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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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the delivery of food and humanitarian aid to the rebel held areas where these families live. a little father. can. set up differently. even newborns are suffering and before the war this new need 2 units usually cared for around 10 babies now there aren't enough enqueue peters to house the ailing infants on the way. i may lack a job or something like all good imma say heaven may lead them up that i'm going to have to fight had. this mother brought in her baby last night her 5 month old girl is fighting for life london so that. survives.
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answered our questions. get a bit of a 100. 1000000 the love babies come. in the you know you. love listening. to the land to read it you to it says this an addict to address a year later. that the i. know that. it. is it can see again in my dining alone mayor halibut that. i scented through a fever my very lowest. since the war in yemen started $85000.00 children have reportedly starved to death according to the un it's the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. in 2018 the un appointed the path. of experts to examine the coalition blockade on yemen and the impact of the
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thousands of airstrikes launched against civilians there. it concluded that these practices could qualify as war crimes it's pointed not only at saudi arabia and the u.a.e. but also at the party supplying the coalition with weapons based on a multilateral treaty regulating arms sales that has been in force since 2014 the arms trade treaty or the a.t.t. stipulates that a state party shall not authorize any transfer of conventional arms if it has knowledge at the time of authorization that the arms or items would be used in the commission of attacks directed against civilians objects or other war crimes. but whose weapons are used in these alleged crimes the filthies are keen to put
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forward their evidence. after airstrikes the rebels scour the rubble for bomb remains to identify where they came from. the start of the remains at sites like this. this bomb cemetery in sanaa holds both american and european bombs. the manager of the storehouse says these bombs are u.k. maids. and will. be our film and i'll watch it go and see your math ok are you idea was that she. saw what all equally said your mother if. you look at have to know how that bit funny so i know but i think they're not mosshart mowgli that i
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can well. imagine your mouth you want me to get out. of a star. well good. for our british. intermission is to give mel how do. i want to back out. of it while having the love happen in the uk and i don't know how i want to leave the house up more given that about the other duties. but i don't have them you know if you go lucky. one cluster bombs like this hit the ground they become land mines which have been outlawed since 2010 by the also convention. and the any sort of appeal but these remain as were shown to us by who thiis. one of the parties in this conflict we have no way to corroborates where they came from there are very few independent sources in yemen human rights watch is one of the few independent
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n.g.o.s investigating on the ground. so. if you're in a place where they won't let you take photos but you want to get the g.p.s. and you the phone that has to can take g.p.s. coordinates sometimes if you just take a photo of the floor then you can get the g.p.s. coordinates at the secret site 25 members of the engine or not and i have come together for the 1st time human rights watch experts are training them on how to gather evidence most prefer to remain anonymous for their own safety and that of their families where trying to do something like a human rights and the money for the violations that happening and the ground to keep it for the future for in the accountability and legal steps.
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we are all. saved by accident. many of our soldiers such as has been detained more than once and want to know is receiving a lot of friends and we are facing a lot of hate campaigns for all parties to the conflict what is the 1st way you would try and find information about what happened with the air strike. ok. you know. what do you mean when you say oh. oh oh. ok great so many notes on this point is a really good reminder the accuracy of the information collected on the ground is vital it will be used by international organizations in their reports or videos of the strike site they also talked about renditions and physical remains of the types
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of weapons that were used right so physical evidence can be very very important. human rights watch has only been able to look into 88 attacks that would be deemed illegal under international law in 24 of those attacks it managed to pinpoint where the munitions came from. this is a u.k. manufactured weapon guided bomb produced in may 2015 and the reason the dates are important is because it's months after the coalition began its military campaign as well as human rights organizations in the u.s. and others are raising concerns about the way in which the coalition was operating in yemen so by continuing to sell weapons to saudi arabia or other members of the coalition that are likely to be used in unlawful coalition attacks in yemen the you can france themselves those states are risking complicity in future unlawful
