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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am +03

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this is al-jazeera. hello and has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes has the next is this just cruel point in time to a hate crime. investigators a look at the motives behind a mass shooting at a shopping center in el paso which killed 20 people. i asked my hong kong's pro-democracy activists clash with the police during the 9th weekend of protests. russian police arrest hundreds of activists protesting against the removal of opposition candidates in moscow's local elections. a
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lockdown in indian administered kashmir as hindu pilgrims and tourists were ordered to leave over security concerns. a store filled with weekend shoppers on a summer morning in texas when a gunman walked in and opened fire it quickly turned into a scene of panic when it ended 20 people had lost their lives in the latest mass shooting in the us it happened in the city of el paso police arrested a 21 year old man and say they're investigating what they believe may be a hate crime president donald trump has called the shooting an act of cowardice alan fischer reports. heavily armed police moving through a shopping center in texas after reports of an active shooter in other parts of the mall in el paso shoppers were held in place while people try to work out what was
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going on. you know your column here right in. there and it got out there then there was what has become common in america lines of people being led from the scene of another mass shooting on on a day that would have been a normal day for someone to leisurely go shopping. turn into one of the most deadly days in the history of texas. lives were taken. should still be with us today. 20 innocent people from el paso. have lost their lives and more than 2 dozen more. are injured. we as a state unite and support. police have arrested one man
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a 21 year old who allegedly posted a reese's grand online on an extremist website just a note or so before the shooting but needless to say this scene is a riff equivalent unfortunately because of the nature of the situation the scene will be in play for a long period unfortunately the c.s. will remain at the scene until the scene is process properly for. evidentiary purposes to be gathered for later prosecution the state of texas will be the lead agency for him to be prosecuting this particular individual. that has a nexus s. this will point in time to a hate crime the f.b.i. will be looking into that with the other federal authorities right now we're looking out for to capital murder charges for this individual clint emotional democratic presidential hopeful back to ork who is from el paso announced he was
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canceling for the campaigning and heading back to the city and so i just ask for everyone strength for a passer right now everyone's resolved to make sure that this does not continue to happen in in this country u.s. president donald trump has been informed of the shooting and promised the city and state any help required this is the 13th mass shooting in the united states in just the past 7 days alan fischer i'll just read it. all rob reynolds is live for us now in el paso so rob what more do we know about the shooter at this point. well we know. 21 year old busy white male is alive and in custody the origins here say that he will likely be charged with multiple counts of capital murder you heard in allan fisher's report just
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a few moments. that he had left some sort of writing on the on line from his political thoughts or. what can only really be described as a sort of racist screed i asked governor greg abbott the republican governor of texas a few moments ago when he was here talking to reporters if there was anything that he could think of that is brought in the body politic and the rhetoric in the united states political discourse these days that could have inspired someone to do something like this and he simply said that this is a disgusting and despicable act and doesn't represent. anything about texas as far as where this band was from we know that he was from a city called al and it's in the suburbs of dallas this is a big state texas and that's over a 1000 kilometers away so he drove here specifically to el paso to carry out this
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deed it would appear. certainly this scene behind me where you can see police have cordoned off this a massive homicide investigation now and what already is will be looking into this individual's writing use it to. speed or actions possibly with other people if there were any either online or in person and attempt to find out more about his motive for this horrific act that has shocked the city the past so the state of texas and shocked once again the united states of america. yeah and as that investigation unfolds rob but as to what may have been the motives. for this the fact remains that we we are once again talking about yet another mass shooting in the united states you know on some on sunday night i was doing the same thing i was doing a report about a mass shooting at
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a garlic festival in gilroy california so these things happen all the time and you can now and a mole in the wal-mart superstore to the to the long list of places in the united states that includes churches schools synagogues mosques bars nightclubs rock concerts country music venues where it is no longer safe where it is always possible that something like this could happen. and as far as texas i know that that is a state that has some some quite liberal. gun laws so. i suppose that 40 something like this was was perhaps inevitable. well nothing is inevitable course but it has happened before in texas and me and my fellow journalist covered a shooting in a small town sutherland spring several years ago were more than 2 more than 20
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people were killed in a sure church yes it is true texas has lax gun laws it encourages. there are laws that allow for the concealed carry. weapons even on college campuses and places like that but let's note also that the california where the most recent form of this mass shooting took place has some of the remotest restrictive gun laws in the nation so what did the shooter do in that case he went to nevada right next door where he could buy a gun much more easily could and he would have been able to buy in california so really gun control and gun restrictions are only as strong as the weakest link the weakest state regulations and you're right here in texas those regulations are pretty weak for the moment. paso texas thanks paul.
