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tv   South Africa Toxic City  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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until there's a trade deal in place and it's very clear that the it is the backstop that has caused all of the difficulties with the winter olympics and therefore that needs to be the subject of focus negotiations to deal with it and therefore we will support the prime minister and other parties say the backstop is essential to prevent a hard border they're worried what they call the prime minister's hardline strategy will backfire and see the u.k. leave the e.u. without a deal that in their view would inevitably lead to physical checks at the border between northern ireland of the republic of ireland. and christian faith in the main nationalist party it could even be to push for a referendum on uniting north and south we've made it clear to him that the extensive planning that he tells us he is carrying i was in respect of a potential crash frank says has to include the constitutional question and the issue of a border poll here in ireland. should feigns ultimate aim is and always has been achieving a united ireland and a clear warning to the prime minister is the way he's going about brics it could
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make that prospect a great deal more likely for now the action at stormont is outside the parliament not in sight even if the assembly does against all expectations resume its work in the near future the challenge of protecting the good friday agreement that created it could make delivering any kind of breaks it an uphill struggle. al-jazeera belfast. all right still ahead when we come back rolling out a truce why turkey's beefing up its forces in northern syria. iran. 6 months after it was at the center of a deadly attack by al-shabaab fighters kenyan hotel reopens it's all ahead.
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hello again some very heavy rain pushing into southern sections of china now the satellite is a massive cloud an enemy and so all of this we have actually got a tropical storm with will actually weaken in terms of winds quite rapidly over the next 24 hours but it will not ease off in those rains you can see here some very dark colors the right the way into buying dong we could well see some flooding rains 28 degrees in hong kong with that very heavy amounts of rain across the winds will be strong they will certainly be gusting winds and we could well see some local flooding and you can see what it's doing to the temperatures in fact on friday as that woman hong kong 31 but very very wet and the same for that to the west as you can see meanwhile up to shanghai is a dry couple of days temperatures in the mid thirty's celsius those rains extend early fall south as well certainly across into much of southern sections of thailand across into fit but it's mostly fair further to the south on thursday by friday we might just see some more rain showers pushing into the northern and eastern sections of borneo but fairly clear really set in terms of rain across much
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of the west 33 celsius in color and then into india again these rains have really ramped up in the last few days central sections of india down across the western ghats as well but look at this by thursday and friday we see those rains once again in the forecast up across into nepal bangladesh and the northeast of india. who want to sponsor a town. al jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. hired and they told me you're a member of al qaeda you can stop the advance of the shia. and its conclusion with al qaida to conspire against and assassinate the shia opposition to $25.00. playing with fire on al jazeera.
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again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour the united states has imposed sanctions on iran's foreign minister mohammad german cities the u.s. says he promotes what he calls the reckless agenda of iran's supremes leader reid hit back saying it's all because he's considered a threat to washington's agenda. doctors in the democratic republic of congo have quarantined 15 people in south kivu province over fears they've been infected by ebola all than 1600 people have died in the latest outbreak to hit the country since august 28th. u.k.'s prime minister barak johnson has visited northern ireland telling the main political parties the u.k. will leave the e.u.
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31st but he assured them there would be no hard border with the republic. so day 2 of the 2nd round of debates between us democratic presidential hopefuls has just begun or be a lot of attention on the former vice president and current front runner joe biden he was criticized for a lackluster performance at last month's debate with john hendren is following that debate for us so john we're only what about 15 minutes into these debates anything interesting so far what what can we expect of the candidates tonight. well the 1st blow has already been struck in the 1st opening statement new york. city mayor bill de blasio struck out at both comolli harris and the front runner joe biden saying unlike them he was looking to transform the government and we're
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expecting to see more of that joe biden wants to remain above the fray according to his campaign he's going to be talking about donald trump but he's got a target painted on his back and a lot of those candidates are expected to be gunning for him he's going to be standing right between is standing right now between korti booker and comolli harris both of them are african-americans and both of them have been critical booker has criticized him on criminal justice because of some aggressive legislation that he pushed in the ninety's the result of which was more african-americans ending up in prison kamel the harris as opposed him on things like bussing minorities to better schools which biden opposed years ago so we also have a number of candidates who are a low in the polls those people are going to want to get up and break through in this debate because otherwise they might end up out of the race so some of them are going to be gunning for biden some of them are going to be going for other