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coalition attacks. aware of this risk of complicity the european parliament's began calling for a suspension of arms sales to saudi arabia 2 years ago. 5 e.u. member states have stopped sending more weapons to saudi arabia but does exclude the kingdom's biggest suppliers led by the united kingdom. since the outbreak of the war in yemen u.k. arms manufacturers have sold more than 5000000000 euros worth of weapons to saudi arabia this support has sparked an eye. unprecedented wave of protest from both the british public and parliament. british arms sales are sharply increased and british military advisers are directing the wall it cannot be right that a government this is triggered a cannot be right that her government is true looting in all the united nations ses
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is evidence of war crimes. 3 months after that speech troubling revelations heighten the criticism over arms sales in the united kingdom arms export permits are in theory granted on a case by case basis specific licenses must be approved by the government and n.g.o.s the campaign against arms trade investigated the permits granted to export to saudi arabia. as good information for you i think people that know about it as well that was willing to help him. they discovered that the british government had loosened the licensing process to speed up arms exports. we find out freedom of information requests that bombs and missiles are going to say the forces under open license open licenses are meant to be for goods which are not but which are not particularly sensitive then 5 these are some of the most
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sensitive exports that can be made we're talking about bombs we're talking but missiles in fact government has hidden for true value of u.k. arms exports to saudi arabia. even a member of the u.k. parliament's committees on arms export controls said that he is powerless. as an m.p. a member of the committee has been able to know how much i mean he should have been sent on these open licenses to saudi arabia you know we have no idea because the government just does not record they are open tickets to send as much of that particular item to that particular country so saudi arabia in this case as that country wants and the company wants and that's a real problem because it could be hundreds of millions of rounds to saudi arabia
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the saudi case is an interesting difficult one because the amount of money involved . so you are always going to come up to the front page of ethics. economics. france faces the same dilemma during the saudi crown prince mohammed bin said man's last visit to paris president emanuel mark home was asked about the issue. in a position of. business with you in a situated lobby so did he go on exotic you many day and again the book is from. the french president is pursuing the same policy embraced by his predecessors on both ends of the political spectrum. between
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20122017 the volume of weapons supplied to saudi arabia has tripled from 400000000 to 1300000000 euros. in 2015 when the war intensified in yemen it didn't slow arms exports quite the contrary. loved all the others ship us dollars short messages to those you got to check on the french government has continued to approve arms exports to a country accused of possible war crimes by the un. this sparked uproar in the french parliament in new york called the other more for the but for it this is all michael janda really obvious to me rule on the other not false you just got gold of all the evil etc you know all of our buddies out on
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a come more than the baguette the last leg clare to divulge it down me down to eat sauce or tories as your express is set on. these are still x. plus and if we then examine x. time and not he who would give us a reason i mean is there really to press is a moment of silliness i don't know me notional but act. according to flaunt sparky question during a closed door meeting of the defense committee officially saudi arabia may use french made arms only to defend itself. can our weapons had an impact on the population. to my knowledge the ground equipment sold to saudi arabia is not being used
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offensively defensively. half. truckin 2 girls have to fight each other and if you show the best value think of the shock you don't like l.a. galaxy street play another. threat. but how does france monitor the use of arms that it sells. like you. with the french government fail to respond to repeated questions on the matter. it's all official response to the issue of arms exports. i report to parliament issued every year. and. i'm still left to even as i'm gonna say something to see that.
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seal so you get to go to we can't it will be down to the stuff is there something useful to say but don't be a teacher with 2000000 people here just to support me. because i don't necessarily care and of the issues i went on i did offer much moment she discovered by the weapon i just shot this ocean polluted us i won't see that it will be so screw you know all of us but who want us for that is what you said yeah sure but the city as it will point to it will see if i don't comply. then they will question you ask me whatever you know the longest walk to. the office. every other year french arms manufacturers gather outside paris in veal ponds to show off their newest and best armaments.
