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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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this and the jihad. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. who on your entire lives is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. multiple casualties in a mass shooting at a shopping mall in the u.s. city of el paso one person is in police custody. police fired tear gas at demonstrations in hong kong as tens of thousands continue protesting for more democracy and for the territories needed to resign. mass arrests and a heavy police presence in moscow as russian authorities move to prevent opposition protests spreading beyond the capital. and jubilant
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scenes in the sudanese capital as a transitional agreement between military rulers and opposition groups is finalized . and sport zimbabwe's cricketers say they'll play for free and an effort to keep the game alive there will hear from the players fighting to overturn the nation's suspension by the games governing body. we begin with breaking news from the u.s. several people have been killed in a mass shooting at a shopping mall in the texas city of el paso police teams surrounded the whole after reports of gunfire they say one person is in custody. then o'clock this morning. we started receiving 911 calls from the public of an active shooter several messages your responses reacted and responded to them on the 1st location
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was the wal-mart at gateway and hawkins we then received several information of the possible suitors out silva's the mom initial reports did it vies of multiple suspects at this time we do have one person in custody we don't believe there's anybody outstanding so we're advising we're starting to secure the scene of the scene is starting to become secure we do have multiple we can confirm there were multiple victims i can't confirm their status of yet. yes president donald trump has responded to the shooting in the last hour tweeting terrible shootings in el paso texas reports of very bad many killed working with state and local authorities and law enforcement spoke to governor to pledge total support of federal government god be with your. official joins us live from washington d.c. there are many more clarity on the victims and in this. well even in the last
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we have been told that one of the people that was taken to one of the hospitals in the has died suddenly we're seeing on social media pictures of people who were gunned down in the wal-mart carpark wal-mart is a chain store that a short distance away from the mall where a lot of this activity was concentrated we're also told that among those who were short today or children who were aged 2 and 9 and another one of the victims was a 4 month old child no we don't know whether that child has survived we're hoping we'll get more information from the police in the coming hour or so certainly it's just over 5 hours since the 1st of those americans say calls were made of the reports of a gunman in the car park at wal-mart and then police said they had received multiple reports of multiple gunmen at this stage they are saying they believe only one person was responsible that person is a man who turned 21 just this week and there's no in police custody
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a broadcast partners here in the united states n.b.c. have named him as patrick chrysis but that has not been confirmed by law enforcement what we do know is that there have been multiple fatalities and there's a say on social media there are pictures from the car park at wal-mart where there are bodies just lying where they fell and certainly several of them so the final figure still to be confirmed by the police but certainly what we're hearing from on the ground in el paso in texas is that at least 12 people have been killed again not confirmed by law enforcement we're expecting that sometime in the next hour or so and the response was pretty swift because of where this all happened. it's a border town and there are a lot of agencies here in the border because of what is going on at the border so not only did we have the local el paso police we had the county police force state
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troopers were in the area as well f.b.i. were on hand alcohol tobacco and firearms which is another federal agency they were there too and the drug enforcement agency they also sent teams to the there were several swat teams as they're called there specialist police officers with firearms training people who have been trained for incidents just like this. excuse me they move through the mall and they have to do that very carefully because a lot of people were told when 1st reports of the shooting surface to shelter in place that they have to make sure that everyone has been cleared from the area but not only that that every possible victim has been accounted for and we know that many of them were taken to local hospitals at least to local hospitals there's at least 12 people who were taken to those hospitals perhaps that number will increase it's very difficult immediately after the shooting things are very confused police
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try to gather all the information they can but what we can tell you just to recap there are multiple fatalities after this shooting in el paso and texas at least 12 people have been taken to hospital one of those has died 9 people are reported to be in a critical condition and among those who have been short a 2 year old and a 9 year old and also a 4 month old baby. in the united states of america in 2019. thank you very much indeed. let's bring in he's a director emergency general surgery at johns hopkins hospital he's also a gun violence survivor and gun control activists he joins us live from baltimore. as i was saying the children also involved in this you've been a victim of this kind of violence what's your reaction. but let me just say 1st of all that my hearts goes out to the city of so this is yet another
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senseless tragedy that we have in this country and as someone who has been both a victim and now on the other side as a trauma surgeon i am telling everyone that we are facing a public health crisis that is precedent in this country and it's about time that we have the moral courage to do the right thing and to get our elected officials to implement solutions to make community safer all across this country before we get to that point though i suppose that in the short term it's the hospitals they want not the one that you the trauma department you run will be dealing with these victims understand that it may even be as many as $22.00 victims that's a lot is they just want that we're getting just now an a.p. 22 victims in in hospital now tell us a little bit about the preparations that they have for this for these kind of
