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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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but actually we have never trusted russia and the regime to have a sustainable ceasefire agreement. and right i mean conventional wisdom is that for there to be any agreement on the say sense of it live it's going to be between turkey on the one hand and russia on the other is that what we appear to be witnessing there are they agreeing. no they're not as the honest questions there because turkey says it has not got full influence on the situation with this grouping and they do have influence a lot of issues with the what they describe as the moderate opposition the moderate opposition to say privately that what can they do so this is an impossible position so really you have no substantive progress here yes you do have in essence of the syrian regime saying there's a ceasefire and russia are supporting that but the likelihood is that it will fail very quickly they've already been reports of 2 rocket attacks in the region by
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rebel forces and it's very likely that that will continue but nevertheless there is this agreement in place even though the joint declaration here doesn't mention a ceasefire by name it just simply refers to the so she agreement back in september 28th when this area this whole region and other parts was declared a deescalation zone those words that apply right now how can they with more than 400 by united nations for good civilians dying in the past few months 3 months campaign by russia and regime forces attacking the civilian areas which again mr denying which is frankly quite hard to believe he also tackled the question of the u.n. inquiry mounted by the secretary general which is looking at allegations of attacks on hospitals and schools and he said that's not the case it's
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a fabrication so i asked him what he would he stand by the inquiry results he said well why can't they be more inquiries elsewhere places like iraq or where u.s. forces were involved he is adamant that they will extinguish this group no matter how long it takes so really in essence we're not further on. andrew symonds live in thailand thank you very much indeed lots more to come here it out there including embracing peace the movement that signals an and to 40 years of hostilities in mozambique. and the floods are receding but the threat for millions is rising we'll have the latest from bangladesh. hello there's some pretty good sunshine across much of japan for the next couple of
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days it's been a fairly clear picture here on the satellite there's been a cloud just streaming into northern sections of the korean peninsula and maybe just a shot into seoul $35.00 celsius so feeling pretty well this time which is about 5 or 6 degrees above the average for this time of year drying up on sunday if there were indeed any showers and then you can see some a picture across into much of japan maybe again just an often in in tokyo with a high of 33 celsius not so quiet further to the south into the southeast of asia not this mass of rain that you can see all of this is tied to what is tropical storm now it will continue to weaken over the next few days that is in terms of the winds but the rain will stay very heavy indeed you can see him much of northern vietnam seeing some very heavy amounts of rain it will indeed likely lead to some flooding 27 celsius in hanoi and again much of the south coast of china again it's been already clearing up after this very heavy rainfall and as we head through sunday there's not really much less at the system is a work its way. continue to bring that heavy rain and just you know day off today
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the same because he's in fairly widespread flooding and in fact it really just push up even towards shanghai just a dry there with a high of 32 celsius. conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not have to die it is all stocks its parts is really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the saudi case is interesting to watch the amounts of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera.
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told to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the south korean president in his held an emergency cabinet meeting to condemn japan's decision to impose trade restrictions president moon says he will remove japan from its own list of countries with preferential trade status. the south korean military says north korea has launched a short range missile from its eastern coast if it's confirmed it will be the 3rd such launch in just over a week syrian state media says a conditional cease fire has been reached in the last rebel held province of italy there's been no response yet from the opposition. 1000 democratic republic of congo marks a year since the abella crisis began there the death toll is continuing to grow 2
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new cases have been detected in the eastern city of goma the 3rd and 4th cases of the wife and one year old baby of a man who died of the virus on wednesday concern is rising over the number of infections and that calls rwanda to briefly close its border with india see malcolm webb has more from nairobi. health officials are talking about how they can ramp up their response to the spreading outbreak now that it's in the regional capital of goma which has a population of at least $2000000.00 people and it's a joint to the neighboring city of dissent is basically want to have an area with a border running through the middle and we have a growing number of cases on the congolese side people are wondering now how this outbreak of the virus can be further stand with many people live in poor housing in cramped conditions and health responses already faced challenges throughout eastern
