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in the community and i have deep concerns over this training because it's affected not only me and my peers to students worked with and forced people to feel listened to take sides. when it comes to taking sides kyllo you must understand this struggle because you yourself are a telescope system specialist you're there consulting talk to us about that dichotomy having to be forced to take sides. i understand this and i do i really appreciate your is not all her philosophy here and for her to express that struggle the thing is like i said it's a canard this idea that. i mean basically the racism in it is for them when they called us this in court they called us backward looking extremists now those are hot bed words and the irony is is that astronomy itself is based on looking back in time right looking back towards the origin of the universe when
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you look back and then and actually astronomy has the issue to prove that it has modern relevancy because some of the things we're looking out there are say 200000000 years. light years away that means it has to do whatever event we're looking at now the light 200000000 light years to get years to get to us so that's kind of the dichotomy we're actually looking at but she's correct in assessing that we're having to defend not only our cultural rights which should be protected not only by the united states constitution even though we challenge u.s. occupation here but us. constitutional provisions as well stay provisions that i was speaking about these are premises you know supreme rights that should be honored. david you can join the next well yeah i don't know what gets lost in this
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narrative is this is an incredibly large event structure it is going to be the tallest on the island and built in a place which both legally and culturally has traditionally been held to to be the most important not the least amount of the element of disturbance so you know people are up in this ok this is science versus culture i mean this is about protecting the place that is in credibly sacred it is you know under the law is a place that should have very little disturbance you know if we're seen just massive structure that can have incredible effects on the environment and the landscape there and that often gets swept under the rug when we're talking about ok this is about science versus native points that's not what this is about at all david this idea of the land being credibly sacred i don't think we can underline this announced because this is the key to why would you build not just one giant
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telescope but multiple telescopes that already so this is obviously a different way of thinking from native hawaiians and the way that the government a thinking on the university of hawaii a thinking how can you work out that that clash that cultural clash that that understanding as to what they smelting represents and whether they should be even a single telescope that that i don't another one that is pain proposed to be built that. well i think it does go back to the native point right thing culture being viewed as more and i think if this was a of normal western burial site or a church that. i think a lot of people would be able to wrap their minds around it and say ok we understand but it seems like almost a across the board reluctant to accept. what i would say a large amount of needlepoint people believe to be true and believed to be secret
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important and they're just being looked at as well we don't believe you and that seems to be what underlines a lot of legal cases here where we have lawsuits to just say hey native points have a right to be involved in the court process and to be involved in the development permit project and there are there is a history of cases like that that have had to have been brought because maybe of wines are not given voice when it comes to important decisions that affect white lies i want to say it's something that comes in the united nations from my brights office of the high commission going to put up their response to ask this was the statement i sent to tell them we were doing this show this is like they sent this huge a but they obviously were very concerned about what was happening and how why this sentence junk target me finalizing the rights of native hawaiians and then name a science cannot be justified in any way that goes even further the un special rapporteur to on the rights of indigenous peoples because these actions i leave the building
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all the time to the building of t.m.t. a monarchy here as discriminatory and racist that's a un rappa tool how do you how why don't people who live in hawaii how are they saying that they seeing this as racism. i think native points here that's one of the things that they're looking at is it could be as i said another than a string of cultural oppression but i think project leaders in this day in the way they're justifying it is with the possible you cannot make impact that the postdoc could bring out that number $1400000000.00 of the oil will come from out the pasco but we with any construction project you never know what kind of actual you can have an impact could have if it will actually create local jobs and how much dollars it will actually bring into the local economy that's that's things
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reporters here are trying to figure out and that's something that we're going to have to wait and see on how actually what was that information readily available because this is this is that's he's like investing of hawaii it's in the public demand and i write in song that someone can just find that information. can i say speak to that warmonger am i just i'm sorry i'm sorry i just want to say correct something which is actually held in trust by the state for the benefit of native hawaiians and the general public its former crowned and what they call ceded lands and then one thing i wanted to mention about the united nations aspect is that they don't have the clear and informed consent of the indigenous people to like. and the colonial activity that they're busy bringing forward is something that is the united nations in the world community is trying to eliminate that's why it's not
