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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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and persons new prime minister suffers his 1st electoral defeat just 8 days after entering office. and other still roll the wintry picture across southern regions over straight in on us a wintry eyed it means name but i just mean the pattern of rain showers gusty winds and there is more on the way particular tasmania continue to really feel the brunt of these storm systems the last couple of days they had quite windy bit best fresh if you on sunday but to soften a good 11 degrees the cloudy skies 14 in melbourne there is a chance of some showers and we could even see some showers into perth too suffered a high there of 20 celsius is a bit cooler on sunday but it should actually be a drier day a little bit cooler too and hope all but sunday no such a windy day although there will be some cloud in your forecast and by a nice 20 to embrace them definitely feeling very windy and quite unpleasant to
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across both islands of new zealand you see this a cold shower indicating those showers plenty of them on saturday working the way tools north island as we head on into sunday and haemorrhages sunny dropping back in christ church on sunday 8 degrees celsius the chance of some rain showers along with some pretty strong gusty winds but not bad in all came with a high of 13 fairly quiet picture up into japan for both days of the weekend some rain showers pushing into northern sections of the korean peninsula not working the way too far the south warm few days in seoul the high there on sunday of 34. oh i'm counter because we're on patrol off the coast of west africa as nations deployed naval forces took over the scourge of piracy. off the 6 years of treading water gold prices will rise plus howard roark promise to cut its gas. countered
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with cost 0 new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. welcome back a look at the top stories now a ceasefire in syria's last rebel held province of idlib appears to be holding off to months of deadly bombardment wanted to say that would know as strikes in northwest syria on friday or to rico's house of representatives as a prison nomination of pedro pierre do we see is the u.s. territory secretary of state personally i'm inclined to be on his next government out but is he still has to be confirmed by the senate. and there are warnings the
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latest abode outbreak in the democratic republic of congo could last for up to 3 years unless the government improves its strategy the country's only response team says only off of all cases being identified. well the us president has announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe his government says it's a modest when is washington's trade war with china escalates but the agreement will still need to be approved by the european parliament well alan fischer joins us live now from washington so alan how much of a victory could this be for trump. well this is been an ongoing battle between the european union and the us for about 10 years american farmers have wanted to send the hormone treated beef in to you markets you consumers have said no thank you we don't want that what has been agreed is the $35000.00 tons of norton treated beef will be sent to the e.u.
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as you say the unity parliament still got to approve that it's a very small amount and then chile certainly don't trump sees this is a when 1st of all he sees is breaking down barriers with the e.u. he says he will certainly put that into consideration when he decides whether or not he wants to stay on the european auto industry remember this and a lot of cars over to the united states and it's a big win politically for him as well no farmers ranchers they've been struggling with a trade war with china the fact that they now have this new market opening up to them that story will trump appealing to his base essentially he says he sees farmers and ranchers as very much part of his base and he will be able to say look i'm working for you trade deals are good i'm helping the u.s. economy at the most basic level certainly when he was speaking in the white house just a couple of hours ago surrounded by men in big it's essentially saw this as a big when the agreement today will lower trade barriers in europe and expand
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access for american farmers and ranchers in year one duty free american beef exports to the e.u. will increase by 46 percent over 7 years they will increase by another 90 percent so a bit of a boost that with a potential deal in the making with his european partners but the tensions continue to escalate with china. and you remember the donald trump said that trade wars are quick and easy to when well the discussions with china have been going on for more than a year and donald trump says he's now going to impose 5 of the there's already 25 percent on $250000000000.00 of chinese imports into the u.s. he says from the 1st of september he's now going to introduce a 10 percent levy on a further 300 $1000000000.00 worth of goods donald trump continues to insist that china ends up paying for these types that is not the case the report just last week
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suggested that the average american family of 4 is no paying 2 $1000.00 more a year because of these tabs and if the new talents are introduced on the 1st of september we will be in the bizarre situation of our poll who have developed the i 4 and and the i pod but have it built in china when it's brought back to the united states they will be paying more consumers will be paying more in world markets have already reacted to both the world's biggest economies facing off in this way most of the markets are in china it's a corner me is struggling doing not as well because of the trade war with the united states the american consumers they are struggling as well as the say they're paying more than $2000.00 a year because of the trade tariffs so there's real pressure on dollar trump and the chinese president to come up with a deal soon before the long term impact of these so-called easy to win wars start