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candidates but i think what we can expect is a lot of fireworks right now what we're hearing is opening statements we've had one combative opening statement but other than that we're just waiting to see it all happen and of course the reason why we're having a 2nd debate is because there are 20 of these candidates right now and it's going to be 10 on each night then and a lot of democrats are hoping that that field is going to thin out at some point so how will will the race change after these debates. well we're expecting things to winnow out these debates or the 2nd major round of debates for the democratic candidates only 5 candidates didn't make this debate 20 of them did the party and many supporters want to win. that down that number and what's likely to happen is that a number of them will not qualify for the 3rd round of debates and of those 20 we expect perhaps fewer than half of them to qualify then money and support is going to dry up for the rest and bat will drive some of them likely out of the race we
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expect in the days after this debate it is very likely that some candidates will drop out but last night the progressives own the night elizabeth warren was widely viewed by people who reviewed it as the winner of that debate she and bernie sanders are really the most progressive candidates and they were attacked by several moderates again and again and again and again they struck back we put together a story on what happened last night take a look. in what purports to be the party of civility the contenders came out swinging you don't know 2nd of all because you know what i wrote the day a bell. on issue number one publicly funded health care top polling elizabeth warren sought to put rival john delaney's struggling campaign on life support. why do we got to be the party of taking something away where the democrats we're not about trying to take away health care from anyone and that's what the
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republicans are. saying the republican talking points the revolutionaries of the democratic party warren and bernie sanders dominated the debate clock again and again warren went on the offensive you know i don't understand why anybody does to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and should fight for. this round of debates could dramatically narrow the field of candidates for some the race is over 5 candidates failed to qualify for this round of debates and of the 20 who remain less than half are expected to qualify for round 3 and for some who failed to breakthrough in detroit. are likely already drying up the debates locale in the motor city was a reminder of the democrats' failure in 2016 their supposedly solidly democratic blue wall crumbled in their former strongholds of pennsylvania wisconsin and
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detroit's parent state michigan. have to do they have to spend money here they have to wake up the populace and get them out to vote with another debate to go on wednesday where front runner joe biden will stand directly between his 2 biggest critics coming to harrison cory booker $92.00 was expected to be at least as combative. the u.s. central bank has cut interest rates by a quarter point the 1st reduction in a decade the head of the federal reserve cited signs of a global slowdown for the moves and also hinted at trade disputes between the u.s. and china as a reason u.s. president donald trump tweeted his disappointment at the rate cut he said he was expecting a bigger drop she have a chance he has more from washington the chairman of the federal reserve cited 3 main factors for the rate cut the weakening global economic outlook the weakening outlook for u.s. trade around the world as a result and we conflation in the united states his argument seems to be look the
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u.s. economic indicators are humming along why don't just give them a little bit of a boost with this quarter percent rate cut he denied any political pressure but we do know that dog trump has been pushing for rate cuts from the fed larger than this one that is because clearly don't trust once the economy to keep on expanding into the 2020 economic cycle drone pilot 1st saying that he didn't see this is a long succession of rate cuts but then he clarified that suggested that there may be more rate cuts to come perhaps all truck will get hit more rate cuts simply because of his economic policy the only certainty over trade as a result of his trade wars and trade rhetoric but also the economic policy to prioritize enormous cuts for the wealthy and corporations and not sustainable investments into the u.s. is economy itself so he he may get his his rate cuts but he won't so much. a turkey's defense minister says his country will set up a so-called safe zone in northern syria with or without the u.s.
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the nato allies will resume talks soon in an effort to reach an agreement but is in a harder reports from gaziantep in southeastern turkey divisions between them run deep. more soldiers arrived at already heavily fortified positions the show of force coinciding with turkey repeatedly warning it might carry out a possible cross border operation its military wants a safe zone inside the white peachey controlled area in northeast syria it considers the syrian kurdish armed group a threat to its national security but it is also an ally of the united states which has warned turkey against taking any unilateral military action we know that there are officially 2500 u.s. soldiers and nearly 220 u.s. military facilities in the region so in case of a military operation there is a risk that to metalized not all military. police to thirty's there has been
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a marked increase in u.s. army patrols close to the border with turkey in what seems to be a message to its nato ally they have deep disagreements despite months of discussions over the creation of the zone turkey does not just want to wipe e.g. to disarm and withdraw from the border area it wants control of the zone that's at least 30 kilometers deep and would stretch from the syrian town of girard loss to the iraq border that would include why peachey controlled cities and towns like cold bonnie tell commission. as well as members. turkey says the u.s. needs to end its support to the y. p.g. which it considers an offshoot of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party or the p.k. case it is also not satisfied with the buffer zone solutions proposed by the united states those proposals reportedly involve a zone with a depth of 10 kilometer is that exclude. the main population centers along the border. right e.g.