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gunshot wounds. yes so as patients are coming into these trauma centers you know our trauma centers repairer for being able to take care of these critically injured individuals and it's really a multidisciplinary team that is required in order to prepare you know aspects like getting the operating room ready or to really delve into resources like brought up blood products that are often needed and to get all of the different specialties working together to provide one lifesaving decision after the other and a lot of patients such as what we've just seen in el paso can be extremely overwhelming for a system to tell you it's a big the biggest risk is i mean i suppose it might seem a visit is it to loss of blood that would that would be the biggest risk that people have been shown to the most common cause of death in patients
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that have suffered these gunshot wounds is bleeding to death and so the goal is to really stop the but you can control control the hemorrhage that's happening. and when you say that the 1st responders when enough trained him you said it was a public health emergency and you 1st on said do you think aside from what the hospitals can do do can the paramedics do enough in these situations when you look at our overall health care system from pretty hospital workers to the individuals within our trauma centers. they are experts they're trained to deal with these type of situations but the reality is is often the best medical treatments is preventing the injury from ever happening in the 1st place and when you arrive to take care of a patient that has bled their entire blood volume out sometimes there's really nothing that you can do despite all of your excellent training that occurs. thank
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you very much indeed joseph saigon for your thoughts thanks for talking to us on arches if you shoot it on. to hong kong where there's been a standoff between police and activists at anti-government protests officers fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters after a police station was vandalized a protest to become the most serious political crisis in hong kong since it returned to chinese rule 22 years ago under thomas as more. in other nights and another area of hong kong is the size of confrontation this time the shopping district of kaolin on the northern side of hong kong harbor. protests had started calmly tens of thousands walking a route approved by place but thousands brought stuff and they'd clearly come prepared for violence if come with a gas mask with a helmet you hidden your face white. afraid and after all the
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protests. and i mean. i will become the water who'll be arrested you provoking the place by coming dressed like this. are you wanting violence no i don't want fighters but only for attention i said. god for these protests began back in june with specific demands that proposed laws allowing people to be extradited to mainland china to be scrapped now though these protests are about political reform democracy so this is no longer about the extradition snow or no longer get i mean maybe it's about extradition no 2 months ago but now is about our democracy we rooted space we all corners. real hong kong not china government not british but us but the protests are also now about expressing anger towards the placing of previous events this
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police station became the focal point on saturday with people hurling rocks at the compound leaving called smashed in sight and lighting fires off an hour under siege came the inevitable confrontation the planes have now moved on you can see the flooring guys in the crowd is moving fast. there are more protests planned for the sunday the records for a general strike on my. it's impulsive and it's not a how all the way home people or times normal people those. second special today got from it and now it's the summer off to school and had. discontent which on saturday gets again. under thomas al-jazeera hong kong. i'm on this i'm joined by roger it why an associate fellow at the asia program at chatham house. what's your interpretation of how long these are going to last these
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protests i think this is very very difficult to tell and now they've gone on so much longer than anyone really expected and they have in a sense a momentum of their own that. sort of action and reaction and the complaints about the way that the police have behaved and we saw that in today's demonstration and it's just there's no easy way out that i can see for the hong kong government as long as they continue to treat it as a as a law and order issue basically which they have that doesn't seem to be working they've they've used quite strong tactics they've arrested people on quite serious charges and yet these demonstrations continue and are widespread or are amongst. society in hong kong and i mean we heard there from some of the people saying there's no longer about the extradition issue reserve about democracy and how they're governed. in a way it's kind of escalated beyond what the government. was dealing with in the
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1st place so is there a kind of compromise solution for the hong kong government or do you see i think it is very difficult for the hong kong government because i suspect that beijing does not want them to offer any kind of political compromise particularly on the issues that we heard about just then of greater democracy in hong kong so what can the government do. carry. sort of offered to resign but doesn't seem to be allowed to. making a concession on the extradition law is really too little too late far too little too late now and the only other thing one can see easily is some sort of inquiry into the police behavior but even that's probably not enough and although some of the protests as we have been peaceful there has been this escalation side of it where they we've seen protesters or almost appear to be arming themselves in preparation for the for the response so if there's a kind of watching up of the level of. quite dangerous i mean the longer these kind
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of things go on there is a tendency for them to become more and more violent on both sides both from the authorities and from the protesters and we're seeing that and that sort of feeds on itself as a sort of unhappy feedback loop working at the moment quote few days ago we had the chinese army in hong kong recent video showing troops carrying out a kind of anti-riot exercise it was widely seen as a bit of a warning to the protesters do you expect their response to continue to get harder wood or to go beyond what we've seen so far beijing is evidently more and more upset by what is happening they would like this to have been dealt with quite some time ago and the longer it goes on the more concerning it is to beijing not just because of what's happening in hong kong but because of the paf possible implications for demonstrators dissidents on the mainland and also there's the question of national pride you know china's national pride part of china hong kong