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congo being able to communicate to people also to be able to convince people that health service providers are there to help this is an area where people have a lot of skepticism about government and about all 40 following decades of conflict the lack of public services and general mistrust among the population towards those who are in power. libya's interior minister has ordered the closure of 3 migrant detention centers after criticism from the un over conditions there 2 facilities are in the coastal cities of misrata and homes the 3rd is into jura a suburb of tripoli the capital forces loyal to the warlords. hit that facility in an air strike him of the game killing at least $52.00 migrants the evacuation of the senses is now underway but it's unclear where the migrants will be sent but
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as a big president has struck a peace deal with the leader of a former rebel movement ending years of hostilities philippe a new cd signed the agreement with. de who leads renamo the main opposition party its armed wing is disbanding as part of the deal show that belarus reports. mozambicans have waited more than 40 years for this moment since the country gained independence in 1975 the government has for most of the really group turned political policy known as. a peace accord means mozambique commute. times are. we are here in gaza to tell the world that we've just given another step showing that the march towards effective peace is really reversible that the a certain team this peace they hope and the future of mozambique is promising it says the mozambicans which is to bury once and for all armed confrontation the deal
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that will see thousands of members disarm was signed and gone gosa national park that's been the group's remote military base for more than 40 years ago was is very symbolic. was everything started and everything should stop that this is symbolic for every muslim because. this is not the 1st time mozambican leaders have come together for namo was formed after the country gained independence from portugal in 1985 for the government in a civil war that killed an estimated 1000000 people talks initially in 1902 ended the war does it begin speak fission. peace. therefore we speak that this meeting will lead us to the weak peace. that peace deal redefined as a political kashi thousands returned to mozambique but the group always kept an
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armed wing fighting has flared in recent years something the group has now promised to end. the 1st of august 29th is marked in our history as an unforgettable date the day of the reunification. this is a historic date because of climate years of conflict we as brothers partner to make peace for the greater good of. their commitment will be tested in upcoming national elections which will see the peacemakers and political rivals pitted against one another at the polls bellus al-jazeera. the governor of the u.s. territory of puerto rico is stepping down but his replacement is facing political and legal challenges that ricardo rosie o. was forced to resign after widespread protests over leaked obscene messages as well as over government corruption is now put forward former congressman pedro pierre
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luis cde to take over but some members of the house of representatives say the senate has got to approve his appointment. asylum seekers in mexico who've been sent back from the u.s. whilst waiting for an answer can now use a new shelter in fewer dad what is the center was open by the mexican government and is the 1st of its kind it can house more than 3000 people the government says new shelters will open soon in tijuana and nowhere below they doe the u.s. has returned more than 20000 asylum seekers to way to mexico since the program began in january the president trump is back on the campaign trail taking his 2020 reelection bid to cincinnati you know there he launched a blistering attack on his democratic rivals but the issue of immigration became the big talking point i did joe castro was there. democrat lawmakers care more
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about illegal aliens a protester holding a banner reading immigrants built america took the air out of trump's speech for about 5 minutes but the president largely avoided attacking minority and immigrant leaders by name a practice his opponents had labeled racist instead trump doubled down on criticism of the majority african-american city of baltimore the homicide rate in baltimore is significantly higher than el salvador honduras guatemala i believe it's higher than afghanistan thousands of supporters have lined up for hours to attend the rally he's only saying the truth and i don't know how that's racist if to say a place is trash and he's not racist at all he's just merely pointing out the problems that exist in our society and we're just going to have to correct trump pointed to the declining number of border arrests as
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a product of his hardline policies despite criticism of his administration's detention of children in squalid conditions trump lauded his crackdown at the border and the numbers are way down you'll see that way way down. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents they put foreign citizens before american citizens we're not going to do that the last few days have seen the democratic presidential candidates in the spotlight back to back televised debates with trump attacking their performance polling shows democratic front runner joe biden leads trump by 8 points in ohio at this early stage of the election season a vote for any democrat in 2020 years a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of our
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great our beautiful our wonderful american dream we're not going to lead our country ever go down the route of socialism. the trunk campaign says ohio is a must win state in 2020 this bellwether state has in fact the presidential winner nationally going on more than 50 years and so we will hear much more about trial as the battleground between shrunk and the democratic nominee joe castro al-jazeera cincinnati ohio. britain's new prime minister boris johnson has suffered his 1st electoral defeat his governing conservative party last election in bracken in wales leaving it with a one vote majority in parliament the seat was taken by the prey european union liberal democrats and it makes it harder for prime minister johnson to push through his plans for a possible no deal bracks it. a set of measures he's been declared in 6 provinces