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really affecting the world economy and dragging down the u.s. which donald trump certainly wouldn't want and hitting other important markets as well thank you very much alan fischer in washington also saying a spike in trade tensions between japan and south korea where a political standoff is continuing to unfold south korea says it will remove japan from its list of preferential trading partners that's in response to tokyo's added decision to drop south korea's fast track export status from bride explains now from cell. at an emergency cabinet meeting call to discuss the deepening rift with japan president moon j.n. of south korea laid the blame squarely with his neighbor. japan's decision is a reckless decision that projects diplomatic efforts to solve the problem and rather worsens the situation i express my deep regret he was responding to the
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latest escalation in the trade dispute with japan removing south korea from the so-called white list of countries allowed to receive exports of sensitive strategic components that it needs for its high tech manufacturing. it comes on top of restrictions last month on the export of raw materials for the production of semiconductors in south korea with fears of a knock on effect to manufacturing in neighboring countries japan denies it's linked to a decades old dispute over its water time record. deal this move was approved to revise japan's export controls appropriately and was not intended to hurt japan south korea relations or to craft counter measures japan has been angered by a supreme court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor during world war 2 with several japanese firms ordered to pay compensation that's despite japan's insistence that an agreement in $965.00 was meant to have resolved the issue once
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and for all. but those studying the history of the turbulent relationship say it's clear the 2 sides have always held opposing views on the nature of that agreement. up until now they're lived with their separate interpretations but this state of agreeing to disagree has been shaken and can no longer stand after this court decision and now we are at a most critical juncture in korea japan relations but now south korea is saying it will retaliate and remove japan from its list of preferential trade partners further worsening the dispute robert bright al-jazeera sold. yemen's who's the rebels have released images of what they say is the ballistic missile used to target saudi arabia who say the medium range bearcat missile system struck the saudi city of demand on thursday but no confirmation from the kingdom of the attack or the rebels say the missile was domestically produced in yemen
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a tab has more now from the capital sanaa. during his press today the host his military spokesperson here syria mentioned this newly domestically produced missile can have targets far away from riyadh and that the all of the saudi and the united arab emirates battle targets have become under the fire range of the whole fees so here $1.00 more ballistic missiles will be launched by the whole thiis targets the saudi aggression. stops in yemen he mentioned the new leader did was to clear the deuce. 3rd which is means the world came to. has the capability also to be launched from. launchers of from text launchers he also mentioned that the b.b.
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have carried out the. attack in aden window which already resulted to the killing of us least 39 during their parade in aden allison in protest as a clash with israeli forces near the site of recently demolished homes in the occupied west bank violence broke out after dozens gathered for friday prayers last month israeli craze began it demolishing palestinian homes on the outskirts of an occupied east jerusalem neighborhood israel says the homes were built to close to its security barrier. now to algeria where thousands of protests have turned out for a nationwide anti-government protest for the 24th consecutive week they are pushing for a complete overhaul of the country's ruling elite after the president stepped down in april elections planned for last month were canceled because of a lack of candidates interim leader has set up a panel to oversee a national dialogue aimed at ending the political crisis. or protests in moscow it
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used to continue for the 3rd saturday in a row despite authorities mounting an ever larger crackdown ahead of saturday's protest key figures have been arrested and there is concern that more mass protests will mass arrests are expected in response on the day itself our correspondent in iran contacts a look at why people are coming out on the streets. away from the iconic sites of kremlin and red square it's here in the suburbs where protesters are planning their next move they cues the kremlin of interference in trying to rig the city council election in favor of the candidates of the ruling party united russia thousands have been arrested but they say that won't stop them. only time will show how people will react to the authorities actions and their fate but we are full of fear if we lead to fair control we are truly living well because when we are calm our fearless and i understand the risks to me and my family but i don't see how to resolve this issue in any other way to understand what people want you have to give
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them. the moscow city council is an administrative body not a political one and it's elections rarely triggered control bisi this time it's different the banning of opposition candidates by the government has angered most courts and that's spilling out into the streets maria lipman is a political analyst and says the government crackdown is designed to prevent the public becoming aware of the protests and from it spreading nationwide every thing at their disposal. unfortunately sounds like a real prospect right now the government is showing determination to use more violence harder violence saw the policy gets hard there on a daily basis. the chance of this protest to become nationwide is i was 80 the police say the arrests with the public order fences and necessary to maintain of the order according to the police more than a 1000 people would stay and last week or more are expected. to reach