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being seen to be very difficult to govern at the moment what about the protests is where can they go next because the danger is supposes that if they do end up down a kind of a more violent route then it then it plays into the hands of the chinese saying it isn't a law and order issue so what should their strategy be or do they have a strategy where i don't think that they do have a clear strategy and that is i guess one of the problems for the hong kong government in a sense that there's no one to talk to no one to make compromises to so it has to be sort of unilateral stuff from the hong kong government and that is problematic for them especially when they're under such pressure from beijing to hold firm and beef and deal with this matter firmly that's all the language you get out of beijing this needs to be dealt with firmly river it why thank you very much indeed to few answers thank you thank you. this in moscow have cracked down hard on opposition protests with 800 people arrested demonstrators angry at the exclusion
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of some opposition candidates in upcoming city elections saturday's demonstration follows a similar one last weekend when police detained more than 1300 people in one of the biggest security operations of recent years iran can reports from moscow. for the police operation designed to stop large numbers of protesters coming to central moscow did exactly that still some did manage to get through the detentions was swift so all throughout far today they've been arresting people like this they pick them up. and they take them into. a van where the idea is will be to. the protesters are normally taken so i'll probably stay some time to register journalists were also detained but released almost immediately once they showed proper accreditation protesters a worry the upcoming last go city council elections are being rigged in favor of the governing party united russia most of the opposition candidates have been
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arrested but one who is at the protest said the numbers will load because the authorities were cracking down. everything depends on how people react so far there are not many of us many people are unhappy with you know if you did russia and support is the lowest since 2006 people are scared of coming to the streets and taking part in rallies if half a 1000000 take to the streets. despite the crackdown the protestors that did make it were hopeful change might come down most or mean yes i'm here because i have a conscience i don't like a lot of things that are happening in this country i'm happy that the young generation woke up and want to have their voices heard i am here because candidates will not allow to run i'm against banning of alice i'm against the crackdown and i think protest is the only way to show you. police say the protest was illegal and detentions were low and opposition monitoring group says the numbers were you much higher than the police who claim it's not clear what's next for russia's protest
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movement but the authorities are hoping this show of force has stopped it completely immoral cardholders their scale. and more still ahead on the news hour including the democratic republic of congo says that only about half of a burger cases in the country have been identified as it struggles to contain the later. break. out the latest round of u.s. taliban talks could finally clinch a peace deal for afghanistan. plus a 1st for this formula one driver will have a reaction from the qualifying of the hungary and grow prediction sports. hopes are high in sudan for a new more democratic future after a political breakthrough between the transitional military council and the main opposition the 2 sides of reached a constitutional agreement that outlines a temporary government which shed power it's expected to rule sudan until elections
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in 2022 the opposition says under the deal it will appoint sudan's prime minister and other ministers on the transitional military council will choose who heads the interior and defense ministries and the paramilitary rapid support force blamed for a deadly crackdown against protesters will have reduced power. courts. in the early hours of saturday an announcement that sudan's military jointer and the opposition coalition had agreed on how to govern the country they fleshed out the details on the makeup and functions of a transitional government until elections in 3 years in an illicit i'm very pleased in the name of the african mediation and to respect to delegations to declare to the sudanese people and the international community that the 2 delegations have fully agreed on the constitutional project. was. the reaction was immediate on the streets of carter. announcing the deal african union
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envoy mohamed has on the but gave no detail about the contents of the declaration he said talks are continuing on how and when it would be signed. during the negotiations the military council ceded to demands for justice over the killing of at least 6 people including 4 schoolchildren at a protest earlier in the wake of 9 soldiers were detained was a victory for tens of thousands of sudanese who had marched demanding justice for the deaths yet if i give them that it was certainly a horrible massacre we pray the situation improves and that the right of the students are not neglected blood for blood and punishment is a must was the. protesters have been flexing their muscle since december. restoration started with the economy president omar al bashir was in the
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across his the number of protests grew along with their demands until bashir was removed in a military coup in april general sit out the military council the protesters demanded civilians take the lead in the transition they started a citizen outside the army he called his forcing military rulers to begin talks over how to share power. on june 3rd security forces raided that demonstration they killed more than 100 people and injured many more talks resume to months later mediated by the african union anything europea the 1st breakthrough came on july 17th leading to the signing of a political agreement between the military and the opposition coalition they agreed on and live in person transitional council with representatives from both sides and a rotating leadership. the disagreements had remained over the wording of constitutional changes now with the details agreed and
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a signing imminent sudanese people have a roadmap to a more peaceful future shallop ballasts al-jazeera the opposition alliance says the transition to civilian rule will be challenging and urging their sudanese people to be patient. the deal cannot fulfill all the people's demands agreement of the deal will open doors to organization freedom civilian and political role challenges are and will continue to exist for the civilian government we had a regime which ruled for 30 years and its system is still deeply entrenched we believe in the future the civilian government will fulfill all people's demands. as being relative calm in northwest syria on the 2nd day of a conditional cease fire. to take you straight back to. throughout the day to give you information as it develops as of right now.