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in indonesia forest fires are burning across the country delhi 6500 his have been deployed to control them satellites have detected 96 separate blazes on some up for new orleans alone many may have been deliberately started 5 farmers trying to clear land for planting. more than 100 people have been killed in weeks of flooding in bangladesh now as the waters recede health workers are concerned about a new problem the spread of disease of the child 3 reports thousands across bangladesh have lost their homes due to heavy flooding and landslides over 7000000 people have been affected and 163000 hectares of cropland damage in 28 distinct according to bangladesh red crease on society. families have been struggling with the impact of the floods the worst in 2 years many are now facing the elements
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without any kind of protection shilpi big mother of 6 children is finding it hard to cope with the situation. so it's hard to compete the children a full square meal when there's so much water still around and their father can't find work when there's a flood we somehow manage to survive on dr rice pops many communities are finding it difficult to access food and little aid has arrived so far. if we got some financial help then we could rebuild our home somehow we could then manage to live a normal life that's all we want. over $40000.00 children are been kept out of schools which have either been too damaged to access or are being used as makeshift shelters and. there is water everywhere in my home and at school i can study at home and now we are lagging behind in study. the majority of bangladesh
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lives in rural areas most of home rely on agriculture for their livelihood and it's this communities that have been hit the hardest according to environment experts bangladesh is becoming increasingly more vulnerable to climate change especially those living in river islands and coastal belts severe flooding has left many bangladesh is at risk of disease and hunger crops up then washed away a life stock sale and fisheries room although water is receding in some places what effect that communities have lost their means to make a living and which are very well just set up for bangladesh. it's considered the single biggest celebration of arts and culture in the world and it's starting in scotland this year's edinburgh fringe festival will feature more than $50000.00 performances and they range from comedy shows to dances and musicals charlie and jenna is there. we're here on the royal mile where artists are desperately trying
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to go audience for their shows using any means possible mostly flyers plastered everywhere and that's because there is so much competition here some 4000 shows and 63 different countries will be formed in every nook and cranny of the city over the next 3 weeks they'll be theatre 1st cabaret comedy musicals all artistic is on those are covered now the themes are largely political 2 years ago we saw a lot of direct 16 shows this year it's climate change using carbon emissions and mass extinctions and global warming forming the backdrop to a lot of performances one show called 1.5 degrees will feature x. is reading the i.p.c.c. report the intergovernmental panel on climate change report in full and that's going to take 5 days but it is a chance they say for our to audiences to delve beneath the headlines because the artists i've spoken to here say they don't see climate change as the technological political problem anymore but as
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a cultural one and they're using their voices to try and transform public opinion. congress take a look at the top stories here about 0 south korea will remove japan from its list of countries with preferential trade status it's a retaliatory measure in response to japan's earlier decision to drop south korea's fast track exports say to the south korean president in blamed tokyo for worsening the situation. north korea has launched a short range missile from his eastern. that's according to the south korea military is the 3rd launch in just over a week north korea's state media released these images on 1st say of leader kim jong il overseeing the test firing of a new rocket launcher system south korea says pyongyang fired 2 short range
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ballistic missiles con condemnatory expressed deep regret that north korea's missile launches including ballistic missiles could negatively affect efforts to establish peace in the korean peninsula so we will keep a close eye on the relevant movements and prepare the president didn't appear to be that bothered by the launch short range missiles we never made an agreement on that i have no problem we'll see what happens but these are short range missiles a very standard. syrian state media says a conditional cease fire has been reached in the last rebel held province of italy but there's been no response yet from the opposition at least 2 people were killed in fighting in the saying this is video appearing to show syrian government forces bombing villages in nearby hama more than 400 civilians have been killed in northwestern syria since late april. libya's interior minister has ordered the closure of 3 migrant detention centers after criticism from the un over conditions
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forces loyal to the warlord holly for hafter hit one of their facilities in an airstrike a month ago at least 52 migrants were killed the evacuation of the senses is underway but it's unclear where the migrants are being sent. right to europe today those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story and then peter will be back in about half an hour or so stay with us. how much of a threat is briggs it to the unity of the u.k. or stone since been touring the union as a no deal exit looms trying to reassure those worried about the european divorce