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supporters have held protests against a possible turkish takeover saying they'll only accept an internationally enforced zone in turkey and the syrian opposition see areas under why p.g. control are historically ours and the proposed zones means millions of refugees can return to syria and turkey and dependent to. the u s or russia so. say that meat is hard to make a prediction about. steps. cooperation with russia has allowed turkey to clear the white beauty from at least 2000 square kilometers along its border since 2016 but russia doesn't seem to want turkey to increase its influence in syria it says any safe still needs the consent of the authorities in damascus for now it is under u.s. control but if u.s. policy shifts how long that will remain the case is unclear jennifer there because he tapped. by israel's security cabinet has approved permits for the construction
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of 700 palestinian homes in the occupied west bank it's a rare announcement before a plan and visit to israel this week by senior white house adviser jared kirshner he's expected to push both sides to join talks a bundle of days she is struggling to contain its worst outbreak of dainty fever at least 14 people have died after it 1st broke out in the capital dhaka earlier this year the mosquito borne infection is now spread across the country hitting $61.00 out of $64.00 districts more than $15000.00 cases have been confirmed since january and nearly 2 thirds of those were diagnosed this month. a kenyan hotel has reopened 6 months after it was attacked by al-shabaab fighters 21 people were killed when 4 gunmen and a suicide bomber stormed the hotel reports from. the city to hotel in kenya's capital nairobi wants the world to know it's open for
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business once again. it was a different picture 6 months ago. from the somali armed group attacked. it says it wants kenya's army to leave neighboring somalia. one of them detonated a suicide bomb i just saw something that came back like a gas explosion tracy 10 so it always was something i saw like an explosion from here so i saw that i don't know whether it was a hand or it was a leg for you down there so she hid inside the hair salon where she worked into police came but since that day i have feel like you want to do when i came in i just said it's because they act like a so how could risk mean to just such an emotional moment for me. but the message of the hotel management and politicians is defiant.
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and there's. nobody we. visit. to see. soldiers and police arrived in about half an hour of the attack starting they swept through the buildings they rescued hundreds of people killed the remaining attackers and the whole thing was over in less than 24 hours the security agencies with ones with scene is much more effective than in previous attacks. when i sent gunmen to the westgate shopping mall 6 years ago the attack lasted hours but security forces besieged it for days shops were looted by soldiers dozens died. the bloodiest attack in kenya by al-shabaab was a university in 2015 nearly 150 students were killed repeated
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requests for security at the campus had been ignored. the attacks began when kenya's army entered somalia 8 years ago along with its allies who controls the major cities a terrorist group could be degraded their military power could be diminished as been consistently done in somalia but that does not mean that the they cannot mount attacks inside somalia in kenya and other places to carry out attacks to announce that they are still relevant. to maybe back up on its feet the security is now tighter here. kenya's conflict with is far from over. malcolm web al-jazeera nairobi kenya.
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all right let's get right up to the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has slapped sanctions on iran's top diplomats it is accusing germany for promoting propaganda from iran supremely leader ayatollah ali khamenei the latest escalation is a month after the u.s. post sanctions on terminate the u.s. said it doesn't consider zarif the main contact for any talks on iran's nuclear program zarif as a reaction on twitter and ridiculed the sanctions president jordan has been monitoring reaction from u.s. officials they basically say that this is a situation where because of the u.s. is concerned they actually need to be engaging with people who they believe could actually make real change but they also indicate that they don't think that this is possible because they are continuing sanctions and they are continuing to look at other possible targets and basically anyone who is working at the direct leadership
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or at the director has to i should say. of the supreme leader ayatollah commenting on doctors in the democratic republic of congo have cornered 15 people in south kivu province over fears they've been infected by a bowler a 3rd case has been confirmed in goma a densely populated city more than 1600 people have died in the latest outbreak to hit the country since august 28th. british prime minister boris johnson has visited northern ireland telling the main political parties there the u.k. will leave the e.u. 31st but he assured them there will be no hard border with the republic of ireland day 2 of the 2nd round of debates between us democratic presidential hopefuls has begun this time around former vice president and current. joe biden is taking part in the u.s. central bank has cut interest rates by a quarter point the 1st reduction in
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a decade the head of the federal reserve citing signs of a global slowdown those are the headlines in such stories next. it's been controversial in india for years the use of the so-called triple tulloch by a man to divorce his wife is now outlawed a new law replaces the centuries old islamic practice but will it protect muslim women and is it politically motivated this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan a muslim man in india can no longer divorce his wife by simply uttering taluk the arabic word for divorce 3 times if a husband tries to do that he can now be jailed for up to 3 years the so-called triple tulloch method of instant divorce has been criminalized by india's parliament the upper house passed the bill on tuesday 2 years after the supreme court declared the practice unconstitutional but it's sharply divided lawmakers and campaigners those in favor say the new measure protects muslim women opponents those say it's unusual to criminalize divorce and that the punishment is too harsh others argue that marriage problems should be reviewed by community leaders and not by the government well the ruling bharatiya janata party b j p managed to pass the law after it had been blocked by the opposition for more than