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our police station in hong kong has been vandalized in the latest the anti-government protests there have been going on for months now and began over an extra bush extradition bill that would have sent criminal suspects to mainland china the proposed law was suspended but protesters are now demanding greater political reform andrew thomas has more. than other nights and another area of hong kong is the site of confrontation this time the shopping district of kaolin on the northern side of hong kong harbor. protests that started calmly tens of thousands walking a route approved by place but thousands branched off and they'd clearly come prepared for violence you come with a gas mask with a helmet you've hidden your face white. afraid and after all the protests photos and i mean. our become the one who'll be
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arrested aren't you provoking the place by coming dressed like this. are you wanting violence no i don't want titles but only protesting. these protests began back in june with specific demands that proposed laws allowing people to be extradited to mainland china be scrapped now though these protests are about political reform democracy so this is no longer about the extradition snow no longer get i mean maybe it's about 1 extradition 2 months ago but now is about our democracy we rudie space we all corners. real hong kong not china government not british but us but the protests are also now about expressing anger towards the policing of previous events this police station became the focal point on saturday with people hurling rocks at the compound. leaving cards smashed inside and lighting fires after an hour under
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siege came the inevitable confrontation the planes have now moved and you can see them flying from the ground is moving fast. there are more protests planned to sunday the recruits for a general strike on monday it's impossible to know how or when the hong kong return to normal calm people lose their satisfaction to the government and now it's the summer of discontent. discontent which on saturday yet again turned ugly under thomas al jazeera hong kong are thousands of people in hong kong also rallied for an end to the protests they called for unity with china and said the one country 2 systems policy of hong kong works they urge protesters to express themselves peacefully and help posters showing solidarity with police. i
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hate and firmly oppose the recent violent incidents which damaged our good life we are really loving our china and hong kong the violence make is a driven by all tyria motives and manipulated by external powers so they damaged our hometown hong kong they stand absolutely opposite to hong kong residents are just chang is a political analyst and former professor at city university in hong kong and joins us via skype from there thanks very much for being with us so. what do you make of what we've seen in hong kong over the last 24 hours. antigovernment protests and the clashes with police and then people on the other side coming out into the in the streets showing their support for for beijing what do you make of all that. so it has now become a test of political will those kerry administration has got to go
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a strategy of no more concessions no more apologies are strong crackdown on the auto spurs and strong backing for the police. is waiting for the public opinion hard to turn at the same time the protesters have got a google warfare kind of picks they want to come and say the kerry go amiss ration has lost its legitimacy and has increasingly laws is effectiveness he could be involved one of the trying this of on july 21st in new known in the new territories and the strong backing of the police beating and by a good character and the situation probably pushed the crisis to a little level yeah i want to ask a little bit more about the pro-democracy protesters because i think it's fair to
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say they've gotten a lot of sympathy from from the public outside of of hong kong or around the world but are they doing themselves any favors with some of the tactics that some of the have have deployed in that big of the clashes with police and there was the seizure of the parliament building last month as well does all of this work in their favor . it is fortune made that at least up until known public opinion and international public opinion has been on the side of the pro-democracy movement that the months are very clear but at the same time the protests are participate mainly by probably tens of thousands of angry young people they have no organization they have no leaders and it is extremely difficult to negotiate with them and therefore it is a certain deadlock and even if even if the government is willing to
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step down and gates and you know god know it is extremely difficult to explore to see how a practice form can be established. good to speak with you joseph chang in hong kong thank you. oh plenty more ahead on this news hour find out what's at stake in the latest round of talks in qatar between the u.s. and the taliban. on the road with argentina's delivery workers who have plenty of jobs but no security. and a 1st for this formula one driver all the action from qualifying about hungary and grand prix coming up later. police in moscow arrested more than 800 people before planned protests on saturday but that didn't stop others from taking to the streets there is anger over the
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exclusion of some opposition candidates in upcoming city elections saturday's demonstration follows a similar one last weekend imran khan reports from the russian kept. me from the police operation designed to stop large numbers of protesters coming to central moscow did exactly that still some did manage to get through the detentions was swift so all throughout today they've been arresting people like this they pick them up. and they take them into. a van where the idea is will be to. the protesters are normally take also police to them to register journalists were also detained but released almost immediately once they showed proper accreditation protesters a worry the upcoming last go city council elections are being rigged in favor of the governing party united russia most of the opposition candidates have been arrested but one who is at the protest said the numbers will load because the