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but he believes them as he convince the skeptics or is the kingdom fracturing even further this is inside story. hello everyone i'm come on santa maria welcome to inside story we're talking about the u.k. today or if we were to use its official name the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland but there are a lot of questions right now over that 1st would unite it and it's not just because of bragg's it which is now just 3 months away consider this when was the last time a british prime minister visited the home countries that is wales scotland the northern ireland and faces protest at every stop let's go through it he has boris johnson starting out in edinburgh he was met with geas and boos from protesters
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which actually forced him to leave via the back door of beauty house the official residence of scotland's 1st minister inside his hosts nicholas sturgeon expressed her discontent shall we say with johnson's brags that plans she spoke about a catastrophic almost inevitable path to a no deal break that remember most scottish people didn't want to leave the e.u. although many do support the idea of leaving the u.k. itself sturgeon says she wants to pass the framework bill for another referendum on scottish independence next year. then it's on to wales where johnson was seeking support for his briggs it plans from the country's agricultural sector the welsh farmers union has warned him leaving the e.u. without a deal would cause quote civil unrest in rural areas many british farmers rely heavily on trade with europe and a no deal scenario could be costly for their business whales are also important right now because of a byelection on thursday in the seat of break and radnor show which johnson's conservative party is trying to hold on to and let's make it 3 from 3 northern
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ireland his last stop boris johnson didn't receive the warmest welcome either not publicly booed this time but maybe that's because he was far away from the protesters there is broad consensus that leaving the e.u. without a deal could be dramatic because of the land border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland which will become a border into europe if no deal happens the shin phone parties of the government must call the referendum on irish unity immediately however let's not forget northern ireland's been without a sitting government since the year 2017. or at that's the run down i'm here is today's panel to look at the state of the u.k. at the moment we start in london where tholen wager who is a research associate with the u.k. in a changing europe initiative that is at king's college london and berlin jonathan les is deputy director of british influence approach european think tank and on skype from dinner in scotland alastair susi a writer on scottish political affairs gentlemen welcome to you all i might
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actually go back to my original question which i asked earlier in the introduction pace and that was when was the last time a u.k. prime minister got this sort of reception all over the u.k. i know that no leader is going to be universally liked but jonathan the let me start with you this was pretty embarrassing for a new prime minister. it's massively humiliating and it illustrates something very important about boris johnson which is that he's an extraordinarily divisive prime minister perhaps the most divisive prime minister in modern times just a week into his premiership where normally prime minister starts off with a bounce a popular goodwill and popularity but because boris johnson is so reviled for his long career in public this is a rather public service is long reputation for his honesty and his instrumental role in the brics a referendum which they'll see such
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a divisive issue that people just don't see that he is a man that really has anyone's interests at heart other than his own as been very clearly expressed in scotland and wales and in the northern ireland political parties as you can see and with a prime minister who is sort of blackmailing island if you like telling islands to abandon its basic economic and political interests to sort of like the desires of boris johnson is going to endear him even less. to that country and the rest of the rest of the u.k. so in your eyes and jonathan boris johnson is and use this description he has a has a product or symptom which one is that of the disunity in the u.k. . absolutely the problem the problem with boris johnson well one of the many problems with boris johnson is that he's actually not as popular as the conservative party thinks he is the reason that the conservatives elected boris
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johnson was that they thought that he was a winner so they overlooked his many kind of gaffes and bull and verbal sort of a journalistic errors and offensive remarks over the last few months alone the last few years and he suddenly became the number one candidate because they thought he could win but that was actually very outdated notion because the only time he's really won was in london and that was before bracks it london is london now thinks very little of boris johnson because of his role in in brics it and of course scotland as he said it was very opposed to brics that wales is now much more remain that it was in 2016 and as you say there is huge concern about a no deal breck's in there in the rural areas of wales because the farming industry and in northern ireland people are talking about the break up of the good friday agreement which would be a direct result of a no deal johnson has very little to show from self alastair so you see in the new let's bring you in seeing as jonathan has talked about some of the journalistic