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confirmed earlier we do have one person in custody i can confirm that it is a white male in his twenty's i don't have any other information on that. that will be released later time but that's the information we have right now the estimates of the shoppers wal-mart were between one and 3000 with 100 employees present it is back to school and wal-mart was. at capacity when the shooting occurred. we have secured wal-mart and we have secured so we don't feel that there is a threat to the public or if there are any other shooters at this time as we were from the last conference we are transitioning into the criminal investigation side we still have the area locked down and we have started our criminal investigation to find out exactly what took place i can't confirm there have been fatalities i cannot confirm how many there have been. there were there were several injuries i don't have those numbers right now. with the injuries and the fatalities so
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we can account for anyone that transported themselves. numbers will be a little delayed once we have that information we will do definitely make it available to all again i would like to reiterate that anybody they got separated from their family during these incidents to please report to their elementary school to possibly read again information will be reunified with any loved ones that got separated during the chaos that's pretty much all we have at this time later later in the day as we become more concrete the information we have we will have another press conference with our city leaders at the operations center on thread. we will announce that on twitter so that everybody not only our local media but our national media. aware of that date and time is to be determined because the investigation is still ongoing that's about all the information i have right now but i will take any questions who is the shooter ever and i don't have the location
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of where the shooter was apprehended. that information i don't have. i don't know if it's inside or outside i don't have. i have no information of where he was where he's from if you confirm that more than 10 people have died and 30 people were injured i don't have the numbers i know that people have died and i know that there are a number of people injured i don't have those numbers right now. before the shooting i don't know have any information of a manifest or can you confirm there's only one shooter as far as we understand at this moment in time we have one person in custody we believe that he is the sole shooter but that could change like i said earlier when this started we did have multiple reports of multiple shootings so we are sorting that out but at this time we only have one person in custody but the investigation is ongoing is there any 3rd. we have cleared the area for victims and suspects we have.
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been confirming that there are a number of fatalities in that shooting. a number of injuries but he didn't say from the figures at this stage he was going to there's going to be confirmed later he said that they don't feel there's a threat to the public now they believe that the only shooter is the one person they have in custody at the moment and but the investigation still continues. still ahead to. celebrations in puerto rico after its scandal hit gov stands down quite a success it is already facing several challenges. this westerly pass through changing it's still got plenty an attack at 39 years old.