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a year india's prime minister narendra modi celebrated what he called a victory on twitter he said an archaic and mediæval practice has finally been combined to the dustbin of history parliament abolishes tripple telecom corrects a historical wrong done to muslim women this is a victory of gender justice and will further equality in society india rejoices today he says but opponents of the bill accuse his hindu nationalist b j p of targeting muslims. as of the day in a way see a member of parliament for the opposition all india. had or muslimeen party said this law is against muslim women a marginalizes them even more the law forces a woman to stay in a marriage with an imprisoned man who'd verbal he and emotionally abused her it puts the burden of proof on muslim women and forces her into impoverishment so what is the instant triple tahlequah practice as we've mentioned allows muslim men to
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divorce their wives just by saying the word it can happen anytime and by any means including telephone text message or by social media post the measure isn't used universally among muslims around the world different islamic schools of thought prefer the divorce process to be carried out over a period of 3 months allowing time for reflection and reconciliation more than 20 countries including neighboring pakistan and bangladesh have banned the practice the custom was prevalent among muslims in india which doesn't have a standard civil code. so let's bring in our guests for today's discussion from new delhi we're joined by desh rather nigam who's a lawyer associated with the legal wing of the russian tria swam setback sang a hindu nationalist organization joining us from london gareth price from chatham house research and current affairs institute and via skype from new delhi come on through he has founder of the all india muslim personal law border non-government
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organization which supports the protection of muslim personal law in india deseret and if we can start with you are right in thinking that you are very much in favor of this bill if so why when it's a discriminatory bill is needed unfairly criminalizes muslim men while those from other faiths who leave their wives commit only a civil offense. so that until you let us be very very clear this bill is for the rights of mary he muslims and men and also gender equality and gender justice it has nothing to do with religion now criminalization is on account of instant triples the luck not to belittle our instant to put a lock which is. one in one sitting by the off electronic means whatsapp s.m.s. is email striking letters or spoken words that is what has been criminalized now women who used to live in constant fear and they were treated as slaves and
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property that they can be thrown out any time not this instant to put a lock has no basis in islamic law also it is illegal and void under islamic law also in this bag don't knock off these instant i would says what taking place in women's women were being thrown out now you have to make a distinction with abandonment no abandonment in other religion does not lead to divorce legal status of a person does not change but here despite the fact it is an islamist this practice this inhuman practice was going on in our society and therefore this initiative was not a started by hindu men it was a started by misleading muslims themselves they signed a petition 1000000 muslim men and women in india and most of them of women signed this petition and this process was initiated in the supreme court and the supreme court held the supreme court of india held that it is unconstitutional and illegal and despite the supreme court ordered this practices were continuing and women were
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being you know thrown out of the houses and therefore there was a lot of quiet to criminalize it and to make it as a deterrent you also have such kind of laws and in other islamic countries which is which is penal nature and people are sent to jail if they do not follow the lead down procedure so opposition by certain sections of people is on account of that would bend. olympics which they are playing and kind of creating a fear mongering you know fear among the muslims in india that their religion is being affected their society is being affected but end of the day this is about being their fundamental rights according their fundamental rights and other rights that the constitution of india gives them come out for ok in new delhi you're opposed to the bill of people like you anti women has is as has been claimed many times in the debate leading up to the passing of this bill. subtle thank you very
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much emphasis on since america the new government of dave started saying something about that and prostitution so i have to do one thing if you only one who says that it is illegal in islam i think you need to go away for the teaching of islam and muslims but it is not easy to get yes it has not been seen as the most fervent belief and of things. announced the busy divorce but it does not leave and it's not understanding this is well apart biggest part of them and it is being used that i had only in this country by the end of his pull up are so you must understand if this is not going on this time interval is the number and not if you go in they stopped yes it does not be if there were and if you believe but then most of the bible it is seen it is not as one of the backing in fact but is not always said if their own if the husband and i'm not going to get together and the other thing but what was certainly going to set in fact that plain fact and that and i think that
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this point will be full of shit and if you see that's a medium of events and men have stepped in they're going to perdition this is absolutely the home the genesis of the whole case is that and it's a very unique kind of situation in my country where and on there's been so important jack's right here by the senate leaving a lot of. judgment on it in all women today on different party unfortunately that they did to him and not get that way it is fatal for this kind of things you plus the judgment that didn't matter and one of the definite says that after having about that he did is this not the guest just back end of the. it by the end of the judgment not just man he sat there and we have also come to know what you know what except trying to leave new hampshire indeed etc as if you have also come across that it was stupid and also will be some pretty bizarre behavior seems so look we have to. 5 b. and 5 b.