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along with us u.k. and german manufacturers they supply the saudi arabia led coalition in yemen with the bulk of their equipment. al jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. barred him they told me you're a member of al qaeda you can stop the advance of the shia. and its coalition with al qaida to conspire against the assassin 8 key opposition figure 20 a level. playing with fire on al jazeera. in a world where a journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera are fortunate to be able
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to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al jazeera . america is divided like never before if that is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics are roading the civil norms vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any establish democracy. one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told
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pretty remarkable due to the better we are died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports we can live according to their fishing but my fear is that section of al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera could the rebels in yemen have claimed 2 major attacks on saudi and iraq he backed forces the biggest attack happened that a military camp used by any rotty trained forces in the port city of aden at least 36 people were killed there who the fighters also say they fired
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a long range missile across the saudi border at a military facility in. sudan's opposition coalition says the ruling military council is responsible for the deaths of 4 people who were shot dead during a rally in the city of on the run just outside the capital hacked to him several others were injured after security forces opened fire on demonstrators who were taking part in a nationwide rally they were calling for justice for the deaths of 6 other protesters who were killed during a student demonstration on monday paper morgan has gone on we know from this new central doctors community that at least local test is have been killed and has been so full of those aged and in critical condition from the military council namely some members of the record support forces which is headed by the deputy head of the military council for the deaths on monday but they're also blaming the students at sydney's the freshman's association for the killings of protesters saying that the association is the one and the opposition coalition is the one insights and it will
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justice to take to the streets in the 1st place therefore any our deaths will be the responsibility of the opposition coalition which is that claim that the up that she will issue is also really on the military council saying that we should just from any harm and from the forces. the united nations will investigate attacks on un supported facilities in northwest syria secretary general antonio good announced the probe after 2 thirds of the security council petition forward investigation will look into syrian government and russian airstrikes on sites including hospitals in a deliberate province. rwanda has reopened its western border with democratic republic of congo after briefly closing it to prevent the latest ebola outbreak from spreading to more cases have been reported in the border city of goma the one year old daughter and the wife of the man who died of ebola on wednesday the entire family are in quarantine those were the top stories that stay with us
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a yemen the war profiteers continues thanks i'll have the news hour for you in just under half an hour i hope you'll join me there about.
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we'll. every other year french arms manufacturers gather outside paris in veal pods to show off their newest and best armaments. along with u.s. u.k. and german manufacturers they supply the saudi arabian that coalition in yemen with the bulk of their equipment. both the coalition led by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and the hope the rebels have been accused of war crimes raising the possibility that their suppliers are also complicit. at the last arms trade show the
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caesar how would serve was on display used by the saudi national guard it has a 40 kilometer firing range and the one meter strike accuracy this powerful weapon has been a big seller for the next tour group. none of the groups are presented to its would answer the filmmakers questions. but an extra worker spoke out. was a player bush only holaday on and you want to know to not mix their nobleman if you don't was only sort of human because they go speak to the others eric bruni is a union delegates at next are driven by his convictions and protected by his union mandates he travels around france telling arms industry workers how french maid arms are being used in yemen was. she no notice i just was indifferent as i'm sure
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is that all you are is that but i hear there was enough of oculus that you referred to your comment is that there are more suicidal. but what we as the us wish real good and just require of us like a no human who says upon the protests of. the orders continue with more expected soon and the will in late august 2018 another next to employees is that a new contract has just been negotiated with saudi arabia. to protect our stores this dialogue has been reenacted.
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this contract was signed while the un was raising the possibility that the coalition committed war crimes. none of the details of these contracts have been made public it's not the 1st controversial defense contract between france and saudi arabia yeah yeah. yeah. all. in 2014 france signed a contract to sell 2400000000 euros worth of military equipment to saudi arabia
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officially the saudis were supposed to give them to their ally lebanon to help the fight so-called terrorists. but 2 years later the saudis decided to keep the weapons for themselves with france's approval. the situation in lebanon had become too unstable. but this decision appears to have been premeditated. in. a certain.
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purport to do the instead of helping lebanon saudi arabia was preparing its war in yemen with help from friends the filmmaker spoke with one of 24000 sources. the informant still works in the arms industry and prefers to remain anonymous in 2015 he or she helped prepare the communication systems for the vehicle sold to saudi arabia. source that the french arms maker knew the weapons would be used in yemen. tamil version of responsibility to stone songs subpanel for the dream you did the people said is yet to do people see pursuit harder than us but the
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each been before us so we know our previous junior said year. 0 mark and hold was prime minister when the donors contract was negotiated. he was then appointed foreign affairs minister and held the position when the military weapons shipments to saudi arabia began. his arm of the orchestra was of your view if you. need to point to the soup of so-called resource it was a but don't do that in the gallatin the brokers and the basic you can get the cigars you want to preserve the book because if you don't so you're just looking to pollute the zone craze when he said the connection was understood i was only nuclear development of the body might i am the only question you haven't examined the question really but it's because it was simply. a thief in the womb government will say. you see because hope is of opposite where pretty. it was evident
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but to. me is that because it ever got comparable to you know what i was going to come out in a lab so basic but see what i talk about service on property a check for than exam oh cup of growth of course good as you like to do you know me lounge also a while but the over deliver school as usual no no he comes. straight moved to a nice so we have off at the faucet as you more could be. on jail or audrey or human counselling but you know. south from the view that met. the dulness contract provided for the delivery of munitions 1st is there how would series $24000.00 spotted them in footage filmed by a saudi t.v. crew at the border with yemen. over me.