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how low we've still got plenty of showers into central and southeastern parts of europe at the moment just diving outs of the pushing across northern parts of the balkans and rolling down towards the black sea some big downpours certainly a possibility here as we go on through the next couple days lot of dry weather to the east as that lovely weather down to the south up towards the northwest i'm afraid we do have some more wet weather in the forecast as noted parts of england break for example where we have flooding concerns with that dam very precarious situation here sunday does bring the chance of showers rolling back in wet and windy weather coming in across the british isles and as we go on through the weekend down to the southeast molly wet weather down towards a southeast and cold and further north moscow still struggling with those temperatures just 14 degrees celsius kota still as we go on into monday just 12 degrees celsius about 10 degrees below the average here lots of you will be fine and dry by this date up towards the northwest it's also some plaster showers into
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western parts of england and into wells but largely dry elsewhere dry across much of north africa plenty of sunshine coming through warm sunshine as per usual getting up to $39.00 there in cairo still getting into the mid thirty's there in chewed is a rather more pleasant 24 repacked. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many would not have to die like this stock is hard says really for sale an investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch because the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country as
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a fighting each other and we've been told that we can still hear these is the largest demonstration that's been held by women to refugees since over $700000.00 additional lives near me in the summer to emerge as losers on the planet earth here for them to pick up a copy plus that here. i'll just hear english proud recipient of the new york crystals gold coast of the year lord of the city a run. we're going to run in the top stories here now to 0 a shooting has taken place in a shopping mall in the u.s. city of el paso according to the city's mayor and police a number of people have been killed and one person is in custody. police in hong
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kong have used tear gas to disperse tens of thousands of protesters in the latest standoff in the territory tens of thousands of demonstrators joined several rallies on saturday. hundreds of people being arrested by russian police in moscow they'd been trying to take part in a protest against a ban on some opposition candidates running in upcoming local elections. or the protests in moscow that speak to me like you know she's a professor of international relations at the london school of economics and she joins us via skype from northamptonshire thank you very much for being with us so the scale of the demonstrations and the confrontation rather between the russian government and the the protests that seems to be escalating what do you think is is happening here. well certainly we are seeing an escalation and this is part of a wider longer term protest wave actually transcending the elections
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protests about elections in 2 to the moscow a local assembly we are seeing way a wave of protests from 20112012th when tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets to protest protest against violations of electoral integrity and really seeing a repeat of that scenario except that now we are seeing a far greater likelihood by the porch in regime to resort to extreme and very brutal violence and this violence was for everybody to see and visually these are quite disturbed being images of the national so-called national guard clad and blair all padded against the people so we're seeing escalation on the other and we're also seeing these incidents of violence and not really having that much of a deterrent effect because this is in the last couple of weeks this is the 3rd episode of people coming out to the streets and certainly we're seeing people of
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different age groups perhaps so sick anomic profile as well ordinary people who who are not. you know who are not actually provoking the violence but they are they are they're victims and call in to these in these episodes of very brutal very organized apparently types of police brutality so do you i mean do you do you see this as a real shift in the in the tactics from that from the government and do you think that it actually could backfire i mean you mention that it that it might sort of encourage people if they see if they see a big crackdown i suppose they might feel even more aggrieved and be more prepared to come out i think it could certainly backfire and in some ways this is a very clever strategy that the regime is using and has used in the past of. provoking violence as a way to dealey just to my eyes peaceful protest to make people feel who would otherwise not participate in acts of contention. that this is this is
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futile engaging in protest leads to violence chaos and disorder and that's a bad thing and this is certainly how the russian media upper train protests by way of diligent demise in them on the other hand we are seeing that it's not deterring people and certainly people who will be watching these episodes would be very disturbed and another tactic that the regime has been using in the past is to penalize and many of these protesters by the way are school age children adolescents university students so there have been in the past retributions in the form of dismissals from university and other harassment of course we know about arrests at center beatings but that doesn't seem to be having a deterrent effect perhaps even the opposite perhaps the reached a certain tipping point in how the russian public perceives the stakes that are involved here what is the bush of christians governments are afraid of in terms of
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allowing people to demonstrate. they're certainly they're watching hong kong protests very closely right there much like they will have been watching the the arab spring protests some years back putin as we know is very. it's a paranoid about these instances of mass discontent and perhaps what we're seeing and i'm not privy to the i'm not part of the in a circle and i don't have a crystal ball and that perhaps we're seeing cracks within the regime itself and as we know from you know theories are also authoritarian regimes they often want to show their own allies and people in their own entourage that their golf a big deal of the situation and perhaps that is a kind of expression of that that there is something underlying happening. kind of with them but you know circled we also know that sanctions are biting ordinary