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authorities are cracking down. everything depends on how people will react so far there are not many of us many people are unhappy with united russia and support is the lowest since 2006 but people are scared of coming to the streets or taking party rallies half a 1000000. the streets. despite the crackdown the protestors that did make it were hopeful change might come down most don't mean yes i'm here because i have a conscience i don't like a lot of things that are happening in this country i'm happy that the young generation woke up and want to have their voices heard i am here because candidates weren't allowed to run i'm against banning of alice i'm against the crackdown and i think protest is the only way to show your opinion police say the protest was illegal and detentions were low and opposition monitoring group says the numbers were you much higher than the police who claim it's not clear what's next for russia's protest movement but the authorities are hoping the show of force has stopped a completely immoral cause how does a moscow. is
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a professor of international relations at the london school of economics she says russia's government is using the same strategies it is used in the past to crackdown on protests. i think it could certainly backfire and in some ways this is a very clever strategy that the regime is using and has used in the past of provoking violence as a way to diligent to my eyes peaceful protest to make people feel who would otherwise not participate in acts of contention. that this is this is futile engaging in protest leads to violence chaos and disorder and that's a bad thing and this is certainly how the russian media up are trained probably just by way of leads to legitimize in the on the other hand we are seeing that it's not deterring people and certainly people who will be watching these episodes would be very disturbed and another tactic that the regime has been using in the past is
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to penalize and many of these protesters by the way are school age children adolescents university students so there have been in the past retributions in the form of dismissals from university and other harassment of course we know about arrests at sadr beatings but that doesn't seem to be having a deterrent effect perhaps even the opposite perhaps the reached a certain tipping point in how the russian public perceives the stakes that are involved here for 4 months after sudan's president omar bashir was ousted the military join to an opposition coalition have reached a constitutional agreement but the deal is yet to be signed it's expected to happen in the next few days it will lead to the formation of a transitional government to run sudan until elections are held in 2022 the opposition coalition say they will appoint the next interim prime minister.
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the cabinet will have no more than 20 ministers the freedom for change alliance will nominate the prime minister he will then be appointed by the sovereign council and the prime minister will then form a cabinet and that cabinet will need to be confirmed by the sovereign council and we spoke with sudanese people in khartoum as they await the signing of the declaration. congratulations to all the sudanese people of the agreement meet the demands of the sudanese people who called for a civilian state alone but i'm only 50 percent happy because the final agreement is not sign yet. ok ok well it is a good step forward people have to be patient. but i have not seen a signed agreement yet but the youth are not just looking for celebrations we want to rebuild the whole state. everything will change will be no corruption it won't be like what we've seen during the past 30 years of the democratic republic of
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congo is racing to contain an outbreak of ebola in goma more people have been tested after 4 cases were confirmed in the densely populated city checks have been stepped up along the border with the to stop the spread of the virus 70 dec as more from the kept talking. it's a health workers nightmare a busy border crossing thousands of people in close contact and constantly on the move and you have an army going oh you're going to get this medical worker tells people to wash their hands they're going to know your. health checks and hygiene measures of tightened between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda ever since multiple cases of the abode of virus were discovered here in goma the congolese city of more than 2000000 people. people are washing their hands as a precaution to to the outbreak of disease to tell us it is spreading through their homes that's why they're asking us to wash water mixed with medication. the virus
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is paul through body fluids including sweat there is a vaccine that has been used for quite some time the world health organization says it has a very high success rate and you only need one shot but there's a problem. the vaccination is not approved for mass use it's usually given to those exposed to the virus and it's also given to the doctors and health workers as they are handling those cases to protect them from contracting the virus there is still no officially approved vaccine on the market but we're told this one is expected to be officially approved at some stage there is also a lot of confusion around the virus and a lot of suspicion of foreign health workers here in eastern d.r. see. it's a remote region that has been neglected by the government and torn apart by years of conflict. it would have been better if our leaders and those who are concerned would give us more information they have not informed us where we can get this
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vaccine so that all of us can go and actually get it. all of us need to be vaccinated. this is the 2nd worst ebola outbreak on record more than a 1800 people have died of the virus in the d.r. c. over the past year but the fact that it is now reached a border city is what's causing the renewed alarm that prompted the government here in rwanda to close its western border for a few hours on thursday as it beefed up its health screening procedures and the problem with this virus is once you identify someone infected by it you then need to trace back all the people they have come into contact with test them vaccinate them and potentially quarantine them it is a highly infectious disease and containing it is a real challenge stephanie decker al-jazeera the galley or shelling close the only functioning airport in libya's capital tripoli for several hours on saturday we think airport has come under a peter attacks and swore khalifa haftar launched an offensive to capture the city