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and i see don't walk. and chances are known to all of entente cheery scituate a financial sojourner from spelling do you sit down a different city. home to know that you know we're going to go more of a d.v.d.-a. but i wonder what your perverted concern about only really the chances are. thanks to his inside sources and social network sites that focus on armaments he identified french weapons and used on the frontline. all out. nuclear on next. the day the human eye was a belgian republic it was it was on the pulse of the humanitarian. force encountered a total of 11 weapons that could have been used against civilian populations but
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couldn't get anyone to officially confirm his list. is classified information deemed top secret. no one can check on the executive branch's arms deals not even members of parliament who are supposed to monitor the government's actions. so the un. i'm not going to saws it your best took it to your story of joe hockey. they are you know what to get us at this early event going to miss our turn again says alice questionable cases don't work there destroys. all up with the occasional executives post a to school that day on which is that this all see that but he
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said he. says he saw it all to fix the way from dell year left me presentation of all places he didn't remember and i haven't wanted to defame a fish the best you're really really sure is going to use a little research by the me shortly only to publish in my own voice of assuming that they know so that initially says after some time that's how it was on here and what it went away on i spent time with that quite a few ways as his role of almost nobody montel novel but that was. to increase transparency in july 2018 a deputy proposed creating a committee to investigate the use of french weapons in the war in yemen fabian good to fast oppose the move the committee of inquiry never got off the ground. one arguments used to justify the contracts these arms sales help france maintain its strong geopolitical foothold in the region. the 2nd argument is
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a canard make the arms industry employs 165000 people in france. this center in france is looking region has been set up to train saudi soldiers on how to use our lands purchased from france it was subsidized by the local government and is expected to employ 100 local workers just last longer senator for new muse supported the project while serving as french defense minister in 20112012. he increased french trade with saudi arabia substantially. wouldn't do an on camera interview but had this to say be a telephone. at issue. as an issue that's. the reason. all except a little just isn't as good. a thing and as i said going to get on
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television it's a good question. to me but is there any. sort of. nothing seems to have slowed down the sales not the accusations of war crimes nor the thousands of civilian deaths not even the murder of a saudi dissident in october 2018. is all that is good judgement questions to treat breast cancer that's really an issue that i decided a stalking or a string of i did to mark a lot of the so did. i should be again it is true it is something straight up i still mood. in france z's coningsburgh official protests but its effect trade with the saudis.
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in germany the reaction was harsher. that's. been done to name them all nixon. and the chance there is decision to the promise she made 7 months earlier but never put into practice and going to merkel was putting together her government at the time ishmail one doesn't manage in void it destroyed some folks that. at the prompting of social democrats pledged to stop exporting weapons to countries involved in the fighting in yemen. but has to. act. in the volume. exposed because it's all. in
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a few forbidden to the show with a plea deal. done. by a district suleman so we're still mostly for woman from. good reason but for me she is all i know. i know political. and by before he. designed. when you saw him get america pleading for are a number because of the case how do you feel these goods. is fit in the as the same amounts. most. aligned before he a woman in the game and stopped in. in the house was dissolved disappointed ticked
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side fed you think your novel for the internets another put it took but boy. the goodness comes looking for love. in germany 136000 people work for the arms industry and the number of this decision was numbed the nest applauded by the german public. and open. with a member of the committee on foreign affairs and the disarmament commission for 8 years i'm going to back and i don't need to give up yet kind of off and i saw the army found it. hard to bidding on creatures in the harmony it does. not invite i've often explored a commitment to having another geelong amended got its bohol saudia have been
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vetted by that point from the bonus with. some weapons makers didn't even wait a few months. time mentality germany 2nd biggest defense contractor apparently devise a strategy for getting around the back. behind the time executive refuse to answer requests coming. the information came out by accident discovered by a former italian and she. were on october 29th 2015. and a colleague were getting ready to take off from count. airports. say a medicine might be no. better over. peter
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the bomb that. was the bomb but. then more on the. document. and. we're going to. turn around. but. even then it. depends. on the. start of. the stop a quest. or course i went that meant that.