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a good call for one of the opposition politicians bodrum running has been arrested for calling for protests he appeared at an appeal at the moscow city call on thursday and it's not just him in this band behind me is another opposition politician who wants to run for the city council but has been barred now given. everybody is expecting saturday's protests to be even larger than they were the previous week expect to see more scenes like this outside of court come monday iraq on al-jazeera moscow. the u.s. has impose new sanctions on moscow over the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. sergey scrip olen his daughter yulia were poisoned with a chemical nerve agent in the english city of souls brave last year the kremlin has denied any involvement the russian foreign ministry says the sanctions will further damage relations which are already strained. well in all the developments just 8 days after promising to take the u.k. out of the e.u. by october 31st bars johnson is just about holding on to power as conservative
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party lost a fiercely contested vote in wales cutting johnson's working majority in the parliament to just one seat or a challenge reports dream dodds is duly elected member of parliament for the said constituency was the announcement was made in an echo hall in mid wales but this result will be heard very clearly in london the liberal democrats have taken this seat of brecken and ravisher from the ruling conservative party their whittles boris johnson's parliamentary majority down to just one and he the new leader's pre-vote visit to wales wasn't enough to prevent the chances of a government collapse going up barely 9 days since he took over as prime minister this is why this by election was so significant because we're looking at general election very shortly and it really shows some of the key factors that are going to be playing up in the election i was surging the rate of vote under the liberal democrats and also bracks
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a party to contend with. the liberal democrats newest m.p. was clear about what she thinks this results means. and here we stand. thursday was johnson's. in the 1st week it was print edition. and here we are saying very loud. because we're just. will not tolerate a right. but somebody says do you want to know deal breaks it and although nigel farage is brick said party didn't perform quite as well as they might have hoped with 10 percent of the votes they still arguably cost the conservative m.p. his seat by splitting the probably pretty vote although local issues are often important for by election results this one could also be seen as another example of how brics it is rewriting the balance of britain's political system with supports for smaller parties like the lib dems and the brics it party on the rise at the
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expense of the big 2 labor and the conservatives when parliament returns from recess at the beginning of september it will have less than 2 months to bricks a day and boris johnson the man who said he will deliver it come what may is clinging on to power by his fingertips chalons al-jazeera london. a study by a respected team of european scientists says last month's record breaking heat wave across most of the continent was made more likely and intensified by manmade climate change a rapidly conducted report concluded that temperatures would have been one and a half to 3 degrees lower in a world without human induced climate change a study said that such intense heat waves would likely happen once in a 1000 years without human influence on climate where is now it could happen every 50 to 150 years. u.s. rapper asap rocky has been released from custody pending a verdict in his assault trial in sweden prosecutors of osce judges to impose
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a 6 month prison sentence lawyers say a sap whose real name is rocky miles should be sentenced harshly because they believe he threw a bottle at the alleged victim during a street fight on june 30th mys denies using the bottle in the scuffle but admits he acted in self defense judges will hand down the verdict on august the 14th. just a quick look at the top stories this hour months of deadly bombardment have come to a pause in northwest syria after the government announced a conditional cease fire as strikes have halted in adlib which is syria's last rebel stronghold the truce was announced during peace talks in kazakhstan the opposition says they will abide by the deal as long as the government doesn't violate it hundreds of civilians have died since the government launched its operation to retake it live in april puerto rico's house of representatives has
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approved the nomination of pedro paralyse is the u.s. territory secretary of state pushing him in line to be the island's next governor of syria was forced to resign following massive protests over the leaking of offensive messages he sent he's also been accused of corruption. there are warnings the latest outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of congo could last up to 2 or 3 years unless the government improves its strategy alak countries about a response team says that only heart of all cases of carney been identified u.s. president donald trump has announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe is government says it's a modest win as washington's trade war with china escalates exports to the bloc will increase by more than 40 percent in the 1st year but the deal still needs to be approved by the parliament. agreement today will lower trade barriers in europe and expand access for american farmers and ranchers in year one duty free american
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beef exports to the e.u. will increase by 46 percent over 7 years there will increase by another 90 percent news from yemen who the rebels have released images of what they say is the ballistic missile used to target saudi arabia they say the medium range birken missile system struck the saudi city of the mom on thursday has been no confirmation from the kingdom of the attack and talks to find a breakthrough to sudan's political crisis appears to be making progress with a constitutional declaration expected to be announced and hard to make shortly the agreement will see saddam's main opposition party name the prime minister and the ministers while the transitional military council will choose who heads the interior and defense ministries. those are the headlines this hour that's it from myself and the team here in london coming up next on al-jazeera it's counting the cost. the saudi u.a.e.