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in april no one's claimed responsibility for the attack the u.s. and the taliban are describing the latest round of talks in doha as the most crucial yet senior officials are expecting a peace deal that would lead to the word draw a foreign forces taliban says it will not negotiate with the government until the u.s. agrees to leave. need is at the door hard talks. this latest round of talks is again behind closed doors we have very little information of what is happening inside the meeting room but we do know that both the americans and the taliban have indicated that they were hopeful for a breakthrough now u.s. envoy zalmay khalilzad arrived friday evening in doha and he tweeted that he was hopeful for a peace agreement not the withdrawal agreement he said that the peace agreement would lead to a withdrawal a gradual withdrawal of foreign troops depending on what happens on the ground and
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if indeed the u.s. gets all of these counter-terrorism guarantees that it wants from the taliban namely that afghanistan will not be used as a base by armed groups to then carry out a plan planned attacks on foreign soil that al about on their side have also indicated that they were ready to reach this peace agreement they did say that they were waiting to hear from the americans they were hopeful to get the assurances they need on their side now we don't know how long these talks will last but certainly you do have kind of a positive message coming out from both sides of this thing if indeed a peace agreement is is reach then there will be talk about foreign troops withdrawal about 20000 of them hurriedly in afghanistan 14000 being american soldiers the americans have said very clearly that that would be
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a gradual withdrawal but i think also more importantly if a peace agreement is indeed reached then it would pave the way for interim afghan talks which are crucial to bring some sort of stability to that country tom balakot is with the doha institute for graduate studies he says there's been a great deal of mistrust between both sides. this round is very much a continuation of the last round which happened at the beginning of july then they reached the point of needing to sort out the timetable for for the withdrawal as you can appreciate the conflict has been going on for 18 years or so there are a great deal of mistrust between all sides not just between them americans and the taliban but also the americans the taliban's and the government in kabul and over the 18 years there's been a great buildup of forces and bases in afghanistan so from a taliban perspective they would like to see an immediate withdrawal and as soon as
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possible on the american side of course they would like to undertake an orderly withdrawal which also offers guarantees to the afghan government and the afghan people and the various political viewpoints in afghanistan that it is not going to be done in a rush everyone is still very conscious of what happened in iraq and do not wish to see. a rushed withdrawal from from afghanistan or there's renewed tension in indian administered kashmir the government's cancelled a hindu pilgrimage and ordered all tourists to leave citing security concerns pakistan has rejected india's claims of possible attacks on pilgrims new delhi has deployed $10000.00 extra paramilitary raising fears it is preparing to broaden its control of the disputed region cut here lopez hold a young reports. it's
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a yearly pilgrimage to the himalayan mountains more than 300000 hindus make the journey every here to pray at the armor not showing an indian administered kashmir but pilgrims and tourists have been told to leave immediately security forces say they found explosives meant to target a route used by pilgrims but i guess this was an i mean that was at the end by the . we were told that because of militant activities and threats the pilgrimage had to be cancelled we're very sad but what can we do the military has now been called in india has deployed at least $10000.00 additional troops in the kashmir valley a disputed area claimed by both india and pakistan fear of a violent escalation led to panic among some residents who began to stockpile on fuel medicine and food but a storm. is desperate to disrupt the peace in kashmir and i can assure you on behalf of the teams going to force there this very not be
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allowed to happen there is also mistrust of india's government and its intentions skeptics fear deploying more troops could be part of a broader plan to deny channeling kashmir special autonomy status it's an indication ok fine they are concerned about the security of the tourists and the arteries but what about the security of the people and i think what message are they giving to the kashmiris that they don't care about them that they have the absolutely no concern about them concerns include the removal of a section of the constitution that gives employment and land benefits exclusively to residents of the muslim majority state room of the body for days we've heard rumors that article $35.00 a will be revoked and now that the government issued an advisory pilgrims and tourists tensions are even higher people are really worried since the late 1980 s. tens of thousands of people have been killed in the region and the recent deployment of so many troops is causing concern. india insist it's
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a way to ensure the safety of pilgrims but many wonder if the troops will remain even after all the visitors are gone. katia llopis of the young al-jazeera a soccer fan is a pakistan security analyst at cato institute she says the indian government wants to send a message of strength when it comes to security and kashmir. i think this is the more the government's. got their intelligence. strong and that there is very serious and any indication of any kind of attack. that have been very serious and so it ought to be happening now but when you think about the more the government and how do you. know of the country as you know is not. based on the. vision that they've been fighting for.