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he then discovered that more bombs were about to be shipped out this time and both belonging to the body shipping company which belong to saudi arabia. container and again we don't know beyond a 100 every. container. entering shayna for. more than 20 of these convoys. he also made a key discovery the bombs are manufactured by an italian company that belongs to germany's a fine mattel group. they are encased series bombs identifiable by the code stamped on them during manufacture 84447. with this code a link was made to
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a war crime committed against civilians in yemen. in october 26th the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition bombed a house where a couple and their 4 children lived with the strike killed the entire family. the bomb remnants found in the ruins carried the high nitel subsidy stamped through the floor floors said. charnock oblige them to let. they ski liberal who call it provoke little sort of. local saying the. saudi. women to. their sky ain't that. their investigation prompted germany's peace networks to take action.
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it confirmed the findings of arms expert next hour. he spent the past 2 years investigating the arms exports which is fine mittal chinle to saudi arabia through its alyan subsidiary. of these are from a defense i'm over that's when everyone all of them are fundamental in forgotten and yeah but talked owns of maybe one or all. mentality for us. on that's helped to heat this rig on from that union all's legal to take it easy in the audience i've been having with a few saudi arabi and a feeling. with politicians feeling to stem the tide of arms flowing to saudi arabia some activists have turned their efforts to the courts. among them a team in the group painted by andrew smith and experts with
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a campaign against arms trade. in march 2017. 18 filed a complaint contesting the legality of uki arms sales to saudi arabia it worths 1st . the reason we took legal action is because we believe fees arms sales are not just immortal we believe it also illegal you can't export criteria is very clear it says but if there is a clear risk that weapons might be used to commit a serious violation of international humanitarian law. and on sale should not go ahead the case brought several classified e-mails to light like this one consider the defense secrets. in it the head of the export control joint units a government organization expresses doubts about the legality of the arms shipments concluding. to be honest and i was
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very direct and honest with the secretary of state my gut tells me we should suspend. the n.-g. o. lost the 1st round in the case but was allowed to file an appeal. on june 20th the u.k. court of appeals ruled on the case declaring british arms sales to saudi arabia for use in its war in yemen unlawful. the u.k. government has halted licenses for weapons exports to yemen while it appeals the ruling. this victory has provided fresh hope for human rights advocates in yemen as they push forward to relentlessly with their investigation. despite the chaos they have not given up hope that one day the perpetrators of these crimes and their
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accomplices will be brought to trial. for the victims' families the mourning will not end until justice has been served. however after a near record warm july yes it's midwinter in
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a way that was the case for sydney and brisbane things don't change very much still a shortage of rain where you might want to turn southern queens into new south wales and victoria that's not going to change on friday temperature wise or at least when the 2 years from now when adelaide not but in hobart obviously it's warmer in perth it often is town the the wind coming out of the interior 22 degrees the next frontal system is keeping quite a long way size you might catch crowd from it on the coast of victoria and some rain in tasmania otherwise what has changed to attempt they've gone up in sydney and brisbane now the weather is heading for the south so it's going to hit new zealand square on new year on it is coming across the sudden tasman you catch the northern edge it might be quite ferocious quite windy wet snow of course the tides in the mountains around north on the dry air but still quite windy the temperatures there remain almost in the teens this is throughout the next 2 days now japan has seen fairly dry and warm weather recently that's not going to change 34 in tokyo it
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is a little bit less hot conseco to really kind of but humid and with rain likely from beijing across towards north korea and again that's for the next 2 days. the wilderness of cambodia is under threat. pillaged for profit by an illegal timber trade one a one east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. 0. ogust on al-jazeera a unique story about a french syrian family who traded their peaceful lives in europe for revolution in syria marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that's forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims into exile musicians shaking up stereotypes of africa a powerful new witness documentary from guyana another bid to preserve
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multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over the challenges for the g. 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries rewind revisit the archive to find out how the story moved on august. al jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr and this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes.