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at the end he says the just man and the last 2 letters and he said they'd is proper for us to definitely 11 aren't who you give him so this is not this is not on the basis of the me as all of the events of argument because i've been of the same it is in fact on the ship you often occupants or died and it is unique it has come and i often use up to 6 months not this guy is so deadly that let's not. stop it making the appeal and mark on time that he spent a lot of effort but if i just meant its impact and. there was a new kind of judgement in the name and i'm not the. one of the unit that come out little i have to just because i'm going to i'm going to interrupt you to come i will come to the detail a little bit later in the program i notice that you didn't submit my question that people like you anti women. no absolutely not normal student can be undocumented and he would not be a muslim if you did and it meant because it's ump used islam or the one of the 1st
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religion in the word which gives the equal right to do but. if you meant what and it gives it definitely later in to provide given that i have been given that it also gives that i don't remember what all about them maybe if she feels that she's not being treated properly it would be just garbage and it demands it then of course the correct procedure would be that it should be given in the t.v. . months that be there and then it or not but if there is an option that was an option but just r.b.c. then it wouldn't absolutely break the same that the plot was also given but it does being but it doesn't rule out lecturers who are made today and you can find out in our website also that we have discussed it is and of the law it is the guide but to be discredited that is that is in fact and we are not no mr gandhi and the human we've got to get consent of our men so that it is of all of their god not exist but
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that i'd like gareth price in london why was the government so determined to push this bill through and then the government would make the case that. in the past 7 anomalies in the personal law have benefited what you would describe as the minority community muslims and i think there clearly is a long term trend towards some kind of uniform civil code i think the ability for. muslim men and get a divorce their wives by saying the last 3 times which is as he pointed out is isn't. allowed in many other actually islamic majority countries is something i think it's quite hard to defend sir i think it's become a sort of this is the. the touchstone of a reordering. the personal codes so it's not in itself anti muslim it's just the
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government doing what it said it was going to do when it came to power it sits in the government's manifesto i mean i would point out there are many things that are illegal within india that don't necessarily have that has not necessarily made a difference so for instance diaries have been illegal in india since 1961 but they're still quite prevalent and marriages in there so i think this is this is something where the government the government doesn't have a majority in the upper house but where enough lawmakers of other parties were able to. to support this particular measure ok rotten is not the case that what's actually required in the india as gas was saying there was a uniform civil code that treats all citizens regardless of their religion their race their gender equally. yes yes
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there's no doubt and we have laws among hindus which have been in character and therefore nobody can say that but this year it is again i reiterate that this is not a question of abandonment it is a question of the change of the legal status of of life from being a vice to a dive ost person and that is all again on the basis of something which is illegal unconstitutional in human. the law has not you know considered to put a lock as illegal it is the instant to put a lock is just a lock it but that which is done at one sitting which keeps the reman very fearful on tenterhooks and they're treated like slaves and property so this is different from being an abandonment where the legal status does not change of the vice and therefore the people who are trying to you know speak against this law are the ones who do not want you know the hedgie many of certain sections of men among the
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muslims to go of it and they're trying to create fear among the minorities and consolidate the muslims as of what bank which is which is where the entire politics is coming and let me tell you that a few things very important out here that i have seen men who are opposing it initially but when it happens in their family they start supporting this bill so that kind of situation is also there this is grover men it is about their rights it is about gender equality and justice and cannot be seen from the narrow you know vision of religion come on through keep. people like you opponents of the bill just want to create fear among the minorities how do you answer that. now this is again descending obvious but your conception of a defensive situation to both you said again something that is in fact one of the muslims we get the muslims serve but i did just that in 5 percent of the people
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population of and there are absolutely no part of it will change the whole scenario of what the guests muslims i don't think you can buy a 2nd one if i do that the at the border battle that went on since i've been chased on will think now if mr nigam has used the wanted to get wanted to go think what but what politics and even going to get them out of and we are absolutely not and you know what is happening right now in the county that people have been here for 2 minutes but all but at least when you're out on and you've been dinged for granted they're not the other and what it is how this and i decide who is doing that what it is and not just that i am not a political party and simply a man out of the but who is using me as if i want was there and being treated as a bad man and i want to save you just still a particular order back which has happened in the election not so and just an event in a still going on so little believe it john i don't know as there be out what exactly
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that will do is absolutely absurd because absolutely we have nobody yet in the majority in the country if you install only a bit of your stance yet but some. of it is in the works but at the end you have absolutely not that not and that may have been present 15 percent population of the country it is having i believe 2224 and member of parliament this engagement this excludes i meant that if you should be in at least 63 of the population is that what i'm going to go through that be i did it and it and nothing can get it and what of the system it's not certain but who is using it as a political front we are not doing it again not given we are not the ip who is the body sitting on is that the i deserve the fight to be happy is that i get there i'm professional. that's the only difficulty you got there one paul but me and adams didn't go to. the video as it is 2nd class it is that and they want to show it that look we have to use them as that and that's what he's done in fact that they'll be