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lawful to maintain that colonial stance and what we're facing now is a colonial corporate structure that is attacking mother earth and trying to dominate that and we're pushing back along with the many global movements around the world. i want to picking up on what you're saying there i want to share this comment from a neighborhood organizer and hawaii who talks about what this means and why it's so important how to listen to it aika we have a core philosophy called all i know and it translates as love of land of the country and it's what kept us going through the overthrow 983 how to stop the bombing. and on the mountain. it's help us to build a new community around. with free healthcare and free education free childcare in abundance of food and i think it's because people all throughout our community and
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internationally recognized that ohio is the alternative turn into the capitalism in the forces which are destroying our we need to protect all these places which we believe are secret and i really believe that applies to every. so david you heard his viewpoint on why this is sacred but i want to show you this this from someone watching live on you tube jason who says the t.m.t. has been settled in court now the police are not doing their job protesting is great and fine but they are defying the law they meaning the protesters or protectors david where are we right now is this common accurate. right in the sense but i think it also shows a failure to understand what's really going on it's one thing to say that a project has a permit that state issued that permit for development but is that really what should have been the will of the people and it really clearly is not. the best
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way to treat and manage these very important sacred trust lands which one has corrected by law he should be preserved and protected for the benefit of native hawaiians and the public and so you know just be a one body and the government decided to allow for this desecration of state lands this is not mean that the tip lines of people who feel passionately otherwise should just be relegated to standing on the side of the road waving signs that well while this secret plays it's great that that is not the answer just because a government agency gave a rubber stamp to this project guess i want to get inside if i if i may i want to show our audience something that i'm sure you've seen but they may not have seen this is an editorial by some of the top executives at t. and take and they write this editorial in july the 28th is written by the executive director of the telling scientists and i'll say the t.m. t.v.
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piece for external relations basically 3 very important people something really jumped out at me say it says right down at the bottom whether or not t.m.t. is built in hawaii when not playing closure to rate that to me sounds like here we are not going anywhere we don't care what you protest we are sticking around what are you going to do next well let me let me just point this out. one of our cases is the failure to for t.m.t. to put up the bar on the financial bond which is required from the 1977 moment here i'm going to ask you to keep this simple for us who are just following this as an international audience so just tell us how that if you what are you going to do next. well what we're going to do is maintain our position nonviolence couple oha and we are going to continue to stand to protect our sacred mountain. t.m.t.
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really is lacking all of the a lot of the requirements that they need to actually come through they don't have enough money to construct at this time right that's a huge issue they also don't have extended least technically if they were allowed to build when they got done after 10 years they would only have 7 years on their lease for the land so their risk and we're challenging that and there's a lot of challenges has challenges as well and yeah we're going to continue to stand and we're going to continue to move along. i'd like to add it's like halal has stain and. to address the infuse theme in the rakli which i hear is who you are just one telescope is. just one issue well that's how things progress in history it was one secret site into the intent it was the bombing
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of coal a lot of it is bombing of various areas throughout holy by the military there are many secrets sites that have been bulldozed and built upon there are in need of point burial sites that have been dug up and desecrated and we have this telescope and you can take one instance and say ok this is just happening in one place at one time but it's that collective a fact and really the humanizing effect that all of these actions have on the need of point people so i think it is unfair to say hey we understand what you're going through but we're not it part of this and and i think right now they are the flank ship of it it represents the struggle that indigenous people have to go through. throughout history and at all times ray and blaze just time for one more comment i want to bring this then from kurt kurt on twitter who says money here protesters
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got this wrong there is plenty of room for compromise i.e. build t.m.t. which is needed not just for exploration but safety from space objects and tear down one of the other to facilitate that with the people you've been talking to will tearing down some of the other telescopes be enough to stop this action oh the doctors there at monaco made it very clear that they don't intend to move there will not get worse. even if you cared about mortal scopes. if the project was set up they're going to try to get it up there and you still have a lot more work. would it really change the situation plays thank you so much david thank you lois thank you so much as well explaining why having protests going on for so long about logic here and a giant telescope that is trying to be built there but not quite yet as of the time we have we can i will see you next time and so much.