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remarks and comments in the past of boris johnson i can't help but remember back and it's a while back now admittedly but 2005 in the spectator when he wrote about government by a scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context he was talking about gordon brown back then i mean just on that comment and you can see why the scottish perhaps don't like him but again that reception he got there and the fact that he had to leave by the back door and nicholas stoughton said that had never happened before. it's all it's all a bit extraordinary really. yeah no i mean it certainly is i mean you know he said it's some you know pretty unsavory things about scott's. where you know over the years as he said it's you know he said again what a scar it is inconceivable you also published you know when he was editor of the spectator he published a poem you know which called scottish people barren and said that they should be placed in ghettos that was when it was editor of the spectator sees that many you
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know he said many rules and you know he also has this sort of streak of sort of english nationalism he's very privileged he was privately educated and you know he's kind of embracing annoy your breck's a saying by the 31st of october that you know if that's the way we're going that's that we were going and ollie's phones are our you know aspects that starts you know do not embrace asshole and that is why. partially at least he got the reception in the member of no i mean if you think about edinburgh and umbrella of course the capital of scotland but it's also very pro union. and you know the 2 biggest cities in scotland the edinburgh and glasgow no that was there essentially got quite a crew union park to scotland glasgow is actually quite a. pro national i'm simple to yes to invent them back into those 14 so you
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know just wonder what would have happened if it had to done the same thing in glasgow and does all of this feel the independence debate again i've heard people describe the independence debate as being something that is sort of comes and goes i've heard it described perhaps more pejoratively as a national sport does it get real impetus now and not just because of doris jones and let's not lay it all at his door but just because of the state of affairs coming out of westminster. sure it does i think it does for several reasons it does it's got real traction back in 2040 scots loyal to it's a 55 percent 45 percent to remain in the u.k. so that was a clear result in favor of staying in the union 45 percent is pretty high it doesn't take very much to be about 45 percent to about 50 and the call since then has been 45 percent you know even more than us and they always hold their own the late forty's so the traction it has now if you think back to the end that was
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aspirational 45 percent but it was an aspirational world knows there's real traction behind the attraction with rex it starts to vote for break senate there's traction with boris johnson a lot of sports don't like boris johnson has traction with the new deal break set starts did in one breaks in the 1st place let alone a new deal bracks. and so all of these things now receiving end to the independence debate up here and considering back in 2014 be it the opinion polls that support for independence or in the late twenty's in the bettys and ended up 45 percent of your list tell you it's quite conceivable 40 but you know what percent reach 515253 of course it's not it's it's not a likelihood it's not you know you wouldn't say that it's probable but you would say there's a definite possible and i do let's bring you into the conversation from london we've talked a lot about boris johnson we've talked a lot about scotland there but you know the overarching thing at the moment is this
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idea that the u.k. were clear the unions fractured but that could fracture even further and for hecht alastair wrote a piece for al jazeera dot com called boris johnson be the you could he be the u.k.'s last prime minister are we overstating things to say that the u.k. is so fractured so let's talk about wales and northern ireland in england as well that it could. disband in one form or the other eventually or at some point. i do they not that's impossible at all from where we're standing johnson was elected on a mandate by conservative members and when conservative members were polled by a huge of polling company they said they would accept the breakup of the union and even the breakup of the conservative party to ensure that breaks it happens his mandate is to ensure whatever whatever costs the breaks it happens that said if he is the last prime minister of the union he will be fully aware that he'll get on a history as the leader of the of the u.k.
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that led to its lead to its desponding and that was the way very heavily and that's why you see him go to scotland wales and northern ireland this week it's very likely that we'll have another poll on on on on independence in scotland soon the conservative party of 13 m.p.'s in scotland and essentially with the election of boris johnson they ran off those $38.00 seats. and it's also possible actually and this was something that people didn't realize before the referendum that the breaking point that the thread that i'm on which all unravels could actually be ireland and the possibility of a board a poll in ireland even potentially before we have another 2nd referendum in scotland isn't it actually also really important we get a government in ireland northern ireland i should say as well. yeah i'm not i'm not become increasingly difficult now we have of course for dogs of president premiership he's gone to belfast this week before he met the cross community
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leaders in belfast he met with the d.p. he relies on for their support in the house of commons so he is not seen as an honest broker in that negotiation to restart power sharing in northern ireland so it's really difficult to say that happening before potentially ardbeg and the bring .


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