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doing it why would i be doing it i just listen to them why would i be doing it i'm not going to get it the only thing is that a supreme court has only said and it was there may not make it only sad that the most the fundamental takes up the sound they're going to be cheap i'm going to $100.00 and i'm going. to look at this maybe legion ok and this is the parker but you know what well let's let's put that to death for a time do you want to try to come back on that. yeah the fact remains i think this is not personally in this to fight ok i'm talking about certain people and sections of a polish busy political parties who are opposing this bill now look at how they had been in the upper house of indian parliament they all privately want this bill to be passed but publicly oppose it in the parliament they abstained from voting and some of them walked out which brought down the mark of majority below a certain level and therefore this bill was very easily passed so they have to face
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is but in the public and one in private in private when it happens among in their own family they start supporting this this bill but otherwise in public they start opposing i think everybody should be clear about the fundamental right of right to life or dignity to of women which isn't shined in our constitution it has nothing to do with religion that right does not to talk about hindus and muslims it is a neutral religiously neutral fundamental right and that is what has been given through and the supreme court judgement was not acting as a document and therefore and the cases number of cases were increasing and going on i'm only talking about reported cases that are huge number of under porter cases which are there despite the supreme court judgement and therefore this law was absolutely necessary to mensa paid the women about gender justice and equality and to make a law to act as a decadent. the supreme court ruling had little impact on the ground will this law
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change anything it's just going to lead to an increase in men leaving their wives without getting divorced to all polygamists i think how it plays out in practice is as a as you think crucial. that was against diary as a saying a very early applied. in india is is it going to be used to target members of us as a specific muslim community is it just going to add to the backlog of cases in india's already overstretched legal system. time will time will tell but like i say that the passing of laws of itself doesn't necessarily change the brain reality and that i mean in the goddess of religion and large parts of north india there's a huge number of challenges to. the status of women in society and both communities and in some of the some of the states and north india female you know the female percentage of the labor force is less in afghanistan so there's
9:41 am
a whole series of gender challenges which seem to be faced up to again if there's a outside observer what's your view is there a hidden agenda behind this bill i think the ruling party would say as as as you tell us your speaker from the r.s.s. said that this is this is not good for women's right is not good for the status of women. the fact that it's applies in the muslim communities is currency dental but i think the fact that it is quite difficult to defend means they're actually passed in the upper has i think if this is the signal of something. here this is step one and then there been various other actions taken it'll be much harder for the government to push it through their hands say so let's see if it's this kind of symbolic or whether it's the 1st step and. ironing out various anomalies in the muslim personal or to shorten a ok past the upper house has it though this bill been properly scrutinized by
9:42 am
lawmakers why would the government send it to a select committee for instance for revision see so little yes yes i have an answer this is not a new bill this bill has been debated in the last session of the parliament and certain you know changes were so just to buy a position those cigar then changes have been incorporated busy in the bill and this is the new bill that has come up and that was introduced and passed so the concern of the opposition's what all of it taken care of there were suggested by the opposition and those provisions have been included in the new bill and it was totally scrutinized and debated in parliament and it is not necessary to be sent that is no mandatory requirement to be sent to parliamentary committee also a committee and this is if it had been a new bill which would not have been debated at least one could ever understood the demand of sending it to a select committee the suggestions made by the oppositions have already been incorporated there are safeguards to prevent the misuse of this this particular law
9:43 am
and therefore there you know demand for sending it to a select committee is all most has no basis come out why so many people like you and community leaders in india against this bill when many other muslim majority states even pakistan a bangladesh next door have regulated triple to. i don't want to. discuss that point i think not only that it should but i just want to respond to what new comes out and frankly there is a man in fact that again it must be a fact what he's saying is absolutely not fair you know generally the he was talking is a bluff and mr person has to go in 40 years give that is a must that the book would have been better in a way the luckless and he could have got it not you could not mean it wasn't going to be 8 and yet it was and he possibly by the book will get the list there is
9:44 am
access divorces very people that it will be argument because people can do the live for today yes now what they have done it but it's only going to say they have slightly made a change that now it will not be the out say that it's going to be deployed relational k. and it is complex the relation is the longest and as you noted that relations that concern us that these disputes are going to spend some time it happens in the family except are so deep our son come always be planned to be automatically in the box behind other parts of it can contribute to that and he was or mr track time as it was of an image to be a guest comment time as you point out is is tied you kind of minutes come out on to the question you didn't want to answer which is why a 70 people in india against the regulating of triple tulloch when when was the majority countries like pakistan and bangladesh have done so. yeah i suppose you have. to get the hat made.