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get a chaos and confusion in the yemeni city of aden as dozens of people die in the attacks more protesters are killed in sudan after gun fire breaks out at a rally against the military plus. the chinese army releases a slick promotional video showing off its forces in hong kong in what appears to be a warning to protesters. and sport australia put on a fight back on day one of the 1st ashes test against england former captain steve smith to lead their recovery scoring a 144 in birmingham. there's been a deadly escalation of violence in the yemeni city of a then home to the country's internationally recognized government who the rebels have claimed 2 major attacks
5:50 am
on sunday in iraq he backed forces dozens of people have died in a country that has been ravaged by more than 4 years of civil war this just weeks after the u.a.e. started drawing down its military presence in yemen well the biggest attack happened at a military camp used by iraqi trained forces in aden at least 36 people were killed there earlier there was a coordinated bomb attack on a police station at least 13 people have been confirmed dead no group has claimed responsibility but who the fighters also announced a further attack saying that they had fired a long range missile across the saudi border at a military facility in stephanie decker has our report. it started as a military parade. it ended in this the result of what he said was a missile strike in aden the seat of the saudi backed government the campus a base for amorality trained and supported units among those killed the senior
5:51 am
military commander brigadier general monied seen here earlier in the week wearing the red bray but it wasn't the only message the hooty sent on thursday they also said they'd fired a long range missile at the port city of demand in saudi arabia hundreds of kilometers away a 1st in this saudi led 4 year long war 2 brazen attacks with a very clear message they are layers you know true to this military action by her and i think that one of the 1st thing that they want you to do is that moments in common with a new reason actually were during ramadan i think they wanted to show the saudi duck when they are losing support and there and allies there who are we all quite capable of actually hitting them and he didn't quite where they fell them with calls to go webby probably had a stronghold in the saudi led war was launched to remove the iranian backed 2 things from yemen or to weaken them at least there seems to be no end in sight the
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latest attack is going to the message that. the buck to voters is going to come under attack under the are a legitimate target because the are working with the saudi about forces no political achievements on either side saudis ally the u.a.e. is pulling back its presence and even held a rare meeting with an iranian delegation on cheese day to discuss issues in the strait of hormuz it's a political stalemate in a conflict this killed thousands of civilians left tens of thousands of children starving and crippled what was already one of the world's poorest countries stephanie decker al-jazeera. well for more on this we can speak to yemen analyst some of the she joins us live from washington d.c. madam thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera based on what we know of these attacks what do you make of guess the military capability or the position of the who these are in right now because of the stated aim of the saudi led coalition was to at least we can do who these that doesn't seem to have happened. you know
5:53 am
it's definitely alarming it's an escalation and what we see is a definite gross in the ability and courage to launch attacks this is not a defensive strike this is an attack that was launched on a specific site and so it's very clear that the war has emboldened them throughout the war when they 1st started before before even the war began they were in rolling into the army and now we know that the host these have engaged in a war with the government for 6 years and now in a war with the u.a.e. saudi arabia and the yemeni government for 5 years and so what's clear is that their strength is growing and they are feeling fiercer and they feel that they should launch messages like that of course it's tragic to the people of yemen when they behave that way because the ramifications then fall on the population that are living under their control that are being held hostage right now and also there in
5:54 am
the south there could be potential backlash on specific citizens who are not from the south of yemen in an attempt to seek revenge and so it's a behavior that is definitely pushing for an escalation that is drifting away from peace talks and it was entirely unnecessary except to to be to you know to show strength and to show that they can use force when they need to interesting also that the specific targeting of trained forces against potentially trying to drive a wedge in the saudi led coalition the u.a.e. had already tried to draw back some of its troops in yemen where do you see the u.s. role in the future in this continuing war and the what do you think of that would do to saudi arabia's all ongoing conflict there. so it's very clear that the u.a.e. had chosen to slightly withdraw out of this war obviously to say face but also to
5:55 am
their official reports they said that they've trained $90000.00 fighters and that their role in yemen has been complete and has come to an end they will continue to supervise it's very clear that their withdrawal is in strong cord nation with saudi arabia wherever the forces withdrew the saudi forces kind of came and took place and so in a sense it's the handing over the regions that they control to the saudis completely now the people who benefit from this attack is not just the host the militia alone we know that in the south of yemen the emirates he backed forces that lead forces and the security belts which was supported by the u.a.e. had clashed previously with the yemeni government and so the people who benefit from this attack may not just be the host these what's happening is very interesting i think we see a little bit of shift in alliances as the region is trying to settle in in terms of the iranian saudi proxy war but it's clear the u.a.e. came in t.m.