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but indian forces over the past 2 decades have engaged in what i would call human rights abuses are out. there and they are very critical. of anyone with. a government that is i and i think this is certainly a threat to. even within that game. and i think the government especially has been. vigilant about this and they've been very strict about this too and they don't. want that to be. still ahead on al-jazeera attends calm in northwest syria where will warring sides take to the conditional cease fire. theory in south korea protesters denounce japan and iraq trade dispute. and later in support zimbabwe's cricketers say they'll play for free
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in an effort to keep the game alive day on that story later in the program. how i was still got plenty of heavy rain into southwestern parts of china could see of the remnants of tropical storm a week last position of the storm at the moment it will continue to drive its way further west was northern parts of vietnam and the americas of laos seeing some really heavy downpours as we go on through the next 24 to 36 hours some parts could see 200 maybe 300 millimeters of rain in that time and showers they run back in behind across southern parts of china some really wet weather too coming into northern parts of the philippines a good part of the philippines will see some showers along the spells of right by the wettest weather will be up towards lose on some big downpours coming through
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here widespread right through sunday and also into monday so flash flooding is certainly a possibility as we go on through the next 3 or 4 days here we're already seeing some very heavy rain of course flash flooding into western parts of india this is missing some very heavy rain here right up the west coast through the west and san the heavy downpours they are set to continue as one would a speights it is the ready season after all a because that's not what weather right about western side of india and notice we've also got some very heavy rain for a good part myanma. sponsored. on the counter of course this week we're on patrol off the coast of west africa as nations deployed naval forces to counter the scourge of piracy on the hostage taking off the 6 years of treading water gold prices are on the rise plus how iraq it's. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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through a shared passion for elephant conservation colleagues have become friends but with civil war descending they must now protect themselves from escaping deep into the rain forest all back to the west and well. for the elephants surviving the poachers is a lifelong challenge now today must count last a rebel militia and a from a witness documentary on al-jazeera. again
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you're watching it is it a reminder of top stories this hour at least 20 people killed in a mass shooting at a shopping center in the u.s. city of el paso texas 21 year old white men been arrested this is the 13th mass shooting in the u.s. this week. some protesters in hong kong have been tear gassed off the vandalizing a police station demonstrations began in june over now shelved plans to allow extraditions to mainland china protesters are now demanding greater political reform. of russia. police have arrested more than $800.00 protesters they were rallying in moscow after the government disqualified a number of candidates from standing in local elections next month. other u.s. defense secretary mark esper says he is in favor of putting into media range missiles in asia his comments come just a day after the u.s.
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withdrew from an arms control treaty it had signed with the former u.s.s.r. in the late 1980 s. richard white is a defense and security analyst with wiki strad global consultancy he says the u.s. wants to balance the rise of china in asia but needs to find the right allies. many of the countries in the region are a core are concerned by china's growing strength and newfound assertiveness and they want the u.s. to counter that imbalance china but it's going to be a problem for the us a challenge to finding countries that are willing to host these systems because they would then accept a missile that is actually aimed at china which couldn't tighen eyes the chinese even more so australia new zealand are possible candidates guam is also very likely since it's the us position but ideally the u.s. would want to put these missiles closer to china for develop faster kinds of
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missiles the kinds of russians are developing these hypersonic systems but again this is sort of new i mean the u.s. has now the treehouse the option consider these these these possibilities and it's going to work with these allies to figure out what's an acceptable and optimal strategy targets in north korea are covered by multiple possible attack systems so you can use aircraft in japan you can use missiles in japan and korea you could air aircraft carriers the problem is not attacking targets in north korea the problem is you don't want to do that because they're going to then destroy much of south korea and the retaliation so i don't think this is sort of an independent to the north korea situation it's more i think to balance china and give the u.s. more options to manage the rise of china in asia not so much north korea. there's been relative calm in northwest syria on the 2nd day of a conditional cease fire it was brokered during peace talks in kazakstan and
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follows weeks of airstrikes in the province of idlib the last remaining rebel held area then a harder reports on the turkey syria border. there is a cautious calm in rebel controlled southern italy and northern hama russian and syrian warplanes have been repeatedly targeting towns like mine are not manned for the past 3 months a cease fire that came into effect on friday night has brought some respect for people living in that corner of northwest syria who have lost so much. money i mean i am a 3rd the more lost after all that happened isn't it too late for a ceasefire people have been displaced killed their homes destroyed but they are still scared to return to their homes. more than 400000 syrians have been displaced at least 800 civilians were killed their names documented by war monitors among the casualties 216 children but the syrian government and its allies failed to