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russian citizens as well as the regime there's also been a latest round of sanctions announced by america recently and certainly. specifically the fact that sanctions are biting would generate people and indeed the fact that so much funding has been. has been channeled from public services from social welfare spending on to russia's massive remotely transition program such that ordinary people are really feeling the kind of so simple normal consequences are feeling the about the kind of light and and even maybe there is also a sense of desperation among ordinary russians not just those at those affluent urbanites we know participated in the 20112012 so-called snowflake revolution in russia against electoral fraud and reelection due to my own. kind of less affluent background so maybe in that sense there is also happening to me and i can i thank
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you very much indeed to feel for thank you thank you. aid workers are warning that the number of cases of a bowler in the democratic republic of congo may be higher than previously thought they said the outbreak could last up to 3 years and health workers are trying to contain it spread in the eastern city of goma where 4 cases have already been confirmed stephanie deca has more from the rundown capital kigali. it's a health workers nightmare a busy border crossing thousands of people in close contact and constantly on the move ever deny me going oh you're going to get this medical worker tells people to wash their hands the only thing on the. health checks and hygiene measures of tightened between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda ever since multiple cases of the abode of virus were discovered here in goma the congolese city of more than 2000000 people. people are washing their hands as a precaution to to the outbreak of disease to tell us it is spreading through their
12:38 am
homes that's why they're asking us to wash water mixed with medication. the virus is paul through body fluids including sweat there is a vaccine that has been used for quite some time the world health organization says it has a very high success rate and you only need one shot but there's a problem. but x. nation is not approved for mass use it's usually given to those exposed to the virus and it's also given to the doctors and health workers as they are handling those cases to protect them from contracting the virus. there is still no officially approved vaccine on the market but we're told this one is expected to be officially approved at some stage there is also a lot of confusion around the virus and a lot of suspicion of foreign health workers here in eastern d.r. see. it's a remote region that has been neglected by the government and torn apart by years of conflict. it would have been better if our leaders and those who are concerned
12:39 am
would give us more information they have not informed us where we can get this vaccine so that all of us can go and actually get it but the sure all of us need to be vaccinated. this is the 2nd worst ebola outbreak on record more than a 1800 people have died of the virus in the d.r. c. over the past year but the fact that it is now reached a border city is what's causing the renewed alarm that prompted the government here in rwanda to close its western border for a few hours on thursday as it beefed up its health screening procedures on the problem with this virus is once you identify someone infected by it you then need to trace back all the people they have come into contact with test them vaccinate them and potentially quarantine them it is a highly infectious disease and containing it is a real challenge stephanie decker al-jazeera. the philippines is considering reintroducing a controversial dang a vaccine despite its alleged links to the deaths of several children the country
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stopped using during vacs year made by the french drug maker son of 3 in 2017 following the deaths the philippines is now battling a new outbreak which is kill $450.00 people this year the government says if it brings back to back here it would be administered with the utmost caution. libya's only functioning airport in the capital has reopened after it was closed for several hours due to shelling tripoli's port has come under repeated bombardment since warlord for have to watched an offensive to capture the city in april no one has claimed responsibility for the latest attack hindu pilgrimage has been cancelled in indian administered kashmir security forces say they found evidence of attacks planned by pakistani backed rebels as a precaution officials have deployed thousands of troops but many fear it could be a way for the government to broaden its control over the disputed area catching up with her diane has more. it's a yearly pilgrimage up of the himalayan mountains more than 300000 hindus make the
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journey every here to pray at the aamer not showing an indian administered kashmir but pilgrims and ters have been told to leave immediately security forces say they found explosives meant to target a route used by pilgrims but i guess this was and i mean. we were told that because of militant activities and threats the pilgrimage had to be cancelled were very sad but what can we do the military has now been called in india has deployed at least $10000.00 additional troops in the kashmir valley the disputed area claimed by both india and pakistan fear of a violent escalation led to panic among some residents who began to stockpile on fuel medicine and food or to storm. it does but it disrupts the peace in kashmir. i can assure you in behalf of the team's going to force there this not be allowed to happen there's also mistrust of india's government and its
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intentions skeptics fear deploying more troops could be part of a broader plan to deny chamois in kashmir special autonomy status it's an indication ok fine they are concerned about the security of the tourists and the arteries but what about the security of the people and i think what message are they giving to the kashmiris that they don't care about them that they have the absolutely no concern about them concerns include the removal of a section of the constitution that gives employment and land benefits exclusively to residents of the muslim majority state of the body for days we've heard rumors that article $35.00 a will be revoked and now that the government issued an advisory pilgrim's into worst tensions are even higher people are really worried since the late 1980 s. tens of thousands of people have been killed in the region and the recent deployment of so many troops is causing concern. india insist it's