5:56 am
and invested a lot of money and i doubt that they will just walk out and leave everything they've built behind i think channels of communication are still open but right now it's clear that the war is a saudi a problem. obviously having a yemeni problem politically speaking is there any kind of resolution or solution in sight. obviously it's really difficult to reach a peace settlement when it comes to yemen the war has been ongoing for 5 years now every time there was some sort of deescalation one side or the other would escalate all around the people who are paying the price are the yemeni people who are starving are facing the world as well as humanitarian i suppose a forgive me for not giving in there either but i suppose i'm just wondering what from a saudi perspective might be the definition of a victory now what do you think the saudis would have to see to convince them that now is the time to pull out of yemen. so it was really difficult at the very start
5:57 am
of the war they could have claimed victory simply by destroying all air bases in yemen and by the. ability to launch air strikes into saudi arabia since we've seen the host these have developed that ability and are now able to launch missiles out of yemen and are able to carry out attacks like the one that we saw today except they can even go in greater distances unfortunately what i think the war that is a bold in the hopes the militia make them assume that they are in fact the rulers of yemen in the past 5 years they've had sole control to the northern territories of yemen and so the war in a sense has made them stronger they got rid of their ally former president i doubt the last of the who shared power with them and so slowly what we're seeing is that the war instead of weakening the hope these instead of dismantling the alliance with the iranians instead it strengthened it and made the whole thing is even stronger of a force the who is so however left to their own i think without having to engage in
5:58 am
war they have very little political agenda they don't know what they're doing in terms of operating a state however the war keeps them going and helps them in recruiting and helps them grow so the best way to combat the host the militia is to actually stop fighting them for a minute and to allow the populations to see that the houthi militia has no political ability to rule a country because so far they're operating on the promise of war they are enforcing levies on the population underneath them and through that we see that the yemenis living underneath the hoa fees are paying the price of this war literally through their own money through their own salaries which they now receive i think if they're lucky for salaries per year and so they populate and there is really struggling and it's no longer about the houthi or the government or the saudis and what artie's it's really about the suffering of the yemeni people you have an analyst some of. them thank you so much for having shared your views and the expertise with us thank you. now sudan's opposition coalition says the ruling
5:59 am
military council is responsible for the deaths of 4 people who were shot dead during a rally in the city of a doorman just outside the capital khartoum several others were injured after security forces opened fire on demonstrators who were taking part in a nationwide rally they were calling for justice for the deaths of 6 other protesters who were killed during a student demonstration on monday al-jazeera is banned from reporting inside that saw him organise following events from neighboring ethiopia once again there is anger on the streets of harlem and various other cities across the dam protesters responding to the calls of the sudanese professionals' association and joining what is called as a 1000000 man rally to demand a transition military council deliver justice and accountability for those who have lost their lives and split as began in december in sudan now security forces opened fire on protesters in the city of on demand and the sudanese central doctor's
6:00 am
committee says at least 4 people have been killed and dozens of those have been wounded as a result and protesters are demanding that the opposition coalition which represents them in the talks between with the military council to form a transitional government hold all kinds of negotiations they're saying that there should be justice and accountability for the 2 sides the opposition coalition as the forces of freedom and changed and the plans of the military council have met so this evening but on thursday morning the opposition coalition said also that differences between the 2 sides have been ironed out and that there is a few points remaining before a final deal is reached the vote in argument. we have agreed on the mechanisms of forming liesl from to council the powers given to the council conditions of slighting its members in addition to the reasons leading to the loss of membership we've also agreed on forming a government the government powers on the reasons leading to the loss of the ministerial post we've also agreed on the parliament and its powers.


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