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war on yemen has led to thousands of deaths and millions hungry what role has the u.s. played in the world's worst humanitarian crisis is the entity that has the right to begin and end wars robert malley a top advisor on the middle east to president obama talks to al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week on patrol off the coast of west africa nations step up their naval presence to counter the scourge of piracy and hostage taking. after 6 years of treading water gold prices are on the rise we find out what's behind the move. and what. impressed record morning on production rather than import.
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a decade ago no ship was safe off the coast of somalia men armed with machine guns and small boats would target vessels including aid for the world food program the menace of piracy continues to plague the region impeding its security and economic development but it's also increasing in other areas that you hotspot is the gulf of guinea an area that covers 6000 nautical miles or 11000 kilometers of coastline from angola to senegal west african countries lose $2000000000.00 annually to maritime piracy and armed robbery. the region produces more than $5000000.00 barrels of sweet crude petroleum per day it's a vital source of oil and gas for asia europe and the united states nigeria is the largest oil producer in the region and has more than 40000000000 barrels of reserves now some believe the region will surpass the oil production capacity of
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the arabian gulf by 2020 making the stability of this region and the safety of oil transport a vital strategic concern off the coast of west africa the total cost of piracy has been steadily increasing over the last 3 years from $700000000.00 to more than $800000000.00 that's according to data from oceans beyond piracy but that still does wharfs the cost of piracy off the east african coast which has dropped to $1400000000.00 in 2017 down from a staggering $7000000000.00 in 2010 for every one $120000000.00 seized by pirates in somalia the cost to the shipping industry and the end consumer is as much as $3300000000.00 according to research from the london school of economics this money is enough to employ well over a 1000000 somalis for a whole year and that doesn't include the direct human cost more than 90 percent of piracy hostage taking in the 1st 6 months of this year took place in the gulf of
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guinea the international maritime bureau says that 27 crew members were kidnapped and as heroes are militarists went on patrol with a gun a navy to discover the true extent of the problem. turkish ship one is more than a weekly to its intended destination. yes she is resting in the calm waters of tema of the coast of ghana. everything looks alright from the outside but on board evidence of why the vessel didn't make it to ivory coast in time. the ship was attacked by pirates in nigeria or to us and 10 of its crew were taken away as hostages. the others were locked to stay but was frightened. they told us. if you're. coming to here we are the ship.
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all my friends are sad and the. similar incidents have been reported 70 times in the 1st 6 months of this. the international maritime bureau says the vast majority of the sailors kidnapped for ransom or taken off the cost of been the. guinea nigeria and. while attacks by pirates have substantially decreased in some regions of the world they seem to be on the increase in west africa making the gulf of guinea there was an area in the world impacted by piracy fishing boats are sometimes targeted but most of the attacks so i carried out an oil and gas tankers experts say that the regional neighbors and coast guards need to coordinate better if they want to control the situation. we set out on patrol with a gun to me. the gulf of guinea is the most dangerous streets of maritime territory in the world for attacks at sea but garner has seen
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a decrease in piracy incidents in its waters and that's been put down to sustained operations by its navy and not. time ships. be fair to we in the what tests of our countries and then when they are called upon to do better than this nation's. heroes ships that taps by pilots when the are released. defense food and what does the citizen in school yeah that would be the fairest you know point of. the generous air war is one of several gunships ghana has on patrol every hour of the day and sometimes there is support from their force. the navy believes it could do even more with increased funding. not enough resources.