12:43 am
a way to ensure the safety of pilgrims but many wonder if the troops will remain even after all the visitors are gone. katia llopis of the young al-jazeera a new round of u.s. taleban peace talks underway in qatar is edging closer to a breakthrough that could end the 18 year war in afghanistan a possible progress has led to renewed urgent calls to stop civilian casualties according to the u.n. at least $1366.00 civilians were killed in the 1st half of this year start it down from the same period in 2018 anti-government forces including the taliban and arcel were responsible for $306.00 of those deaths while government forces killed at least $717.00 civilians and ass trikes largely by international forces have killed or injured $519.00 individuals including 150 children. senior officials say a peace agreement would enable foreign forces to be withdrawn but the taliban says
12:44 am
it won't talk to the afghan government about the future of the country until the u.s. agrees to withdraw its troops but dr hamid is at the doha talks and has this report . this latest round of talks is again behind closed doors we have very little information of what is happening inside the meeting room but we do know that both the americans and the taliban have indicated that they were hopeful for a breakthrough now u.s. envoy zalmay khalilzad arrived friday evening in doha and he tweeted that he was hopeful for a peace agreement not to withdraw an agreement he said that the peace agreement would lead to a withdrawal a gradual withdrawal of foreign troops depending on what happens on the ground and if indeed the u.s. gets all of these counterterrorism guarantees that it wants from the taliban namely that afghanistan will not be used as a base by armed groups to then carry out
12:45 am
a plan planned attacks on foreign soil that al about on their side have also indicated that they were ready to reach this peace agreement they did say that they were waiting to hear from the americans they were hopeful to get the assurances they need on their side now we don't know how long these talks will last but certainly you do have kind of a positive message coming out from both sides of this thing if indeed a peace agreement is is reach then they will be talking about foreign troops withdrawal about 20000 of them currently in afghanistan 14000 being american soldiers the americans have said very clearly that that would be a gradual withdrawal but i think also more importantly if a peace agreement is indeed reached then it will pave the way for interim afghan talks which are crucial to bring some sort of stability to that country. the new
12:46 am
governor of puerto rico has been sworn in. as appointment still needs to be confirmed by the u.s. senate on monday is pretty. forced to resign. text messages and corruption allegations everyone is on the report on. this was the very moment the governor stepped down exactly right. outside the governor's mansion people rejoiced chants of anger from previous weeks more to celebrate tory cheers the new interim governor. was handpicked by the former governor ricardo rossi but the new leader has yet to be confirmed for the puerto rican senate so it's not clear if he can constitutionally assume power. so. very.
12:47 am
very very. mixed views on the new governor i miss having i'd like to possibly be i don't think he is the perfect person for i am but the choice that we have that's really the most competent so we can wish and hope for is that he treats the people of puerto rico how we should be treated that he is not a corrupt person like other people have been proven to be so i'm not 100 percent happy but definitely it's better than nothing and better than what we had the governor is now out you have a new governor what do you feel right now i feel that governor is now my governor. you know when i put that guy's
12:48 am
a group of the same guys want to stay for made the same to happen to many year represents the same is the same as the saying the people want to change this is a clear victory for the puerto rican people and not thousands are judged in the streets over 2 weeks or so to gov they did not want they made history but now the question becomes what's next this movement where does it go from here right now our job is to just make sure everybody has a clear understanding of what we want moving forward we want to government that really does represent the people of puerto rico and just to say this makes decisions for the best of our country we're trying to get people with honor and dignity to work to work for the people of puerto rico it was historic the 1st time ever the people of this island territory of the us forced out a governor with protests they didn't use weapons only their voices they say they will never be silent again gave rosendo al-jazeera sad juan puerto rico.
12:49 am
so had i was there they are messy talks himself into trouble or details with foreign support. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education on treatment in equal measure on don't fall on him but he early you know disability yeah he'll be there be wait until 3 year old 4 year more he'll have this ability to play it. and they know wait for the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean maybe this but today now that it's hope so to have revisited on al-jazeera. oh.
12:50 am
or support his foreign. lauren thank you so much zimbabwe cricketers say they'll play for free in an effort to keep the sport alive in the country the games governing body the i.c.c. has suspended the nation's cricket union because of government interference it's a huge fall from grace for cricket in zimbabwe the country was granted full
12:51 am
membership status in 1902 the same year they beat england at the world cup in 1905 how symbolically won their 1st test match and innings victory over pakistan 4 years later they just missed out on reaching the world cup semifinals they were picked to the last 4 by new zealand but by 2003 the game was reflecting the political unrest in the country and real longer and andy flower wore black armbands during a roll cup match to protest against the robert mugabe regime occurrences pension is the latest setback for the men's and women's game. reports. everyone here says they just want to play international cricket but right now that's not possible the international cricket council the world governing body has suspended zimbabwe of a government interference in the running of the sport which is a breach of the i.c.c. constitution for us it came at
12:52 am