9:45 am
and you don't. want it and in that context you have to wait it will be just made in automatically and it will get worse will not be. lost in economy except that it is a bit and then it is blue well the black these have. and then they should discuss it so that they. are easy not to mention these particular thing in fact. ok. let's not that would have not been clear unfortunately we need to educate the people the. war among the. many thanks to the a minute is up there gentlemen i'm afraid we must leave our discussion thank you very much indeed to you all for being with us right on the growth price and come out for and thank you as always for watching don't forget you can see the program again at any time just by visiting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further
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discussion join us on our facebook page you'll find that at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter our handle at a j inside story from adrian finnegan and a whole team here at doha thanks for watching i'll see you again bye for that. august. a unique story about a french syrian family who traded their peaceful lives in europe for revolution in syria marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools
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hundreds of thousands of range of muslims into exile musicians shaking up stereotypes of africa a powerful new witness documentary from guyana another bid to preserve multi-lateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over the challenges for the g 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries rewind revisit the archive to find out how the story moved on august. america is divided like never the full inside is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics are raiding the civil norms vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any establish democracy. one of the
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strange death of american civility on al-jazeera. al-jazeera stands swear every. hello and has in the heart the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has imposed sanctions on iran's top diplomat it's accusing jevons of relief of promoting propaganda for iran's supremes leader ayatollah ali khamenei it comes a month after the u.s. imposed additional sanctions on herman a city for responded on twitter and ridiculed the measures he tweeted the u.s.
9:49 am
reason for designating me is that i am iran's primary spokesman around the world is the truth really that painful it has no effect on me or my family as i have no property or interests outside of iran thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda wasn't jordan has more. it's one more step in the u.s. is maximum pressure campaign against iran because the us does not like iran's domestic or foreign policies in particular the us is very suspicious of iran promised to abide by the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal in which it is not supposed to be developing any nuclear weapons the us is very suspicious of that the us has also had a very long running problem with iran's support of groups such as hezbollah and hamas that support has made a run in the eyes of the united states
9:50 am
a state sponsor of terror the u.s. is also objecting to iran's human rights record and it says that in his role as foreign minister jobs are read has been going around the world trying to say that the iranian government is moderate that it is modernizing that it is welcoming of all peoples from all walks of life when instead it is being extremely repressive to ethnic and gender minorities and it is cutting down clamping down i should say on political dissent they basically say that in the u.s. is view job and zarif is nothing more than a propagandist and thus is subject now to financial and travel sanctions a day to the 2nd round of debates between u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls as began to be a lot of focus on form of vice president and conference run joe biden he was criticized for a lackluster performance in last month's debate john hendren has mall. well the 1st
9:51 am
blow has already been struck in the 1st opening statement new york city york city mayor bill de blasio struck out at both comolli harris and the front runner joe biden saying unlike them he was looking to transform the government and we're expecting to see more of that joe biden wants to remain above the fray according to his campaign he's going to be talking about donald trump but he's got a target painted on his back and a lot of those candidates are expected to be gunning for him he's going to be standing right between is standing right now between cory booker and comolli harris both of them are african-americans in both of them have been critical booker has criticized him on criminal justice because of some aggressive legislation that he pushed in the ninety's the result of which was more african-americans ending up in prison comolli harris has opposed him on things like bussing minorities to better schools which opposed years ago doctors in the democratic republic of congo of
9:52 am
