounces the killing of students taking pass in a peaceful protest and offer our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives we use the quick arrest of those responsible for the killings and for them to stand trial and face punishments according to the laws in this country. monday's shooting happened at high school students complained about the lack of bread and the rising cost of fuel and transport as students took to the streets to mourn and voice their anger at monday's killings the military council blamed the
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opposition put to death and ordered the closure of schools nationwide the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change continues to negotiate with the military to form a transitional government oh it's aimed at replacing the military rule in place since longtime president already bashir was ousted in april the sudanese communist party one of the opposition parties which is part of the coalition an ounce that it wouldn't participate in talks to form a government. and we as a party will not go down that path or play a role in the transitional authority communist party takes the side of the masses we will escalate the situation in the streets and continue efforts to achieve the hopes and aspirations of our people to bring about radical change. most of the protests have been led by the sudanese professional association it says the communist party is refusing to participate in tulsa negotiations and called for more protests to pressure the military to relinquish power plant which surely since
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al bashir was toppled all the parties said they would not participate in any of the levels of the transitional authority so the communist party is no different but that does not mean that those parties will not take in the future government. civilian government has been the demand of demonstrators ever since they took to the streets in december now they're also demanding justice and accountability for the rising number of protesters being killed while campaigning for change he bargain under their own ideas about if. it is the most contentious part of the brics it withdrawal deal between the u.k. and the e.u. and worries over the so-called irish backstop dominated boris johnson's 1st visit to northern ireland's prime minister johnson has vowed to overhaul the deal despite the e.u. repeatedly telling him down well a deadlock has made the likelihood of a no deal breaks it even higher as not a bubble reports from belfast. grabbing the attention of the
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prime minister or trying to these belfast shipyard workers are set to lose their jobs their predicament just one of the challenges northern ireland's devolved government here at stormont could be addressing if it were up and running. for its johnson promise to spend no effort to make that happen it's great to be to be here in northern ireland and. clearly the people in or out of have been without a government without stormont for 2 years and 6 months so my prime focus this morning is to do everything i can to help that get up and running again the 5 political parties here have been talking since may about how to get the northern irish assembly back in business it was set up in 1980 as part of a peace deal that gave this part of the u.k. a degree of autonomy but issues including irish language rights and access to abortion remain divisive on top of that politicians have wildly differing views on brics it and specifically boris johnson's insistence that the e.u. scraps the so-called irish backstop keeping the whole of the u.k.
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closely aligned with the u. rules until there's a trade deal in place and it's very clear that the end is the backstop that has caused all of the difficulties with the winter olympics and therefore that needs to be the subject of focus negotiation and therefore we will support a minister and other party say the backstop is essential to prevent a hard border they're worried what they call the prime minister's hardline strategy will backfire and see the u.k. leave the e.u. without a deal that in their view would inevitably lead to physical checks at the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. and christian faith in the main nationalist party it could even be to push for a referendum on uniting north and south we've made it clear to him that the extensive planning that he tells us he is carrying i was in respect of a potential crash ranks as has to include the constitutional question of the issue of a border poll here in ireland. sinn fein's ultimate aim is and always has
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been achieving a united ireland and a clear warning to the prime minister is the way he's going about brics it could make that prospect a great deal more likely. for now the action at stormont is outside the parliament not in sight even if the assembly does against all expectations resume its work in the near future the challenge of protecting the good friday agreement that created it could make delivering any kind of brics it an uphill struggle nadine barber al jazeera belfast israel's security cabinet has approved the permits for the construction of 700 palestinian homes in the occupied west bank it was announced ahead of a planned visit to israel this week by senior white house adviser jared krishna how a force that has more from west to recent polls. well just days after carrying out an extremely controversial series of demolitions of palestinian homes in occupied east jerusalem the israeli government is now sanctioning the construction of some $700.00 palestinian homes in the part of the occupied west bank which it controls
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known as areas see at the same time notably talking about the approvals of some $6000.00 units in illegal israeli settlements as well all of this coming at the same time as a tour of the region by president donald trump's some.


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