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many did not all have to die like this stock is her answer is really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting. because of the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers. the dozens killed and 20 attacks in yemen this port city of aden. hello and welcome to al-jazeera leifer my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth also ahead iran's president describes u.s.
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sanctions on the country's foreign minister as childish and says washington is afraid of hama jobs every if. you wander partially closed its border with the d r c after a 3rd patient dies from a ball in the city of goma. and democratic frontrunner joe biden back on the defensive in the party's latest presidential debate. we begin with breaking news from yemen where dozens of people have been killed in 2 separate attacks on security forces they both occurred in the port city of aden one has a military camp during the parade hold the fighters say they carried out an attack using an armed drone and ballistic missile earlier an explosion hit a police station no one has claimed responsibility for that attack well let's get more on the story now we're joined by our correspondent mohammed he's live for us
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in samarra 2 separate attacks of the harm over the whole thing is claiming responsibility for the more deadly one. yes the. targeted. break military and aden as a result has so far in the killing of over 30 military personnel who were staging paramilitary peyrade and preparation for wide scale military operations against these according to the whole of the military spokesperson he said this is in response to this kind of preparations for a new situation in a bar and latch we have used this kind of middle range ballistic missile silo and also drone but they haven't given more details about what kind of middle range bell assumes that have been used in this case it's not the 1st time for the whole of
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these 2 are. big gatherings of military personnel last year they have targeted gathering of military personnel. that attack also dozens of military personnel have been killed among them the commanders in this at the command of the security belts of his name was known as. has been killed in this. and the attack on the on the society bombing taken place previously the police station of man at least so far 10 people have been killed according to eyewitnesses we are trying also to contact medical also health ministry in order to get more information about the casualties while be the responsibility of this nobody has claimed responsibility in previous attacks the qaeda has carried out
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attacks against security personnel in and aden in more than one occasion maybe this has the fingerprints of fall. but we can confirm it's on the thank you for that for now that's mohamed. all the information we have live in the capital thank you. let's move on to other news now the united states has imposed tough sanctions on iran's top diplomat mohamed jobs that if president hassan rouhani has called the decision childish especially since iran propose unconditional talks recently the u.s. is accusing the foreign minister of promoting what it calls the reckless agenda of iran's supreme leader that leaves his head back saying it's all because the u.s. considers him a huge threat rosalind jordan reports from washington d.c. . maximum pressure campaign against iran has claimed a new target foreign minister zarif american educated comfortable in front of the cameras and the one who negotiated the 2050 nuclear deal with world powers. but the
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trumpet ministration says the wreath is no honest broker and has imposed sanctions on him we consider javid zarif the foreign minister an illegitimate spokesman for iran are and iran itself is a government you consider illegitimate do not well exactly it is a state sponsor of terrorism it is the world's central banker of charism biggest finance or biggest arm are the sanctions come at a time of great tension between chalfant in washington whether in the waterways of the gulf or in proxy conflicts around the middle east any assets zarif might have in the us are frozen these approvals to visit un headquarters in new york are no longer guaranteed and the top administration says it's no longer obligated to talk to zarif since the us quit the iran nuclear deal last year on this point one expert
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says the u.s. is recognizing the real source of power in town brought on the managed power is not mr rouhani the president is not was is are you the foreign minister it is the supreme leader ayatollah and iran and he was in charge of the armed forces that judiciary of course after august intelligence agencies ministries and so on and so forth and not not to say that he is a nice old power broker power maker in the country but by far the most important and all the armed forces special of the revolutionary guards that judiciary sourness so forth are most loyal to that end but another expert says this isn't why the u.s. is targeting zarif the troponin stray shin or at least the faction that is behind this decision is not interested in the pla mysie they want to prevent it at all cost this is an effective measure towards at least making it much much more difficult for the u.s. and iran to talk and if the u.s. and iran cannot talk that increases the likelihood of a military confrontation which is the explicit desire of john bolton the national