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recapture ground probably opposition. always here before with the russians with all their power were not able to make any gains along with the syrian regime they lost a lot of men and they were only able to take 2 or 3 villages and that's why they wanted the ceasefire early on the ground we are stronger i don't want to go to it proved to be a costly battle for the syrian government and its allies who reportedly suffered heavy losses in their ranks. the ceasefire was brokered by the backers of the opposition and the government turkey and russia but it is a conditional truce that puts pressure on turkey to create a demilitarized zone around the province free of weapons and fighters in line with the so-called saatchi memorandums the mainstream rebel factions left their positions in the planned zone last year but the strongest group at the leadership which many in the international community believe is still linked to al qaida
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refused it hasn't said if it will comply this time this issue a challenge for both sides what to get to implement the agreement. to didn't. care and couldn't do before so i personally think that there is. tremendous and. that there will be a new escalation of. the syrian opposition believes the government will eventually violate the cease fire and the bombing will resume if not in a few hours then in a few weeks or a few months it lives fate is up to russia and turkey they still want to maintain close relations and as long as there are geopolitical interests are aligned the conditions attached to the ceasefire may be overlooked. because you have to have our police in thailand are looking for 2 suspects thought to be behind a series of bombings in the capital bangkok on friday they released these images of
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the moment a bomb exploded in a shopping mall the attacks coincided with a major summit attended by southeast asian foreign ministers 2 other men were arrested in a bitter trade round which wean south korea and japan has led to more rallies in seoul the dispute escalated on friday when south korea was removed from japan's favorite traded trading nations list rob mcbride has more. the former site of japan's embassy is often the focal point for protests against japan. after the removal of south korea from tokyo's list of preferential trade partners this protest was especially passionate. this is them declaring economic war and firing the 1st shot for you war on the samples of my heart goes out to the japanese to have politicians who act like this. it's a deepening dispute borne out of decades old animosities supported by those old
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enough to have experienced japanese colonial occupation in the last century. along with young people born in this century. many south koreans have been boycotting anything japanese avoiding holidays to the country causing airlines to cancel flights refusing to buy japanese goods helped in this tech savvy society by apps that tell you instantly which goods to avoid a government level the mood is palpable from the frosty like this recent meeting between foreign ministers. to the heated to come up to this exchange between japan's foreign minister and the south korean envoy to south korea says it will retaliate by taking japan off its list of preferential trade partners as this dispute deepens with the leaders of the 2 countries see was unwilling or unable to
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back down. japan's prime minister shinzo wants to see his country become boris certain in dealings with its neighbors and the trade restrictions against south korea are popular at home. his counterparts moving j.n. of south korea was carried into the presidency although wave of people power popularity after the forced resignation and impeachment of his predecessor. south koreans change their government so there's a heightened sense of pride that they are shaping their democracy and awaken democracy can't take japan's recent actions sitting down that's why we're seeing this expression of anger. the economies of both countries are likely to be harmed in this tit for tat wrangle but for now settling old scores seems an irresistible force. the bright al-jazeera soul. murder case in romania the sort of resignations of senior officials and mass
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protests has finally been solved tests confirm that the remains of a woman found in a house of a mechanic are those of alexandra must says i knew she had called emergency services 3 times to say she had been kidnapped and raped before she vanished on july 24th officials traced her calls and zeroed in on the house of the mechanic who has confessed to the murder. there been protests in the french city of new on the air accusing officers of being behind the death of a 24 year old whose body was pulled from the river and then disappeared after police broke up a rave party in june the reports. these protesters are trying to get into police headquarters in the western fringe city of note that met with water cannons and tear gas. police moved in as a demonstration calling for justice in the case of a man believed to have drowned in the river turned violent see kony so who is 24