a time when when the day before we're supposed to go for an island in a 1000000000 or so you can only imagine really even camp for a couple of weeks actually really had been looking forward to it and then just the day before we'd been told that there's no more funding because you know that he would have had been suspended the suspension came after the entire zimbabwe national cricket board was suspended by the country sports and recreation commission last month for a least amount of ministration an interim committee is now in charge many players are frustrated and nervous time is running out we need to go to the global qualifiers if a decision is not made as soon as possible we are going to miss that miss out on that and we would have killed people scary as these girls only know cricket and thought the situation is resolved there's little or no money for salaries tours and development programs zimbabwe's economic environment is tough
12:53 am
and like other sports cricket is getting little support from sponsors and corporations most of its funding comes from the international cricket council and some fear that could now mean the end of zimbabwe playing internationally. zimbabwean officials insist there has been no political interference in cricket saying the interim board is day to examine the finances of the association and investigate claims of 50 fraud and corruption in the sport ahead of elections next year but those directly affected say there's only one way to resolve this crisis is just basically asked for unconditional reinstatement of the board and then only been with their laws back into the set up of the last bigoted i.c.c. so i think for now that's there's just no in the solution that there is i think up previously it been a little bit more dialogue between the 2 parties before dyce's had made their ruling a billet have been maybe a little bit of a little something else to look at but now i think this is you basically put it in
12:54 am
black and white that the only thing that has to be done is to to reinstate the board. but the players are not giving up the women's national cricket team is still practicing in case the matter is results soon. and. that means they'll be ready to take part in the i.c.c. women's t 20 world cup global qualify in scotland in a few weeks the question now is who will back down 1st in the stalemate zimbabwe with the i.c.c. . al-jazeera. steve smith is yet again leading an australian recovery effort as they look to set england a competitive target in the 1st sasha's test australia quote the 3rd day 182-4438 lead by $34.00 smith is unbeaten on $46.00 he came out with the aussies on $27.00 for 2 he already rescued the team in the 1st innings with a century this is smith's 1st test after the ban for his role in australia's ball tampering scandal. i was talking to the press before about great players today
12:55 am
they're always stand up when you need them and i think he's done it's game without him we'd be in a bit of trouble so you know he's a fantastic player and to do it after everything that he's been through obviously you know he's been coping a bit from that from the crowd which is you know music a lot of people but he did today credit he just gets on with it he's a fantastic player and you know i think he saw in that lifts the group when he when he's out there and they are back to winning ways after their shock exit in the world cup semifinals on saturday they scraped past the west indies in the 1st of 3 t 20 internationals the opening game was in florida and despite restricting the windies to just 95 runs the win was far from routine in the last 6 wickets in their chase but eventually managed to win it with 16 balls to spare. but when he's kind of used chris gayle in that game he's currently playing in a t 20 of events in canada and has been in destructive form the opener smashing 32 off just one for. red bulls max rushed up and will start sunday's hungering grand
12:56 am
prix from pole the 21 year old dutch driver qualified fastest on saturday to grab the 1st pole of his career joining her stop in on the front row is finland's valtteri bottas who was 2nd quick as well to says mercedes teammate and current world championship leader lewis hamilton will begin from 3rd on the grid. i mean the whole weekend was good but in coffee it was really hooked up and of course that's where you like it to be an call fine to be hooked up but. that steps are good and of course and to come away with ball position my 1st one as well. there was was very nice manchester united manager ollie going to soldiers says he hopes to announce the signing of england international defender harry maguire very soon it might be needed fast against ac milan in a pre-season united conceded thanks to some comical defending. despite the arrows united did manage to and the 90 minutes to all before winning on penalties.
12:57 am
alina messi has been banned from international football for 3 months for saying the copa america was corrupt messy it's also been given a $50000.00 fine. and finally a dutch cyclist was stripped of her victory after being blamed for causing a massive pileup christian wild was found to have provoked this huge wipeout near the finish line of the bride london women's race her sudden change of direction was believed to have sparked the crash while finished 1st but was disqualified she later said she didn't realize the crash had taken place. and that is all your sport for now it's now back to laurin in london. thank you very much indeed to and that's it for me for this news hour i'll be back in a moment with another full round of the day's news in the meantime noise catch up with our website address for that is called.
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the wilderness of cambodia under 3. point. 11 east investigates the cambodians for. 100. oldest on al-jazeera a unique story about a french syrian family who traded their peaceful lives in europe for revolution in syria marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that's forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims into exile musicians shaking up
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stereotypes of africa a powerful new witness documentary from ghana another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges that the g 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries rewind revisit the archive to find out how the story moved on august on al-jazeera. the saudi u.a.e. war on yemen has led to thousands of deaths and left millions hungry what role has the u.s. played in the world's worst humanitarian crisis on this is the entity that has the right to begin and end wars robert malley a top advisor on the middle east to president obama talks to al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and
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current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. area. multiple casualties during a mass shooting in a shopping mall in the u.s. city of el paso one suspect is in police custody. this is live from london also coming up. gas at demonstrators in hong kong as tens of thousands continue protesting for more democracy and for the territories leader to resign. mass arrests and a heavy police presence in moscow as rational thought.


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