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security adviser even as the u.s. was rolling out its sanctions announcement as a reef was reacting on twitter thanking the trump ministration for considering him a threat to its agenda rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington for more on this let's go around cost pantano a he's joining us live from the capital and had a face to face saying that he couldn't be less bothered about these sanctions outside of. yes this this new set of sanctions has been some surprise here to her on the fact that the u.s. has imposed sanctions on the individual tossed with negotiations now. foreign minister did take to twitter this morning and he said we know that calling for dialogue and peace is an existential threat to the bt not the beating he's referring to is the advisor john bolton the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the side the crown prince. he went on to say that the reason for
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designating me is my words u.s. persons need. which is the office in charge of imposing those sanctions they need their license to engage with me by reading my writings or listening to my interviews he also said that the sanctions won't affect him because he has no assets outside of iran he did however study in the us from the age of 17 went to school here in college to completing his degree master's and ph d. and also served in new york at the united nations for iran from 2002 to 2007 do u.s. says that they are imposing these sanctions against because he acts on behalf of the supreme leader. how many their job is a wreath was hand-picked by president rouhani here to toss with these negotiations and for his diplomatic skills and he has been praised by the supreme leader for his diplomatic efforts now this latest sanctions come after donald trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions against the supreme leader here and that's all
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a part of what washington calls its maximum pressure campaign and this is going on since the united states unilaterally pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal last year now this latest sanctions are seen by many people here as an indication that the fact that the united states doesn't understand how this republic works if the u.s. thinks that they could negotiate with anyone higher or more senior than the foreign minister they greatly mistaken and it will affect future negotiations thank you very much for that for now that is the latest live thank you. well despite pulling out of the iran nuclear deal the u.s. is keeping one part of it alive for now washington has extended waivers allowing foreign firms to work at iran's nuclear facilities without penalties they'll continue for another 90 days the way it was our last remaining part of the deal still recognized by the us. germany has rejected u.s. requests to help patrol the strait of hormuz washington want to germany to join the
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u.k. and france on a mission to help secure the vote which is used to ship one 5th of the world's oil but german foreign minister heiko maher says his government wants to avoid escalating regional tensions and nato hasn't been asked to take part in the mission but the secretary general says member states are following developments closely. of course orphans or all. civil it was. both of us been no request for a nato mission. now has a partially closed its border with the democratic republic of congo the bowler outbreak in the d.l.c. is still spreading a year since the 1st case was reported in north kivu province a one year old girl has become the 3rd patient to test positive for the wireless in the city of goma more than 1500 people have died in the outbreak so far let's get
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more on this our correspondent catherine sawyer is monitoring all the developments from the kenyan capital she's joining us live from nairobi and there was a lot of confusion catherine about the border and the rwandans now saying that they've closed a part of it what are you hearing. yes there is a lot of uncertainty still lizabeth and this confirmation of the border closure has come from the foreign affairs minister we've also spoken to an immigration official at the border who says that indeed the border is temporarily closed have been speaking to people in goma who are trying to go to the other sides to the to the border town of seine and they say that they're being turned back we've been speaking to who rundowns on the other side who are saying that they're not being allowed to cross into goma there is also a statement from the presidency of the democratic republic of congo that says that the authorities the government regrets this decision which runs counter to world
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health recommendations that borders should not be closed and all of this elizabeth comes at a time as you mentioned that and a 3rd case of the ball has been confirmed in goma this one year old girl is in a treatment center her mother has been put in isolation waiting for her results and her father died on wednesday from a bullet here's a story we did. this is the clinic in goma where the man sought help before he died he fell sick days after returning home from an infected area where he was working in a mining area the clinic is now closed some clinicians have been vaccinated and health workers are trying to trace people the victim made contact with. more than a 1000000 people live in this city on the border with rwanda. we did not know what was happening we just saw people looking like doctors carrying him away they said
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they will come.


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