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went missing in june it was the night of the fettle a music france's national music celebration he detested a free techno concert on oil and didn't after 4 in the morning police used tear gas to disperse people. 14 people were rescued from the water amid chaos exceeds steve kenny says friends say he didn't know how to swim earlier this week his body was found in the river the local public prosecutor said his office was starting a manslaughter investigation something the interior minister welcome don friday means we will have the investigation which is being carried out under the authority of the prosecutor and an investigating judge so that the whole truth can be established prime minister filipe has promised to quote shed a light on the causes of this tragedy receipt. but he said an initial report by the police is internal watchdog found no direct link between the police's
5:46 am
operation in june and steve disappearance the controversy has fed into wider anger about alleged police brutality some opponents of president emmanuel mccall have demanded a parliamentary inquiry into what happened did not. know. delivery apps are thriving in latin american countries the digital platforms are helping people find jobs but the work can be dangerous and many and that working for long hours for low income and little benefits that i suppose reports from. a regular sight team when a site is delivery workers waiting outside restaurants pharmacies and supermarkets willing to deliver to you whatever you may need. if you got a look this has been living in one of site is for 4 years he's from venezuela and says that thanks to this job he can send money back home every week you have a regular one which i haven't been able to guarantee i am finkle to argentina for
5:47 am
giving me a home i worked as a day from monday to monday it is nonstop buses allows me to make a living. and everybody is not alone as there are thousands of people in when a society is when making a living like this these days as delivery apps have become a showpiece for the up and coming tech industry this new delivery applications generate much needed jobs in a country like argentina that is going through an economic crisis by labor unions complain of poor fave things and there is a lack of ensuring coverage for workers but they fade by putting employees had risk . and that's why a judge suspended the apps on friday he demanded companies should pay for safety gear for those who work for them. it's not clear when the ban will relief did. a deal is now working for an ip he received a heart transplant 6 years ago and says this is the only place where he can work
5:48 am
because most companies won't hire him he works every day and makes about $500.00 a month. we work for the companies because it's the only thing we can find but they make us pay for helmets clothes backpack to take things in the end you make very little money. a few weeks ago at delivery a worker was run over by a car in the message one of the company workers asked him to take a picture of the product he was carrying the man responded he was unable to move and the text message with the company went to fire all because it had stains of blood. labor unions insist workers are being exploited because they're underpaid and have no benefits. we are trying to get these new apps to respect the law we are not against them or new technology but we need them to be responsible for the people that work for them they treat the delivery workers as collaborators
5:49 am
and they're not if they work with the companies someone should be responsible the companies insist the apps are meant to help people get extra cash using digital platforms like uber but 11 america it has become a main source of income that attracts mostly vulnerable people with little chances of standing up to defend their rights. when a site is. a so ahead on al-jazeera dutch cyclist was stripped of her victory after being blamed for this massive pile of details coming up in sports. the palestine national locust was 1st founded in the 1930 s. but has had to be revived in 2010 always very important thing in palestine now musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the occupied
5:50 am
territories so good for the theme it's like every palestinian living in the aspirant felt it was the 1st time they perform using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra. time enough to support his far. thanks very much zimbabwe cricketers say they'll play for free in an effort to keep the sport alive and the country the game's governing body the i.c.c. has suspended the nation's cricket union because of government interference it's a huge fall from grace for cricket in zimbabwe a country was granted full membership status in 1992 the same year they beat
5:51 am
england at the world cup in 1905 zimbabwe won their 1st test match and innings victory over pakistan 4 years later they just missed out on reaching the world cup semifinals they were picked to the last 4 by new zealand but by 2003 the game was reflecting the political unrest in the country and real longer and andy flower wore black armbands during a world cup match to protest against the robert mugabe regime occurrences suspension is the latest setback for the men's and women's game. reports. everyone here says they just want to play international cricket but right now that's not possible the international cricket council the world governing body has suspended zimbabwe of a government interference in the running of the sports which is a breach of the i.c.c. constitution for us it came at a time when we the day before we supposed to go for an island in the village hall
5:52 am
so you can only imagine really even camp for a couple of weeks actually didn't really had been looking forward to it and then just the day before we'd been told that there's no more funding because you know he would have had been suspended. the suspension came after the entire zimbabwe national cricket board was suspended by the country sports and recreation commission last month for a list maladministration and interim committee is now in charge many players are frustrated and nervous time is running out we need to go to the global qualifiers if a decision is not made as soon as possible we are going to miss that miss out on that and we would have killed people scary as these girls only know cricket. and to the situation is resolved there's little or no money for salaries towards and development programmes zimbabwe's economic environment is tough and like other sports cricket is getting little support from sponsors and corporations most of its