corn 15 people in south kivu province of fear is they've been infected by a bowl of i think cases been confirmed densely populated city old 1700 people have died in the latest outbreak to hit the country since august 28th. israel's security cabinet has approved permits for the construction of 700 palestinian homes in the occupied west bank it's a rare announcement before a visit to israel this week by a senior white house advisor. is expected to push both sides to join talks british prime minister abbas johnson has visited northern ireland telling the main political parties there the u.k. will leave the e.u. by october 31st but he reassure them that there will be no hard border with the republican. the u.s. central bank has cut interest rates by a quarter point the 1st reduction in a decade the federal reserve chief cited signs of
9:53 am
a global slowdown for the move and the trade disputes between the u.s. and china as reasons those headlines are words next. stephen iraq. al-jazeera recently conducted an investigation into events in bahrain occurring several years
9:54 am
ago. it uncovered evidence of a secret deal between the bahraini national security agency and members of al qaida . it's alleged they targeted opposition figures in the 2011 protests part of the so-called arab spring. al-jazeera arabic reporter tom i'll miss hell conducted the investigation on one of his findings was secret video recordings made by several leading al qaeda figures were that the internet son mohammed saleh was closely linked to al qaeda in bahrain . you know see. john lewis the. year. looking around at a very innocent. is a bahraini national who registered at
9:55 am
a military training camp for the soldiers of allah linked to al qaeda. the recordings of these men had been kept secret since july 20th levon and have only recently come to light. so serve out. 4 months before alba louche she recorded this statement on the streets of bahrain had been the scene of violent clashes between the offshore it is and opposition protesters the question is why did mohammed saleh. choose to make the secret video recordings at that time i now see other mark but. i don't know who or what he was going to. be dark or not. and why i remember him and it was only when we were in the only way that.
9:56 am
well that's not him and no mother are you get one for me now washing up on the cobbles no no no. and i saw that the. following on rest in to near 0 and egypt opposition demonstrators took to the streets of the capital manama in february 20th 11. the protests quickly gathered momentum. and the authorities responded with military force. me.
9:57 am
distort. the demonstrators occupied pole roundabout in manama demanding greater democracy and an end to discrimination against the majority shia muslim community by the sunni regime. the protesters were driven out in march 27th when king hamad declared a state of emergency and brought in the peninsula shield for the military wing of the gulf cooperation council. this is left tenant colonel yes i'll jalopnik. he was the commanding officer of the force that cleared coal roundabout on the 16th of march 20th levon. alger luck mate left bahrain in 2015 but when tom i'll miss how much i mean june 29th he talked for the 1st time
9:58 am
about what happened just a little roundabout with this i can lift on a bit that you could even have a beautiful look at them with a hoodie in few thought he's so sharp that arthur badly on 100. 100 ohm of the 100 the water quantity but i don't know what. about meds in the med that any that would be a little can it. come from but at the same him i don't know if i'm going to kind of under. the honeymoon with. the can that i've seen walk a little sauce well off towards. the fully and walk and i'll build fifa 3. yeah and the other one yeah i mean with a motherboard i don't know him i don't want any more of them it's often i got another one just where i scare your machine with a lot in the months ahead and i want myself and the world to be able to deal with the digit. kind of human that the barter got a lot to look at that i see. through all of us through the hole that bob home
9:59 am
the job interview with him about him. and one more little of the same about money yeah. i'm a little of what they're going to automate the length of a live look not so much on what it was i don't what kind of but the does of as well a kind of a little body and with a how do you my only kind of come in that kind of thing what you had then said a mom in the kind of resentment a lot of them now without a thought of them out of it develops ok let's. look at if i should ease up but he thought about short and i know you have enjoyed having us that the model. may have been me. what i counted so we're live. you know on the now i'm. coming. that's how they get them i'm.
10:00 am
sure and i did about the tsunami i had i'm not sure if it wasn't there we're out of the field i am not somebody with a i'm sure of the country but the look at that is a body on the end of the level of a circle called the alley had a show but i couldn't get to. it with. me and what. if it would be an end of the interview with alger luck may raise the question as to whether the bahraini authorities deliberately demonize the opposition and demonstrators by promoting the idea that the confrontation was with so-called terrorists groups planning to overthrow the government i would note that the government. made it clear to us that they had evidence. of attempts by iran and hezbollah to to finance train and supply. small.


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