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pumped into into into the navy but gradually are when this is being built in society and policy makers in any in any government and there we. being there resourced. but what needs to be done in a region where piracy kidnappings and theft of oral are growing problem in 2016 nigeria alone estimated its losses at more than a $1000000000.00 a month experts say the economies of the region rich in oil and fishing cannot sustain such a drain on resources all right let's get more on this growing menace joining us now from london michael hallett michael is the deputy director of the international maritime bureau and a director of i.c.c. commercial crime services the anti crime unit of the i.c.c. could tell you with us michael so what's behind the rise of piracy off the coast of
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guinea as we were hearing a strategically important region for world trade. there is a a serious frets to the safety and security of seafarers in the region and this freight has been there for many years. almost 80 percent of crew kidnappings and 95 percent of crews taken hostage this year have occurred in the gulf of guinea. we forgot to the kidnappings. there have been firstly 7 crew kidnapped from their vessels this year in several separate incidents the crews are typically taken ashore they are held between periods of between $6.00 and $8.00 weeks before they are released
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last month spain seafarers were kidnapped from the general cargo vessel the vessel was 120 miles from the coastline this demonstrates the scope of capabilities and also that all shipping is vulnerable so one turns of hijackings we've seen sorry meitner. let me put the 2nd question to you 1st for a 2nd what lessons michael can be learned from the reduction of piracy off the coast of east africa. it's difficult to compare east africa with west african piracy they are 2 separate phenomena somalia was a foul state. in the gulf of guinea you had functioning sovereign states the one constant however is that if you are able to detect. an approaching suspicious vessel you then have the opportunity to raise an alarm
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to retreat into a citadel if needed and this early warning is something that should be applied not just for east and west africa but universally when it comes to global piracy so early detection is paramount so do west african nations need more help and what sort of thing can can help with this early detection we talking about drones do they need more help from from western nations the u.s. for instance well there are a number of initiatives of regional and international that are on the way. the all of these nations need help where there's piracy and i need helping training to ensure you know the responses of their capacity building but what's really important when it comes to these issues is that the incidence didn't not go unchecked they are reported that the authorities see the navies
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and the coast guards they work together with the authorities assure they go and try to investigate these crimes they apprehend the criminals and they make sure they are punished under a law that sends the right to aaron and the navy's the of the big power as michael stretched to the moment where the thinking about the the escort missions underway currently in the gulf the malacca straits and elsewhere in the world all naive these have finite resources and it's really for the navies and their political masters to decide where to deploy those assets to reflect michael really good still counting the cost many thanks indeed for being with us. thank you. now from a record high in 2011 gold it seems has been in hibernation but as trade war starts damage global growth central banks begin cutting interest rates and the prospect of
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conflict is an ever present threat the precious metal is trading the a 6 year high and it's never really gone out of fashion with central banks jewelers and some of the world's biggest investors so what's going on well let's start with that record high in 2011 gold prices hit almost $1900.00 an ounce after the financial crisis although it slid to almost $1000.00 in 2016 now for the last 6 years it's been struggling to rise above $1350.00 an ounce but in the last month it made it to $1446.00 and could push higher the biggest holders of gold essential banks last year they increased the volume of their holdings to the highest level since the end of the gold standard nearly half a century ago the united states has by far the biggest stockpile with an estimated $350000000.00 but russia's holdings of quadrupled over the last decade
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the jewelry industry uses about 2000 tonnes of gold every year worth around $85000000000.00 but it's people in india that have believed to hold the most gold estimated to be worth around $1.00 trillion dollars so is that extra demand for gold or is this just investors seeking a safe haven to find out we're joined via skype by gavin wendt gavin is the founding director and senior resource analyst at sydney based mine life good to have you with us gavin so what's behind gold's recent rally well we've seen a number of factors that conspired it exactly the right time. dr gold are there. more recent factors.


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