5:53 am
funding comes from the international cricket council and some fear that could now mean the end of zimbabwe playing internationally. zimbabwean officials insist that has been no political interference in cricket saying the interim board is day to examine the finances of the association and investigate claims of 50 fraud and corruption in the sport he added elections next year but those directly affected say there's only one way to resolve this crisis is just basically asked for unconditional reinstatement of the board and then only been with their laws back into the set up of the last big into by c.c. so i think for now that's just the only solution that there is i think up leaders the it been a little bit more dialogue between the 2 parties before dyce's it made their ruling maybe they would have been maybe a little bit of a little something else to look at but now i think this is you basically put it in black and white that the only thing that has to be done is to to reinstate the
5:54 am
board. but the players are not giving up the women's national cricket team is still practicing in case the matter is results soon. and. that means they'll be ready to take part in the i.c.c. women's t 20 world cup global qualify in scotland in a few weeks the question now is who will back down 1st in the stalemate zimbabwe with the i.c.c. . al-jazeera. steve smith is yet again leading an australian recovery effort as they look to set england a competitive target in the 1st sasha's test australia quote the 3rd day 182-4438 lead by 34 smith is unbeaten on 46 c. came out with the aussies on 27 for 2 yagi rescue the team in the 1st innings with a century this is smith's 1st test after the ban for his role in australia's ball tampering scandal. i was talking to the press before about great players so they
5:55 am
they're always stand out when you need them and i think he's done it again without him we'd be in a bit of trouble so you know he's a fantastic player and to do it after everything that he's been through obviously you know he's been copping a bit from that from the crowd which is you know music a lot of people but to their credit he just gets on with me he's a fantastic player and you know i think he's someone that lifts the group when he's when he's out there. and they are back to winning ways after their shock exit in the world cup semifinals on saturday they scraped past the west indies in the 1st of 3 t 20 internationals the opening game was in florida and spite restricting the windies to just 95 runs the win was far from routine and the last 6 wickets in their chase but eventually managed to win it with 16 balls to spare. well the windies could have used chris kael in that game he's currently playing a t 20 event in canada and has been in destructive form the opener smashing the $32.00 off just one over gayle will be rejoining the winnies for their one day series against india starting on thursday. red bulls max rushed up and will start
5:56 am
sunday's hungering grand prix from paul the 21 year old dutch driver qualified fastest on saturday to grab the 1st pool of his career joining her stop in on the front row is finland's valtteri bottas who was 2nd quick as well to says mercedes teammate and current world championship leader lewis hamilton will begin from 3rd on the grid. i mean the whole weekend was good but in cough it was really hooked up and of course that's where you like it to be an call fine to be hooked up but. steps are good and of course and to come away with position my 1st one is well. it was was very nice manchester united manager ole gunnar soldiers says he hopes to announce the signing of the england international defender harry mcguire very soon united will reportedly pay leicester $97000000.00 for mcguire and he might be needed fast against ac milan in a pre-season game united conceded thanks to some comical defending. center bag
5:57 am
victor lindelof and put the ball into his own nads despite the arrows united did manage to and the 90 minutes to all before winning on penalties and finally a dutch cyclist was stripped of her victory after being blamed for causing a massive pileup person wild was found to have provoked this huge wipeout near the finish line of the ride of london women's race for sudden change of direction was believed to was sparked the crash wild finish 1st but was disqualified she later said she didn't realize the crash had taken place. and that is all your sport for now more later. and that's it for this news hour but you can find much more i want to. i think clearly the latest on the mass shooting in the u.s. city of el paso the address dot com that's it for me has a secret thanks for your companies well rahman is here in 2 minutes.
5:58 am
on counting the cost this week we're on patrol off the coast of west africa as a nation is deployed naval forces to care for the scourge of piracy on hostage taking after 6 years of treading water gold prices are on the rise plus how iraq plans to cut its gas if it's counting the cost on al-jazeera. combining asymptote knowledge. to challenge soviet era methodology use. busy through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school armenian part of the rebel education series. on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's
5:59 am
helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. by millions for challenging social issues head on what women don't say is mexico's longest running so. as the program celebrates its anniversary the producers revisit one of their most powerful storylines. and discover how the show has affected the women who inspired date in the 1st place. now i have
6:00 am
a voice sank back to mexico on al-jazeera. long. that's not thought. police in texas investigate possible hate crimes are as wall of the motives behind a mass shooting that killed 20 people in el paso. playing . polo welcome to. life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. to guns followed a protest as a whole called those terms of thousands continue to demand more democracy.


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